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Honeoye Falls weekly times. (Honeoye Falls [N.Y.]) 1882-1886, August 31, 1882, Image 3

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!!!!!!~~~==~'==~\\\ ... :::=\ ~~.~...,...\. ========~====:::=::=::::::::::\~==::::-:- --- - -- --- -- 'VEEKLY TIME~. I __ -I 'l'HURBDo\.\\: ,\UG ~l 1882. _ F.sln Copl ... or tlta TIMES may b. had at Dullon • drug lItore PERSONAL -Dr ~anilcrs of noel <\:;kr \I b ART. III tO\\ 11 SllturJIl) und !::iuudu) ,I It lllg Ilt thu re:;ldcnce of 'Mr T l'lcrc<! -'Mr Frett Sluger Ilnd fml1l~ of Rochester \\ ere Ilt Stephen Hltzeuthal er:; over Suudu) Art15i:l can find a. complete stock of TUBE PAI~TS, -The lIlWl'S ElluaUlI LlhlJle\ Ie I of\ atcrfoni Sarato\ I Co , (not L 111 ~1I1\bnrg) Ufe gllc~l!. of ::\rr~ \V Gil Idte on N ortll ]\l/lin str~et for u fc\\ \eel s SABLE BRU,sHE:S, -lIIlss] nll)m \\ u\ller of S\ mClIse Is \ 'sltlllg hel uncle lI[r Stepllcn Rlt llRISfLE llRU~HE:S, :Glllth Iler, ut the HUlhoud HOllse BLENDE .. ::i, l' ALLET'IE:s, -ll r AJflw ( 001 IIIghalll I\ In tOI\ n \ 1~ltll\g hi\ Sl~\f I ullli grnllunlothcl ut the litter ti Il'Slucllce 011 lIIollloe street P \'LLEf'lE R~n ES ACADE~n: no \'HD -Hel Dr 1'0\\ ell made l fl) lug \ 181t 10 fli~llt!H \ll ~ ( Ilh Bloomheld l'ANI IS, &e PL ~qUES: HOUND OH 0\' \'L Anyth ng III the llllo of al b\ts mateuuls not on l1um1 \ull be or- dered by mal! or express lIlllllCdl atcly Alilo bear 1I1 lUllld, I have the largest alld che lpei:lt stock of fralUall 111 to\1 II I £allu ld gat pnce:; at - .. DUTTON'S. LOCAL -4U -(;enta -Pll)S fOI tl.w In!1 ~ -1 rom now unltl Jill 1 1883 -H Iy fel el ltl now 111 .( I: on -Jt!mIJO I~ It Cllnlutl IIgl1 L <I ue.(lll) -xo sen lC~S ut 1111) of the churchc\ lust !:;lIndllY nIght -VIRltwgc:.uds 1llIIlc(llit thiS othee DrIng 111 )our Oluelo -'1 he JlI~ l1Iw;ter tltlll passed tlllougl 110re 011 Fmlll,) 1Il0rlllnJ list -Go to Mn:!: L Nc,) if )OU \ lilt 11 1IrHt-ch~~~ ~ll1g Ie \trap II u lIe8>l -1 he Liggetit IU Ul 111 tow 11 IH little Gu,) '\U1I1I18, \I Iti. hi'\ Jll.t I' Illt.~ -lhelC Will ll)t he Ull} ~tr\I\C'\ ut the ElJISCOPll1 chlllch uext 'llud I) \:l\Ir] A (>ICCH ot ChUldl .. t!Cut 1M uUlldlug IIIl U<1dltLOIl to UI, h()lI~e -Duttoll hIs leceln I I I ,t oj lw III hful 1m pOl teu Jrench e 111I1IICS all sOllgsters -George ,)OU did wtli \lhell )OU rUIl UOWII thut ' uIIlIlllle ' 011 l11~.'lu) mornlllg lnst -Stoue IllVlIlg all the cellI! \I ill 01 thllllew 'Vlleox ulo~l. W I~ u~gu u lllst '1 uesduy -J)OIl't ~\ll tu attcnu the U C 01 II F pllrt,), It Iucsoll S U 10\ C to 11101 row Illght -HOll plOklllg eOllllllellces t111~ wed w itl! mlllly of tile hop gro\l elS Iroulld tIllS sectIOn -Frank I Hunt It IS been gl!l(ling in front of hl~ rcsluence the pust week whlcl1 imJll()\ c!:! the III pc llnllec of hi\ l)lnee I cry III uuh -}lr Bonjul!lIll Peel JI of ElIBt Dlotlmfieltl, Bold hIS II 'ps Illst w cd. to 1\ fimi III Ncw YOII. 10l which he rceCived 00 cent!