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Brockport republic and Brockport Democrat. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1925-1955, September 17, 1925, Image 6

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Mm:*' \•\'\:' •*:•<•••; i: •••••••.-- ; ; • .-..•. '• . '- • • ••<•<.>••?>••;•\••\-•''•• — : j-^i^.e^apB 'z^z%^^'^''P i \^~Mr a ^'iy^ J ui^'' ~.~'~,\ r?f\ 'w. SiX REPUBLIC-DiEMOCRAt; BROCrtPORT, N> Y., Ttf ttRSD/AY, SEPT.4Y, 1923 * 5 *...... ..SJ.S\' /*s^ 1&S «K FEATHERHEADS ByL*F-V«nZ*Im ($W«ftl«ni N&u-ifjwJMrr Uitl.on OF STYjUE AND QUALITY AT REPUBUC OFFICE * Unfortunate Poet Richard Lovefac^' the poet whose fame rests on his beautiful lyrics, ^To .Althpa From Prison\ and \To\ Lucasta on Going to The Wars,' J spent many years In prison and died in poverty In London's slams, ..._^ _ X&\~ Hfei' - R'T^- m 1 - ;- • BEr>*'\- wfr'- , ~ g^- - — •f B\~~ Br p^ \ K .. ** - ..• • -s: ;: - -^'., - ^EveryoneSaysFfc ^S&tesProvetJt Surrogate of the County of,Monroe, notice ia hereby given, according to l»w to all persona h«v- injr claim* or demands agaihit Clara Harweod. lata of the town of Clarkson, County of Mon- roe. State of New York, deceased, to pyeaeftt the aame with the vouchers, therefor, to the under- aigned Kxecntrix at her place for the transaction _ of busineeVaB seen Executrix afcthe-laWofficeof \ -, J!L Henry E..MacArthur, Brockport, N. Y.» on or before the 7th day of March. 1926. -\T^~- JESSIE A. MAW- : Henry E. Mac Arthur Executrix Attorney for.Executrix, ' \* ' *\ Brockport; N. Y. Monroe, aotiee is hereby given, ac cording, to law to all. persons having? claims „ or demands against G&wrglef Gallup -late of the TjPwn of Swreden, County of Mohroe^State of New gork^r - -deeeasedr-to-^pr&sent-tnes—ame-a \\ GIVE TODBED^TBEE CAKE UNTIL PA Nttrser^rfrees budded ••\iast~fatf\*wfll~ , require—eareful- atteaupn^ontu next*^ 'fall, aecprdina^'o Prof, ij. X Heppner pf the \trnlversl^riff CallJorhiaY^ He\ gives - the following suggestions regard-- Ingcare of budded stock: -\ : \^Phe original seedlings should;,irby- this time, hnve been-t'ppped off about otfe-quarter. to one-hall inch above the\ bud'inserted in the ialU This tppping .catises^a,,-heavy;-gn>wjthHto-be_ i ; .Jiyf525 •f5&-pw?ose weir,-some of tne clovers * 'such as sweet clover^-mayT be also planted in; late snipiner or early fall, as^&ey will mafcfr* fair stari_und wilL make a good growth. the_ following. -'flprtagp-T-he^dW Is Jhat the aground be covered as soon as possible\ by some iffarit \\growth/ which will prevent y?asbing and wilt,, .hold more oi less -^sriorw during / ; the \yinter . •^isoa^SfS^4i¥S-$^3 ^e®Wy^WCaggot The kppifi maggot, or railroad worm, Is thie-feeding worm of ajtt Insect ;whlch resembles a fly in many respectsl The Tfly. emerges'from thejfgroim'ogln JPulyf -deper4dtag; upon the^season and local- ity, punctures the akin, of lihe fruit, and lays eggs under the s3tin? -The -punctures are uatfallytpja.^ill. to. be seehuntil the eggs hnMrand; thfe-niagT out IrffirZjhe^TtockT and -iir^rdeFto^ gotiTsfaf t^Brro^ni'mtonBe~fraj|C~ k*^4i Whettief \miners strike -of v^orfc; whether coat bins toe full-or empty, you may rest assured that Niagara Falls will he on the [o^ .