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Brockport republic and Brockport Democrat. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1925-1955, November 19, 1942, Image 4

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/ «viu SAS^aa^MiwKSpiw. I?> \ lH iter r »- w lit- IK SffiES FOUR -%rW REPUBLIC -DEMOCRAT, BROCKPORT, N. Y., THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19/1942 \A& I Heard Tell Help Support The Chest » « * » During prohibition, it was not un- common to note \B.Y.O.L.\ at the bot- tom of an invitation. Now that has fceen replaced with \B.Y.O.S.\—right, the S is for sugar. * » * » I get a kick, out of: a fireplace with the wood craefeling and the flames leaping over the logs, which reminds me that I haven't been in a home this •winter that is kept to the 65 degree temperature as Unk wants us to do. • * * * Notre IJiame followers had a case of the blues over the week-end, while grade of the TJ of, R were making •whoopfe after decisively trimming Ho- feart. » » • • So far the scrap collection has tak- en a column inch of newspaper space to a ton of scrap. The cover on a popular magazine TAKING THINGS OVER This photo radioed from London, England, to New York and Soundpho- toed to Chicago last week-end shows a United States army officer, the Stars and Stripes prominently displayed on his uniform sleeve, convers- ing with villagers in French North Africa. The Yanks are now fighting the Nazis at Blzerte in Tunisia. German and Italian reinforcements are arriving in Tunisia by air and sea. New York Central Railroad and was I FOR RENT: Furnished, heated a member of the Brotherhood of En- \ apartment on main floor, bath, hot and eerB cold water, / private entrance. 17 He is survived by his wife, Emaline: Holley St . , U:5tf Cleveland Washburn of Clarkson, and two cousins. Funeral services were held from the past week TOS a dill, \Loose talk the late home Tuesday afternoon may COB oat lives.\ • * * » It was below 50 In the southern part of Florida one day the past week •tfrhich helps take the curse off the frigid weather we had recently. Nov. 17, at 2 o'clock. A Burial was.in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester. Vi-t Hospital Notes Surgical patients at the Hospital this week are Miss Ella May Wake Altho it was mainly for men, half j^f Hilton, Mrs. Earl Palmer and Mrs. the people at the Methodist church Walter Judd, while Mrs. Margaret WANTED Sunday night were women. • • • a The joint gathering was a big suc- cess, the choir of all male voices, Maloney is a medical patient. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Palmer ofHHr ton are the parents of a son, born Thursday, Nov. 12. The following speaker 'n all, met with hearty ap- ] day a son was born to Mr. and Mrs. proval and brought out my one-man j j ac k Brigham. campaign fo r all the Protestant Clayton Root of Sweden, Virginia churches to meet under one roof for, Bird of Bergen and Mrs. Charles the duration- If they did it for the duration they would continue to do It after this war is won. • • • • Both men and women spoke to me about the consolidation of churches, after the service. No one opposed it. • • » • 'Remember \Snuffy\ M$3ee? He got lonesome for his friends in Brock- port and phoned from the camp he is statlonod at In California the other evening. • • • » Haven't noticed any war worker Tiero carrying a double-up sticker on his car. • • • • The .Community Chest drive* is v. oil '•oa~i\B~ymf- ai TT all streets coTrrrtb- uted as well as Kenyon (that's where I mng door-bells) the \over-thetop~\ sign would he hung up by tomorrow night • Two parties made me call the sec- ond time but the rest opened the door, asked me to sit down and start- ed digging for their folding money. The solicitation was fun in place of the bore I thought it would be. » • » • Little Johnny Hutchinson, the si- lent magazine salesman, saw me and said, \Hey 'Pete.'