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Newark union-gazette, the Marion enterprise. (Newark, N.Y.) 1939-1941, January 09, 1941, Image 7

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‘HONE 710 N E W A R K 0 h f t 5 h L G A £ E T T E A N D M A R IO N tPRISE, THUf&DAY, JANUARY 9, 194t T E A T ELKS STOCK [JUMPS WITH double W in Jig Le&gtro Quint Stopped •: in Classic . Battle of • < . ''Season r- Newark Elks, professional bas- zeleers gained .something of state-wide)' if not national, irominenee this week following •heir 5-point seintiliating 1 - 1 - m p h -over Detroit Eagles on vdonday night, ■M-2D, in One of he best court exhibitions staged iere in recent seasons. The uc- ;ory followed -up a smashing 72- 16 breeze- over Sehenectady Pros ast Saturday • and Coach Ted Wealds’' ■hlg.h^tepplng five V ill i>w jjo. . a fter . .their third straight; sag, y^lf , as revenge, feainst th e Harlem Yanks this *-fi>ctou£i 5 8 :-Dehnfert’s Eagles, al- hough defeated the two pio- |ous;. nights' toy •' Seagrams and pintts one : of .. fheip\ regulars, [flowed plenty q f sfeootlTfloor- «prk andflhgrd play.' and . were Ijever beaten .until ...the final Binute. Antlers, however, dis- OF EAGL \ u r JK. JLmJ X X Face Antlers inRevenge TiltCHAMPS GET ** r< t ■»&. v*, «*- t i wiiiKf • «■ i,»uinnl,i i l'tf* \■ it ■i+wl *#* V \' . t 1 - wr -- r?* . -. „ d • *V i i n* vhidft gave them the coveted win over, the National Leai up hreats, recently leaders of that oop, . , schroeder, Rich Main Stars Although not as smooth as ;Wo nights previously, the Elk- neh put forth a concerted of­ fense that clicked with pretty teamwork, and set up a tight routed Detroit stars struggle to >r£ak through. Johnny Schroe- ler.w.as No. 1 among a t least five if the.locals who stood cut, hoop- ng h i five pretty long shots to ie with Rich for high score and I iadgertag the veteran “Rusty.\-! launders at every turn. Rich himself was a streak of ghtning, putting in for a quar-' et of layups and popping in nether, as well as doing a good liar.ding job on speedy Jimmy town, who returned to the :erie, of 'his former Antler play f: two years ago. Fran Frantel iVered himself with laurels by aiding high-scoring Harry 3ud) Jeanette to two lane field iickets, while Ed Sonderman fayed his best game in many goons as‘ he bucked all-Ameri- s n .Ed Sadowski to a virtual ianastill. Diminutive Hairy lorn Caine in for a share o f : :aisef, .also, by consistent break­ - u p of JDetroit plays and-good a'sswork to set -up Antler scares iks lead Throughout f t was a big night for the lo- ds as they started with an irly, surprising, lead and held it 1 the way. SchjioeclfiiLSave the ntiets a quick edge as he le t’ y wHh a trio of long heaves iat went cleanly through' to Ive. them a. 6-3 margin. Rich jfmped in two cut-ins and rantel popped one to make it !-3 .at the quarter. Brown and rahette opened up in the sec- ad period to lead a Detroit 8- jint flurry as Sadowski was iven a short rest.- Elks added 6 l free throws,by Schroeder and Lett and two-pointers by the ,me pair, although Schroederrs iteving” accuracy had cooled ! somewhat. They ended the :st hair with a nice 18-11 lead. The two teams battled on >out even terms in the third anza. Single buckets by Rich, r a n t e l , Sonderman, and :hroeder, and a pair of foul lints byaFrantel led their 12-; lint advance, while Eagles ore.d 13 as Sadowski clicked on rpr pivot plays and little Pete Rack, Brown, and Jeanette, finected for floQr buckets, leiiing the