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; YEAR—-No. 41 Published \Weekly^—Subscription' Rato' $ 5.01 1 yQar Advance-^rSingle Copies 1 & cents NEWARK, iN. Y., THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1968 - E n tered a s seco n d cla s s m a l f m a t t e r a t N e w a rk, N. Y. 14518, Post\ O f f ice TW O SECTIONS-—22 PAGES feu Think! joh uuulii you -react -if you tpii’ed the refrigerator cioor and’ ti OUt? ^ \c o l u m n reader, W h o -gave :B5 the item, ha id she jumped lift uut a scream , natural- lfi uhcn die cat jumped onto f kitchen floor. 'l i l t ' * C3T,’' T i a T n e d : -‘J^ t p d a r’/ - B.s: .'uve jumped into -the re­ lator when the housewife’s Sid! wu-, turned. tte tried to g e t ‘L i n d a ’ to tell iP if the' l i g h t ’w a s o n , b u t .sic w o u ldn't t a l k , ” s a i d / o u r ih - tomtant. \lit a . . ui say is that \Lin- ji\ j a I-™! cat. a. v * .Cnr> Stengel has nothing on tittperson who wrote the boun- iarj, lineb for the election dis­ tricts in the Town, of Arcadia. GET -i peek at the boundaries :i N’.i 2: ’'Beginning on the eastern toundai:\ of said tow.ii, follow- mg the course of Mud Greek westerly to the Northern Ceii- t.Railroad Bridge near Eiir- ■tot's: ; ■thfm I-: southerly along the t'tricT <■'. said railroad to East Waple A.enue m the Village of' Stwark. \Them r d u e s o u t h . t o th e southern line o f th e - . t o w n : . THLMTJ eapt, .find . north feig the'tow,-n Iihefto~the place SD e g m n .ng/’ Brat’s - where - we --eamc in. jihtw: THE • line we have heard [sttfwhen on- tlie World Series up at Sunday’s- - • -A p r o g r e s s re p o r t on th e .construction -of tw o n e * sc h o o l facilities w a s p r e s e n t e d b e f o r e the B o a r d of E d u c a tio n of N e w ­ a r k C e n tr a l S c h o o l D istrict N o . I T u e s d a y night w ith th e g e n ­ eral c o n tr a c t o r ap p e a r in g a “ little m o r e optim istic\ on th e - j o b - ' ‘ Anthony D e John of N e w ark, general, contractor oh the con­ struction qf a new- elementary school and an addition to the - senior school building, told. the board that the steel work on the * wing 'is now being, completed. “I’m a little more' optimistic this time,” satFF’DeJohri whose progress report at the Sept. 10, meeting failed to impress the , board. Tlie board appeared .pleased at Dejohn's second ” ’ progress report. „ -The- -Wayne - Gounty - .C liaptfj\\3 A delay in.-_the_ d elivery. of \American \Red Cross’., felt-short ’ structural steel for the two proj- of its $34,050 fund campaign by ebts caused some concern among nearly 15 per'cent, according to- the board members at the -Sept. final, figures made public by th e , 10 session. DeJohn and Robert Red Cross office on E. Miller St. Sherman, architect, said at the A total of $28,850.06 was rdis- time that some difficulty had ed in the county-wide\ campaign been encountered with the steel with only seVen communities at- company in the delivery of the tabling their quota. structural steel. t -Arcadia raised $10,450, Butler : DeJohn said three trailer loads $418.‘47. Huron, $507 56, Marion of steel will roll into Newark $1,391.79, ^Ontario $2,235. Red. for the $799,550 elementary Creek $581.44. Palmyra $4,402. school project on the south side The .fund-raising efforts in: Ar- of the athletic field area. He eadia, Ontario and Palm yra said the site work is beina rom- wei'e part of the Community - pleted with the 1 masons moving Chest campaign. in on Monday. < Final figures in other commu- lie said the steel work on the nities were as follows: $332,347 high school addition Galen. $1,815 quota, $1,026 33 ■ wiil be \absolutely completed raised: Lyons. $2,970 quota, $1.