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The Medina Register. (Medina, N.Y.) 1877-1931, January 12, 1882, Image 1

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JhV~^*4v T!/ sV \ 9 r ~x <n •\r- .<$ VJFJb©X ** ^ V\ .. n ,:,i..i.fL /\\\ •i|TOfe^-.|r;3tv, THl%b*AX JAKTTAUY A 1882. . J ; prrBJJSHEDiSYEBY TIIUK5D. Ms- AI AT-*^ • Medina, OrlegBcNS^ sgU and j^uaraafee the Ztfliesa jto give en'fire satisfac- io| or refund the money. \ 1 eqeare iC Coutnin-.... £ -Cilomn—... I 'Colnnrn.. IUr<i*g° Will deslh nOUees *•** ' . Oblwries sccoapsnyuig 4*«jssyo B H'rt»otaii ^AdfOtUKmenu will be mMflgJ3W ont%nleas vsbsn ori««i\(l»«rf£ l \»« l '«|b\ . engtb of time 10 M ir^«rted.a*s>JP-. i»,ij«» a etas o« <wu»i««fflya 1 jfc' or iMsseud ons dollar [»ry»«#»* I »* lu \'» ajiiha. .. .\. \^iiL.tt^— 10 writer. tlUOllttlDlllirDf^t .Is sappUedwlih the nral SU 'd -•*• *« UTOMWCII li Mtcsual with r^sp^ts\* JtOOKB. W«CE&*i S pslu'iiurre. n - rTr **\ , M BU8UifiS3 OAUJW, . JIATALOUUISJ,^ . LKQAit ULANJS, ,BA^E CnSCRb, max OP *ABB. • ^AUCtlO.N ML • Wataslls impsctloa yoartSSUrs.whciiwIll vnoilHKT *«D COOSS -mtiifHW _ (FROM BBAZll 'ew Compoxm£ GiJCjimnlty to the 'tomtits and the Liver, the j&lSsolvingJuices, iaeafzao&t instantly the i •-\— fie TOKPED LIVER, zna*es an every day necessity in , _ house. t nets gently.end speedily in Wonsaess. Costivonass, Bej^dr en6. Sick Hendaohe, Distress afi mr Eatinc-Wind on-tha Stomach. •earthnm^Paina In the Side and 'soft. Want ol Appetite. Waat ol \$BBisy. Low Spirits, Foal Stam- \ eh. It invigorates the Ltytrr, ca K 'esj&Ali surplus bile, --rvlaios __ hoBoytols. ondgfves tone to the . whoje system. I iQat-this oat and talcs it to youl Dfussist and eft a 10 cent tUmplo, 0J\3 la•frt'frotf '« tor 76 cents, and telly'- •'•* --About tk~ - You know rne.weH-^ What tp&n have told tarn*. • , ,An4 hlsyoniw.Triro G«i on qulto *wru!, dear; - Tboy'flootd a&d flKbt' Bath da; and night— Or that Is what I hour. •Anawhowoutotblnir . That Smith «bouid drlnk>- nifi way be does, food Iwrdt ^ Or fto ttaeT-say; My dear, I pray 7ou will not take my word. \ And tbero'a MlH Burt, Tbe isuoy lilrt, ' Bbo'a talked about; l'vo1x«ard Such frlxhttul tblnn, H tilusbos Drinks To tell tbom, \pomny wo/d. \ O dear, they say The other day That Bev. Dr Bird --• And M1&3 Montcalm Went arai-ia-«rm ©own Broadway—fo I haardv* - Bays Mrs. 3onet, la ohiillng tones, \ Vou ba*-» qumk eurs, my dearl Just all them full rt ltD cotton -wooh * Tou hear too much, 1 tear.\ \ -Bolton TrahjoHyt. Sister Abo«v *u _ toolding one otjor ' chttdrtn Vrlwu W» .entorea tho bdufal ajtd wo were uponibar noioto W;Mk » finfehod tor loudTpttphSO harangue .. ••1 doa't twhayx'«ny °u •rejpsa- iroohconBKy yoipsfww.•»*• r*M»B., (rotI»JL-»h» reroikrkefl, »potogo«alyJ \They w worry «toj*9 »omatimejmat t aeom»^^fo me;I;«*!Oulo »p]oy mjsaUln taySiv?;\*-'\' r ' A . . » \Send * oonple of tl>en» t o me, Apna^ whenevor/yoa Jeel lik e parting-with? them,\ «sid fhe..apotbr» r ; was wfflifeV th t aay replted!, i«i don't know how totata£jto4jbU«^..vJ 1 ahr added. \»nd it »I 4id..kBawiriw, I time tint rirhot fit tor aMthldz. I wish yon'd give me ftome Of that^edi. ois«, lite, tot J0»g»ve meiwVAim. mer. 11 v , \I suppose you wor k joat u lurd, Anna, as though yoa htAo't .» p»Ja to y our aide,\ thadoMar remarked :j ••Of course 1 do,V ; w»*feW<>«»»«! flrritabteresponse. \Who elwistMr e tojioiirillglTBitop?\- ;• •-• t;/- 1 huadreds o( feet hich . 1 \Where U? the «tf*^Ann^ d ««. U«ir 0 { ^pld, tot oilei toe lo^h a v 8 youh£i*?> ^ , n ^ ^ ^ ug »-W^CI If\ tA ^giSi^y •So. *v the moat nutri- It .to butter that the ' \It drink* dldm ,«Uop hour* out ot when eoodheef and ttoua food ire »t?iolute uooeMlties, mifasiitf 1U( on»«pi f #sh may 'lap W milk, and work* 4£ twerteji-fpur.'! \~ Soon alter' thU the doctor dropped me at my boarding-house, ..i'JJow-ybn latow all about it,\ she remarked in parting, road If an; one evei aaka yo.u why alary- 8tedm»n did not remain anfcong Sor rolatjltei you can'(ay that Jho.<leoUned'toliTe aMoUJj crimtoa!\ and ihicldes.\ Kve; nionth* after tho ahavftinsideftt •later Anna dlid. and one year front that date th« .widower married again. The 'leobnd wife la a duuli*jat» of the first, working Wght aotp-oiS aM. 'lay- Ingrup\ (or > future wh\on'lt'»mor« than Bkoly * EteortWrfir£ IntereiUnK^Vwa Concerslar t^e 0>^»» Cereal Producing Statei. The cenias rethrna ju« laiuod, gly. ing the. cereal produots^of eaoh, State during 18S0, make quits \interesting if rathe? lolld reading. They . show, in th e first .plaoe, that th e wheat .otoptot I889 yj was-aurty .per- cent.- larger, than that of 1870. the numbe r of bushels S foduoed biiiheJn round numbers 4s9,- 79,000 ln<V86UaiSd «87,71fi.00O in 1870 *-* i differenoe ot m.TaiiOOQ'iHBihols. piiAoiSt tyhloh atooo^atthft head n[ tha •wheat, produolnar States ia 1879, retalni the position i n lbm its contribution be- ing 01,000.000 buallaia against 80,000,. 000 In 1870, or morB than one-tenth ol the total production o f the oountry in 'aithe^year. Iowa, |whleh stood second fete Our Xouiig Readers. tffj IIUM^W—!