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Chateaugay record and Franklin County Democrat. (Chateaugay, N.Y.) 189?-current, August 04, 1893, Image 4

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r ^ ¥ Chate aug ay Record Franklin County Democrat. PUBLISHED BY CMATKAUCAY RECORD WIRT1RC AND PUSUSHINC CO . r w. nuuuux. mMAaia. ONE \TSAR.,.. SIX MOSTBS JTt iffle*. In ttecord Bu titling. Weat Bats Street. ,at<w* (if the pa*t**£c* at tfrfltumtaw \\* \\* muMer »' ta* «eo>»d <&am. FRIDAY, AVGU9T 4. !««. TIIK extra session of l\>ngru|ss will convene next Monday'. FBOM present irwrk-RtSon* It fa likely that thtj Sherman act will be repealed •without much opposition. TMAT President Cleveland intends So appoint only first <ia*s n» n u> office U shown by the appointment of Hots. Cleorge S. Weed, 'if Ptatfcdwrgh, wtnui lector of customs for the district of -Chautplain.. Mr. We<-d s many friends throughout Northern New York *H! he pleased to learn of his selection for this important oftiee, aw it is in part a recog- nition of the exetllcnt work he has always clone for the party IT is siiid that i\M> mm [»«nsiorot will be temporarily v.ispeiuM, in coaswtueno,- of the new ruling of the pension lUtreati and that probably nearly'SO percent of these will be permanently dmpptd ir> m the rolls, saving $11 V>tU*W annually But not a pensioner wilt h» dropped unless the evidence shows that his ciatm is. ttased on fabeho., I. These figure* in di.'iite titer*** less and profligate £[U»f.«u.- agemcut. which lute Iveu going o;i Utlde the last ftepublicar. ;n;tnintstfJttJoft Hay fa n The phexweaai^ drought l a Ifogtypft nm4 FI^K* tafr tprtwg M^ pnmro** 1 hat' reduced the forage and fodder crop of those countries to s o tow a point thatt a many sections It baa become a question of existence with live stock and a t auine of the won t points farmer* raustchoce* between slaughter or starvation fur their cattle. Throughout New York state at the protect time the farmers are engage*} getting in their hay. and the intelligent American agriculturist niuat realte how Thoroughly Be ta a citizen or uie worW and bow cjoeely its great trade laws come home to him aa h e reflects that the ]** edition of the hay crop abroad to i likely to be the moat Important factor ) in the market and price of his crop at [home. At present prices abroad, hay I Celling at forty dollars i^r bated ton in £i;gland against less than half of that i in American market!, tliere to a profit in i Uie esi«ort of ha; aad |ar«p qitantitiea 1 wi«fd*W3bttesshe iUttpped abroiid in WM- ueatr by futuw. The (lovctaad .*wtmln \ Kiration whk*h uropOEk« to do its at j mmt to increase our foreign trade, m' i conliug to good old democratic dw 'trines. it already wcuring the fulk*t jxisvsible information through our ***>n ; »ular «'rvice of thecondition* of fotvign j i ragv crops t o facilitate the opening of ' ueA and . larger markets for >mr own a; ii Secretary Morton is dilhgetn in ' preparing the information and showing j tins* o;»pi>rtu»itk'» to our owti iw»<'|ih> ' The greater the V'jlume of our foreign Inule, the grwiler the luarketa* o|x»n for : t ie -ifih- of Amerk-an fartu prwluct.