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The Broadalbin herald. (Broadalbin, N.Y.) 1880-19??, May 02, 1907, Image 3

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•. Jo_h~ Schermerhorn· ~~'~u<rdha~Sed a J~ab Bourel ,all!dtlal!enlCe SmitJll· pair of ;:Vouug colts.' )! l '·. J c1f ~Ue atpeni§. 1 B.\J.ir;\llay in tJh-is KRINGS BUSH. fROM AROUND .. fULTON COUNTY . ' -\\~-,;_· • ..1' ' I ' ~ ~ lNTJ!!RESTINGli.TmiS GATBEBED ~ \ : ~ { . IN VILLAGE AND HAMLET. Our. commupity w-as ~ocked last Th~rw-ftf',ltflt~~Roon iby !!:he anno~nce­ ment that Mrs! Nancy Johnson h:ad 'passed a'Wllly .. The deceased was ap- parently in her nsnal, Jrell!lth, and Mr. and l\Irs. John Ingersoll (~q~¥J' !!fe. i:. . ''-' ~ O:rf r;t ... Glen visited M'r: and Mrs. George In- _.'irn!:o11laill~Ro~t:w· and Mamie gersoJi' !ROO family SU~:l\Y• , St~~<h)L v.f RookwQ>od, -spen<t :M'OlllOOY as oons - 'fi.jj_1~rtl~r\'' ·~l~~­ ii:gal.nst MeJ:issa -~.~~j~$*~;;, tihe town of \M·Efiiiii'f~: I death was attdbuted to h.eart failure. Tile funeral was :held Sunday at her late 'home, ott noon,' Rev. I. B. Van Valkenburg of St. Johnsville alfidat- ing. She leaves to •mour her Joss a husband, l\I. L. Johnson, and four sons, Howard, Everrellt, John, and Floyd, also an aged mother, . Jl.frs. Xuncy Handy of L'assellsville, ~nd •three sisters Adeline Lent, Mary Das- -sell. and Emma Crouse beside a l•arge circle {)f relrut:ives. Interment was made in the St. Johnsville cemetery. Miss C]ro,rlotte ·Brookhiser visited the guests o;J: 1\!tr.S. .~rge- .;.Wonlr.iC!h. Miss Lillian Lotridge W!!dnesdaY MI'. ~nd Mra.~Rfluse- of J'qhnsti.l;-wn decoosed, ·that ~\tequlired exhib-i!t :the sanne, . ~ vlfu•eih<€<l\S d:n \ ~otes f1cked ·Up by the RepubHciUl'S Corps c.f Correspondents ID Surrount!n~ Places. night. called on Mr. a.n~ Mr;s •. Willi!!Jlffi kb-e<l Several f~1'1IJ.ers arl'l' engaged in Sund,ay,. , ' •' . · i ;' , ' · ,. su~pp•ort' thereof, ta !t1'1.~ ~. sUib~scrtb'e't ~ ' ' ' the e:xecu ilor •Of the' \t1!i$;Ji· ~\)Viil ·~nil their annual spring sowing. ) 'M·r. and Mor<~. ,eGorge c Oh'a;u,t of Lester Bellinger and,n'lobher of Low- ~l'Oversvi.He vis-ited Mr. and' :iYJ:rs .. ~ll­ er Sfone Arabia havE) m~·e4 in the lLm Stalle Sunday, . ' , ~ • 1 testa1lilent 'O'f the oaa;td: d~eif, at house 'recellltly vacated by Clarence Elean•or Lou1c.Iis of Fort Blai.;n, Ms P'lace .Oif tr:a.nsaJ~!~iwusf~~::.a-.& su'Cih ·execuibOr 'Rit 1:i:li& olfi~ ,in 1t!)i.~,.-Vfr'> '\ • ~ • 'f ~ ~ 'ti' SJ,Bli!!l Clark and 1)amily. vis1ited 1.\1innie MaTt'il}. Satu-rd!ay a~d ·several from this nlJ,l.C~ attende,d the SUnday. EPHR-<lTP.--H l.age of :BTOa;&albin, ;Ji~ ~11)\~·. c.oon·l:!