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* > *' % •;* i % *+&?* „*£>» -Ck J4^;*|^i• fy> <*%. 5 - \\ t * r>,W - • ^ „ /» M * .4 I, m J *W*< />»im»;^*t*M J Jku^fJL JL %*x ^*^ jyL Js^^sffc;' U^«M)H>«^{4 # •\' AND ^FRANKLIN COUNTY O^pocK^ST •:g^.'..wxxaBi3 i Jteatatsr art/frr a ,< 'afa.aitt,,,,!.!! 1 jajjiAaLx. ''tr- CHATBAUGAY, tttttiXMB CO£3OT,:iCY«* J^^A^WI^rtt^^r TO7W lUBWARD! •4 «, »0gf| ft V- » fl. M»Mll|tO«npL xontrK. >'r4MW a«*«*y <tf**« ifa»l *a IIIWM in •••\•'-••'- - _hc**»»«Kra»n*» asm! r,tr«*W** lo pwtsrr HOME MATTERS, » ,^.^ rr i f , j p rKMOHAt rAKAoaArn*. Ir and Men Frank J, -Qarr- 4* *m# n«.i»u4TbOT«ar rfemsar UMMU|* OWO k^Ntar. { Itttorssi, j Mi** Jun* Jordan k hotoef rout Wiline- &avtfiMej»*sw- makes i«w>,-lrtv»^\*»« :• r- • , ~ _\ T. F, Msooney 'returned' from Lead- vine. Col. bb Saturday. /_ J*ni« laeOiH. of VaflevlWd, visited friendsmOietaaugaylsetw*** Miss Minnie Aivord in liom from Lab N, H.. to THTA\V\ to the Ink* ! HcMntrJeft Day esin-riaw win' l» held itltoME rhuirh fftthflSy>T«ilng —W» unOorv-Uwt that a Patron* of Industry |ikaU will be held a* the High 1 ^elis Aut'iHti IMIi It ts-afsgn^ of handsome 'propor- tions that ornat»«ot« the front of Seri- %>r * Roberts' feed store, •The ]-Mli<-h Aid }*nck'ty of lb* Pre* ***** I'tUtim, JKW4L HUft&ti. tit', . . , *vr*t» rut rut M A Jerougb, of 81 Regis Falls, w«* among UwrViday viflUarstatSutoeaga}. Geo,\ W. Ifc-nwiii rituraod on Saturday , from Beatrice, K«ir„ to friend Iris vaea- ^ Jayterlaa church will iwrv* foe fnaw at ; ^^ the chapel nest Saturday evrulng, Jul*'] _, „ ,„ ...... '' „, Uy^ * Mh« Nt-Hit-Mrtiil*. of Okuun, k*v«H 'for plsmburfrh r*x^w«*to speed UM- —Tbe farts from CimU^mgmy t« Mi \ * U mm*r tcwp^c|^RgaosE^fry JiK*\ ^^^^^^^H J/yc* f*'«• I'oJIiv Sk«|*] Alt»n* and return u $2o^ fur tltafeeAe- ^•^ , -, i%»/*., - ', ; : •»\- ^W' ' Hw wrO« «f mt d*#CH >*««« * WJ ** wrpf f«r cJrrft&if*. •»»-, t4rta« » «««»« U» (li«ai*a*«»iiw)Mtt« t ^^* k *? \f*; 2 f t »****»*, to«s. and Inly l» and SB f *>•*» J** ff . «* f EUeubflrgii Genu*. *e» !to*ofrn IMHtagr.-' —TM Ladtea* Aid of tbe BulvUfol „ r , ^,4* -j t4 „ , rh«^h *ili Md «» J,. ^» ioiial «L ]* n J ^*™y •«* «WMrMw Itaaij ^ W-id*^ uf <1«rti»t*iiWfc«ltt^ i<» tli^ worl«'sTairv^ :4c j^ i ^ h ^^ tatitoif «««%« on m tM; whlei, to t»«*^f. iB f h ** ff*^ 1 vaea * to « taw iafowti, »»d»4d«wBdh unn-h to f**a^»t«««*«wy** «{iDMiwkc« tit hb prupwty Mittcfi^. Htew,'' ; J #I*^I, ai*^i?OAt J te&E, SBfc VOUKO. PAOFBUCTOR. —^J-im'-.'.'.'I.-.L\ 1 I «*' WW AT TBE R£HUK<rH ; IIILLIKKR BKW. — >fHlb-\ ' •••;, - W» Jn I ^i^^ftJa^&^kW-«|anip4 *»«• 'twimM, \ ; or £OCAJP rstTSmawr. FardMrsateboqrkoflbay saiaoalclDg; jpnp*r*«oiM for haytaf. MfflnrfioteaK* w*ur—d ftont W«r- e«atcr, Maa*., teat week. - H. W. BtdHfJrtoo, who weatl^IaeaaV Tflte, Oalo., last wlaier toeemweaewl ' MM. R Selleek li *way OB a' Uff^Iki waak. :. tee trf oojr enterprldbaff youoc SOCB fa deacHMiir toe vclddnyof rate of oar U«r wind «ton»1»» Mead eaifl; \|t \ ao hand ttoat it turned pa's F k«ctl» iuakiaout, and tae«nl] itnadewa&UuU.tbol«a i we>p W vw «•* ** t^lna^^U»keta^Jivi?