•••-•• •'!'' 1 !\r* t •hiot-.ferJ' m»'aoiiuV'f|i»' *6^#^M« la SONG FOB A BIRfBDA Y BOY. The 8uk» ElTer Falls. •fho dooinr's tones w»ro «T«n.,4in4, \her manne.r so calmly professional that For two or three miles »fco»e8h> shona Fa^is the rW«r BOWH through lm- mease chMtns, with wails on either ildji The river U deicent b o r §hoihone SL^aS^^Mt^^' to «\» wlt n ovortaAOOOtOeO-bni^li. t, in Clu%sttarirthu!>n. „ v now-stands- sixth with 81,000.000 bush-, '„ _ t * t,* —^77* els, while the jecoid place isoooupled Onoe, upon a*wlnter uighi, Whoo tbo stiowji* oold and white, Rrpppod ahaUvlruu tho skits. With a unit orwtirawn oyetl . Without cjothos, Sir toot!, «r nam» Klitht into our btuttts It name, And^v* lovod-it frum-thatutinut As If thero worb\nuljloiu lulf 85!' \ Knc . ^ t ... T>o u hundi -rfBg> roar bad Jlowh: couldiSfeop, and atand atona, Know mstnma and Uquand tVlta, **- -Ired pretty trloK •till a tartai pretty trlofc . ga_wa**,ws^ i Mt,stUI *tartar. Jvily,\s said Mary, oneorlly.. tSBi ;«* and \Pruji by Indiana with 47,000,000 busheli-th t 8Ut« whichstoodf fourth in, 1870'with 37,7»0$00 bushoh. Oh,to stands third -now with 46,000,000 bushelf), is It stootf tfetrd with 28,000,000 bushels in 1870. Hichlran is fonrth nowwlth 84,60Q,00C bushels, instead.o< eighth, with 16,000,- 000 boshalt lnfttO; while Wisoonsin, |r i fil»,'l&6wna9-T«inorU«ier'iils.lhe'', wiacVwas filth than wHfi !i4,87o,pflC nver is divided by a a island, sod the , bushels, is ninth now with 24,884,000, 'AHEAD OtjHHg.\ \Now I'm goin g to show yo u wh y I struck but (or myself.\ 1 had been driving'sKatle-or two with my chcory friend, l)r. Mary Stedman, and uutilumt moment was unaware o t any motive for the ride other<than the usual one of pleasure to us both. \I havo a warm plaoe in my heaxLfsr., my natiifo Vermoutj\ afco w«nt on ; \slid knowlnj^how 1 love It. 1 am sure |. jou havo-ottcn wondered why 1 did not remain horo Instead Of seeking a home anjl a profession-<for myseU among ^4trango^s» f, • . 4 had often speculated on this very eubject \but/there was no time to corI,.| hu it, for/at that moment my com-, pntilop'rolhtid Up snddehiy, auf With a urllk \Hnri w o are!\ Jumpedirom tho (sarriage- \ , \This pointing to a weather-beaten but still eommrtsble-lootcinK house, \is the. homastsslk Since the death of our-j Ijtad A die.'time^no suspicion ^V^ ! iwo atream. rush bverth e precipice and 3l I7A feet belox ol It was assumed. bslow. As i^rfiiS^iSWli^^ breathea •> loox breath sinoe last?No- vomber. 8omotlmes Itr Is'Worie\ i*\» others, and 1 am consoioui of It*' minute.\' ''- , . and from be- lotr there Is still rfiore to admire and to awetfee visitor. Bonle*15arffrflvtTnIle» down the river and wo c^m«) tJ> tho great mt•--, . J -t..i. ta»,»i.;rfi. i 'aOs. where the slitira rivef dMCendifn The doctordrew a. c^rto-hi^ TO9 fUn %0 f Ws remVmbet tor's slda, attdtogk hor hand wJiWf.,.' -• - -—- -->'.« •liear me, IStey* .^SJl 11 '!? *!«? rosmtoj; srodnif Slagxr a Fails, the rap- •Ida stul hthef places, of Interest for sev. ira l days pies, aid; •syttu all' tost tbnra H to •admire' and eiclffl our- wpnder, •ten is astdueh.-if not rcbre, to interest Vte tuitor to this portion ol Snake IHVar. r%hti\ saM.to».lavajWMn^ hsr t to mass llglitot thestt«»tlott. - ', . y ••How many men does, yqnrihusbana hire this summer, Aani^ , the doetor Inquired as she prepared soma msdi- oine. . J'Onty six this year. \ \And xqa cook and, wash-tor thsm, Isuppoeor\ \Of course,\\ \How 'rMiny caws have you!** S \Fourtean.\ \And yojt make butter for marked\ 8lster Anna smiled as she answettd' thlsanestion. •\ iStveraga about sixty pounds a tfcrf tio it.-—-Ercrybod \ifses \Teaberry\ for thtj teeth; and bpeath^fhc newest, bright- est, cosiest -iittle toilet gem i^i extant. Try a 5 cent sample, parents my eldest brother has lived I W ooV.\ hero. You needn't be at a!l-dl*lurbod,\ ''What time do you get up in the is, I naturally,hea!toiedabout intruding J moraine?\ among strangers, \for my slster-ln-law j \About fonr o'clock.\ ' What time do yo u g o to bod?\ Anywhere from ten to twelve;\ and M expeots us. \How cool! howmeat! how shady and \ comfortable!\ were my tlm exclama- tions as 1 followed my leador into the old-fashlonotl parlor. \Just so; 1 \ aho responded drily. \And my dear, you might anarch (rout tseffiiY 10 gaff«n ortiin great tionka, «ott though you stood uposs- laddara, and jicorcil with & mioroscouc o n your bands and knees, yCu would never be able to find a By. \ Mrs. Stedman looked as her siitor-ln- la« had described hor—\like a very.j sad and troubh-jl ghost.\ She was painfully tliln'ond haggard, and at least, s itoicn times during- our short .call t noticed her tnjjjrj^fjjl tjyes oil With tears. - < 4> ••fi-dll.-taraV' satdtbe doctor, »-jou^ bushels, is thus ahowlng itself th e most stationary ot all th e «eat Weston T wheat States. then, with a glanoe in\ my direction, \you tee,-fanners have to keep ahead of time. If they' didn't manage to do thU they oohtdu't lay up anything, to save their Uvea.