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Brockport republic and Brockport Democrat. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1925-1955, July 02, 1925, Image 3

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------ v ^^j WEST£8&QEK FROM OUR REGULAR CORRESPONDENTS wtwitiyrfy -c ADAMS BASIN was a SViday vikitqr at, thef home of her -parents,, Jtr. and Mrs. JacobFet- teiv* . ' .- - •''• .; •' ' '' Kenneth: Barclay is now operating the! for\mer Gliefe Gas station on the Million' Dbliat t '\- < -'^-- ' ' • A Mis** Mabel Ludlow leaves Saturday, the 4 th, lor - Boston and Providence, where she' will spend the. following ftwo _weefa» yisitdEfijB friends. She ex- peets^ Mf-iittd \Mrs George Rich of Providence to return 'withr her~antt make_a ten*day visit with the Lu&iifif family.\\\. \ \ •' ' \wW~ JMlss • Olive Ludlow of Rochester is home for £ few weeks* . . George MilleHer ajodTSrl JoeTW ego, G&ltt lefier and children ©rSan and T^s.'Paulfn^ESiy, ofBuffalo were , and dinner kept up-the Adjams BaSiiv,rec- ord of- being, the %est*that could be prepared; and the^snojrii during the amusement. The necktie race was won by Marion FlygnJuid^ ^hpFWomasi, the' needle^ and-thread rice by 1 falter V^idrlck; the cracker-race, by\Mrs. Jack Floyd; the running\ race of JjjfSther Cappbefl's little\ tor ctOBS77%^ ;TO\% Evelyn Murray; the running race of Mrs. 'amaeiee's -. olaBB was won - by -Oly-ve Hamann; Robert Fowler was also wih- ner^h a running race; Tharles Turner of &e.Junior Boys mm the shoe race. The baseball 'game between the mar- and^aingle-jnen^jyas won by-thtf Mr, and^Mrs. William Russell, ajiUamily. ittsndei at the. Mclntyre home Thursday even* ^jMiss Mary .Markham. was a guest iasFweeK of Mr. and : ''Mr8'. Cbarle&T Garrison of Hamlin. _ . Mr.'and Mrs. H. B. fcewis of Martina were recent guests >6f_jtheir_ parehts;, Mr. annLBIrs,,* t A. '^ovanfzeS - V J,. A. kittehbocher ;w4s-a gufst Sunday of his daaghter, JMm^$: J. Cole of Clarendon. ;I .* '*.• ^Jgrlk ^tr^r^amey: astf^-dAughter; Arlene, were guests. Sunday of Mrs E. L. Johnson of Brockport. JVfrs. Chas. \Sunday guests of Gallagher, *\\ _ Leo .Fenders attended .the confer- rlng_pfc %e~lniCCatory Degree- of the k. ot^m. atAlbibn Sundayr— * UV -and Mrs? ^ric'tot Mattieon and latter, with a score of 10-7. Horse- shoe .pitehing,.ojbteupied'.the attention j^many, 'tfcnd. bwiinming ft did not mind, the temperature. There wai a ,.gQQd.,*^me fpr everyone, and everyoBR-sepimed to take care -of share. . \\\ *~\ \ FINEST FRESH ; • '«*,.—•—— : '. ' ,'.—••. ' • \I— -J .< . -- ' ! -. ., -Pore~Lafd: 2 lbs..:.- .: \ .x4ti I 6oldfeir#Tistar Qp2 Jars..; .4ftc • •-_':,«.-' . • . -. _ . i . • •..'.. - . •• • — * •••-. >• .- - \ mamf *...*.•=.-. --,,-„-.,.r- -i... : T.-.,. - -- ^„..„:. : ..- i . a .. i ,'-.„.7..^:.,..,- hri/n.. I-IT XTS-tnrrr^g ^.ts.-..._ Sry Beans, 3-lbs. .25c J Kello^'S Pep\....'....\... i2c n Pure Cane Granulated Sugar, lh [ Spdi Crackers, ,1b. Uv;MV^l^ie§fi.l : i£rBars r 36-.