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/ / AN est a b l ish m en t w i t h a r e c o r d o f 95 YEARS SERVICE C o u r i e r - \ l 5 * * T h e M a p p n E n t e r p r i s e ONLY NEWSPAPER IN WAYNE COUNTY’S TRADING CENTER V. .J* ^ . T , W * ‘VOL- I—N o . 19 Arm ed F o r c e s Hexe ir a suggestion from ostmaster Frank Baltzel. July 5. 1941 -ar Mr Howard: This is vacation: tim-a.and Our ravels will take many of us by r near some of the service, nps If we -knew where difi {rent boys are • stationed we. ‘uld stop and, visit them which ’am sure most of' them would ujoy. Also If • the addresses' ere known, many of us' Would ite these boyS.more of tan ahd othing cheers the boys Who are away as much as receiving' ;,a. ewsy letter from back home: -Ibelieve that we -should dp: everything we possibly can to _eep these boys in a cheerful mood. ’ ; Sincerely Yours, frank j . baltzel ; This is a fine idea but for the, fact that the addresses of the -ys are constantly changing \e would print them, in'toto. . fHowever if you will call us', Ji: on us, we shall furnish' you iith the names of boys at camps on are planning . to - be near, or give you the latest known dddress of a service man you Wish to write. , . ■ / Regular readers of this' column will be able' to, keep, \-sted as all changes of ad­ dresses are published promptly. •NEWARK COURIER-GAZETTE ■Walter J. Herman, son of Mr. ted Mrs Isaac Herman of 368 E. nion St. is a-private H/S Co. iith Engineers, Fort Clayton, ’ nal Zone . . . Ir. hi-. 1- tiers home, Herman oar recent heat vyaye seem like star polar weather-. . The/tem-. jfrature goes to llO degfees al­ most .daily at Fort Clayt'oh and 6 often followed by \a rainfall that leaves 6 inches of water on Ihe level. . . . j Walter's outfit is surveying ihe jungle. Some of’the .survey trips last weeks and carry them ' m the tropical forests over narrow donkey trails and on mountain ledges With drops of thousands of feet. The ■ scenery a seasoning of,“insects-and- (eptiles. '. . t In one trip they broke a truck a teletype brought a new one via airplane. ' Herman was driving a. \Com­ mand Car” when he last wrote, ted he says he can hold, up his ltd of an argument in Spanish. , He’d like to hear from some pf his friends. Write him. NEWARK, NEW YORK a THURSDAY, JULY 10, 1941 ■» TWO SECTIONS — 12 PAGES New School Chief VJohnnie Heydens, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Heydens of .212 oeigrist St., who expected, to bfe ptationed at Fort Niagara; is- Sow a private in BTNY-C-Soist CA. BN Sep. (BB), Camp Ddris, |f. C As Heydens saysin-a-letter >0 Carlton HostC, “There’s one thing the army ■ has a right to Jo-ehange its mind when it Pjeases\ it did, and Johnnie’s MCamp Davis and glad of it. Here are some more quotes Jtei his letter to Carlton Hoste— 1 don't mind it a bit, We have * lot of fun alKj the food is S ' This camP was built to X 50,000 men- There, are « h-re now, but by the last w July all of the 50,000 will be ,11 It,,; all anti-aircraft. arrny is forming its first <,»IragP Ba!loon Division at Phis ,P Tllpro are 2,600 of us in Ik We get 4 to 6 weeks drilling d have to go to school every W 'commissioned and non- Pmmtssioned officers included) S lng t0 handle the balloons. • ,er \nr training here which i take from 3 to 4 months, s wil1 be Siven a nofi- 2 S5,oned ratinS and be itnir, °.,various other posts to Win other men. ;ldmayThell° to everyone and tell w ra mr sotting along OK. If fee time’ hrop me a Regards to all, JOHNNIE” iefl'n31!, Richard Evans, Bat. ' 5 B.T.T_h- f ABN. 1st Divl- 1 FW rv 4*1 U 1 VI* en®' Mass., son of Hall Warner Evans, of. irth Wds ln Newark over the *r ^''hed Sanders, Bat Traininc r °oast Artillery Va sn\ c''’\'pa“f. Fort EUstls, tkrenu \ , l|!le WPeft*il£ his 5ahder- ’<■ , a hib. Abram ■ Marlon. on Phge Eler’en) Newark School .Trustees Make Appointments -\ for Year Dr. Arthur. C. Phelps, memi ber of the Newark .board of edu­ cation for the past five, years, was elected president at the an­ nual meeting of' the board last week Tuesday. He succeeds Mrs. Cora E. P. Elliott who retired this week after serving the board for 21 