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Birthday ol a Giieat; J^ieriean M P R E S S .AWeB«tr 'NevvrSPJ(lPER DEVOTED TO THB TPVVrN OR 6REECE PublishM by HAROLD P. BITTNER. INC HAmilton M840 ^OB S u * ^ Bldg. HAmllton 6flS4? glltcoitdi^lsis ttiall prtvibcrfey ^ t f e i i ^ Jiearbr «nl>scTiptipn (Maflefli, s / Singrle Copies, 5 Cents i!^u%S'^«ailaMe. <Co2iies ovor four jp«eks pW, 10< Cents. Pui>lisli6r‘L. General Hanager _ E d i t o r ________ I __ . tronald \3 B x t t e . m ^ T a S l t A t ' ..-Elbert A'nfevtoP’ n a i i i r M . Yi0u # M i e 3 ^ I t ‘A glo^t'ingLBinile'beai?is-0!^^^ J^ur tPlei^SionHsciSell a s a ,a »aj>r. py, happy vcflce cries, ‘<Wotad ;yott\ W rr 0 > res^ee ' ticslieve ft? I have <jt cold!” «n th e .tokd to >r|coi 'answer we throw back at ^th e - ^TJhe h e a lt h A ^ o c ia acreen this .moath .is a loud “y< ^Medicine has made spectacul/ir* ftdwaaces in t h e ^ a s t year., b»t the conirrion cold' is just as prevalent this winter as The lady o n 'T ¥ may be abli to*, keep *up her spirits with liberal 4oses of her sponsor's T}rod\\‘ tft'at’s Inst isor's prodjuet,.bttt bout ail she can do. ©(dd remedies, no m atter how at­ tractively advertised, give little teore.than temporary relief for the symptoms of a cold. But let’s face it. A cold is at Xmne&eoB'flahhed By Ittihony Club l^e ’ very least an uncomfortable nuisance. If j«ou've discovered some remedy or routine or even a witch’s charm that helps you keep your spirits up, more power Stick to it, as long as your doc­ tor says it’s harmless. And keep this thought in mind—if you are otherwise in good health, this cold, too, shall pass away. On the other hand, you can’t shrug off a cold and try to carry - ^ o n as if it -didn’t exist. That can lead to real trouble. With the first —whether i t ’s ‘ symptoms of a cold—whether i t ’S‘ 'Sniffles, sneezes, cough, sore' iPjroat, aching muscles, running eyes and nose, go to bed if you posdbly cap. Diink plenty- a f liq­ uid. b r -the i^'fA meiftiflgr 'ibiir .nb- srace. lylH be than ■you O Jres^ce ipitft ryou well if youfhave-*a f i^h'fever,‘you call your-^dofftoi*. AnidJkfigfp hopingT The research scientists haven’t .given up. ,3itayhe \by n e # Avuiter, rthere wftl be a breakthrough. Miss Marcfella M ay,''hew presi­ dent of .the Busan B.'Anthoby , fte“'' publican Club, will join with i®cs. Einopy Chainphey, hew director,\ln entertaining board members at a luncheon on February 19th. A fter-the luncheon, which wili be^in at 12i30 p. m., members of the* board will attend a meeting for discussion of plans for th e year. New committees also will be voted on. Officers elected at the \Annual January meeting, in addition to Miss May and Mrs. Champney are* vi< First r ■esident, Mrs. Morti- mer Goldstein; second yice-presi- dent, Mrs. Stanle; cording secretary, - T: t : $725 Gorl-Seliccfer UKEm mm : m t m n e w m m & sr - INCGRBOEATED . . . . ; .1 ■»OBEN-:EVES.‘' ' JtO''3f4«.6,0'' Frankel; re- ocwcocuj, Mrs. Harry Dake; corresponding secretary, Mrs. Charles Kennedy, assistant corresponding secretary, M rgnnr- ing Epstein, treasurer, Mrs. Ed- vvm*d .Ehrlick, and' assistant treas­ urer, Mrs. Lawtpn HawVer. iPirectors are liirs. !lfrancis Eem- ! ington, Mrs. Balph Murphy, tor$. ■ Emory Charupney, Mrs. G. Alfred SPrqat. IWjrs. E. William Ickes and Mrs. G. Robert ABbiart. Former presidents of the Susan B. Anthony Cmh are Mi's. ElHs Gay, Mrs^ Barton Baker, 'Mrs. ‘F. Ritter Sftumway a n O i r s . Ken­ neth Power, Rep. Jessica Weis Have you question? You can get the answer by phoning Ylsiting your Roehestet Public Li­ brary. 12, 195? l i e GREEN IHUMB B, GEORGE ABRAHAM .. Naples, N* y.r - Grehhhouse; - .