*, ,us<i it ha.-* Nt'it one of the anomalies of* poi , ituN ;itiriiHitahU< iiuly (,.-> the *tirvtva! 1 of old war sentiment, that m> larg»> a majority of the farmers of New York s?»n« should fth-k ti.repuWleanUm with 1 \ti p>Vuy i.f restricted foreign iiuer 1 «->nrse, while the deiuiH nttic jiiirtv l- ' \'riving to' rtnd hu>*r% r>r A tut rutin cj-ups i!i every hartft in Kun>|*- I The Hcaun.-rty of ha> abroad, w a U-™»,m in potiti>*ai as well a* di.mewtic efotmiuy • t\ the fanners ju>t at»w. in .'.».!.. i. mil II.I .?... II i mffi iil'irii>iii~ irii'i' L M wtMer. Whb MR, plj*bW miKr, taHA «oMr ( lonrr «w) «s> win mmmift u*n&*td faatUMdi fc IWJ> Mtn, HatMoni «ad Cwscnt**- *•« ™. M*»X il»r» . « YwUtt «UMi WKi nuAafacnifM w»t«»«V to (in Kimt, wlSa* piam of feaMta** W aataowa; jiunMaana«n,*b<Mi!|ilM««>r raattMKw ta «fe kmrwii; J«««»t* BMHUU*. wbwn p*»o» ot iwrt- tteocr to latmiwit; t«^i^ ^TWW^ nwrtuf ., M law. *t*^Sr% muttttf, Ta« . „ afKawi'ftsjBWxi^ta jt tha town <* K to ttw <J«iM*f <*Ffaakw*, aa« ataw «* >»*• ir«tt. d«-»aMi«». wmtt ar««tlagt ,i*iy <mt Conntf <* . I prpT«^4 an a atB nf r*»l aBd pwnwnai prttpwIjriS id* *o»tu(« in wwrtt <-««r madw .rmuuw* *>f V.io aad each of »<m. am itowrntun- cttml aad l*r*t«iatt> .^ fe t«i> ar«l mnrMa« i.«r «H4 Sarrowi*; at hl*jng*w.lojt«h!«* VUj rwiuirwt, A<k voor dtain-tffif ih« »M«Mr. ItWanMBslka M «fl * rtli»b>._4e*l« »l the \Itraik a JNW »lW RiUM <fl * M*SlL M «• Wit •« naKlMM u« V Amos P. Tapley A Co. BOSTON , MCDOWELL ©• co. Wonldi tnfonn the public that th^y -^ k now prepared to snirve uli la tho Uile Hardware, To the Worhfs Fair! i'itt A Htm? New York Central, AOIRONOACK OIVISIO^. t.oW RATES, KAST TliAINfS. B^.^TSetSBS«y uTTraalaa, otfOw «t» «l*y fiTiSf.jWrBliher i«m n*»t. at I* oVIw* tfJ *.Ne ?<**• wwf tb<«n aswj IJ»»T« lo sH^vd Ol*' l*rot<»«# nf *«h! h*n wUi t M nwiawai. *n<; if rnntj tit ctM> i«r*«MMid |**«tte« *r* andkr U)»«tCi» i-4 iw«ity-on»- ;«nra limy trU! pinwmp HOte i»*at<:« tbml xtrnf w* m««|tt(ire4 to aptwnr t«y th*»ir gets^ral guaniBH*. If U*«t^ h*r« ««•>, awl if t>j ha^ e iume that iwy Htspwsw am* »r*>*y r»*r tiir »< tvtffttnw-m '>r • uptwial grnantua. »r to thf #*trnt «tf Ifcrtr fWlitre tif jx^rir*'* Hj d» •»>, K . #p**-»*I ausinttaft wild tw anted)IWI trirUie Sanm- j | cat*. t» r»|w«»wa1 and art for thrift ia ifa* j*»> ] r»«togi« t«* ttw fn»i)«l* uf MM «=*W, In tewtinwmy wh»*i»jf w» hare e»ame*\ Xbv I «e«S tjf «i.T>riv of **.r »alt5 «»m*a«* %n l* yir - ? -it t . •iP)t>tl Wttmiw. iiftfi s»m>M-iJ A t*>ttia». ••ttmaiiral* <\f *«*t ('*'«tft«>'. | : I, <5 ' i»f (((»> >*!.:rrt«a!i»'» <<«(r* to Mi.a.-sw i \ iUatj*. I\ **M Ct>oBW> Itw t*h 4a.r'rf J j«of,}«aa.- t HK^JaXlV S'tJIi.'UJt, i iVrk ; 'f »«'• J*urr«-tfaJr'« iv.«rl ; (iintri.\ St «tJ« Ml? f->r VW*tV*Wfr MaJon^L! \- -i t*w* !, Stoves, \ rfo-rviKx. •• I'ftWfA^T T.' i :t SK>u;-..»-i A l»««t*U HUTto- \ • •( I'raJ'ii! 8. *ti»l *t:<:vf't'*sii { 11 . i.»