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Greater Greece press. (Rochester, N.Y.) 1959-1977, May 28, 1959, Image 2

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B 0 R 14 T ’ L I'j E ^ ! N S MONDAY to THURSDAY FRIDAY & SATURDAY 10 A. M. to 10 P. M. lOA. M. to II P. M. MOST PEOPLE CALL BORLEN'S LIQUOR STORE CH 2.1587 DEWEY-BENN1NGTON SHOPPING CENTER We Deliver frlTFORIWnf WITH 2 TRERMOSTATSI W l i - U A M S O W . increases comfort and fuel economy Just like 2 furnaces for the price of one! The result . . . maximum fuel usage only on coldest days . . . fuel saving is automatic, and overrun is eliminated. Phone for details today! Y o u r W I L L I A M S O N D e a l e r KEITH S. MAHESON 261 Alpine Road CHarlott§,2-U25-R Al Skvarek A l is the trained BlueirCross- Blue Shield Field Representa­ tive serving this-area. H e’ll be .© ^ happy at any time to answer qpiesuons concerning low-c6st group membership < available to employee groups of four or m o r e ) in these high-benefit hos- prtal-surgical-medical Plans. __ — — — — — — — ................. -V j BLUE CROSS-BLUE SHIELD l 4 41 Chestnut Street, Rochester 4, N. Y, | I Gentlemen: Q T would like to learn about benefits | J provided by Blue Cross-Blue Shield. i • Name ................................................................ ! ■ Address ................... ■ • City or T o w n ......... . ............ i.................................................... . l • Imployed b y ............................... . ............................ ( ............ ) 1 I No. of Employees • I Q Please have your representative stop on his next visit, i 4. . . . . . ....... .. .............................................................J The CREATES GRKCE HiESS e„Btoed Weekly i . the Interest of the Peiple -.t the Tow ot Greece Owned and Operated by g r e a t e r GREECE PUBLICATIONS. INC. Corporation Office — 300 Powers Bldff. Press Advertising, News and Business Office 163 Willowbrook Road Telephone — CH 2-6204 or CH 2-4112-R Second-Class Postage Paid at Rochester, N, Y. _________ _ Editor and Publisher: Elbert’Angevine_______________ Regular Subscription Rate . _._$1.50 Per Year I As Youth Sees It. ♦. | This Greater Greece Press feature is o f ‘ an opportunity to express their views on Press will ask specific questions each week and «nWished submitted by young people in 300 words or less will be published. QUESTION—What do you think could be done to inter­ est more Americans in taking part in our free elections. ANSWER ^ANSWER In fny opinion there is abso- problem is definitely not a lutely nothing that can be done | one—nor is it an easy one to encourage Americans to vote, t solve. The candidates can make speech -1 people to vote es on television and radio. Litera-1 interested ture and pamphlets can be print-, politics. This also is easier We take free elections lor granted because we have always had them. But have you consid­ ered what it would be like under a dictatorship? It might be understandable if the nearest voting booth v\as miles away, ^or in a wilderness. , But this j.s no excuse for voting booths are conveniently located most everjone. For the most part, voting booths are only a few block.s away. Distance can­ not be used for an excu.se, either. Even if the nearest voting booth is a half-mile away, there are cars to take people to them in a few minutes. Must people be led on a leash to the voting booth? If this is the case, they should not consider', themselves good Americans. Sandy Largway 65 English Road i Greece Central High . i par _ , I Hi jjuTitii-o. I iiio ..j ------- ed to publicize the importance of voting. But-all the speeches, pos-} ters and literature in the world, j think one of the best w'ays to won’t do a bit of good unless the, people interested in our people themselves want to go out j government and who should run and vote. ^ ' it, is through television and radio. ■ People behind the Iron Curtain j trouble with the American vvould take advantage of any op-: much for, poitunity to participate in a free g.