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By Cecilia Jackion I,-,)*: tillage begins, other a rts WOT. . farmers, therefore, are | :|e,founders of human civil- afi°n' Daniel Webster i vear the Grange has some Mabaking contest. Winners j\tolistr)«f and s tate-eon- and finally the national -is chosen. This year the iy -1 was on apple pie. and JeJisoiasses cookies,. |j'e asked each, -of the three hers to give us her recipe Have them for you. , we have Jested these, partly because what, good cooks the •ers are, and partly because | ‘wted:;to get the .receipes 'as soon as possible. We i^.j-^ii .1 hoav SO that the d l s - Cook until thickened and clear. This, M rs. Wilke says is good for any fluit pie. Ail recipes used vinegar in the' c ru s t which M rs. Wiike says makes a flakier crust, M rs. Wiike won first prize for her rolled m o lasses cookies. ~Slig.~liSfirt.lhp recipe fnr Onrvi ' By -CECILIA B. JACKSON '•fp > Sybil Shearer danced before a standing-room only audience l i i her recent recital at the Na­ tional Coliege of Education’s Arnold Auditorium. The form er Newark resident who Is an artist in residence M olasses Cookies in the 1916 'Orange cook book. She used half the recipe and about 4 cs of flour. The' full recipe just as listed in the cookbook is : “ TWo cups m o lasses; two eggs, one cup.of wp'ite sugar, one.cup of spur .milk, one cup of lard, one teaspoonful each of ginger and j a l t j three teaspoons soda, putting one-in flour-and two in .milk. Flour to roll soft,’' M rs. Wilke baked them at 375 for 8 -JOHN H, ALLEN of the prevalent off-beat p ine-, tices. Tlie titles of her dances . a r e always unique, sttch-as“ The ^ jea|''shouH Jo t vie wiHTlhe \ •flower\ \Sanity doesn’t quib­ ble” , ‘ ‘Stamping, won't dent the .world” , “ C lose the door lest ..you heat the universe’ ’ , “ A pret- ... ___ _ ___ _ ty basket can rem ain empty” , at the college,, received rave r e - ‘fWheels make walking passe” , views in the February issue of ' “ ^he sunbeam will outlast us the \News” , the college maga- all” . These titles were taken zine. ' - '. from a program called \ F a b les Miss Shearer came to Newark and Proverbs.” John P o rter Shearer, . f r o m ~Modern Dance, MissSheareSsap- Amityville, L.I., when h er father, Pears ln a film of solo dance a Miehle specialist, became a s - *n \The Dance and the Film” sociated with the old Bloomer Presented by the British Film Contest would be over. | t e I.eon Taylor won' the' jje.jiie contest, and.you might, taker recipe Was the Same iler daughter, Kathy, used to 4 -H contest two years the one -we-gave you pwftsJgo it recipe when she . was-named ; Crocker HomettaKer o ftfie' litrat'NHS. p f .won’t: repeat the recipe,, but congratulations- to K, Taylor. Mrs. Roy Hoad I Ess! Palmyra ■ won second for t pe and here Is'her r'eclpeT APPI.E PIE tea flour 1: shortening (Crisco) or 2^3 c lasd ; ' ' ‘ 1sp^salt t l;3c sweet milk 1 tblsp vinegar . | ford shortening and flour slf- 1 with salt, Add milk and asgar. Roll out on floured Filling: {apples, Greenings, sliced very thin 2/3 c sugar 1/4tsp nutmeg ™ ! tblsp flour tblsp butter |ftt all thoroughly -and pour {crast, Place top crust and 5 ffilik it_45C>, reduce tertvr__ (tntare to 350 and bake 20 min. gen | Mrs.* Charles Wnke won third i for her apple- pie; She ses the same piecrust'recipe blMrs, taylor does but u ses. I'-ls. ^alt. She fills the pie_ sliced .apples , then fertlie'ifonowihg syrup'wHclT a pours over the apples before 5 the top crust: 1 '2 c brown sugar 1 '2,c white sugar - 2 tblsp flour 1 tblsp butter 3 '4 tsp. cinnamon 1 -4 c water . *eit the butter, add flour and add rest of ingredients. prls Begin ~mTnT Mrs.