-Gatfienis; - ^ .p s .i,' about evety fardeher - longd fqr ^ .small/.gre^phouse, attached ito the back- of -his home. You. couldn’t m ake u J b e tter^ ,w for houses on the mac^et, s'onie using glass, soroe plastii?,,,some, made of wohd, Others inadevbf'thrt^^^ , . ..........,'tnift-aj. , lie, you bayh; the th u m ^ you can bu y n n e he^' tw een ;.|d00 to ’-i^:..-^pd 'ft you have- good Ihck^-you v&ahv^-make' ^nbugh 'yoftr Jhvest-'- rent to pay' l o r . ®reehhotise •in a-^nqiiple pf. yejrs |pi5l!s6. iGar4epers. whD ' 4 r e . j ^ o y with a hannnfer Mw rcSb oST# .A *-r«5>TT j^anto' » :se lf '^ ' &antOi , 4 ;typ^ of .grcehlmuse.i-.Attaehed.,;jtoi,.y o u r irbse frdih a ' fadyhood p f lirivhtioh 4>y iionfeSt platlinHfeW deavor to* Is^cdnie an' qtiM^ding 1ea^»r of ^he people. is epproprtrtei tiiaf on' tlils day many iniriions pay tribute t o fhe meraor^^ of bne who sfartds tall among the netstaridingteaeliers of iolerance and fiuman understanding ’ of *a1l timl. THE LESISLATURE Second of a Series Last week we learned how a bill is introduced in the legislative, traced its path from the hopper to the governor’s desk and the office of the Secretary of State, where it became law. Let us now turn our attention to some individual bills which have been introduced and -?ee how they would effect us or our town. •Under the present law. a voter-*’; must reside in the state one year, in the county four months and in an election district 30 days to be eligible to vote in the November general election. Two Local Cases In the presidential election ,of 1956, there were at least two eases of people who had moved into a' town anfi were deprived of their vote for president. ■One family that had moved' from Pennsylvania 10 months earher, consisted of citizens born vveis earner, consisted of citizens born and Mrs. Kenneth Power are life in the United States. The couple members. ;H c ® |if,la p p y could not vote because of the year’s residency provision of the This p ast year one family moved from Canandaigua and one from Palmyra. Neither town is over 40 m aes from Greece. Still they could not vote for governor be­ cause they had not been in Mon­ roe County for four months. Last week two bills were in- -troduced into the Assembly deal­ ing with this problem. •Assemblyman Brooks introduced ■ .one bill which amends Section 1, 'Article 2. of the constitution to permit voters to. vote for president ^ n d .,vice^pre4dent;jBlectprs^.a|h district Aiid for .statewide officers and questions after one year’s resi­ dence hi state and 30 days resi- .Februai:y 14][h Is the Bciy! €hoD s e y m f owii ^ W eapoiis’^ — F lftw e rs, C a n d y or Sweetri WnTds. J3ton’.t n^ss-out on the BIG- '>©bservanee. mm- have ^ hat i, m iiqh | u n .on klenee in the district. T h e Brooks ~ This b ill bears introductory '•Btimber 474' and tests in thd ju- ^Qiciafy committee. You will notice Ibat thi^'bill -eliihinates the county 'residence requirement. * Mr. Brooks also-introduced an- c^ther-biir'amending the same Sec- 'taon jind-^artiele to permit -voters •to- vhfcd for p^sideht and vice, -president felS'etors nnd -Upon all itederal .questions, -after -ao days’ resMeilce' in Aieetioh distrfctrTftis bill Ras'lntroductoiy’ ii'umber 475 You notice this bill eliminates the state,and dofinty residence require^ haents. ^ ‘That our Asseteblyman Thomas •F. Baiey nr 6 ur’•’Senator Frank E.ibervice. Yan bare may khow how you* The i r s t Teel about these bills, V^hy don’t ...... . you sit doivn and write them. The best way to get legislation we favor is to write our elected of­ ficials and express our feelings. They ai’e most anxious to follow the dictates of the majority. Next Week—^More bills in the mill. Couple Observes 45th Anniversarv Mr. and Mrs. Max F. Herrmann of SO Standish Road %viil be mar­ ried 45 years Saturday. They will celebrate with a family -dinner with members -of the family-rMr. and Mrs. Albert Erholt. YSS'Stone