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Lansingburgh state gazette. (Lansingburgh, N.Y.) 1880-1883, November 27, 1880, Image 3

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lo c a l Ilcpattm c n l. ~ O F r iC f A L pAIPEBti' KQV. 27, 1^8oi G A Z fiTTE JOTTINGS. —The Hiiilson T'lver is froisiBn oter, and pSdusGana *re crossing, :^>T|iecirciii»tion.ofithcGA*EtTBi iscori- stantlr and raDidly Increasinij:. ~ T lie supertisnrs adjoiirnedlastWednes- 'day n n iil next Mondajr at 10 a. u , —Counselor R. B Stitea spent Tiianks^ fiTina at a ianvily reunion at tlie old paven,- ta) homestead in Connecticut. —Our respected; citizen, Robert Harri­ son, the driiirgist, sre are la couvalescing from an attack of pl< — Vennor. Hie Canadian .prophet, pro- ciaims tiie greatest snow storms tiie Vast o f Deoemher, January and* Marrh, and the •eserest cOid weather in Jannafy. —A very convenient one horse sleiRh, with oneTor two seats-, adapted^ohuatni'ss or plewure, for sale cheap. Apply at G a - ■kTtlE offlos. —iOurtOwn hoard audit thisVear#I ).443 ■ IW: last year i» . 453 .U. sr.aS followi A STREET SCENE, pATUEBING A OBOWDl Theptlier Hioriiiiig fwo geuiiemeni were . the Window’ of a hoiise oil ; GECiEROUS W OR DS -W BtA 't TH E Y SAY OP US. ' ohseiAud a cali- lliat w’lis looking out P f tli Richard street, whenithey bane roll off i passinsi Instantly over dressed and* a] wagon as though ihe veg- been a cold watch or a thous­ and dollar hill, The driver stopped about -half a stjiiareoff, looked back at the cab­ bage, yawned ami drove on. “ Wiiiat an ahsurd' fuss people in the street make over triviai occurrences, \said : rket wagon over a d<>z apparently sane persons hegaH the wagon as though the veg- gcnflenien. t I coiild- get TEOy TIMES, NOV. 16*. The tansinghurgli' GAkEiiTE hoW pears under the general iieadlng o l S' G azette , but i t IS t he same old 3'”' after all, w it h editorial heading imehan The G azette is now In the eighty i year o f its age;, and freslveri livelier aiid more enleprising than ever before, BALLSTON; JODRNAi,, NOV 20 The old G azette has dropped (be name (if the MairKh aad appeared last wtJek as tiiat cabliHge inside-of thirty minutes, at haiipy to learn, not ieave I his rnohii” Hack o f p le itrisy.; ••I’ll take the bet,’- sstd the friend, puli -1 ing out his wateii. ‘*ATe‘‘A you;u; leadvf'’advl '•Yes. tb yo le A os, give tiie w iird.\ - I t is now 11 : 30 . Gof* ■icr (if tlie wager lediiis f i ieni THE S tate OAZB't'TS. ; Tii(i editi '•The (iAZETTE Was liist issued S 1798 . Thus,; f(ir over 8 S years, ami mutations rtf tiiiiei and tlie rise undf, (if hundreds rtf journals-, the o iKTTE'lms pre 8 erV,c(l its journi until the- preseiil date; I t li istood tlie. nipping ;fri!St 8 ( ■^THE VPIGE o p t h e PRESS; WAY* OP 1,0 KING AT iT, Ui it'll Heialrt ; tvonid itonor Gen. Grai leerely If f be'shaped h is living to con-* form w ith a modest iircoine as i t would If Tlie pr('p( I the Wiii( 1. E x tra exp( thia-ypar. a* follows, makes the differeiicR; -rr'^GUrley p riim ,\ the (istcnsllile Wife of m H t. Bergefan, who kept a liagnioin Troy uiiderthe-uose o f t hedetecti veoHleials. was aocidentallyshot hy'Bergeran