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The Newark courier-gazette, the Marion enterprise. (Newark, N.Y.) 1941-1947, July 10, 1941, Image 4

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NEWARK COURIER-GAZETTE A!C> MARION ’RISE. H f i t f Y m THUftSOAVi jULY i e , i 9 4 l s,vf By Birdie Sljp V j * * ’* j'^emdy’ Scores S lam !. . . \ I, trfple* victory and smart, feperf^mance of A1 Synesael t on ^the Fourth of July made bun she *man m the spotlight” for the holiday -week-end. -It. evfen oyessfoadiowed. what we think jmqy he given the- award for the, -outstanding feat of the year. This was, if you haven’t heard, Clarence Vanderbrook’s perfect pan 7 2 mafoe Jifor 1. \ “It, -was- just■'•df® of • those- days”, Vandy reports, “wljen ev­ erything: worked perfectly. If I could only hqve them when they count m o te1” Playing with Fred Burgei m a casual round, hq achieved every goiter’s-dream of. playing penfect pgr roppdSv 36 a n d 36 He had 2Birdies and _2Jbofoes each, round;and fo b viother 10 holea he -shot as the scorecard calls ’em. Maud® has, twice befoie shot rounds of 35, hut never gone 18 holes in evep Smr-'TTn'Roche is the'ofiir Other' . amateur mow playing i}ere who has; and don’t ifo' surpfoted if eifoer of these boys, paps up in the championship finals—again. They’re Off For Tide . . . •THAT championship chase for the men’s crown, is \now'larger - way, following qualifying and: pairings completed Saturday, Pete Bohusz is tourney medalist, with low qualifying, score' of- 75, which is just short of phenom- venal for him and* consisted of rounds of 37 and 38, The 16 low qualifiers must play their first . matehbs by next Monday, their quarter-final rounds by July 21, ■ semi-finals by July 28, and the final 36-hoie match will be stag- ~ed .Aug 3 to fill the throne left vacant by Bob Macon, last year’s titliat. ’ /The pairings, as determined by <a .regulation chart for such events, and the qualifying scores are: Upper Bracket—Bohusz, 75 vs. Charlie Cadey, 86; B e . Sirkin, 80 •vsi Bill Newton. 91 •„ Vanderbrook, £9 vs Ed Farrell, 87 .; Roehe, 85 vs-: Spence Knight, 93. “ Lower Bracket—Hank. Cole­ man, 79 vs. Dave. .Rolfe, 86 ; Lym Crothers. St’ vs. Jim Hurley. 92; Howard Wiebeld, 79 vs. Ted Beales, 90; 'Howard Franklin, 85 vss Jim Wood, 94. This is an dpen event—no handicaps and no iwJMB»fci«red-—and may the! lucks maarwdn We have gone nn#ec«Mt as favoring - Coleman, TWIN FRA YS BOOKED BY HILLMEN HERE S t a t e T i t l i s t t o S h o w W a z e s A double-header will be staged by State School Men's Club this Sunday night at Cbi- burn Park, according to Mana­ ger Ken Witt. In the first en ■ counter at 7 the locals, leaders in the Iakeshore League will meet Webster, their runners-up in that loop, while in the night­ cap, under lights they will clash with the St. Lawrence Hurons of Northern Now York. The Hillmen captured tneir 196h victory in 24 starts last Sunday afternoon at Horneli. trouneing the HojfnelJ Mer .chants 6-2. Eddie Davis, regular Webgte*. pfteher, twiriad his .triufopfo: ahd.’ h%d a 2 hitte luntfi th® 7th,- foaen- 2 more hits were chalked up by the losers. He alscr hurled the 10-:T Men's Club win over Watertown two weeks ago and is. viewed as a epmiqg’ mound sensation and. Manager Witt is attempting to sigh Mm- fhy the \district tour­ ney. - • ©avis will chuck for