- Uavt-- **,ij fT''< l-I>-i Sl'fl, t\ »Si E«r*>!fl« lu«*t»vtt 1 • sthv Howard t#f« «* l\Tan* s ••J that t&»»y »r»? t* : Blacksmith and Wheelwright Supplies, f | i ': k * Builders Supplies, Paints, Oils/Etc^l i At their new »k»r«, «»n Wt^il Main *trwt, t*j»^i*ut« Ijadd's Hotel ^ r They havf ai*> in rournvtwri » t*t»mph«u» PLUlBBlSCf | autl'TIN SHOP ami am prppawnl la »io al) kimk of work i in thi*^ )in«»s. Oorx)* all nc*w and prions t\w lowest. Ca^ | ujMin u* wlutu in UIMMI of g»x*lt< in f»t»r IIIH*. I McDOWEIX & CO. | Bargains MENDELSOHN, f ;>t tl»- «*i in «W- t-i i ah »l*sitfnnl M. »*r i I itt I'rsWlititf: tj> <feiJ>I ' ,'-, ,Ut .\» W'.rt; »r-i V ttd* »?; .lajr •,( ASM T'> aa fni> *T 'WiSMFHfcf ilOW*KI>, iaaaMW/M. Mnl MtH» t o i'iiit\»ig«i ai i Sf'iH.MO. c ro « hr.tttToiw - n'Ssot'.tvT t« •«irr 'J* Mw» i>»Bi«»rj A Itaatati. <<f. «w '.f^l! K.,i. '-. >-. ,i!i»>.h &!«' !i rt- u»-»:r^i i U:UJ,:» 1 ,^,ii;..<t (\««*»-•?»( i» !a?vi> .f.ii.'ii f.tti:fp«* At B)r»tTj*rtS fw t..*ft»-f K-tlr^-^t |P*ft«l»t>s«V-.w8> * Cm\ !!•*••>- «!'•- »•»(«!:«! to ^T-HT aw with (,«••*• *»>it«-li«T>» th*'»«rfi'r -.(* t-.li * 4li«>».,-fi «-f t.»M- (Its!* J»|r;»*;j,S« PETER B. POWERS W'tto Hi* }t<t Kn'13M^f hi. rar» (or Chicago K«r t*t*!t«..-^, :j. r tjttif*- »:' *t»(K.iSU: *-Mrtjr! .NATHK« .i Itm w ia» r<?n«j<m «^ut-«tiott. Httsbarg. PetJB . Atsg. t. — AMSST.U.: Syretarj'oF the Interior John M k<*\ tteir kH^to make «he>. **«*» tew. tetf lw,tU •\»«• teu ^ ft ' J\^-^- '- i t«se p»\B!**n qti ^ff< -ft w!n<*h rt-.n h.-i lh>- i city yesterday The !t* : 4>?.uit *tvr*>.tar> ••ays -'The admnustrat:-';! i^ n»»t fi<•» ^trfe t o the t« -Idler H?W. f.-is^ht for the Ottion, Wert' it » fact, I would in (;:--• taatO'Mn»anib*uar- The ciuntr* ..:ti Rn-f Bi.t^A't orpins am Indulging 1 them>elv*-*i In the wildest kind of \cal•] amity\ progmxsticat'kotts and are doisitf • NEW >: GOODS! Who wtil h»r pinTOweii i«> Mhow th» ^.im* 1 «r JUATTHfltfiKiii. MAKES THE BIST CIGABS. THKY ARK TUK HXKST BKYOXb QCKSTtOX Thu F. B. V ThK so lit Oe < uiifldeucf h,t> th»* gem^ntl pub lie in these organs ti.at the rcaalt w.fl U> ; about the same as bt-t 'al! when ihey were art fa^dydis<-n-«tfc'*iljytl*Bi»e^BT* ! That «>id catupaign \ .-htetatot\ t&at »*»»} betut naed for so iua«y y«sara bf tit« ; or ^rans has k*tt its effect. «nd d*f*i*H >t», \• false pwtea«» and htualntgcaniso u»np x aaLsiead lntelli«ijnt^s>p». They us.de*- * stand the present situaUoo of affaustuwl the catts** that brought them about <3ua well afford to smile a» the fratttie ^shriek* of the calamity pe lil'em CQiii! nip. •r not b« decctTL'd to the nature (•rk through excitetnent or O-T.HU . ut turn. We are at presaet oogagk;d m r,.»rrt»cting al>ust?st and placing aii p.'tt ^j '• -tioa-s mtder the art of Juste iT t^wt. »,t, an equality We tiru pk«iige«l to mak«> t.-.e (M>tt»ioti roH a roll of h<>rtor and we •• -i'dc-.'iitwuo tii..- VuiL .ca'.i. -.-:.» ... s., Tmt \partisan panic nursii^f'\ no > [the |»eopie wtto «u>ntattdc^ tin.-, refonii Jbeing pnrsoed with so much ardor i>y i -.hail call a halt. certain of the Republican prwa, is wr y j - • » rv \ ' .-•: s - .' tU-Vsi-. 'tii I.-, t-.utl ,'. !?.»t t,-*-, «r- '«t.itrwj fo • wstt. tfl*- li-\.r.ff.