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The Broadalbin herald. (Broadalbin, N.Y.) 1880-19??, May 02, 1907, Image 6

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-, ~HE RECORD.\BURiiD UNDtR A·.· MotCUif~: f~V~ ;C\Y .,.~ S1ibal'llaR ·Events rd&lAD iOfrSIONtS, . ';ftltMR ,S.SCIHf .,; · ....:,Mrsi. Elmer ~1;,iggs is visitip.g in ·~th'amton. . ... __ '· ,..,-1\:f:rS. D. A.. 'wells is in New \Yoc-k ~or a few. {lays. \{ . . ~ ' . - ·-The ·.famfty of W:- R. Howe ihas .moved -to· oswego. ~~-- ,\\-~ . - - ··:-=-:..:M;rss Flora Fritt 1llf Albany is vis- \ SERIOUS ACOIDENT AT STONE CRUSHER NEAR NEW 1\'IACADAM !ROAD OF THE CITY~ rrdoAY THE THE WEST :-·· ------ . . . ItETAlL. ~SOCIA.TION- AT B¥'~ ·· QUET LAST EVENING;· VOTED TO tJO!;OPiilRA'l'E WITH oTHER ORGANIZATIONS FOR CELE• BRATION NEXT YEAR. '· \ . ' . • t~· DESPERADO ·FOR WHOl\1 .. NEW Y0RJC OFFIOERS HAD ·;BEEN -·' I..OOKING,'.\o-N A CHARGE OF - . MURDER, BROUGHT DOWN .IN BUllo;~SJ:-.J!'IGflT , _ · ~,- - '•?: • I \- J>)iili'her sister Mrs. P. c. Mcintyre. ~ il:;.o>.'t_ ..... I ' Andrew Frederick, Teamster, BadlY Bruised and Suffers Broken Wrist. Two Italian Laborers Caught Un· der the Load and May be More Seriously Injured. - Dr. Hogan SUD1moned by Telephone from this (lf'l'om Tuesday's Rep-ubH:cain) . At the am1ual meeting and ibanque•t of the Retail !l\ierchants' association held at the Union restauraild:, last ev· . NEW YORK, April SO. :..._'In a run- ndng pistol flg'ht wHih a· dozen police- . men -today; 'l\homa!S· Do:IJ!Rhue, of Hoar- 7 , · .:;....~ Duesler !has purchased •a I< f. . • 4lol;lse. a:t the corner -of Perry '!l.D.d Wa- :•\streets. ~;,~Mr~. ··s .. J. W11yn:e/is vlsiotmg lb.er '-;.ng~ Mi\S. A. T. Van Huesen in ·-!AmSterda9:11. ·~ . .,.. ,,:. ;;..J.!i&.'ittk Bush ieft laSt night for &l~ Nev., .to join the Johnstown -!C(tlo~y ;~~;t ot:hat pl~tee. ~ \ . ~ ening, a resolution was ·ad:Qil-ted <to . \ the effect that the Reta-il Merchants' ' City, to the Sce1l:e of the Acci· dent (From Tuesday's Republican.) wh-om the polille !h-ad ·sought on u cl;targe of· murder, w:as - sohot and ·probably fatally wounded aflter he 'haq emptie~ two. reYOlvers at the pollee- men ... .. Jaeob Ro~itf.No . ---sterling Wemple of <Mathew St. is SUirmng' -a second atuack of n:ppeiJl(li· -'B'Us:- Wi<tbill .1Jln·ee weeks. - ' 7 -Mr'S: 'F-red Haynes mW two cb·H- . \ _or· SY'L\acu.Se -«.re vis1ting at 'Mrs. ·llillabra'ndt's on. Glebe street. · ,,. -F~~r,.Fitakis Of the ·Ca_ndj kjlfch· . ~,~ti.)tanu'stre.