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The palisades. (Camp Shanks, N.Y.) 1943-19??, September 22, 1944, Image 3

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September SS, 1M4 THE r ausades ' I Vnge Thro# Male Call by Milton Caniff, creator of \Terry and the Pirates\ Pets Beget Whet Threat IT \' 1 WD Getting Rid Of 2 Million Acres future use, for transfer One of the woHd ’ s largest land 1 held for proprietors, the U. S. War Depart ­ ment. has begun to divest itself of 22,322,540 acres, an area almost the size of New England, which | other Government agencies are ce ­ lt acquired for camps, maneuver turned, while those purchased are areas,' airfields, bombing ranges, ceitilled to the Reconstruction war plants and industrial faeiji- Finance , Corporation for sale, with ties. i (the former owner having priority All land is classified as\\active. ” i *** buyer. •'inactive ” or \surplus ” by the ; 73556 Acres for Sale Army General Staff in the light The WD has thus far disposed of military developments. “ Active ” j of i.ogl.OOO acres which no longer property is still needed. 1 .... Poet's Corner The 'lads over in the Motor Pool have a drab job checking the dispatch slips handed in by enlisted men after they have returned their vehicles to the lot. They have to make sure, among other things, that the correct mileage is recorded, that to other Government agencies or the destinations to which the for lease for agricultural purposes..: j cars have traveled arc listed. \Surplus\ lands acquired from kast week, their lot was light- 42 Millions Spent On Service Babies Uncle Sam is putting up St2. one of the four loweot pay gradee 800,000 to take care of the stork or oF an Army aviation cadet, bill for half a million babies, the The Children's Bureau and the sons and daughters of his fighting State health agencies join in urg- men. r-ng. the women to apply for this The money will be used to pay ate just as' soon as they know for medical, nursing, and hcapita; they are pregnant. If they . are j care for the servicemen's wive-: placed under a doctor ’ s care early, during pregnancy, childbirth, and 'the chances of a safe delivery of . for six weeks after ,childbirth, and ‘ .He baby are much greater than for their babies,* if they are sick if they wait, inuring their first year. | Stork. Bills Run High I\avy Women may The care is the main concern of operiy is sun neeueu. » were required lor Army use, and i A *-*1+ D m , . , I 1 :ie 9am. Sometimes the stork “ Inactive ” property is , has denial ed another 73.556 acres ASfC UVerSett UUUl ■■ t ™ v Parades of theArmy. ■, mnjJ hj h when c 6 mpHtalion« -------------------------------------------------------- [ siirniitn and nvadnhtn for — ------ __ | Gor^,', and, for the first time since 7 - ' ' „ U ? C i. e takeS Care ° f Waves, Spars and women Ma- the program has been in operation nlls - likewise, ened a bit when a dispatch sl!i» was turned In with the follow ­ ing mileage record : From Motor Pool' to Hack ­ ensack 17 there and 17 hock. Arena Boxing Card t KO ’ d; Bouts Begin ° Soon in Main Gym “ surplus ” and available for imme- i diate sale. The...disposal rate is expected to be stepped up with the The weekly card of popular, ac ­ tion-packed boxing bouts, held each Friday at the post boxing arena war a £encies. if an operation . Hues may now volunteer for duty the wives and infants of Army avia- 1ft ,' ' h ^ b ' V thC if S •* 0,,1e ' lh . anywhere' in We,.«r„ has turned' back (o o«iei- agenda l,nt,el * fhe of a Ul! \ about 915,000 acres; 3.100 acres which has paseed both houses of ., his family. were sold directly to private buy- Congress find now awaits the signa- Apply Through Physician , ers; and 166.000 more acres were'^ 6 f • President Roosevelt. ■ i — .1 ....... ......... ‘ J:-.