^you want to buy a PosfT\^ ohtl lb \fhe BSfflfe -breath con- tinued, \I forgot, I haven't any left.\ Knapp were discharged from the hos- pital Tuesday. Born Tuesday to Mr. and Mrs. John Delehanty, a daughter. — —v Kiwanis Kob-Webs I Meeting for their regular dinner '.session at the Roxbury Inn yesterday , noon, members of the Kiwanls Club had as their guests from the army: I Corp. Bernard H. Brule, I'fc. Harold ' F Rogers; from tbe navy, Orvll 'Wright nnd Charles Carpenter; and indncteps Allen R. Locke, Howard A. TURKEY SUPPER ,Da Ruyschcr. Charles E. Hill. Martin j py Men's Club of Hamlin Methodist ; Hoyt. Adrian Cotter, Walter Cort-, Church. Thu WANTED: Part time waitresses; also woman for kitchen work. The Roxbury Inn. _• V WANTED: Daily riders to Roch- ester, leave 7:10 a.m., return Brock- port 5 p.m. Inquire Walter Wright, 4 th Section Rd. . ^ u _= WANTED: Good home for two Ti- ger kittens, 3 months old; have been inoculated for distemper, house bro- ken. Inquire Z-l this office. _V WANTED: Apple tree butts. We pay a good price for sound, live apple tree butts. ThomaB A. Pullen, Mid- dleport, N. Y. 2:25 v WANTED: Daily ride to Roches- ter. Must leave Brockport in time to be a t Main and Clinton at 7:30. Return ride also desired after 4:45. Inquire X-l, R-D office. ^_^ V _ _____ WANTED — Listings — Competent and efficient local service with adver- tising combined with multiple listing service of the Rochester Real Estate hoard without extra charge. Ask about it? Ed Root. Realtor, Tel. 377. 7:30 tf UNCLASSIFiED $50 REWARD A -white Pekinese female with tan markings waB stolen in Brockport. Its absence is keeping a sick woman from recovering. Please consider her feel- ings and return the animal. No ques- tions? $50 reward. Mrs. Fred Simmons, 252 Ingersoll St., Albion, 9:17 tf V-—-«sa--______ BlinDlBllMB^ Painting Paperhanging Prices Very Reasonable. Estimates Free. _•_ LLOYD WI^€OTt 15 Kenyon St. Phone 122-W l!IIIIBI!«[nini»liail«!l!HIM»!HlliaMffiWM!!!l!l WANTED Dead Hones $3.00 Dead Cows 2.00 Old or Disabled Horses $3.00 to $5.00 PHILIP CUDDEBACK Phone 6—Reverse call—Lima HUDSON Sales — Service OIL GASOLINE . LUBRICATION CONRAD & LADUE North Main St. . Brockport, N. Y. Phones 52 or 443 Strand Evenings at 7~andU9 Matinee Saturdays at 2:30 Continuous Show Sundays Starting at 2:30 Friday and Saturday Nov. 20-21 Laurel and Hardy in \ A-Haunting We plus Johnny Mack Brown in \The Masked Rider\ Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Nov. 22-23-24 Rosalind Russell, Janet Blair and Brian Aherne In GENERAL Consult Minot & Crippen Co. Main St. Phone 7-W 4- JUNIOR JAM SESSION Friday -:.-. Nov. 20th High School Gym, DOUGH WARD & ©RCH. Stag 40c, tax 4c — total 44c Couple 70c, tax 7c — total 77© 4fi \H su. sfc--:': •• 1 FJ Clii •tf«MSmSM»MM»SM»» • M»MM<M»< 4.iiiiliui»ii!iilliiMII»iUB]llli»llll|ilM!!lllBI!lll_||llU»llllfc BARBER'S GRILL & RESTAURANT See The Viso-Drait Thermostatically Controlled \SEE WHAT YOU DRINK\ 22 Main Street iBMs_^l»IIMWBlll]MI!iajiiJM»lBl^Bllllt_rIIBII-i i \MY SISTER EILEEN\ Wednesday, Thursday Nov. 25-26-27 Continuous show Thanksgiving Day starting at 2:30. Brian Don levy and Robert Preston \ In \WAKE ISLAND\ DR. VELMA COYE Benedict Block Tuesdays and Saturdays 12 M to 5 P. M. OP By Appointment — Phone 41-W Holley Phone 324 rijrht. L,u\vrr-nce Morrltt, Edward Wl- mvr. 0<»nrtrt< Glynn. Donald Blossom. Robert Thayor, Harris\ Sletr-her, Har- old Van Hon ton, Henry Carpenter, Kenneth Clark, VUo Vincent Flow, Joseph Francis Hoff and Fred San- dow. As the (ruostB of Arch Browne were Messrs. Wright and Rogers, while John McCagg was the guest of Dr. Harry Greene. Fifty dollars was voted . as the Club's donation t o the Community Chest at this time. Tin