Webster in the Lfoefoiore tilf Sunday .evening, ■ and if .Webster nips tire local’s they wifi gb ifoto a tie for first with 'Men‘,s Cfqb. Hill*- wall use .either ChasFe Priebe or Joe DeAngelis as hur­ leys fray. - - - In the second tussle the: Hurops will furnish sprightly opposition' for the .Nawarkers. Boasting one of the best flippers in the Northern Tier. He is “Tiny” Thrall, speedbalh r for merly of Buffalo. The team as sponsored by a cement firm which draws players from among its employees all along the St. Lawrence River and up per Adirondacks. The cement tossers are a husky lot and pulverize the ball at a team average of .421. which augurs no good for the Men's: Club twirler of (the evening— either Charlie Reese or “Hank” Hudson. The team' plays in the Carthage city league and is ex­ pected to cop the Carthage dis­ trict tournament starting July 20. P L A Y A N D Lonsf-hrthng’ Marjorie Harrison, New York State W o m ­ en’s G o lf Champion, who will display her skill which, won crown: last year m an exhibition match July 2 0 at Newark Coimtry -CIuby along, with Newark’s Agnes Williams and the. ffi|adLebfi :Sisters ofi Efaffofo A l l - S t a r s T r i p B e a r s W i l l 2 i n M i n o r W l w i r i l G 0 1 F M A T C H H E R E D R A W S N . Y . C H A M P Platter Hi$ ‘Dish’ Fie h fiozn hey latent imiofoh a winnei of the Lgke Plaqid Women - Invitation Hoff ’•Pour iey i a t week Miss Marj-onfe Harrison. New York State'V'foifi-, eirs Qoif Champion. will’ ■ odme ■here next week IQ. play --in Sin' interesting- 18 -hofe exhdnhola m t h ovei Nevark Cqunfoy Cxup links Sunday: ..afternoon.* July 20 M ' Harn?on vym he leader of a quartet of (hstln gu hed jvom n goifeis in tee match, which includes -Betsy and Janet MacLeod of foyffqld and Agnes Williams of Newark. So much interest has., been evidenced generally in - . foiis match sine? its announcement, that Earl R. Stott, locgi eluh pi evident has issued an mvitftfoop to the general public to follow these top.-flight ladles m their display over the fairways have. Failings for the contest haye not yet beei announced but ijt 1 eitam that some beaajafol golf will he shown by foiese youqg ladies all under 25 years :of age and recognized - through­ out tne state foi their abilities Miss Harrison.. .a tajl. and’ graceful, champion, ■won,' the- state women s crown last year at Troy. Twice *she hfojce^tee* Troy Countiy Club course rec ord, shootmga 77 an a warm-up round and 75 m mgtch competi­ tion Ah foei tou ney scq es were beiow 80 and observer^ and ex­ ponents marveled-at her power­ ful .drives off the. tee.- Although she has never competed m~a na­ tional contest, she has won sev­ eral otner • large metropolitan district events and is rated as: one of the-leading, linkkwomen in the nation. A student at Syracuse Umver-\ sxty, she is being viewed at -21 as another possible \Patty*Berg'' or - Helen Hicks\. and is under ■he te^„e-,age of ho, fa^hvd,, Is cci, Harrison, golf pro at Indole.Golf Club, ^.usable Forks, N. Y. ' Her latest victory, last weejc at Lafee Placid, was won by beating Vir­ ginia Guilfoii, noted goiter at. Syracuse. Leaders of the Minor Softball League here. Bloomers, foufid i a superior for the first time in five weeks when they bowed to the All-Stars, nick of the rest of the league, ih a sizzling. Battle Tues­ day, 7-6, for their third defeat ----- —-—“— *— of the season. It was a non-loop' [^a d H o o k s M a m m o t h Japanese Policeman •- . Japanese traffic policemen, car­ ry ho-guns, only paper lanterns. AL SYNESAEL S y n e s a e l C a p t u r e s J u l y 4 t h P l a t t e r , T w o O t h e r P r i z e s Seventeenth annual tourney’ for the Commercial Build­ ing Platter, held each July 4 was captured la t Friday for the first time by A jl Synegael exalted ruler, as some\ 25 men toured the Country Cijib hqks m the ■•cojrtest. •MerriH- Rightmyer. 1940 winner, did- not defend his trOphy. Synesael. a 90s . golfer.-carded a gross 88. . which a 24 handicap brought down to low net-of 64. He thus broke 90. for the first time m his life and won 3 balls and a diploma. 3 more balls m the sweepstakes; and lowered •his handicap. 2 strokes. In fact, Al was No. 1 player around-the club over the holiday week-end. The victor had rounds of 43 and 45 ter his score, which en­ tities' him to a apace on the s-il- vgi plotter whicn losted fo • possession of a low net winner three successive years. vio- 1-925— Bill Robeson,. 1926- — ^eorge Richmond, 192?r-Ha?h', Jaigkfon, 1928—Bill Buck,’ 1929—Stuart Haliagan, ' 1930--Buck’, Sfuart 'Haliagan, 1932—Phil Emerson, 1933—Rev. A. Hyde, 1934—H. J. Wildhack, 1935—Ed- Hndeteat'ed in their #-rs$ fiye games this season, Bilotta's -Hires will face, the strong East Rpehester Perintons, leaders of the ‘ Monroe County Softball -League, here tonight under Col- I burn . Park arcs. The locals, '{sparked by the 2-hit hiirling of, . Hank Hudson, turned back -Lyons Ab'Stars, last year’s dis- -triet champs, by 4-0 here last Thursday. • ■ : Hudson, struck out It' Lyons battecs. and, after Joe Costello’s scratch single in the first, al­ lowed only one man to reach first until the 7th, and that on a walk. It was McMillin Who . paced the Hires attack, socking two doubles in three times up and scoring 3 of the 4 Newark tallies. Hires nicked Bill Haessig for 6 hits. Hudson will again be on the mound opposing the East Roehester-Fairport combination tonight in the tilt starting at 9 Q,;clock. -EhEes- •. •1 x—-4 6 0 Lyons 0 0 0 6 0 0 0—0 2 4 Hudson and Coates; Haessig and Vitaro. - • 1 . t*. I , 6 is C ritelli. Moreliants Pelite Men’s Club „C. Friefee. HJ.Iks- , Green. -ftle^Qh.anUSr C o rthals; Club , D eJbhh, J-'& P' ... iG^^CaruYe, E lks . , Ueese, Men’s Club Latin. .Men’s Club „ GrbaHer. M e rchants i . T.aylor. E lks 1 ■ ■ i* r , B, -Waeghe.-J.' & F : It. Gaane. M. t ’lub n * E» W aeghe, J & P 7 l ■« ; -R-s rr—0-^ ---------- win Haliagan, 19.36 and 37— Howard Franklin, 1938—Ted Beales. 1939-^-Leon Tobey, 1940 —Merrill Rightmyer, and* 1941— Synesael. ” , ’ ^ In -the sweepstakes run along with the July 4 tourney Vin Roche was second with a spark­ ling. score of 70-10-65.. He hgd a' par 36- round and 39. Spence Knight’s 85-19-66 was third, and a tie for fourth included Larry Ely's'. 9.0.