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Brockport republic and Brockport Democrat. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1925-1955, November 05, 1925, Image 7

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>:.\#v mms Mi— *£ -!.<«^l(' ~\v>:^.. 4JPVJ6E ON FRUIT VARIETIES Horticulturists at ffie'Ne'w York iState Agricultural ExperlfteTit Station. ~>at-{srenev9, ataiid-r^^yrto give, expert = advice oii the' selection pt fruit vai-ier ties* tor planing next spring. Most of many\'sorts from foreign countries 'have been grown or are now being Y., THUR»lSpP«Qy^V392S ~f~Z mmgesssaemsssm T\ :. %* —-*•— *—— '— e — &v y ' l v»fiiam*ii^>isiv*T ! ^*y e riin \ ^ - - - : ' ; -SP^^B^^ ——^r-—' :„ ••>f.^--y^!W*yiWtTal i tested on the ; Station grounds, and from the results of these tests and with their knowledge of iruit Rowing in- this and ^neighboring states* the. Station specialists \are able to predict with a fair degree of accuracy the be-: itftvlor ol'aisies^any^variety'-b$oue&& :to the^r-atteiatlQa^-- . .„.- \ ^ I. «UBSCRIB^rOR THt REPUBLIC \• ' • '- - • • -_v_\ _ '•* \'• • — : From Our Regular ~<fot?p»im&am-~^-r^^~ r --~ MORTON / ADDITIONAL BREVITIES -fifr.rarid^Mrs.rFred vt£ilkihson and daughter were guests^on Sunday ,at the between, Mt JlorJis _and_ Perry,, relate home of Mr, and airs. Huff of Church- that on 'Tuesday of last week it .«-.• •Ytlle: \• perienced one of the hardest snow Mr. and Mrs. Her-bert Williams and!storiiis in recent years the snow Being Mr .and Mrs. L. W idaridall .and ten inches in depth in numerous daughter were dinner' guests of Mr. %U- appearand \this unusual bird In- tends to hibernate in the hortfflis it lias failed^ td accompany its mates on 1toei^ourirey , tsouthwardr--*=- ; ^ = -—•- ~i*r-~ \ '-r'i\l\i'', .'i\ . ' i jj> ' V i' ,\\\•? JACOB^IVIUSICUS --— jrjAl known teacher of violin, in Brock- port, Mondays.. Violins furnished for «#p '•'' >£'J%L$ i<v Reports from High' Ba£ks,'sitiatM ' &Qm& -pracjtiee. ^nquire^caaskey's; alad^ Mr*- Steney- of ^Barre-* Sunday- evenirig* the - occasion, being jK Stoneyls-birthday^ •.--.' . ..,._•_.. __... •Guests of Mr, and Mts. Edwin Bfazen places. . _ • • .East BjocMstfii: Ja:iEL have, ^modfein.^ hospital, the Dr.: ENS. Partridge resi- * denee there having been purchased, byj Miss; Jessie' Harrod, who has heen^up- j on Sunday were Mr. and Mrs, Georgei! erintendentrof the^olumbus Hospital ^ and i- for eight^year'sv and who w-ill convert r tl^home4atb^ hOspffilr - First Mortgage Bonds, S r W. Straus & Co.,. 6%; 4'S,\ years- without • loss^to any investar. ^Arthur tqpley, *Agt., State Brink of Commerce prng. Phone 128-M, ' , • • - fclltt j;'YanQr4j?ja;cff ChurchviHe, and Mr iTtesTJMI^gra^rck \of'SpencerpoTt-. M! • Olai-ence BikerJeft Saturday to join | a. pat-ty~of friends from Ejjmka. aiid I Hoosicir on ~& two weeks' huntjng;, trip _. - 'Mr. and^Mrs. James Anderson W?re A4bfen^u^#^^t^™oon^eailtefT on their \father ajid\sister^ • B t I Mrs. flattie Faulkner who has been quite poorly for some 'time is some- .•what.improved. '._\ .\_..'; .,.\.'..... '•_ Mr. and Mrs.' Arthur Bunn and fam-^ ily, of Rochester, were \guests of Mr. I and Mrs, R. Seel^y ori Sunday, ^!n and Mrs.! Haskiris and\ son, who. - have beeh-staying-at -the-&eortJ5tirF | right home sinwrlast spring, have re^ >*»^ ers -\ The second award was made -[ turnPalolhe1rhbm% in PennsyiavanfaTto Oswaidr^hraeder of School Nor7 | Mr. and Mrs. Albert Parker^ e^fer-1 in Websfer who submittedr \Alfalfa I taJned My ari^ Mfa/ MiT?