Pick-Up Nov. 28 Mrs. Clayton Root reported this week that a total of 250 tons of scrap had been collected in the recent drive now ending. -This amount places the over Its Adults 75e, Thursday. Nov. 19, 5:30 on. r children' 50c. •v- 10:19 APPL-EV^OQB. BUTTS WANIT-Ep. ,, We are In the market for applewoocl butts. Phone or drop card. Castor! Applewood Co., North Rose, N. Y. { 12:3 Have yea heard that new piece \Kosie the Riveter\? It Is most ap- propriate and we-do .salute the gals [Town of Sweden 120 tons ~wE6 leave \CQmfort&'DTC injures-To do+quota. -• their bit. Hail, \Rosie the Riveter.\! The amount of scrap recorded • • * * j since \Mrs. Root took over the ehair- My apologies to those I did not call manahip Is reported at 778 tons. on last week for Community Chest j The lln pickup will take place on adB. Had to stop selling 'Monday the 28th of this month and partlcu- noon due to a shortage of employees lars will be published in this paper and that hurt Before_long I may next week. F R E E I ; If excess acid causes you pains Qf ' Stomach Ulcers. Indigestion, Heart-1 burn. Belching, Bloating, Nausea, Oas j Pains, get free\ sample, Udga, at T. H. Dobson Co. 2:11 .y CARD OF THANKS I wish to express my sincere ap- preciation and thanks for the many cards and flowers sent me by my friends- while t was ,& patient ,at tha Brockport Hospital. Miss Ida Adams. -~-v ^- CAJJD OF THANK8 To all the friends and neighbors who expressed their sympathy b y ffow\eTs- trr personat-^ays- during our bereavement we are deep- ly grateful. Charles Colbarn and Family. . i— v , -inake_ajLapology for being, three days .—late with the pager \and don't laugh that ofl either. i Vi . OBITUARY Help Support The Chest \KEEP *EM SMOKW* CARD OF THANKS We wish to express our sincere appreciation of the many floral tot- ens, the use of automobiles and many kindnesses during our recent .bereave- ment • BuTt WeireteT auJ famHyr v She'll appear as the featured artist NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the \Keep 'Em Smokin' £, Musical' Creditors of Everett L. Kenyon, Extravaganza at the Masonic Audito- late of the Town of ClarSsron, N. T., BAASE rium, Rochester, tonight and Friday, deceased, are hewby required to pre- \ The death of Mrs Dora F-Baase.\No*.-19 aad-*L seat J*M wmtts^Trth Toucb- ine aeam o i Mrs. uora j. Basse <3 „. niiF ^, ; .. . , _. . ,,. . -ers therefor to- the undersigned -at <jcctrrTBd Sunday in her home in the Sponsored by the Al Stgl Send-A- fte Law QfRce of LegteT & Le ster, --^loseew Rdf-Hamlin, 1 Package club, the musical extrava- Brockport, N. Y., on or before May Deceased is survived by^ four sons, eanza will have a casl 6FT5U\aanfeT3 •__-, ura. Jbhn, Ernest, Wiinam and Frank singers, and dramatic artists jto give Dated. November 16, J94L BaaBe; three daughters. Mrs. Frank a fast-moving two hours' entertain- Augusta P. Kenyon, Kelso, Mrs. John KH^chn and Mrs. meat for both young and old; John Kelso, all of Hamlin; twenty j Help Support The Chest \five grandchildren anu twenty-four T v $reat-grandcalldren, and se/eral neph- I /| C \T 1 ews and nieces. | L V U li^ •Fimaral services w.ere conducted -T- -innirireriate home^ yesterday after-1 LOST? macki ^ j^^^ b _ ugte noon at 2 o'clock and from St. John's wnlte chest| f 0U r'white feet, no col- J_lltl_ejML church at 2:30, Rev. Mar- lar._ Last seen In Murray. , Leon Lester & Lester, Attorneys for Executrix, Brockport, N. Y. V Executrix, 5:30 MRS. Tmkejr Party Tomorrow, Nov. 20th Riley Block 25 MARKET STREET C. D. Dewey \tt65in&-Ladder Co. • <> i> <> ,i> '> I > I > l> l> II l > l> l> H n i> i ' o n <> i , _. (> i> o u (> Let U* Help You Prepare YOUR THANKSGIVING FEAST With Wartime Economy, We Offer You These GROCERY VALUES Orange, Lemon^Citron and Mixed Peeh Golden PumpMn in No. 2 1 /2 cans Delicious Squash average weight 2Vz to 8 lbs. Mild or Snappy Cheese FOR DESSERT IGA Jellit or Jello FRED A. METCALF I. G. A. Food Store MAIN ST. *w tf> Sc 4 J BR »»»•»•»••••« ASK ANYONE ... Who has Proteoted their home with Storm Sash if their living conditions are not much better arna r Tfielr^fne1^trtll|-|«iK r—. LQTECT : That \DURATION\ CAR with PROPER HOMUTH'S Esso^ SEation So. Main Phone 315- We carry a complete supply but may not be able to in the near future.