\ • . \Anna said EheTIocWr', taklbg 61 notice of tlio above remark, \I Intend to.slay In Vennrmt * moothr uolnti 1 \ItT^v*' / am needed in New York. Wotfld. you ' -\' wu, «« Uko mo to tako charge pf your case Lr\^-efj.^ . .. ,. [V GOODS can not be excelled in Orleans count)-. Our parlor lamps are IMMENSE. Everybody can^ajlhrd one h6use. especially on NICSHT. eLtitjk if you think best buy a DARK at them diiJ .yca^' oa r hojlois mnllod.; -th.ere ti never any en d t o work.' •• Been making buttor 10-dayF' \ I made a little over faTtv.pounds this morning.\ \ Ueforo breakin v IsepposeT' Thedootor'stono was sotneWnatcrUpi. . \ 1 churned at (our, and 1 have lost worked my buue r over. I don't mind so much whoa chnrning doesn't come washing-days, and. you see, cream har got to DO -attended to - whenever it U ready.\ \ Been washing, too?\ m y friend In- quired. \O. yes! An d it did seem aa if 1 had every gvment i n {ho tnb that there was In the noose.\ buttor.\ said Hjo doctor, t' weaned— . woman\ • oyes, during that time?\ •• Uy ca«r' her ttsUr repeated. In great perplexity. \ I donjl suppose I •Jiall need anything more than UUt medicine.\ *X \ I wtU gladly do r «01X(»ssii^'«a«»« Anna,\ tha^liB^Wwi^elumed. \and whe*.»q6fl compelled to g o back t wfll „ ro bahivlevSr leave you In tfteHMaill; but It must^ ' ^ aun & a Stake 00 oondlUoo of th * most perfect one- 1 Mnam „„ r j, dlenoe on rodr naxt. Yoa have hard ,^„ linla out fcoughtogspelU.ejrerj'Biorislng.-do jroo j ogJst streams » t \ A „ ,. . . . ', .. ' ,. I northern bxraWr* \ Yes. Mart, ba t how u* the world tof t duuq tJof' did yoo know thatf „ _ . , to from iho «,oon! \No matter ho w I know It That 1 -nit,.! ,ir.araa.w, do snow it Is sufficient. To begin wfth. I ^J^\ Anna, your husband must dnd oth»r' rf bul n ( places for his workme^. and_soms ofea ^ g {^, ^^JJ and should this p\aee be connected by railway with the outside world .this will become a great resort for travelers, Sqmo thirty or forty miles down stream talolomon Falls, extending quite a dis- taste. The greatest of these falls Is only aboa twenty feet, but the forms and. t&tt peat number of the fails and cas- cades, make it very beautiful. But a abort tUlance above these falls\ Is the roost Umarkable sight y e hftgiv-efar seen. U11 the h.^h WuilValojjgthe river ther e Haiuo numerouv grest sphnga, th e warVs of which fall oyoj, ihe rooka an d areWasned to savory streams and •eprny l«\lhelr de»<«nt. The first of tnes e powi over ai-Hf/ ih a scmi-circtt- Istr 1 form i\nil Inlls ov.r '.'.vi |eet As e opposite slite of thr river •utiiul. Kimh--r miwih jrrantler er equal tuthat of a small In Silvery stream-, of ai- ceirablo shape and fnrrn. *ro tfnotl'urttli •hroba, 10 thai H yt^ tnuieo of aa irnra-iqsa Is ctrr^r a ipacc t>t orcr t »ad lUTeraJ huadtiwl ft5t3t la wtdtii.^rth-irtiDnD tho urcaru fnr ottt^iv* x*to otbor ».mlUr BprinKi see n frarj It is:very 1 rlyer it! stream ol most every i Bo we val'od Ulm 111 \Pet.\ and \Bantiur .,, And-a hundred nautos bcsl When aitothor yenr wont by. Count l tell 1( X ebnuld try Half bow lovoly Uo bad frcownt— Walklns. like a man, atone, . yats.lns'-wtth.WCb babbtlhi wonts LlKO the cooing ot the bids, With a tangled crop of ourls Hanging round ulm-ltku a glrrs. Threo yeara out now lookfor wusjls. Trials, troubles, eties and talis I l!p and i^own 111™ any. rooistl In his dress a little lwoket, Klllsd with tops.au.il n.lls, and grcjKtrnoni sents an ap grolto. ,Thes> TOO lectin I stead ot seventh i s 1870. its production tbein g 34,600,u60 bushels in 1880-ap T Increase over 1870 o ! nearly 18,000,000 bushels, or about 1 Id per cent. Penn- sylvania, .whJoti In 1870 waa sixth with over 19.400.000 boshols, is now tenth with a tew thousand bushels less. Cal- Uornla, which stood eighth in 1870; with 16,676,000 bushels, no w stands seventh with ».00(tO!» bushels, and Missouri, Which-stood ninth with 14,800,000 bush- -cl*. has also advanced one step, being eighth now with. 2a.O00.000 buihels. Kansas, which waa far dow n nisr tho toot at the column in 1870 with a little over 2,000,000 bushels, now holds the 1 eleventh place, with over 17,000,0001 bushels-, while Nebraska, which -stood near Kansas thon.atandsnaxt to her now with 14.000.000 bushels. New York stands thirteenth bo w with -11,C00,OCX) bushels, instead ot tenth in 1870, Whan is^protluoed W.WW.OO^l bushels. The wheat States next in order now are: Kentucky,' ll.3Jii.Oio bushelst alary. land. H.00O.WW bushels; %Trginl*; 7,. 800,000 boshols-, Uregon. 7,000.000 boskels.and icnne.-ueo. 7.300,000 bush- els. Ol tho other States done produce mora than «,O00,rj»J bushels OJ the .