'years, the last ten as president. ' ; Kenneth D. Strite was chosen as vice-president. Re-elected were Mrs. Howard M. Barker, clerk, and Miss Edith Valmore, treasurer.' Miss Emma McCabe, school nurse, was appointed at­ tendance officer for *he year. The board approved a new health set-up to permit a more' thorough medical examination of pupils dufing the year. The new plan involves the appoint­ ment of four local doctors, one for each school, for 4*year. terms, with’-the doctors rotating, and a new appointment being, made .each year. To start the system off the' terms werd stag­ gered, and the- following ap­ pointments were made : Dr. Janies V. Palineri, 4 years,t Lincoln . School; Dr, Frank Lucas, 3 years, Roosevelt School; Dr, Elmer L,- DuBois, 2 years, Perkins School, and Dr. C. Dupha Reeves, 1 year, High School. ■ The. board also reappointed school janitors as follows: Roosevelt — .Emmet Daniels; Lincoln—Denver Lanrion; Per- kins—Edward De Weaver; High School—LeRpy Follette, custo­ dian, John Frantz, assistant, and Mrs. 'LeRoy Follette, mat­ ron. i.' --- : ----- O ---------- B i g R e g i s t r a t i o n , R e p o r t s a t L a k e F o r S w i i n C l a s s e s recdeg- enrpjiihe|i^ar*epori? ed for the Red- Cross swimming classes being held this month ai Lake Ontario. A group of more .than 100 reg­ istered at Ppftney ville Tuesday including 80“ chfidren from New­ ark. An even larger number is reported attending1 the class at Sodus Point. A bus, contributed by local groups, is taking about 40 New­ ark children to Pultneyville Tuesday and Thursday mornings but additional transportation is needed to take care of all the youngsters. Anyone who is will­ ing to contribute k> the program by driving some of the children to the beach on those days is asked to get in touch with Miss Mary Alice Kelly at Community -Chest headquarters, tel. 106. o—— ----- Home Bureau Aides Register iti Program Officers of the Home Bureau units attended meetings at. Rose, Williamson and Palmyra on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of last week to regis­ ter in classes for the ■ 1941-42 program of study. In view of the need for wom­ en’s help ih defense, many of the units in the Home Bureau are scheduling from 2 to' 6 days for work in'the Red Cross, Aid to Britain and other current activities. The major Home Bureau work will emphasize, nutrition and health measures for the family and community. Dr. .Sara Foulks of the Depart­ ment of Public Health. Roches­ ter Office, will direct the health study. A full course in sewing will also be given and the usual numerous classes in furniture work will be carried on. Crafts interests will be filled by a course in weaving. , o— ----- - — Tax Payments for Village Up for 1941 Payments of village taxes this year Were made at a much bet­ ter rate than last year during the free payment period of June accordihg to Village Treasurer i. Elbert Fisk. He reported that during the past month 93.5 per cent' of the total tax levy was paid, as compared to only 90.9 per cent paid during June 1940, On the 1941 levy of $116,168.70 for the current fiscal year, $108,- 576.26 had been paid June 30 ahd yesterday the total was $109,050.31, leaving $7,118.39 un­ collected. Last year during June only $105,332.25 was paid on the tax levy of $115,872.10. During July taxpayers who have not made payments. must pay a DR. ARTHUR €. RHELRS Heads Board ©f Education; Town Costs $1/757 Less for ' ., ' Half Year \ : Home, relief | expenses for the ToWu' of ^rcadla totalled' $25T- 130.43 during the' ‘ first six mpnths’ofl941; a' decrease of $1,7-57 from the total for, the same period last year, according to1 reports of G. Fred 'Monroe, town' welfare officer. O f the total amount, the town receives in reimbursement from tfie. state .approximately $7,026 making the net cost' to the town of about $18,000 for the, half year.'- Am average, of 129.8 cases- were caf-teled eaeh ofrthe- first* six months this year as compared to 145.6 cases monthly the'first half df 1940. Largest number of cages was serviced, in March when. 144 weVe on the- roils an^d the lowest »number was m June when. 103, cages were carried. ■ Monthly expenditures, were as follpWa Jan—$48-135# Feb — $4^5*6 Mgrqh.