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The Marion enterprise. (Marion, N.Y.) 1880-1939, November 13, 1880, Image 2

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«fiiite*A*6fc*!.»-»#M»W^«'*\* , WBAMWittH iiimwirn ijiwmni «**»*.•*•>*'«'.'•**- * f..„ ... rHw** -a. . Marion^ IT. Y-, Ncveofter 13, 1880. . Mixed Sweets, ; Every industry is legitimate which takes, any kind -of raw material manufactures something more val- uable from: it and puts its true name Upon \the article\. \\Bttt^when it takes oleomargarine and sails it for butter, or glucose for \sugar and honey, this Ought to be presented. - • - ~--\^hetheHt-be^onej--b.oweveiH5r_iio.t : : the-manufacturing of glucose from corn isM3b enticing and lucrative that it •will, increase, rapidly any- how> -.....=. From the - testimony recently given in a la* suit, it appeared that taljized falsifing powder, hereby a bright amber Colored pretty sugar is. produced, which estimated by its color, stands' \even a little higher than the best kind of ' 'standard A\ of pure sugar. The best p3-ee^ugB.r of this quality costs 8|c. per poiuid, whilst tiie inferior 'pure sugar, is bought at6| to 7c.,-but .after , being cleverly manipulated, it: sells at 9 to 9£c. per' pound. . Large quantifies; of these products are disposed of by retailers, and quickly sold on account 1 of their nice \color\' for table —use-.- But as glucose has\ merely two- fit! is. of the real, value in . sweetness of- cane-sugar, the pm'chaser ' will soon notice that it takes three spoonfulls to sweeten his cup of cpffee, for which it would have •• The Bible 'in School, \tVhy notT Should it be anywhere J as a power of good? Then truly it should be where mind is daily being influenced for the duties and enjoy: lhehfsT of * the great-. fatura=~But there are Catholics and Mohamme- dans whose bibles are as sacred the Protestant. Suppose they are. Put them in our schools. Let SAVE the courage to' show your .respect lor • honesty in /whatever! guise it appears, and your contempt for dishdnesty jind duplicity, by j whonisoever exhibited- WE can not live on probabilities. The -Tarth in* whieh we ea'n live bravely and die in peace must be e the profits realized by the Buffalo Grape Sugar Company during 18.74-1 iBqm ' eA ° nl t twQ ° f the tt PP» re ^y as certainty, «o far as it professes to ba i a. faith at all, or it is nothing.—^ ; Froitde, • ,. ., •, j , , ,, ! LEISUHE. is time for doing some- teachers and educators have the. {Wng ^^ _ m ^^ ^ ^ handling of them. Truth is learned ! ?ent man ^ obtain, but the lazy by investigation, and error Bifted i man never; so that, as Poor Richar'l •oi^by^«moTistrati-<m-^Btt^ 'laziness, ar-e-two-things,—-J4«-«','.'. Totr fiijid youi :<! ''lf refi't-'pL.M. ' .. ,uo presence of eneerfui peopn-.. Why hot- make- earnest effort to confer that .pleas-tire on others;? -3Eoo wall find half the bnttle is gained if you never allow yourself to say anything gloomy. '( .-ft ._ ... The aaverttorV-bavuj* been •If^\^^.! ofthit d«ad disease* Conaumptf >n, top. 'W, rpmodv I* anxlon^to miie known to ttta MU>w f„S.„r'. ttiTmeanUr hue. To all who il»«>™•< CUKE for -fc'OSSDWroiON,. A&fttM*. B«»> I OHl CIS, &c. AcdrebfS.E. A. HILSON, 1UU«S.III St. WUluaiDbarg:, N. Y., BIST IN ERicOftSOF YOUTH.