Road, Mr. and Mrs. David .Glea­ son, 614 Fairmount Avenue and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Legg, Syra- Two-Oay Pcirtey'Slated IHIumane Assoclatioii The American Humane Associ- itiou’s 53rd regional management ionfefende will be held a t the tomorrow and Hotel Treadway Saturday. Representatives of humane or­ ganizations from five states and TheH u i „ ______ ____ ______ Tomorrow’s program will in-- elude the 'follD-iVing talks: - | •\New -HorizonsT^’ Tby G . W. Rog-’ ers of Denver, AHA field depaft-l •teent director; '■'A Picture is! \Worth Many Thousand WoMs,’’ -ftyl -Jack'Ettglert, photographic spec-! iaUst for * the Eastman Kpdak! .Company, and “Law Enforceanehtl in Fish and -Game •Management,”! by Gftflord Moore, State Conser- -vation Department ieiitan Service ' Greece .Methodist G h i i r c h - ^ 1 have a series Of special' Lenten! servicea-.beglnning •February 19 at The Center of ‘Worship will be Christian ‘ art masterpiece throfWtt oh. the sereen,j!d'uring aervlce w ill:be hen..-i ^^Hfead pf! hmne, iUnd wliiCh takeh a aniniinum of h e a t The handiest aerkngement you house ,td y6ur 'xhouse. -This makes a rtwe 'Wimteiig^ you and you can enjoy .stepping from a warm' house Into u -warm ^een- house -Without rsloshmg through snow o r ndud.'Besides this, elec- trie% Jin®, :water-<mid :dcaih pipes are- usually hiandy for connecting to t h e greeuhouse. . In many cases 1he house heating plant -will - tak e 'c a te cf the hot water ’heating -‘S]^stem ‘for the greenhouse. You m ay have to have a \Separate thermostat -to keep up the heat in fiiiA greenhouse at night twhen ftpiuse iieat is usually turned down) and to lower it in the dajrtime (when the nun warms the greenhouse.) Buy or build the largest green­ house you can afford because you’ll find a small one can quickly become too small in a hurry. It costs you moire to add on later than it does to build a large one in the first place. For good ap­ pearance,-budd a-greenhouse at -least two times longer than its width. Before you .bqild or buy you should contact -a representa­ tive from .a greenhouse company. Spiders in the -Home: Many tell us their' homes ■me overrun with spiders o f one kind o r other. Spi­ ders often iintd thmr way into basements in Fall and during the Winter months -they live in dark undisturbed comers^ spinning un­ sightly webs which collect insects and dust. One reader actually counted four spiders in his owh bed and they bad bitten him several times. Controlr Sweeping the^ webs down is .only a temporary meas­ ure. .Eor permanent control tspray the areas with either lindstn.e or malathion. Lindane -lasts longer. Green Thamb Clinic: T. A. writes: \Our poinsettia leaves have all turned yellow. How can I grow the plant on for another yeal*?” ' .Answer: Send^jm e a self-ad­ dressed, stamped envelope for a •cQ^py of our* free ^bulletin, \Poin- ■sdttia Culture.” It -^tells how to make new p lan ts and'-keep your -old o n e over. Flans for‘.a Spying L^nquet .will be discus,sed -by m embers.\ofIbe teaeu.W o m e n ’s , ftepUhJican nt ih g ir n ieerihi' Monday ft 8:15 .p..m. at th e Town'HaH. MrS. Nor- man F.. prinee will preside. .Mrs. GeOrfie~^iMiir|>hy ‘has ar- rahged foi^ axhair-.ftyling demon­ stration 'td bfe. ftbefeehteid* b y Bob- njpls-wllx pe'JLvics, iutenn lueoapo. 'Membei’s” a re asked to' bring a .Valentine to ■carry out the theme an d ' decorations. and refreshments wiH bev,served-by the 34th and Ifith ''district members m d e r the direction' of Mrs. ' C Gondon Rage . and Mrs. Clarence j^encer. . There-w o u id toe'no free press w e re. it not ifor advertising by jfhe 'local merchants *.and indus­ tries who support tecr-press h u t do not control i t . —Tudustrial News Review.'' -- - i i i ■

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