^447 —$3-039 63 Mky—$3 259 80 June —$^36YB3 for Y E A R COST O F S C H b O B IS $ 1 9 8 , ^ 1 Total Goes $13,987 Estimate Annual Re- portSKows Total expenditures School year 1940 41 fcA District No 8 Village of Newark tota^ef $198 863 86 according tb the annual financial report suhpjtt-: ted to the State Itepartmenfof Education this week by \E^R: Woelfel.^ superip.tenden't<,j|af^i schools ** ^ ~j.~Z s i The amunot is $13 97.8 higher than the budget estimate fon-the; year and $14 58939 more- -fhan, expenditures for the 'year be^ fore Estimated budget for thf year 1941-42 already approved! by the district, lists expenditures'! of $196686 00 ” ; Receipts for the, year !ran, $19900813, a sum $8 234 74 high-- er than for 1939-40. Balance tom hand June 30, 1941. the end...p$ the school year rs listed at $144.27 . as compared With $6,497.92 at the end of last Junes Principal increases m receipts; were $69,518.42 m state aid,- - an increase of $6,753.62. and- $94,- 978,92 -in tax -collections, an rbwf' crease of $4,973.81 over the pre­ vious year. Of interest m the y°ar s state­ ment is the report on operation of plant, which covers the first: year the new JumoKrSejnqr High School has been included. Tdtal under this heading fs $19,919.14. an increase of '$3:,- 158.54, with fuel running $6,<- 009.16, or $1,537.60 more -than the year before, and light and power totalling $2,852.90. -an ingrease of $755.72, -r • .s Other headings under -expen.t ditUres were as follows { General Control—$8.425.51: Instructional Servic e — $107 655 20 Maihten s ance of Plant—$1,887.06: -F-ixed Charges—$1998 49 Debt Service —$53,904.89;. Capital ■O.utlayf-f $4,006.14: Auxiliary Agenctesjf -P a rties N a m e N e w a r k M e n PA R T Y C 0 N V 0 S EN D O R S E TWO NEW A R K MEN F O R per cent penalty fee on theft; Governm ent Sets T’rajps to Discover, During the next-few--days the U. S.' Department of Agricul­ ture, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, in coopera­ tion with State and local offi­ cials .will place 3Q0: yellow metal insect traps in Newark to ascer-! tain whether the Japanese beetle .is .present. Should, infes­ tation be found the information would be .used to guide possible corftifol activities. Those ttaps will be placed chiefly in' residential - - Actions', and those doing the work ' will have credentials which wili . be produced on request. State': offi­ cials ask residents to cooperate by allowing traps to be placed on their pfdparty for a period of about 30 days. Police have been notified about the work. Each trap will be %visited at frequent intervals by an inspec­ tor working under the super­ vision of U. S. Department of Agriculture. The Japanese beetle is a pest of economic Importance in sec­ tions of the country where, it is abundant. Most of the insect's life is spent in the soil where the grub feeds on the roots of plants. The adplt, which is present in the. summer, Is about one quarter of an inch' long with a green head and brown wing covers, The feeding of, the adult damages the flowers, fruit and foliage of many plants. In this section the first ap­ pearance of the beetle would be noted on grape leaves or in 'the blossoms of roses. ---------- ' Nutrition Unit Plans Instruction Meetings interesting meetings throughout, Wayne County under the* -supervision of the Wayne County Nutrition Com­ mittee are being arranged by Livingston, district school superintendent, And El­ mer. G, Butts, who are in charge of programs' and speakers for the committee.. It is planned to show moving pictures and . to bring in speakers on the-, sub­ ject of nutrition. A new radio series devoted to defense is now heard at 10:30 p.; m. on Fridays and brings the foremost- .national speakers to the public. America’s greatest nutritional -scientists will be heard, soon .in a quiz program. The series IS called “Listen, Am­ erica’.’; and was launched by Dr. Thomas Parran, Surgeon Gen-* eral of the U. s. Public Health Service. The complete financial state3' ment required to be p^hhshe^ by law