final chapter with 30-24 lead, Elks flubbed several bring chances as they missed i-long shots and Detroit re- ferefl, but they put up a stout flense to hold the invaders to ■'bucket by Sadowski and town's free throw the first (if o f the period. Frantel missed two foul tosses,1 An Elks attempted to “stall” ,th a 30-27 edge and three linutes t o .. go. Sonderman Enk one of two 15-foot tries fid Rich sewed up the contest S| meeting a short pop shot a n d , p e r sinking one of two charity flows, for a 34-27 count. Just sfore the final horn Pajge flip- id in ,a one-hand cut shot for (e-; Eagles, but the good - crowd r 550, had no doubts as to the itlers’ superiority that night*j id gave them a fine hand at .e -cloge. ... • , EBKS (.14) I IMiTHOrr (59)-' O P T I . . O F T . oh,rf .... ' 5 1 J l 3, ;a.nte)vjf . 2 2 SlFi Jii'ShW'.’ 2 (M- fidefhln.o 1 4 8|S8U#($H»if : ?■ M i hrodSrflg.FJ FiBMy pigPr <3 § jr.n.lffi, O .0. nl.lfiansalttfcrgS.va O *• ipper.ign- O' o ni g «otftla'--’'*,.TF8>S- t 2fl sbrti-a;.„ j-«v- i tk<7El C f f t c e . nuadyiA & V » '.:|; ’ Theoiocals, h o tttrfS - f iP • & iffIb/Sb».,Uast ^fl» M 2 ||ik d .- f trouble a t all In m ^ o ^ f t 'o f cmodth put tired: Schenectady g th a t neyer could get started, re Antlers couldn’t miss the 6$ ah'd' the invaders h,ad bad ;R with the bucket, resulting, > a very lop-sided . spree., for ach Beales” men. ^ Strikes, Splits And Spares Reluming this Saturday, to face a highly-ifc&shed filfes five, which will seek to avenge their Oine-point overtime loss in season opener, come this fast Harlem Yankees quint. From left, front— Roy Ladson; Lou Badger, B«n G a rrett; rear— H y McKenzie, John Isaacs, Charlie Isles* and H a n k I)eZoni. LEAD AGAIN Elks* S w e e p B rings 6-P o int , E d g e as B ilotta’$ L o s e M a tch Swinging back into a comfort­ able lead in the. Wayne County Bowling League as the circuit entered 'its second round of play, Ne.wark Elks went ahead over Biiottas by a six-point margin as they swept a four-point vic­ tory from Wolcott Metcalfs while the Bilotta quint was dropping three markers to Wol­ cott Mattens. Elks were the only' login team to win la'sf Frl-- day, as Holloways and Mason’s also suffered defeats in their contests. The, Antlers spotted the hard rolling ’j&etcalf' five 13 pins and' whipped .them in a close fray th a t jwas” anybody’s match until 'the.filial pin fell. They copped the, first two lines by 3ff and 116’ maPlds, then edged out a p a r- haW ,'3-pin. triumph in the last; game to take a ll points. Ca.pt, Ted Beales was again high man With a 216 single and 564- total,, followed by Roy Baylard’s 551 on -the Wolcott slides. . Handicaps Too Much Biiottas were forced to give Martehs 67 pins and that spelled their undoing. They lost the two opening games by v§8 and .8 Rebuilt Reds Buck Strong Palmyra Five “MAN of the week.\ and pos­ sibly the whole. season, in the Monday Night bowling, circuit is . ~ „ . , Ebb Hausihan, intrepid young, , L y o ii la k e s O v e r C e n ter PLAY and BY-PLAY alley manager, who set two new league records in this week’s loop competition and barely m.issed the bowler's dream of a perfect game. Rolling with the last-piace Pillroliers, Bob start­ ed off with a mr agre 175 and jhis club dropped th a t game Then in the second line he came back with five straight strikes, saw a fuil hit go for only a spare in the Spot After Six-Week Newark High’s rebuilt basket­ ball quint, revamped during the past two-week i’dle spell, will re­ new their, fight in both the Wayne Class A and Wayne-: Finger hakes circuits this Friday night when they invade™”!