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Lansingburgh state gazette. (Lansingburgh, N.Y.) 1880-1883, May 12, 1883, Image 1

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l!<i A.LL ITS DBANCKES Executed with .Neatness and Dispatch AT TmB OPFICE. R. HARRISON. CHEMIST .AND DRUGGIST !o'tatt\ ~r .. two doors brlow Orove Ht •• WM. O'CONNOR, DEALER IN ALL ltllCDB 0!' MBATS, POULTRY -AND- VEGETABLES -A.T- J'l·o. 626 State Street, t •• ~N$1N CB URCII 8EORGE H. LEMPE, \.At length there came a y~r one summer-time to in that quiet country plnce, and IJ~f,lre Mi-s Patience qmte caml' to realize the danger the h< art of hPr •istPI-chil<l was won fr·m~ her, and the C3Uple were marr1et1. \To maim a long story short, this young lawyer was Halstea I Scot. S1x months he spent hap- piJ$.-Wlth hiS young WlfP, thPn hP went away, ami, although he wrote her occaswnally, he forbade her ahvay•I to JOin hu~t. and so the fa.~r. fra I cr~.~- The laborer and peasant oll Switzet-~ land have in many respeClts, 11 rath.er hard t1me of ib. Sinee the ,influx: of m fore1gn tounsts !tail assumed suoll miilliiL6I large proportions durillg the but 1 tum we would all get in the twenty years, the cos~ of living cemetery soon enough if we took it en\g~• mnae greatly moJ;aased, while ilLe wages 1>f cool, and as fo~: me I wnsn't in the laborers remain st~tl<Qnacy, and no s1veat. Then one of the drivers t!Ja few 'neres of gr<Oll!ld of the that wns driving the mourners peasants refuse . to. }'iohd a larger he C<l!lJB up and said be had to gat harvest. Rents m c1tus and iowna, back m time tJ run a wedtling down the eJst of wine, meafu!, flo!? and to the 1 o'dock train, and for me to the j)ropn~ion of four or five o( eoffee bread, whicli during the }llll!t t'~nty- pull out a little. I have se~ enough 1 to ()Jl~ of thn lmitatinn. Nobody e~- risen. ~t lea~t of disobeying orders, and 1 told him a n1~ines rach bPan. Yon hear prrsnu~ funeral in the hand w,IS worth two cornpla;ning of bad coffee all the time weddings in the bush, and a.-> far as 1 'I'm sure I can't telll1ow it is,' says the wa~ concerned, the funeral was going h >u•ekPeper.: 'I ~ny the t'Offre in the to be conducted in a decorus manner h~an all(l gnnd 1t myself. I am sure if we didn't get baclt till the next <lay: it is n<>t adulterated.' Well, the minister said in his r<g tJ, 1 r \You SPe, the grocer can mix Sunday-school way • My litt:e man chic<>ry 'vith gi•mnd coffee, bnt when let me talce hold of 'the lines • and li\\~ en flee Js bought in the b•an something's a !.>lame fool I gave the~ to him. got t<J he don'· !'ome brilliant mind He slapped the old horse un the crup- got over thEl dii:Jkul~y by making coffeo per with the lines and then jerkrd up, beans to order. '-Jie1n Yo1·T;, 8•m.. and the old horse stuclt up his off 'ar, and then the hearse-driver told the minister to pull hard and saw on tbe T:o Law, l>it a little and the old horse woultl 'J'he law of heredity, \If Which living 1vake up. 'rhe llearse-dl'iver used to 1 bPing• ten•l to repeat themselves in ;lrtve the olu pacer O'l the track, anti the1r desernclanii•,Js gPnPraUy accepted he knew what ne '~anted. The by s~ientists and phy•icians. !'iumfl minister took off his black ldd gloves\ assert that not \nly the physical hut and put hi; umbrella down between I tbo spiritual traits of parents are re- us and pulled his hat down over h:s produced in their chilrlren. 1n the hea.d and l.Jegan to pull and saw on t!tc lmatt~r of health and di~e.'ISe there is bit. The olJ cripple b2gan to mo1 o nr) doubt that paronta t.ransmit their along sort of sideways, like a hog physical qualities, strength and weak- going to war, and the minister pulled nOll~es. some more, and the hear\e dnver, whu One of the bP«t-lmown phys!cians was right behind, he said so you could in Boston waq called, not long since, h.ead1im ~ar to Waukesha, • Ye e-up,' to attfnd the bedside of a rich man and the-old 'horse kapt going fm,ter, who hal been suddenly taken ill. The then the minister thought the proccs- doctor felt the patient's pulse and saw sion 1vns gettmg too quick, anti that tile case was hopeless. TuTning he. • pulled har,kr, and yelletl to one of the family, who stood anx- who-a,' and that made the iutlsly waiting to hear his opinion, he old horse worse, and I looked through ~air!: the little window in the buggv top Lc- ••Y\ou should have sent for a physician hind, and the hearse was about two bng ago.