- Kenneth Miller won second., place, f o r . her. cookies. _ MOLASSES COOKIES . 1/2 c sugar 1/2 *c b u tter Ssbs 1/2 tsp salt Mix above-tpgetheftr-Add 1 beaten egg . l/2 c boiling water with 1 tsp soda ‘3 c s sifted all purpose flour with i - - 1 tblsp baking powder . 1/2 tsp each ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg Place dough' in refrigerator over night before rolling ou t on floured canvas or heavy dish- towel. f e t e at 350/for 12 min. We asked her if she really used butter instead of a substitute. Her reply was, \A dairy far­ m e r’s wife--wouldn’t dare use anything but b u tter!” , Mrs. Stanley Herdman won third place with the cookie recipe improvised- by her great aunt;; MOLASSES COOKIES 3/4 e shortening I c sugar 1 egg and 1 egg yolk •1/4 c m o lasses 2 cs flour pluss 1/2 e flour - - 2 tsp baking soda 1/4 tsp cloves and - _ ginger - ,._ 1 tsp cinnamon • . 1/2 tsp salt . ! 2 tblsp milk soured with 1 tsp-vinegar ,— Chill.thomugMy.. b.efoxexfllltog and cutting. TheGranfeereouired the cookies to be 3 inches in diam eter. Bake at 350 for 10 min. ‘ Like the Grangers,, them Bros. Company in 1924. She had studied the dance before coming to Newark and continued her. studies under Grace Miles of Lyons. A fterher graduation fro m Newark High-School in/L930, she attended Skidmore College' then studied in a dance school In New York City, There she, in a s s o - newly opened Trust Department ctoHon with A g n esDeM iiie,star- office of Lincoln Rochester T rust ^ 9 their own dance tro u p . __ Company'in NbWark.— ■— ■ ------ “— -r- 'One--of—her—eailiest p e r f o r ; This office, located at tlie m ances, in Newark was in the John H. Allen, trust account ' ndroinistr-atnr, M l rilfor-t the bank’s .Newark Plaza office, w ill provide complete trust services 'P- ty -areas. Included in these serv- icesarejd s tate ahd trusl_admih.v_ istration, investment ahd secur­ ity custodial services, account and estate consultations, ' Allen, who joined Lincoln. Ro­ chester in 1963,. served in the bank’s Trust Income • Tax De­ partment where he became sen- ■ ior tax accountant. In 1968 he was named' head of the Trust ’ Legal Accounting Department, A Geneva native, Alien is a graduate, of Geneva High School, and b o lds a B.S. degree in b u s i- . n§ss administration frbm Nor­ wich University. He has also at­ tended the bank's Estate and Trust Administration School, ' He is the soil of Harold Allen, a prominent Genevan, who was at one time manager of the New­ ark office of the New York State Electric and Gas Corporation. Allen, with his wife,, the form ­ er Jacquelyn F a rr e ll, are plan­ ning to moVe .to. Newark from Rochester In the near future. old gymnasium, now the Com1- munity Center, where she per- to a_ r e cord player. ,lh Institute. Qther artists in the same presentation are: Anna Pavlova, Concert of S tars, U.S. S.R., Fred A staire. ; Miss Shearer was said to ‘ ‘re­ verse a trend la 1960 by turn­ ing her back on a considerable reputation in New York to put down her artistic roots In the middle of the country, . . . She felt a growing decentralization, liked the-prairies, felt'th e fer­ tility o f - 110 / - 10110 , and “settled— in the country near Chicago.'’ Prior to Miss. Shearer’s ap- pearance at •Carnegie Hall she quiet and unhurried-quest for ex­ pression, all of which adds up to a world la which her special art and craft bajf flourish uesi Comstocks Capture < League Pin Match Comstocks won three points from Rose City Seat Cover Ur the Rose City League on the strength of a 233-592 series by Bop Cornwell and a 570 s e t by ■ Mohawk' Containers took three from the I Ians shut out the Jansens and In the other pairing the Whelan Ca.