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O m C I A L C O U N T Y PAPER P 0 B I . I S H B D E V E R T T H U R S D A Y Carl L. Fry E s tate, Prop. Vernon E. D ewey. Editor T O W H O M I T M A T C O N C E R N the leld it Juiong Lake in said com Dated January 3,1938. B e e c h e r W ilsc Sheriff of Hamilton County Entered as second class matter at tJtie ■ Postof&ce at Wells, N. Y. NOTES OF INTEREST John Orr and crew of men are en­ gaged in cutting ice. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DeMarco of Johnstown were in their camp Friday. Mrs. Mary Jane Dunham was in Gloversville, Friday on business. Mrs. Hiram Craig who has been suf­ fering with grippe and under Dr. H, W. Beaty’s care, is able to be .out again. George H. Cole of Albany spent the week-end at his Camp in Jolie Mon­ tague Park. Mr. and Mrs. Byron Sehreckenberger and son Buddy spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. John Simons. Homer Callahan has returned from Lowville, where he had been employed on a pulp job. Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Bates enjoyed New Year’s dinner with Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Bates. Mrs, Jennie Potter has returned to her work In Syracuse, after spending the holidays with friends in town. Winter arrived with the new year, about a foot of snow fell during the night. Roads are kept open and the careful motorist will have no difBculty. Myron Earley had the misfortune to lose a horse, within the past few days. According to report, the horse in some way became strangled with his halter. Mrs. John H. Walsh, of Springfield Gardens, Long Island, is spending a week in the home of her aunt, Mrs. Wm. A. Brazier. Mrs; Arthur L Earley recently re­ turned from the holidays’ visit with her parents at Lowville. She reports Ber father in poor health. Please notice that the Town truck will gather garbage every other Friday, the next collection taking place Jan­ uary 14th. Miss Alberta Whitman, student nurse atLittauer Hospital, spent the week­ end a t her h ^m e. She expects to leave this week, for further study at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Coulombe are spending a week with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Coulombe. Mrs. Kenneth Cou- iombe was recently dismissed from the Littauer Hospital and is now reeupera- Mr. and Mrs. Ployd Abrams an^Mrs. Lana Judway of Piseco are spending the winter in Florida. Mrs. Judway, is the mother of Mrs. John Hosley who received a letter stating that they will spend some time at Palm Beach. Miss Dorothy Ellen Burton of Lake . Pleasant and Gerald Chris Whitman of Wells were united in marriage New Year’s in Northville. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. George K. Fraser at his home on Third street this village. The ring service was used dur­ ing the ceremony. The young couple was accompanied by Mrs. Bertha Bur­ ton, mother of the bride, and Sanford Parslow, also of Lake Pleasant. The newlyweds will make their home ^ Wells. The basketball season will he resumed on th e local c o u r t F ridav evening, J a n . 7tb, w ith F o n d a H igh Schdol supply­ ing the opposition in a Tri-County L e ^ u e game. Fonda is tied for the League leadership and Will be Striving to maintain that position. Wells H. S., on the other hand, will be out to im­ prove its position in the League stand­ ings and is determined to chalk up a win Friday night. A fast game is as­ sured. The preliminary will feature the girls’ teams of the two schools and is scheduled to begin at 7:30. Weight of the Brain The brain attains full weight at from fifteen to eighteen years, ex­ cept in unusual cases. It remains the same until sixty or thereabouts, when it begins to decrease m weight. At eighty years about; six per ce^t of the weight has been lost. Avoiding Uneasiness If you would be exempt from un­ easiness, do nothing which you know or suspect is wrong; and if you wish to enjoy the purest pleas­ ure, always do everything in your power which you know is right. Ice Cream Old Ice cream was first produced, commercially in 1851 in Baltimore. By 1900, according to “Food Indus­ tries,” annual consumption had reached 25,000,000 gallons, and now it is 200,000,000. EDWARD D. CALL, HOPE, ELECTED CHAIRMAN OF BOARD OF SUPERVISORS The Board of Supervisors of Hamil­ ton County held