£cotum States/ (seurgia produces thu down the ^ojOTt. namely. • 8. liU.UOO bushels, Ala, \>' l, t * I bama being next with 1,029,000 bush-' els. and Loulsiansr-wmding up Ihe rear wttb oiOOO-btMthels. In the order of acreage devoted to wheat growing Illinois stands first as she does In the amount ol wheat grown. Km in every other of tbo leading wheat States there 19 mora -or less disparity between their positions to the order of thc-aproage planted with wheat and the — I wltkjopa.mail n .lis, and strings, And sonio Our other things: ' Throe feet tau, or taller', n»yb»— Can this be my utuebabyr BtmenothortUrtiidtr. dear, what « foUr-y«»r eolt u herel leaping, runnlnr, skipping, praostng, in »n-l out on swift feet Jsttclug, Handliux marblM, spimiiot tons, Bpeudlngnentslo eandy^hops; M . In kiluxl skin and buttoned iaoket; Always tip* Iat4ua»udrK^L»U - Now, as sura as tnjaitve, ». ^rbareutranous boy-is eirel Bend bitu off to ipbeol at ones— We d-tn t Wrini to own a dupcel s^sU of rrtoxs asaay matten— Oet hint to a Kindergartens Tswtwhe'U Issru to use his wits, Without any ugly Ota, Stx-snd what do 1 behpVll' No more waving ourls of into, Hut a little wig «t brown, Closely oroppsd about the ero 1 Su snarSLSSirts. hut iniis.t Full of tna»y seains and sUtahea, Orowlnsr, every lisgie day, fn the utost surprtslag w.sy. S«VS« ,t«»^W 1 a Boy at tisu _ _ Time and tide Save travel*! rest; Thcrfbesjis, sahbtraed tall. Jacket- trousers, boots sod slit tie can Spell, sail resit, and writ*. ^h1^« , i r ol«rf^! , - b -- WI ' t - -ilu ' stay your piauts. - i ^ - \liutyeu a,t«.n(|tjjneyft'.-; -. ... \QK Ws»ry,.you ^..apa^ ^aarltagVr. lister! jf'<j.a-are ottt>^!&«ai-^J-4**- ^ grandmothers unrV attntiatf-tho tvovldt^.ji^S catch. tbBrr»..golnt{ W h«M< *.<athol*, day '• ->. ' '' for s, fwllow! \ crled'CHiarlle,, kissing h«-. ; - .' \ r »m weiry, very |Ud\I„twsf yosr * ;' place, C!harlio> - \• •' . :..*'. \Ytju ^et «p B.0*. Mary , an d VA' give yoa rjiy nln-i\fll(»Unrt-ffiy-rockets,.';; ancl you rujd tM Bates .'oaa firpthCin j all oft x\ ^ouWWBejto'mear^sisrta-* lot you UB there' shy -lQnigeri , ' said, , Charlie, t>eginnlng to rewoTjailvlkJoitt.' • CoruliM. Int o t>5 Wnv \Gefugr- liWe^Ti^hfari'CHarVxittle^eti: leuon y l**ra'mre,.'V • • ':' C -' • y-, \ Intleed 1'have.^pa, sand I »m »*)• s ^ sorry.\ '\. „,\*vVl • •''-\. That'stsuao evening Eddie Batei/wai boasting to*oro\\'ii ol boyi* tiuot^r.-hJH graiuimpther havlug saved'tilrii tram an uveuiBg ot lorrow in hi s own room, whan GKarllt) ipoko up; « \ Gmndmu and a'unta . axe) all 'well enough, boys, hut alstera -aie Vhoag iMttfiSt JfOtt Jult ll«tteJ%-ua«lU4l!s;S» voice of pride sad love he related his. ilstor'a gonerom act Arid tEe gay little orowd gartt Mary. thretrulieen and a tiger, beildes firing off nino starry rockets simultaneously . In heciipisor.^-iilli's B. Borr, i* P&t per's Young Pwptt, •• -....•/' urn . ; y^- ZlpCosa, • .-' Did you ever 140 a tacooca?' .1 m gains-to tell yen aboat one that was sent irora tho Bouth u a present .to a la llragoeVBravely 00- , where Is eir liiby gone/ Ob, loot41 So now L bjopa—what ^<> 1 hope? and scores ot u>lti»-« 1 , t hope he l| learn locomh als hair, sad tle„bts ownshosvairlnni ... . I hope Bell never eaten • cold la Ball. orsnoV, or rein. ^•w he wsja.^/V Zff>^hl\iwT»lery^sWoo5ii | Ztp'jie^i lonit, low bbay.-* coWe6T^- wltbTntllt yellowish hair. s3k nmej^sa oolototU and lilt oyis, werjs bright Jis uuttonsL His paws wore tegular 'littla _^_ hands, and bo moil them Juat like hand*. He vnt a Terr tatne. .Ha woul d climb up on Isrjtbolla • chair an d scramble to Ana g^.'. » be tuu s u te^fhb* wuaom en. feer ahoojder. Then he wonlcl comb her. • grawig^iinT . I hair with hit flnacrs, plok a t hor esr- t hope he-tfkMp bis olear hrbtet eyes, ami bis rtnge and totl 01 hor collar an d pin eb& quietsparkliBa'wlls, , hnlLsna. ^^^^''-•^^^^^''n^^^VlWwM ouite UL but And netejlow bU mejry laugh, or souls 10 JomeLlmOS WM ablotOSltlrr hBT chair M*> 1 _P , ??? ln t tu | i!SI (0 ^j MC0 „,' and eat her dlsnerfrotrija tray; on hsr And wrup money 1 k present. I lap. Kbe uxoil to Hare tip is tier roomi 1 0 **!i ; ' l SC~i?Jf U J \ \ r * J ** - \\ \\ , 0 • but. i f lof t alone with . hmr Zip would mate It longer-^ . _ ^ , , i_ ,1.. „i..i. K.UI_J V.. __.I inror ~,sfo» srow oou better. 1 jump op in the chair behind nor .and try to orowd her off. He .wotttd—reach rtot only may fay dai wt»* and str -nanr, Uut be. In heart, sod otlud, and soul. In sll bis •alas and w»y». —— aremnd, too, uriiTer her ar m and steal tu^htiuir' my . tbrniirt.iiljlh ngefr-mri Wtray—. ,. . Once th e cook in Ihe kitchen hoard a ordiS <^r lh4..tju,anUtj of wheat pro- tluooit t^jrar*rli)g tKenumbor of acros fault be found immediately to do \ your housework. Yo o moiS-go to bed every night at sight o'clock and remala In bed till after breskfsst. Yo« must have all sorts ol nourishing food, (tjid pork, and codfish must be eliminated from your bill of _ isu-o.\ •;_AIsj>y, what do yon msan?\ The m was sjfiokof Mrror In thepooi 1 and hor 11 L.I ijultaicd «&«4\aVo4^5\HBi»sre ta u vast body \Of water »r«#il t%*tiir9s-sv^<atlon that will! • •' * * solved-. Uost Olrer v_or Valley at a point miles .distant, and sight In \be lava. ;-K the western aod \ this, vast lava'plain irljr W0 miles conw and sink. These probstily furnish pours out of these one of thcaw iy of Ihe-larger peeulatinn to e»- ol sonply-y comes and what else?\ I painfully. Not much else beside tho regular ( •• 1 moan. Uvo a do exactly as t tell one. LAMPS FROM 25B 1^0,00 each, --• •»••• V Lamp Trimmings of School Books all Pills . and Plaster '; eve>y dfescriptibn. work. I picked ,omo Beans for dinner youyoo may got w#ll; If not,\it is im. and made a few pins; that's ell!