-if·has gone t-o Glen- The. first serious .accident of ·th~ sea- son on rtlhe maead!am road four :llliles west of the city on the old stat~ 1•oad OCCUTTed this afternoon shortly before 2 o'clock wh~n three. empJ.oyees, An- drew Frederi'ck, a teamSiter :and t·'\VO 1-tUlian.s wei:i! serious•ly injured. associoa:tion w>~-s in favor of i'llvitiilg the Tri County Firemen's convention to m.eet iJ;J. Johnstown and pledging the merc'hants to cooori~rate with the Board o\f TradE.,' in \~~~uring it. The ' . -commi,tltee of the fire depm:tment , . - ' Whkh •waited on ·the ~erchilnts la·st ' evening, will · 11lso tneet · with the board of directors of • 'the Board of Ttade ne:>Ot week and. -t~ke. the. matter Since MIRrch· 23, when- \Buck\ Hall~ \o1_1 w:a,s sltot\ltol·tleat'h· in E·ast 1'1~\1111 street, the 110licti had· ob'een searching J'or Donahue·on- suspicion thut be tlr~ ed •tihe f,at;al sliot. E•a!rly tod•ay i.t was 1ea1:n~d that\ he-i was in hiding in ~~n uppe;r Tiliird u venue teneJX!ent, antl · .~ ·polLee serg:eaiit >\ltith n dozen men was sent to aiTes~ <!1im. · Whe~ <the' :house· :!Wd been smTo-nd- ed two of the p•oJ.icen1en a11proached the lowe~r entra-ll.oo -and ra.1)ped for· ad- .mUtance. The reply, was a bullet Which slta.t<tered the gluss in the door and '•buried' io!:se}f,·u{ the' op.posite· wall. 1111 another iustant the .two 'p·OH<lemeu -DEALER IN-;_ Groceries, Provf~ions, [)ry/Goods ·a'nd Clothing . ,. Second ·band clothing . :pile wher~ he wil-l, -open oa fruit store. ; ~- -::-~ W.' iJ'_ V.an Vliet who. iJlaS· -~ ~- Milf-ord, Co-nn., and R'hine- . · • ·.~lit ~· Y., is e;qlecled home today. :. ~r.a George Walters is enteTtain· · . ·mg :Mrs.·- Li<b!be Sliliell, Mrs. Kate , - r . ~of Clay.tpn '!l.D.d Mrs. 4lice Rog- er&· o:ll Olml!mount. - -Wesley WolfQrd, w<ho was opCirlllt- . ·--edol treciently, 1 1'-or....appendicitis, at <l!h€ Ltttlliller :hospiml, Jl.as been remov- . -ed of;() his home ib this city. ' ' . -Firiends of !orville Vrooman will -~pleased to k~O'W fuat the-operation which 'ne reeentily _unde-rwent :i!n New. · :Yor\k ·prnved enlurely suooes-sful. , J . . , -0. H. M-cH111gh who is in the city : .. i:a<tJiering data· relaitive to divorce ·. iliattexs has befut called to Washing- .. . . \ . i1m. bY the deJ)ll.rtment <to -instruct a .ispecUil agernt in the work. _ .-Edward W1=lls, _a colored citizenr wh,.o .. IE!ft 'here• albou t a year ago for ·, ~ioadelphia, P.a., died iu 1!:11at city Jt!Wo weeks 13.go. The deceas·ed was qn:iJte a prominenrt locm singer, posses- sing >t phenomenal ba:ss v-oice. ·. ' • <!:\. HORSIMfN. tNJOY • • Frederick was engag~ in drowing stones from •the top ·Of the 'Clipse to the crusher, which is located near the home. -of John House und dn or&er to unload it is necessary to drive up an. eleva:ted platform about six or eig'h<t feet. Freder1ck was on ·the d1'iver's seat and the Italians who were to un- l.oad the stO!JleS were on the rear of the wagon. .As -llhe rig reached the top of the platform ·the driver eith'l(- drove roo near the edge m in some manner ,1Jhe rig wi•th its driver and 1Qad -of stones toppled over to the bot- tom, dragging the team with !it. Rushed to the Rescue.