- Monday\ when the floors will be ,477 40 raised: Macedon, $1,650 laid.’ The roof decks on both quota, $1,231,19 raised j North buildings a r e scheduled- for Rose, $528 quota, $479.13 raised! Rose. $356 quota. $297:71 raised: Savannah. $495 quota. $364.51 raised: Sodus, $3,696 quota, $2,- 078 55, raised; Walworth $660 Ta? i \ — - - r r v - c c I Joe lostcllo, who played a lot I #1 semi-pro baseball during his [ We active days, sa.t down in Iwr pew and asked: ‘‘Who do | Pa like today . . ; the organ Ifiaycr or the pitcher?” | *' . * I IRE day a f ter Bob Gibson Iskt out Denny 'McLain, 4 to 0, It bystander asked who won. [ “St. Louis.’’ I \WHAT was the score?” | \4 to 0 ,’! we said. • [\\’AS it a shutout?” I * * * I Four Ncw a rkites took in the I taball game in Cleveland Sta- Ifan when one co m p a r e d , the [die of t he big sta d iu m w ith l-Hlimrn Park. ' i'VEF,\ skid John Bailey, i it11- diam o n d is the same I While ie'avihg tlie L-R bank I “c other day we were greeted |v.a patron going in with the [«4 of a cane. . ' 0 l E\t any money in this J®*’ i,e asked. in''tinctively answered in affirmative. “i : laii I 'n ,?!s ,!s’,nk on running.into peo* Kp Rkh a good sense of hu- '©or. -’•c a gun with m e ,” he ! 111 going in nnd rob it.” our business you. can ai- D E A R R E A D E R , s u d d e n l y , a n d p e r h a p s a bit. Surprisingly, y o u ’ll sta r t noticing: ch a n g e s t o y o u r C p W e r - G a z e t t e , T h e y w ill b e ch a n g e s th a t w e hop.e w ill i m p r o v e 'y p u r C o u r ier-G a z e tte, m a k e i t m o r e in f o r m a t iv e , easier a n d m o r e -fun to re a d . , - T H E first, a n d m o s t easily recognizable change, will tak e p l a c e in t h e n e x t edition o f T h e C o u r ier-G a z e tte, o n O c t o b e r i t . T h a t e d i t i o n w ill b e the first o ffset p r o d u c e d C o u r i e r - G a z e t t e / It will b e a giant- step f o r w a r d a n d should convince'yQ u th a t w e a r e n ’t K idding. • • , T O you, th e read e r , it w ill m q a p a w h iter, b r i g h te r , easier to re a d n e w s p a p e r . P ic tu r e s Will o n a new , c learer, n d n - n e w s p a p e r 1 a p p e a r a n c e . B lack s will: b e b lack g r a n d w h ites Will j b e w h itp r a n d a general sh a r p n e s s a b o u t -the en tire p a p e r w i l l , re p l a c e a n y trace of a drill, grayish lo o k / ■ \ T H I S d o e s n o t m e a n t h a t t h e n e w s p a p e r w ill go u n c h a n g e d in fo r m a t , .h o w e v e r . T h e ’C o h r ier-G a z e tte will, b y .-design, b e j m .ore a ttractiv e . A n d c o n te n t Will b e o r g a n iz e d in such a~rrrarr» i h e r th a t if ypir’re p a r ticu la r ly in terested in o n e p a r ti d u l a t ite i n , 1 it w ill b e easier to find. T h is tjrpe qf-'d B p a itm e n taH z a tio n w i l l ! b e c o m e mo°re so p h isticated as w e go, an d wijl ta k e tim e 'tool d e v e l o p , - * ' ■ • 1 IT-WCTn't b e / b y a c c id e n t t h a t T o u run i n to new s o f P a l m y r a , in. n e x t , p e e k ’s edition^of y o u r C o u r ier-G a z e tte. H a r v e y R o d g e r . 