(~, l•ii:~ft~~;·~ on or ·before,fue· t'!i4r\:-Y-fl..r~~ ¢ 9:~1l'-l ber nex<t · ,- · -· <, On Sunday, .A.pl'il 21st, Wilson Drusler af Schenect-ady was bhe guest of his parefrts, Daniel Drusrer and ~'irst .Annual .Alumni associa-tion ball Mr. Oh•auncey S.to!ller oJ JOthn- 'held in Donaldson ih~ll, Fultonvilie, stO>Wn, ~d, bJJ,arl-obt~ Br·ooksihire'l', ' . I ,.. (~- J. -~. on Friday night. visit€1d Lell'l)- Woo'll'ieh Sunday. Dated .April 30th, +:9ft7 ... - .ADDISON .A. GA'tiJ?NER. 46t26 ' Ex~tJor; et<:. 4 JOHNSTOWN M.:\~KET. W'ife. .Alvin Duesler of St. Jo<hnsville -vis- Mr. and Mrs . .A.sa Smith <Yf J·ohns- M·~s. Djtn1el Rrud'cly, and~'fl•a;u.ghlt,er town •have morved in the tenement Stena, spent Sundlay w.i:tlh. Mr. and holme ·belonging t~ J~hn Van .A.nt- Mrs. WilUI:lJm l<,reaerick, Jr. J annes H. Hager returned home ' from Johnstown las 1 t Mon-d~.Y after spending the wjnter i.n Jo-hm;.town ,f' ited his parents, •}Ir. and Mrs. Ohar- les Duesler of High street ·Sund-ay. 1~ ~ . SCOTCH · JUJS·JI With his dau!!\hter and .,ons. :\Irs. G. ~I. Nellis and son, Roger, werp. ·I ., . Mrs. A'bra·ha·m Veeder ·wb'o 'r~cently Mrs. Warren Rackmyre and of St. Johnsville @ent Sunday wi1th d•augMer of Nelliis.ton called on her mother, Mrs. Charles· Duesler. some !>f ~W :friend-s J.n ·town on Tu-es- Charles Rockefeller and family day last. have moved in }Irs. I. Base's house Jonas Smith of St. Johnsville was on Center street. \ tlhe recent guest o•f Norman Snell. :Mrs. R. E. Burke teturned home on . Mrs. AmY E. Nixon is spending a I Saturday after havilJlg spent Ia week few da.ys in Johns•town as the gu•est with her daughter, Mrs. Oscar Smith, ~ I ~ •' • ' ;~ ~ f' 1 '- died in Fond'll leaves many and reittti~es in this village i•.ho will sincerely mourn her dea·th. ' · ~ ~ • ' t • Mis·s Gettrude Docll;stader fs visit- ing lier' uncle in Oneonta. ;\-Irs. John Van . .A,ntwerp is Hi. P . ' \' .. Truman Frederilck of Keck Center will work for Robert L. ¥eMer the of\h•er brother, William J. Brick and in Stone .A.ra.bia. ft:vmily. The sick m:e all improving. coming season. Mrs. William Nellis of Stony Ridge Edward Ten Eyock who has !been suf- Rev. J. Edwa.rd GraJ11t, pas1tor of the Ref:orJ:!led church of FuHonville, was _in town on &aturd•aY and pre- slided over the annll!al meeting held in the R'Cformed c:huroh. T-he meet- :ing was well attended, officers were el 1 ected and the treasurer's report for 19 6 was accepted. Dr. Anson Becl<er sp-ent a few days in ~uesJt of !h-is cousin, Campbell. of Schol:(airie town as I the Rev. Dohald Mrs. Cla.rence A. Smitth and son of St. Johnsville' will spend the w:eek in town as >tJhe guests of her mother, Mrs. Persse Ya.nay. Erwin W. Smith and wife of S-t. J-ohn-sville svent the S·a:hb:Lth as the gueSits of George Baridu a'!ld fam- h;] very sick wfth typhoid fever. fer4ng from blood po~s()ning in his ·George Nellis of Stony Ridge sperut, hand' is a'ble to resume his. duties on Saturd-ay in .st. Johnsville. the ~ew York CeutraJ. .A.lp'ha Crouse, Sr<, of High street, - J. Yines, the local ljliller, -while e<)J.