^!-- : . * b y b o n b i i i d * 4s • . 4?.:\ . , . —. . fl'5, • .......... ,IN viqw.of,t|^«nugqaT.i 9 due D e troit‘Eagleas’1 c ^ h wotli Ellfs.an4 theibpfjdf.'dotibre bill with Seagram*, your nqwsh.py. had a little tete-a-tete fallowing the gam e hef* with “Dutch” Dehnert, .veteran of 18. — ~ years in the pro ganje and now' oid'-^et wai feeding s®yiwWt 9agie§„coa®h. The..e,aesMbn^ndv bad takm answer affair went something w pttM g h t from Betrolb M t like this- dRl'irot' Kesitate to opmAi tb i t O—I know vou never make ElkS 'fiave a much better qttttit alibis, Dutch, but can you give any good reasons why your teain ^ was_ sixth, and flmshed with a s IX-i myra for the first, game this sideqred of major league calibre? ^ , h t m > attomptutg to leafe timer for a season singles r e c - ! season with Coach Vic Hill’s best the impression th a t he wasii t ord of .278. Had that 10-pin fall-, team in several years. I Dehnert—No reason, .except mlich interemea whether or not en in the sixth fram e , Bob would! Coach Joe Hatsell after losinp-1 W-e wt5e „ it is played If they H coftrtt oflt now be qualified for the ABC | big George QuinLin rom h f hard; fou?h t national pro tourney An \300\ dim o n d pl„ award, held NHS apo t. h?, S S h S Z m l S ? t L S S ^ S S a. good 247 in the tinird emerge with a season high . of'result of subsequent ankle and . * v • •«*- , JL- »r.-»r«’ * 700 for match total. His efforts \hand injuries which have kept Q—Hoy do you. think the Elks Despite his dp did not lift the Pillnien out of him out o f the past six contests cmnjKirfe with Seagrams? once toward the series i t s ltdtth the cellar, but they won three, He showed in that one tilt,ini- ' Dutch—That’s hard to say. noting thal he came a ll the Way points from Arcadia Oilers, who provement over last year in •dowft-^w^ DMamdl t m « t t d ' had a 42-handicap. Ifioorwork and should \ rentac01 Tllis mml Cetvi with Rochester gjjfg since he had already seen * * » J Quinlin well in- defensive .ia the bhdt oMensive play- plenty 6f the Eagles' IN the same league the lead of strength, although not as ant i n '' ors Eve seen> h itt you have good; Roy FoUette’s Couriers \ • - *| int^r-city series, Les would say Chicago tfus Spring te s inskek- cd, “we m ight get to play thetir Skaeffer Sparks— p r o Men?s Club Sweeps Over Lima and Spa The high-flying, quint of State School Men’s Club annexed its fifth and sixth victories in seven game.s this year over . the past week-end when they hung a big 58-32 defeat on Lima Pincos on Saturday and then trounced Clifton Sp'rings Towners here Monday night, 41-27. Manager Pat Donahue announced that his club was to play a return engagement at Lima last night and will clash with Manchester Merchants this Saturday in the prelim to the Elks-Harlem Yan­ kees fray. Bob (Whitey) Shaeffer con- tlnued to pace the Hiilmen with §o;n$ flaapy scoring, racking up' 20 pornts against Lima and 10 against Clifton Spas for an average of 15 points a game. Earl (CrappyV Warren, veteran Lyons eager, ran next best in, points with 19 for the two eve-' nings. The Manchester club playing here Saturday features Proechel, former Ithaca College teammate of Frail Frantel and Bob Pepper. Summaries. M . C I . L B IB S ) I.IM A ) 3 0 1 < ; f t ' o f t C o r t h a l s .r f 3 1 7'{iavirtson,rf 0 0 U K .D c y .lf 3 0 6.1’e t e r s . r f 0 0 t) W a .rren.lf f» 1 11 W Pa?T c k .rf 4 2 * S h a e ffer.e 9 2 SOn.LPad’ek.v 6 1 13 T a y lor.rs: 3 2 8.Matlie\vR,r£? 