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Letter to the Editor Zoning Explained 2^]^Lf?L prop(rt0 \' For fHqr of at, oar wjntaaatafoari ptoalt aachjo a> as! I i 0 receive a Mfc*- JaonJarfoj of oar viflaak wade IK vafotuty. wuveys uj mv loi 75 ofal Itwt iadaaaaj *MO Tbwa aai VjMje of take, tte Town and Viaum of Haloar,foe Tbwa of aid foe vaaje of k it aaaonattto aa* ai of foe daw aw Macted, property MM ia (be foey exist am in.\ Aa exMpfc might be a*a butmem it located • a m iHiatW area, ft cannot be ai af of foe of aaahaj law* ia lag ItouaBaar. It was decided a^ttan^ a^anv*Xa^sn> &a ^a^flb^^a^a} aV^ ^^^^^_ _-- •RBVPngOCl! KIOMI 06 WUB UJ taraam, • pedant asking foe VUlMjeDo«dioanideraaaia| laws. This was dope tor two sae- i favor of ilaa it aMMaMe ia coart or foey wiB be aaBaforceabte. Aa expert in Zoning might be hired for a fee of aboal $950. For a year's work fob is not i Wfll Acre be coos lo the vfl- toge oace anaing laws are enact- ed? Mcafoers of the Zoning Coaaoiiiion spoke with Larry Paula, she Mayor of aw Village of Mooen. He stated that zoning laws had been ia effect far foree years and there am been no im- pact on the budget then: M yet Their Code Enforcement Officer is alto foeir Zoning Officer. Wane their officer does not re- For its Vilaae of gay, aoaiag laws coaM offer la aae fkmmbu and early •^aaaltMMMMaBv* BBBM nuMBBwhBnuBa vtaum 4*lu* a^^M^tjaMpppaai ^ ^^^u*> irwajaaMi^M w#aaa> arta calaied isoagh pans of ow Vil- 5 Wit OVQTWMlMSlf tor a stady of zoning. ABMBT iMMfi MMMMMWbjI^fllkv *lft*RB- #waMna anaM/ m •wMewMu^waF^e>^aj aaujaaaa* i •kagaaak' a%MBMknunawa < ' #4BA otBsn4*Br£4Mk to *e Vilage laZoa- The lint official exo^ngconwutsk oa las. It. RioMjd I at- apply here. If foe Village had to go to coart to enforce a aoaiag tow. foere would be coats. However, then; an oner ahemanves which aattt be parsaed prior'to any lawsuit. A wopofty owaei can seek a variance as a remedy. If M variance is not gramed, a hrw- safe might follow. fields. If oar ais land amy. be or 3. Zoning laws ate the princi- pal way foat coaaaaaaiM ia New York Slate protect serves from . Three pabhc atar- bclreklaitdlxVuTage IOCMVCS v^M9QMBf wO HHI aWML Mr * uHRv ftflfOQ ant the beat way to start die pro- cess WM to coadact a sarvey to find eat exactly what the daaaw and dad not want from naportant for the dtuen of the Vwajs of OaWiMtay to take aaaa time, to ccunufmnhe^fuiBrc of .oar coaunaeity. WiB Chateaa- gay grow larger, smaller or stay foe aaae? What type of iadus- tries do we want to attract? avoid? Ia order to preserve the vatae of oar properties and the qaawy of life, we need to have aught be a aae each M a medical iag laws, projects of fots tdad [ be prevcated by oar local 4. Zonae laws provide soacc Wffl aoaiag laws be coedy for the VTUsge of Caaanagay? These will be am unoa! expense of apjtoxuaaiery $250 to photo- copy and aual foe sarvey. If foe rotate ate in favor of Boning, foe Zoning QoaaaittioB wfll roaaott wKMtey tram me Vnuge Board to vest and live. Zoning laws are aaaawatt ia naming that future growth is orderly and that the toad widow the Village it pat to its beat ate. Zoning laws are aa inawnant cwnponfat in attc- getrding property valaes and keeping oar small town way of life foe way it has always been. r: Garth, MJ>. OtinN.Ceo* KkhySHkirv. CkaWMMaii fttttonf nut ftMmmwwhf* MMKMT lOWESTMAINST.CHATBUJQAY.NY 12820 RrONE5TMtT«142 PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY BY MALONE NEWSPAPER CORP. MALONE.NY 12953 JOHN B. JOHNSON, PRESIDENT/TREASURER CATHERINE