*fi>ttwr^ S». ,Mja3S«*«tt4t>*»« f-W t**l»«» d « .<**».: 3 .»i -* to-j«o» »»>,- Ui,li loiue att4--Sw Pfk*es >l iriiti: lit ;-U,ti V.tiuf* on go>Ai« to*. T «-tf«Hy P H. POWERS l-VST MASS' KTttRrr. T^AirEJT J. XlentJt'leoliri, _ JtLATtJiBlllttm^-X- X - T«i.s is t«« he decid«ily att of? year in staE«»'potties, Qtit „t forty-four states m tite union, only thtrt««en will hold stat*' election*—Iowa. Kei.t tck> MM y land. Massachusetts. JH*«Kiri, Nehraa Affecting, iadeed. It is a gr»fp at ^.l sirraw which will hardiy save, or help t *h# fortttnea of the groat and gsxjd, but | «ttocarded party. Tlte Amarican people | ar e not fool* anouga t o beUare that a: large imtjority of the voters »\> bent on I ka. New Jersey, N>w York. Ohio. Penn mining the «eoutry Make Kay while SsyIvanla. South Dakota. Virginia, and the sun ahines. gentlomen Bat your; -..Xsconsin and Virginia alone wii! elect aime Is abort, for after the grouwl ha* ; full tickets, keen cleared of mushroom growths. [ N'ew York elects both-branches of the ongmdarod b^ Kcfnblican doctrine, yon \' legislature ;unl ail t::e Mate officer* with wB l aat an era, of pro pel ity set in whk'h . t. M ext?eptk»n of gi .verm .r. and also dele -arffl hare a-aiUM baafat j «at#a to the ormsUtutionai WB fen tii >n.\ S Th# other remaining eight jttaJws will choose judgest or legislatures Only .1 t.i™,i ,'.«tr»t«*' T«* PtesMent has appointed James T Kllhnath of New York coUeetor of co* toms fortiM tttrtrlct of New York, an I WalterH. Bonn of CoopersUiwn, -ap- praiser. James T Kilbreth, the new collector of customs of New York, w a satir e of Cincinnati, .IS yean old. He yradoated from Harvard and te a n in thmatafrtaMl of ex^aeratat* FalrcfciWL Ha aarred tw o tecau a* polka Jnattea hi| Raw York ctty, front 1814 to 1893, aasl a t the expiration of his laat term Tarn aaaay 4adiae4 tareappatnt-htm. be not Mat Vd«atUad with that otganiaation. 9» appointCDent la said t o be a most «xc>elleat one and with that of Mr. Boon \ |t be appraiwr of merchaadiae. i» credited by pohticianato thedereland -wine of the New York Democracy aa contradfatingniahed from that recog- nized aa not devoted to the preaMent. three of theae legislature* wii'l eUs-t United State*senator*--Iowa, a siuce**- sor toJamea F. Wilson- Kentucky, a sneceesor to WHliam tindaay. and Vtr ginia. a suct**si<>r to Kppa Hunton, ap- p>intedtonll oat the unexpired term left vacant by the death of Senator liar-K hour. PPBUSW the pension Ifats'wWt a state utentof the oaUtre of the dfeabiltty in each case. The taxpayera aw -entitled to know who gets tola pension money. and what It is paid for WHAT WKOHWH T© U isthLs: ifyon are tronoied wk h Pile*, (no matter what kted) go to the l>rug gists named below and get a package of Hill B PQe Pomade, No danger of being _ _ , _ , ^ , hnmbhgged. BeUef in 15 minute*, and \The PewalonBureaa is not droppin* » potdUve ewe . A bo&ihde guarantee amy names from the roiU simply be- «auae the proof la deemed hawnkfeatv\ paid Ct^MiniaaViiier Lochrea recently. \A man to alwaya given a chance to fleafl hto eaoae. If in the opinion of th e board tf