> pl I pouuu -'lhe fierce w1l1ds llIuy Llow, '.Phe lightnmg may j\u.~h <,( he thunder 1Il1ly roar Dut Guy Prld, alone CUll ,,1\ e us the \ hlstle -We lIudcrsu\1Ifl that oue of the 'Inllocents' sllld thllt thele IS llS much spunk 1D a cork fouuum n bottle lit ] lIirpolt liS there 18 III the corl,s olthe I'lellllllnt Vnllcy wille cellllr -Dr D C Gldmun, hOll\oooJlllthlst 1\ resident of New HUlttOid I Itch field Co, COlin and a pb~ slclllI of goou stlilldlllg, WIll loellte 111 Honc0:i 0 Fnlls about l':)ept 7th He tnl.os the prlletlco of Dr C F Otis -Although lit the pllrnde III Hoches tor lust\ eelt we saw Bome uDiforlUs .almilar to those adopted by our fil C complLny, yet we fnlled to notice the famllillr ftlel'S of Aldermen Wileox and l\:llufeld in the plOCCs~lOU -'Ve notIce the following 11l the Honeoye FlIlls Free I'r-ess We notice thllt O'Btien & Gillette have bought out tho 8cottsvllle Spec tutor, and move It to t41s village, and mtends to publish It In this llluce for Scottsville We hOllo they will do well -The ex.tension of the Villnge Hnll hll8 occupIed the attention of Georgo Wilkenson {or the Pll8t week He hIlS tho work well under wuy, lind ox- pects to complete it by Oct 1!:!t When 11lllsheJ we clln bOMt of us large and eommodlus a public n hllll tor lectures, COllcerts &e, lIS clln be found In the state for u place of this size Cel\ cd 1l1llllVIt ItiOll from the prcsHlellt of the Out 1110 and Ln llIgston Buml \SSOCIRtlOll to uttend. n toulllament to ue held It f:JpllllgWlltcr, N ); 011 III uny l':)ept 1st -'1 he ,etemua of the 108tl1 regiment helu tuoll allnual re nnion at Avon Spllngs ycsterJay QUIto LlnulllLJer of the 'I ets flom here Ilttunded Hon JOhll III D! vey of Hoel1cBte \ IS plcsent aud dellvera<1 tI VClY uble ld uruss reCollntlllg the history of the regullcn t -A glllnd plclIIe Will be gl VClI unue! the lIusplces of thc UUlted ClllLJ of Honeo) e FlIlls 111 Idcson s (,rove N oliu Bloomfield, OIl 1 Utili,)' SeptclIl LJor 1 188J both afternoon nnd e\ an IIIJ I\Je Juvenilc BlIn<1 \Ill be pres ont und ulscoursc some sweet musIc Music lor dllllemg WIll be fllrlllshed Ly Ryno AdmIssion to the grounds 10 cents Duncmg extra Should the wcutuer b() unpleasant the pnrty will be givellllt Vllll\ge Hnll -We copy the following from NewB of last Snturday -It I. liS IIlwl\ys been IL mnlter of much comment II\ to the plOverblill IIwkwllrJness of tho young man flam tho countlY when he VISIt!:! the le 0 8 Be clud~d Wilds (or perhtlps wiles) of the elty But, ue thnt liS 1t mny If his ver Ullut llppCUtlinee exceeds tUllt of IllS more reUllcu cIty cousin when the lilt- ter IlttemptH to drive u hOlse, we us II glcut Illany others nre glClttlS de eelvcd In nine cases out of ten hc wlll hol<l the rems so hlgll tlul.t theh olovn the tlon is ollly slightly cxeeeded by the Cllrrluge top, IInu when he wishes to O'Brlen & Gillette will issue the turn the IInimlll's