- ' The accident was witnessed by oth- er workmen who immediiltely went to the soone oan.d 11load difficulty in extri- eating· ot:he men from their perilous positions. As wbn as possible they were removed to the 'home of John House where a <teleophone message was sent •for Dr. Hogan. up With theU), ' _The lytmqu~t··ttables ·:were arrang;ed 'lengmhwise of ot:he room and present- ed a most attL\'ilc.tive 'and striking 1R'P· pearance. Cov~rs were laiil foLI 40 and the menu. ·both in composition and se;rvice was a .distinct crecl.it to Oa-ter- · er John J. -Guidotti. John T: SeLmser was toastrn?Ster aud among <the ·speakers weve John G. Ferre·s, ~4rn)r­ M:ill~r, William. Dawes, T. w. ivan Slyke, W. J·.- Farrell, Hugh Sutliff, Edward O'Neil, H. P. .Alpaugh, Al- derman l\fa1-oney and C. F. Bower. These officers were elected: Presi- denrt:, John T. Selmser; first vice presi- dent, W·illi•am J. Farrell; 'Second vice president, Hugh Sutliff; thh·d vice vice president, Edward O'Neil; secre- tary, C. S. YoUng; treasurer, A. Har- rison. Three applica-tions for mem- ·bers'hip were also acted upon favor- ably. Du,ring the time untH the doctor's arrival ·.the men were made as com- fortable as poss:ible and althO'Ugh Frederick was cOii:sideraobly .brui-sed it was awa:remt <th•at !his worst injury w.as a 'broken wrist. The oond!ition of the ItaUans was worse. They showed injury while \FINGER PRINT\ INDENTIFICAT ION SCORES OVER BERTILLON ·.LEAVENWORTH, Kan., .April 30. . ' -. . l!~Ol'tunately for W111 West, W-il- symptoms of intern:al ·RACING PR9SPtCT their exterioc a:pp•earance 1;\\a ve evi- dence of a. round. or two with a. stone crus:her, . or some otlher equally as strong pulverizer, iliad hul'Jed tthemselves through the door, and -into n room where Donahue, wfth a revolver in either hand, was i'll the -act of climbing through a win- dow to the fire escape. · .As. the }lolicement •burs<t into t.'1e . . room, :t:he ··hunted -man· turned anq sent two bullets toward his wou-ld-be oavtors before· 'he sprang through the window and d·ashed up tp.e fire esclip~ to the oroof :of .tr:ie house. Runnin~ -a:cross seYeLwl- roofs, Dorualhue sfid do~·n a fire es-cape on 'the other side o!f the buildilig' ~nd. ·d·ashed · away tlhrough •ba·ckyards and over fences, exchanging sh6ts with his pursuers almost :itt· evEbry turn: None of the. ·btiilets tnok effect un- til Don:a:hue w:as 1'o1-ced to expose 'his . , . . . and sold·. I pay p 5c. ~ac~ for Deakin s~Vn'Si D.ef!,lpn sk1ns may be left at th~ Be}lJF: I;Jot!;ll in Johnstown or ~h $hyder) west of city. - , If you have anything for sale drop me a ;line. , ~~~ ~~ -·-.:.