^;,.i244f. 3iVtioI^Milfe CbeesCIB, 31 c Mr. and Mrs. Leon Zimmerman and fainlly spBnt^ahS;:week ..etfd at Lake- \side north^of Albion, s\' - •••.-•? Mr .\antl^Mrs. Harold ; H. Barnum aatMr ind Mr£u\%dwara Ryati, Jeft Sunday morning ifor Wautuma Beach, where- they'-'will -occupy the John Ginther coutfge for \the coming three is. Leroy Aznes and Miss Helen frost'^f Enbwlesville were week end guestsr of Mr .and Mrs. Barnum, and adconipanied them to JLakeside^Sun- McKee, a traveflng mlasio enioute from California - to was in town 'Saturday for the •Rev. while Maine rpurpose of organizing a Mission Sun day, School here and also one at Le- Kby. A religious gatnering was h^ld at the District JStq. 7 school building, M a v m^Jsunday for thte p^rpoirerT'^nie^in^thir^a^^^ of Rev. ^McKee^ \who wilj als?>. be in charge Sunday, JulylTth^at. ~M aT hopes of the coaist 1 producers\ for a reJaWes a:t Haialin several days this •eek*,\ . - ~ _jChg v July Missionary meeting was^ ^^^mMMJ^ampm\^m their p-rodlcfc EFFECT OF BEES-IN FRUIT CROP „ Cold and cloudy weather the of; April, and the* first* jot May„.ipept bees troKi^ *yingi :and=iprevejtfea Teaching muph of'the fruit bloom of early cherries; \peara and peaches. M. tfe^- trees fifed pollination, they will probably sjbqw a poor .setting of fruit, says ^ra^or RrR-iWilieon, at\l^& tbff State College of Agriculture. •_ froressor WllliBOn holds out hopes for* *a t»uciifij8sful sea|on from tW, standpoint, pf mar^ts_and \ pilceSi New York state honey is ^prWcticalLt gone; prices have been, good during, the'past year and, shojr',np sigifvof breaking^,* and, th^ealifornia mge honey crop •will not be competing dur- ing the coming season;' A third dry Mrs\. B. 1^ Eults is spending a few 3 days at SpHng Lake. '' • rs. GeorjIe^Rjchmondjs ^VMtinglyi^,. tn : eaTiforhla^as Waited ffie This meeting will also be held at jthe school building. ' \\•.'. _-::\*'' ' __ Mrs. Dennis Gleason was pieasant- ly ? surprised Friday afternoon ana evenings by.a fey 6f her neighbor «h6 occasion, Jteing; jter-abtrt) Twenty-nve of her friends from Roch- ester also surprised her by coming to help her continue the celebration of hervbirttday^ dm Sunday. A ptcnli was] ggrveof Friday .-.«wtfi# ^^resdy to s^rvc y<su ut all times in storing ^ilriltsUhi^otkep produce. ^^. • ;••.-.„ V ' .:T^7 -•.-.' _ ,...'; •••'.,/..v'.^' _ (ite^afeJs continuous throughout the yejttv^ Bt#[OH)RTtQlD STORAGJ CflCJfci m iff', \ supper was] sejpyed Friday evening a dinner Sunday evening. Mrs\. Gleaaon was the recipient of many beautiful.and useful gifts, Including two large ifrthday cakes; Th£ following wflriat-of interest to^many-oiN}uHb(»lr^eadersrwho^il remember the groom in his boyhood days. .The marriage of Miss Helen S. KnightrdaugHter: bf Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Knfeht.'-of Albion to Walter Jtulius doles son of MR and4frs. R. J. Gole' of Clarendon, took place Sfttur.|; day-evening, June ^Oth at the TJni 4-Jacoh- Shaifer-frteam was in charge of fhe-r-stipper; -\ : ' . — •—•-^•~- Ollve Hamann. celebrated her 10th birthday Saturday, evening with a sausage roast at the Hamann h'ome^ -Children's thy atnd Automobile Sun- \ lSunday:-:at the rjt£± P.JsttmEBhxUheIn Auto.Service will Ta>e held, in the morn- ing, and has become one of. the ZS5 ,**.'