C. JOHNSON. SECRETARY... BEATRiCE P^tNODE, GENERAL MANAGER Chataaugay Record, Wedneaday, March 1,1995 - 3 Adult Boating Offered PLATTSBURGH — A six- week boating safety course will be offered to adults in the Northern Tier area beginning 7 pjn., Wednes- day evening, April 5, at the Platts- burgk High School on Ruger Street The United States Power Squad- ron's boating safety course for power and sail will cover many ba- sk topics including: boat handling and elementary seamanship, regis- tration, equipment, regulations and safe operation, charts and aids to navigation, basic navigation, pilot- ing and navigation rules. An addi- tional benefit'for those taking and passing this coarse is a 10 percent This course is sponsored by the Chainpiain Chapter of the U.S. Power Sqjuadron and will run for six weeks. Cost of materials for individuals is $25; and couples, $30. Individuals interested may con- tact Frank Williams at 563-0461. days, or 561-0094, nights, for more information. College to Hold Information Session PLATTSBURGH — Eaaare Slate College, State University of New York, will hold an information session at its Ptattsburgh Unit on Monday, March 6, at 7 pnu in 403 Sflaey Hall. SUNY « Mansbargh, Upper Roger Street Empire Sue College faculty will be on hand to qurtiiora and 4*Trarf the ; programs which have earned tiaa M a leader in soak-focused ed- ucation. Empire Stale College stodents CM CflRt 4VB0C1BVIC Maw OSCawHOT S Ifrffm fomugli foe college's uaique program of individBaliwfld study, snvjyiag at times convenient to then* busy schedules. *^ yaffil\ can abp receive andetgiaduatc academic credit for college-level karming ac- ojuhad through work and other life experiences. FlexMe year-roand en- rollment and full or part-tiaae study to make progreas awttd their de- grees waile nBaataaan) 403 Sibley Hall, Slate University CoUege at Plaasburgh, Ptoosburgh, N.Y. 12901-2697. Wi* more than 40 locations across New York Sue, Empire Suae College has more foan 7,000 stadents enrolled in associate, bach- elor's or master's degree programs. Since its founding in 1971, foe col- lege has graduated more foan 24 jOOO working aad other busy adults from its innovative, sankM-centered pro- Whoever afeworW * work of art into hiiMelf ajo«s through the MUMT |W OC«.M as the artiM who prodnred it—only hr revertww the order of the pro- re»e and increases its speed. —Friedrieh Hebbel Ea^aUished 1853 \ In addition, working adults inter- ested in a master's degree, but un- able to attend weekly classes, can obtain information on the master's programs in business and labor, so- cial policy or the new master of arts in liberal studies by calling 1-800- 468-6372. Par farther iarornuaion, call 518/564-2837 or write: SUNY Em- pire Suae College at Ptatuumgh. Food Pantry BELLMONT — There wfll be t feBBjiM Tbarsday, March 2, at foe Ibaowaaj iocaaaas: QDiatriat 1 (Biain«-dsvill«) at8L Judas Catholic Chnreh, 5 ta€p.M.; QvnBjnct 2 (BWHBMMB. Can- tar) ai the town aaraga, 8 to 6 p.m.; and ; ODiatriet S (Owls Haad) Brown BanoH Road, 5 to 8 p.m. Look fair the riJiculoas in everytMsig aaju yon win than it. —Jules Renard Trrt ChatMugay Racord Is availabM tawakly at MM fo4lo«rlrrg ttoras In ChabMugay and vicinity. CHAT6AUGAY Coutmant CNtoount AilanacFuat* Chataaugay RacoW Juan's Ouk Stop BRAJNARDSVILLE MFRRMJ. JL Express Lane MALONE Makma Tatopram Businass Offioa fH-LEIaBURQ Vann* Mnmat Ellanbura Oopot LaBarmt Mamut caanuufQ wornan Any Ma anav I^^MBB) wag^^Bja^aaaaaM Ma avvaj MMMy M*U at. CaBSia-4174142

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