-~~.Jj~ .... ~ 4~ • I .. S3Ving Money. ·i -i Jl'&; :;::~p:pd~:d·~:: '. _·3 ~ per cent I~terest on $ : same., ~ · You c~n d~ you~ ban~- $ It ing b,y Mail, should you i ~ ?e unable to get to see qs $ IIi Albany. wl10le body in '>:Jim bing over a silled, and then a bullet.' fva·m ·a policeman's il.'e~olver .struck ·him in the shoulder · .and brought him tumbling lbacl;: into the yard. • • ! . Open an account ~ith ~ ·-5 us, and you will be g~ad ( ) to · see how your money ~ ~ grows. ( ' . . ~ When the 9fficg11S pounced upon him ooth ibis revolvers wel'e. empty. The prisoner walked •to the police station under guard, but -ther.e he c~ll~-ps~, and ca. p-olice surg~n wlto examined him said th•a•t :t;j:le •bullet had pitkced his lung, and -th!!,t he prob-ably ~ill die. 0 • ' ~ ' f : Hom~ Savings Bank, ~ -~ -13 North Pearl Street, - ~' L' ALBANY, N.Y. ~ j . ~ ·. ~ \'? .. '\' ~ -- ~. ~ .. ~..c #I)IIPVBLI~A.N'S. ANNOUNCE.:.\\!ENT '.- ~AY AFTERNe()N THAT \o FMB· GROIJNI)..o; HAD BEEN SE· :(Jf!RED, RECEIVED WITH GEN· ~L.APPROVAL Fred-erick ma!IIJaged to jump wl;len he felt the lo•ad going from undoer 'l::tim but tne Italians srt:uck to tlheir posts and !the heavy rocks nearly iburied ..them. The team and wagon esca'Peil with li-am West, a murderer was tried and c~nvicted :bC'fore .the exceedingly •great similarity between him and William West became !mown. Had it not. •been, he might have •been •arrest- cu. measured py Bertillon instruments •and even ibeen positiv-ely idell!tified owing -to his \.grea·t· ·resemblance .t:£) William Wes-t, and 'have been 'lmnged, while the real murderer would have . gone s·cot free . In the finding of Will West -and Wil- li:am west and their po~itive dissim- 'ilarit:V ~through the finger print sys- ~m of identificwtion iliat sys<terp has ·scored •a ·heavy •blow ag:wins.t the 'Ber- tmon plan. Rtv. MR. uMrotcmts M;en of Judgment TO QUIT HIS. CHURCH . . slig'ht injury. · If yo:u want to 1 ,(17om Tu~da)''S Republdorun) t . __ __x,h~!!'!J..l'J'Ou,ncememt yesterday after- . '~on6on 'i:n The Republican that <the Mo- haWk Valley Trotting cireu~t had leased r!Jhe Fulton County fair grounds tOr a· :mee meet m. this city was pleas- .;pews .to 1Jhe citizens a<nd horse- ,IIIlen especi•ally. 1 ~- :roseph Ralph of •scp.enecbady, a \\a'ePresenilative -Qif .the 'llsSQeiation -wa-s ·-!ill the city Jnd met the \directors of · ~he agr:icni-tuiraJ associa·ti-on at wmch ·.time the neg<ltill.tions ~ere ·eoncluded ... ~ ... !-nnd· '«11 -the details llTl.\anged for Que ot:he best meetings that ibJas been ' .. , ..... '\ in this locality in IDil!D.Y years. The Johnstown meeting 'will be du~bg the last week in JU'ne and follow :t:he Watertown meeting. lovers of the lig11t b·arness rae- will have ~ opportunity .of wiot- ['ilteasitJtg some of the ·best campaigners DISPATOHES TO DUN'S REVIEW .. Recently tllere w.as receiv-ed oat the· United •States penitenti~l\Y a yooung negro named Wi}l West. He :was ta- ken, into the. record -clerk's depaT't- men:t ro •be measured or Bentilloned, ··and to lbJave his finger prin<ts taken. .After M. W. McClaughl\Y a clerk, had run :his instruments over the fellow he looked 'him_ in the eye and said: \Y-ou have 'been here belfore,'' inclement WBath~, but improvement \No sir,\ answlired We!