- tr \i .» ' • * ** - f 75, amounted to 415,000 per month; they rose to $20,000 a month in 1876 and had increased! $35,000 a month in 1877, Calculating all expenses, 'including ihtorest on machinery and buildings, the cost of one bushel was about 70 cents, of which #5 cents for the.com and 25 cents for manufacturing. In-1879 from 4000 to 6000 bushels-were the daily work with ah average profit of \40 to 50 cents per bushel all the time, from 1874 to 1879. • What becomes of the transformed - ] cornstarch\ will ~be \seen' from the .following-extract of an official report serrfrhonre-by the British 'Consul General Drummond: The falsification of sugar and refined syrups by glucose has grown to such an\^^u1r1ira1r8TmTO : Tjf~the^ largest refiners deemed it advisable to call the attention of their custo mors, by circular, to the necessity of - protecting the : public -against such abuses through proper legislation Answers received in return from, the greater cities in -the Eastern ,and Middle States proved that with the exce'ption of Maine no laws existed meaner, but in reality better article, and.if he is a .keen .observer, the thick, sticky, and, gelatinous sedi- ment will not escape his .attention. This is glucose, which being less soluble than sugar has settled, to the bottom. If these settlings are left to dry for one or two hours, they will become hard and viscous as gelatine, and can only be removed by ji sharp instrument. Examining the adulteration und^r a microscope, it appears in white dispersed amorphous grains, which ohlyiefibly faan^mitr£fi£C±ea.JhgM^J With the polariscope this laeva- glucose can. be. easily distinguished from the dextro-glucose, a natural constituent of the cane sugar, tne latter turning the polarized light to the rightjiheformer strongly, to the leftr Besides this the glucose of caffle sugar is ciystallizafcle, while the substance related to it, ftaad, aa^m should not be taught any. where; Let him who- would have lines and bounds for thought and\ growth, make a bible for his own special use,* . . _ .. Bibles are for the people; not the people tor the bibles, The people are or should be higher than any book; and unless they are superior it would be the heigth of folly to subject them to the sayings in the book.—The means of inspiration is j, greater than the inspiration.. Let the Catholic and Protestant bibles both, be in our schools,, the Koran too^—all in the same school *. fc . •! «,KMAN who snffi-red f>r year? IVom i . > f if;yuu.thfnl iiidiacteMon,- wilt -for the ufsutTiring hjiniaiMy, *end frje 10 all whoj £,ijt. tne recipe and (lirectio.a *fir makiui the 1, iiutnutK Trirolit.bV tJr'eXp^.TOUCtr Oil-*Ul.: VJV.'-r-:! , i -e. -g .wp«-.ri.'cc.-'WJ *' so-h- fuCt OQTHiaoJiM, JOUH L> U'' J New Yort. . n.M\ .Hi .11. |>ur- Williamson Itsms- Mr. Editor: I take my quill to report the proceedings ot the great Garfield and Arthur --ratification - meeting ' held in this place last Saturday | evening. Pimples, I will ra^ll iPree) the recipe for a simple VEO- f TABLIC BALM that will r^moire TAN, FlfEOL- LS, P1MPJ.BS and BLOTCHBS.leJMins thefltin soft, dear and beantilnl; alxi). instmqticin? 'or prodltcjnfj a hixarlant v >wh 'fh-v-r on a bald headorsmooih faco. AddreB^.iticloajng.8 ctstamp tlen. Vanaeir-& Co., 20 Ann St., N. Y. WMchis the same -thing. \ Ijr dirty wliljt* color. It *i»y appear COMPARISON WITH CHCHCH & CO'8 \ AHl« A.NDUAMSKER\ BKAS» vrill Ihow the dlfcnac«. Bee that your Saleratui and Bak - Inr Soda la white and PORE, aa Ihoold be ALL SI.ttlliAJl SUBSTiUi- CHS used for rood. V if desired—-each subject ^to the same rules of investigation and each received for the truth it con- tains. It is the truth wherever learrted.that should . be reverenced. ^Phe -sectarian-objects - to the -iBible- in school, only with his interpfeta The boys in blue turned; out in full force, giving us one of those grand displays'which only our boys know how to give. The speaking was most excellent, but we would make special mention ojLthe fine oratory of Capt.' Laing and Prof. B. D. Warne.\ These I gentlemen made many good points nun i» u . ootu »x i »» i _ i « is «_^ ? v. ^J4 4ffi d rga «e^(mxe-yci ? .