} I#s s fa^ly^ofeTOlaWso¥\are^o^fce^« Isf^r^land-Mrfl^S^nEr Widrieferover the pQurtb •* \ \. .•_ . .._]_. \.„...__ Aliegsa Gsborn .^ras the week, end guest iif Gladys Molntyre.- fBast-wjeekr; MrsV. iM, W. Orders will be gladly taken at the &6re and javejd for yw until July 1ft. Sarn* orno amrmini- 'K V'. tion and beautiful night works now, •play for your prompt seledtion. Be wise! V - - • £• ' '^T: •m «?j ^i£i^ ^^^^L^SE^Sw^^^^S^S^, The .oc' calsjon was, adouble wedding, ^s'thei 4JantSr-Miss^ea^ce-^^ley--an* Chester F, Blissett, both* of Albion were also united in marriage and were attended by Mr .and MTST <3ol«j J wi M . , -. xii , .-• as well as the persanaLlibraries of day^»i w thl)e ^erved_^ ^ g . ipopular ideas as applied to, .church, ^QQ FARM £ service.... The -Children's—Day exer- ' ches ^till take place in ,|b;e^sv»Bing, and; a pageant and other exercises of SpcTal Interest-have been arranged. •, The .Adams Basin P, T, A. picnic will be iield Wednesday 6f next ^eek, July Stn^nther fawn of Mrs. Edward McCabe. -The afEait-^terts about two j-nt-the^af'£enwrap-«.nd a-picnic supper l^lU^be-Tserved. —The members arei looking, forward to a most enjoyable ession, ^aWFfuIf^^ndance tufnouf TCoHtrTbutoTs rboth ; to money and books have, kept coming in for the bee-keeping library established at the college, Complete files of several bee- keepings jouisnali^haye been' received,' Root-and-otherr-o^ prominence in api- culture. *. TETJ5E HARVEST WEATHER -FOREOAHS When the weather -man says; that fair, weathe* is ^'strongly indicated*' the farmer is ; pretty^afe to.-.go ahead witJTnls haying for predictions ctoy- ink the keyrwords \strongly. JindfeaV ed\. were right S8 times out of 40Q in this state, last year. The~ k^y^word 'indiieated\ |ia^1ilai^a?Btfnctlcm gang are making ^thra iSa fall, licenao fee. fine headway wl€& :the woTk.;ottr-ffie= ;-S*TBe© TOer of-* dog\ w|g?Sfl»for is requested by the president and\'the committee having:\ charge of the'-sas- sljm. ^ • # .'•-.\ -4the naembers «# «e4»hfla^tej|,IS^S. ClaBB . -were'. entertained^-Wedftsaite: ByenitTgraQh^'hoTTTe of Marjorie'^Heise The Ydung People's Choir-' held a sausage, roast Saturday evening at flie home jof Esther Campbell. -^.\_.. \ • The; _ \Umpbahs*' heldla _ sausage roast and ttieMre \party dn Tuesday of last. week. , . \• •••'' Mrs, Decker entertajned her Sunday Scijo©!^^jOj^Jr^rffi^iehcefMSt.,FHday.. r. .and Mrs. gosY of Holley are OurTTrifitaiT-aM engraved. TfeUdftg stationery is \saw to me&t with your approval. It -won't cost a cent: to see. ^auj gampjes^if yoydgn^t lflce them, don't order. * at tEe\ hotne \of their daugTiteiv ph-£j|b&^«r vjMrs* ^Atfibt Tjourette^ and Turner wil be hostesB FrldayVr. Higlrway-SuperiTrtend fEas£Town-Liae ro*d, wherelthey-a; putting in one and a half, miles-of Mrs. George R. Ward entertained lends at luncheon, and cards on Wfit nWday