\t. has begun. ·Woolen mills make better The- ~record clerk was. positive, so Despatches to Dun's R!eview fr{)Dl ,branch offices of R. G. Dun & Co. in- dicate the trade irreguladty rbhrut !s to be eX!pected during the shlfting of the seasons, some srotions enjoying much better results fljan ot:hers, •bu-t -at ~til' points there is a: ·feeling of confidence regarding the future. Boston reports tb;at city tra-de and country farming - {)pera•tions •are backward -becau~ of reports, less ma.chinery •being idle, 'liD.d . c:iJ!ing ·Ms assistant, be asked foo the building plans promise a vig'Orous de'- . record sheet nnd Bertillon · measure- maud for matedals. Trade in iron I ments of Will West. The assisrt:ant an~ steel. is v~ ~risk 'in Pihiladel- brought to ·him the record of Wi'ni.&:n;J phiR prompt dehvertes .are at a prem- 1 West and the photograph was shown ium, coal output is normal, but there to the prisonef. He looked u t it in is still difficulty in obtaining cars. lllmaze~ent, gri~tied and said; · :!JhE, ·bUsiness a£ -llhis time: .. entry lists are large !n 'the Mo-' Textile mills aire <busy, but retaii clo- w.rha<t's my p4otogt•ap.h, but I don't tilling trade has 'been delayed by the know where yOJl ·, ooot it •because I weather, making job.bers' collections know J 'have n~v~r \'been here before.\ slow. -~~auufacturing is adive il}. . ~-he record cJerk turned tqe phot& Pittsburgh, •but there 'is .mu$.com· ·over·· and saw '\loi:Jiere written,\ •·r,ife.'1 plaint of slow deli\feries and retailers He _mad~ a fll'rt;tt:-r · investigf!:tion of complain of irregular business. the. recorcls •£fnd strw · that iWilliam V:.'i!:li:u!~k:''V~fliE~Y cu·euit I!I'Ild as. •a rule the gran.d eireut': stars· c!f~a!ll tbe Hudoson and. MQha.wk Valley \purses lbefore gO.ing down tbe.tlig ring. .. ;, ;mile ·A.gti,Cnltnral soeiety will :have ·.ltllie. ~ ID1d S'!Ja1ls :in. first class con· .. -~on roid with the ample acoommo- :'~Uon :nrev at the .g;_.ou.nds a hmg list , ;~~-equiD.~ sta-rs will be-brought to the I < . · 1 ']?'la-Ce: Coiil.mercial f·ailures this week in West had 'been sent up from. ~.:ex:lt.s to •the United Sta:tes, as reported lby R. .serve <a life imprisonment -fori mu~·de~. G. Dun. & Oo., are 228, against 1!)6 . He sent a· runner Ito ·the depJitY \Fa;~ last week, 214 the pre<i,edii~g week and den an~ nsked' .tlaoa:t William West ·be 21:; •the corresponding week J.ast y~r.' sent -to his offiee at once .. Oongl'Pgation Uni.tble to Keep Up the Pastor's SalarY and the Running Expenses at 4Jbanv ('Fr'Om Tuesday's RepubJ.ioCJ!l!Il) The J-ohnstown and G1·oversvfneo UniversaJlis-ts wiU he in'tereS>bed in the -announcement by Rev. Freder!i•ck A. L~ne of .Albany tJh·rut ~e hws preru~>h~ ed hlis _J,ast Slel'JlliO.n in- the chur.cJh aJt that city. ·According to gossip -among the membe!'s of the. paris.'h M:I'. Line wlas fol'ced,~o suddenly oo resliu :tJhiad: ille ..,_ . t had. bf?en una.ble ilo Siecure wnotheor pastol\'ate. . The, p•a-riljh formtaJl.!Y 'l!JC- cep.ted Ms resi !nS~-tion oaib•out t'\VIt> weeks ago. aot -his. earnest sial~eita­ tion. Sunday evening he prea~clhed in the Uuiver-s•a1ist r;hur~h . 