lasl Monday night. There is much mourning among muiiieipaii. r-rJohn B. Grtngh’fl lecture last Tuesday ' eveiiitigat Music Hall,’' tended tliink that ,Mr, Gongli is at all equal to hiK former palmy day*. We trust the free res'llng rooni received a snlwtanti.al lift. —Miss Eleanor Bird Barton died; last S.mday at tlie family residence, ciirner of State * 0(1 North streets, where the fiinerai idow, thniiw op t he siisli,. luted earnesUy at the; •vereii eiibhiige with a lerriii<^ ex- |>rc 8 .si.in. Pfeseiilly iiiiiillier (iriver nolieeii HCiiiiii; Slid IWgau to stare at the vegi— le 1 -nim iheeurh-stone; then aiiea st()|ipedl then a billposter, an errand liine G azi ld m |i f e t to-day TO iresenl date; ing I anil the pe.rliily of false is said Gelt. Grani-s infeome ts ahoUt !|-1;000' a year. Would tliat it were teii;! 'times as large!.But We Venture to say that ilits countryUien as siiicerely i be' til a niodi he Were a millionaire., He is iiuire than a millionaire ip liotiors H e (?an afford, if heed- be, todflpeose with -w.lmt is necessa'y to crentn'esB 111 Bniallcr nien. If supeosei- vlceabjc friends liad h’.t interfered 10 pre­ vent, G en, GTani Wcmili now he entitled lo a lihenib salary as n reiii'ed am iy tifHcer. I'he people niili itppwiVe if the moveinciit estopi.ei! (lirto years ago is leiuiWed anil : Of advei'i fnieiiilsiiipi They ( 1(1 ii(ti de , •; radeil as a iiteuilmant to their Sliaitie, ati(l; 1 they hii;ve even a right to feel surprise th a t; , he permilied. the exhibition. Let nd is to-day rock-l) : anil lien crowned with- the emblem of the great State o f New York, willv our nioUoi Excelsior. -ite ; for over four score y earst lie 6 , Inquired a Get ricent base of li liiig at Music Hati.Troy, was largely all­ ied Wml Well received, hut we do not ‘What’s the iftitterl'\ man, approsching the immeent base ^•Doii’t i(iUch ltd L'lok out there! Stand IbackT’ sh'iuleo the gunileinan at Mie win-, ilow. At his horr'iF-strickcii tones the; (•riiwd fcii liiiek preeipitalcdly and formed • dense circle aroiiml the inniicent caliliage, A cmWd caine running up, and the exei meiit increased rapidly. •re!” franl hage,: li.im i.v Htiiug and a p p ro p il-; Stiio GAZEaTE . ‘iiiis been a historic record iif Slate and ilo- ivai events. The G az ET tb Will live and ; til 'Urish as loiig us its cd i'or and proprie­ to r lives, and U w ill imss on-to the fitiuro ; as a landmark of ye Oiden times, and a . inmiuiiicnl o f tUo-lern live jouniaUsm.Tlle GAZE’rTB is booming. Now let all its old andneW patronB extemi its rapidly i n ­ creasing (drCitlation' i f possible stillntOri.” This appeal is justified ttpoU the ground lent and li.oiil pride, as w’ell As that of nn<l we hone the pnblislier’s autieipa- i w ill be more than met. ••Look out thei the better, waving dog away, quick,” Several stones wi ItiCidlv icreamed - his cane; \TaKu that WATEBVI.IET J 0 .nnN 4 t , NOV SO; The (lid ami reli.afile paper; the LaiisiiiR- burgli G azette will hereafterbear tli* idle stones were llmiwn at a c u r that (if S t .V t E G a z e it E, With all its Old time stability. us hope GEN OAUFIEIiP A n B tti» BOtiCY. Troy Times. Some imagUiutiye people ieem; to