\ bl0cks behind, and the driver \'las I \But we sent at once; a.s soon as he laughing, and th,e minister he got pale w~s tn.lren ill.'' anrl bid, • My little man, I guess you \Ah I y~~.\ repliel the physician, better d1i ve,' and I said, '~ o~ much, ~adly, \hut you should have sent 100 Mary A.nn; you wouldn't IPt me run years ago.\ I his funeral th~·way 1 wanted ·.o, and 'fhe physician recognized the fact you cnn boss it, if you will let that his patient, 1vho died that day, out,' but them was a street car was in reality the victim cf his an· r·· \u'\'u and aU of a sudden there was an cE>Stors' t'areless or criminal violation earthquake, an«l when I come to th•re 1 of thP Jaws of health, years before he were about six hundred people pour- 1 hi msdf .;vas born. lng water down my neck,' and the -------'-- hearse was l~itch~?d to t~e t~nce, o~ncl How It was ll:ade . .the hearse dr1ver WM aslnng 1f my leg was l;iroke, and a pollee nan was f,m· :Jihe minister with a plug hat that had been struck 1--.F:;T;~ID:x~i~~~~'lS~~~~ some people wer~ _-;::: __ i,nt _o thl' gutter, and to~take the old pacer out ~f the wJJJuc•w~ of t'1e street ear, and tnen 1 gues< I fainte I away agin. Oh, it was worse than telescop- ing a train loaded with t'attle.\ \Well I swan,'' said the g:.:ocery man as he put some eggs in a funnel- shaped brown papn· for a servant girl. \What clid the minister say when he ·come to?\ An old lady in the country ha.d a danrly from the eity tu dlno with her 0:1 a certam occttllli>Jl. For dessert there happened to be an enormou~ apple pie. \I ma'ttm1'' sa.id he,\ how-do you m nnage to hancUe sueh a pier\ \ Ea,:,y enough,'' ;vas the reply ; \ we 11111ke the crust up in a wheelbarrow, wheel it under the apple tree, and then sh11ke the fruit down 1nto 1t.\ The following is an ep1t,~p~ on a tom llstone m Chautauqua, county, N'. y,: · .. Say ! What could he say? He just yelled • wholl-.' and l>ept sll.wing with his hands, .as though he was driving. I beard that the policeman was going to p\tll him for fast driving till he found it'was,an a:cident. They told me, when they cnrdetl me home • in a llnok, that it v.;a.; a wtnder cv! ry· b.ody was not ~11\, and when 1 got l 11 Neoral1:1n worlcetl on Mrs. Smith, 'Till neath tne eo•! it lnid her; She was a wortlly Method1st, A.\d smved as n crusader. \Friends ce.1ne delighted nt the call, In pl6nW of go<>d carriages ; IJsatltts the common lot of nil, A.~d comes mo1~ oft thnn marriages,\ TO LET. A youth went out to serenncdo - Tho Indy whom ho loved lbo~t, And pru•cd benenth the m .. asion's sl:ad& W llere erst her chamber c'e::l to rest. Ire ,..a~'>lellill the rnornln;g tight (lame dancrng o'er the hi.lltof)S 1 rim. Bnt 110 fair maiden blest la:s sigat, And .all seemed uur!J. nnd drenr .to him. !>ito henrt ntllow nnd eyes abltlze, lie drew muclt nearer th!ln bofore, ~\.hen to htl\' hono: and aUhR2e 1 l..e ~1.w \To Let, np'}ll tlte Uoor. -1·oulit 1 8 ('mnpaniol'l. \ Pa, I wisC1 you woonld buy me a li\tle pony,\ •au\ Johnny. \I haven't got any mnnPy to bny a. rony, my son. ¥ ou shonl<l go tn ~rhnoU regttlarly, my wn. study hard nnrl heeome a smart m.m, an<l some of tlw'e days; when rou grow up, yo11 will !lave money mougil of your own to buy ponies witl1.'' \'rhrn I BllJ>p~se, Jl:\, you di<ln't study nmn!J Wb!ll]l ).'<JU were a little boy l1ke m~. or else you would have money DO\V to buy }lOUie; with, \·oo~ltln't you, pa 1\-~ij'tit!gs. A \fashion\ item S<I)\S: \~helozengo sha]tO is the most fasl!lonahle for pills, whiell shoul<l be CL•ate I wit\1 silver,atl.cl look vay im iting\ This appears to IJe a new d 'i>'Jrtur~ in fashion intelli• ~;once, and next 1t Will hem oCrder to des~ribe whether tho ne1v shape in pormts pJa,ters 1s •.ct1gon or ollong, :tml if they are trimm~d with gimp uraid or guipure lace, and we may lle toltl thttt tho moll f,t,lnionn.lJle tints in eastor oil are terrn·rottn anrl fawn c:olor, 11ntl thatliver-pach are cut in the form of a heart, v. ith snnllnped edges and linrtl \ith ci~l-bhi~sa.tln.-Nol-ris­ to!c~ l{eral•l.

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