'qf .\ Glov- ersville befp>re a. laa•ger congr.egati•on ,than is usuarcy, fo_ul!Jd in t,he A~l:),ailY chunch. · The. Jo•hm•sto~~- inrd. Glb-vr- ! ~ •• er.svi~.Je ·people are fa.vor(l:bly. impres- by him. · .·. . Willen·. t~e Qpponenlts of . .Mr. JAne began to. tal·k a:hout. · clos,il;lg ·tl,le . beoauoo the exp4nses' co)Xl& no.t be pa1d,. his friends say they. _pro~ p·os~d lmving -him i~cl,!lde ei,t'her ··vhe pa;rlS'h• a:t Sehen~ta_dY. pr thla,!/' at G1'0vers\V'itle in ;IUs pastorate, so· that the t·wo poariSlheJi?·-~ight contt!hhute his 8111-ary of .u~~e.o. Mr. Uu~, it. is Ores~ Well Get y.our clothes made or buy readrmade at the store of L.Warshaw .. ' ·Up-to-Bat~ . . ' \ T AlliOR -.a.n~ ClOTHIER, Br~adalbin, N. Y • We _.have a complete assortment Clothing for men, boys a:nd c;:hild;ren,· the very latest styles and fabrics sol_d, at p~ces to suit you. We would like to have you call for an ear1y inspection. All Clothing· .sold bf us we press FREE. Your p$-t~on(olge v;ill be appreciated very muc4,. ·.t.:Warsltaw, $l-oE,t.datbin, N. v. t • . • • . l'r!=lSsjng,, Cleaning and Repair- ing ne'}~Y done. HORSES' FELL ALL OVER \' . TPM; S'l'OVE $TARTED I~ ;. • ,f ~ \~:JEI! .1~ ~TTLE FALLS· · ·: ~J!£'.£hilJ' ;J!'A.LLS, April 3Q. - V er- ~·~o::\ Ella~ $On of Mr. and Mrs. 0. D. ;~51\• wa:s.,-so severely injured las<t ev- ·~- 'i!Uil't· he died short afterwards. it\\$E!e<IQs fuat Mr. Edick wi•tlh several Foailures in Canada number 16, aS' . William w'est- q.ame'J~Jh~. the ro~m \l•gaiust 21 ·last week ,29 the ;precedi'rfk atttroo in ·his prison 'Jluifori!l. He week, and 20 last year. Of filHures.fu 1 k d t w·n w t '. W the United St.a:tes, 8r> '\'\rein lthe East, oo:e ·a 1 es · ~(t .: ill '\Vest .,.,_ looked ;a.t William W~s:t. , · Each· 55 South, 67 West, and- 21 in <the Pa: · thouglut 'h!J .Was ei!bheL~ ,}qoki~g into· •a · cific Smtes, and 7!J rep.Qrt lirubil'fties of miri:or nr. was. !the, ... bu~~,; some- joke, $5,000 or more. Li:abllities - -of co-m- :but .at l:a!>t it dawnell. uvo-u them .'lfuat understood, was agreeable .to. the . . ' polJan, but· it did_P.':!'t go through. · \·· · · · · '{.F~.o·V?: ... : 'f,, ~esday's Repub~i_ca. nl .. , . co:p1-~ons went ro the New York ··~9~ · n-~UrQad with the futention of mercia! failures reported for .April to ' ' . ' -'•'' •there ·was n.o: ·joke, ¢IJ.1l:t, it was .fue· date ·are $7,961,309 compared with $4,- J;llOSt .ranm.