1 1 3 S m a rtJ^r 1 f rg o 0 0 PagTe.lR ? «• 1.1 :u4iiiigor.1£ 3 0 6 T o tals 26 '» fiS T o t a ls 14 4 30 H .ilf-u n ic s. Lite M fii 9 C lub 21. Lim a 7, refe r e e . ,T. (»ravinr>. HILLHIK1S (41) iC L IFT ’N SPA (27) K .D e y .r f S m a r t ,r f W a r r e n ,I f W itt.li* ' S h a e ffer.c Taylor, rg: Paji:e»rg: IC rebbeks.lff 4 1 9j ^C o rthals.lg 3 0 6 G F T i 1 1 3 S a n f o r d .r f 0 0 O iSm ith.lf 4 0 8 P a s ’m ’te .lf 1 0..2: H a n lo n ,If 4 2 lO iL u n n in g .c 1 0 S’jo i r e s .r e 0 1 llT r a v l s . l g O F T 2 1 5 2 0 4 0 o 0 10 2 4 5 13 1 0 2 0 1 1 T o t a l s 18 5 t l [ T o t a ls 10 7 2* H a l f - t i m e score;* M e n 's C lub 18, C lifto n S p r i n g s 14; re f e r e e , CSravino. Sonderman had, big nights, both dropping in two-pointers from under the boards and pop-shot distances, while Fran Frantel and Bill Ludwig h it th e - nets from way out. Beales introduced a new eager, John Schmitt of Syracusev .captain of George­ town’s varsity last year, and Tie Tossers Seek Revenge Over Harlem was again out from two to one point as Ruffalo’s Truckirsen swooped down on Marion ^Towners to sweep their match, while Cour­ iers were taking 3 from J&P Re­ tailers. Franltie Dfittolo’s 210 Single and 544 totai, along with Moyer’s M l led the 'Flickers, While Bill Pcrduyn was again!,will ,liigh Marionite with 470 Coiir- II. Pi maples, .then came Back to take- Mrs spotted Retaiiears T5 pins qii the scoring department, Hatsell will probably . s tart Capt. Jim Hart and Sumner Munn in the, forward berths, with Lyon at center and Sumner Munn and Kenny Huebeler ip the back court. Petey Minutolo, gick Chittenden, Alf Ke.toh'am, arry Inman, and Ted Phelps ,erve as reserves, yra’s Red and White, the finale by 33, b u t the Wolcott club had 33 pins more on match total and thus won out. Tom Gravlno’s 221 single and-- 599 -Land total. Ghuek C-adey’s 534 led by - Bob Warner, dud it was only a 587 by Torn -high-scoring gflard, 'and Harold Gravino and Foiletfce’s 561 t h a t : Cook, another guard. They lost pulled them throtigbt two games | a 27-21 tilt to Clyde last Friday Overtinje Victory Earns Yankees Return Match Here “One good game deserves another” is the belief of Chris Rooker, Elks booking manager, .And on th a t basis the veteran booker h as slated for this Satur­ day’s , pro tussle the Harlem Yanke.es, , fast-stepping Negro clilb which downed the unor­ ganized Antlers .by ...a - narroyy 40-39 j:Q.un,tuhuah. exc itjhgt.qvnr-T time battle here last month to open the paid-to-play season. The Yankees, who have be.en improving with each game as have the Elks, are expected to put on just as good a fight as opening-night fans saw here in that initial struggle. They lost, a two-tpoint .decision to the re­ nowned N. Y. Jewels recently and are gaining fame near par with the great N. Y. Rens. And Witt’s, and Ontario Goetzjnans total and Frank Colacino’s 216 single and 584 match total led the local losers, while Hansen's, 562 was best for Martens; Holloways gave * an 80-pin handicap to Wojcott Janeways and couldn't overcome it, losing three in an in-and-out affair.. They won the middle line by 116 pins, but dropped the opener by 143 a n d the finale by only 2 maples to lose out-Roy Follette did nice alley work, however, with a 233-201-168 for 602 to spark Holloways. Mason’s Lose By 7 . Woicptt Foodhavens held a 68 handicap ovey Mason’s and thereby won three, after the locals hafl copped the first game by 