- enjoyed a drive through the northern gaged in his duties 111-st Friday ih·ad country on Sunday. the mis\'f·ortune .t-o get ,Jais hiand {!aught J. H. Hart made a business trip to in_ the mael:rinery whi6h lnjuled tha~ Oppenheim on Monday. . member qutte severely. Doctor Fos· Jonas Klock and son Sheldon of the ter of Fonda was in attendance. East Side were recent visitors in St. Mrs. William Wemple visited with Johnsville. friends in Fond·a Tuesday._ :Mr. and Mrs. L. Rockefeller have moyed· •to Yonkers Bush. :\Irs. E. Hase of Shaverville speut a few days of the past week with her sister, Mrs. Etta Burke. MILlS CORNERS Arthur Van .Antwerp is assisting J. Vines, the miller. • L•ilauncey Veeder while !\engaged in' setting up his press at Alb'ilrt F\onda's last SaturdGy had t:he misfortune <to run a rusty nail in the pal•m o~ his hand. ~ _ ily. Last Wednesday evening twelve of ' our ciitiens spent t~e evening wilth 'Miss Maria Hughes, the a.do,pted Mr. and Mrs .Alvin Doek·:!badel: of Johnstown visited :\Irs. Dockstader's parents, Mr. ·and Mrs. Robert L. Veed- er on Sunday. W•allace l\1>eLoug.hlin and &au•ghter, d·augh>ter •of the late Tlhromas Hughes, wh-ere they were ··treated with any rercently of this p•lace, but 'later of amount of maple ca:ndy Ml!i waJ'Im Broadalbin, went to Hagamans to suga.r, and •a very enjoyable time was visdt fr:iends and was taken ·si!ck wt :had ea.ting the .s<W&ets prepared for the home of W'illard Sawyer and them by their host who certajnly i.r! died there. She w•a:s about 60 ·a l'GYal entertainer. .3 I years o•f aJge. The f.unet,a:l W•as ·Jreld Roy 'Nellis has moved from the John Yan Antwerp tenant house in,to the tenant house belonging to Yates Van .Antwerp on the ·Sand Flats. Al'bert Fonda, Jr., has 'been ill with tonsilitis for the past two weeks.' Har\·ey Purde11, who resigned his pO!;lition as day electrician ·at the pow- er house on the first of April lef•t on a. fast train •for Californi•a a week ago Wednesday. ' ,PERTH. ~ , • : H • Th·e ror<'Jls. were s•o 'baid 1thwt Rev. Mr. G. Baker f.ailed' to 'be at ch<u·rcih Frid1ay · ni~h-t. Mr. and M-r,s, M!l.ies' w•rush'ed ltihei-r sap buckets Satu'l\dlllY. '· · Gharlie Mil-es is ·wbrking for G. Cole of .Johnstown ·wih!o' -i•s bui~d1ng a. ~li(}ve &h-op. Mrn. Ada A·rgeri;llnger ii·s ready to move in Mrs. M;a1ry Cro-m- , er's h:ouse. Jean Mtjes i'i! on the sick Hst. Mrs. J·esse· Weaver ds !J;etter at this WXliti•Iig .. ~rs. H. F. Strobic.k and Mrs. D. Oromer ma-de tbei'!