·kruble c:rse ·.crt· ~·esem'blilnjle 688,994 a year .agl). furut· oo.;; evet\'·been recorded. '.I'heir moosure.meuts differed only in fi,ac-: All Papers One Cent ~ ''tiop:s of ·aD; ip.eh, ibu.t the. finger print; IROCHEISTER, N. Y., Ap•rH 30 .. _:.: sy~t~m pi'pved ,positiv:ely that they One-of the• members· Qf the oongre- • ~- gation w-ho -is ti~IIo-sed· ·to Ml\. Liil.e i~ . J~. ~Jlitl>. aJ!ld Wi111)i.am . ..JJ<Uo~on -awiliority for' ti® -strutemen<t thlat the •a ¥.~i\p'W escape fro'IJl.. se)\ilous chur·C'll yro;s self.;;s.upplOI'ting untH :Mr. n,,;,-.:.,..,· i~ •-evening. 'r.he '·two· men Line ..;ame, bu•l: ·ain-ee then !'i) .many wer~ 'c:~ting a load· of furniture with mem'hers' h'a'Ve Il:lft Wat :iot-<is na long~ '· ' ... ' · ' er self su-pp.ort1li:g. • ' ; a tea.D;l ~lo_n~ng ·t·o WliJ.Iia.ri:t Qiu.irk Cl'f ·MJav-i61. ·avenue. J•aJCkson wa.s. s:it- . . ~ . . ti4% .-o~· •a st'q'le on th~ ft10nt 1Jif 'the h ,. ~ • ' • ' A ~ard Debt to Pay / fg a ·freight d:-o •St. Johnsville. 1e; f9(JI:. -of Mary street, near -tow- ,; w.blle getting on, be must :have fo a . mis-step and .feil dmwu 'be- Yes.terday •afternoo-n th~ Unli:on .ana could'n¢·1Je.-one and -the same. ' \I owe a de•bt ot gtaltiJt~de fuaot ~e Fo~gltt, at Gettysburg ean never be paid off,'; :writes G:;;s. wa-gon and as •t;hJey were -giQ'ing dowh - • t ~ _. ~. • l ~,· we· ·'h~:k .~r tbe r~aalroo.d crO.s!iling ,:!fm. ,na. cars. After .fue tria-in pass- • ) ' A • • < :lje <W.ll& ·fouil.d terribly mangloo. He -Qll ·~;sJ -~aan ·str~t., Ja.eks'&h an~ the siliove r&l~f-d off. The ani'.lll_;oals be- gan _ta_plun~ and sblwted on a. run. w~t ·t6 the lb•ow's . ' .John o. Ferres.-:. 1_. . . . . ' ' ..... ~ I •' PLO\l\/8 .. \ OLI\!,P, one horse, $4.~0, $S.SO, $2'.00.,_ .. OLIVER, two horse, $6.SQ,.$9.SO, $14.00 •. . . . . WIARD, two h~rse, $11.00 ancl $1~.oo • WIAR.D, Side Hill, $1 ~.;00. CLIPPER STEEL PLOWS, $13.00.· . . ' We sell more styles and makes of plows and for lower . prices than any other dealers in this se·ctjon. All Steel Garden Da·nd· Plow . ·. and Weeder tor o~IY:$4.0.0. A hat J s worth as much as You get out of it. Wear, style, color, shape--- Everything thrown in. On $3 and $4 grades We believe we are head and shoulders Above other: qualities. _ 1 Seeing is Satisfying. WM. AttGERSINGER, I . . ONE-TWENTY~EVEN WEST· MAIN . . . JOHNSTOWN. N.Y. N.v.· Capital' - •' · -- .. · $200;000 Surplu,. a,Qd Undlvlde( ~ofits- 26lMJOO Accounts SoliCited: CDu,rteoas and,Lib',r~ Tr~a~ment G~ven .Our Patrons. ' ~ . . l_nterest Oepart.men,t : , We .pay inte!~St «ompound.ed quarfer)y on aU ~n-ey deposited thr~e months previous on · · · · January \st, .April l_st, J~ly_ l.~tJ.~. Ootoper- ~i. All money deposited on or before the 6.th oftb,e month lilraws interest 'from ·the 1st. · ~ ·. : . · - . ' ' -- · : 0 •• • OFFICJB.S.· ·, . ,- .. ·· - .. ~dwatd WeBs, Pres~t. _ 01i~ :~~tman~ Vice-Pres't. · . Donald Fraser, c.-~ .. ie.r .. ~' . ~ . DIRECTORS: H!lrw~od Dudley, OliYer •Get~:t,~, ;h(\vid' Irelimd, Wm. T. Briggs, E<tward C. ~ecker, Choas. ~· Kn o~, E. M, .K~'n~edy, ;r; ·.p: Argeismger, ~as. O.