40. They lost the rest by 7$- and than a narrow 7 pins, and tngtclfi, total By 44..,Bbe Morask had ?i3 single and 498 total for the Newarkers and M artin’s 444 was best for the ’Haveijs. In other loop matches Sodus Gaudinos won 4 from Ontario Golf Club, Lyons Holloways took a.4-pointer from Lyons Elks, Williamson Lumber won 3 from Sodus B&P, Sodus Atlantics dropped 3 to Ontario Partridges, Clyde Shells split with Lyons sparked J&P t o victory in one game. The other Monday- contest saw J&P Wholesalers stage an up­ rising to blast Clyde Roys for four points, aided by a 54 mar­ gin. Capt. Mike DoAugiistino paced his Nurserymen with a 510 as they won fairly- easily over Roys, for whom De vereaux'. 482 was best. League standings are: W L Pts Couriers . 35 16 48 Ruffalo’s Truckers . 32 19 47' Clyde Roys 28 23 36 Marion Towners 24. 27 33 J&P Wholesalers 24 27 30 J&P Retailers 18 30 27 Arcadia Oilers 19 .29 24 Pillroliers 17 28 20 THE Tuesday night Elks league is coming t o recognize a ffffmer alley unfeamvn, Cart Wdlker, as one o f its most promising twirlcrs of the 16- ptiimd ebony projectiieu C-arl, popular club steward, has been showing 'steady improvemeint arifl this week led tbe second- place “Otters”, piloted by Parke Reeves, to a 3-point win over Ed Farrell's “Elks H” to creep up on the leading “Bobcats\. Carl after leading until tb f last few minutes. Teaming ■ with Warner and Cook will be Don Cullen and Gerald Crowley, forwards, and Paul Perry or Jack Bareham, centers. The Packers will be out to trip their conquerors of the past several years and a tight ball game is expected. This will end the first half of play in both the Wayne-Finger Lakes and Wayne loops, although no split season is in effect. o .9 A. Schoonerman, Miss Maisie Smith ■Wed in Ceremony Marion—Arnold Schoonerman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lucien Schoonerman and Miss Maisie Sfsfith,,daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willard Smith, both of Marion, were married Saturday after­ noon, Jan. 4, at 4 o’clock by the Rev. John J. Baker .at his resi­ dence on North Main Street. The bride wore a dress of wine chiffon velvet with gold trim- j mings and a corsage of white sweet peas and yellow rose buds. She was attended by her sister, Miss Betty Smith whose dress man in Rich and Schroeder. I Clyde High is rialming the- think- the breaks would deter- first-half < hatnpionship of-, the mine any game played between Wayne A League But the sea- - ’em. • sofltoould hot be split this year Q—Is it true that you have since all teams are Testncted t a - v signed A1 Cervi to play with the 16 g ames and the Wayne Eagles? ’ - schools eai h have th a t many Dehnert (sadly)—NO. We tried -Thus, m ease Palmyra wqh the to get him to play a, few games ’second half they never could with us; even offered him good piay 0fj }or the county title So money; but he wasn't interested, coach “Boso Sniders boys r r u lst __ - Q-rAfter playing some 10 Win a tTeast two moie games be- years with the Celtics and seeing fore clinching file toga al- pro ball all over the country,. though we do not dOubt that what’s the future of the game? they will do just that and cop Dehnert=-I think-it!s--Gn_th.e--jv|teir^^rst ‘< ounty4ag-m-13-years— rebound. Those big.