^y^^gf_]^ay Leads the Way.\ Cattle\ from, the Donald Woodward | farms in LeRoy will be „.entered . jnj threaimportant. livestock shows inj&e. < west ffufing~Trrfe nexr few ;wSfRs\. J Thirteen Jhead .of prize Milkir^-^short- horns .have been shipped tQ^Portland JDregon, where they *?il^¥e shown at Exposition slogan the- Pacific Interna^! early in^November// Tbe' winner j^the alfalfa contest Ss ajitfbuhced by the Farm Bu^ reau^ is Karl Guelich of Perintpn School, -po- * *. -Jlis slogan which will be uaed throughout' the alfalfa, cam- Tja|gir~is \AKaH^^Acres are Money Irohdequoit and Mr -and'-Mtsr Thomas I Harding of JRochester, besides numei V Invitations stejrs • ous I Mr. and Mrs; W. De'fQndorf who left I for Florida on Thursday .were guests * of friends in Washington, D. Q., oyer I Sunday, '/ I „- Mrs. J:JEv Wilson's-health. is-failing. and, thorstill about her home, she is growin*g very feeble. r. and M^rs. Clyde BreckonB entei- :ained their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. Haefele and two sisters and ajriend, '£, liJSKMI 11 ? r f >*- 0 Bochester, SUndayr r \ Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Lear entertained ~ •^ttKir-elu'idreH, William-and family oi Pittsford, andjLjeighton o|-JRochester,, over the week\ end. Mrs. Ralph CregOhasVetUTned from |:jthe^hospital and is.con^(|lescing, v ^^fr. and Mrs. Prank HayeVand Mr. I Tickets EroEtaWe^awspapfer i • i HoWon of KendalFspsnt Sunday atfer= inoon at thB\Breckons* home.; ~' : ~ r . NORTH BERGEN . mmmtsa •gmommt . -.-(foEmerLy; of BrQeknort) Invite^* you to visit his Restali. * 95 State St.. TWhere «he MOP^OOKING atPopTTiar Prie^~ 7 - - irusrrthB^biCB\£fr^ge<ryotfr megls during\a\ shopping trip. ^ ___L R. L. &-.B* trolleys stop in front of.-his door.- ¥oV may^eheGk par^ eels' here free of charge. You will receive a royal welcome. Make yourself known. _^,- 9:10tf Dependable railro&d service ia ^vitel to tiie sviGGess ©^kd^#ftat : j^w^d^tnesTprefer^^ tpcatKiiii 6ft the New Yofrk Centirar because, - i '1 , ti^assBLtenee^is^gives.of de-^ peudable raii£gadjpnd$ e dajr after -&T< The proposition aslung—foT #30iOOO ffom the towns $ Ridge.way and Shel- by for the purchase pf lands and the paying for a memorial building lit coniemoration of the services of the soldiers, Bailors tsand liiarlnes of the wars of the United States has been turned_dowrLjby_both_town boards Jn- asmuch as it was not drawn up in favor of subrnittiBg It to the -people, A robin which was hatched this spring and which makes its home In the grape arbor at the residence of town-clerki-William H. Farnuin i: of XvojnJis\atSSBt&jgjnany^vlsttora fioiiniB place due to the-fact that_it is: pure whttaJn color but has all the chai- acterlstics of an ordinary^ robin. To jpn r ou^re iii Rochester They may be all right, but they may^needjnew a glasses. Our expert optom- | etriiS wmiellyou r;-'\'- \ $ your, eyes. © a transpoctatioft—ibeservec to meet the' demands of ^peak^traffic, just as they had ill 1918 when called upon to. serve the Hation in tbe^ war emergency. A ipcatiori*0ft the^ New York Cen- tral Lines is a business asset *•••;'-'- _ m »J3« \•iM r A.'4* ^tsk to See Saiaptes EhoiieMl 1 =t : :.. Mrs. I?ayt6h\ Wood has been shier- tithing relatjees irom Rochester.' Miss Catherine Cook waB a recent \^gtreiiroirMre-Chw^^ I ester. ..... __ __., ..