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Greater Greece press. (Rochester, N.Y.) 1959-1977, June 04, 1959, Image 7

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3 e « e f » r e s s 9 ^ : st dhnrch trenue\' , M i n u t e r a. ,in.—Serv*i;' lion, ^edita*^ chatd Grant nference. } h m ^ W O 0 iT — c k e / ^ ? s f o r vill ijfe\ cele- 8:30 -snd 11 with.a con- sginrarig at e i^pen dur- he Nnzarene i Road , M i n i s t w hrist Miniver t Churoh g Ftqid Road I, M i p ^ t e r 1. — ^Church •ship service n. Meditation •s: “W.e Have will fi^ng. • M.Y.F. It Cht|];ch ian A^nue , i s , » i s t ^ r ■ ' ■ »■* 'i L ^ e n s l | |a ■ R i v e c ^ e ennett, Rector r a n g e l i ^ id West iu{, P a ^ o r il Chui;ch ad We^ Baker, Vicar —Holy Com- ■ .serviqe and MHS lorpthea Kin- laviland Park, e Judge John low of Lloyd home pn May wo sonp, Rob- two brothers, 1 J. Kipney; a ney; and three ijA n n y R . R o a d ^ ^ e d J 1 4 his 'parents, . Coyle; liis grahd- rgaret - Coyle; uncles^ May- 25, Loh =r, agpd 54. n-Parmp Corn' 1 by her huS' one daughter ler; oqe s@_ ne brother,, D( Macedpn; oTK ' y, Mrs 94. Brook 1 f y - T i e I M^admai) R^cheste i; tjwo sis; rt apd Mr/ brother loth; <seve| r e a V g r a n e ADVERTBEWNTS' All Want Ads 4p per wor4 minimum charge T5c. Call CH 2-62041 Mondays and Twesdays-rCH 2-41112-R Other Days. Help Wanted For/«Sgld rt-time calling MAPLE S r 2 r s g;r Automatic__Fridaire washer 2 yrs. old ex- Irs. Gordon Macpherson, i -Dr. CH. 2-S596-R. Iquired. Call Mr. Ward, SH . 3-2415. • ‘.Storiewood Ave. iru •.Storiewood Ave. _ [AD TYPE' 'TOUte work. $97i'50 -per iweek guaranteed. MfarriSd man with car. — - \~12-W. i‘9312 : Blouses and tJni- iondition. (xL 3-6150. ; helper. Experienc )le. Hours Tuesday-WednesdayS a, I. m.'. ThursdayrFriday 8 a. m.-5:30 Gall GLen. 34003-W after 7 ». J a RT-TIME gai ^desirable. HoUi See4s/#lpwer4 Plants :t. Greece, East Itou Road, off Edgemere Drive—or would •Hkfr to -sell- larger parcef to builder. -Two minutes walk to lake and boats. CH ■■ a-1879-R. ■ dens. Visitors welcome. 1 ■^87 Street* ■ Route 15, between Jeffer H e fariiata^^f Eerson Road and CADILLAC, Starcratt, Cayuga boats, Mer- ' «ttty i t y motors. Little Dude, Master-craft. ILL CARE for children- ■ your home days while i ICaU CH 2-4791-R. c motors. Little Dude, Master-cn Tee-Ne^^ trailers. Greece Outboard, USED suits, topcoats, sports coats. $4.95 UP, Hats cleaned and blocked. Headley Hatters. 45 South Ave., on© block from Main ^Street. Recommended by leading Ren^ Personals STORE, Five-Boom Apartmen small business. . 2451 Edge CH. 2-5560-J. Services I’he Greater (^eece Press ' June 4, 19S9 LEGAL NOTICE NOTIC B The Board of ■ a l School Ditsi ELECTRICIAN—220 changeover, range and. dryer outlets. Wiring, of every descrip­ tion, new and repairs. All work guar­ anteed. Prompt service. Harold Shoe­ maker, GReenfieJd 3-3330. irict No. T Of.Uie Town i Preece, County of Monroe, hereby invite submisston of bids on bread, rolls iece Cen- Town of ■ e cream. Bids will be opened E.D.T., on the 15th day of June. K90 Latta Road, Rochester 12, New York, ■ t which time and place aR bids will be ■ublicly opened. Specifications and prm s may be obtained at tdie p i e Board of Educatior CHILDREN accepted for a s.;ries of free piano lessons to determine aptitude. Piano at home not essenlial. Fc-r fur­ ther information call or write Miss Helen Thompson, 1 Granger Place, Rochester ame office, be Board of Education reserves the right I reject any or all bids. Any bid sub- litted will be binding for thirty days sub- iqueat ta^-thie ^ a te e f bid-opening:- to 14. Held every Sat. Denise Road. 75e per lesson includes all basic materials, for information call,. CH. 2-4816-J. Courses begin Sat.' Jui a^-tha d a t e a f b id -open Board of Education - Greece Central School District No. 1 County of Monroe Town of Greece 1790 Latta Road Rochester 12, New Yirk by SAM i n Business Mana GUITAR instruction. Beginner,§. and vanned. Taught bv profR.ssinnal mii.sii GLenwood 3-3988-R. IF YOU DON’T hi PLEX TOURS” ! e a car or do !” are just for you. formation, - BRowning 1-7731. BCSIWESS nfgBCTftgy • AUTO SERVICE • FREAR CHEVROLET, INC. 1110 STONE ROAD Sales and Service Genuine Parts DAIRY MILK and CREAM Buy Your Milk ond Cream ■CASH AND CARRY’' BASIS and Sarve Money at Buckman's Dairy OUR ICE CREAM IS ' OF THE mGHEST-OUALTTY\ 2576 Ridge Rodd W ist GLenwood 3-1038 • DITCH DIGGING • • AIR HAMMER •Septic Tanks- Complete Installation Sewage Disposal Systems Cesspools Cleaned r School, 3000 Dewey Avenue. For ■date) May 27, 