revision a penaton. In any mstance, baa been im; roperiy granted, <he roan is notified and given aixty days tn wbteh to file additional proof of the justice of his claim. This will explain why there has been apparently so small a number of pensioner* dropped. While te e board of revtoon has been in existence five or six weeks. It began active and constant work oclya tttl f more than a week u^o In all of fcbeae cases sixty days must elapse before alaat action is taken. It win be aosae- where In the neighborhood of 8eptaan- ber before the removal* are snfadentJy asmerous to deserve special atteatlon. By that time, however. It is expected that the work of deanatng the hata of •aacaJ panataaer* will be l a fall swing. tie tntsottkm of- the dwpartnMSt to to aaeteoat exact Jaatlea to the aaatter It gnesapoa the prtectple that if asaa a Is ratftlrt u a pecaaoa ae eeajhttosawe It and If he Is not ao >on thwaaua. with each package, package «.'> For at aad Allen Drag Co., «y mail %\.w, six febyO O Bent ley Cbateaagay Wm.Ciolilsmiili. A.irriii. TEETE TEETH. A1.01MIKXK Used by 5)r for tit-' l'a ; ri:.-... of Teoth. M.tl >«<•. > *:xtracttt>n ,iA;>/,-r;r n VOOSEY f i' >itAt:n v /< PMVsf'-fAV IS!> «fKUK«f\ nfTIi T. tv ri.i',^ !...!T;.rrf ! -r --..(>fc-l t>r u A Ti*t>lf> Jac*' «-•!••. •• . t !vj»'l «ttr4 IttStftt raJJ.« rati * IKM\' AS. n*>m* --t*«r J»ortb*r»«Jnm !S.JB*B VAX Yf:vltTES4 rAkPKSTER. vHX*wiAH* ASi» Hi'MiCttita <>rrn-K i s i'a»iw«l'« BSi-Kf*. Kant Main Mrmrt. itwImMi Spring Novelties Latest Styles aid Ciltrs IS 1*AIHRK <a.V. S \ *. S. r«rKST*a. Eartracting Three T»vth. Upper and iU'Wer .s-il . . . ; t Upper Set Flllings at r»\a>«>ii price*, All \\'*>rk WtirraaJtti Firtt Cktm, « t * HOttlXiS H XAIX I\ (Ki 7. .vrnvHsrv *5p <f«x'WKU»» ATtuw. i«r tifftfunt t»a»-'»i'* «t«», •nMSMt'pta* (4Bre Kiut M*in «tmt, ****«•. > V M llsauwa (t»i SatottUl * ¥ N TATK, Sear Depot, i> ,u. a,. BURKE. N Steamer Transit! j ArcrtosBXR. THK !*SPIHB»ta3t«t>, HJkVJW© ItAO AftHT , mrra yarnm\ expnttitmim aa mtt tin-tlwwf. at \ ten him mntcm u> sankw aanadimi a»«aNE ; male*. ftnvrtU oeil <r)t*«|nr taaai ur<HtM tacUotwer in rnwUUln cflnotr. and gaaraa- t*va s-cikr* tt>m WrB*> for t*m» tn K. a i Kk.»»H»v, Harfce. NY. . Ifcl »rnl U now rw»dy for ibonmcMy rop*!]-**) tor tawMtpera Will tw«ln : r*vai*r «rt|» aboat June t.wh. &«Ttng th* ¥**«* nt a a. m. t * a^Mval «f <aa*tt*. wwchinj all ^l^w^»1S«i^A^S^^:: *!..«!. R. R- PT-sreCIAL TBJHI JftlX BB *t.Tt 0» ffc'S- t»aTs_ja WKtrspfctftUiernnre »r RMI- - •»! r««#* Kt*m to exranarai FOR SAUK. twr' ikirrbfs. fine** BIKI IM known a* the lumm }f*<Un [vta«-» on rot n»r nt CTSHrrh .VJHJ pent* Mm>«« in iiti« vii.Uuv. iwo( Uw murt 4niTAhtr pyuv* Ml _.._. I on «w*y terttm Aeotr at once to o tB. , » w;«wwO:*. ~ Jackets, Capes, k. For the Hprtng am! sansar Hea •un of IfejH, Aa elegant Use o f DRESS GOODS ! Dreea ilattam* only ta- HetgwA tJwiajia aad other ftprtng and Hummsr Fanrtea, with a complete aa * ttmeflt of Obnpaaad RstMf Stika to match AttfattUre atytoa of cheaper good* tn SataeiK. r^ae«Ma, Outing CJotae. ate. miR WALL PAPKM DKPARTJri to faB of he w Spring Styles, for t if t V las a good it»» of uw \it.