be ereaily ex'iT i'ed iit miiid-con-rieniiiig the al i-il ude of PresldHit •elect Garfield -to ward the -two wings o f -tlie RepnbHcan parly knowt). as ' '>talw a rts’’ and ‘‘moderates. ’’ The siinp’e -truth is ithat-there is no ;f»dical point of differehco; hetwee’n Repnhiicaiis s . r r . f f ' G i i ' i i i f c i . n ' i r , , ! . ' ; ! : . found Id fchtagonisin With atiy o f theta; A aESSllItB MAW; Pliili*(U‘lphia Timet. Gen. G'lrflehl huastarlrd sensibly in de­ clining the sereaade proposed ftir him iii W sahington Evidently be (loesn’t care, :to have tbe'i)81ce-s«ekcrH hunting bint with ;brass bauds, CENTRE MARKET ^Coi^isnd see me nicest market-in tbe State i l i i & & SAEf MEATS,: Game, Smoked Hanis, Shouders, Bacon, Poultry, PePreeSt sausage, all of wtiliili is constantly kept on hand. GENTRtitEffl. 2 MKi 0 ttBlKl ’Ohm .ene dreiBed to order every day - S KNOWS BX'fTBB. devoted commUtiicant of T rin ity chttreb and ail untiring laborer in ibe Sunday school vineyard. —The Oipah* Bee contains more far westerii'neWS than any othor paper on oiir exchange list. The effort o f the pnhlishers to-draw immigration to that fertile regloii, iscoinmenilabie. The Bee is iniiiled free tuauy uue aemling his address to tlie \D a ilv Bee,” Oiualia, N always happy, a* the G aebttb is the old- was snitfiiig aroiiiid the cahlvigc, \Tako carel” said a car dri ver to a po- liceiiiaii, will) was slionidcring Ihs way lliroiigli, the mass. \ I t ’s an infernal tiling with tlie siiiallpox.” M.canwhile the sidewalk was blocked, the street ;lH;canic ■ imp'issahlc, women screamed and ruahed iiito Sta'estreet {. and Storekeeper iinderneath liegan toTllj ig pole wijh Which ti.pm ii adleehfectant on thefieiidisli thing. The crowii by tiiis time was p ;intcstricken. eat |>a|H!r in the Empire State, lieing I i hurried tap at the door, and eeiilile fellow, w illi a years «hl, to have on our exeln Omaha Bee, the -leading jouri brsska. We iriist the Bee w ill ing the great 5 tai% of Kai irnal o f Ne- contsiin ah weat Ilf the Mississippi. le principal incliidiiig the great 5 tai% of Kansas, such caac we shall Iw happy lo still fiirllier ciMiiinend it to the uuiuerous readers iif U ic O as E ite . —’riie Saratoga Krtglc,'’in referring to our suit against the Troy W liig publishing It and iitiieni, says; ( F. Judson a \D r. EllniU wields •> grapuic pen, ami. haii jlM t returned fromasm'ci.nsfiilsliiini’- (ng rimr, FlUeheil wit h victiiry, and w'iib the Idinal; o f renewed; yniiih coiirsiiig through Ills yeirts..it w lmreiy tMwsjhle llial the Doc,tor*» presenfatlim ot the crtinpli-' cstimis iA too aniiiiated^ aud- one-sided in its chsrscier,” It is ’ •aniinatud mid one- aideii’.’ .10 the exteiit of ahiiiit 4,000 of t.lic OizEtTit editor's money, wliich flie’‘c(mi- piiri'toirs” pTijpose to chisel us out o 1 , .'Whii l i We propose shall not lie doiie; \iioi i f ths court knows itself.” OPENING AND CLOSING OP TH E RIVER AND C a N.ALS. The (late* of the opening and closing of the r i^ r a i i d the canals since 1824 . aie a*. imradisenfectHiit wdby this tin I gentlemen moved iiway from t l wbirlow and sat down. In a few nxmients tliere was a hurried I there appeared