*.. — i • 3o, tf your wife is going io have transferred to the Navy and other _ ...... .. ^ ..... at least as . far as wondering how the doctloi ’ s Icaie is to be had and the bills met. This emergency maternity and , a baby, or if she has a baby who Unlike members • of, the Women ’ s infant-care program is administer- i 3 ! e ^ g than a year old the Ghll- Friday at tie post >x\ng ai en i «• Army'Corps, who serve in wide^v 1 the Childrens Bureau, L. S Fen ’ s Bureau says let her . know .i h,n„ ; 17.63= «,,, .1 the Main Gym in Are''. 7. Oie., -.600 u^tee at Camp Dodge, . u n jt e d States. When the new' bi'i 'the care meets a high standard, on I program. If still further infor- Popularity of the Friday fights is ow.i, a * acies a .imp Hpg»nmo« inw it i« osHtwat'Afl th^t that it is. made available to.all who u (-inn niif.di.d inrinirioc dyr.nui evidenced by the wildly-cheering Adair, Ore capacity crowds which attended the matches. Lt. Louis J. Krem, Post Athletic Officer, assisted by Show at Hospital weight sensation, scheduled the .becomes law, it is estimated that 'hat it is made availaoie to an w.n> ja needed, inquiries should 5,000 Waves, 1A00 women Marines aie eligible. ‘ be iiidressed to the State health land 300 Spajs will be sent to A woman eligible for the care ,^ 3n y Hawaii. In addition. 200 Spars c«\ aPP ’ V through her family phv- ---------------------------- ' may-be -sent to Alaska. ' . -sician with no-further ado about it. SLIGHTI.Y SIXIPPY , . it he is one taking EMIC cases, as Chief reason for the pass age of r ..« it . k * k — « hv . '**■ R ' ,by QO ' d ' t ' ‘ \ ’ ' \™* r I A thin J„... ,h,v c.H .6 Bm If ,h. h., OW » referefs. As an fntample of the boxing 1 anged the appearance of several crack show in the Red Cross audi volunteer for duty outside of the ihg arrangements for her m ; cmr.-a murruy, tnen, en route pome, former world ’ s . champions gue^t ; torium of the Station Hospital continental United State* is the ^ ie ^ os P^ ta ^ or ^ s ^ e nee ^ s assist- i -is eepin a ine (< ‘ ^ c l ! Monday. Sept.- 25'. The curtain ' rises'^r^ou, rlied 'for medfeal aid-s ance in ... \ ’ ediCU ' care f, ' r ?! li , Th * Ur t n fl ,e,ted ' hoWm » at 7 p m tremendous need fot medical aides hep b abv, then the health, agency my fast. Twenty-five cope went and administiative help m jthese will offer ber assistance in arrang- U> work on Izzy with gasoline, j kerosene, shovels, longshoreman ’ * 1 h)oks and knives and finally >e- .novod him from his gummy rest ­ ing place. At a nearby hospital Izzy ’.i condition was reported as world personalities brought here. Included in the show will be w ed j ern Hemisphere'installations. i w take the,night of Aug. ll . Gatha-. I F ^tl i V Gft t xg t o f th e- a Ug o, R a y . ----- ------- - ' ------- ----- — ------- - ----- — ^ ^.2; Fr- Phone Call, for Vets g tor the nec essa ry g orric e. IPs Not Charity This assistance is hot “ charity ' Men returning from' overseas be- No embarrassing questions champions. They were: Lt. Benny * ‘ 8 :% Eddie Mayhoff, a comedian Men returning froni overseas be- No embarrassing questions at? ..ppaiuon was rei Leonard, ex-lightweight champ; En- ’ who has wowed musical comedy cause of wounds or, illness would ; asked of applicants for the care. _ erimi| . 3 ..,, I . ’ . 1 sign Bob Olin Pettv Officer Firs! . and' night club audiences in the ; be able to make one. five-minute. The application form, which the • - j ' • Class Gus Leshevich and Cpl. Melio past and others. long-distance phone call at the ex- wife gets from her. doctor, the lo- Beitina ail format ’ light heavy- Allah Jones is best known for pense of the Federal Government cal Rea Cross, or the State or local weight titteholders; Mickey Walker, his rendition .of the gay, lilting ! under a bill introduced in the health office, serves solely to iden- ox-middleweight and welterweight “ Donkey Serenade. ” House of Representatives this week, tify her as--t4»e wife of a man in King; and Pfc Petey Scal/.q. former featherweight champ. Boltina-and Scalzo are stationed at Camp Shanks. Sport