1 a P a l m y r a H ig h S c h o o l t e a c h e r , will .fee c o v e r in g h is .tow n fo r us. [ 1 11 A n d , M ia. S h ir ley L u c ieer, our fa it h f u l 'M a r i o n c o r r e s p o n d e n t ,\ * «- will k e e p y o u u p t o d a t e on w h a t ’s going p h Tn M a r io n . I . - . ■ , 1 Renewed activities mM fayne T H E O c to b e r 17 e d itio n of T h e C o u r i e r - G a z e t t e won t , County can n e r ies resu lted in t i l , . . i .i ■ 1 I. li l l- f f .. ... t . ...i l l 1. \ . . M a rine P r i v a t e Jo h n M a r s h /' (\/\W a s ki 1 t e r 'i a ''V 'i e t n a u r o n r - |'j S u n d a y (O c t. 6 , 1 8 6 8 ) , acco r d in g to w o r d receiv e d h e r e 'o n T u e s d a y . /He was th e son of- Mxs. .John ,qf 999 PVT, JOHN M A R S i r ‘■Excellent School Citizen* ju s t lo o k a littltj nicer th o u g h . It will b e .d if f e r e n t. It will be., s h a r p d e c r e a s e in the n u m b e r N E W ! A n d ev e r y C o u r ier-G a z e tte you d e lv e m to fro m t h i s tim e on will be even/NEWER! * . W E ju s t w a n te d you to k n o w th a t w e h a v e lo ts o f new ideak up o u r .s leev e s . W e d o . A n d they w o n 't stay th e r e eith e r . ’P r o m ise . » . -I (Delores Mason) Marsh | Driving P.axk Av.e. ^ j He was -killed by a ’ 'mortar, : shell, according, to information ’ received by Mrs. Marsh from two | representatives -of the -IJ. S. Ma- •i.rine Corps who inform ed her of; j her son's. d&Sth. ill .action Mon­ day morning. A j Pvt. Marsh, a 1997 graduate of i tlie Newark senior- 'hi'gh school, ! was the fdkrth 'Newark service'- | man 'to be killed in Vietnam1, He; I enlisted in the Corps ju s t,a f ter his^g-raduauoii lit. June 1967.and had been in Vietnam since early 1 in 1968. ‘ ' : He had' been eonside ed -i-in 1 “excellent srhonl citizen” here j and bis immediate intentions after graduation 'tvere. to join Marines, according to' Fred rfnvinff l GalVa-y, a guidance counselor at i tiie senior liigh seliool. Pvt.. Marsh majored in art and once had e-mslderea making it a W E h o p e you 'll like th e new C o u r ier-G a z e tte, B u t. m o r e th a n that, w e 'd like you to k e e p forem o s t in y o u r m ind th a t this is Y O U R n e w s p a p e r . L e t us k n o w h o w you feel a b o u t th e C o u r i e r - G a z e t t e as we sta r t to roll. W e w a n t to h e a r fro m you. rem a in e d steady last w eek be* N a tu r a lly ! - ' cause of the tew tem p o r a r y lay- ' oils that developed in industry were offset hy haring in other IF you h a v e a. com p laint- o r ,s u g g e s tio n , let m e h e a r ab o u t persons applying for ment insurance benefits the past week. I Joseph Bonafede. m anager o f 1 the N'ewark -office of the State (-u'eer. ■ » Employment Service, reported ■ He was .a meinber of tltg soc- of 434 as ( cer teaJ!1 jjj ] 9 gj 1964 and a previous nlenmer of tlie swiiiiming and track teams :in his last three years of high seliool.. Besides Ills mother. Pv.t Marsh leaves a brother, Jafhes: his ■RrandmotluTi Mrs. Frank M'ason of Newark, and sev.cr.tl aunts. current jobless total against 51.4. for the w.eek and 423 .a f e a r ago: The Newark area claims load , it, o r C h a r lie Ross, M a n a g ing E d itor, D ick W h itn e y , B u siness Industries, The office 'listed 137 ’ cousins and uncles M a n a g e r , o r B o b H a m ilto n , our A d v e r tisin g M a n a g e r . , cla im a n ts as com p a r e d with t h e ; ’ ' . , * ' • • ••: sam e to tal the previous week - N O W if s our turn to d o ev e r y th in g w e c a n to m a k e y o u r ancj 167 a y e a r ago. C o u r i e r - G a z e t t e evpn m o r e in f o n n a t i v e , easier a n d m o r e fun to -jqle sodus a r e a