appears on page 7 jt ---------- o ---------- * N e w a r k i t e N a m e d A s M a y o r t o R u l e R o y s ’ S t a t e G i t y Alfred Keteham, son of Mr. and- Mrs. Colston Keteham of West Avenue Ext,, was one, of 20 “mayors” elected Sunday as part of the political Set-up of the American Legion Boys’ State at Syracuse, More than 600 boys from throughout the state, picked on the basis of leadership, charac­ ter, scholarship and service, are attending the gathering this Week and learning the funda $4,887.19, -ii HALL E; LIVINGSTON ^Endorsed ‘by GOP for Post -of ■fi - . Distinct Attorney JUDGE JAMES ,D. HURLEY Democrats Choice for Judge and Surrogate MOVE MADE GAINS Village to Install Signals at Mam St. Park Two new traffic signal lights On South' Main St, at Main Street Park were ordered by the Village poard last week as after­ math of a recent serious acci­ dent .which pearly cost the life of a village traffic officer. The lights : were ordered \placed on Main at both the High and Church. Street intersections. Action was taken, board mem­ bers said, as a direct result of the crash June 25 at Main and High Streets between the motor­ cycle. ridden by Traffic Officer Donald Welcher -and an auto dnven .by • Madeline Wasser, Clyde RD 3, Welcher is reported recovering rapidly from a frac­ tured pelvis and internal in­ juries, but is .still confined to Newark Hospital. Police Chief William Scheer- ens said.ffiat,..as result., of the boaid order, 'three-way lights wjlt ber placed in.: the center , of South Main at- the end df botff streets in such a manner that greeh. lights will be- on for-mo- torist;. on High and Church streets-simultaneously while the red lights hold up traffic on .Smmi Main, He also declared that U-turns will hereafter he prohibited at both of these spots, i -At this meeting, also, the board ’ voted permission to Dr. Harold B. Walters to install a gasoline tank and pump for private use at his property, 127 West Miller St, Police justice reported $154 collected for village coffers from fines and forfeited bails. Village bills for the last half Qf June, totaling $4,961.23 Half Year Mark $11,407 Ahead of 1940' Continuing its record of -un­ interrupted gains each year since 1933, the Newark Post Of­ fice rolled up a total of $169,* 784.64 in receipts during the first six months of 1941 to ex­ ceed last year’s total for the same period by $11,407.86, ac­ cording to. the, half-Year report by' Frank}J. Baltzel, postmaster. The total includes stamp sales, parcel post, and insurance and registry fees and in general reflects the business volume of local industries during the per iod. ' The Newark Post Office total­ led $327,543 in receipts in 1940, an increase of $32,164 over the year, before, and a gain of 61 per cent since 1933. Baltzel’s report of postal re ceipts for the first six months, of the current y„ear compares with the same period-last year as foi3 lows: Jan; .:1 $24,498.43 $23,097:16 Feb. ....... 24,869.45 18,961:05 March .. '27,292.2'3 23,669.08 April’ ... 33,952.94 34.267.44 May .. 33,108.74 33,130.87 June . . „26,062.85 25,251.20 — ---- — 0 ----- ----- L e g i o n t o C h o o s e N e w C o m m a n d e r A t C o u n t y C o n v o A new commander to serve during 1941-42 and six delegates and six alternates to the state wsr’e I convention, to be held in Roch- Livingston B a c k e d for D. A. Office ‘ by GOF In another vote demonstrating freedom, of individual action, the Wayne County Republican Committee endorsed Marshall E Livingston, Newark attorney fob the GOP nqiptoation for county district, attprney. at' a meeting ^ |t .Thursday afternoon: V hr view of the fact two New­ ark candidates were in the field, ;he endorsement of Livingston .oh the. first ballot came as some­ what of a Surprise arid spiked rumors that the committee would withhold general support frbih' candidates.' not supported unanimously by their own town committee. The > -tabulations showed 52 votes for- Livingston, 30 for Joseph A, Haney, Newark, and 21 for Jesse Pettys, Clyde, with one. vote Wank, giving the Newark men a vote of pearly 4 to' 1, despite ' the split ip their ovfn town