a- wee h.'iiitain riHsiter si ml, who had come from the ma<B-tneeiing imlside, \ I should like to-know, gcntleinen.” lie said, ’ ’what the factaare? lam a reporter,” ••WliHt tacts?” \W h y , what there is peculiar about that csbbage out there?” \Nothing in the world.” was the soft reply, “ except that it seem.s to bc.sur- riiunileil by a crowd of the bigge.st fools 111 town. Do anvthing else for you?” ■ The lectle fellow reflected a miunpiit, said he “ guessed not,” ainl retired. Befoie hehiiiided in his report, liowever, the po liceinan had dispersed the mob; ciiiblniig; several ot till.- iiiHMllunis who feeiioil the* wind and r^—— SABATOOA EAOI.E, NOV. 20i Elliott's venerable Lansingimreii siKiet appears u nder a new litle.THK S tate G azette , aiid o ther improreineiits a re no­ ticeable. AT.BANT BVENING times . NOV, 15, The flr.st issue of the Lansingburgh G a - ■ Z et T b apoeared Seiifemlier Tliou!fV <b‘*'l(‘r a nother name, it -was pu lished long before that time„siid ever sin the innuRural number of -the G azette ha* been piiliiished cohtinumisly, wit-bout a break Or suspension. Thus, for over *8’3 years, nm idthe mutslions of-liii.eiiind Itic rise and fall of iiundveiis of journals, old-tim e G azette imk preserved its journ­ alistic life until the pretont date. BECAUSE iiS. Plainflciif (Ji; J.) Bulletin. The Dover IntiifkwiMnTers if Jmlge Noah Davis would bave ' Vlifafkened to the Voice* of the Democratic chsrnicrs” if ibel. BeltXhoover h a d S|l im^e ;■ •'^hfai DeinOCratiC chan „ — ....... .. .._datiedihe Tribune ...... . W<( give i t lip; we ftCver were good at co TICKBRURQ^ KEttALD (DEM ) We drop mir Usiial.hlodusty and suggest! to Mr. Garfield aifii.liiirimmediate advisers the 11 anifest pi’iijiriety of seleiUdig one memlter Of the (igbinet fnmi the Cott()ii Stales, in lids Sf'ille tliere is a man enii- nently lit to be iiijfitiited with a piwiiioii of this impo-tancA -)Ve allude to ex-CInfl .lustice H. P Slinrkjl. tbenimi wbom Go* Stone had the goCii sense ti) reappoint pi sense to reappoii man of ripe cxiwrICiice, progre.ssive ideas , S ^ - ' S k after th^war. % l ! « f * m i.vt ASOTHM iOUTHitaN' ■ l)l'r% B Mvmpids ip p lal (iTiUn. K Jij(lglng by tbei BCp'u^’lh'A'tb »*M in I h ^ leadini pl^ •Irlng’’ STATE A U C . S T E IN , LOANS NEGOTIATED. Office 61 BROADWAY, (Room 3 9 . ) -M-EW t O K K . I fecor^ Htraber o? the New York Mlntnc Kxchanj fS O t . H a rp e r’s M a g a z in e . I I j L . T . T S T R A T E O . lY D I A VEGETABLE COMPOtJND. GBAN' ItEB 8ENTISKI,. NOV. 18. The Lansinglmrah G azette of last wtek inches iisgrcntly improved and with a new i-ad; TU e S tate . G azette . T he paper is the ol'te.sf journal in the State, having been 'lld contbmoi publishe for nearly anil ediled O N E VO'l'E. •; B P, Judson of Sm'alo.ga, who is near-, ii'g tile elo.se of Ids posimastersldp in th a t own, sometim e since cast around to aa^ cei taiti wlieie he could gel anoHier g rip mi Uncle S»m ami thrii.st ills arm into the pulilic crib. The scandalous iiiaimgcment .