±GUn^-.bJia i ...M^ not put an interpretation upon the j Editor, I don't believe that there is other books used in school, and say a country on'the face of the globe to the teacher and -pupils that they i that has half \as many • bora orators must receive- the explanation you! as °** 2™ ^f\** Evviytbing ,, .,. , *• ;, -^, 1 ;passed oft pleasantly .and the ocea- put upon the books or they would- ^ ion wffl be fong remembered, by anywhere against the sale 0 f aduit-.4^oddington lense ior making it.— fj*.-'- r.'V- m~ erated sugar. In general the an- awers admitted that it would hot only be. desirable to have in every JState a uniform law protecting the consumer against falsified sugar, but all- other articles of food- This will probably be effected by the refiners, for they insist upon \such • legislation, and as we ar» likewise interested-ih -this matter I shall briefly explain some of the ways in which the sugar is adulterated. In reality this is very simple. To suit the demands of \trade the article (glucose) is manufactured in two =-f brmSr-Jriz-uis & concentrated—liquid- f row corn, Jeayes, af te'r_ the\ e vapor a tion of the water from the liquid; a white amorphous powder. The adulteration of the syrups by glu- cose can b& traced through' a very simple experiment, requiring xnrly.a be withdrawn. Equally absurd e \ would it be to say tha£ no*comments or explanation .would b& allowed....Iri Other books are made subject to demonstration, why not • raise • the Bible to the same nobis level. That hook of all -others should be received upon merit and evidence No man shouldrbc afraid-of- truthr-nntV^fttK - -EDUCATIONAL COLUMN [TeactorB and HdncalionJitts nro Inviretl to contnbutetoth\i»column tJuoptloiiB may lis asked In lolatlou to ob'tacton which may occur In the school room. Parents may qncatiiin in relation to the training and government of children. Wo Imp) t o nviko this deparlmrlit practical and instructive to all. ] of gelatinous consistency; and as a White gritty powder similar to glu ten. The first is employed in the adulteration of syrups, the latter to change sugar inferior in color into products of apparently higher our_community. kuB. The highest market price paid for all grades of. dried apples. Thosp having large or small quantities .will Co well to call on this firm before elling. .1 W-\ •» fel-',' \degree and corresponding valuer As glucose costs 3 5-8 cents per pound and the gallon weighs 11 1-2 pounds, it is dearer than the best kind of pure refined syrup at 39 qents per gallon, and the question is iatufally as>pd. in what the ben efit of. the falsification consists ? Since Hquid glucose is of a beautiful straw coioi, and of a visocus con- sistency. -The falsifier pm chases,! only an inferior kind of common molasses, worth 20 or 25 cents per gallon as the basis of his products, and mixeB it, gallon for gallon or in variou3 proportions,, so as to coiv respond with the kind of symp s wlijch he wishes to have, with glu- cose. Thus ~W6 gatlpns of an appafemtly high-graded, amber. colorec| syrup result, which by its ~loTJksTis~Ta^u^drair45: -cents,- there- fore 6 cents more thaii the finest irefined syrup to be had in the * marketj but- which in reality costs „ 25 per cent less, possessing in sweets only a value of 70 per , cent of the puM article. The large refiners ^jbhhak thatalnaost all so-called fifee,: . ayrnps^ which are sold by the retail^ zrj^-underryari«na-fthd-mQst--eHticing Lestuies, Ediioate, Tne lecture • season is upon us. As a means of moral good and intel- lectual strength, public jlectures_ are well adapted. The common people need inSU'uctign. A }&rge class are ignorant as to common things, and