-23-67 and Ed FateflEs 87-20--67. Bob- Hall had ,85--i'7’-68 for fifth. -In the Blind Bogey test Leon Tobey hit 90- !?0-77 to win. ~ —— ----- o—— •— GAR.LGCKHBOW TO J&F ‘'Hank\ Hudson won a pitch­ ing.duel. over 'KEilf Glende here Tuesday night . and sparked Jackson & Perkins- to a narrow; 6-5. victory from Palmyra Gar Ihdks* J&P scored 4 off Bed •Payne in the first, then- nicked Glende for 7 hits and 2 runs, while Garlocks garnered 5 hits anfi xuiis pfE Hudson. In lajor Top rat/el Spftball in hitting, M. | cording to averages cumpiied m 4 >( I 1 . a :i)l .28(1 GAMES WANTED Rochehter All-Stars, leadersto the Maplewood Community Soil ball League, would pke g j with any strong Newark ternS All-Stars manager is Wiffiajl Rhdt.ke, 5 Lartgham St.. r 0-^ eater. n t| ■No matter where you are, i ays to- look your best always] iMO.’f lol fV* Of -Vietelinn /—JM Don’t let that hairline growl shaggy! Quality work TOMMY’S Barbrer Shop WEST UNION ST. Newaikl / Opposite Rarking Station I PHONE 9 3 0 NEW ARK TAXI Formerly Bilotta's bgjflook out Hank, Dave Rolfe. dangerous opponent to open agshnst. i By DON BIRD* tilt, however, and dhes not r r / it i leadership in o / 4 - w . W a lleyed rtk e Wftt .€»ets B% Job . . . / 1 STATE Softball Commissioner Ross (Text Erwin of Rochester has appointed Ken Witt, State Sehool softball major domo,, as .commissioner pf a new district MCE GOING Dept. Big has set up for the in handicaps the past week, re-Annual tourney to pick a state suBang from greatly improved title contender. Witt was for- ‘ Honorable Mention feet the Bloomer the circuit. *>{Spnfo£bh!g' that, may- effiect.h*: however, is a double win by the Center Bears last Wednesday . One of the prize, fisjj catches .bLiteis or any' year ahd ncOT«t “decided leader' iri its division 5f the Courier-Gazette . Fishing over the Center Cubs in a pair Contest is a 6>'t-pound Walleyed pDayqng were registered by Boh Btoiyn. 'Ted '\Re^sdes Bohqsz,. Roche. Synesael. and Vander- brook. Brown, after .nursing a sprained ankle for a month, has- been playing nearly every day (Continued- on-Page Eight) ’ ------ — o— ------- ‘Kemp* Bloomer in . Kempy Bloomer, youthful sailor who only •this year start­ ed skippering a Robin yacht, now leads the Robin fleet of Sa- dus Bay Yacht Club after four •of the 13 races for the elub» championship have been run off. He won once and finished second in another of three con­ tests held over the holiday week-end to give him a leading In the Old Timers’ Race the Fourth, Leslie Freeman, of New York City, a former crack sailor on Sodus Bay, walked off with the annual trophy test, piloting Kemp Bloomer’s Robin over the line first. John Hayden, last year’s victor, was second in Bfil Oroucher’s boat, followed by Bill Taylor, Ross Bush, and -Levan Barges. The Snipe division, which blossomed out With a 12-b fleet last weak, saw StUart capture four races t e a row to clinch the July series and take* a big, lead toward defend­ ing his 1940 Enipe mown. Be­ sides the 12 Snipes and 14 Rob­ ins in the water over the holi­ day, Commodore Croucher re­ ports about 60' other larger craft mopred fo the Hay, giving the place the looks of a metropoli­ tan port, Robm race results were as follows-: Friday—1, Bill Crou­ cher: 2,, Terry Paton; Saturday— 1, Kemp Bloomer; 2, Bill Crou­ cher 3 Red Marsh;, SUfij3'ay-t-I„ Bill Croucher; 2, Kemp Bloomer; 3, Gordy Chapman. Commodore Croucher’s tw}n win and a sec­ ond made up for an opening zero and brought him up to fourth in the ’ championship standings. These standings show Kemp Bloomer with 85 per cent, Terry Paton with 75. defending champ Tim Croucher with 74, and the Commodore with 73. The Handi­ cap class attempted a complicat­ ed maneuver out in the lake as part of “guest day\ but the na- t ire or results have not been determined