^s usuaL J K a coal shortage results in unusdat de- -^ttands ior~ power thlrwirifef;ihe leading\ - power companies in Western New York, co- operating^#bugh, the Buflalo, Niagara & • Eastern, will be in the besj: possible position to meet emergency requirements. Buffalo. Niagara & Eastern Power Corpomtioit, ITielfiaganriFal^ Power Co. -j-BufMo General ElectEic Co. ; Mao^Ix)ca^K)itaQQtark)EowerCo. . Toruwaada Power/Co. The Niagara Falls Powfr\Gctfnpdny sells electricity at the lowest average price received by any generating ' iystetn on the Nouh \' American Continent. •2 •- i y VW.x I ., give-th* growing, bud a chance to make all the growth it should make, all growth\wlffiHEhe ei?eptidh 6l\tSa^ from the bud itself should be removed. This \Will necessitate---going'.*-through the nursery 'several tjmes and remov- Tn'tf tola-tmd^^rfftaile-growrh. In order to divert all Uie^tree energy^ btp the growing„bud, it is best to remove jERe suckers as fast as they form, The stock; will continue to throw out this growth until the growth from the hv serted bad is larg^ratough to -take care of aUfood sent .up from the roots. Incidentally, as the- shoot grows the ^tr4nk4shemg-shadedr-^v^eh-w41I-^beek— J*^ growth. \The nnrsery soli should he care- fully #atehed and if found 'deficient Jn soil moisture^ water \should be ftp^ plied - whehever necessary. 'Owing to -j^the^dry^'earf-ttotible^care»8houKl-4Je- ta&en to., keep the mojatttge^epatent : high enough to give the tfSes propSf growing condltlana. -.-.._ : '•\'/. \Growers raising trees which are atV tacked 1^' ;mr m>i*&rs or~other-pe\sta- should.watch the trees.and take the\ ^nece^BHiyi^^wtt-kJa^toTlceepiiig tlipur clean.; As a njlisthe red'spldefs give nmre-^trpuble^Qinn^.th.e oJher„„pests. r : . ?s ^„f 0 ^i^^^B0^4aik-o£Age«. , r . if the -trees bt'i-oiiie infest'edr sulphur ghouftf'Bc ai^pti^fi^eitfierTjs-a dust or ffi mf o^Thp Ttifms generally reuOTp menjled for sjiiiU»r confroi. .' __ .__- . -\In oEdsr-to Keep wjrols .dow-n. the ,cultivator_sho;ii(l_be..used at. frequent Interval Gmv,t»rsToIIpwing the above suggestions should' have good-sized, Well-niaturcrt tiros at the end of the season, pnvvidctl soil nhd cliifiatle condltionsTifc y^tisfa^tory.^' - , Cover Gr;Qp in Orchard\ * ii tober in-jhany sections. One Ofchtfrdist has found tbfat September 10 to 26 gives best results, If It is not particu- larly deslrableo.to have a crop which will live through the winter and start growing in the spring, pats wlil.serve, NOTICE; TO ;QREplT0|rl8 smnartrtr/aTrOTdrtrxrfSont^de^ NOTICE TG CREDITORS Pursuant to an, order of Hon. Sejden S. Brown, Surroga'te of the OPUnty of .thft vowfc^rja ^erofor to the under-. ^\M^^Motwper State Tsf=^ew jyorkiHjff ^L7S \^^^-Si^rt^n Zl?A TTTT^T ceased, to present the same with the.votioh- sflgned, Charles H. Galluip and JBfelen iiP^<MIm^^ecaiors..oJLMe^sta^^^ George--Galup, at their jplace, for the tiansaxrfci6n--of- 1 bu»iness-as -such-JBx^ 3Bputors: at.:5.ft9- Wilder Bldig.7zRocheR- ter, N. !Y. onJ>r l>efore the 15th day of iDecemher WSS; - \^- - . . ...