*»-»«tr * f us a A. Stowgbton, who UUi^*fce Wlfn^i •\• *' ffitnwea btwtodw, is dofaff» nalip«l&« iaeas&iBsanuateaad is neaHof *SM fooimoaim. r 1 l'y Tfceyooflg peOjple of Jliiaycraetw ' wttha feW from ^rlitet, Mdft FACT TKAlIiH, Sll'ERB SERVICE. -T&» Woek aaUMMot* tbk wewh con tod of twomdoaxfcMjf Iwttiwandtwo a**aid«d to;d|i^J^^Dd^T<)rooDT«o- i tJon at- Monfmil b*t week ' Mate of «HJT«« Hlnua Rajh ha* i MTilard W, Faimar left 00 Tueaday km far «0Upt>Ml about TOO calr** a»d f for fwmatt, Ariaooa, to mppmr m a wiU ounttaoe to «blp about IW wwekly. I wiuxm tn a Wgainy oaae -nrotOt» A itoocrta b»w Jaataddad * j IJ a Day, of Paul Smith*, vu In bandttMnc two««t«d canopy top carri-1 town thfai woflk rmU«d b«r« by tbtUIttfw M.ilorn** U* Chmt^n ami Return, *•* t o '***' * ta »* , y \^ «««lpp»d Uv«r) ot w» ooUiar. woo ja now itapiwriB* . _ -. — —. . ^ Minn, JotmCOordon,of lf«D' *».t». \ T»tts»«afe (*Se»*(*(! ^«p#- I*\ «^*»^-*4?*^ -|U~ rau» * *e*r» *'**» t^*r tfc>k»4».. tmf-«sweH •IBtfv ••» »!»»•* <».: Wd ' 'if.,, li Ju*iu>. aa4«i«04iwbeu«r f*«pafad. tbaa mw to attend to all ordanrln-lamt ilaa. —A grand ball win be g/lveti at toe Chum Houaa ihla (Friday*) ttraoing <•*««« »>• J«. % w*W*M», | If oak wOl I* rurntebed by' WtttereQ'a ^Bfcft H*tlrl»ff, JT. •,,afc ; ^^bja^am, ^«/f*ia« of a gwd Um*. as «o Qscr ptaoa fora IKwi 1 an lw» tmagtuad tban at that rbarm tw waort. A toatefeed raoe for a porae wttt be trottMl at 8Bfwr*» driving park totnor- rowaft«rMM» between WOuaai OoM- b'a <3otddatr and Kalph Je»kitis oali. Tbe rat* prvottae* t» bp *& cutt- ing oa». and will undoubtedly draw a tatgr 'Crowd. mk HALE rem HAU£ Wt>o«Kr Iter MA* all Urn mfmt******* -Stum mbx-raant* have lalely dea •*mmrmt pnm tmjnt, \***»**** mjemm } troyed a ntuaber of abada traaa la E»er *M» prv»» Alwti a mremA StaMart Ktyti 1 lie wiiiLi v. t%oraliM*c<u. i aa •\•a4v**V\*iV*a\ IAIHD «ta-«r^rrt«n«it««i nj*«« «»tfl.T tolt * ^W* 3 •»*.•*'. 3f/or\Ani-: -tbeHtiuttogdaiKP. %) JBataprig^ Z?T!L«?*I1XJ!.r^i^fJr^™|«««q?«*%«^*,*t ft* C^.!5i«and aB4K«w* t b»to an»ulMi»ted and wiU Bm ^ mmt)U ^^^^ 1^^ on a»:beraa«war be known an tbe Nawa and SULawreucw. E^terpria% *4tb E. R Smith * Son aa Among tbe arrkmUfat^Banlw- MbJaw j|M * ,tabera - are Mr* pi 0; Oark, t*o dangntere,' -Jane w» a very faTorabie month New York, Mr* Bnrminghaai and aoa, . for tb» nortbarnpaHof K«w Yorfcatata. Montreal; Mr*. Fitagibbons and family,, Graaa wtB be a more than avterage c#wp Montreal; Meam. t*irtey» Montreal and excellent ID qnaHty if the weather A party ooiMfating.af Mr mkHtfd. G. far «° od '«-*ef«iAw «be oriip. Grain is W. Ilarry. Mn. P. E FlUgwaM. kJ«« ta *?»f **/\* praiaiaM a good yield. given cemetery llfwer* aid Bo and atolan vatea abd BDomhower offer a reward of fit mingfard. P. Q. *p«t Snnday tn town CnegnetmofMr. aodMf* A H SraMh Ker W. U Miller, of St, Fatti, Neb, a former pastor of tbe Piasbywrlaw caarrh. to tola village, la in town <a\ a tUtt, Maw Josephine Boole and Emanuel and Hampton Boole 'ware' caned borne bvavwaakby tbeaenow lllneaa of their IfjthfT , Mr» Carrie iOmbali airf dangfatar Kv a of NOTwalk, Otmn. an* in town to spend the afflninnr. the gnesta of Mr. and Mrs. iflt* cL KvBBa. Lewtston. Msine, thla weak to spend bar racatloa with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bhaw. Miss Sadie Smith and Beatrice and in the grove of O. 8ml( last and otfebrated th> glorkalt Ify»n d^irv #ori attend t^ ricfej ^^^\?!