\ flrst tri1p to Las- sellsville, We•dnesd1av. - - •M-rs. A.da A.rgersinger wa<S a Cllll- }er •a.t Mrs. Dan Cromer'•s. sund:a1y. ·Mr. and Mrs. Ben· Miles calll-ed at Alice Cre-.;lt~r's Sund~a;y. Mr. and M<rs. Oh1auil!ooy spent S'atur•day and Sunday ·home of their daug'hJter, Mrs. Gleas-on. OPPENHEIM. Mrs. James Oldne is visiting frjentls in _st. Johnsville. -- Tom Zol-ler af Litble Fal'ls fri-ends in tJhis pla;ce Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred eQ•i-ne o.f st. . J ohnsv.ilile spent Sruturday with frien!ts here. George Helmer' spent p1all't ·of last . ' week w;th friends '0n't of town. · Wedding b·alls ·a-re soon to ring. A ·Signi:fl.cant Prayer \May the liord heli) Y9U make Bucklen's .A.r!dca. Salve k\nown to all,\ writes J. G. JenJdns, o~ C'hapel Hm, N. c. \It «luicklY to•ok -the pain out of •:L\ felon ,fdr' me a;!lld 'Cured it in a: ~on.de,~4'thl1y ·;;IJ.l.Oi't ;time:\. Best . . I.ast Sabb~th more than fifty of from the Met•hod'ist ·cihurch at 3 p. the members- of Ephra;tah ,Lod-ge No. m\: Saturday, and .•the reiDJains were 836, I. 0. 0. F., and member!.! ·-of interred in the Broal-b>in ceme~tery. .M'a~e Leaf R£1}ekah Lodge No. 2&5, The people, of this p!.3Jce 'have attended the' gervices given ,.in i:Jh'e heard wit,h regret of -the derutlh af H. Refornwd ehm.,ch 'by Rev. Doin'ald B. Major oct' Perth, the secretary of Catnpool! who gave the order a fine the Fulton and Montgome•ry Insur- sermon :eond the mamb<m> will not ance company, wh'icih posNJion he fo• g'et >t!h·e day for a 1o-ng time. It 1i:eld for over !Hty ye.wrs. was in honor of the 88th anniver- Jerome Sruwyer -h1as •his shi•ngle sarY of th-e o-rder. Those brothers and l-ath mill about ready for 'bus;i- ~Irs. 'G'eorge Brown \'\;ho-i.s 'sllriously has hern removed to the home- of on ear-th for·· '<!MOO, bu-rns and wounds. 25c rut F.' 0. \'{)stnan(j.er or Brad 1 ford & DickenE10n CLrug E•tores. { het• daughter in Gloversville. > ' Clover seed, retail prlce .• 8 50@ 9 00 Beans, ;wG:J~te; per bu. • • • @ 1 ~5 Oats, No. 2, ~S>tlaite, :per bu. @ 50 ~'k!e, 'Wihi.eh a:re iit Jbhe'·of Oider Vinegar, per, gal:... ' @ 'Fol'!Pedo';l'!~(~~~Eii.i ' Is:l~;~;n'd~ :w:>he<re they ., Butter ...... --- .... : --· 25@ a ~ c\ '-'--~-'\ Ha~, ba:led, pet il:on •••• 11 00@16 00 :rd~Ts.oon'P:~ib.~ing • .,:D'I! ~ Potatoes, P,er b-q •••••• :. • @· 60 roaandng a.borut 'tlhe ~~t~u¢~m.,; 1 I I :\.' •• Fxesh Eg§'l!, _'Per d>ozen • • • @ ll'\ Per'soms lanc'Lhlg at · · · ; esco:rbed to t'he oo'tnl):J~a;n;, B•arley, per .·bu .•••• -·~...... @ 90 ;amd -eomi~·ll-ed. Plaster, per ton ••••••••• , @ 6 00 n-ess. Even nE•\r~~~~epei Cool, at :tard ...... :. • • • @ ·a 30 well known to ·the -cN~ws Coal, deli ve!(ed ••••• : ••• Slalt, :ver ·bbl. • ... ~ ...... ~'>(){)d, :hard .... ~ ••••.•••••• Wood, soft ........... . Sta.te wlwa.t, per bu •.•••• Buckw\heat, per bu •••••• W'he'a1: screenilllgs ...••••• Stra-w, oat, per ton .....