prominently so as to the develop- ment of science. It is a notable fact that the class of people who least. True, our public schools are where shoukTits daWnings Be more 7 common than in the school-room. A/truth is no nrore true because its in the Bible. It is just as much a violation of God's law to labor nights as Sundays, and it is just as true in nature as in the Bible. Put the Bible in the schools— have a daily ''Bible ekes\ there—- the best moans should he used to develop best-men-and women, and truth which makes f roe indeed, can never become less. Sqdus Items- Lbnh H. Ol'urk, of .this viTla^e .returned to liis woik of writintr itlieTiietory of Omnsre County, at 1 Goshen, on Monday niorrniiir -hrFt:— • -- - - \The RepnblicirrislJf' \ttiis tow if had a ratification uieetiop-.'here \J) S'atnrday niglit last, which wa# TEMPSEAHGE OOLUiOT.' Why stop drinking Alcohol ''•• - In-Sew -York city, the HHinev' paid for beer alone* in a BUis'le- d-ajj would buy the bread for all the inhabitants of the city for the same length of time. In the states it would employ a piiblie\\\sTitr'Tii- 1STE\W Y4BE I not verv well attcrided. The fall term of seliool at Sodp Academy closes oh Friday No- vember 19 with exercises- in the Opera House in ll)<> cveiiinjr. Orri-1 Smith, of Ifaockporr., »wn._s in town lat*t weok the <iuest of liis daughter, Mrs;. W. I.l.'Ric!iai'd3on A lieav.y wind visited this place on Saturday nigllfbut no\ damage 1 has b\en reported as yet. Dri'.'d apples are coming into town very fitve4\% ntnl nrt* bringing from 3 to-fret*, per pound, Barreled apples are ulsn ru.-hiiig in\and nre bringing an average abonr^^LOO per barrel. William E. Norris lias engag- ed U) teach the Sod us Point school during tlio coining whi- te- r. iTews is scarce here this week . | everything—having quictetl—dy-itnl Williams A AdsuoBS. - Also sv laiire as^iiitm.-iit uf HOSIERr, ncTi<s\s, /trci/mv. WJXARS, CUFFS, VA'MPAlKXtJAXKHKVlffKfK, ETC: ..Boils Shoes liifcs. Tnis <7<pctr!iibfid ii x'tirn-if it'rfkrrt-ryt/mih'iiiitii/My kr-jji' in a J 1 iVtt- chlttis Boot ami Sinn 1 xtrny. It^inrhmij AV«lf?/ ihme. ]Vc i-nji a full a«x»rtntri>t iW'l hnce sfveml styles of Fall and Winter nulls. Owrri>,<t,s< ft* 1 ., infcrh a>v rn>r>i ehr-ip. . , C3-K, OGERIE& I lie but/ t/i.ff't.\t awl MIIHX ciifitp an (he L'lieupttsfr Uvme antlhy w! hanies, tfre nothing but an -.jpferioi\. . xnolassetntf&ated in ;this hiahner. ~IfS. J BW&stnem. _ ra«kBn§^n^ \trot higher ^ffian that of honey, which by the same mean»is falsified to a coh- ~*!a^rahle extent, -~T j_., In. the matiufacidring of the •'ltigher«nd finer grades of yellow sugar, the glucose is used in the solid form. Alow graded but pure l^;r-^^*''8eCTlB--f6r_this -as ••& basis. ife Jtoid.thi# : $ inixed with from 16 to ^ijf^e* Seiituin of the white uncrys \ - m ;i free, but while tlie children of thi s class are subject to the most degrad- ing home influence, it cannot be expected ,jthat they ' will rise but httie superior to th? low down par- ent. Our public _ school teach VR know how difficult it is ta a\vakeii a thh'st for knowledge in the nrinds of children whose parents govern and treat them as they do the ani- mals of the field. It is for this class of parents that public scientific in- struction is especially demanded. Millions of dollars are paid to police officers, and legislatures, who enact foolish laws, and for courts, prisons and jails wnich. only restrain and .never cure the evil. One live tal- ented mannwith a soul for the work, in every assembly district, could do more tr- •• <i-re the ^vrorig than the whole. There is something a^n-y about ouMecture system. Men go upon the platform for money and speak to please. Like that press which administers to a vitiated taste, they |\give.auch,as will be * applauded. To remedy4his-^viVpla*form Instruction | should riof structorin every town, build a.