£**** mma \< ,_ «H»«*-* K^^tt* j^^^^Priv^Park^mo^w Mjao^^^'Sa^ Monse, rbi^ed Uontaaat tab w««k. , . -^The «eKool at C*Brtbnaoocie»ea la* lw^aBb^oi«ert«ertllas»| ' #. fe itndirso^ll. W. ^ann^^^B^^^ *** ^ Ba * to Ai»W!«« 1 I^E. i lMviw,all8ll%^1^ ' ,. „ *&H$^*rew/^ -Lpss'-In tals vfllagav« ststog of %?•*:, , . jg«k|bsads; Woder wilt be rewarded by '• Me*** *.' L, fSflfts- Sanmef Qm& :\ wnito «»w»tdAnj ««kW^ ; '\ •;* .- > year than aver before, owing to the* ]j$uepect<iof a |«rge bay catop we suppose. Mrs. Grace ijfcst has JisA;«aisbedV m very sttooeasfol term of school in, that, CiunpbeU district IT. far proof that wtB oonvfet the guilty, Charles Green, of lkuokneW. Mo., are wiU be saoc«K»fiit to obtaining does thai srit) roaviettbem —Onaof the most severe storms of aetnrday. In the smtth part of the town «_p barn was strarw by nghtntng, the bolt ting a paafcage from the roof throcgh body of the barn the gronnd. the only damage being done was the Wiling of a turkey and a brood of young ones. Kft*t?Wi tsrtwasws jwssf .nwmrwj lb* •**«»*£, Iprawwe t»l mlwri nh» rtwakftn Oosirtjr t>$.' ™rr'*m*-ctti*.iKrrmt*timrt of my f«» • mmt mm Oaflr, Tnir»**iaj»«»»4tsrr «KTMJI! i«ml t'j «w U*t*r HTt Or, ' tit**, »oa< ffclttS*. nMRlf^Vl |«l tJw tlTP^Wftl l» i L ,—Peopb} along Main *t«*rtlmw sneer- ed eooogb from tbe dost during the past two week* that we think; they would be wflttng to subscribe something toward a Street rprinkkir If Uwy had a chsnee A good sprlnklpr weotd not cost mneh and the earn of having tbe streets Crinkled ngthe very dusty weather would j sobools. Agttesr'nuis.KatteFitsgeraldaodJosle! —4ne state ttsard of hdatth have ilJ HpaJIrasji, and Jaxaea Hlghiaa* aadjvhleiM Eugene H Prarware rosttcating M Up- - pointed m inspector for each district,' perChatesugay Lake. wtuss dnttes\ will condsC of visiting Bowses, si the Ik«i»« HoW*us;l*^^ far Uus season has far esoseied the *a- 'JP\* * Bd t<^BgajaebL«tens «• wiU im » oCtts« jwjprietor. tbe nambsri V»^1^¥¥^^pm^^^tl»m^ beinglarg«ly In eaosat of that] kH 7' ^ie Inspector iSsr Ous diautct ia of last ymr Tnk speaks w*B forttaf^^^^^* - \^ of Thewea, and he nawrtaad the treanoent aeeorded the wffl*»»e«tara» «* canton, Warroa, gneats by landlont Wrby. Fvtom, Franklin, Onatda, Essex, Sara - The aajpi Tluusu to d<>b^a good has- iness. QipkiMaaiylasta large auaber nnmber af ipim ware at thts charm- Mtfresoab among the tmmber being tbe HnntJnglloa lacrosse team. Manager Fkdds ia giving excellent satisfaction, as he know* how to attend to the wants of \ Tbajrem Cornets* The 4th of 'Jujly was a very quiet daw here at the Corners. We wQJ make fe warm next year. Jamas Gage, of Manchester, & H.„ made » short visit at home last -tssek. Alfred Chamber^ returned tola*' from Msnchoster. N H.,' afewdaysago. Tbe click of the mowing macMnecs^s iKmbeliearduaQolrecBoitt. Mrs. Hattte Johnston, who has been visftiagher father. Mr R Oage.fora. few weeks. iMtraatt toner bainwha spending the sanuner months with their ttncle and aaat, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Smith. Mr and John Damn and Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Bennett returned on Saturday from from Chicago where they have attending tit* World's Fair. Mr. and Mrs. Bennett vkiwA relMlresfn Wtamn sin and other western staers. They all A partrconsistisgof Mrs. E. F. Bote ford. Mm and Miss Bromley, tbe Misses Barker, Misses Woodruff, and Means. Charles Barnard, W. Henry Roy Guib J. P. Thayer and Mrs. HL A. nnd son of Brie, Pa.', arrivedm<s»srh1 week and arogtiayai of \Mr* F. Mamm. It seems natimai so see Jason asanwft Nam HaMloos4«welLbatSBg« hoMnotwiry.well ' Owsmnmer tavm of sclmol wft sisaw tiiiswoekFridajr. MsftiG^aosWttmorthi aashspt a goodachool and given. «B!