\ \ {Siajrles Hi Gallup and Helen G. Gal- }MA Executors of: George Gallup, de- \ \Bufn^e^ Burnt,- Am<msms t<se,Sx- -eoutpr^ 509 WMer BMg^.JEtechtester, N...T1,,...',-,,.„., .,.. -ZJ'...- -»,-,•-. .'_z W ton*' and atransthan _ ^.i—rJim*\ of . dilution'; : ; liaai5 Tomorrow Alright m TH08. ;W :PdBSOTn507 DJ«K ^GEjQRfifcB^fcMlt#M©*|= Qeneral Inaurance 26 Market Stree,*^ Brockport, .fL-Yl s* Medicine > what we claim -tot •\'it:~T' rldTyour system of Catarrh qr Deafae :caused by Gatarrh. '» -••..•- -•\ ---- F. J. CHETSHTY &. CG., Tpl«[o, OMp^ JS GTICE TO CBBDITOBS-l'ttravant to an - \ order of Hon, SeJden S. Browri, S.nno-- gate of the County of Monroe, notice is here- hy ylVen. .aegordfag to, l^^to_idl_MrjM)nte: 'Baying; olalma or demands againSt^lanier^ jfan- Qrden, •lrtft..,ofe,t,ne..Clty-olUtoche«ter^ ._„., .„_ .: Wltll , . „„„ era therefor, to .the nridetsigned, Admlnls^ -or^t^re-the^Stiv^tMF^f^awrtDer-rllBfc -.-. - -:.— :;- SKLDllN.6 BftQWH7~?= is . .-, . ^ ;, ^Surrogate, Monroe County.— Dated 'April 22, 1935° ---.-*.» JOHN P^itiuvciii ^ . . , • Attorhof for Adminiatraior, • - Ufflce and P. 0. Addrees; —--^—-~—. Broaki>ort;-N: ¥. - - TttWIGE T& CRE0ITOKS-Fttrsuant-to an_ •W \ordbr of- Hon. Selden S. Brown, Surro- gate* of tho County of Monroe, notffio 19' heve- by pIven-.raueortliuiF-tOTjaw-tOjritH-pei'SOns hftv-^ i'ng oluims- or-d<>raand8-«Kttln8tJCatUeilna-a. -Tenriy v -tyte- -4f~~~ the ~towit^6f~Hamlin r Couhty*of L Monroe, Stnto. of New York, de- ceased, to present the sumo with, the vouchers therefor* to tho undorslptned Hqnry u. *\~ - 1 - * J -iInfatrator. at it^ nlace for the strator ;Minitt GENERAL INSURANCE At3Y. v¥- Tenijj\ Admtnfatrator, at it^ place for the transaction of DUSitteHrns such Administrator at the law office t£f Henry E\. MnoArthnr, The old and common method of conr trolling the. apple maggot was to pick ~up-Tmd~d«Bt3oy7aft-~windfaMs:-^~Thl8'- ; ^le^y^trnhe^rnlggoli- from -entering the ground,^ where tb^y p,aBB the win- ter> Hogs have alao been, used to eat up-all.of theaeUnf_e»ted Ifruits. Brockport, New York, on or before tho lUth \i»y of December, 1985. Attd^ro^mrti^^^^ Administrator xm — ^-^—- Attorney for Administrator, ; Office and P^O.' A4flfeea, - TJfocKpbrt. N^yt York, - \ TrflOMCE TO G1CKBITOBS- Ptoreiiahtr-td ari •M order of Hoii..Selden,,8. Brown^. Suxro- «*teof tihe County of Momrc*. notice Is here«- \»y rtven, accordlmr to law t o all persons havlrJff claims or demands - a«aln«t Van B. Fishhaugb, late of the Town . of -Hamlin, -County ot Monroer^State- of Kew .rXork, aec«M*d, to prewnt the satne with the voucheri th erefor. tatheunderalgncd-admln=. strator, at hla jlace for the traesaotion It haB^been noticed recently, bow- ever, thnirtte flfcr are eajiily killed by the stomach- poisons contained in, : the regular sprays. Such i- poisons -are eaftn by the flies, when the leaves are cdveredlWlth^rnp'ft, of moiBtnre. ,.z.A>.. senate of lead, if'applied in the spray mixture .fit the rate of two and one^ >e pAunds to top galTggg waterraDbut the\ last of July. ^'fiTBold the^iiisect Iftjcheck.,.