„_. \•_ James Blffhl was Vthe uhfofEunate victim of a bad accident one day re- \^cently'whenTffenrad^erron which he • \wns standing broke Growing ~jnm toi 1 the ground. He sustained two broken Rev. and Mrs., Herbert Baird who 'Zm bi^ye beenMslting Mr.ahd Mrs. Marlon -•-Brown have-returned-to-Rochesteri— • \The Blue Ribbon Sewing Club has -B elected the following officera for. .the TfTHsnring year: presidejA^itarna rStrollj g vice-president, Elizabeth Stroll, Mro. * John Sands is the local group leader. I The^boyB\ elffss^assisted by the mjBh held? a Hallowe'en sociable at \Hie church parlors; Saturday- evening^to —•;-.tEhich. the community; was invited to attend and enjoy the fun in costumes agprogriate^fo fee gjecasion. A Hallowe'erT -entertainment was held~at the^Rock-Schooi Frjday eveh- p ing. Ice cream* candy and popcorn g\ were soldi The proceeds will be used In^purbhasing books for the school \fUbraryc .. ~ The^^^-e^ter^^menJT.^en_lTaait iweeft- » by 4he rdnat Honie-BTireatt-gToupB wag gprnuch enjoyed\?s~ 1 ! v »re' the selections ,16yIne orchestra, andjatejpiaflo geleg- * fiohs by Mafjofie. Phelps, Marion llkei\. ImS Boris Sands; A-aottg was\ Munger had the honor of leading tire community singing.--- '-- .—:--- L \Exgeriesee-&War-Saap*i wasthe ' •G-'a^LBB^J^JB^y^.K-J.; RiiTiffflon,' 61 this place Jn Bis talk to the meni^ bers -of the Hi-y- club at their|%pper B^eeting feefd i at_'ffie::latavia, r f, M\ C. A7Thursday evening.* Two^new menv rtefs •\Jothed the HI-jfs at this time,\ after which Klene McCurdy. acting as chairman gave out the bowling league announcement schedule as follows: Nov. 2nd; Syracuse vs, Colgate r Nov. «•••••••••••••••••••••••*••*•••••••••••• 4th, Colgate vs. Columbia; Nov. 6th, Cornell vs. Princeton; Nov. 9th, Syra- cuse vs. Columbia; Nov. 11th, \Colgate vs. Cornell; NOv. 13, Princeton vs. Col- umbia; Nov. 16th, P;rincetorT*vS. Corj nell. Other games will be announced later. YouH Like ThU 4-Piece Suite More charm thaft-ey'er.befdM is expressed ijfpur new bedroom furniture'.. And the\ new prices make it easy for you to have it. \:' • \.' .':. '- i : .:'.*•• ----- •••\•• L tUMWIOtH 3HTHENTS1 T SfcEHFAbL NK5HT NOW v Says Pennsylvania Man. Not Bother- ed by Bladder Weakness at Night lieving the irritationA. C. Smith, 41 W. Broad St.,. Bethlehem, Pa;, says, \I now rise in the morning refreshed and feel- ing fine. Will gladly tell my exper- ience hf words or„letter. Getting up J 3aiaSts^for bladder relief, is natiire's warning of danger ; . dhead. SLithiated BUchu cleanses the bladder as epsom salt^ do'the bowels, driVihg out abnor- mal deposits, neutralizes excessive 'acids, thejreby-relieving the* irfltatioii •which\ Oauses, getting- up nights* The tablets cost 2 cents each at 'alt drug stores. Keller Laboratory, Mechanics- burg, O. Locally E.B. Simmons,- 11:12 y^!l of victoFiotis^eace—old allies ^gatri united undfer tie Banners c£ Memeiy^ who^e-feeak is exalted by the memo*y -'&£- h^th^tbw^Zmm \who/gave frays these gloriaTO names upon her ^POTBW MEURE-> Jn silent sah^e^to the ^whtte jrosse^gow^; OTizmw* its^ STATE BANKOFCOiVlMERjCE BROCKPORT/ N, ^ The Home of the Ten Par-Cent Club ,* ^~~ — *• I < - ., -r^-r-M QsT^-:.';-^, r-\ \^ • '' • ; : ' .- h? J diMMBM^^^z^^^ -- ^,(,,.i....; z.

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