• Meats, etc., per lb- Beef, natlive dresseg. •••.• Lal!d, rendered ......... .. L.a.rd, leaf .••.•.•••••••• Spring Ia;mb, ru:essed •• Lamb, live •••.•••••• Pigs, dressed ••.••••••• 1 T•allow, !l'.ongh ••.••• : • •. Tallow, rendered ....... . @6 @ l 21} @600 @ 8 50 @100 @ 85 @ 80 @800 run:liiilg to 't'iro -st:a<fli·()ft~ Oo 1 mmnder Gleav$. .. l)(ffol ilJlg aoout t<he islruna. seen -Will ~ confiscated. · Su'bma'l'.tlie oowt TJ~tike:'\~ bwtlli while lihe grule fif\ty mHes a;n 'h;l)fllr. >5'1'0\''' •· dn ·th•e deep 'wruter ;oo.t:W·~It: Conooicut Isl:a.nds,. m:!ed··,;e·\' fr01m her ltub-e. Then, ·wftj.tll~}t]~; 6@ @ ]J) 13@ 6@ 08~2@ 7 were WlaJSllring <aooosa 9J,ef '4;~ltS';;.ti 10 erew made fut·to the ;j;q~!,d.O~Ji ~4 ed i-t on deck and· f!.e.':~ut~!l!' @ @ 10 616 10 02 5 '' eal~ live •...•..••.•....• 6* 08@ 6 .A!dol1ph ~ li!S tu'~·~9.l.t; 09 prop,riatinn <Yf $ 3., IJ.~I'IJ;~tul}: Veal, dressed Hides- Cow, No. 1, lb .......... ' ........ . Bulls, lb, .••••••••••••.• Horse, e·a'Ch ............. . Die hides, each ........ .. Deacon hides ......... _ • Lamb and sheep pelt~, ea. Vea1s, each •••••••••••• .-~ Poultry-'- Fowh?, dressed, lb •••• , • Fowls, live, 1b •..••••• of Spring chickev.s. d»'<!ssed. Spring chickens, live ••• Turkeys, live ..... ,. .... Turkey>s, d'l.'essed •.....•• Sundries- Beeswax ..•••..•••.•••• · Wcrol- ._ ' Counyti thQ Mooivm. unwashed •.•••• able for <t'h'El vWrch~ 7@ 8 b01ats ·the sooretary of 1 ibl~,:~~:!i~ 6% @ 7 lects after recefving :till~ ~ltOl~,;!ill!~ @ 2 :!1.\ boa;rd. @200 40@ 50 Our Ou·b~ Mends cl)l~ijii/·t 75@ 80 FI\om rad·eing the B~iVi!t 75@ 1 00 It seems tJhait a. ''I,.H;'til• 18 14 20 RockY M!oomhaJin Tea '' 'HilliS ~lii1t tlhe island ~\- - < • W. B. Van ··VJjl~it::. tain Tea; makes them eat,.$1Ereb·.l~ 22@ · 24 grow. Bright eyes, ooi!!Y · ()~~eel~: cents, Tea -or TwlJ.l.¢:~· @ @ @ @ @ @ 25@ so Vliet. ll.nd s:isters who s.ta.yed &t home mis- ness. sed' a good thing. T•he church was The l)€'Opte. have no1w for the mOISt crowded. part, go•tten the:ir year's wood work- ·william Hollenbeck of Allbany Bush - ' passed through this rplace Sunday. .- ·' ; Andrew Ross called on friends in , ~-----~·-••••lll!l••~pa•lllli••••~··• .. ••••••••••••••••••~!!lil-••••••••1!!!!!1! '· ' f ; \· ' ' ' . Rev. Donald Oamphell left our ed U'P· town,on Mond!ay for SCihohaT1ia where Ra.rvey Sawyer hiaB put ·a new roof Perth on Sunday. ,. · \ Eugene Dennie has hls large job of sawing for Orin Hart ,completed. he- will vtsi>t friends an-d his moth- on his uuuse and a cua,t o>f paint. ' ~r fOT a. few d'ays, ·al'te:r Wlhich he wm go WP.st wi'th her to liva. AVERYS CORNER. House cleaning is all the rage. Percy ::'IIcYain has sold his black horse <to parties in Schenectady. Charles and F1·ank Spencer were here last Sunday ·looking oYer the Spencer 