of last, week. Gebrspe L. true lnalnt«ihs x the .lead in winning Wnprtsv-for-hls celebrated Coririne'Valde|s* Korndyke HoWteim According to' dleit- Sptott»» rAttelgr tester, for Monr«€i^ County Dairy hn- beats all records for the-jnonth of emfihatJc:._JLast year this ^elass of forecasts'for one, two, and three days in advance were correct a little better than 75 times .ojit of lOO. The key-word *\doubtful\ nieans just what it says:' The fore- caster does not know*' and says so. frankly.;*.-' '\\/- - -\• is WfEODlNe-TtMrE inyitation and annouhcemenE tTimeT Mr'athd-Mrs^ay^jSarley of Roch ester spent .Suhdaj^with their parents, MT^xtd\i^sr^H:^3l»Ky. ^\ —\^ Mr. and Sifs. Walter Gjtfe^t.anav daughterig^.of Rochester spent Sunday with th^lr pafehtsi , Mrs/Alfred Hackett has returned home feeling Very much better. / Mr..and Mrs.^W. E. Bates are viait- ing Jelatives^In-JBinghamtonT-— Mr, and Mrs; Arthur Sweet «Hd family visited their parents IrY Medina SnnSay.\™ -.^l^l,^.*.... —. Mr. andL,Mr8. Arthur Morfan and\ family of Sodus spent several day with their parents, Mrjland Mrs. John! Eidman. ' ^ \-.\\' •.' '. ^^ ~ Mraf Helen Pickett of Uolley spent seyera} days last weeik with her: daughter, -M\ri. ir; ^.-^Baift,.: _' HJlara Slgler who teaches, in Akron is home for the summer vaca- spent DOGS -_-:.—---- -- -All-I>0{|^ice«aes E^pfre-orVTlwie 30= THe:TO25-Lfcen>e Feerfr'Oqg-JuTsrr- Mr, and Mrs; SC Monday in Rochester. . Mrs. Frank Sigler entertained ttfel\ -Hamlin ,_ Jlomg-^fiureau -W^qpettdt^lfeg afternoorujl.,-^ '' • ~* -rSBttdall Hintpn/qf ^.Qcl^ester is, spending a fevdays with his uncler Sig]fer_J5aQ\fai]^E r =ii:I.._* .\\\\ Kvery-dog -anust wear a tag oPttte\ -euKPOBt-dogMicensfr year. A dog-witihr \JssJm* oW euch\ ana. --no; action cah he maintained tor hiaIniUry or^destructioiw :7 -, An unlicensed dog may^be-' seized a^ ^illedL and *he ^rthjat a dog, is without & tag; lis preflumptive evidence that W& dog;-^uffltctsnS5d.r~\^ J^ Bog licenses must foe obtained from gterk ox me g xatyroT: th'e^do^-Jg^ihAMwred or k^Bt^.^ neaHar^ of ner brother,-John—JtJentley, during the\ '• • * • - .-.nit*' - _^_____. tice'twe^peea^Are at -FoHowiJ _ •Male Bog.V....;........-.-;-.-j-.v-^.-..423i t<Mhs= members-\ of-the^«5©0 1 *f=-eiubF #emai5-Beig ... *....'./ .... -^ *. 5*25 rffe GARLAND The W. F; M. S. wiinneet next week-Thar sdaf^-ifternoon, .*dy^-w4*h4 Mrs. Merton McCormick at Otis. \L Mrs. Rogers and Mr^ and Mrs. Chas. Babcock and family of Dansville,, and jf\ Maryland-'.we family. , Mrs. Rcrgera- is T sjliyli^tWife; = Spayed•Pemaie.'DogJ Mo- HO8MO can ;j^| 2JZ5 iaauad for Jajii n«e for the dog reaulred, toy law Incurs a ^penalty jl^aJg^lMjcagam, or?j5. tfa ^d^j^T^^e^s^^^towht, and tke They expect, to cpiapleC ^eii» workjjgpKce d«fwtoents--of cities are re- there about themlddle of July. quired to itropareJh June of each year a list of dog-owners. The omission of the'name ofian owner from ithe MMS- sorsior poBc«-list wUl not «tc\i|fr the OTfnlr froint obtaiiimg a license. . If you owned « dog last year and do* not own.one now, so advise the clerk ofJroOT.toign_^rcif^.. ^ • ' ' .. B^ licenses lii the Town or CMy of Clarkson are issued (by G. H. Cotter, Clwkson, N; . OPr^Of Address^ Otarfc day guests of Rev. R. E.. Wilson and Mrsr enti^Sunday, ^CSjgg^anth^fttnUly ^withJiiG^^nd^MTs.