** •OmJUnaeM* **,%(*, WK ~ toncetotj «•» Haw%tn». Oka*' pww. i WKRttn.u Prep $ CASH $ PAID rem M& MAW BOTTLES. Ac BUBBKItS. A rtrta.il Batt S « or nonets \*o»»so BOOKS aixowna AsttHtuairAt. Iw^SijIlKSTS Doat Ytfn kaowr That to have perfect health you must have pure Mood, aad the bast way to have pare blood to to take Hood* .Saraa- parilla, the beat blood partner and strength bidder It expels all taint of scrofula, salt rheum and all other hum or*, and a t th e JaanetWie I^OB up the system and give* nerve strength. Boon's Puxa may be had b y mad 2S e. of C . I. Rood * Co.. Lowell, Haas —T«^Oa*AT«sT Tint i s TM« Woaut is fodad on. the Cl*v*iand Hryele. The Ure to HOT cnocvrXD cw^ but to so sen •itoty ittarhed t o the rim of the wheel that it «an be almost instantly removed when deflated, expcMing the ah- tutte for neceaaary repairs. See (tdvertiaesseBt on another pane. Oj5rrojir L. Axsa, Agen t —Big reducSoh ta prices of millinery goods at Mrs. UooJdmg > this aawith. -VaaWsrTs Goagh Batoaai for sale at the rtorttsrn Bra e Hoosa. -Cal at WtCaasJB aV C4k#1araaa ta MatoraaTOanaxwOM MRS. M. COOK, Snsmtmlr,: w. Mats m., cnateaagay. n. V. 8Ulfiiil.ES. tfif/.W/JSS FOR HALE. <\»dar and Sprue*. ritea|> at out nilD o * It iowusr . aaa. ivattkaa t«. ». Y FOR SALE. on ttmntnt at m? having to tatlM Um cmalag tana. I therefor* offer ntr time farm* for • *atte or to wit- For fartlwr pmttkmOmrmmmriim 1 t.r ItKinlrt of _ X.MUUX. Chaleaogmr, X Y. FOR HAJJS. nrWeare fiewtsMid \ Or Sow to the time for Bargain* diva a* a call and see for yoarsetf. LANCTO BEOS. Patrons of MBstry -AT- NOTICE. • | ?»o»lre!» herehy flren tltat Ml j»nx>n» at* , ftirlthMea t» pawtriric anj hmt* i>r cattle aitan . Ute acadrmr green, mm that at! »acft aamtalx : herearter frrantj opott axfl rrmrttrtii wM l » j w» t.ftvr tnt %%¥• aB th* eqiwr* tttther tlutt J- >tr vr*w barn; JSSitKW feet, at n«»n« was I altle pri< AI». a weotwt hand my ptmm. KcaewuiT fin*. cnaraboiKo. X. Y. tfrtTMHoth*prmtKi. where!** owsen wm be ; eaaawa to nitlc-. I it *. U 8T1EVMM JOB PRIOTING. j THE RECORD OFtftQE -i, j-^-f Is follyeqaipped fordoing AH CtacMBe« of Work. ITOw Prkaa are IJow. jp J Sealed Bids. J HeaM Mcto »»l tie received by Ute trust*** of frtmUw tedoe. X\ 517. t. * A. H.. for mr»htb- ' tngnt a kxlg* ma forUteiarwactmjraar* i Tb» dtBtenaMm an toiUmt: Lodge roost, ss*«t, ! haoaaet room M x M, nraepttoo motn I* x •>. ! *KcS«m <» x *• tmm ettirance; (IMtni 4oon b»- i men reception and tmtmnet rormu B. C. BOXT, • C t.. BRTTUtY l*W* WOR SALE, of «•*» aaam ,. To a» aa* TBOBA* blULt • |^| Af. Jt !,,_//%. TCACII ilnJiisTVvr m mmm M FpRKS, PULLEYS. ROPE, HOOKS. err. wuwn m mi Jfprnt (flam Voir* Stat Plump*. rwwantof mtr asatafiwai HILLIKEE BROS. 0~Thto store sella goods strictly at lti per oast advance from coat tn all persons wh o are members o f the lad os try. Where may b e found a fall and complete line of Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes &a TUsJta.ii Eeaiprlm ft? Fuitnaii Ltkvai

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