'homestead, where the spent >therr boyhood d:ays. It is reported tha-t ::'IIr. Hutchins has sol-d his farm to Oli\·er S1tee!. Charles Bryce ·of GloyersYille was ' ~n -r:his place last week selling whips <and harness. Mr ~ and Mrs. William Dingenfelter -of V \;il :If ills visMed J. B. .A. very on Snnd--ay ·afternoon. Isaac Cromwell has pure'lmsed a. h<>rse of ::'IIr. Hutchins. Mrs. Sop-hia Frake~ is-visiting with friends in· Clay Center. ::l:h'S. Baltus Avery \'isited her mo- ther a:t Hoffman's last week. STO:SE AR..~IA R. H. Sutton, wife and family · apenJt Sunday w•ith Mrs. Willet Veed- er of Fond•:>.. M·r. and.' Mrs. W. C. Young were guests of :i.V!r. and Mrs. Carpen-ter, 1S:utt:Wy:. ·: ~ Le:ri Kirts and daugh'ter, !Mit'S '.f.mlVa, span~ Sunway witll Mrs. ~!'i'liiu W~!Jer. . · SOUTH MAYFIELD. Roy Howland is visiting his cousin, Clay1on Atty. Andrew Johnson called on friends in Gloversville last Tuesday. Sirs. P. E. Howland spent ·Sunday wit 1 h-.Tohn Howland. l\Iiss Edith .A.tty of Broadalbin spent Rnnday with her parents Mr. •and l\Irs. Frank At-ty. Miss Ida Hubbs of GlovetsTi!ftl has r~tlJl.'ned home after spending a few . -d'ays with her brother Harland Hubbs Theodore Hilly is able to be out again after being confint>d <to the J:touse with rheumatism. ' l\Ir. and l\Irs. Edward Frank spent Sunday with friends a·nd relatives -in Gloversville. i\Ir. and l\frs. Charles Sutliff of Gloversville spent Sunday wit'h his parents Mr. and Mrs. James Sutliff. Miss Anna Argersiuger is !.'ble to be out af·ter ·being' confined to her. 'home by illness for two months. Mrs, Harrison Howland of Gloyers- ville is •!>pending a few daYS with ~Irs. Hannah Hueted and ~irs. Jane Swobe. l\Irs. 'Dorothy :M·oats who is- at the ho-me of her sister Mrs . .A.rc'hibald Ar- gersinger ·is imlH'o\·ing slowly. 1Il'S. Jl.1-argaret Howl'and has return- ell to 'h-er home in Gl-overs>ille after spending . ..seve1•al days -w1th 'her son Seth Fletcher -and sQn C1arence vis· ited friends here Monday. Jerry l\iartin has remo\·ed to tiie 1 tenant house of \Villian:;· Vos•burgh I aml will work for E.lmer Yosbu&h I the coming season. 1 Harry Bowers. SJJent ::IIonday e\·en- ing with Gl'Over ll'lint. \ STONE ARABIA. I I . ! J. Edward Hinkle was in Fort Plain·' ·I on Tuesday. , i :\Irs. Fred Long and daught~r Hat-. tie spent Tuesday with Mrs. W. C . \ Y<Jung of Oanajaharie. ; Harvey Snyder of Nellis.ton · is em· ployed by E. H. Rioorbl'lcl.:. · ' ~frs. R. H. Sutton eaJie'd on Mr.s. ! George Jewell recen:tly. l ::IIr. and 1 ¥rs. Leonard Putman were~ guests. ofA1r. and Mrs. Philip Hin- 1 kle o~!!dny. ' , · ._ \ -----~,...,......,.· ,' i BRO.