their organization meeting at the County Seat, Tuesday. Edward D. Call, Democrat of Hope, has been chosen Chairman of the Board, succeeding Oscar Quillan, Demo­ crat of .Benson. Henry Rogers of Arietta was re-elected Clerk of the Board. The various committees to be named will be published later. At this meeting, the Supervisors ap­ propriated an additional sum of J3500 00 for the new bridge which is under con­ struction at Wells. Another important decision was to ask the Building Committee to secure bids for the new stone addition on the south side of the County Jail at Lake Pleasant, excellent plans for which have been prepared by Architect White of A lbany. The Board of Supervisors is composed of: Lyman Avery, Arietta; Oscar Qail- Ian, Benson; Edward D. Call, Hope; Vernon Hutchins, Indian Lake; K. L. Harwood, Inlet; Harrison D. Jennings, Long Lake; Kenneth Sturges, Lake Pleasant; Earl C. Farber, Morehouse; a'nd George R. Babcock, Welle, All were present at the organization meet­ ing, except Benson’s supervisor. OBITUARY Patrick Collins Patrick Collins. 68. veteran hotel owner deputy sheriff and bunting guide, died at North Creek Tuesday, after suffering a heart attack while cut ting ice on nearby Little {Kind. Mr. Collins for many years had operated the b''orest honse at Indian Lake and a livery business in North Creek. WELLS CHURCH NOTES Methodist Sunday Services 10:30 A. M. Worship. 11:40 A. M. Sunday School Rev. Franklin W. Worden, Minister St. Ann’s Catholic Sunday, 10:30 A. M. Mass, followed by Benediction of the Blessed Sacra­ ment. Confessions are heard before the Mass. Mass on week days at 8 o’clock, except First Fridays, at 7;30, in Wells. By Franciscan Fathers. Pilgrim Holiness Sunday: 10-.00 A. M. Sunday School 11:00 A. M. Morning Worship. 7:00 P. M. Prayer and Praise 7:30P. M. Preaching Service. • T h u rsday: 7:30 P. M. Prayer Meeting. You are invited to attend these Ser- Rev. M. R. Blann, Pastor. Baptist 10:30 A.M.; Morning Worship 11:30 A. M.: Sunday School 7:30 P. M.: Evening Worship Wednesday.\' 8:00 P. M.: Prayer Meeting Everybody Is welcome. Come and bring your friends. Rev, Steriing Helmer, Minister. Visited by Virgin Mary The name of the girl fourteen years of age, who, ^according to tra­ dition, was visited by the, Virgin Mary at the Grotto of the Spring, at Lourdes, Prance, and informed of its miraculous properties, was Mayrie-Bernarde Soubirous. She was better known in her village as Ber­ nadette. It occurred in 1858. English Clover in Australia English clover would grow in Aus­ tralia, but produced no seed until bees from Great Britain were tak­ en. there for cross-fertilization pur- Severe War Epidemic Notable among epidemics during a war, was the killing of 21,000 of the 24,000 French troops by typhus, as they laid seige to Naples in 1528, President’s Flag on Vessels When the President of the United States visits an American vessel, his flag is kept flying at the mainmast as long as he is on board. The loudest noise ever heard was when the volcano Krakatoa erupted, in 1883, The eruption 'was heard 3,000 miles away. U. S. Bank of England Built in 1798 The old United States Bank of England was erected in 1798 and bore the American eagle on its “All Is Lost Save Honor” The expression “All is lost save honor,” was first used by Francis the First of France after a military defeat. Original Library Destroyed The original Library of Congress was destroyed when the Capitol building was burned in 1814, Triumphal Arch Ancient At Orange, not far from Avignon, stands the finest triumphal arch in France, probably dedicated to Ti­ berius. It stands 62 feet high and occupies a space 64 b^. 2^ feet. Soap Carried by Columbus Soap was included among the sup­ plies carried by Columbus in his voyage of discovery. Spanish-Speaking Nations There are 17 Spanish-speaking na­ tions in the western hemisphere. Capitals of Pennsylvania The year after Penn’s arrival the Provincial government was estab­ lished in Philadelphia, which re­ mained the capital until 1799, when Lancaster received the honor on the first Monday of November of that year. By an act approved Febru­ ary 21, 1810, says the Philadelphia Inquirer, Harrisburg was declared to be the capital after 1812, From that date Harrisburg has been the capital of Pennsylvania, Philadel­ phia was the capital of the United