-. dillac five copped three from Silver Flosses of Phelps. Newark, N. Y_, Courier-G azette, T h u rsday/M a rch 12, (970 B3 ,Y Kinsmen Cop Match In Riegei League The Kinsmen won three points fisam th e Rovers on a 2 2 fW ?71 series by John VariHahegan; a 543' by Harry VandeMortel and a 207-538 in the Riegei League Thursday night. '. - The Sprinnlers blanked the Blasters.and the M isfits shutout e M ixupsoiT' Vandemortel and a 539 by Harold Chamberlain. dividual keglers in the EiksJBowl- ing League with a 322-571 s e r ies. Other, top scorers-W ere Fred, Galtieri with. 224-541, Augle Jayne with 532, Dick Reeves with 529, Mike Colacino- with 233-522 and Howard Burgess with 532. . The Boughtoris wonfliree points from the D’Agostinos to gain first place in -the standings with “60\ \172 wfnsT l h e Tomes.-a.nc Rpbinsons s p lit I n their matches- tied for second spot with 60 wins apiece. ' Oppo rtu nt ty ri ght i n th e pjo.l'm of your hpnd. Buy-sell-rent- hire wi th C-G WANT ADS. Theresa Oar ling Flips T h e resa Darling rolled a 526 .series to help the Darlings gar- ner a pair' of points from the Limelighters in the Wayne-Com­ munity League, the 49ers pick up a pair of points in their, match with the Late­ comers and in other matches the Auxiliary lost three to the Poo Pads and the Odd Balls blanked the Fireballs, January .1944, sponsored by the had been a prominent member Newark Business and Profes- RutuphreyVVeidman Com- sional \Vomens~Cliib, she gave' pai'V before/appearing, for tw o j a recital in the present Junior High School auditorium. She has. appeared as a solist on a half hour TV p rogram , but the dream > of every a r tist came true with her years with Agnes de Mille. In 1942 she received the “ Years • /Dance Award” of the New York appearance, as a solist at C a r - pegie Hall in 1941. She appears in dancing pose cm the' cover of the Dance Ob­ server in Jam 1961 and is listed as a dancer-teacher at Winnetka Community Theatre, Winnetka, 111, with hew residence a t North­ brook, HI. * ' „ . Miss Shearer’s dances a re ex­ trem ely modern and is called the CJiarles Ives of the m o d e r n dance, having pre-invented most The page review in the N.C.E. News said, The Chicago Daily News states, ' ‘ Miss Shearer’s origins in modern dance are evident in her work, but her ■ inspiration seems to be divinely her'ow n . She is one -of a kind,- a rare bird whose flight is singu­ lar in its grace and style” . Her pixie sense of humor is remarked In ’ another review’. While it is said she could make her fortune in big tim e, she p re­ fers her suburban refuge; her W E WON O U R R IG H T S - V O T E - W ISE L Y ON M A R C H T 7 - VOTE A LO A L E S • T h e C o u r i e r - G a z e t t e 3 • S e r v i c e D i r e c t o r y 4 6 - Guest conductors for a Wayne County elementary musical fes­ tival to .be held at Sodus this Saturday include two from New- selves, apple pie and m olasses a r k and one froih Lyons, cookies are typically American! M rs. Marguerite Robb, vocal. All suggestions and questions music instructor in the elemen- for Miss Goody should be sent tary schools, will conduct the to M rs. H. G. Jackson, 241 P ros- fifth grade choir and Robert pect St., Newark or phone 331- Wadsworth, HEARING AIDS W illia m 1. Reeves ^P R O F E S S I O N A L H E A R I N G A N D S E R V I C E W I N D O W D e c o r a ti n g UPHOLSTERY 3253. Keuka College To Offer 6-l^eek Summer Course A six-week sum m er institute ' for classroom teachers who want to- identify and work with p e r- intramural volleyball ceptually handicapped y o u n g - Feb.