\.:UALBIN ·J , I ·--- _.,.. -- I The remains oif .Ml-en .A.. S-pencer : who died at Oa.ilio on, Th~rs·d.ay last . were br-ought to )BJ;'O'&Jdiltlbin f'O•r bur-1 ia!l on Sa1turd•ay -mud ·pJJ3Jced -in ·the : frumhly plot in the 1>G':;.a,l ICemete/y. I ;\fr. Spe:n;cer was bol'IIt in•:E}y!ladalbin . fifty-eight y-eare ago, bwt hiad 'livect- . ' elsewhere for a good m'llnY ye-a.:i~ · ' ... t \' ' • j 1; '1..(• I p·a-st. p:e, is survived ·by Uhree bra~h- i ers, Ch!1•:~es,· ·o.f Rtt~l<a.nd, Vt.~ '-:Fr.ank o•f C.atsltill -and Jilllllks B:, M thh; village. \ •• · J: 1_ 1 , ~ .;Mm. ;aen~in st-a.i-e<Y and Mrs. , ~l)rge J'enell were guests of Mrs. John Howland. .... Samuel P. Berry has ~oved back on his farm at Popple Park. About fifty members 'ofH!i>e local ' lodges of''O-dd Fell~ws '>ii<ad''Rebekahs ' . I attende·d aQvine servic-e i,n ·the B-ap- tist chur-ch ou Sunday in ·a ibody and liEJtened to .an able 1and in~ltrilcl,!ive sermon by •the p•.mtor, Rev. D. E. Ab\ ra.ms, in commem:tri3Jtion oof 't11e Jcl'!ln Getman. 1 ' Ly:mam Saltsman an:d wife were in f ·~rt PWn re~ently. St-ephen F\ancher of Nell-iston, will move in th•e tenement' house owned by .Adelbert ERcker. \ :Mrs. Seward Putman- spent Sun- (tay with Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hin- kle. L M>l'IS. eGorge D, Hinkle and MiE•s Loretta Murdock were the guests of M'l'S. .p4J!Hi!l 'Hinkle. Oarl Weber called\ on Leonard .:l'Pll:ns: recen•tly. I .~\p!Jendiritis Is due in a tftrge measure to 131bu~s-e of tlt~ b01wels, ·by emt~'loying drastic ~;U.1'gl3.tl'l'-ell, 'Do a,xorid ·~I ~n~er, use • _,gt~tlY' Dl'. King's New Ji,lte P.iUs, >tJhe 1 1fi!ll!e, gen'Jie cleulllse:-.s and invigor- ,.tors. Gllava.nteed to cure head·ache, .Jlll!ousnesf• malatia and jaund-i·ce, a~ -,;. 0. Ost~4e.r or Bra,dford & Dick- -.u;on drug 11.1ores. 25c. ::llr. and Mrs. William I:<'rank called on friends and relatives in Glovers- ville last Wednesday. Mrs. Bm,tan• Putman and children s{l{;nt Tuesday _with her parents )lr. and l\Irs. Byron Putman. ::\liss Catherine Howland is spend- fng a few days with 'hel' sister )irs. William Putman; ::'lb', -and Mrs. Harland .Hubbs spent las( Wednesday in Gloversville with frienllR. \Villiu•m Rinduwt Is again working for Samuel P·llilfi)}B. , . Guy Sutliff fll on'~'\ d II r. WGmen ·have c!eeided tlu:ut: in c-a.se they caJJnOC vote, -they- w:IH cut oat I he \Stork\ lll'OflOSi'tifl.n. Pel'fecltly proper. Take H·ollfister's Rocky !1-lount;ain Tea, it ts· goo.d for m1JS't ~verything. · :; fi ~>1:1.1. T~ or Tla.W.ta. .:w. ~ V. Vli'eV . . t \ . \\\\'- . ' . f \·h mgn; y-&· 6 ·,.-ld.l ann1ve.rsary () ·'\'a fo•U'nding of the or•d(llr \'n th-e Un'ited States. The o•ccasion wa'i! very in- tere.:;l~ing and s.howed a· deep iutere·~t in·. t:3.e ·welfare of bhe · •o·:rde'r. Mli~S·<'~ E>lizubeth- ·and' Id•a J.14etzger and Mif:~ Maggie Hl•Han.J.;n, ~~~w~he•:s in the p'ubUc f,chools •I;Jf Br01ld•a.ibin \. . ~. . \ - •this ye:1r, frra,ve .se:Jured posi~·OnS in t)l.e 'A.in•;;tel'dam scho!