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* BOWLING ALLEYS TO BE BUILT ^ ^ . .. CHALLENGE IS RUNG AT ALL IN BOND SALE With the purchase of War Bonds skyrocketing through ­ out Camp Shanks, boosting the post closer to its quota of $100,000 for the Third War Loan drive, the' personnel of the Provost Marshal's Office to'dax nuns ’ a chal ­ lenge to every organization and every individual in camp. \Regardless of the . amount of bonds that any group or any per ­ son purchases,\ they declared, “ we will positively top it. We will beat any individual purchase, we will beat any organization ’ s contribu ­ tion, That's our challenge to the rest of this post. We know we can ’ t go wrong by buying w£r\ Bends and investing in our future and our country ’ s future.\ Thus far,' the members of that Office have matched every: pur ­ chase of bonds, dollar for dollar., it was disclosed by 1st Lt. A. Mar ­ cus, War Bond Officer. The larg ­ est individual purchase has been a $5,000 bond, which was obtained by a Major. Both Col. Ke'nna . G„.. Eastbain,- Commanding Officer, and Lt. Mar ­ cus expressed great pleasure at the manner in which Camp Shank? has rallied behind the Third War Loan drive. The campaign has j been gathering momentum here ; daily, and at the latest reports, the ! post has subscribed $54,000, 'or! slightly -more than half of Its [ pledged amount. No Slackening \The officers, enlisted men and civilian personnel have been giv ­ ing this drive wonderful support,\ declared Lt. Marcus, “ but we must not slacken for one instant be ­ cause we have passed the half-way mark Let us \show our fighting men over there that we are solid- Location Chosen Near Post Hqtrs. Continuing the policy of providing Camp Shanks per­ sonnel with all possible recreational facilities, Colonel Kenna G. Eastham, Commanding Officer, revealed today that plans are under way for construction of 13 regulation bowling alleys on post. ' , The alleys, which will be available for use in about NEW PX WILL OPEN MONDAY New conveniences for Post per ­ sonnel in the form of two PX branches, one a lunch counter which will open Monday morning, the other a newsstand already in operation, have been announced by the Post Exchange Ofllcer, Major Edwin Hess, In addition-, plans are being made for the installation two months, will be installed in the capacious building off Western Highway once known as the Shannon Sfnbles. The structure, located north of Orange ­ burg Road and west of Western Highway, ’ ’ is a Tew minutes ’ walk from Post Headquarter?. In ad ­ dition to the bowling alleys, at least five billiard tables will be placed in the building. Alterations already have been started on the building, and it is estimated that the necessary con ­ struction will be completed by mid- The Right Spirit ' tt Is well-known to one and all that the boys who work In the mess hall all day don ’ t have too much surplus energy left by the evening. It Is equally well- known that after a Class F de ­ duction a corporal doesn ’ t have too much left in his pay en ­ velope with which to buy War Bonds. But that didn't stop T/5 Ly ­ man Haberberger of the T. C, Detachment, assigned to Area 2 Mess, from doing all he could to support the Third War Ik>an drive. After completing his reg ­ ular duties, he has been working nights delivering films to the ­ atres for the sole purpose ot buying more War Bonds. His bride of two months is mighty proud of Kim — ; and so are ,.his fellow soldiers. EVERYWHERE THAT VICTOR WENT his dog was sure to go. That h(t of doggerel from the old nursery rhyme, with slight adultera ­ tion to suit the present circumstances, applies to Pvt. Victor Seibor of the TO Detachment and his pet. Princess Priscilla. Scibo r is a runner at TC Headquarters, and when he performs his duties about camp in a jeep. Princess Priscilla is his constant comiMuiion. ' , U. S. Arniy ’ Sienftl Corps Photo First All-Soldier Show By Camp Talent Monday Camp Shanks will stage its first all-soldier musical show Monday night at 8 in Victory Hall when a number of talented members of the Post Band, men with well-known musical reputations in civilian life, will appear in a program arranged by the Special Service Office. A - ---- - ---- -- -------- ---------------------------- string quartet, a nationally-known fessor of music, qt Westminster organist, and a' former member of College of Music in Princeton, N. J. one of the country's top bands are Cbllist is Pvt. Martin Lffke who on the program. | played with the St. Louis Symphony Pvt, Fred Feibel, who was heard and the New York Philharnfonic. by millions as organist for the Pvt Herbert Garber, second violin- Cojumbia Broadcasting System and I ist, is a graduate of the Juiiiiard was well-known Jo others as or- School of -Music and was a mern- gantst at a Broadway theater, wjll ber of several orchestras and cham- be among the performers. ] ber music groups. Pvt. Leon Gray, now of the Pqet -------- ----- — ------------ | Band and formerly trumpet player | HERE TONIGHT of a shoe-shine parlor in the build- rffovember. when the bowling sea- ing housing the newsstand where ! son will swing ’ into higli gear, it would be convenient to soldiers j According to 2nd Lt. Louis J. leaving post by bus or train. ! Kreno, Athletic Ofllcer of the Spe- CofTee, milk, sandwiches and , cial Service Office, it is planned to pies are available at the lunch ; install six alleys on the ground counter, which is located behind