~ross, ArC'~~'b!lld ·MeMartm, ~ . ~--Northrup. Eti}Vll!rd W;eil,s, :' ~i~hard Evans, P. l'. Argersmger, W.m. Argers1 nger, Jph'fl:W. lJhl1!1ger,FrankD.-Oii'ver. \ I -'I \ • ' ~- •' 't ~~.~ ,;! ... \ ;.Vas -roairen to the Oity Hospital wJwre f~e.Willl~ att~ded\by Drs. E. H .. Doug- \· ~ss and' .George H. Sm~tlh. but tht>y \J(j.Uil~--~~t :be W-!ls •beyond medic•a-1 ai1I. :Wi$\Jtertibly injured, 'his left .arm Advert~ser, a Demoomtitc atternoon - pa,per, announced -a Ted UJCtoion .. in porl-ce from two- cents ,to one eent peT... copy, and forom $6 ·flo $3 per year. This morning, the H~vaJld, ind>elpenp- ent, arid tfu.e Democr!l>t and Chroni- cle, Republ'icrun, ap-peared wH:Jh Tthe. . . Dawi~ -Par:ke!ll, o.Of Fayet;te, N. y .• mark, of :w'ei.t,eld;, ·:vowa~ ~ ':fioor ~y who :i-olit a fOOit aot Gettysburg,Jwrite.s: res·cue from death ·by Dr. King's :New \!? Bit:~~~~A~~~~ .,d·?;ne'm~ more l'!)tiseo·v:eJ~Y· : Both •l'tm~ were so l'i'I3T· goodifth:an:ah:V;tn~Uloine I :ever took. !ausJY ·a,ffectea· thiat' d:erutli Jemeii 1m- For sever.a,l years I had stom•ruch mine(lt, when I commell!ced t•aklhg tl\'ouble; ;am,d · iHlld\.oU!I:\ mu-ch money Ne•w lp!sc·itv_ery: ... ThEr.io:inixmus !k:y;, fpr me~-l¢Jne W!;;l-it·Ue p~trpos-e,_ untH h•acki'IJ!!f' c·oug;h qt\i:t Uefor,~· 'the iJ,rst l beg·an ·taking I!ll~c-tr!Jc \Bitter)!. I ·bo}t!e W!IIS used, and •tW•O .mo.r~. ~£l't\ ··in\~il!deavori.ng to ··h!old .the ani~ ivmt!'e11t<t 'd at the l.houlder, his right elbow, his left . leg was :ut·..o~f,-<Jl.t,...1jj:le· hlp ·and his sl'iull frac- until lO:fiO when 11,\)~;ai;oyt)l!J\ breakfast foods, ._l:'tl:i-c)~!..ll.d you can see; them a& a gif•t; '.i'.''!':·:~ld.·~i.il-:2JII''~ MooDJtaln Tea. _ •, - -W, B. Van Vl;.et.. J O~t a two-c~n~. paper: ,. . : . 1 'f\$1\1\t..U•oit~ ta-lie-:.$';>;~~·.fior What they . ties madtl a- Not!h- ~ ·: '· ... , ~ _f,~·e, .d~!-J;e ~or-if:~.'~~- · ?~:d ~toriic fo~ in·g :Jl•a,s 'DiSOOvi.liry ·\~!~~na·!ly one boas the fortune· to ·tf& •,ag~d ·and· ·ilot··temana Wie-itknessllEi. for· :tillrokt .!W.a m~~ I ~en W~\f!-,. l}_re. ideal .J,n :looks-• ,Q:\'~ -a;}te,rat!ye · ~·~, b~y ·!Ju:i1der.; HI,J:<V 'S1'<!iJ:~~Id; ~-r;~re. :-iinety-nine ~mes oll't of swe to cu-re. J/or. ,111,me .~k,;amd weals: h~ndred you will find lilhe take's. -HOJ•;t~lf~~neys. , \qu•aa-alJ.f~~'illb~ ·F. o~ Os; lister's Rocky ·Mountain 'llE!a.. Tea or; tvmcUli'. a:n;ll' Br~~rd &; Di~kep.soJil. ye:nfl()'n. T111b. 35 ce,n~ ••• Wr,. B; V{an ·'\fliet,J'_.., .. rft~HiSU!•:''•P.qC:.,-:.r..:~ \.;,, W;. _,. ; •-.iir>~1 8 .1 ·l)~&tte' • · ' • j:~ ·:~1!:: • · ' ' ' •¢.'?'~;.: '·l!.f'f;];' < ~ ·~ :;{: .• <\1' i\'!Co ,.,f\l-et· \\f:,tl;'\fi!'' \\: . . - . ' . . . I announcements meetiu-8. ·the ewt. T~e P·ost-ExpreSIS, Repubol:i•cau, wHl ~all in line to dillY. Roch-~.ter is now~ w-Mh- · \

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