States from 1790 to 1800. Lancaster and York were temporary capitals during the Revolution, Lancaster— for three days from September 27, 1777, until September 30, 1777, when York became the capital. Fleeing Rat Carries Young The russet-brown rat of the is­ lands on the north Australian coast has a novel way of carying its young. You will see a mother rat scurrying along with one or more half-grown babies clinging teeth- and-claw to the fur of its haunches. The added weight does not appear' to cause much inconvenience, as the , mother can make good time over the ground when hard pressed. Army and Navy Legion of Valor ' The Army and Navy Legion of Valor is composed of men who have won the Medal of Honor, Distin­ guished Service Cross or Navy Cross. The Army’s Distinguished Service Cross is for extraordinary heroism in war; the Navy Cross for a similar service. And over them comes the Medal of Honor (Army or Navy), the highest decoration given by the United States. Felling a Tree Lrnnberjacks always try to drop a standing tree in the direction of its natural lean. When it must fall through. tackled, and a box cut made a little higher than the first cut, continuing until the tree totters and falls. One must stand well away from falling trees because they often drive back or “ride the stump,” apreme Court, Hamilton County, lien B. Flanders, Plaintiff, Robert J. Fitzsimmons and Wilfred Duane, Defendants. In pursuance of a judgment of fore closure and sale made in the above en titled action on the 33rd day of Novi her. 1937, and duly entered in the Hi ilton County Clerk’s ofl^e,I, the under­ day of Noven red in the Han public auction to the highest bidder in front of the Guide House on Whitney \ rk, in the Town of Long Lake, Ham an Cpunty, New York, near the sinklia C o u n ty line, on th e 15th day Of January, 1938, at 10:00 o’clock A. M., 8 property in said judgment directed be sold, and described as follow --------------------- ^ ol ike. County of Hamilton, and Sti of New York, briefly described.. OF LAND, situate in the Town of Long Lake, County of Hamilton, and State of New York, briefly described as fol­ lows:- It being a part of Lot No 71, It being a part of Lot No 71, in Twp. No. 21 of Totten and Crossfleld’s Purchase, Town of Long Lake, New York, Commencing at a point in the South line of Lot No. 59 and North line of Lot No. 71, two chains and' twenty seven links from the corner of Lots Nos, 58,8, 59,9, 70'0' andnd 71,1, andnd 5 5 7 a 7 a running thence South 35 deg. east 7 chains and 30 Iks. to the center of the high- thence in a north easterly highway; from thence North 35 deg. west to the south line of Lot No. 59, and north line of Lot No. 71; from thence South 63 deg. west to the place of beginning, containing all the lands within said bounds. Terms of sale, cash. Dated November 24th, 1937. J. I. TALLMAN, Referee. RALPH HASTINGS. ATTORNEY FOR PLAINTIFF, TU P P E R LAKE:, N. Y. H6xl-7 G i _ o v c R s v i u i . e OFFICE JUmSOlCTIOR If you live anywhere in the area shown on this map your local New York State Emplosrment Office la located in ' GLOVERSVILLE If yon lose your job after January 1, 1938, register immediately at this office. If you are covered by the • Unemplosrment Insurance Law your notice of unemployment should he given to the State Employment Office at the same time as regis­ tration for a new Jeh. Shrub of Many Uses Few shrubs on the farm that grow from 6 to 12 feet have as many medical and practical uses as the smooth sumac. The leaves, and to a less extent the bark, are a source of tarniin for tanning leather. The berries were a favorite of the old time herb doctors, who used them for many diseases and ailments. Pioneers also used the berries to get a heavy oil which eventually could be molded into candles. Us­ ing the same berries for a wine they could obtain a tonic drink. Thus the smooth sumac, a colorful shrub, is able to pay its way through every season by providing wine, oil, and tannin from berries and leaves, and a tonic, astringent, and antisep­ tic from the bark. Why Printing Was Dehiyed “Printing in the Americas,” as­ cribes the reason for the delay in printing after America was settled to the attitude of the powers over­ seas who ruled the colonies. Print- Governor Berkeley of Virginia said that he thanked God that there were no free schools nor