*f liie Troy ’.Morning Wldg, under the iidpidaiimi of \Rail and Gale’' had so tlep’eciateil atii! run down the Troy W hig pub i.'ling company's bus nes.s that an ef- forl wss Uiade bv lliose wlio had b wifliouf suspension. It is owned (liled iiy Dr. iiCd editor and Tlie yenernlile doctor .coniriluind jely lo tiie sucoe** of the RcpuliliCH.n party this fai)^ but by •' A B. Elliott, ilie re- iniplisiied j'.urii- t yenernlile doctor .conirilui ie sucoe** o f the Rcpulilii iil not only tliroiigli lji« paper iirtping it” In, Ohhi and Indiana previous to tlie October election,:aiid since in tids Slate. ’Flie G azette , as well ns its editor, are a credit to Lansingburgh, iMaad aailer all i __ ■ barmoBy witk the laws Harper’ Pesriodicala. 'tARPER’S MAGAZINE, One Yssr,........... ? H VRPER’S WEEKLY, Oiie Year ............. 7ila* flAiRPEKS BAZAR, One Y e a r ............... Tlie THREE above publiiMitions, One Ysar. 1 Any T WO abovei mimed, One Y«*r ; ........ ; HARPER’S YOUNG PEOPLE; Oad Year. jo S A. F m s m A m Deiebraited ^ried Oysteri, ilSALYRlB IM P O R T E D AND D O M IST IC t m . f i B i H U i i i AND eiGABS. N o . S l i - R k W S t f « e V , 1-3- l y -N . V . , E B E ^ T , J r . ^ PROVISION D E A L E lt, •J 'li (Between Market and ElKahsth SteseUii^^^ i j a n M n j r b i i i ’e c h . tllST-C L A S S m f L T I Y , M i S V £ G l P . T A B i ; . S i •m . ST BdTtOM f RICES, T A R B E L L ^ N P . Liltij anil Boarni l&lill Corner Congress and Richard Streets, --'I i • \ ; | \ i j W . H . M U N N , , DIALER IN TEA3, C0Ffl:i§i susA a s, sp ic M i ADD PINE 6 B 0 GEEEB 1 OP avfiBY DESCRIMION. SPRING INVOIDE j u s t RECEIVED: N o ; 1 1 k l N < 5 P S T . 1 - T - , GOODS BBLlVEfiEp WBEH M S lB E K .; v A . M m UM mam^ Senlinttl rnm miTKR. THS CAHALM. isizi;*? R g I M i f g ’ M i ; ^ 1 ’ i i l - I i lit I\ ill mm III II it sg f i;1 ilil Sim m ‘roped in,” to secure a relialile purnliaser, iiat i)icy nitglil realize ,s .small portion at cast of tlieir CKsli in tl.e (uincern. Judson lioiiglit lie saw an \official liiinanz;i” in lie Tr(iy Wliig. and asked if he lionglit he Whig, if it was proliablu he could get i lie position of poatiiiaster in Troy, away Us present iiiciimlieiit. He soon after cut \across Iota, and iiy some liocus piiciis wiili the m iimgcmfiit (iliiaincd po.s- scssiou, giviiig, with Ids paitiicr, eleven iiolcfc—no cH.ali—for liie property, the price liciiig far 1e.'<s tliau die associafeit press value; lienee really rn» emisidcration Ilils »cheine ex[ieot- iiig to gel; tlie suiicrvisovs of RenHseiaer C O N i'E S t FOR POSTMASTER SARATOGA SPRINGS, clip tlie following from the Saratoga lel; \When we sp(ike; last week of o f Mr. Jiidsim heing again roappobitcd postmaster we suppoHcd ilie ciialesf woid'l only he between him and Deacon Riteldc, litil during the pa.st week some new and strong randidnlca have been named. A S Hays cornea forward from his wing of the party, and Levi S. Noye-. has secured tnc signatures of the Reputili- can supervisor* to his pefi'ion, Lnstlv. ftp to this Wridng, ftlyrMo tak.' McClure U »«-tahAT(«pi«ir*tIi..Ltrcr. bcU .’pe^ltox. b w * i s s i . lieve liie w orst IKat cait lie said of us. Bui tl is not alone the voters- w?m have been riifUIessIy disfranclti.svd in this way tlial 1881 . H a rp e r’s B a z a r . I l l u s t r a t e d * Address. HARPER Ar BROTHERS. New York. A