\ [possible.\ too doctor replied.. \ If yot At this point rrgfrtfwjarTnach to myTtllnk 1 am axscgaraiuiK, or don't know \ what I am talk (off about, send for any 1 reputablo physician you please and ask At this poin t rrty frvMSSTTUt surprise, turned the convorsstiou into other channois,' and soon after w e took our leave. J, ! hun to tall tho truth. •< II seems to mo yon have neglected .. o Marvl ihnro hm'i any way of an opportunity.' t remarked, aa soon , doius^llrtj things- ybu ipoak of. Chvrkn as wo Bail driven awTPf. . J-f^t, aifuTIy poor*tBH iurBmeT, in* t V^-mptwaad-^ou-d-thin k f>,l^mL^h%te. haert trying -harder than ever to companion answorodj \but you can^l form an,conception -of the arapnnt of breath I have wasted on that very dago. I MB TSSgaTutBg tl HOW SJletj hum «• Bciontiflo standpoint. I think I can cal- culate too length Qi that woman's days Within a fraction of time'' \I should thinkyotir brother wouldn't allow his wife to work so,\ I remarVed. •• >Vhat does he know about \ti\ said the doctor. \ Uc comes into toe house for too three meals that, are prepared springs, so ttijs^oc sumo tost the sour* of sonpl from any pitlleularp:tsm. —<&r. Oma- ha Dtt. tie Cnresi .{travel ef Us City el Kexll The following TEefamuiu uae s utt r—,tty lr Jl matte tho ends lap error. \Where is Clarke?\ the doctor \to lUltSiU. . JL \ He's down at the \ortiVt. nayujg.'*' ' H will drive down and have a talk- wlth hira right aw*y,\ said mj friand. making ready to'I earn ••O' Maryl Don't you think there Is any other way?\ , —The poor scostan bad broken .down comnlotety now. arid the doctor held her lore mtmonl in her strong arm and for him,\and when night comes .he' goes | ntt L' or 5 '\\\\,\\;*,\ .- K-J „j . „ .t„„^,, h » rirfe-aa-oVor! cartjured hor londty to bed and t o sleep, or he drives-over \No other way. sis,\ Ih e replied; ^%Wen^'ly^torwolg;^> •« do the best w. can. • • ^—^- 1—i.» _« J„_ «„^ i There s ting sk.6UM of .trrurft diSiseAum Is from the-pen of MtJh Thatch!''. In tho CbnXrt&icr, of SaKUke Dty , \For qolat rs{X»aa andbeaceful med- itatlan the cyurese grorsVsf Chapulte- ptc-a(Tord, porhapa. thosV)t sttrsotive leatnres of any sportissvtJe dty. The esjtlo, located on the alty roetphllt is oulto maaslTe an d ImMltg it h»< recently undergone rALfV Improve- sBerits ol a desrrahle^ ch^ter, with n aitd!*inuoh t n the ' Reality w the pises. Here is toe National aurtstory, a w«li olu»»al..hES*( and-boaiL- iilL while irtroTdidg theltost attract- ive view ot the rmtrounuijl country. \ttctwetiu rt- -B3nL j thu essitTira rav- teo, leading to tlie capM, stands a monument of gray sssndstJb, recsntly erected to tho memory Dfitnj nstionsj cadets, who; refusing to rtfeat. fell In batjle, September IS, T8« than our countryrnen, under Seiir* Scott/ sralned the viotory-w6%t* 4 to the surrenden of th e capital slf,w days later. There are fb the'partirobal not less than 1.000 fine Byp! There's no tejiing what ajjood rest and careful riukinj; may do for yeto ^oor tired body, thy dear.\ • \I was going t o tas^e yon to some [other places,\ the doctor remarked, as we drove.awsy, \but it wooid have been 1 uj soo »> > 1 the saSne old-story-, work, work, work, wne, w.„ ,.^.„ the •benefit of 1 without rest er change, from rear's end I \\°°;' this onS^s toil^ongh it-ii probSble. iff to rear-Vend-^ My mnllier_killed_har- , ^.J^T i^\^i~.tfl' TT^T'-JET*\\\* she comos from tht»secUon^i{ the corm- «olf by iter attempts to get ahead 61 '7^';',,\\., ,L Jj^L \^gmrot. try shel l not have Smse enrisgh to be I titne. '.Two &,u4 hiye V^co the t^mmlti^L •^X^^^ > - •• --•N.. ^^ , wm6 miA tfoi i^n,,!,„ Btiflbd^nj I row »'' «oniot4mesj_ -erossini hard, but he works-out ol doors, and Ih'&i saves him. Sarah has* an'excellent \rtputxtlon ax wife and housokeeper all over tiro^county. She- has helped m y brototatsiVlw up'—in Vermont ver- riadulsuvnsevoral thousand dollars.., It doesn't take a jrurlhet t o see t. ,11 ti*t _,- - ,*-XT, wbesq plariiibg by the Toltecs UNeplfei) snte- §atira, poW^svJWrayaatSfHSAbe me of tho Aitee Empire Bora are nearly fifty lent in circ and from 100 to lii feet , with huge limbs extending if to a great distance, and uaj clad with dry,°hronzcd and-l leaves, mlngllng'with drodpl form .Jie most ei theso nee, ght. :,und iiailng I bis bappy dsya * -<Siuld not be B ien totbo best lov oeob dsr u> the ITismloy all School. Aero the Birthday tloy Delimit. - IS'Us auiUA^ alter\ Is th* highest otsrt o*eh dsy to.lhe Vb*\*' 5?i - en 1 iii.ica-MisTeu. \ Oh, ChMllol ~Why did you do llf f On my binhda v tr«j| I a m so sorry, ^j^-v..i oiiiinru with too nnsa- ber of buthWs ol wheat ebtalne<l.'