Shorts After chasing it for 13. years, Sgt. Fiank Parker finally nailed the Na ­ tional Tennis Championship to the wall behind his bunk. Parker, who saved up his furloughs to compet ■ in the nationals, -succeeds Lt. Joe Hunt, 1943 champion, who didn ’ '. compete this year. . . . The Great Likes Bluejackets baseball team completed its 1944 season with 48 wins in. 50 starts. , Lt. Mickey Cochrane's men beat ten big league teams, lost only to the Brooklyn Dodgers. Virgil Trucks. ex-Detroit fireballer, led the Lakes hurlers with ten wins, no losses. Interviewed in the Caribbean. Cmdr. Gene Tunney told a OX re ­ porter that Jack Dempsey would have stopped Joe Louis had both met in top form \Dempsey licked anyone he could hit, ” Tunney said “ And Louis, for all his speed of hand, is slow on his feet. Dempsey would have nailed him for keeps. ' The Second AAF ’ s Supet bomber football team has mapped a 13- gnme grid card this fall Opponents include the University of Colorado,) the Iowa Seahawks, Ftt Warren and* the F«ilith AAF. 0 KAItiO VOCALISTS liKKK Four radio personalities, J. C. FHppen, eomeilian, Joan Brooks and Jack Arthur, vocalists, and Dr. \ Sigmund Spaeth.- noted \tune ” de- , tretive, will headline the weekly ' \Stars of Broadway\ show, Thurs ­ day night, 8:15 p. m., at Victory Hall. C k IQKSRJ® ...fMKtmX VOCAV/ST UKH GW UfUlMtS'/OlCA TWtoQK C41URSES FOR M AC ’ S Wr.diington (CNS) : The U. S. Armed Forces Institute has added t new program for Wacs — - cor ­ respondence courses in nutrition, domestic science, house planning and decorating and child psy ­ chology. I! AffiARtP IN TWO HOU-VWdoO } ' HLMS f £€ MR'V ' 1 W 0 GlRL^ SHV Hbnt IN LOS ANMLH> . C»VL.. .. 31 V 6 AA 5 O l D.AN o RENO OJAS INOOCttO JANOARY 'T, ‘ S 4 AT rr M'AKrMWfk CALIF: . RECtiyCD CUtAKAL LJARFARt 6 /SStC AT St(&il?T, AtABAeuA ... IS MARRtEP TO PtNUY LoNG- ALSo A PROF bS&KRl ftt id HO' SftHG* Wtt>4 CIS BROWN'S' OSCHC^TVIA ... .. You CAti WAP ‘ fcOOPY -SlNG- AT CAMP SotpItR OH MOHPftY NIGHTS OH THLNYPt OAJt 'LiHtu; AtSd StAfcS ■ gnTR MA35R. HARRY SfttTER's ASF RftPto SHOW ’ OVER TtK. COLVMAfA tSROAPCASTfHG- SYSTt/Vl. .. MORtNO IS A PRIVATE AMCHW TO STtCrAL StRVICt FAR MAIL FROM OGHT ’ 6GOPY MoRlNO ’ FAN C lu BS GlVt H*M PUNT)f OF RLAP i HF- MATTER KietKlY... 7 *m}d ch »* Entertainment tt — ThtHltr* 2 afc»rt 3, ^<.»iAanova Brown, ” \ t>arj < IVrnvsji Wriiclil, Frnnis Morfrau. rh#*- ai«r<« 1 : uh I 4, and Lowdtiwn, ” i iiKlu Miirnftl. J im k Oakii*. I*t nnv ( vihm I I ’ liealrrs * mih ! €, \Slnrv tYoy W«Bt A'way, ” i iniidelle 4 J^nuir^r Jon«M, l oMrn, SMrIfjr i>m|»40v H mi *L ‘ 23 — 'I h**a'l«Ts 2 mim I 3, **A Hutf, l Wikr und IlnriiM*, ” KHfirf, Knox, Hictiard rant 1 ; m I m » * 4 4ine > >tfsri«»UA N isrhf, ” rhfhtfr WAtrriA. Tti*at«*r9 I and 4, **l a*Hnovat llrtiwa. ” ft. and $ f \HwtiM and I a »W ’ davra* ” 94-^' heaters i ttnd 3, KonuM (Oilman, .Marline liit-irirli. 'J'riMat«rii 1 and 4, ‘ 4 rMsano^a Brown* ” .» and ft. l owtlown. ” r4«oC 2ft I liratt-rs 2 and 3, **KUm**l-'* f tiAalfm I and 4, ** 4 Wavr, A Wac aul a Marine. ” and “ One MjirterkiUH NldlhU ” '('heaters ft and ft, “ 4 Hsaeo»i» Briwn. ” iso Variety show, 4 * 0^4 Amphitheater. ^ Heptw 2t- — Theaters 2 and 3. “ Till We Meet Affatfi/* Kay MMI bih I, Bart.aru ItriUoa, l.uctlle Watson. Theaters 1 juiil 4. ‘ •Kismet. ” v Theaters ft and #, “ 4 uianova Brown. ” Soldier ^ aftotkHS 2tMft, 1 ‘ ost Amphitheater. Sept. 97 — Theaters 2 and 3, “ Uter Niue* Venus, ” Vnn Sa^afre, Boss IIon- iter. Ina Bay Hiitton and Baud. The- | tttees t Khd*- 4v “ Klsytteh* 1 Fheaters b i and ft. ” 4 Wave, A Wad and 4 Ma- | rlne, ” and “ One 3lysterlo»»* Ni|<hl. ” i so Variety sh<»w, Sftlft, Post A mi phi- theater. Sept. 2S — r l heaters 2 and 3, “ The Merry Monahans,” Oouald O'tVuuor, Peiory Kyan, Jaek Oakle. Thentrre 1 and 4, “ TIM We Meet Aaain.^ Theal4>rt ft and ft, ** Kismet, ” I SO Variety Hhow, ifftli, Area ft.

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