__1.\ __!• ;__ :KiirPeach Tree gorer A new method has been worked out TEorTSainn&^Fe'^pl^^ thKtETihsbf'iU^fnlanas a'kaihsT Bauer, ; jpl^rt -prn\frdes...,.fon. ^JGo. do this paradj^hlojohenzene—,1s-.-. used. This: is.a \white crystaHJne' sub- stance. When placed arrfund the In- ate of tfieTowttof Hamlin, County of Mo n> \ \^—-— *-** ^—•—-» J •- preatiiit- r^age-fflffr^;; iroe^UO<Kofci{ew-Tr^>rJgdeoew»«Ti tested tree and cpvertd with-dtrfc J lt gives put a gas, wJ.lch enters th&^rmk pate of the County of Monroe, notice ie here^ ••by^jgiven^ccordl^pto law to..^Jj^rgong hav- t of K .tirptE thejBamje_wJtthjLh_e_wa^eJsJl^iffifc^ onoprsignca Chrig Schroeder at bis place-for the transacSbn'of Duslness as Buch Executor at the law office of Henry E. MaoArthnr, Brockport^ N? T.tOn or.nef ore the 17th day of October, 1825.. r ;. —^- - Dated, April; Hth, 1985, holes \and .kills .the borers.; - Threes fourths of an ounce Pf this material is with older treo§; an.amount up to an OuO^e'aBlF a BnTf per ffeg.' A- few weeks hefore fiis dpath. Lord Leverhulme,.,Jn, his preslriential ad- dr^ss. to the' 'Institute of Gertifleii JSrpcers.'aJt.ScarboFpugh, said that ha. 'felt sure that the greatest help to any of them was fear, and'that fear had, been Ins beSf frleaar~His\ttfsr fecSl- lection was fear. He had fear of con- tlnulng. a clerk at his, father's...busfe hess, ana-tnat tear persuacleu nis ; ther to-put him \on the road as a com- mercial traveler at the age of nine- teen. He married at the age of twenty- two, and then fearcame as to \yhether the profits-would keep a wife/ Later fear,drove him into,soap. His --\*-- Is Bowirin^Midauiniiier As a geiieiHii ntle a cover .'crop is sown In tVe oroliard as soon;a's cultl- vafion ceases in midsummer. When a crop is already on the soil, however, the sowing of the! cover crop must wait, until this Held crop.\ Ij^TsaixStted^ 4s- seme-cases-there are-plenty of 'weeds^on \the \land and this does very well', as a cover wlthpu-t sowing ^any- thing else. On the, other hand, if the soil,.is father bare and particularly If the slope is such, that-will favor* wash-' ing, something should be planted as'^ Spectator, London, soon as possible in order to take ad- vantage.-of the .fall- rains for its growth. ftye and vetch make a g^^&htel 49 i% unneo^tatef., bkation cover crop for late plahtjng 7 ! 5?5 t?a11 ? W'f&h 00 ? .*» W f <» Iffe in late August, September-6r even Op- a company in 1894? In the words, of TSfie. of his numeroBs obituaries: \The years that followed marked tbe.growth of a business Ideal that was almost-epic In Its triumphs and .ramifications.'*— Coat of Orphan* Hug* & the tjnlted States there la spent OOOrorphans\ iff^rpTito asyluma/ ffihli- U nearly ?400 per child. For 'about the same number of children the vari- ous ata'te* pay out $13,000,000 for th» care Pf children. In the home of their own mothers or nearest kin or In fos- ter homes.. ,There kre nearly 1,400 or* phan asylums in the. country. of busineat as such Administrator at his Law Office, Brbckport, W.T., oh or hefore the lSth.day.otDeoemberJlMS^™..