.k ap. S ears that hRsttlrsuf has the most bro- uotivo wheat tolt too average number ol bushels yielded ^by an acre baiflg . ,., u ntoste«n and one-half:-or flftr per osnt. sV.., yi uw above the average of th*eatlni country —that average Min g thirteen buihels. Indiana Is next with an arr-rat-a of ntosV teen bushsls.' Ohio third with stghteen hmhels. Oallfornla: Illlnals a»d. New /York make • lie tO\ tho fourth plafts; 'with sixteen bushels. Uaryland h tilth .with fourteen bushels, Penrisylvanla sixth with thirteen and das-hill. iVla- caosin soventh with thtrteea. Missouri eighth with twelve, Minnesota ninth with Steven snjk one-third. Iowa tenth with tan and Jto-(1 fto. Kontookr elev- enth with teoi while in Vlrjjfnls the yield Is only eight and two-thin! bush- sls, which,- howovex, is better than the ytr.ld in Tennesjoe. where il is only a little over six bushels.' Of ~toe Indian e*>ro rrowtiig States, [lllools Is also tlie chief, ner ormlocj be- j lug xa.oab.009 bushsU In 18S0- towst' U second with 2. T 5.00t).0TJi|) bushels, 4 Missouri third With 'Sna.iXlO.rwi bush- els, Indiana .fourth with niS,0fJ0.1X» bushels. <ihlo fifth. w*Ui 119:000,000 bushels, Kansas'sixto With 106.000.000 bushels. Kcmiursrv iov»ri»h with 73, J0O,nr<) bushels. Sebnafca! eigfith with brisk rmttllng el. tin-pans in tho pau-irj'. She oponed Vhb\uo6f \and .there, on »J> shelt. wna'/lp. There Wsxta..two nans f> 1^ . standing elds, by side. One had Indian- V,- - - mea l in UV\*Dd tou othe r nice sweet .'* - milk. _ In front ol lh» pena stood ijippy. •*'»>, „ Bo hiad scoopdd ihe nical .from one • *--..- pan into the milk In tho othe r panYWC ; •%' J0o,nr<) bushels. Nebnake , eigfilh with I Ore them off? It was real mean to let boasts Wms printed In rtd letters, \Zip*' • «W.fl0».flO0!-an^pf»!»2jv*Sl»iimtbwttB-f tue spend ait'my money. «s» trre-arsek- j Coon; &g tMeV.**—JrtrJS'i?. \ \ -\> —*-S 4A.0On.000 bushels tbo prmlnotion of corn during the ton yo*an> between 1870 and 18S0 TfioftflWrjd from -760,000,000 bushels to, l,7t4.0UO,UiX) hitsho\», • or fnily 160-per eejmfc -%e Mereeff vteldi of an sort planted w\lh corn: |?\S frac- tion less than thirty' bnsheU.' Of the chief corn growlngiStates, Iowa lias the largest yield to the sere, ths average being over lorty brjshois.— AYto yorl &rnptec • - Hew toe Old Xaa Braced Uft, th-e be^t [ever put insid ough medicim of a bottle fo' •cough cir C' : d. ' Every bo'f- [le guaraiitcCil. t> cue your coughor money refunded.' „ l ristbt aneles and 5 affording splendlartjihuW narrow aveones. An exceedinly 5na 1 ui ue^ ».iwu«« .« — ^—-— ---. - -- - t anrinit of pure water gnshes'frrn the snhont TJu^IstoetodoftJiinBla.uId^en.l^^y &.- SOTth R fe e ^^ * yoniduro to see go on, I knew it was ail Jh ~ he battd rM and seventy y^ «™ .n, 1 wr,ong- as soon as I knew anythine. and ^ watera o( Uie .^ ^^'^ ^ would only 1 one of thpm absolutely dropping dead I in her kitohen in the nudst of ner work. to bear the fingefVof I wn*™\! became old en00 *y to J^j'V} by the'Astocs u> ti 1B city, thfo^.in ^^ •'— : — ' -\-\ »-tn\«t\>\ 1 \\rststea 1 _'..,„., „ f n„„, nrv entwiriSV. . _ Crockery I Glassware ~ K ^X3LASS SETTS, 5o1>l^..^tigrnbreri' ) Ac., &c Everything at'tiie^.^ lammoth Orug Stort. benp&ted by anything! \ If your aister-in-la' have a servant,\ I suggi \A servant' Why, what a\ 1 you arc 1 \ said Ihe doctor:— think my --brother and. his strong enough fo bear tbe uu^, -w i scorn that would inevitably be pomted J voice in my own edrreation I persisted j \'JT1'Z\'^7'nZ«,~.'~l., ^L ^? at them should they employ a servant?> taking a different courte, % sister tg^ZLZL alrt.Cf 31 ^ ft is far better, mMear . to work one's XW hw tried to- get so far afiead of ' tnot \nrpose. A ,x,rt,on is no, self to death than to Wealled lazy and time^nd make things 'lap over' that she shifUessend oxtravaganE- Jl this were, jjasj bta* an*Brobably killed hersilf. not toe case they~would^hot^msrtliey- -OOSK <^ hrKffialTO JBSgBcffng and rriiS' r-nnVri. affprd n jflrvapt- Mj^ffithE r is man ipdng bee children. I 00101 sup ; dpminated. soul and body, by the-spine \pose she has-s> ,.of econ0m*y,«tnd hiswifeis-a reBection'-ijeei-Out of thi .-• .» n— .,.. „„ ajrain.\ m v laBt^pvo years, ^. woman, whose brain and muscle afejorever |n ns^ Every year ersged—ever Btre hears* theN^onty-fonr dhring th e ol himself,' Here * » ar e again, \ m y I lasKpvo years, anttthink of thatamoutft friend rarrtannedi coming tes> stop be-1 ol ipSt. for fore fhp door ol a mors! modern and more'pretentious house. \My young- est sister lives here, it seems singular, I doesn't it, that I have never introduced I )ty m >t' v *rry»°'siWvi h \fTrqf• '^\trj'th j ia,,you and i are ottty-persjleslties \to* theao good people. .We turn them dot . of their beateh tracks for awhile, with I tso other result than to add t o their, fiard Work and anxieties. Te n years* ago m y sister Anna' was as healthy a'l A gjrl_jiiLtoBra-*eas-in/^Vermont, an d the I brightest and wittiest-one of the family. I ha d Borne hopes thaOhe would keep out of the- treadmill, and, li she did marry a farmer and settle dowft here, iireBeiited or money. common \spnso \to her deighboril buti| preotjiiteu ui j. ^ ^ ^ e ^ telju wors()i per . J»n thii] M tie- doctorhhrtofied her; no*e', and We wiJfedjip'UidlonggraTJ l.«leawaUc. 