- andpanotJcAfpHnooontiea. —Fish stories bsin««Uttm \shy\ this week we give th«foflowing: A tale of the sea la that told by«w oflonrs and crew <rf the yacfat Queen Mao, which reached New Yott Sunday from Bag mod. The story fetnaiou Jane 1» the yadite«»onb3e4 a hurricane and was capsized. All but one of the men on board dung to herJwttDm, and to a few nunutcs a second big wave came along aan tamed the vessel right side up. The .Mr, BptsB Johnston. ofBrndctonJCrsa. . spending nia annnal vaontsm t fnr a wsak or two. • • • ' • . Mrs. Helen Unslwn. of Nottii Onmda eodaty, N Y.. who bai vUttng her narants, Mr. and Mm. ft. Stuart, for a few wee 2* J< t!^ ar ^; fS!!^** mr •? \\^ ottol * 4 °° l«ard,aodiii*n»geato Harry Bakerof Plattsburgh, are at the Menu Juasnd, Caataaugay Lake, for a two weeks* vacation. pat In at the Bermuda islands. Of course the related experience of the Queen Mab ia not an impassibility, but it is unusual enoogb to excite doubts as to the complete veracity of the tellers of report s pleasant trip and say that the : meat upon a practice existing insll looal fair ia Immense.' ,ities: \It has got to be of latetheprae tkw here with certain of our people A Custom to be Laid Aside. An exchange makesthe following com \ the tale. A son of Sherman Jeamer, of Brush —The time tables and other tnforma tionforttiepUgrtmagt'tost AnrwVwflt be bwuf^t next week. —There.arf spvaateeathonsiind sebooM whonever sicknes* or death occurs in the familT to Mend to tbe newspapers for pnbHe&gon, anoteof thanks for friendly nssistaiK^rendered tbsin. iusomecaaes *« ,h» w.*- rrf w«* v«.t w^^n^ta- i ^T* 1 ^ • w ^ BWBtl0B « d ^ |M ^ working tte mowing machine exited for tn tto* M*U» of K«w >ork. <n6roprMng wbBe in others they are referred to gen^ . __,Z|: -n , ,„jTi._ UL_I fi?n .BI^JLI tbecomm** school- and Use Normal era% , tKm have fr^o^tJ; stated ^j 1 *^ 1 ^ Tbe niadaiie had Just clipped *\ h \\ u we regard such notices as entirely un bnmttchcor»|MmltoUiesunoyano»| _ti» giuupeis cannsc»Bd with Hun^jcaJledfo^ai»d hardly in good taste and caused by thsoonttnunl cloud of dost. ^ iAnm%tm ^^^^ ln Kamh i a 0 i do not life t» pttoash thbtn,but stDlpeb- 1 —James Kavanaugh. who has \been last wedr relieved a number of cfttsens' P^ contatoe to send them and we pub- there many times before,\ was arrested of that town of their spare cbange toy J ** ttsm,rather^hwoiffiM|id fhettv We on Friday last for an asaatdt upon A boy I old shell game, some pe them coatribut-1 n*! 1 *. howotw,thatthex*Wdisoontiau« employed la Smith * Hvery stable and hag »10.113 and m high as JftOi. .' '$* P«1*ttcs Ko rssJ friend sxpects or \St'brought before Pottos Jasrise Bosh, who] _.. , _ „^,.._ » *_, ._ , ^ —,-LLi M™ t„ .h—«««*!-»-.«*«» ~T\* h * S 003 ,itB * to «wal>^ P«*l« •Mitonosd Mm to O.