$ model school house in every school district, and surround the earth with a telegraphic wire. -If the Hgjrrea'Hte of labor it pre- vprTj'w»i\V' l , M: fi>vtpd. '' •\;..; iiy-scct every towu w.ith a railroad f and tunnel the rocky mountains. The brains it weakens, might supply every child with a text book and disseminate knowledge all over the land, ing ? Because. 1. It is a useless expenditure. 2. It injures the 'muscles, and prevents labor. 3. It weakens the brain—makes thought obsolete, and gives the whole moral nature to the direc- tion of the devil, since election. A. s. u, Marion Wayne Co., M. Y, aepIend^.oClriWMnal fees.' Truei puplic instructors should be employed by states, coumties or districts,. Already is this system being inaugurated. But the com, mon people want ifc perfected- Poor, ignorant pifefits7 should be reached. The ablest lectures should be-as free to them as to the million aire., Then our star lectures would [be truly stars, for their light would .shine where most needed, and the h^i of knowledge would soonlbe. come moire universal. Why stop drink- •i.ms. •. k)and goods add- cveiy ,' AHN0UNCEMEKT. Whenever yen ccn^c *'•> fC€* '\tw <t t- -•- -i'nimteR\ — step in at LESSEE'S (Clark t. t look at the many dift\ i\ at kept in his little store. He is pig some new articles nnst week to his stock and is selling as low as any large establishment in this '.or any other town. A complete assortment of UNDEU- WABIS, WORSTED GOODS, yarns KNITT- ED HOSIERY, SKIRTS and NOTIONS can be seen now, and he respectfully invites lHsFQldr patrons and all other? to examine his goods and learn prices before \purchasing .elsewhere. Satisfaction will be - given in every 1 respect* THOUGHT-- \Think truly* and thy thought Shall be a fruitful seed.\ •LKT no man presume to give' ad- fiee to\dtlfel*§ that'has.not.first given good counsel-id himself, THE Way for a man to secure him • self from wickedness is to withdraw from the examples of it. • Miinrpei'sons miss thehrTocations hi life because their bodies do not happen to fit their souls. LENVY no man who knows more ythasu myself, but pity them that fehaw iess.-^&V Hiomas Srovog, A FKiEKDsmp that makes the least noise is often the most useful; lor wMch - reason - we ~should 7 prefer a prudent friend to a zealous one. •in- Clark's Biock^ Marion, N. Y. Brugs,Medicwes,I>7je8tuffs flavoring Extracts, JSrusJi- es, Soaps, Fancy Goods, Sta tionary, School Books. In bet everything usually kept in a first claaa Drag Store. E»\PreecrlptlonB carefully compomded. JartHoUdMiltta thowMods. B. E. Lues, DESIGN. TThe object of this Institution is to prepare students for the business of lite, to instruct ccminon school teachers in the most approved meth- ods ot modern teaching, to furnish advanced-instruction;give riiusk-al a Diplo- trainins;, and prppa- • ibr cyl„ B ^. Students completing a full course of Study will be granted- ma. TUITION. „Common English per feri»j Higher,. \ \\ \ Languages, - Book keeping,. Music,, Inciden tal s, u u CI (I -«l (Twenty-four Iessoni.) $5.00 ~ 100-' 8.00 1.50. a 10.00 .25 ^rifh^ff^\ 18 ^ 1 ! 1100 .'\ i[eth6a * Qi Teaching, School Fconomy S?wtSl^S W,U b T ven r 5 thnot extra eaarge to students intenS mg to teach Penmanship and IndnstriaT Drawing taught daily atmtWB received fpr less than half a tenn : ?nd no deduct- Ss^eTthfS ^\^ stitnlon of £^?PitaZ£^ aPpamU8 ' m ^\^ h * ^ ** Forfurtlxerparticulars a ppljto C . E. ALLEH,Pri„ c i p U. \ tion made for absence, saVflfesa: USk^ :v ._--

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