g e n t s w a n t e d . •e bear Mic name of . VV. B Frencn suggested, w liic .OYMBKT for ALL. We want everyitody to write to us foi f a liusiti* ippointmenl. Oeii. PrciVcli has a re- eord Bs a soldier wbieh Is sceitnd to hone who went from lids vicinity. He Inis done arduous and important work for Ids party (luring the late camp-dgn, having lirrh one of liie leaders in tlie ’Boya ift Blue’ orgn-; nizaiion, also a prominent stump speaker. He was also early in line for Mr Weat for loliiira made in 30 days ; y to write to u s for full particular* of a busuie-i.s id which money c m be made, e isily, honestly a'l'l rapidly. We iireacllrng a bouSoholrf artiele tliiif, is neHiied by avery family in tire worbt The priitlla bi agents Hrl'Inim :i(K) to 500 per cent. W hether you'W ant to (mgaae in oiir bii'iness or dot. we cim impart vabin-r hl(‘ i iformntin I toyou. Eiibei'I:i(|ies or mtleihen can cfiii(inot the business sue- ssfiilly. It will rcost yon o n ly oiie eeni write to It's. Do hot* negteet tids op- pnri.uiiity: the business is iiglit snd plens- ant. Piijl par'Icnlars.free Address B uckkt * M' f ' g C o , Marion, Ohio. comity to (lesignaie hi* paper, the Troy : Congress, ami lias lahored forbim' riiith- M-rhiiig Telegram and W iiig • as one , o f ■ fu lly all nfoiig. Lastly, Ids appointment I would harmonize the various faetlon* of Harper’s Periodicals, HARPER’S BAZ.tR; One Year............ HARPER’S MAOAZIHE, One Year........... HARITER’S -WEEKLY, One Year............-. The THREE above FabUcations, One Tear Any TWO above earned, One Year ............ 7 00 HARPER’S YOUNG PEOPLE. One Year.. 1 60 W m -O , ly ic D o w e ll. , Mfceer.Eaiiler & Ml IitLtr, 10 M Room I t , Coal and iro n Exchange, 1 7 C M i i r l l i m i l l S t ., N e w Y o r k . STOCKS AND BONDS ONLY SOLD. Regular sales day, THURSDAY of each week iil*i H. S.’-f‘cia! sales fttanv time. 60 ^lii pv'l £ 1 iiil i l l III! Ill; I i mm 'be oitii'ial I'spers. By Hit* device w.ould !ie derived to pay the rids expected lioiianta, liowerer. lias vt -'he w ily 81 printing, iiiisl Gil. mi a nl palrmiage- of city ites. i Id* party lieyond nny other one named.’' 'an-j J'ldson Im* tno niany irons in the Are. igers badly; The w iiy schemer conelmied he i he w ill have to “ srep down and o u t,\ ly paper, get the oillcial late ; he polilies eouiity, but ip bet ween tlie cup* Bud there i* imirry a Last Tiresftay the snpervi«ors met ami a iiKitioft W m * made to designate tlie official TS of (be Cdiinty for the com •rt the tellers cgnnted the ballots there illois tl Title sweeptiig tid e ' of prosperity is alniWri tiy t h e , nrneiiae increiae (if Imsi- ne«s in tlie pal 'Ut (iffley, gc-neral laiid of- -flcc. pension olic.e and Other denartnients of t h e ‘jnvcra'nentj Hetision clalnas, c o n - (ested lan(l entries, or oilier I’lusiness placed in the hands (if Prrmirev Ss Qrce'n. TH E SP IR ITU A L R A IL W A Y , The following lines were foiiml in ara ll- ■way statinn house; tliPy arc supposed have, lieen written i had lieeii there det.Hin The line to heaven by Christ was mad*, f With heavenly truths the rails are laid; From earth to heaven the line extend*,. To life eternal, where it ends ’’ON* yotb ” fur Jiidsoa’s T ray Morning Telegnvnv and Whig, out of an aggregate vote-of 26 . Oiir imty legislators do not lielievc in lie- ' stowitrg ilieir ennflilcnce on an outsider, mterloiiei' ami leiventurer; Judsoft resides T H E a t t r a c t i o n s AT MUSIC H A L L , TROY, ’Gen Tom Tiinntb,, with Iif* relinneof wonderful altractioiis, commeneeil spicy exliihitions Ml Miisic HMH.isst WednesdMV; The General’s troupe consisti of himself, iliilet” of liie performance; his dth her Sweet and M*j<>f Newell, the. liie \Hat amiabie lillle wife, touching V'iciilizatinc happy FdtUtii* itoga coitiity. Fair dualiI le iiesl Mtoe even-iiMndeil;inded justiceu ia j the tiestMtoek in trade for a wily poliii- ia-ue o f tlie G azsttb to givi jvu a fiill iiplete liistory of the Wing com- ly and your adventure, to date. Many The Bible is the.englheer It points ;the-way toheav ■nirough tunnels dark-ai] It d*ea the Way to glory steer God’s love the lire, hta truth the steam, Which drive* the engine and the train; All you who-Would to glory ride. Muta oome to Chrtet. in hiti ‘ ‘ You most the way to glory gi,.... Or you with Christ mw never reign. T H A N K 'G IV IN G AND MUSIC Tlianksgiyiug passed off very quietly and pleasantly in the 'Burgh, in discussing the turkey question and attending service* at the diffei'Cnl clntt'cheM; But the.cvent o f tills national custom was theconcert o f the .choral union at. Concert Hall, under the baton o f niir iocal Straknseli—M. L, Pan - cber. Tlie ImUse was crowded 'With nn in - teiligcntand iUglilyappreciative audience, Tlie c(iticert Was a grand suecc**,mnsieally, I with eclat. Tlio musical ichool, between teaclier and pupii, wa* worth tlie prtce o f admission and rap- turoiie'y encored. The choral union ean at comic genius, also a dwiirl Giovanni- remi'ered pop \silver toneil-gliis.si‘.s,”' bis skilled earn iiirds are a w.omler; Mine, giiiuti'ss, weighing ;(iOO' prnin(lS; Scotia midget of four pOiimls, and lieing sketclieii Iiy A. W. Hall. A laiigliftble farre siipplemeiils tlie exiiiliition, Mi'; 'H*. R. Jabobs, wlm is o iir modc.i’h PI T. Bar- num. IS tile efficient general manager. Matinee this iifteriinon and perforinanee this evening, enntimiing next Week, Go ami see the living wonders. See advertise rnt In another cobimn. c genius, also a dwarf and Unrivaled ir Skater groteaqile personalOr, con- . le audience w iib Iniighter. remi'ered popn'Iar melod _ ________ NEW AMENTS, AT MUSIC HALL. TROT, H a r|ier’s V /e e k Jy , 1 L L U S ^ r R A T K D . Addre.ss the Publishers, THE GULVEEWELL M E E lO iL GO..' 4i A n n Htroe* x tfrk_CiM p CITIZEKS TROY M B » iW T O R i^ ;. *K e a forpassags,|othlg^»m terg^ta^ . o m w . GIBSON. Ge.’lP a 4 ^ n | ^ W '^ ^ ^ D a n ie l K lo c k , J r ? mMi iliD LEATHER BELW Steam Fackingj Hose* BRUesiSTS’ A R T ioiiES/ BOOTS, SHOES, o b b o a i > w a v TB 0 Y.K.Y, TlffipUlEAhlM y 6APT. FRANK lESON, Landlord, HO'i'Kii si-rtiA’i’iia! A'r vxik te r Of State A I M S I I M O X l l j E t G X l . affords superior accommodations to tk«‘ traTeiing publics Charges reasonabie^^ - MERTOWSS BEHWEBi Fitzgerald Brosiy, B e X wxs S 6 b auTsklo#

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