- ^ L gK jn Bro^pon..: Irene Glffofd spent several days last week\wflh''CiHtrIbBe Bmith of Lyndon' villeT lOharlbtle. came back. wIUT her on Sunday and will stay this week. •--;;-;--:rx:'..- r ; : v-' ,.-.'._! —- Rrnrntd and Ung \S\ T. a Hansard, in hia book call* -Trrpotraphla'' (prlnfd to Lonoom, 1MB), sayl: 'Tht introauctloi of th* ro»d V lnft««d of tha long la as ia- prpTMSMit in th« art of prlntlaf, tn which w« ara lndtbttd to tb« tof «el- iw Mr. BaU, who lntrodneed tb«n Is Wi•diUwnoftheBritish Thaater, llahad 1TO1-: y, producing 108.30 lbs. of fat an4 21«(5-ffis/of milfc -Iter staolenia^ Aaggie Pierterje, led the Assn. In the production of millc. The true herd also had the'distin.ction of lgadlhg the Association U: a \herd the average' being 164$; lbs of , Jillk and 61.45,lbs. of butter: '; i ^ *' - \ _ The annual Sunday 'School picnfcr held-Friday at pntarlp Beach was at- tended by. about one hJundred- aha ifty./-' i $he wfiaUi^*-. was^iiot^Uie; 'vmi lavoratole on record, but the crowi? hid numerous activltieB planned, ana we're 'enouKh tilings to do to everyone Happy.\ The picnic \THlllOtk WARD 37 Pullman Ave., Rochester EIBSTBAY CONCERT ROYAL BLUE MARIMBA BAND 8:00 P. M.. PHELUDE, RUVAL BLUE MARIMBA BAND «OOERN-TAkl SiTI««\ »#»*v CHA«tES H, PLAI^ffiNBimG SECOND DAY ^ 4 ^ .^ r _ 2:30 P. M. LECTURE JM6 bEMo^TRiiTIOM hu -PIBiroMS t t HERB6RT$*TCH^Ol*tT0n ^~ J ~~ MlrtW**ORr?. ^WllFFeSTlJOTBiffF ANO>TUNEFUL MUSIC ,. x .«* in ~' 2:30-P. M. 55WPETTI^y81S^r^\-\ —IJ PRELUDE. BASSO AND SONG LEADER HOWARD ^L -, r ACOOMHANlED St DEMONSTRATION BY EVELYN D. UAN8EN \HOME DECORATION\ HOWARD WADE KIMSEY rgfiE-OF^MERICA'S JWOST POVVERFUL.ORATOR8 r-finrotrroy(JKa FOURTH D> / 21 9& P. Ifa^JffiEOHlAL: FJ.SiF. BAKER, J»i GROVER TILDEN DAVIS PIANIST AND COMPOSER^ StOOP. M.^PL-AY.-AMERrCAN^ENQLt8H^OMfcPY- 2:30 P. M ^_?i_ 4MENT ?v*\4, -&&- THE PRINCt OF JUOOLER8 MU8IC. f OUR TALINTID LADY MUSICIAN* . 8:00 P. M. PRELUDE, THE VICTORIA ENSEM»l.t ''>•* , I- -' DEBATE v :; *:-••' - INTERNATIONAL QUESTION8 DISCUSSED SY ENGLISH AND AMERICAN DEBATERS SIXTH DAY 2:30 P. M. A \ ^ there in-- Give^ lis-* m\h We can furnish jus yoii want.\ v/ \- - PRELUDE. THE COTTON BLOSSOM SINGERS OF PINEY WOOD* COUNTRY LIFE SCHOOL *' LECTURE: ' '•' ~,_i. «..-^-/' . '•.^T\\'*''- : -, '\; .T#mNm&WN&^ • Y, .',.;• r'.^MST^iiv|ii^lfNi^'Wo^bi^ »:00 P. M.' FLAX ONE OF THE GREAT •UCCEMFUL AMIRi < ' \ADAM AJ0 EVA M 9:30 A. M. EACH DAY CHILPRIN WIuL MltT CHI '-su-PER^is»R:;;^^:MiAtN^ii«ttA iipftill^ ATHLETIC PROGRAM ARRANGED FOR T - - -...wij. . ... .. - . \&&$$.$'*-iX NEW YORK '^^?te--: ziz: K^lll-f^,^^ iim *)' 'K .-•*» sf ifffii *«'-. '.••/:•: '•'% :/' • y - . w J A's I . '!&• •r\ ''t'f ••/•' :J. -. - -*:':';---^»?fe-Wti''3 , ! , , K*-',' ,v : .

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