claim s load re a d , an d so m e th i n g you’ 11 b e really p r o u d to call V O U R new s- dropped from 377 to 297 due to *» - : s tepped-up hiring in the food 115.24 raised. Zoning Board To Act on Two Variance Requests T H A N K S for your interc.sl. W e 'll k e e p you p o s te d . S in c e r e ly y o u r s , • P A U L T . M I L L E R , II. P u b lish e r completion by Nov. 1 -with the elementary building closed by Thanksgiving. “It's now up to our firm to maintain the schedule,” said i quota, $528.06 raised: William- > BeJohn. “ Wp are in nice shape I p aper, son, $2,000 quota. $1.362 81 rais- but we have to move f a s t 1 ed; Wolcott. $1,188 quota, and progressively.” ' • t j ' Art Grossman, director .of J ; BO.GES in Williamson, appeared i ..before the board with addition-, ,al information on the county t i occupational center. He present* j \ed a floor plan of. the layout o f ) the proposed building on a site , just east o f , Sodus and cijtej some advantages of tlie ne sito wmn iroia”B'g5 R d- i ^ ^ I e™ f r Oct ’ l at 4 p m a t C i t v H a l l on ■ dPfear before any Newark or lUo onniicsHnnc for a 'variance ■arca group interested in learn- the applications .for a variance |ing mQre information ab0Ut the by two parties^ 'proposed building which will Corneliys J. Cosgrove is seek- oorne Up for a vote for the see­ ing .perm ission to construct an opd time. Crossman safd voting,! a t City Hail on the preliminary budget which was adopted by tiie office b t n l d i r t g - a t ,E L - H n i o n i jniachines used The TosvnBoard for thc next fiscal years— *'• oi nn 6 int inn fp'pt, in width in- L' ;: hirin g processing industry in northern Wavne County A vear ago the ! office noted 256 idle.' Legion Elects O fficers To Fill 2 Vacancies Firemen Rescue Kitty from Sewer Monday Evening Things jwere’ 'purrihg for 'vof lkwer- A public hearing will be field Thursday, Oct. 31 at 7:30 p.m. St. on a lot 100 feet in width in­ stead of 200 feet in. width as re­ quired in the zoning ordinance.- Conrad P. and Merle A. Mohr, Jr. are seeking a variance to construct a garage within three fee-t four inches of the south ■property line at 115 Grace Ave. vote will be by ballot ,on. the $2,935,000 occupational center. (Continued on Page 4) AMBULANCE GARAGE Sealed bids for the coiistruc- tion of an ambulance garage at, 203 \y. Miller St. will be receiv­ ed by the town Clerk On Opt. 22 when they will be publicly , ,, „ , opened and read at .8 p.m . at MacGregor a t the Oct. 25 meet- Clty Hall. • . big. • . ______ VFW Post to New Trustee O c t . 25 Arcadia Memorial Post .2883, Veterans of Foreign w a rs, will meet Friday at 8:30 p.m. in the post home. Post Commander Fred Robin­ son said the post will elect a new trustee to replace William A public hearing will be held by the Town Board on Oct. 22 at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall Oh the proposal to purchase th e did Comstock offices as a town hall for $40,000. ______ “ The property, owned by Bor­ den, Inc. and located at the northwest corner of w. Miller \ * question ih our trade \...di/ new?” lid it the Otlier\ day mirss what we were told. \T h I.\ antelope . .. i’,\ like head . it and :,:id horns that ehrve 3 -r: -anil outward.” tiJ 1’11 s llfiv the dletionary dc- •®c' a cnu. h m Post to Hqnor i. or/er M e m b e r s O c t. 12 Mauer Post, Arneficah honor its 50-year -<’ ail anniversary dih- \ held Saturday at 7 !i i' post hom'e on S . 