- college . . . a postal frobi Miami Ela games are helping it by a ttract- tells us that George Gulfilm irv ing better players than 10-years cooper, Wally Bums and Joe ago and polishing ’em up for pro crouse represented Newark -at playidg. Outside of the organiz- th8 orange Bowl there Jan* 1 ed leagues pro ball needs some “The mercury was at 90 arid we* definite rules. In the National pitied tho; e players they pen- League we play intercollegiate ne^i «ais0 lousy refereeing* rules, allowing a little more Williamsdn s Orphix F raternity! body contact. On non-league [jeeps softball interest :hot the road trips we hit towns where ypa^ round as proved by a ban— they allow everything short of quet set for tonight a t FauvIHfe • murder or else call a legal pick- Hotel t0 iete then 1940 players' off illegal, and you can’t play in t h e Mid State League : good ball under either system. I Whatever happened tcrorte: \Ed' think the game here tonight sadowski, touted as the best pro , was just about right. I center in the U S? We tafce * * 'back evpiythmg ever w ritten: JOHN Schroeder, blond Antler -against Sonderman. who played guard, proved a standout -in . a flne game against the belie b o t h E l k s moth, Both -said-nice games ovei th e , -about each Other, afte? w e e k - e h-d.>i however.'-wKleb:vL:feL;!4 bearing out qui ngver hard on; th e bdlcPe allegations of-'a.i- • 0. - \ WAYNE-FINGER LAKES after the Antlers sparkling per­ formance against Detroit thib week, Saturday’s contest is an ­ ticipated as another killer-diller. The dusky Yanks will floor the same quint that trimmed the Elks earlier, led. by diminutive Lou Badger, sdre-shot artist, and big John Isaacs, rough-and- tough former Rens performer. Back also will be the three big, rugged mates of Badger and Isaacs, namely Charlie Ifies, Hank DeZoni, and Behny G a r­ rett. All showed standout floor work in the first- game here, and G a rrett clld some effective long heaving. Utility men will he Roy- Ladson and Hy McKenzie, Coaeh Ted Beales will have two new men to present tb local fans in this contest. John Schmitt, 1939-40 captain of Georgetown tl. varsity, saw brief play in the Schenectady game but was. unable to return for the Detroit fray. He showed plenty of style, however, and Will- undoubtedly becopie an Antler regular sub. He will replace Bill Ludwig and Archie Petty, Who were released last ended .even with .Sodus Nortons Tomorrow night Elks entertain Partridges .and Mason’s roll On­ tario Golf Club, both in Newark, while Bilotta’s face Goetzmans and Holloways tangle with Wil­ liamson Lumber a t Ontario. Team standings and averages: W L Av. Pt Newark Elks Newark Biiottas . socked out 517, which is good for was of wine colored crepe. She that loop, while Boh Burns had ; wore a corsage of Talisman ;| he is probably the finest play­ er and all­ round gentle­ man in Purple a n d (W h ite since popular Kenny Beagle . . . John Lenhart, Colgate captain in 1937. was a classmate of Jim ScltrQ e -der exactly the same total Elks-too. Ted Beales' \Bobcats” were pushed the limit to gain an even split with “Chub” Ferduyn’s Panthers”, but the result held the Bealesmen in first. by a 5- point margit). Tiiey won the 46 14 876 63 j first a n d third games, but drop- 43 17 897 5 7 ^ 6 3 - ^ 6 second and then lost Wood, Elks publicity chairman, to pace J roses and gypsophilia. The, but the lan^F Lenhart, after a ' Canandaigua two-year layoff, didn’t show Mvnderse much Monday and will probably Clyde i A wedding dinner was served ' be back .. . Another boy Geneva to the wedding party and their the same given'Same, Jonh Waterloo parents a t the home of th q , Schmitt, Georgetown U> c a p tain1 jgewark role l e f t ! last year* displayed ■ nide style Palmyra BASKETBALL LOOP Week's Results ■ • Clyde 27. Palmyra 21 •; -t ; Geneva 35 Waterloo 31 £ Mynderse 26. Penn Yan 20 ’.