™* moDinslmprUon ^ ^ ^^ ^^^ ^ ^^ ^^ CW^t.kmOBS, Agent, I\.IWIWM mnm^-'• MALOJrg,». TT. mant In the county Jafl. Jaines was al- lowed the privilege of going to hi* home for dinner, but he bittnytd Ids trust, and \lew the coop.* . Wlieii last beard of he was enjoying the freedom of tbeQneens ^dooasin. and we shall see hihtnomortr- for a time at least ^tEdwaMT. eXohsa, of Port Henry, designated for appointment as special agent of the tmssory depart tosneosed O. P, Ames. Before ring hia appointment Mr. Stokes have to go to Washington and pass examination propared espectatly for for sppointment M special Thai ha wlB do about August L StasMwapracticiagtawyaratPort amember of the Arm of Fooas «t For aeveral yean he heal a in the comptrofisVa offloe at bM resigned' It two or three ago and was succeeded by Thos. Omtwvfl. ofCWtanagay. He lam and sdxslaasd. and a pleasaaot The taking of the by htm wfD hs only a for as as la sue to pass, and so a street fronts and back yards so that the seeds mag not ripen and scatter about the premises, and la this connection we are toM that a tew s^iopaaf ^sroseno oil placed upon the stems uf Mtrtlocks. dan- deUona and sucitgiirslii where therbare been cut near toe ground wil oomsasw- ly eradicate these pasta. —Among the lagalaotosia, this week's Farmer we and the following: 'in the estss of Ehsabetfa •Santa against Henry Babm, of BsQmont, N. Y.. broogntfora asparaUon for crnel tnatmant, Judge D*ama, referee m tte case, has Bled hia reponattddfereenid judgnwcit to favor of the pfaltfBiff and again it the defend- ant. KeUas'«' Mttuul for plalntifT, Burke ft Session, attorneys for defend- ant.' -Qimrtsrjy meeting of the Methodist ehnrch have been appotntad for the sev- eral charges tn FrankHn county as fol- lows; Tusper Lake, Aag. it; Mates, Aug. 10 and *>• Bangor, Aag. M; Ma- lona, Sept sand 8. Dnans, Bept t; Si BagJs Falla, Sept 1«: Bombay, Sept 10; «t Beg* Mission. Sept 10; BsBmoBt, fleptm sad «;Chsc*auga7, 6apt »t, ftsrkev Sapt. W, and Oct i; Westvffle, t Oott \ -.. pleased to haw any public thanks be- stowed for such kindness, tfttisdesh-- awe to express one's obUgssion to them, tot It be done privately./* The newspaper moot wtnded to be a medium of com munkttfion between friends. Tbepoev omee answers that purpose oetier. If you desire to thank the public for any public lastlinoniat the nowspaper Is A good way to do so. but your sense uf Llbrarr Stottoe. , The undersigned wHl be at the school boiMmg ia,DlaV<Ma 1, every Zhnrsday BromStoSp. m, fortheparposeof r»- cefrmg and giving out library books un- tfl AugugtM. i«tt. Jons HroHsn, Clerk. Crsvesstmod Ijetters. - Joseph pesnfiiiiwpi James ML Bandan JansmP. Dickson, Geo. Williamson, J. •aton LaPort. James Hyan, A A. Jon ML A, Convent des L'Urnnne, C. L. ~ Bmrarr. P. M. -Baftar, eoeoftheconvVJbl who es- caped from Dannensoraprlson hat Wad captured near \' Mr Has- \i last week. Mr. A W Holbrook, of H. a, advrx Tuesday of this week. brookwmaddegatefromi tor society of C iLtoMw nattanali ventfam that wwthekt at woek. He reports a most 1 erittg from all over and But a great work is being done. ton, aged 10 or U years, met with anac cident near this viUsge on Saturday last, the particubu« of Which can not be re- cked without a shudder. He was in the bay neJd on the farm of Conger Brc*. when tbe driver of tbe