committee. This follows the action of the county committee in endorsing Charles' A,. Brasser,, WUUams.on, for .county judge .and surrogate, and Dr. Floyd C. Thompson, On­ tario, for courity treasurer, both northern tier men, over Newark pandidates in the previous con - vention in June. On the . motion and second of Mr. Pettys and Mr. Haney, both of whom pledged their support, the endorsement of Livingston was made unanimous by the committee at Thursday’s session. Livingston has been extreme­ ly active in 'local affairs since coming to Newark five years ago. A graduate of Syracuse Law School, he has served as presi­ dent of the Newark Chamber of Commerce,' the -Arcadia Com­ munity chest and the Newark Lions Club and is. a member of the New.ark School Board. He also holds'the office of Newark police, judge to which he was elefcted last'MUrch, in' the event of his election as district attdr* next January which would then be filled .by- -appointment. audited and ordered paid. These follows: Mayor’s fund, $50; trus­ tees fund, $297.70; attorney fund, $25; justice fund, $88.17; clerk fund, $292.05: superintend­ ent of public wdrks, $115: build­ ing fund, $219.52; park fpnd, mentals-of American democracy'^r_e listed _by _ departments as by ruling themselves in a mythi­ cal 49th state. Besides mayors, the boys elected conaptrollers, judges, council men, - and assemblymen. Other representatives from Wayne County attending the encampment,- besides Keteham, are: Robert Love, Palmyra; Wesley Fletcher, -Williamson; Ralph Wiest, Sodus; John Van Hall, Marion; -Jack Bareham, Palmyra, and Gerald: Harris, Ontario. —! ----- -o- --------- - ' Wayne Grqnges Slate County Fest Saturday The annual county-Wide pic­ nic of Wayne Granges will take place at Sodus Center Park this Saturday beginning with dinner at nopn (DST), according to Carl Fairbanks of Williamson, deputy state, grange master. Members of the Lyons’ Eureka Grange, and the , Palmyra and Macedon granges, winners of their divisions In> the grange membership contest, will be guests at the affair. Merle Ridley,. Newark, Pom­ ona Grange master, is in charge of the program. Those attend­ ing are requested to bring sand­ wiches, a dish to pass and table service. ester August 14-16, will be elect­ ed at the annual convention of the Wayne County Committee, American Legion, to be held in Williamson, on Saturday after­ noon. The business session will be held in the Fire Hall starting at $342.70: street cleaning. $73.80; 13 o’clock and dinner will follow in the evening in, the William­ son Post rooms. An entertain­ ment program has been ar­ ranged by the members of that post. There is some talk that a con­ test may be made over the office of county commander. Leon Johrison of Sodus is the out- fire fund, ■ $508.36 (includes $378.88 for uniforms); heal’h, $446.21; miscellaneous, $154.68; WPA, $44.98; highway fund, $1,103.02; police fund, $1,200.04. ---------- 0 ---------- Cherry Pickers Get Boost in Pay R a te , . „ , Western New York Cherrv gpmg commander and Clayton G E ? / l n S , S prlc° p\S » « » for cherry, picking from 34 cent a pound, pai-d 'last year, to 1 cent a .pound this year, accord­ ing to Horace Putnam, Lyons, president of the New York Cher­ ry Growers Association. 1 He further states that a survey by the association disclosed that some growers, who have partic­ ularly light crops, plan to offer an additional Vi cent a pound to those who stay with the pick­ ing creW until all the crop is harvested. Putpam said that the survey indicated that 6 cents a pound was the general price being of­ fered growers for cherries in this section, with some offerings of 6 VS cents reported. adjutant. N. A. DeJohn, county service, officer, will make a report,' which. will show over $25,000 in benefits obtained through his office for .war veterans of Wayne County during the past year. ------ - --- O— 1 r— REPAIR SCHOOL WALKS Sections of the sidewalks on the grounds of the new Junior- Senior High School which have been damaged by the ground settling are being repaired. As work on the new school was guaranteed for a year, the work is being done by