by many jyho sailed. Newark Newark- Bilottas, :on Or- Rose Reefea- ■ te» se or marly named Wayne District commish, but under. the new setup will conduct the tourney tor the Wayne-Monroe-Ontariu district, in which .any teams from those counties, outside ■Rochester,' will compete., He hast named Moffday,, Aug. II, as'the starfiiig: date for this district pteyoff, whicffi fo ex­ pected to draw Ifo teams from throagfiout these three cotm- ities.. eiafifr which haye signified a. desire fo eteter are Geneva Caneos, Fairport GOP, Jackson & .Pefkins, •Mjen’s Club, Newark Lyons Santellis, Willi: phix, Palmyra Garloi Firemen, and Clydri Hons. Witt says lie will tourney at either the Williamson lighted parks. \ , Reason it will not be held'in Newark is that admissions can­ not be charged here and Witt says foe is not willing to risk go­ ing in the hole for playoff ex.- penses under this setup. Rose and Williamson have private fieidis where fans may be charg­ ed. This would be a nice event for Newark fo have, but until some arrangement is made whereby ateifissions can be col* Meted neither this nor other big- time softball contests can be ■staged*—as we have pointed out isevefol times pmfousiy. in fact •the local Men’s Club- has had such poor luck with passing the hat that, unless they take in enough to cover expenses al /thefr twin bill here- Sunday they II move thefr exhibffidu games to the Rose* field, says .Pat Donahue, booking manag.i We think this could be remedied By a resolution of the village board aliajvlng rifotal o the field) and charging of admis­ sions (as is done With the ’ old gym). It’s almost a necessity now to save the Glass A game from leaving town entirely! ■ * * » MOST POPULAR Dept.; Hank Hudson, chunky Rochester pit­ cher whom we introduced brief­ ly last week, is the current ob­ ject of bids from three local teams, Bilottas, J&P; and Men’s Club, for his services in the coming district tourney . . Johnny Frantz, genia! heavy­ weight- hurier, is gaining re- mown as the oufotandtog Minor League flipper after turning in. r •gruslfog ifff-ihhihg fobupd' job for the Center iEtears last week. 7-inning and 9-inning victories the same night, and bashing out 5 hits in 9 tirries up, as well as of wild-scoring frays, 13-8 and 23-13. While orily one game was scheduled;, the two teams de­ cided to play a twilight-light affair and, as a, result, the Bears moved into second place ahead of Men's Club If. Featuring this twirler, who went 16 comom- ouri-es Best previous entry was tive innings on the mound for! a 3V2-pound Walleye by Frank his double triumph and rTout-d 1 Wiser No entries of Black Bass 5 hits in 9 trips to earn wide- , have yet been received and tli ;y spread praise. Two Minor circuit tilts are on tap' this week, both tomorrow night. At 6:30 the Bears and M& ts ’ Club H meet on the State School field, and at 9; o’clock Cubs and Bloomers tangle The All - Stars outlasted Bloomers ifo a windy duel that brought forth a good pitching j contest between Frantz and Win ' Fishbaugh ahd some nice field- •ing, .plays, Kenny Huobeler’s 2 doubles and Frantz’s .pair of singles led the All-Star attack; [but if wias Yin yelessnfo who? Broke, up. foe game in (die 7th with a single to send Dave Far­ rington home with the tally that brqke a 6-6 foe. Prariously Biooniers hgd forg* ed. ahead dh foe'^o#'fotfong, of