team that was a bnah. and young Jesmer sprang for ward Willi one of its brancbes. Over taking the machine be heedlessly stepped one foot over the cutter bar in Ids at- tempt to hand the stick, to the driver, when his leg was instantly severed at the ankle. Of oonrse the boy's weight car- ried the btoeaJngstomp to the gronnd, and again the knives cut it off. and then, «third daasrthe cruel amputation oc curred. StTrgijal aM **< quickly sum mooed, and the wound skfllfiU^ dressed. . Beoovery of the ladisaxpected. \ —Alarm 69 ^was ruxigThnrsday neon andttie upper part cf'the barb of Fran- cis Bobldeao. on Howard Ave, was found to be on fire. Tiw names wars auickly obligation t» personal frlei^or e*so|«tiagntabriV_ Tbeilre is said tobave mad apt through the public press, n •l»- for arson, so that, if tint found to be cxasy, he might Iwpuniahed. He was found hid in tite atMc by the oiBcer. When srraigned before Justfoe Badger Martin. IdaHalburtslCttaM ^** m **!******'*+^**?***£ Is •out\ and a said ha wanted to conk that he of Urn insane. Having bean held for the grnrtJoryuordvftOMTengnlM^ **IMiitUjra, wawmtedsotfaat be can 4 * takxmto -Btgredu PotoHAJry. The Wettktr and taw Crona*. The week has been charjecaBriatic gen- erally by wara days, cool nights, ajvsav agesunslxineandfrsquMsAshoweiB. TJk* rains were unequally nMUIbussA. sext were generally suiBcieot. and aV growf ing crops have made a good Tbe weather has generally been* what unfavorable for haying, which has made slow progress. The high winds and heavy rains which accompanied thai severe storm of the 8th, did oone»terable> damage in parts of central eonatMS. Much hay was caught; oatB, com gam potatoes were beaten flat and fruit knocked off. but settled weather will probably recover much of the dsmagrt IuHantUtonooonl^bopesndconiwerB psrticalariy damaged by hail All grain is coming on niosty wlthfass exceptions. In some parts of DUCIMBB and Clinton counties oats are reporset light, but in general It 1B very well beaded snd good straw Bye harmitxeg; has begun in the more adTanced coun- Corn hi still late in some sectloos.es- Iiecially on the hicher lands of andcentnl coanties where the have been partlenlary 000L tern the growth is now vigoroan and prnspeots flna A lai^ acreage onsntsv wheatwas sown. Reports oft somewiiatcmnlcting. The crop W| m very fw bean sat by Banry Boblasae, aba son of r^KnctoBobUtean, wholu^ tanvtyph^ ^-^ ^^ mm ± _* ___ fever .-gexNmaTyissrgtw\• ssafl ; !s*i«sli*™_tt> »y»fy_ and of W sUgbtiy out '-of las mind stace., l Thttrs- dsyforeBoonbe tosald tobavs threat eaed to klD lUmselfa^ caned for pois- on. Be : was. ptaQed : opt, qf the ban barn himself an, Qnosortwios he at ftoaHty. M; gtspesan setting weO. The state -crop boAstm for the weak aded July 8 shows that the wueiher wwgemcnuy goodfor gnwtei oropa, bat ojifavoraWe for nsyinaj.' .Ssnf. fruim and berries are fine, and grape* are setting w«U. Apples wfll be Hght meumytoosnties. Ilst«mftomFr*ns> Ha oountr are: 1 Olm for aU crops. Corn sntsodM growth. ABtOe bay out csop In north section reported about av^saja? abovtaverngemcenti^ssotioa. —l^tav Perls Qnen^Ucts. par poomf. MgredweMon to pricss of fooa* at Mts. OoaMtn^ttasntonth, ••»''\•; ~tez- s

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