the contractor without cost to the school dis­ trict, according to E. R. Woelfel, superintendent of schools. M o r to n A d a m s W in s N a tio n a l H o r s e C o n te s t Morton Adams', Wayne Coun­ ty Agent and president .of the New York State ^‘ -Draft Horse dlub, is winner in -the national horse judging picture' contest sponsored by the, Percheron equalled that of last. Pictures ed in his stallion grouping only of: the top prize winners and i one stallion not placed by the outstalndlng animals from the (judges. show rings of 1940 were grouped j New York horses placing in in/the Association' magazine for ithis All-American group include study and ail entrants were in- j the three grand champions, structed to vote solely from the ! Olivet and Lulea,. owned by My- Horse Association of America to! pictures, not from what theyjron M. Fuerst, Pine Plains; and determine the All-American might know personally of a par- Miss Horticultural, owned by best Percheron stallions and fcicular animal and his poor or Madrey Farm, Brewster, mares. Mr. Adams’ sdor,e of 1661 good qualities. Banking of each , Average. score for the efitire points led the field of 550 individual was then computed 1 group of 550 voters was 109 trawts by 7 points, in the 1940 contest he placed second With 150 points, i_.„ ■ Although th i l ls the second time this popular voting contest has been held, the interest and enthusiasm this.year more than by comparing his vote with that of the 30 official judges selected by the board of directors of the Percheron Association. Mr. Adams placed every mare in. i eicactly the position accorded, Nlcholsville: iher by these Judges and liiciud- ‘Bio^svale points. New York entrants scoring 130 and above include: Lewis W. Acomb, Dansville; Joseph P. King, Canton; E. 'W. Layton, Ithaca: George A. Cook, and Beach Eckel, Hurley Voted Choice of Democrats for ' Judge A complete slate of candidates:, lecommmded Democratic paity nominees to oppose Re­ publicans for five major county: - offices m the coming election was drawn up yesterday by members of the Wayne County I Democratic Committee, in. ’ bl- , annual convention a t . Lyon? ; The list is headed by a Newark ; man, County Judge James ' p . Hurley, who was unanimously 1 endorsed as candidate foi coun- < ty judge and surrogate,* a post he has held sjnce appointment . Jan 1, 1941 - i Also recommended as convex)- tion choices for other offices were the following poun-ty : Clerk, Arthur J Bamhatt, Pal­ myra, County Treasurer, Dr, Leon U. Bidwell, Wolcott;. Coun- • ty Welfare Commissioner, Mrs. , Katherine Wykls, Clyde mayor,’ ; District Attorney, W „ David ’ Curtiss, Sodus, and County'Cor- . oner, Dr Robert W-Harris, WiI>-,; liamson Endorsed for election in the Septi 16- primary as dele- • gates to the Seventh Judicial; District Democratic, convention.- w^rs Judge Hurley and Charles ; P*. Williams and John W. Miles of Lyons,. Alternates named were - Curtiss, Edwin M. Harvie, Savan& nah, and Carl L. Katz, Wolcott. 5 Curtiss Named D. A. : It was announced by Charles P. Williams, chanman of the - committee, that Governor Lefi-f man had yesl erday morning ap- ; pointed: Curtiss, young- Sodjus 1 attornsy, as District Attorney’, for Wayne. He wrti fill the - vacancy created by the resigna­ tion of Chailes B. Brasser, Jte- - publican judge candidate, and < will serve until Jan. I-,.-r 19.42,:; when a successor elected m Nov-:' ember will' take office. Yesterday’s convention-was; completely harmonious ,and 1 ) 0 ' contests-wet e held; resulting 1n. uriahiriteus. endjoisementtt lor «R- ttfandldates; chairman^’WffHams presided and John B Keane of Newark, committee secretary,/, acted aS clerk ■ ■ > • •' • :. No Primary Fight Seen Judge Hurley was appoirited’at the beginning of the year to- fill 1 T o w n C l e r k L i s t s $ 4 , 9 1 1 i n F e e s f o r C i v lV /lr» « fk c -the coul)ty judge and sui-rogato r i r s i O I X lV I O I lin S post vacated by Lewis A. Gilbert A total of $4,911.55 iri fees are [ of Newark, who was elected *'as Supreme Court Justice, fie will , seek the Democratic nomination .