<J.JS: for ·W,e w~- . ing year. ' , , :. ·\ Mr. and }Irs. '1\f;Jllon Rob-Inson of 'Edin•ll.ingh, h·a,ve !'ecently · b.fen spend- lug S()me t'im 2 in •the v!E:·~e V1sit- ing '1i>;ltJi their so~, ;R, ~· _.Ro,'JlnsoJ., J::am<ii y. , · ,.. · . M;i£$ ,BtaucM, . of T.Jfon~o. Gn•t.; i;; spcn1Hng a t>h•:>rt time v'iodting wlt'l - ·f Ab•za:!O'm He~ -~d f:<a~lliiih', at iiome n~h ·~>t·-~es~. .. l American =:=::::::::::::=== ,. tady ,C~rs:et· Indivi~ualitY is in Cor- · sets of no less consequence ' than in people .. ~merican ' Lady Cors~ts have many 1 distinctive features, are ac- . turately. sha!?,ed, of the best of weam;ing qualities ' • : •,. I < I' ~ and, a.re _mqd_e,ra:te~y ·priced. for their splendid value. No. u:z A high bust, short hip Corset, fihe for tall, ~lender. figul;'es ... ~a·.oo I No. gSo ~ .~edium lo~g hip· rnod~( ....... $1.00 . . ; ~b. 643 ;A high b;ust, lon~~~ hip corse~. t ••••• $1.00- No. 430 ··¥ed~uin li~g~ bu~~. long . htp batiste. corset:, . ~ . , ..•• ,.$1.50 , No. 726 · l;iigh bust, .long hip model ... : . _ . $2;50 No. 347 Fancy mercer- ized broche, .hi~h. bilst, > long hip · .• ·.\ .' .•• ;.9';:50 ' ' ( The S<?tvi~es of··~ ~~- \ per~enc~ fitter a~ Y9Ur command. . ' .. • ~New:., 'Fabrics -in- Silk Wool for • Sprint and. Summer We~r- •. . - ~ / ' ' • • • '~ ~ ~ • #'. ' .We can_.~uppt~H'OW .every want satisfactorily from . . : . \ ~ \'' ' ' ' . ·an·ppints o(iuteie&i to you, m\mely, Style-Quality- \'~ . - ..: P . '- ' l l .-~-· nee •. >' c •I / '\ ..... ·, . . . .,,, ... , \ • -- ,~ ' ~, • , .. • I .-;:;....._ 1 L .., ~ ~ • t. ~ t ' ... ( • -TheDr~~ GC!O\ds s;etioti is brimful of we~veS ~(1·· • 4'1., \ , • - • ,';';··~ '1'\ • } • ' .'~ ~ \\\~ • c-olprings.m~~~ \'~u;a.-~i.$ sea~on. You will find our va· ' -~ f':.S ·~ ' • • ~'\( '\ •: I ,,f< ,•, ~ • \ riety1n~ll fa~ltiopabr(Sll?.i\be~ and clothS unusually-large I ' ':'t l i' •I ~·~ ' • • • • ,. ' J ~ - • • •• and choice. .... . 1 , ~ •• • • \ f;;,.~~~l -J ' ,' 0 , ~ 1.~ • \ ~: ,.' L q _.. It is the-;mo~t ~~ttpypexhibition we have ever - . . \ ~ - .:' ' ' held. In ad4j.~oJ}_ ~-\ ~~11; lirie pf st~ples we are showing - ...... \\ . ' ' ~very·- novel~.: ~e~~~; tf#t' :is desii-able;-_Al\:~~~ -~op~r shades repr~ffol}1::~d· in thls -~ollection. . ' . ~When ~1fd!sit~d ·~;~sponge) all dress ! ' ,' ,·- . - the nt;w Spot~~~ .~~a~.Sponger, _whicn:tealvei in its o_rlginctHi~~ ,. \· I a ·_. . . ing than the selecti&h·: . \' ' . 'the ·gown itself is the~>:q;~ t~~~!!Jf! I . ' tion of what )Vill .u .. _,~_q!il,i desirable as a verely tailored-, _ some little is necessary to confcm:t ~~:~rJ .., fashion's 'dictates. I - ' ' We feel confident satisfactory, ' d \. stan p.omt. The· terial. <' 'lt

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