^^™^...=.»_„. . -^DateeVJuno^thrWiBr^;^ = =« -^ --===v^= : ^^ ja ^OTICBfO eBKDITOBS-Funraantrto an .•r^jirdGrof: Hoh.Selden S^, Brown, Surro- gafiii Of\ ih^Co^nty'C^Meriroe.' notice la feere^\ by given, accerdinj-to law, to all persons hav- ing- claims -or demands -malnst John -Mc- Carthy, late of the Villafre.of Brockport, County of Monree. State ef New York, de- ceaSed, to presehfcthe lata* with the vouch- ers therefor, to the undersigned ixeeutors, at their piace for the transaction of buslneis TO-suoh Exedtrtbrs,mtthe law office of Hat O. Lester, Brockport, N. Ta.on~Or before the 18th day of September IStt. Bated ihireh 9,-19i» r JOHN FOYS. . nusjmEon OFFICERS DEANGjCRIPPEN...» , Presldsni FRANK1B. HEBBARD Vice Prealdehf JAM£S E. CONLEY Secy and Treaa DIRECTORS Dean <a. Crlapair) - -Fr»iflf rif^H^lt -ttameadErCojMey \ Perry C. Shafsr -. ..u j^hralm C, Cripp-tn^ CTuirles M. MoCrHIls Lou fa B. Shay aeoroa E, Lockf, ©oi»rd*r0«n'ar- Wllwn M. Shafar VVHERE TQ SHOP W R0C4lEfcCER Gleanera, Dyenr, Pleaters, Rapp's #4^ Olteton Aye. North. .Furniture, Rugs, • Llnoleuins,\ Etobr\ end^TaJble-LampB, Cedar Gheats> e*e* Howe & flogersOompany,-89-91 Clni- ton Aro., SoSJE '~ r ~ Muefc: and-iWasitsal Inatruments, 'EJ. anos, piayefcPiaiios «nd Bolls, TaMdng Maohinei and Records, •-««. *i_, ., • LeTi8„Mu»ic Stb^,a9*i3bu*]x:A.t»,_ .\. Truniks, Leather Geod«, Bags, >Li*v ly's; 271 Main Street East. - -^—-NOTCfi ~T<Q CftEDlTpB* Pursuant to an order_of Hon: SeMenr S. Brown, Surrogate of the County «f Monroe, notice^Is hereby given, ac- oarding to law to all .persona haTtng clshna or demands against NelMe L. Boyst. latent the Vilh^e orBrock^pTfc County of Jaohroe, ^ate of^Nek. Yoifc._ deceased, to present the samffwithtihe^- voTloTiersZtiaereTor. to the underalfaetf NATO; LESTER,- Eiecutors.- Attorney for Sxecuter, „_;. ._ Brookport, K. Y. .J TkfOTlCB TO CBBBETOBS-^arsuant to an *i order of Hon. Belden 3. Brown. Siirro- igar^noe^^yB^-at-Hhis-pIaoe- stdf-^ter traneaetfon of business as -suclSt Ad^ ministraitorpat. BrockpqttrJiIi • Ti on or before the Iwth day of Novemibejr, 19^, Dated-April 29* 1?25 ; - < - - Glarehce Boygt,, Adntintetfatoiy Sv' Brown, €arrdgate of the County o*\ Monroe, notice isJheTehy. giyei*, scobsgr. hig to lawHx> all p^so^g hjaylng clalmy HBNRV E. Bf AOAHTHITR, Attorney for-Eieciitor, .CfiMS^SCjftROJiDEB^...... Ejcectitor.- OTICE TO CREDITORS-I»ufsuant to an ««*»tier-oJB-iienr Seitlea & l&own,-anrro- gateof the County of Menroernotice islhere- by given, according to law tp all persons bay- etipi', late: &t\ the Town r of \Sweaefi .County of Monroe. State .of New ..York.de- ceased, to present the'same wittfthe vouchers therrfor, to the undersigned Marion Jeffier^. ~J at her place for the transactioh • of 1st; business.ns such Administratrix, at the law officeof Henry E, Mao Arthur, Brockport; Jf. Y.^on or before th 17th day of October, 1925. or 3emands\.