0. R r:rndf, per tci.r.'x. •V r . « «an'r „‘ \::'s l)!irid will play for hrva' ,i,rr the 50th anhiver- 1 ) o::in\r which will be sefv- L p *'n Tost Commander |A et- Stevens will preside. and Mason-’ Sts. near the down­ town business area, consists of two buildings. The resolution also includes adjustments and closing costs to be financed by taxes over a pe­ riod not to exceed four-years. Town officials plan to use the two office buildings as a town hall and other- related purposes, including a ceniral headquarters for the town ambulance. The town plans to construct a fire resistant garage on the site. The proposed tax rate in the tentative'- budget is $20.93 per $ 1,000 assessed valuation out­ side the village and $7.89 inside. The proposed rates compare with last year’s figures of $20.43 outside the village and $7.01 in­ side. . The board also purchased a salt spreader for $2,495 a t this week’s meeting and authorized bids to be advertised for the pur­ chase of a pickup- truck, dump truck and a snow plow. Town soions also authorized’ the payment of an additional $5 to . the chairman of the inspec­ tors of election for - registration and election days. Request was mad§ by Orville Martin, chair­ m an of the Arcadia Democratic Committee. Each election dis* triet elects its own chairman; Football Officials Lose Jackets at Gam e Here Two officials who worked the iSTewark-Fairport football game here last Saturday would like their officials’ football jackets returned to them. Pete Petirucci, 157 Jay St-., Geneva, reported to police Mon­ day that his jacket and one be- Boy, I In the past they have an! , _... ; ed calls to rescue cats out of Richard- Huusecuinp an d Rob- trees and d wedged m cul. ert Moore were elected by Au- velds gust Mauer Post 286, American 1 - ’ Legion.'to fill two vacancies on 1 , ^ e2 sent out the Kitty E a , * the staff ' ' ! tro1 Monday night, i s.a n . | Nancy stopfel called the fire , Housec.unp w i- elected ad^ 4tatlon at'ctty Hall at 7.20 p.m i jutunt and Moore was naimd p ly r e p jll |h a l lu.,. kjUt,n h;ld fal. finance officer. jcn jjito a storni sewer near her . i home, 118 Ford St. , NAMED 'to JOB ( Don Simonse, Dick Tellier and Edmund Hurley of Newark Norman Vandermqifel, t h e was appointed to the position o f ; “ Kitty Patrol.” went to the kit- data processing Unit supervisor j ten’s, plight They removed the by the Wayne County Board of t'sewer gra.te and got the kitten Supervisors at an annual j a l a r y | before she slipped down the of $7,800. ' ' p ip e \ A 7-year-old schoolboy was in­ jured Monday afternoon when. The- annual Hospital B a il/the social cvwiit ui Hie year at NEj.w afkwwiU be held on F e h / i,, 1969,- it was aiuuiunced by Mrs. Oscar .Vndefsou, etiairman. * Theme lor tlie bail will, be , \Our H - arts Ape Ypung and Gay/' Mrs Anderson said the first cim n ittee -.meeting was. held ut the home of Mrs. C, J . Cosgrove. Miss Esjelle Knno, chairman of the Gi.it simp, reminded the Women's Auxiliary to 'the New- ark-Wayne Gytmnunlty Hospital at tlie October meeting, that the Christmas’ Bazaar will be held, on Oct 17 and 18 in the Confer* ence Roiim, r ■ ' A reqilest was made-for anew edntamer fur baked good's 111 the Snack Bui This was referred to Mrs Hubert Fanning, chair* man. ■ • > \ Mrs. Floyd McKay, 'second vice president, reported that 281 volunteers worked 1,686 hours in ■September as compared with the 216 volunteers who worked -2-,L36 hours.in- September a year ago! Mrs. Herman Garlipp of Mar­ ion, president, presided, at thb meeting. - PBA Elects Griepsm a , A