1959 call Mrs. Saunders, Juengst, CH 2- LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF ANNUAL M E E T I N G __________________________________________ E-Z EXCAVATING GO. 1024 Howard Road BE 5-4460 ♦ Piambiilg - Heating e PLUMBING HEATING BATH and KITCHEN M O D E R N IZ A T IO N ' Quality Repair Service W illiai#^niiiBi Inc. 486 Denijie,i^ Rdiad^ > CMar. 2-0782 < • PRY c l e a n i n g • LASfNDRY ^SERVICE I o r ^ f i ^ i C E S P E E O ^ NORTHOAtE—^ 0 DE^EWEY. D 194S RIDGE ROAD WEST BidReorest Shopping Center 2888 DEWEY AVE. Dewey-Stone Seotion 402 RIDGE RD: WEST Near Dewey LYELL-MT. READ PLAZA GL 3-4373 WESTGATE PLAZA ID 6-3783 d GARAGEr r ■ . LARRY BEDFOR# ^ GARAGE: .. GiNERAL- aEPAHtlNG' > - ” STATE INSPECTION. •- 289 Alpine Rdi ^ CHar. 2-1287 ’ • w a t e r P R O p R i N G ^ AELLAR WALLS - WATERPROOFED: ’ f Genera! Mason Work & Kepalri DRAIN TILE INSTALLED A. J. ARIENO-^BE 5-4371 • W i ^ C H R E P ^ R ~ » 7 WATGtf REPAIRIN<S All Work Guaranteed For 1 Yeor Town Resident Ends Service With RG&E Not man V. Ellison of 303 Oak- wood Ropd has retired from the Rochester—Oas & Electric Cor­ poration after 24 years and ll months of service. Ellison has been a handyman, carpenter and m e c h a n i c in the general maintenance department. reec_' Central School District No. 1, Towi E Greece, Monroe County, Me v Yor , q a ied to vote at School meetings in said iistrict, will be held at the Barnard Schecl buse. No. 588 Stone R ad in said Disfrl t in Tuesday, June 16, 1959 at 7:30 o’clock ?.M. Eastern Daylight Time, for the trans- iction of such, business, a s ik authorized ly the Educatidn Law. AND NOTICE IS ALSO GIVEN that a Tpy of the statement- of the amount of loney which will be required foi yeaC for school purposes, exc moneys may be obtained in- the district dui ■axpayer K a y s im m e ^ tely preceding peeting, except Saturday, Sui , at eac^ school house in petwern the hours of9:00 I o^clock .P.M. East! for the en- exclusive of Led by ahy. iring the seven' annoM e in the District ------------------ o’cJ-ck A.M. and 1:00 o^clock .P.M . Eastern Daylight Tihie ind at said annual meeting. . ^ D NOTICE is-A L S O GIVEN that the aOVING? CaU I low rates. Gre CHar .A 2-5300. Experienced movers, B Moving & Carting. PAINTER C. Adam ECORATOR - William Dewey Avenue. Free CH. 2-3B24-M, PAPERHANGING, painting, blot repairing, . rembdellng, best finest workmanship. Pre< , S S : PIANO TUNING. Repairing, Regulatihg. Voicing. Quick service at reasonable rates. Fred Korpell, 362 Simpson Road, congress 6-0248. b u s t be filed with the Clerk k o t later -than June 2, 1959. The fol owing Ivacancies are to be filled on the Board of [Education: .HEATING — OU. . netaJ work. Free estimates. Reasonable prices David Rich- Son. 1346 Ridge Rd. W., GLen. and coal. Sheet estimates. Prompt I 3 Year term 1959-1962, last incumbent, I -Clinton Edgett r Term 19! 5^ Year ' D ^ ” iMW964. last incumbent. •ulmage Each vacanpy to- be fiUed si Bidered a separate, specific oi pparate peUtion i s required to uo candidate to pAch separate oLice Ei petition shall.-be directed to the Clerk lomlnate a be signed by at least 25 ^ r m g ^ ^ h o w ^ - B o o k e d each signer -and shaU stat residence of the candidat the namei UUd ^ d slialr d^crihe the specific vai the Board?,oi Education for which mdate is nominated, which description shaU at'Idast the length o f the term of pffic® ana. the , name of the lis t incumbent, Petidoas are available a t each School Hduse. or -from the Clerk at No. 470 Ridgemnat-Drive. IW riCE IS,, FUR-THBE, g iv e n \ that at said meeting k-vote w ill be taken upon a resolution to ^iutchdse live (5) new school 'therefor a siim not ex- ra^ea by to e levy o f a ta r upoh thd aWe property of said School- District. Dated: May IS, 1959 : A . MINDACH of ..the District 4T S-21-28 6-4-11 ACCORDION and Piano taught by pro­ fessional musician. Beginners and ad­ vanced. Studio al Ridgecrest Shopping Center. GLenwood 3-6833. years eSeperience on televisi home radios and record playt er service manager for large up- store. Latest factory trai-ing on sets. CHarlotte 2-2563. 211 McGuire 6y Indian Dancers The Shiwana Indian Dancers will hold their annual . Spring show at Central- Presbyterian Church Saturday. There will be two performances, 2:30 and at Greece youngsters who - will take part are Judith Kenneweg of John Marshall High; Gary Ken.- neiYeg, Terri Thoiiipson, Ronnie Bentley, Hoover Drive School, and Bernie Chirico and Eo-ger Thompson, Britton Road School. 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