•= Canandaigua 54. Lyons 25 . League Standings . W B Ret 7 0 1.000. showed rugged and sma^t fprrn, weejt m t,ne management’s at- in brief play to qualify.as ah Antler, regular. Lanky “Tiny” Thompson did the main Schenectady scoring, while little Meff DeNublio, la favorite here, did best floor work in a losing cause. The club had driven six hours in bad weather and was visibly not in good playing condition after arrival, Johnny Schroe.der displayed pretty floor form and set up Elks plays in spectacular man­ ner. IC U iS (7 2 ) I S C H 'X ’T )D Y (1 0 ) O F T / G F T R ich .r f 9 1 8 |P a h I e r j - t S c h n ilW .lf 4 0 8 F u e r s t . r r 4 1 9 •F r a n te l,If 4 2 10[DeNublio-.lf 2 1 5 Sonclnrrh'n.c 8 1 1 7|Thoirfmon,c.- .6 3 lo P e p p e r.rp ; 1 0 SiyfluUI.Tg '2 1 5?, .S c h roder.rg 1- 0 2|D a v iS,lg 0 0 0 JliUdvrig.lg 4 4 12) - ) P e t t y ,I £ 0 8 3j . ' V T o t a ls 31 10 721 'T o tals • iB 6 36' ‘ 'H O lf-tim e sco r e : K lks \42 S c h e - .fiQttSiil'y 19; refe r e e . .N O c h e lqki. tiW C l u b S l a t e s 2 n d r o w S h o o t T u e s d a y ---second .of the •popiii.ar .jan<& valuable “crow shoqts'4.. will fe®' staged by Newark Rod.& Gun Club next Tuesday night, Jan. 14, it was decided at a meeting Monday. Members and their families who wish to join this vermj-i e r a d iatio n drive 'will, meet at 7:30‘o’clock at Cannc tempt to bring in more depend­ able and outstanding cagers, said Rooker. Clyde Shells .\ 38 22 809 54 ! total pins by 63. Beaks had 566 Wolcott Martens 39 21 774 51 and'Spence Knight 472 to spark Newark Holloways 37 23 812 51 'he leaders, while prrduyn’s 553 bride, after which the couple left for a short trip to the Adiron- daeks. Both bride and groom are graduates of Marion High School. Mr. Schoonerman had four years service in the U. S. Navy, most of the time on the 35 25 794 47 , and Mooney’s 490 led the Panth- U.S.S. Tennessee. He is employed '■rs.'Standings are: \'Bobcats’’ \Ottens” -Elks H” • Panthers’ w 24 20 16 12 L PtS 12 31 16 26 20 22 24 17 S t a f f t o B e I n d u c t e d B y T o w n s e n d C l u b Manors — There will be a ., , , Townsend meeting Friday eve- 644 28 bafl is seeking games with good nlngi Jan. 10> at 7 :30 in FjTe_ The club also launched its individual membership cam­ paign for 1941 at this meeting, with $2 again -set as the low annual fee. Next club meeting 1 Monday afternoon. Steurrys also will be held Monday, Jan. 27, suffered back injuries Lyons Elks Newark Masons 33 27 820 42 Sodus Atlantics 33 27 777 42 Wolcott ’Havens 28 32 719 41 Ontario Goetzmans 30 30 795 40 Sodus Nortons 28 32 844 40 WorciJtt Metcalfs . 28 3-2 842 40 Lyons Holloways 28 32 775 36 ] Sbdus B and P . 27 33 813 35 P®^T « tBS^ ® Williamson Lumber 25 35 718 32' The Port Gibson V basket- Lyons Witt’s 23 37 644 28 Wolcott Janeways 21 39\6r9 28 town teams In this area, accord Sodus Gaudinos 20 40 V46 25 iug to John Irons, YMCA secre- Ontario Partridges 20 40 769 24 tafy a t Clifton Springs, with Ontario Golf Club 18 42 775 24 which the team is affiliated. The ----- - — o ,, . club, composed, entirely of Port MOTORIST IN JURIED GibSon players, defeated Glifton Marion—Myron Schoonerman' is in the Newark Hospital suffer- Ed DeWeaver setting fflg fjorn a broken nose, severe i Pac6 for 15 counters bodily bruises and a possible | - ............. . ■■■■ ■ skull fracture received when the j car in which he was-riding