s New President Patrolm an Albert Griepsmg, was elected president, of. the Po­ lice Benevolent Association pf the Newark Police. Department at the annual election held Tuesday Patrolmen Robert Sears vy9s named vice president and Ro­ bert DeToye was elected Secre- tary-treasurer. Elected -to--the Board of Directors w ere'Patrol­ men Jackson Burm and Louis DeJohn. Patfolymman Claire Finewood was elected as ser* geant-at-arms. ____ _ Dr. .Joseph Asin of Newark | draw intiino to get his nam e off oolice'said he dashed intib the i-has been appointed as county, 0f the ballot his nariie will be coroner to fill the on expired yle on[y one pn tiie- ballot for LV m .-L.G v rvaiiirf. TP«_ T side 'Qf a .panel' truek in, the N o rth‘ward; “ Robert. F . M ittiga\l55 Willow Ave., suffered a h e a d injury and facial lacerations. He was taken to the Newark-Wajhe Commu­ nity Hospital in the Town of Ar­ cadia ambulance. Police Sgt. Edward Hethcoat reported that the accident .oc­ curred at .3:53 p.m . on Bryant St. a t the N. Main St. intersec­ tion. He stated that -the truck, operated by Daniel Robert- Cel­ so, 17, of 163 Patterson Rohd, was going north on Mam and making a left turn onto Bryant St. when- the bov ran from the corner into the right side of tne term of the late -Dr, David En­ nis of Lyons. ’• The appointment was made,by the Wayne Gounty Board of Su­ pervisors. Dr. Asin- will serve until Dec. 31, 1968. H,e had been the Dem­ ocratic'candidate for coroner in Coroner. ■ There had been no announced candidates for the position .ex­ cept the candidacy of the late Dr. Ennis, thus posing a’ prob­ lem. Dr. A s in has indicated that if elected he would Immediately the Nov. 5 election, but w ith-1 resign. ’ drew from the contest following; Donald G. Colvm of Savannah, the Democratic teonvention in chairman of the Board of Super- Chicago. Since he did not with- visors, revealed that there are several alternatives the fiouflty can pursue ^after\.Dec; 31, ‘-‘We m a y , .for instance, ai* tem p t to get perhaps five, cow*/ ners across the county: to lighten the lo a d \ he said “ At present the coroners handle ‘about l25‘ cases a year, along with about • 70 autopsies. We might alto make use of lay coroners—that is. people Who are not licensed ■ physicians. I know that one neighboring county has«a butch* er as county coroner.” longihg to Frank Sciarabba. 226 i trucjc Hamilton St 5 Geneva, were tak- ’ boy. who was on bis way en from one of the benches. The home dlp Lincoln clpmen- black and white striped jackets school, was knocked to the were valued at $25 each. t p aVement. i ^ < 41 * ^ YourC-G W h ere To Find It \AUTUM N SCENE—-The rural--area every­ where in W a y n e Gounty. is a picture of beau ty andl tbi$ one Was seen in a corn field o n tlie Z u rich R o a d . Society News Churches Obituaries . Recipe Corner Green Thumb Editorial Page Happenings ...... Marion JjJeWs .... Classified Ads High Times Page Sports ............... Port Gibson News A-3. 5. 7 R .T .A . C O U N C I L — N e w officers, o f th e ^N e w a rk P . T ,A . C o u n c il a r e ffro i n le f t ) M r s . W a r r e n L ilyea, p r e s i d e n t o f Ju n i o r (High R T . A . ; M r s . \ T ina M u r r a y , p r e s i d e n t o f P e r k i n s u n i t : U i l li a m S p n n g e tt, -Lincoln S c h o o l ; M rs1; Roger. D e M e y e r, council p r e s i d e n t ? M r s . B a r b a r a ’D e s C a m p , p r e s ­ id e n t o f R o o s e v e lt unit. _, t

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