COluse his ham! PIO WEEKLY TIMBS, from their office in this Villllgll, next wel!k It will be a jectq fill over the side of the vehicle, Ave column q uurto $1 50 n YCiu nnd to sny 1l0thIDg of hls IlB1111 prnctiee of flet ill brevICr lIud long primer type \Ill buckling the eUlpper IlIstcnll 01 Ihls Will gilc HOllu()yc I ails t\\lJ 10 ~ III I thl (lief! I III \1 It II til c 1 \J1 \I (In I 'I II 0111 WPllthcr RellOl Is \Vo 1I( 1I0t hke to COilU1IClIee cut! Uitilllo tlc lcts )f [Il1yolle III thiS om Illst I~SIl hut IS\ C Iml e lin Intcrcst 111 thc wtllthu 1111(1 tue ,\ llJ It IS III n Ilgell well ltuu llJ Ie ok to iho~c \ho goncml ucalel 111 A\llCult lIal Ill1]>lell\ent.~ callies II huge llllt! well sclecicd stock of fmm Illg' IIllplel WI ts oalIlages W 19ons etc He IS tue 8010 IIgcnt fOI the sale of tbe Quulwi Cit) Phosphate Mr Dlvcrls II ell kllOWlllil the villnge 11IIll ~ 1lI01llullig countl) as a thorough bUS1I1eS8 III 11 all I that lloth lIg III his Illle 18 llllSICI)Jcscllted HIS plnce 01 bUSlllcss Itl on Elist stJeet Ollll dool CllSt 01 the BurbelIY Bloel A M & A R Holtlen, I\gellts replesent some of the most plomltlellt IS well !IS the Ingest IUsur IUOO eomp!lllles III the WOlld lucy lIe rcliuble mell toue II With alld those who tlllilk of Cllllylllg lllSllnlllce 011 uuy lund property wlll Jlnu It to thell uuvuutllge to gn e thcm It C III and be COllV1l1CeU as to tho lellllblhtyof the compnmcs they reprcscnt • Our Village ScllOol. I he vlIlugo school OPOllS !\IOlllIIlY noxt Sept 4th I UO BOI I Ices 01 the tellchCIS wllo h lIe hUll ChlllgC of lhe school fOl a. number of YCllld ullcl hnvo booll seclIreti Iho follow1l1g Is the corps of tCllchCIS \\ Itll their 'i 1111 OUS depllrtmeuts nnLi gl1lUCB M l\I 1 raneia pl inclpnl 1st !llld 2nd glmles 1\I1ss Dello Lnl\Iont secomllllY depllI t ment 31<1 und 4th gllldcs MISS Allie I\futhOl intelIllctilllio depnriment vth and 6th gllldcs, MIss Dell ·W Ilhnllls prhnlllY depll! tment 7tll and 8th glildeB Iho lIhove lllllllCli tellchels mo thoronghly cxpmlellee 1 lind com pctnllb to tul.e charge of theil sevcml depllltmclIts ItS hm! been shown In fOllllel YCIlI\. 1'101 l\I l\[ llUutlH \lIIJlCl(l11 is well know Il In this com Illll ilt, I II\ 111111 wh 'HP \[(llll' h we It 11 chuige for [IceUlute pi udle tlOIIS CUleCllllllg It Iho notable Vennor Who It 0 IC tllllO \\ IS 1001 ( I upon [lS nlmost IlIflllhhlu h! s tllsap pomte(1 R) OItCll It nt littlc (IttcntlOn IS pl\ld to Ill; @!e IIIItlOU8 PlOf CII t CI hn!:!lllso !llood lugh ns n os \1 cnthcI (\crl. but 110 too hns lost our Excul SIOll coutldcllc, ns only tile othel dlY we IhcIIolleo~ c I lis lIldN IOllued all ollly lllllhlC1l1 011 tI e hell II!V'~IO IS 01 the Som ,I lemper sttength 01 Ius lnst Iepol t thut tho llnce togethel With tho UIlI\ cI~nhst dny Ilouid be lIlll-il e d ly \liS 1I0t Suntlny Huhol 1 of the IlttCI pI ICC \\ cnt fair-It II III wet nud \\ e lent tlmt p II I 111 11 holl) to Hemlock Lal