\ If, you are considering making your house a Christmas present, such as: New Hardwood Floor — A Built-in Ironing Board New Cupboards Rock Wool Insulation WHY NOT ANTICIPATE Ufl NEEDS? W.EB.STULL - i Lumber The Home of Good Lumber Goods. Rautrottd-Ava^ BhoneJSSL •jpjpjFj m BHBP • •_••• H •_•_• _• ••-• M •-•• • •\•! I GIVE CHRYSANTHEMUMS!! s Fi 1 I I I I I I -j,—_HO . WEST AVE. ' Present Your Hostess with '- FLOWERS for her Thanksgiving Table' i We have a complete selection of flowers, plants and toanaget-. r I I • I Florist i T~ — i] PHONE 305 tla W> Mueller officiating. Burial was- \-Blgelow Sea\ ISreeze, ~UuIver^4TF?^Hr ML. i; l' 1 in Lakeside Cemetery, Hrfmlin. _—_, -- v — BUFTON THo .demise o! Mrs. Hazel M. Buf- loa of tbe West Fork Road, Hamlin, occurred Sunday a t the age of 69 ' years, Deceased is survived by her hus- , band, Frank H. Button, and one \ daughter, Ellena Tffl. Wallace. Funeral services were conducted yesterday afternoon at 2:30 from the Adams Funeral Home at Hilton, Rev. ilf. Weblj officiating. Burial was in Parma Union Cemetery. v WASHBURN After a long illness Benjamin F. \Washburn passed away Saturday morning\ at Ms home in the Ridge Road, ClarkBOn. A resident of Clark- son for the past 18 years, Mr. Wash- burn was a, retired engineer of the Mmmm^mm&^- Reward. 11:19 FOR SALE FOR SALE: Seven-weeks-old pigs. Ralph Maxon, Martin Road, Hamlin. v __ FOR SALE: Turkeys, 40c live weight, 48c dressed; also geese, ducks and chickens. E. A. Northrup, phone 820-F-12. FOR RENT FOR RENT: 6-room house and ga- rage at 32 Spring St. Newly decor- ated. Phone Genesee 2432-J. — v—, . — FOR RENT—5-room modern. Upper unfurnished apartment, laundry and garage. Near Main St. Inquire of Mrs. Grace Lincoln, 26 Erie St. 7:16tf IN MEMORY OF FRED FLEMING, WELFARE &F^»^Eflr- : FOW-N—OP CXAKKSON We, the udersigned, have been dele- gated to dr_aw_ a suitable memoriam on the death of our \past^XssoctatS and express the sympathy of the Wel- fare Officers to her family in their sad bereavement. If our wlsheB help 1 them in any way to carry their cross' that we in Christian charity wish Jo share with them, it will be very grati- fying to us. Mrs. Fleming was one of the best liked and one of the most consistent members of our Organization, and while time effects changes, Mrs. Fleming will long be remembered by us. Joseph Burke Herman Snyiex! |. John J. Higgins • v — Inasmuch as the paper will go to press Wednesday of next week,-due to the Thanksgiving holiday, all cor- respondence must be In this office one day earlier than-Hsual. —-1— \— .v , OLD RUBBERS REPAIRED SUBSCRIBE TO THE R-D OUR CLASSIFIEDS GET RESULT8 Children's Overshoes Can Be Fixed For - —Longer ^Wear at _ Korn's Shoe Store Shoes for the Family .Newspaper Ads Give Marvelous Results -FOR-- THANKSGIVING Lisk Enamelled Roasters Carving Sets SUPPORT THE COMMUNITY CHEST DRIVE — CHARLES DECKER COMPANY Hardware.'. . Heating.. * Plumbing MAIN ST. PHONE 22 NEWSPAPER ADS * Give Marvelous Results j&UR CLASSIFIEDS GET RESULTS MILK'S Deserving of Your Serving for that Thanksgiving Feast ..: Order Your MILK and CREAM for Thanksgiving Early 1 Brockport Community Dairy be. WILSON EPKE !! Spring St JOHN W. KLUMP Phone 3£> »»••••••< »•••••••»••••••••»< A i A WAIT AD§ «OPPORTOX1|> 7 KNOCKS IDERg** > '31 ill \*M [I^SMiMMM^^Mi^iM£kS,^-r,'. '$:'<} \

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