- in the primaries and will fifobVT ably be opposed for electi6rii;Jjy; Brasser, since it is beiieV-sffSiib: other candidates will entert.thb,:.. field for this or other offices! '! Unsuccessful GOP candidates are reported to have agreed - to abide by that committee’s'ffefete sion and no primary contests are anticipated. The judge.arid surrogate is elected for. a.siksC-- year term, While the four other', offices will be filled for 'four-.: : year terms. • ' i 1 2 2 M e n R e g i s t e r ; I n S o d u s D i s t r i c t ■■ Copsiderably below estimates. 122 men who have b&(i6m#v!;2i:. years of age since the -first d'raftiv enrollment October 16th', ' 1940, reglstei*ed; for selecfcive-serVibprifi;: the Sodus District last \weekr Tuesday., Of this number 49 registered,’ at the one-day, Newark.offiee>'.47’f at draft headquarters in. Sodus,-' arid 26 at Ontario ' where . prite vision was made for the day. -i,*:: According to Harvey Cook, baar'd clerk, -the. board was eft,-': pected to meet yesterday to ' shuffle the names and establish ’ serial numbers for the men. Further action depends upQri':; the holding of another natio^§iT!; drawing to determine the o^der:-: number of the new registrants;’ ‘J: Fourteen more district meri are to report today at induction: station, iri Buffalo. Changes fln ’ -the list as published in 1 Igst week’s paper are the additipri h |‘,! Earl J. Lergner of Williamsori^ and the deferment,’ pei)(ii|ij3 -final, action on whether or :ftot. men over 28 years of age fire to be called, of Joseph *■ Vandeiv.. brook, Edward A. Everson, .LPrii&! j.: Schiffner arid Robert D.' uofe?? burri. # ' v n-fej --- -Or-*— ,—- 9 Men Report Today. . From Lyons District . ’ Nine Seieeteei Jfom' tfif^Yqiis':: District. Will report at tlie Biifr; falo' Iftduetiori Statlbri • tfidM'\; (Thursday*) for a year’s sefWfcfe’ in the army.1 . , ;L t 'They Iife: Robert H, SteVely and Robert-'J. Gilmeri, paimS%;'; , Daniel M. Varalli, William S,: The noted horse, a feature in Weeks, Everett W. Bastian and many'screen successes, comes Frank C., Williams, Lyons; Viv- here direct from the Warner iari T. DbLee arid Raymond C. Bros, StridiP at Hollywood, ac- Finch, Cl^de, and John M. Wil cording to G, B. DePauw, 4sott, Macedori. , - ^ reported for the first six rnonths of the year by Edwin C. Bond, town clerfcr - The amount is $27.90 more than for -the same pesriod last year despite the fact that 76 less hunting and fishing licenses were issued. Portion of the fees retained by the town amounted to $857.- 50, an increase of $82.10 over the first six months last year. Largest increases were in marriage licenses, 50 of which were issued .in the six months period as compared with 40 in the same time in 1940, and in the number of chattel mort­ gages recorded, 416 of which were handled as compared to 244 last year. Other transactions were the issuing of 990 dog licenses, 16 more than last year; 605 com­ bination hunting and fishing li­ censes, 50 less than in the first half year of 1940; 276 fishing li­ censes, down 17; 43 hunting li­ censes, off 9; 51 trapping li­ censes, up 21, and the recording of 409 Conditional sales con­ tracts, 48 more than in -the same period last year. Fresh Air Children To Leave on J u ly 16 Four New York City young­ sters will remain with their Newark hosts for another two weeks after next Wednesday when the main group of 8 chil dren leave for their homes. . The children, who have been vacationing here since last Wed­ nesday Us guests of local homes under the Tribune Fresh Air Fund: project, will leave at .11:08 a. m. (DST) from the New York Central Station. Hosts are re­ quested by Mrs. -Robert Kalb, lo­ cal chairman,' to 'haye the chil­ dren oft hand by 10:45. Families that are keeping their youngsters for a longer period are Mr. arid Mrs. Albert Graf, Mr. and Mrs: iPeter Morell, NIr. and Mis, John Vanderbrook and Dr. arid Mrs. F. C. -Donnelly. Screen Wonder Horse Booked at Capitol “King”, hailed as “the educat­ ed horse with a human - brain”, will perform in a special act on the stage of the Capitol Theater this Saturday afternoon and evening. ' ■ '

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