e 01 IL pic I~ sol io II mUll that Ii Id he lId JOIy SLY me CXCUIS on l' estellay 1 hey wcre We notie' Ll sim n blCwlIIg , Coup llecompulllU 1 by thc JU\C1l1lc COlnct ling thIS little lIlcldcnt With others 01 Bu HI Ul 011 thcll 11111 tlllt the !:it hlte UUPOllLUCC hus led llS to cOlIslllel James lit about II IlO 0 clod th() 1I0lghbol JOIY 1\8 competent a wcntlicI \elc met hy the p lpllclOi :HI Ack JllOphci us wo b lYO um Jllg' us III d it ley wh ) tolll them to 111 tI 0 th mSf 11 CR we Cllll II tlllCD III 11 to Wilko IlS the It ho ItO which they did o[ COlll,C humlle llutlll111cnt to plOoll III to OUi IllS luge I1nLl comll 0 I 0118 g olllJlls lCudels irQ/n week to week the Jesuits sumlIler hOllses LOllis 11Id thc sle IIll ofulS SClClltlic reselllches we II III tl Y yael t CowBell wcre Ilt the III ]loHul !llltl sco to I t tlmt tue WClIthel coul0l1n8 01 the plll t) Ho seemed to t Iku II e to his plCdlCilOl1S hlllllllll' hlH ownpossc881 In Hegll'c • thell theu dillnel boat 11llcs !lllli Ill! iho Illxulios ,f lhe holel Iho steumeI 1111 do tl\ 0 tUlls wltII lite I lily to 101 t lIOI e 111111 will! I A gllill I time\ liS cxpcctelllllltl tgl II ,I t1110 WIIH IIllI uull WI H ellJoy((1 by nil who nitelHle(\ A the close of the dlty t collect 1lI \1 liS til un up t, (lelillY CXI eliseR the bill !lllce !lll OlilltlllJ to S(J fl hulll\ tl lllUt- el tl the bUHI IH IIhlCh the Ull d Jlop~. rholC IS little ell lllge III the III nlwt since lust weel 1'11cc~ I elllllill nhout tho slime loc i, UOc belli\ oOel eu nc cOIdlng t) qlllllit~ 1 hele Is evclY III IhOl t III tllllt the ciol of 1882 II III 11Il! IlIl Lelow thnt of 11 st ) e 1 but IlIUICIl t\( 118 Itl tI ~peClllntlollH III 11I~t ycms hlL\c letl to IlIllch IlJ~s by glowels who WCle so slIla of Il still hlithCl lid Om t(1I cc ... AlII Cl ti~clI I • COLI ~SJlO uleuh \ante II MARKETS I U I S MARIO IS 10 A'luJ ~ J he ~ lilt 11111 \001 gr<>I\ e1'l I\ 01'11 llOU I emble 111 1'011\ cnll mIt I Irlor~ \. lllLl B 111 tho 0 hum h(JlI~e to'll I) J he ( h lui II '11Ul \chool of I \llgungcs b to h I\C IIICII hi () \tun Imck bulltl- con L'i ulrcud~ sulr rhe del d !Jod~ of Joseph Daudcrleh, 01 '1 III \1 t s found In the clluul ~t ltoll lster J 1St Jl[olldu~ morning rhe t \IISC Is slIpposcd to hal C been IlCCldell- til I he \II C It ClOp of the country Is es- t I 1lIited to be 57) UOO OOG bushels A L g III IOl1l1t fo sh uperg to corner' lutll(}\\ CI prlecs tor brc Id IlIIIJ be ex- pected to come 'I he t\l entieth Fur of tbe Le Roy i\cllden y 01 ens I uesdllY morning, Sel tembcr 5th 1882 Illtl!Cleryudvull- t JC to llIlIl e it tlie 11Iost llrosperoU8 ) C I III the Bchool f history WOII( all the lIell blllltllllgH ot the J Ohl stOI\ HIU \ estCI works, ut DutlLvlu, II III 1 e eOllullcnccJ In II. few daJiB by \\ lIh 1118 & SlIvuge of DUtllllo, who h 1\ C scellled the contfllct, lit $9..l,OOO rl cElli lit SlIndl\Y Telegram hIlS generollsl) loancd tue Cubl\ Agricultu- 