printing, for learning had brought disobedience, and heresy, and sects into the world, and printing had divulged them, and libels against the best government. Why Grocer Is So Called In former days one who dealt in spices, sugar, dried fruits, tea, and coffee, etc., was called a spicer, and a wholesale dealer in these ar­ ticles was known as a “spicer en gross,” dr a “grosser,”—one who dealt by the gross or bulk. “Gross” is from the French “gros,” mean­ ing great or large, and in time be­ came “grosser,” probably due to the influence of the French “mer- chand grossier,” became simply Development'of Voting Machine ' The voting machine is not the product of a single inventor. Its de- slopment covers a considerable pamphlet in Paris in which he showed the feasbility of applying adding machine principles to voting. Marked Beginning of Canoeing When John Ledyard hewed his own canoe and sailed from Hanover, N. H., down the Connecticut river, and thence on his round-the-world cruise, he marked the beginning of canoeing as a leading recreational sport at Dartmouth coUege as far back as 1773. ? h e British Bachelors Once Taxed British bachelors were taxed by parliamentary order in 1695, London Answers Magazine, amount payable varied according to the rank of the “victim.” It ranged from I shilling for a “person” to 12 pounds 10 shillings for a duke. , Cheese Note “Bleu” is the name applied to sev­ eral kinds of hard rennet chqese made from the cow’s milk in imita­ tion of Roquefort cheese. There is a mottled or veined appearance to this type of cheese. The origin is French. Cuban Town an Stilts On the way to the Isle of Pines in the West Indies is Batabano, “the Little Venice” of Cuba. It is a t o w on stilts with canals for streets, and is a sponge community on the south coast, 36 miles from Havana. Lemons Picked When Green Lemons are never harvested after they are ripe. They are picked as soon as they have attained a certain size and usually are as ,green as the leaves on the tree. FMbESSENTIALS of Safe Lending . . 1 Borrowers should be responsible firms or individuals with reputations for meeting their obligations; 2 The proposition, in each case, should be one which will automatically repay itself within a short time after the bank loan starts *'the ball to rolling”. Z Business conditions, public confidence and buying spirit should be such as to favor the success of the enterprise; M Loans should be so “spaced” on the bank’s lending calendar that new loans being made will be largely offset by old loans being repaid. ' A bank when it lends must consider depositors’ interests first, and borrowers’ needs, second. HAMILTON COUNTY NATIONAL BANK WEUX, N. Y. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation NOTICE SPECIAL PRICES ON THE FOLLOWING ITEMS UNTIL PRESENT STOCK IS EXHAUSTED ASPHALT EOOPING Light Weight - Smooth Surface $1.80 Heavy “ “• “ ■ 1.50 Extra Heavy Mica “ 2A0 “ ‘‘ Slate “ 2.40 Slate Surface Strip Shingles $6.50 and up Red Cedar Shingles 5.75 and up Asphalt Roof Coating, 5 gals. 3.75 Grarage Doors, 1 34 in. thick, pair 16.00 “ “ 1 3 4 “ “ set of 3 18.00 2 X 4s, dressed, second grade, 2 1-2 c. per ft. 200 gal. Steel Septic Tanks 16.00 300 gal. “ “ “ 81.00 1-2 in. Galvanized Steel Pipe 7c. per ft. 3-4 in. “ “ “ 8 l-2c. per ft. lin . . “ » “ 12 l-3c. per ft. 1 1 4 in.' “ “ 17c. per ft. Above prices include delivery and are sub- discount for cash 10 days Adirondack Lumber Company Wells, N, V. Chinese Hide Best Wares The Chinese do everything the op- ■ posite of what we do. The Chinese j merchant never puts the 'oest things !in his store on display and hangs ' out no bait to tempt one. to buy things he doesn’t want. His windi the front of his store, contains mediocre and the unsalable, his best merchandise back as far as he can get it; if in a locked back room, so much the better. Wells Tax Collector’s Notice Pursuant to the provisions of the ^fcate Tax Law, notice is hereby given to’the taxable inhabitants of the town — of Weils that I have received the war mgs rant for the collection of the General buy Tax for the year 1937, and will receive low cent, for thirtv the following the date of this notice, , . after which five per cent, will be Quacks in Literature Literature has her quacks no less liian medicine, and they are divided into two classes; those who have erudition without genius, and those who have volubility without depth; we shall get second-hand sense from the one, and original nonsense from the other.