-26 for any interested ste r s in regular classroom s Wdll in the F reshnran thrduglT'\t>e -‘held at Keuka College June cr ^ iaK ^ .leam s of six-to— .29 to A u g ust1?. ’ • -- Sirls were made up by the- 'ta “each class. This year I Girls vocal musical In­ structor at the junior high school, will conduct the.si.xth g rade choir,- Robert Resue of the Lyons music department -will conduct the sixth • grade band. ' Selected students .from the 10 county schools will appear in a public concert a t the Sodus Cen­ tra l School this Saturday at 2 p.m. The choirs number 120 .voices each and the band 80 ? ‘ players.- : Sixth graders from Newark who will be playing in the band are Carol Pullano, Drury Pal- m atier, Diane Velte; Holly Snow, clarinesfs; Donald Cornwell, sax- BY A P P O IN T M E N T P A L M Y R A , N. Y . 2 2 0 FAYETTE ST. ’ P H O N E m - m team win play every other . n at least once. L girls participating a re: i, Roemef, WUnder,T e l- _, Dodson, Whelan, O'Connell, Los,'r'> i?wartWood, Kline, mttenj_ Matchett, Heubeler, /'struck, Hause, Kibler, ffpr- r ,k'trs>Caves, McMillan, Burns> R«de M e y e r s , Sco- i' Feeiove, Huntley, Dhondl, °n, Brown, Murray, Asin, tja.j,. s 1 b r o o k, D'e-rby, ^tk K* Colacino> Greeiie, Fal- N * i's?ro ^ - Beale» iiardy* L t r rnage- T e l l i e r , N e . B’ro toss, s Her. A r m l t a g e , tsarco ’ Muscoiino, De- £ co. boomer, Rencker.t, Ma- Lg rane> v aiDamme, Sher- h ’ F’rr,Si ,,ew?s> ColUn„ , Kibler, VandeMortel, ■> /anderBeek, Cassle- •flland, Howard, Venuti, .'an e y , Rockwood, Scofield, Murray, Some 40 feachers from a ten- county area will be eligible for ophone;' Jeff Ahrans, John Henkel, the program , approved: by t h e cornets; George B i a i s d e l l , State Education D e p a r t m e n t . George Buckley, Jack- Briggs, They will work, with 20 per.cep-, French horns; Jam es Ludwig, tualfy handicapped children to trombone; • Donald. ' Colacino, develop a working knowledge of drum; G erfy Seely, tuba; Brian the general approaches, c u r r i- Oakes, baritone horn. ~ / cuia, and methods- which have Sixth grad e r s singing in the' been found beneficial for the p e r- choir are Susan Sanford, Marie Ceptually handicapped. Khoury, Cheryl Van. Koevering, Teachers' from ' school d is-' Diana Guite, Carol lie Cola, Sui tric t s In Genesee, Livingston, San Burke, Lynn Margus,.Joanne Monroe, Ontario, Orleans, Sen- Lenhart, Linda Dickason, Betsy eca, -Steuben, Wayne, Wyoming, Gilbert, Joyce Pentycofe, Chris- and Yates'.counties are-eligible topher .Davis, Randall Jansen, to attend. A stipend, df $360 Steve Priebe', Robert Berry., Mai- wlll be1 paid to resident parti- colm Cooke, Pupils from the fifth grade at • the Kelley School who will sing, in the fifth grade choir -are Dam iel Copland, Michael Hurley, Mary Hyman, Margaret Leene, T R A C T O R S \ I f o r d ™ ^ T R A C T O R S & E QUIRT. Hesston Windrtnvers Century Sprayers & Paris Ford Garden and Lawn Tractors , N E W A R K T R A C T O R Rte. 31 P a l m y r a N . Y. ' \C u s t o m M o d e \ DRAPERY W# Offer Complete Service In Window Decorating. 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M d n nis, school psychologist, Penn Yan School D istrict, at R.D. 3, Penn Van - - - - * . « - 14527o r * * * * . 0«no C W - man, education department; Keu- > D A N G L E R S s / main .