with his son-in-law John Steurrys got out of control and over­ turned on the Marion Palmyra Road near the Goldsmith farm : in Rochester, but the couple, will reside for the present with her parents in Marion. -l o-^ ---------- . men’s Hall The following officers will be Installed: President, John Cor­ nelius; vice-president, Jacob Adriaanson; secretary, Mrs. W. H. Ganze; treasurer, Mrs. C, Russell. Lunch will be served and there will be free Bingo for all. ________________ ' i ' G a i d r - -'SUN. ’ - M ONr - \-TUE. - ADVENTURE Friday - Saturday Only DR. KILDARE’S CRISIS Lionel Barrymore Letv Ayres - Laraine Day JAN. 12-13-14 ROMANCE — DRAMA Errof F L Y N N • O livil de H A V ILLAND , W E D . « THURS. “TH E L O N ^ yO Y A G E : H d M E ” . •..^febn,,..W»yne,v»l,Aatt JHroiter JAN. 15-16 “W HERE DID YOU GET TH A T GIRL” Leon Errol - Helen Parrisa C h P I T O J L * IHURS. - FRI. TECHNICOLOR In CbWatd's » » » CtCTI)«g JAN. 9-10 RALPH BELLAMY as JAN. .11 SATURDAY One Day WILLIAIVI (HOPAXONG CASSIDY) BOYD in “ DOOMED'CARAVAN” • —Plus— Cfiflf. Edwards Vlusical Comedy Cartoon and News Sim, - M on. Jan. 12-13 le y n u a r - c-A Paramount Picfnrcj i^AlSO— March of Time Cartoon And CJapibbl News' T-ues. - W ed. Jan. 14-lS 1A0Y WlfH RED slamfig MIRIAM HOPKINS mWmMPE RM - - •— America’s Best-foVed Family in %S and will be an-Elks regular: He playri'\Vith Holy Narrfe team in Syracuse on Mondays and in Auburn Sunday afternoons with Tommy Rich, who brought him here . . . Outright releases were, given Bill Ludwig and Archie Petty last week after their not- so-sparkling play, although Ludwig was improving and may, in a plnqh, bo called back . . . He had his entire Castile High squad here for Saturday's game * * * MEANWHILE we had some words with Les (Lucky) Harri­ son, Seagrams mentor who came down for his first peek at the 1940-41 Antlers and received the usual “boo*hoo” ovation. The Thur. - Fri. Jan. 9-10 “ESCAPE” starring N O R M A S H E A R E R R O B E R T T A V U O R ___ Saturday \ Jan. 11 a B i g H its 2 G E N E A U T K Y In “CAROLINA MOON” •tftth V Sm iley B u r n e tte - J a n e Storey I 6 ■ “HULLABALOO” w ith F r n n lt M o rgan r V irgin ia G rey Sunday Jan. 12 — ONE BIG DAY oNiY THE MARX BROTHERS in , “GO WEST” f • ’ . With , .lolm Carroll' - D ian a PeW ls Mnrcii o f Tlm e ■ A d d ed Sh o r ts The Strand Theatre will fie eltesea MON.,- -TCESo M & .y Jan. 131, 14,. 15) for complete R e m o d e l in g and 1 REHEATING Thur. - Fri, Jan, 16-17 , Gala Reopening Show — “LITTLE NELLIE KELLY” ’ J t J D Y 4 U A h E a N O Geo. M rirpl(y - CIm». W in n in g c r 5 5 . . .. 3 . . . 2, 2 Lyuhs ... ............. 2 Penh Yan ................ 0 Games This Friday Newark a t Palmyra Clyde a t Geneva -j Penn Yah at Waterloo v ' Canandaigua a t Mynderse WAYNE CLASS A LEAGUE. y W L Pet. Clyde ................. \ 3 (I10QO Newark . . . : ............ ■ 1 1 .500 Palmyra ............... 1 1 ;500 - Lyons ........................... 0 3 ,006 u ■ Hutu'S. - Fri. Jan. 9-10 “GO WEST’ THE MARX BROS* JOHN CARROLL Latest News, Cartoon, Sportk Saturday . Jah. 11 Matinee at 2:30 ‘EAST OF THE RIVER’ JOHN GARFIELD BRENDA MARSHALL —And— “Prairie Schooners” BILL ELIOT Sun. - M on. Jan. 12-13 Continuous Show,-Starts Sun­ day a t 3 o’clock “ESCAPE” Robert Taylor, Norma Shearer : Latest News . BencMey Tues. - W e d . Jan. 14-1S “THE HIT PARADE OF. 1941” HUGH HERBERT f r i n g e s ' L a n g f o r d KENNY BAKER ■ A NNM lLtER PAlSY KELLY BORAH MLNNEYBDCH

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