-—Colton. _______ Notice' to Creditors Pursuant to an order of Hon. Dennis Dillon, Surrogate of Hamilton County, notice is hereby’ given that all persons having claims or accounts against the estate of the late Allen Dunham to pre­ sent them to the undersigned at her home in the Town of Lake Pleasant on r before the 26|[h day of Mav, 1938. Dated Lake Pleasant, N. Y,, Novem her 24, 1937. Pearl E. Simons, Administratrix TERMS OF COURT FOR 1938 Until further ordered, the terms of Court of the County of Hamilton will be held during the year 1938 at the times and places hereinafter mentioned, to-wit: fact, to be held at the Court House in the town of Lake Pleasant, at the fol- owing times: MAY— F ib s t T u e s d a y -OCTOBER— F ik s t T d i For the trials of issues of law anc ■ ■ the Court House ii mt, at tl BSDAT. ^ A grand jury will he drawn and re quired to attend each of said terms. A trial jury will not be snmmoned to attend, as per Section 513 B of the J u ­ diciaryiciary Law,w, entitleditled “JurorsJurors forr Cc ty Courts”.ts”. Iff itt shallhall appearpear upon d La ent “ fo Coun­ ty Cour I i s ap upon the call of the calendar, or subseqaently thereto, that trial jurors are, or will be necessary for the disposal of actions to broughtought to trialial att thathat termm of the be br to tr a t ter of the Court or at any adjourned term, the County Judge may direct the County Clerk to summon Trial Jurors to serve on a day, or days, to be specified by eneb Judge. With( iud othi trial of - issue of law, hearings of mo- tior \ ----------- ■y for the js of mo- to be held Special Terms will be held at the Court House in the said counties re- ^ c tlv e ly at the same time with the TOal Terms, and tne Jimi tions and other proceedmgs, to be held at tbe CbaniberB of the County Judge, in the Village of Inlet, the first Tues- 3h ] ■ iiiary and October, hearings i on the second Tuesdays. Dates for regular terms for Surrogate’s Court are as' follows: First Tuesday of each month except January, July, Aug ust and October. In January and Oct­ ober, heatings on the second Tuesday. Other dates for Surrogate’s Court can s a rranged upon request to th e S u rro Trial Terms, and tne limitations of Rule 63, subdivision 4 of the Rules of Civil Practice shall not apply. SPECIAL TERMS. Clinton County in ,the C< City of Plattsburgh Friday, June 10th, JLawren( Friday, December 30th, Br« New York. Dated at Inlet, N. Y., November 24, 1937. D en nis D illon , [S eal ] County Judge and Surrogate STATE OF NEW YORK, 1 __ Hamilton County Clerk’s Office. / ““ Clerk of the llerk of ____ . Brewster Essex County |it the Supreme Court Chambers, Elizabethtown. Friday, July 1st, Brewster Franklin County in the Court House. Malone. Friday, Jnly 1st, Lawrence Fulton County in the Court House Johnstown ^ Friday, June 3i‘d, Rogers Friday, November 4th, Rogers id Clerk .. lupreme Court, of said State for said County, do hereby certify, that 1 have compared the preceding with the original Courh Designations filed Nov. 27,1937, at 4 p. m. in my office and that the same is a correct trauscript there­ from and of the whole of said original. In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my official seal, this 27th day of ^iovember, 1937. WILLIAM B. RONALD, C ubbk TRIAI. AND SPXWlAn TBBBXH OF THE SUPREM E COURT. ' A s s i g n m e n t s of Terms and Justices >r the year 1938 for the Fourth Judi­ cial District. Pursuant to the provisions of section 84 of the Judiciary Law, the under­ signed, Justices assigned to constitute the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, in and for the third Judicial X>epaxtment, __ nereby app times and places for holding _____ eral Trial and Special Terms in the >istri appom t the Fourth Judicial District of such depart­ ment for the year 1938, and also do ap­ point the times and places for Final Action upon petitions for Naturalize^ tion of Aliens to be admitted to become Citizens of the United States within all of said Judicial District as follows: Clinton County, at Plattsbiirg. Monday, April 11, Brewster Monday, NovemberI4th, Rogers Essex County, at Elizabethtown Monday, May 9, Lawrence Monday, September 26, Alexander Franklin County, at