%▼. W VTCHI-.S 7 • DIAMONDS * J e w e i . r v REPAIRING • 331-2565 \oi PtUlnj. u ka College, Keuka Park 14478; ar, 'artej,.' S°LI f It SKATING PARTY Ittlkai*' Redeem er Evan- '■theran Church w i l l I-1*®® Skaun' ■ 3( 2 P,m- for a 1 ratine party. A t t e n d s P o lic e C o u r s e Jam e s F . Carlyle, chief, in­ stitution safety supervisor at the Newark State School, 7s attending a course in police supervision at the Rochester Police Academy, The course is being given by the Municipal Police Training Council and continues to March 20. ........................... Laurie Warner, Kathryn W alters, sopranos; Niel Chetney, Diane Johnston, Randy Lind, Nancy Ltfnay, Jam es Mont­ gomery; Jeff Penick, JeffSpring- ett, Theresa ? tickier, a ltos, BA7.AAR'DATE SET African VioUts Women of St. Midhael’s Chufch will resume, the bazaar of Dec._ 3. The Bazaar was not heid in 19.69. Mrs. Eugene Mason and Mrs.' Frank Colasurdo Are in charge. ENGEL’S African’ Violets E. Palmyra, N. Y. ALSO \BLACK MAC.1C\ Potting Sffx ;and Blossom Booster MONDAY A THUIISDAY KVES. • u f P.m. GAT. IQ A.M. f# • P.M. FARM MACHINERY NEW IDEA SNOWMOBILE T railers ONTARIO DRILL Lawn - Garden Equipment CASE - HOMELITE - ARIENS ARCTfCrAfSHIOWMOBfLiS SA L E S and SERVICE O’MEAL TRACTOR E. PALMYRA, N. Y. (507-49182) GOLF a FmII lalfiv af OunNty gfifi. Clothing. S t i t i . ‘ fmi A t c t ii t f iM ' 94S W Uninn . Jtwarti >11-11174 Invalid t~ — f* - and htospital ■ C S V - J ' — Equipmtnt /^ m U I i A’ FOR SALE «r FOR RENT • CniUhhes* and Cann . • jMtsp* Rtds * WaWtnUtK .. Fius mnny ilhtr 1yp«* Of cswVaUscnnl «RiilpM#nt‘\ OGDEN'S Pharmacy __ Clifton Spring* 462-7131 -7- MOVERS 7 NEW MODELS K l C I A f l From 7 to 15 horso- IN t W . power ruodale. Each K lC U /l with'die Itmbui Hi- - Is GJfV! rtC| (Jriy* that puts Kl trial) Cum Cadet e way out IXClfw . front m every job it. taeWii' Schleede Paifm Sapyly I t II 1 14, Lycma 946-6822 A Plumbing & Healing Plumbing-Hearing A ir-C o n d itio n in g Ihsfgllarion —LF.XX.OX DEALER Custom Sheer Mefal DE 1^2380 MURRAY r a * . Cdward F. Murray Owmr IflJ S= MAIK IT. WALLPAPER, PAINT WALLPAPER 400 PitUrni In ttbcfc DUTCH BOr PAINTS EDWARDS 132 C. Unlori St. 331-3419 BEAUTICIANS Camille’s BEAUTY SHOP 604 Mason ’St.. Newark. N. Y, P H f f i j 331-1940 [ftSVO R A G E j [lJ0C*K°W»T10WWiP« . \Move with care . . , ■’ ,* \Anywhere.11 \ ~ ‘ MOVING? For fail difpendnbte fftrvtct UH (he ONLY PSC and ICC author* liPd long distance and Inter* itato_ nioyer In Wayne County. EO’ PR IC E M o v in g & S t o r a g e Newark Rd,, Lyons, N. Y. PHONE 916-4660 Meats A GrocariM HYDESVILLE GROC. HVDICVILLK NO., NEWARK Vet Atl Vwr | . TICNIC SUFHL1ES_ OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK U N A.*i. te • P jn . : MOVERS A R T H U R C A R f E N T E R L o c a l & L o n g D i s t a n c e M o v ing. Phon*' RUG CLEANERS \ \//ower-freih\ • ’•! Duraclean*| The foorh absorption ■ \ leaning promt! ratorttmandtd by nionufocfurart of catfMft and formtui* * \If >nu volut iraur Nalr. choasr irfiiilm l « r i n PhOBR 331-1240 BIRD SUPPLIES D E I-1414-3368, HO • NO «' 66- A» Atf*et»i*d - !«>».*- •URACLBAM RUa CLCAMKM TB Maeatfc R4„ Atarlari. I1I-4II4 .Mixed Bird Food SeratelKl G raltu Siiei Feeder* Sun Flower Seed* Wiyr»# County** Larg«ii Bird Pood CanlDt N E W A R K A G W A Y n. m a in s t . m - t n # LAGANA'S | GROCERY I m Marlaa ft- - yu OPEN \ DAYS A WEEK M ^ •rv4TpRea • ttw irfw m HaaM 2 C i l l T L l ' C .GENERAL • J m l l 11 J STOKE WORT RIRMN, H. V. Y. oe(M tvxw r wav a. - IIM A JR. «a DrM WJR. ' rCATURIHR OUAUTT •maria* R Meet* • m*nnrn9t ' _t x ;

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