1 coi no up Eeia aftd find^hings going Iron bad to worsa^among nl and nost of my friends, and ble 1 lart of it is thitt.notl\ OTH ry^rm-eVer-lMir' lect \ -. ~. \1 )on't you think youri very nai anxi sty abdut your sister may have 6'fcd your diagnosis a little?\ I inquired. '' i'I lot in the least.\ m y compihiSn rtlisT :erod. . vAnna's pulse was ;.oi|s- hundred and.twelve, jlin'respirat&n was labored, and ominously frequent. TUB e is bd> mistaking. suohiSigns.' \How could she keepsaliWork with Shja pulse as m&p> J10I& \ M \».v that purpose. A jiortion is now' with a steam pump for use tn iftSW dons ol tirajpalaco 5bove> whilet^ % mainder atlli flows to ft^ dapfl —A newspacerJif Peato-puhiial t curious anecdote about tho late James Bothsohild. He was porL try ilfl Iriend. Engone DelacroTxiTth' . dSHBgTIislieil pTritrter. to sitfof rffij n;. [ the model Of a.beggar. as rhndt Mini \ Rather i>oor business for *n oid. man like yon,\ remarked His Ilotjor, as Jasper tVhlte stood before hrm.. \ ••That's a fact, Squar'-that's a fact.\ •• You must/Uer nearly sixty year* old?\ . : ' \ I'm sijty-two, Sfjnar'.\ ' e 0 S -'And 'you were brought In here BO s.lvory 1 flju^y d,^ tual they oould have tied your legs in ft doumfi-hoWknot.\\ \That'e»laot==snlamii tact. Squkr\ Tve made a fool of myself and I'm wili- m\ to DWU right up I sot -id the ceil tharC this muro-V th nkio' it ail ov^r, an says I to- m •**•• I • Jasper Whitd, j.»u'i-e went, ins^ ,»«• an' made a tamal f<»*M ol yourself :u, 1 if you are sent to Mn'e prison f«r i. e it will sarve yoo n £hl \ - . •• 1 ou don'' live hero?\ . — ~— '- •• .'..1. >qnaf . I U.e up h«-ro in A bax?k coupi. ami I tinl»»-. 11 horo on bizneas. Katit is. onr of mv old nayhora Uves hero, and he had hi* eye on a socond wife uir me.''* •• What! al yno,r ago?\- ,j^ '' Jrst liiteniu, tsrrrnrr. f seFlrirow, j but I dtdn t yesterday. I'm a sort a\ an old twin fool. I am.\ ' • • And did yob marrj F\ No. 1 rcas, kinder bracln' inxjvitb go g\'\B 1 \J\ 7»»»» \W- BB \~i \KS.T\\* '{? w aJl a little beer tn g o over ami see the crtt- relatives!, 0? a oko a s befeaose ol h»s<iapao]iy,{oA' f\ °,™° d fo > me and I braced too horri^jixoo'irentlyassutfjing tho eppeAranl, ojl 10 1 selected tor me aqu o™. ue say 1 si mehdicaM. VVhile he Was thus-is - . _. 1 1 J .,.*». . 1 A tlo> •rtiatAa.^.^l^; A Ist'sstndiWttnol nd» rand'\ ised-one da y i n the jiraa^a'aytiuug * ^cs entered, an d wa»«o cotnpiqt OiBved B* tlie model's woebegohe'So. •ftSsftaee. that i n r^in^burteg£o||tf UypriWde coin into tfie^olo^rijjiai. hand. T^tsohiid, greatly euioyeii^ sueceisin ms s ^a3Sumed osars^tsr^saj took the monejMlW. he,ytor>vara.? inquiry concerhB^toeyonngnjiin J ,'; learning tha»4te wW^needy;!e^ L _ »t»noes^6V»ki^ 1 on> ! ajiJjij^^ & woQd lurnlsh « «£&& ftfc %%££% ^Xer.\ ^^^tS^J^^m thofloetor. hfk-dlreot irffieritanco navo^ol put i d a gr ^it'haYe'been -' ^ ma^tt^po' $2£5Ff§fcS$£l nuch ' Uo you know what you want to doP\ Ireckon 1 might as woll take-pisson?\ No, sir You go foi= yourratoboir jen go for the depot** Then go for >me and don't etssr get out of sight of S nr farm again.\ \ And yon wont jug me?\ \ No.'\ -^ 'No?finerae?\ ' ' (nNo.\- Sqasr\. you're a hull load of brioksl 'shake hinida^ ii've saved, '\~\ ta him Anol thei k£lst ur now yo u will m.« aU toe ten ol if I iga^Sxs^^mph^Mgt^^L^ t^ llM fc ZFIS? ^t*h?„a. ^%wTjae looked: ovorl.h%^hottld « i°-fA J ??fl ,(i ?.! , f*.,!'5 D ^.. u ? , L b ?.? I ! e : when he hesrd the cook comfag hp bs> hrqd htm,' and worked awsry all, the itring, anil looked dlsoonsotalerv st her brother, who had been sent to bed as a 1 to know that Juste little bunch of 0ro-cra,Jtors bka that was f-i>- rag to smash the goblet? I did nut think It would do anything but 'u'sI lift It u p sumo.\ •• Who told \ ou to do suea a thing, Charlie r\~ laator. surlf to get the paddlngdon e be. forst bst wu mstohed u p an d put (Jut of th e rjjuntry. Zip wa s very- ntst aid clean. He loved t o havo a bowl o f water and ptecs o f soap set down to r iris own use. ' Ho would uke the soap in h's hands' dip Iz int o Ihs.wkler an d ru b It between \^»»\iL-t . tst.^.ai «> 1. «,..» HI. hu padmsithen hi woold reach all jj ^1; \ Wl'Z'l .„\ • aroa£dhts body and *«ah himself. II Xov^m.bodr'i^'trtr™- 1 °\ D ^FJSW*™*? ««*•«»• , , around and wssh his back. I am sure no- j qn» dky : Isabella, no£ Ceeljng well. body tfor, (.hatllo? . Batoshasak-rWrnaTW. and toe al-1 ^ ho ^ on Jj„ A ^ ^ „* wajrs gn u blm 0*.o l srmiand Tem^y m K,^wKIIertSchlaif npSutpTil f , Taylor has an auOV that does lots 61 u^'.^, pVt nj f ,t i h*4tf5r 0 W»Th.\i-\\ ^Sj%JT*JZd^£&«!!&£\**^ ByMdA^orstwliKl outian d V •^ i^!i7i~\? ^v^-l^mTr Ti • •\•-**.do yoir tklnk.l|».lla^neioreen his sass^stoisin to make-grsti^mas snd tJ!etw . ^-ptstty little 1U coral as*. - - samte tor fellows •*»-*,» alxayi je^ ^ jv^ rf^ had to . t i<)Ttrm t ^ggj Ung btarovd for nothing at. Ui ^.bsjforw. Zip's btighteyas) haSriplsd- it • •• But, Charlie, you did- break the ( „.h 0 wa s plsying aroand under the , E 1 ***; . .