Malone. Monday, Ji by^ a^Jo Montgomery County, at Fonda ■t lexander Montgomery County, i Monday, January 17tb, Al Monday, May 9, Brewster Tuesday, SeptemI \ Rogers Canton. Monday, May 9, Rogers Tuesday, September 6. Alexander Saratoga County, at 'Ballston Spa M onday, January 3, Brewster Monday, April 11, Rogers Monday. October 3, Lawrence lay, M_rch 14. Alexander, Rogers Monday. April 25. Lawrence, Alexander Tuesday, Sept. 6, Brewster Monday, October 31, Alexander, Brews­ ter Warren County, at Lake George. M onday, Jan u a r y 17, Rogers Monday, May 23, Lawrence Monday, October 10, Alexander charged. For the convenience of the pi will be at the following places 9 a m. to 4 p. m. on the day; tioned. mblic I ----- from days men- At my residence in the Hamlet of \Wells on all days Dated at Wells, N. Y„ this 10th day of December, 1937. Alice E. Fremont, Collector. NOTICE OF annual SHAREHOLDERS MEETING Notice is hereby given that the annu a) meeting of the shareholders of the niiton County National Bank of the lunty Is wil Town of Wells, County < and State of New York, on January 11, at 2 o’clock p. m„ for the election ectors and for the transaction of other business as may properly come before said meeting, or any ad- journmen c or adjournments thereof. By order of lihe Board of Directors. THOMAS JOSEPH BRAZIER, Wells, Dec. 9, 1937 Cashier. Washington County, at Hudson Falls Washington County, at Salem. Tuesday, September 6. Lawrence HOURS OF OPENING All Trial Terms shall open at one- thirty (1:30) o’clock P. M., on the first day of the Term and thereafter the hours of opening and closing will be announced by the presiding Justice, GRAND AND TRIAL JURORS Grand jurors summoned to appear at 11 Trial Terms at the opening of Court on the first day, except that ho Grand Jury shall be snmmoned for the St^— tady Term beginning March 14th. SPECIAL TERMS WITH TRI AL TERMS Montgomery County, Supreme Court Chamber, Amsterdam ' Friday, April 22nd, Alexander Friday, November 18tb, Alexander St. Lawrence County, at the Court Honse, Canton Friday, April I5fch, Lawrence Friday, June 24th, Lawrence Friday, November 18th, liawrence the City Hall Brewster Schenectady County House, Schenectady at the Court jL'xivtnjTi u u ijr A i v A a u u e i Friday, December 16th, Alexander Warren County, at the Supreme Court chambers, Glens Falls Friday, April l«t, Rogers Friday, November 18th, Brevi iugton C o u n ty, a t th e Supreme Chambers, Hudson Falls ^ Washiu] Court Cnamoers, Jtinai Friday, June 10th, Rogers Friday, December 2nd, Rogers Special Terms ate always open at i preiue Court Chambers when a Jusi is .present. At the Special Terms appointed for F rid a y in the village of CautOQ| NeW York, cases to be tried before the Court Without a jury may be noticed for trial t ten o’clock A. M. APPX JCA T IO N h ’OB N ATURALIZATION Final application on petitions for admittance to citizenship will be heard of each Trial Term ap« Id in said district except rict except „ counties they shall be held at Trial and/or Special Terms here next stated, viz: Clinton County, Special Terms on June lOth and De­ cember 30th; Fulton County, Trial and Special Term January 3rd and Special Term June 3rd; Montgomery County, Trial and Special Terms, January 17th and September 6th; St. Lawrence Coun­ ty, Special Terms June 24th, and Nov­ ember 18th; Schenectady County Trial and Special Terms January 17th, April ith and September 6th; Franklin ounty Trial and Special Terms Feb­ ruary 14th and April 25th and Special ‘ Term July 1. Should the Justice asai term he absent, or upabli other Justice of the Fourth Jui District .may preside at such term. Dated Albany, N. Y., Nov. 12, 1937 J ames P. H ill Presiding Justice. L eon C.‘ R hodes , D a n iel V. M c N ascee , J ohn C. C bapseb , F. W a l t e r B liss , C h r ist o p h e r J. H e f f e r n a n Associate Justiceb. STATE OF NEW YORK. 1 „ Hamilton County Clerk’s Office, j I hereby certify that I have com] owing c ial and/ jned to any ' to act, any irth Judicial »rms of Supreme itb the original filed in this office, and lat the same is therefrom and olf lointmioi same is a correct transcript > the whole of said original app Witness m; it. itness my hand and official seal this 17th day of November, 1938. WlIXIAM B. R onalo , CUBk.

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