^^ted. They don’t think of the! election. have that pnvuege ^ ^ privilege. Kinf Aco rln^ \A/» thrcwA’ l1 ^ „ . . t • • 1 think that b-y using television and radio, the privilege of being Rites Set Today For K. G. Van Alsline] Funeral services will be helff r today at 1:30 p. .m. for Kennetkl Gordon Van Alstine, 23, of 951 Hilltop Road, who was fatally shot Sunday in a hunting accident to Lima. Interment will be in Whife. Haven Memorial Park. Mi*. Van Alstine was an ardent ] hunter and often visited the Bar -1 ber farm to hunt woodchucks. The farm is owned by the father-ip. law of his sistdj-, Mrs. Estelle Bar­ ber of Lima. A 1955 graduate of Charlotte High School, Mr. Van Alstine was employed as a printer by Neisner Bros. He had just'completed tie f i r s t v p n r n f n fm i r - v o o . scboo] first year of a four-year night I school printing course at tl Rochester Institute of Technoloj He served in the Army from 1955 I ta 1957. He is survived by his mother, I Mrs. Kathryn Van Alstine; four sisters, Mrs. Estelle Barber of Lima, Mrs. Louise Bailey, Mrs. BeOy Vereecke, and. Mrs. Barbara I W.uger of Spencerport; a broth- ] Alstine, and cral nieces and nephews. Donald Van Alstine, a sev- Legal Notice Surrogate’s Coart < Monroe County In the Matter of the Will of JOHN A. McCALL Deceased. CITATION FOR PROOF OF WILL Meyer Fix, Attorney for Petitioner, 5 Powers- Building, Rochester 14, N, Y. The People of the Stale of New Pork By the Grace of God Free and Independe To BARBARA McCALL. addres but -what do we do? We throw it J this wha t our forefathers 7n\Ve^ fought for and gave their live.- for? tions can be stressed. For ex­ ample. our system of free elec­ tions can be compared with the Russian .system, or something alone that line.' II would take more than one telecast, but by devoting mayb^ a hall-bout a week on television, it would probably do a lot of Even if it only inspired => few people to get out and vote, it would have fulfilled its purpose— for every time a few more people mgs > -kit are striving for. go out a n d v o t e , it b r i n g s u s a few s t e p s elo.ser to th e ' k i n d o f d e m o c ia c y Linda Tischlcr 3 Beverley Heights Hoover Drive School The Greater Greece Press May 28, 1959 YOU PAY L E S S FOR ME IMPROVEMENT LO ANS AT IN Q p L N ROCHESTER MPARE! FHA LJDAN CHART YCO 24 Months 36.Months 48 Months - eOMonlks Amount Monthly Payment S S 'p i . Amount Monthly ■ of Nme Payment AmounI Monthly J 600, 1200 1§P0 2000 2500 3000 3500 $ 660.72 1321.44 1651.68 2202.24 2753.04 3293.04 3833.04 $27.53 55.06 58.82 91.75 1*14.71 137.21 159.71 $ 689.76 1379.52 1724.40 2299,32 $19.16 38.32 47.90 63.87 110.91- $14-37.60 $2995 1797.12 j 37.44 2396.64 ; 49.93 2995,68 1 62.41 3574.08; 74.46 ■4152.96 1 86.52 $1495,80 1870,20 2493.60 3117,00 3714.60 $24.93 31.17 •41.56 51,95 61.91 71.88 lARBARA McCALL, addre unknown, ind any \unknown” additional distri­ butees of said John A. McCall, de­ ceased, if any of them be living and if any ot them survived decedent and- are now dead, to his or her distributees, legal representatives, legatees, devisees or assigns, and all other persons who have or claim to have any interest by purchase, inheritance, or oti-.envi-e i said estate: distributees of John A. McCall, deceased, Send Greeting: WHEREAS: Meyer Fix of the City of Rochester, County of Monroe *and Stale of New York, the executor named in a cer- tafn instrument in writing, bearing date Oc­ tober 18. 