[• . . . s , b°d - Soyeu s«e Zip Coo n did some fire crack-'good! rttat llbjs. . i •* No, I didn't ellhert th era brake It, Oh, dear* dear' I with tnorw wasn't any Fourth ol July, nor fire-crackers, nor nothing! os.o of fire- crackers, if a fire 1 he m off? It was real mean to let ^•Wheo Zip grew older he became so cro»**nd snappish, that n o Gad to b e What 1 the, chained up In the .>vpod-ahed in front of, leUow oan't UaTittlflhotise. Oo ih\ door of hU era, and 'hen not let me have any fun with thorn, j'horo'smy pin wheel, too. t promised Oatea to fasten i t to lluj lonl of the hlgJiest clothes pole iq bis back] '^earV\ / \ and over. And father Jnst \M he thought bed was tho best pllco for boys who exploded lire-orstokers nndrir goblets. If I was a father, and wanted K ts kil! a boy, I'd de J .t CUE sad eat, and -M> Ths,0dd noments . Tn' siim6sf\o\Fofy-' fifW thBTe are mo- jsw«t4*-»lgb-.\ \ jj. \ |sas«rt»-o{ wsltlrijt, wliea- «feer» leoothy lam so sorry, Charlie!dearr in g pavrtioulsr to ,bo 4J?n«, In lorne And. Mary, I am so dreadfully hot caaea ihoso may bo pro-ficrl* tatprorsd I have got a racing, fever: I know I by-pesrt, 10 thkt flur' Work, when it ham \ comes, rnay bo better dope . Ill mahy -Why do rdunotsay yooar s loVryP\ tnatssncsjs. however, these jodd r*iom«ntsN N suggest*d-Slary. rn«y' s <>r» besVlmptoVedbyJbayingtoma-^a \Uldn't I sav so? -over, and Over, thine to do-a 000kto rea d or Bomi\ ' light tstbor to norform. . It- is lurprlting how much may fjej '' dose hy nsine a few moments at etlme. - ' Of o-tirse, thoy cannot properly be eecd fes si! purpesss, sines there are .' not roast him to death tn bed on a some duties, .which rcqniro eontlnnoB • Fourth of July. I wouldn't for millions applicatio n for a loftjj time. JJhere-. of dollars send a poor boy to-bod ou hlji ( arts, howavor, many kinds o t ugUt la* , sister's oighth birthday.\ But- what, bor and .jnsny -nbjoet*of strjdj Sfilolt, psvrticrrlaTattdntlon was dn o to his i)s-' \ha^l M followed quite snw-eeMulli;.b¥ tsr^sttighto birthday Charlie-did no[ si- , taklrig «>nlf s lew maroente at ¥-taB^,. plain. j . I t In said' EUhu Bttrrltt, wiio was}'. \Yon knew the crackers would break known for'nisnv'yoars sis \the iearned tbe goblet.\ . , blacfcRfrrith,\ wss'ln the trabit when arts' \No. i didn't* I never saw thorn arrpjontlcoboi, of Jiarirte a panjm|-r'- grnash one. Uldn't thoybang. ttiough?\ ofKnglTa h or of gome-other, laiigna^s.,- And at Ihe recolleotion Cbarllo's eyes faateaerf before htnion the chimney!ot,' ; grew bright, and adetljilfted expression th e Voree , so that while he wa s blowing iber lim e face. The . th e bellows he could get sin occasional glimpse? of hls,book Bets Jqnson, a celebrated poet, who B-fsKi o**r't»0 hundred year s ago, Was^, in wari y Ufa a briCklarer, It is sajd> tha t be always carried a. book In hU. pocket.1 and, while\ waiting for the'l t bo-er to bring him friortar or brjok,TiBS, improved the odd momBrrtsr in studying:' hla-boolc. -- i _ . t*ttT^ySmgmehul'^ftS^x^^ cd, smiling, \ I f yo u choose I meet, afid tlioy will be -aorprised .toi«8_l** [ to takb his place, Charlie ma y g o out\ ih'o w nrooh can be done b>v rightl fisflif ~\\i \ Mary bounded aWay to he r brpthorlf a o«v rnonledls at it*time. Yoit nbea , ,'aS ' fl room, \ i\apa says you ma y go out, not,\ take time front .sleep to do this, : , : S -\ '•\Charlie. Get up, dear.\- - -, i Have a time far ovory'tlfijif, an d whjft v^J ' : youiio. do 'boroB-hty, whether ilhe? ' • sleeping, eating. Working or , i>^ylngj for al l those are, lit 'thoir rospeotiVi plevcos. right—a. S. CT&nsm-itc' ' _ illumined* his somber no vt moment, howover-' h o was bittesiy; and iftr^.^gVsvin^^wst«h6i him a moment, ran dow>--«TUdrsi,JusrAd time to stop per fatbrjrhs-he was going oat. ,;.£v . ?- •'Papa, please forgive.TSharlte. He Is so sorry, and he wants., t o go out so mnchl\ • , fc ; \ Be must have a lesson. Mary, that t will teaori fitniflQt B Be so dBstrucBES.'^ Bat he added, smiling. Charlta^mnidBrl no second bidding;' andhe aslfed no quhsllons. l^lve tnlrs- utes later be wai explaining to Eddie Ba'os tbe principles Upon which he' hod blown a goblet all tQsmjtliefeonj in his back yard. , • \• s \ , —F|-q8p)i. thermometers.' fcona^hlfited\. \Vhat a gtofjons- Fourth it was! f by golderinff^togSiuS'r conrientri* tutjesV;- C!liar^lediii uotg>-^uiue until tea-time.. of different motels,'say ot stSM afld : tie would not have gone then , bat that zjn.iV are hsving an extensiv e introdue--, his pirt-whool and ih e r'Qckotti were tion- By sltornatlnathe joints, ihe dlf- under hik oicin shirts in toe battom-ferenceaof dilstlonfitro added. 4J0 ghjjb? drawer of hit Bureau, ead^ustusgdns the last , tubs, bolnjif connected,, with -a- ' U p stslra he ran, as ga y as a Crioket,\ ssdlbnrst Into his room. \Lotmesejsi , tneyjire i n this one. Bother! Where., perattSTB. /.ThejojMsScbeinS |lfdXpui;.l4emf\ ' • - • ^ J \ -* M ^-- N --- B \Jt}'f iirt y° u l°°&% %.C|«rlief.' 1 the xootal JJWhat artxyou. doing in bed?\ .j^^ajgHpsj %P^,B}»ce,* toothed whielOir lotS*csr'jleTefJ rnotiori to sj needle, suffieisl «•*• ^nuu5(lf» ftionk •<•? --*& . j-'t^sfevi^

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