\against XTKowarS\ inpn^ttsteT^E\ Qi©\ \Towif: o^#ff«d«fcf Opiinty-of Monroe r State of Neir Yorfei deceased T -to-preseiit the-same Vouchers tfce*efor 7 ,''to' the undersipied Maud; M... Butepre, at her nla«e *# transaction of bagfeuess as saelt- Alt rninis«brator at Sweden, n • • \JLX Wl UOWIC UU XI Ula Ut Dated April 18th, 1925. MABION JEFFERY. HEURT E^JIACARTHUR, Attorney for Administratrix. Office andR O- Adaresi *u»jBBiom^ii'jirr\— N OTICK TO CKKDiTOKS—Bursuant to nn orderr off Hon.. Seldonn S.. Brown,, \Surro-- gate off the County off Monroe,, notice iss here-- orde o Hon Seldo S Brown \Surro ... _ o the County o Monroe notice i here y Kiven, according- to law to all persons h'av- inr claims or demands against Kose E. Widen- er3ate of the town of Sweden* County of Mon- roe, State of New York, deceased, to present the same with the vouchers, therefor; to.the soap, wlde^advenised^wa* i»*« iss. as- aUcL Administratrix at the law office of Henry B, MaoArthar, Brockport, N.- ^Y,, on or before the 17th day of October, 1926, _ _ Datedniprll 14th. 1926. ' ' 'r - . MAKION JETiTEBY\ ; _ • Admihtotoatrlx. HENRY fi< MacARTHTIKi Attorney for Administratrix, . Office and E. O. Address, . • .Brockport,^. Y. ,. ;\*>*_•_ rpHE(tnostbeautifulburialplace In-Western •%, N^w'York. Sixty .acres la extent aim : containing receivinr vault, chapel and all modern accessories. Situate one mile louth of Brookpert on th* Highlands. Constant supenclgien gives and perpetual care of lots, maintained. For degcriptionipantphletsT'nd other in for maioa apply ta ' _ , 5E H. DOISCH, Secretary s . -' * •''- '.:' y... Shay & Hanks, Attorneys for Adfmln\ iBtratorr-Brockpor^-NnYr\ - \ ; : ~~^ NO^iCEjrmzcsREDiTORS: :i: ^. Parsoant to an order of -Hon. SeMan-• ^ x. onot rfore-4h:e-3ffbh--da^- of-^kaguafe-^S^—— Dated^antraiy 30, l'»26. - - ^ r V •Maud M.-Bulmrurej AdmlnlstTiator: ' .Louis_B tJ gh!ay»_Attprney for Admin'- strajpr, Brockport, N. Y. NOTICE TO .-CREDITORS Pursuant to an_order of. Hon; Selden; g. Brown, B^r6gate~'ofrTh^DpuSEy\ of Monroe^ notice is Jberehy given, accordy to. 14W to all persofia haTtog claimsi \fomanuis^^-'^galnBt^Mulaalo: Smfl^= late of the yillage of'Brocfcpbrtj (©aunty* of -Moiuroe, State pf New York, de* ceased, to present the same with the- vouchers therefor, tsrthe undersigned, Greorge -BuTPn^, as-the_J^ecuitoi',of > iQi« Estate of BMdah SmfEtr; dficeasedi «*'• his place for the.transaction.\>f buat- *- n^ess as such. jBxecutur at 509 Wilder. Bfdg, Eoohester, New liors, on ori before 'th'e45tla day of October 19S5i ' Dated April «th 1926.-- Geprgt Burn»> Skecufor at tti^ ~ te ot-Htadih Smith.--. -Burns 1 & iBurna, Attys for ihceoator^ 509 WiVler 3pg.i .Heckester, i*. y. tiidh*t Want to Hear Papa Bettjr and'Bobble weat^e pperatlngitne 1 -1 radio. Suddenly*'frdih Betty came''* scream, of. deUght.% ^fifehrvsfi#< :• cried, \I havs_ San i^ranclscp.' ahd-^ that's where mother said daddy wpnlrf*- be today/' Bobble paled a little, but •he stood Ms ground. \Turn that dlaJ,* • he commanded firmly. . \What's ,theh' matter with yon? DPn't yon fnojri^ broke a wlindow pane:' today 'fr**-™: •*\*^ J - ' .. ,. --'J •. — .-> rp \A

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