1958 purporting to be the last WUl and Testament of said John A. Mc- CaU, late of the City of Rochester in said County of Monroe and State of .New York, deceased, and relating to both real and per­ sonal property, has lately made applica­ tion to the Surrogate’s Court of the Ciunty of Monroe to have said instrument proved and recorded as the Will of the personal , property and real property of said deced­ ent, John A. McCall, you and each ot you are cited to show cause before the Surro­ gate of the County of Monroe, at the Surro­ gate’s Court in the City of Rochester, in said County of Monroe, New Y’ork on the 19th day of June 1959, at 10 o’cl'ck in the forenoon of that day. why the said Will and Testament of John A. McCaU should not be admitted to probate. If any of the aforesaid persons i.s under the age of twenty-one years, or insane or otherwise incompetent, he will please take I notice that he is required to appear by his general guardian or, committee, if he has one, and if he has none, that he appear . amd apply for the appointment of a .special guardian ;or in the event of his neglect or failure to do so a special guardian will -be appointed by the Surrogate to represent and act for him in thesi prceeedinfs. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, the seal of J the Surrogate’s Court of the County of Mon­ roe has been hereunto affixed. ' WITNESS: Hon. MICHAEB L. ROGERS, j Surrogate of said County, a t the City of ‘ Rochester, this 30th day of Aprli, 1959, (L. S ) AUGUST D. VlfARETTI, Deputy Clerk Surrogate’s Court. Personal appearance is not necessary unless , ' you desire to fife objections. 44-2-4T 5-7-14 21-28-59 Legal Notice Surrogate’s Court s M->nroe County In the Matter of the .W.ll of WILLIAM FINDLATER, I Deceased. CITATION FOR PROOF OF WILL Robert E. Cappan, Attorney for Peti.ion- er, 25 Exchange SI., R'Chester. N. Y, The Pe pie of the State of New York ; By the Grace of God Free and Independent To Marguerita H. Saybolt I distributee of William Findatler, deceased, [ Send Greeting: I WHEREAS: William D. Findlater, sole beneficiary under the last WUl a’;d Testa­ ment of .WiiUam Findlater. ,of Rochester. County of Monroe and Stat« of New York, bearing date February 3, 1954, purporting to be the last Will and Testament of said William Findlater, late of the City of Rochester, iq said County ot Mon­ roe and State of New York, deceased, and. Xibiating to both real • and personal lUcation to the LAKE AVENUE OFFICE ...................1495 Lake Ave. DEWEY-STONE OFFICE ................ 2800 Dewey Ave. RIDGE-DEWEY OFFICE ....... 5?5 Ridge. Road West L incoln R ochester T R U S T C Q M f A N Y Bimbm Federal Reserve System . Member federol Deposit Inseroqee Corpomtai Rochester, ii 1 State of __ ating to botl) re ^ . property, has lately made application to the SarrhSate’s Coutrt of the County of Mdnroe to have said instrament proved’ And re- ■ ■ is to the of personal 1 hnd real e .Cited to you and each of you are .cited to show 'cause before th e , Surrogate of the County of Monroe, at the Surrogate’s Court in the City of Rochester, in said County of Moiffoe, New York, on the -4th day of June 1959, at 10 o’clock in the forenoon of that dhy, why the said WiU and Testament ■' ■' locedent should not be admitted to : said rpbate. and act for hiin in these proCe----- - IN TE,STIMeNY WHEREOF, the seal toe Surrogate’s' Court of the County notice that he is reguired to appear general guardian or committee, if one, arid if he has none, that he appear and apply for the appointment of a special guajrdian; or in the event of his neglect or failure to .do so a special guardian will represent le proceedings. IREOF, the seal of Of the County of AprH 18 VICABB’ ___ ________ jaate’® Ct Petspnai appearance |s aot_necessary uffiess you desire to file objections. 44-f.lT . 5 . 7,39

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