Larry Valmore; who had a two- bagger and single in. 3 trips, and Pik? caught Monday bv Thomas M. Corkhill, 7-year old* son of Mr and Mrs William Corkhill, Vienna Rd . Newark RD 1 The beauty was hooked by the, lad m the Canal Widewaters on a \pepper” spinner and bamboo twin victory was hefty johnny ■ pole. It measured 26 inches and Frantz, hard-working Bears 1 tipped the scales at 6 pounds are reported teeth” ‘scarce LOCAL SOFTBALL MAJOR LEAGUE J and P 22. Merchants 4 Standings to Bate W L Pcfo Men's Club ... Elks ................... Jackson & Perkins Merchants ......... Schedule Coining Week Mon.—J and P vs. Elks 6 0 1.QD0 3 2 .600 3 4 .428 1 7 .125 singles by Fishbaugh arid Dick Lunay. Pete Simcthse burned in Men's Cluib H 5HN0R LEAGUE Bears 13. Cubs 8' Bears 23, Cubs 13 Standings to Date W L Bloomers .............. 5 2 Comm. Center Beans 4 3 ... 3 3 several snappy plays ’for Bloom- Comm. Center Cutos 2 6 ,ers at shbi'tstop-, as ditf'Al Be- dette at secdhdv while hedt All- Star fielding was done by Vele- sentt in foft, Fgrrfogton at third, Free’ Tack at short, and Lev Lancaster in center.. v ,iT,(.-s’r,\Rs <7) 1 nnobiiEKs («» aib » hi ah r \ti •1 p PjBohusz.c 3 1 1 P o r te r .lb ____ Lancast'C.cf 3 2 IfoeMa-S.c Huebolai-2h- 4- 3 219behiW,3b -Far'-fftah Ab- 4 I IjB^dette.Bb ■wraaiteip ■' 4 0 KSimonse.ss Veleisenti.if 3 n 2IVaImore.lh Swan.c T a rk.ss VTruihi.r Heiso.r ft QIB’Istiftigh.p I i Bill rfriri-.lt r 0 bjnrbak-er.lf 0 0 0!n,unay,r£ 2; <r alGa,y.e£r 1 0 O' 3 0 ft 4 .0 0 2 1 I 3 2 2 2 1 I 3 1 (I 3 0 O' 3 0 1 3 0 2, T o tals SK? T- 8} T o tals 30 3 8 A ll-Stars ..... 2 1 0 0 2 0 M 8 -3 Bloom ers _____ 3 0 0 3 0 0 0—G 8 g (‘trro r s —Simhnsp 2. H u s h p lrr % Boitusz, Bedotte, F ishb a u s h . OrDait­ er. nufivajs <SaV. Helse, Runs b a tted in—F a r r i n s t o n Vele- senti, Valm o re, >Fiabbaiigh, Lunay; tw o -base b i t s —vaim d re, Huebal&r 2, stolen bases—L a n c a s t e r 2, Hue \beTer T a c k , Lunay, T tbrfiardt; left* on base—AU-Sfars 10. Blonhiers 6; stru c k o u t —by F r a n tz 0. Klshbatlgh , t . w a lked, by K rantz 3 Fisi,'4,anab 4-. wild pitches .F ran tz 1 Fish- ,\ 2. passed ballsr-.Swati 3. ],e- VIay 3;. u m p i r e s - - t ’nmelia ■ an, 1 W.H- ' I lam s ’hucking ftie All-Stars to Win over Bloomers Tuesday Not so popular is John Fusco, Avon Cards manager, who can­ celled his tilt with Men’s Club here Sunday one. hour before game time. Hillmen had pre­ viously played at Avon oii a home-and-home agreement. Coining Week’s Slate Fri.—Bears-Men’s Club II (SS) Fri.—Cubs-Bloomers (CP) 9 pm o- IT PAYS TO READ THE COURJER-GAZEETE WANT ADS 1 4 1 : 1 H u e s ROGTBEER WITH REAL ROOT JUICES AT YOUR GROCERS. SODA FOUNTAIN OR SOFT DRINK STAND DISTRIBUTORS to figte. Although slipping frIp| his hglf-iway mark ut , 557 , j | l is still well ahead or tne ^ m at .467, with 7 hits in He istelfoyied closely b r S I Pedis, Men’s Club first bi e Z l n,t. 4.3R. nnrt FV,o ,-l , Jealaa i at .43® and Charlie kritbr EitJ hurier .and manager, ,u -uj erages of the. 15 leadm- hiu«J in the loop are: ' ' ra.l 1 ill nil ; foi ■ li'l \ .la, -foi '■ m ■ 3)1 \ 3ii < 3tt| IM; ar.d Mrs, i | -- w u y t i n , pughters Ellen ,ar . B.::*(ess spe lanandaigua. |_Mr and Mrs. I ion were the Irs Robert I ■fek. On Sunday ■urns, her sisters livian Norton foo \ '

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