1111 Boclet l' thClr pllze Imby photo- gluphs, which II \II be on exhibition lit the conllng lilh ncxtmontu, Sept lOtll A bum helongmg to A A MllIsll6lf HUlIle NY, II us struck by lIghtnlug lecclltly rhe blllll II !IS not injured to IIny extent hut II Bl 1I11 of YOllng bor- Be, UIl(I n CoIL \ ere rendered totnUs de II uy the shocl, A few days IIgo a Bucl.lng colt ue 10llglllJ lit Bncltlm's Comers Cnml'tlu gus cOllnt J had II g!l8h cut ncross the mulct sale of 1t8 thront SIX inches long Hnd <lcep cnough to hl'y bare the wind Jllpe 1 y tho blllbs OIl n wlro fence AWII) with slIch II Icnce Hoehestcl nnu vlclIlit) Is turning out II number of cundlulltes for the Lleut GO\ernorshlp Ihe Demoerllt.'l l\Ie puslung ex Sellutor Rulncs for WIUt! nnd the Repl1blicll1l8 IIro urging tI e elln, IISS of Scnutol PI tts 01 Alblou lIIU \111~ or Pllrsons of this City , -ben C F Blssel ofLoHoy \1 ho IUl!i III ellllgu the lellctlllg out of the prop- CIty 01 Smith Kellogg mnde way\ Itll by the dece sed S son It l\f Kellogg, has dl>co\ clca $18 OUO In bonus in Clu cngo IIlU fUlther disco I crIes lllllko It IllObllUlo thllt nbout ~J.l.J 000 will bo secUl cd to til e cHtn te It 181clnted by \II exeunnge thllt I' young Iidy who 1I11d been mllrrleu IL little ovcr I\)elli wlote to her futher 111 tho Clt J S I) 11IJ 'We hnve the dcnr e~t little eottuge In the IVOlld, ornu- lItclltcll wltl! tt;o mo~t ehlllllling little el'eepcIs you e\ cr s lll\ '1 ho old mlm lend the lutter ulld exclnlmcd 'rwlns, I y thuudcI ' , I he 118 c&SCU \ nille of relll estate In tll1~e()lIl1tJ thl8YCl\l18$Ml 02-1 040 unIu- C1cu~e flO 111 18800f$12O ooa 'l he asscssed \uluuholl of }lCl8D1I1I1 $2 467,129, nil J/l Clellse 01 $1{ 2.% In n uumLer of the co IIItiCH of \(8tm n New YOI k tho 111~01l11 lISSCRsment II 19 mutcrlully t1ecrclIsetl bllt 111 1111 of them the lIB sCRsed \ Illuo of Icnl eshlte wus inl'rclUl- ell -DwlBvtllc Acitcll18Cr A meteor SCOIl 111 the cllstorn henv- ells ut tell 0 eloe]{ on I h u rHdllY night lit 1\11 Morris, IIPpCUfll to IUI\ 0 been or extrlloldiullry size 1I1lU brlUhmcy, It 18 descrlbel. IS \ooltlllg as lurge lIS the tullllloon on tho hOrizon It\ IlS heart slaped !tud the blolllicr end IIppellred to 9l,rcIIlI out IUto II 1I1ICS, In which bl\1e nnd rell hucs II ele couspleuous It \cemet! to full str tight uownwnrd. but thiS IIU8 unquesilollllbly 1m eUoct 01 pelS)lL'tltivc No explosioll wn!:! wit- nc~scd lind lIO noIse hcuuI Ihe Wcatom Now \YOlk FlIll wlll tlllte plnco Septembl\l 10th 20th, 21st lIuII 2Md Among tho prcmlull1!:! will bo $lu t01 tho best PilI! of dlilught hOlscs $20 for tho bCHt thrce-yenr 0111 hull $20 101 tho JlllcHi mlleh cow, fOllr ~ CllIB olll alii! live $10 tOI the f1uC!!t thlll ~ lIlI 0111 HtCI I I he number or piC! t1UIUH ollelll! IH milch huger thl\l\ ll~llil 11111 t1~ the Ildgltt rutes h \\0 Illtl r~llu ctlII Illloe cxlJlLJlt 18 expect. , \

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