I floor of the building and seven Post Headquarters, next to the alleys upstairs. A balcony also bank. Candy, cigarettes and cigars | will be, built with accommodations are also available at the same PX. 1 for several hundred spectalors. Vending machines for soft drinks, candy and cigarettes, housed, in . the same building, will be avail ­ able to late workers after the lunch, tobacco and candy counters Forming Post League Ct. KVem hopes to organize a post bowling league, composed of teams from all detachments on books and a number of publica ­ tions designed to improve the sol ­ dier's knowledge so that he may gain advancement in the Army. The newsstand i*» open daily from 8 a m. to 3:4jp p.m. and on Sundays from 8 a.m. to 12 nodn. j ly behind, them. Let us show the , country that Camp Shanks win ’ meet and exceed — - its pledged amount towafd the nation-wide | goal of $* 5 , 000 , 000 , 000 , ’ ’ | Lt. Matcus then called attention ' to President Roosevelt ’ s recent j speech, in which, the President [ asserted: \Every dollar that you invest in the Third War Loan is your per ­ sonal message of defiance to our common enemies to the ruthless militnl ists of Germany and Japan ^ — youi personal 'message of faith and good ’ cheer, to our AUIes and all the men at the front. ” Series \E\ bonds may be pur ­ chased at the Post War Bond Office at Post Headquarters or at the Post Finance Office. Series \F\ and “ G\ Bonds can be purchased at the Bank of Westchester on Fairbanks Street. and featured singer with Fred Waring ’ s Pennsylvanians. ’ will : handle the vocal end of the con- , _ cort j Luru Stover, attractive young The string quartet ’ s four stars ' ? A « °. \Walter . CasseU, well- include Pfe. Oasy Renardv; first kn0 ' vn baritone pf radio and mu- violinist, who was soloist with the l* 03 ’ c°niedy fame, and Donald Music . Hull Symphony Orchestra, amc ' > ou ^ ,1 ful operatic tenor, will was a recording art st with Colum- ! 3 concert tonight at 8 in bia and Victor, and appeared in Hall under auspices of concerts and as soloist in many USO-Camp Shows and the Post American and European cities. j Special Service Office. The violist is Pvt. Nicholas Mi3a Stover has given a Town Harsanyi. formerly w ’ tli the Roth Hal1 recital was a featured artist String Quartet and former pro- on KDKA and has made frequent _ _ _ __ ; _______ ; ___ I __ _ ____ j concert, opera, and oratorio ap ­ pearances all over the country. Cassel has starred in such out ­ standing radio ’ programs as the Ford Hour, RCA ’’ Magic Key, ” Chesterfield Hour and Hammer- stein Music Hall. Among his Broadway appearances were “ All in Fun ” and \Let ’ s Go.\ In light opera he starred in “ Rio Rita\ and ■The Merry Widow. ” He made his operatic debut with the Metropoli ­ tan Opera Company irt \Manon. ” Dame has been heard on Cleve ­ land radio stations and has had the leading role in productions of the .Cleveland, Chautauqua and Trenton opera companies are closed. , The newsstand, on Western P ost and “ \ ‘ ts within the Highway near the Mohawk Cafe- ? etRchm ® nt!J ’ Hc also «<Pects to teria, carries New York City news- ! a Cam P Shanks team which papers, popular magazines, greet-1 w,1 °PP° se other Army posts and ing and post cards, paper-covered clvl Uln teams from near ly com ­ munities. Several challenges have been received thus far. All personnel interested in form ­ ing teams for the post league or in joining the post team are urged to contact him at the . Athletic Office The proposal to convert the Shannon Stables building into a bowling emporium was presented to 1 Col. Eastham by Captain George F. Pool, Special Service Officer, and Lt. Krem. Col. Eastham en ­ dorsed the suggestion heartily and promised all assistance required. The alleys will be suitable for duekpins, rubber ducks, hard duck and candlepin bowling in addition to ten-pen boW|ing, according ti> Lt. Krem. The purpose of this is to accommodate the desires of all the men in Camp, ’ since ’ the different styles of bowling are popular in various sections of the country. Lt. Krem also expects to have Joe Falcaro and Andy Varipapa, world-renowned bowlers, appear in exhibitions here. Lt. Krem form ­ erly was a member of champion ­ ship (reams and has bowled against them on numerous occasions. Sky Monsters \A preview of “ things to come before this war ends\ was re ­ vealed In a recent issue of Army Ordnance. Giant new “ battle ­ ships of the sky ” ’ capable of car ­ rying a half-car lot of bombs across the Atlantic and return in non-stop flights were describ ­ ed by Gen. Henry H- -Arnold, Chief of the Army Air Forces According to Gen. Arnold, the planes will be equipped with guns larger than the 87 mm. cannon now carried by some , American ships. The guns will be housed In, multiple turrets controllable from sighting sta- i tlons and the actual sights used will be as revolutionary as our j | present bomb sights. In addi- j tlon, the plane will have “ eyes\ , to guide it -straight to Its tar ­ get. A REAL HEADACHE Can you imagine anybody wor- rylng over making too much profits ’ .* It ’ s happening in Eu ­ rope today. U. S. Army post exchanges have made a $2,000,000 profit in a recent seven-month period. The aim of the post exchanges Is to sell their goods at cost, or even below, to help • soldiers. British goods which must be sold al officially pegged prices have brought about the unwant ­ ed profit.

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