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Lansingburgh state gazette. (Lansingburgh, N.Y.) 1880-1883, November 13, 1880, Image 4

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r - I-V- Ir N E W S O F T H E W O B L D . I ^ i t e r n a n d ; ^ d d l « S tetM . i u s s ' » s , r s a S i ^ s ^ ! ; e & 5 S J r k ^ “ £ : » ‘-'^ ' f f i S T r * ' / \ ............. irSSS:\\\” '” ' . By anexplosio^M t U ^ f l a ^ Xbi« dellolkia $2M^lU leis tb*n i>h« ddaoit oi s;s& i«sr»sss s a » x t i i . e ^ M ‘\ a T e s : ? i . k . c . . i « . . « 4 « kimMir with a mtobed. &WrionseaT«an IM ocOUnad near PitWdD, Ja . SOTs»i »«m»i.acilUra’ « M t a , « ™ a « U a a a .> a t . *Jis ; X ^ ' , has beei deareased some two 6J ; hnndred miUion doUars witliio a year, t by tha^edpte?8 putting away money for J m j W W t o P , and laaaaiaw lj « ! « U» S “«i 3 iS.; tbe 3^000 peiaoi Cornell, SennU Hidne, and many r ' rprlPt “ upper crost.’ Michael Jilayitt, the founder of t h e ____ land leagiie, who haa been speaking througha ont the truited' States In behalf of the mea­ sures advocated by the league, made bis last appearance before an American an ” - other niglit in New York previous PaMute lor Ireland. CoUraelE. I,. Drake, the first man to atrikt: a well in Pennsylvania in search oi oil, and the pioneer of the State’s petroleum burii— died a fow days ago a t New Bethlehem, For seveial years past he had been in ret ot a peneion from the State. Ih e governor ol Pennsylvania has issued Wairants for the ezecntion on Thursday, Jan. 6,1831, of Daniel F. Sullivan, who murdered Josie Irwin in Philadelphia; Patrick Hayes, who mnrdered bis wife in Philadelphia; Geo. Smith and Catherine Miller, who murdered Andrew MiUor, hnsbaud of the latter, in Dycoming county. A dispatob from Oswego, N. T,, gives par-^ \oulars of the most disastions storm that has ComJdl, Senator Shdiim, and wpfesentativei ol New icon, Ontario, and out of her crew of I only one man was Bared. The propeller -** thee schoonerner Non—rway, — V e S to r a a a d (tom tkoni S t a te s . ucauiuu, lu .eouuu xiu barge Norman, and many other reported'niissing. Albert Mitchell (colored) was hanged at Lenka Conrt-Hons^Va., for the mnrder and robbery of Charlee K. Walton. The tdegraph operator at OzaNc, Ark., telegraphs that on the top ot White Oak mountain, two miles north of Ozark, stones two pounds pt less in weight have been rising from the. earth and failing like hail; driving .-iamilies ont into the fleldSk Two freight trains ran together on the Mari­ etta and Cincinnati n ilroad near MOoUville, Ohio. Engineer Frank Lonshead and Fire­ man Charles Kriok were killed and six men wonnded, but none fatally. Elbrtdge J. Dawson, aiMstant postmaster St Lcadville OoL, and Edward A. Clark, stamp slerk,' have been arrested on a obarge ot steal- tnjE government funds. The amount of thCir # ^ e n o y is abont 93,000. Mayor Kallooh bias been arrested on an in-; diottoept charging him with infraction ol the law in- connection with the employment ol labor on the new d ty ball in San Francisco by ^ y ’s work instead of by oontxact. A ooUision between a gravel and a freight train near S t Paid, Minn., restated in the death of the engineer and fireman ol one ttum and fabd injoriee to the engineer of the **Nearly three-fourtha of thO mining town of Bingham, Utah, has been destroyed by Are. Loss, about $60,000. In. reference to the ‘ncoessor oi General Gatfieid a s United States Senator from Onio, Secretary John Sherman has written the fob lowing lei ter to a friend a t CaldweU, Ohio: Your kind note of the fourth is rroeived, lor which please accept my thanks. I prefer to do precisely as yoo recommend, await th i indgment of the general as. tmbly o f Ohio, un- b.ased by any ^ r e s s io n ol my wish in the matter leloned to. I do not know what is the desire of Gfoneral Garfieid, bnt Loan »eo that my election might relieve him itom em­ barrassment and leave him free to do as he thinks best in the formation of his oabinet.\ Frank M. BiedeUbangb, a wealthy young German farmer of Monroe county, Ohio,.oame home intoxicated; and entering the room where his wife and child Were sleeping, assaulted them with.an axe. His wdle’t skull was crushed and he ont his son's thro then wont to the room where Mrs. S a visitor, and her two children and killed Mrs. Stephens „ eleven years old—and ii 3 the other, a boy aged five. 'Lhe girl sprang toward the door, but was anooxed senseless and left for dead. Upon recovering oonsoionsness she gave an alarm, La the morning the morderer was foond in s tpbaocO honss with his foroat cat. He died' the next day. JealOuey, drnnkennees i \ sanity are snnpoaed to have been the of thfr horrible crime. John Aden, a German iarmef, h b a niece of ionrteen, attempted to o ttMk in a wagon ahead ot:a train 9 ot the year was'; destroyed, trees nprooted; towns flo^edand business on raUway and telegraph lines snsk pended. Five vessels went ashOre nOar Ply- ntonth, but their crews wore saved. On the eastern oOest four vessels were wrecked near Shields and sixteeu persons dtowned; at Whitby six vessNs> were WreoKed and liine peitonB drowned; at Snnderland four vessels were wrecked and one person drowned; at Hartlepool three vessels Were wrecked, at Eedoaroneand at Soarborongh seven. Great floods are reported from Monmouthshiro, Oxfordshire and other parifo ot the oountry. A.t Leeds several.mills have been stopped and hundreds of persons temporarily thrown onl \ ■ ‘ ' Dublin also a great storm - a vessel with _________ ______ Muohpropsrty has been destioyed And over fltty in the Isnburbs ot Dublin have been rendered hocuelesa. There have been great inundations in the Santa Catharma Colonies of Brazil, censed by the overflow of the river Itajaby, The loss of property is immense. A, hnUdred honses, many mills and all' the bridges were destroyed, and the crops carried away A namber ot Uveswoie lost, Great distressprevaile among the colonists. thirteen men were precipitated to the bot­ tom of a colliery shaft and killed by the break­ ing of the hoisting apparatus at Mons; The Amerioan steam launch Isabel was seized by the Chilian Bgaadron a t Fayta and her master detained twenty-four hours. One ot the Chilian officers stamped on the laabers B ig and cursed the people of the United States. The commander of the squadron offered to pay Gaige, the master o f the launch, her value; but IS refused to accept, and has .tered his protest at.the American oonsular enoy at Fayta, olainuog from the government $30,1'00 damages. A dispatch lr-“ ' ----- that the f } damages. Hip de Janeiro, Brazil, 'Which was sent from the when a sei kiliedand Great scarcity ____ _ _ ____ __ ___ burg and in visions Bussiau provinces. Font blocks in the business portion of Waterford, Ontario, have been destroyed by flrr; oansing aloss of about $160,000. «i Guy Fawkes’ Day,’’ the anniversary of the attempt by Gay Fawkes to blow up the British parliament in 1605, has been oelebre ' annually thronghont England by tbe ohild in a manner somewhat after our Pourtl July celebration. The nniversal mode olob- servanoe has hitherto been the dressing. Up of a soare-orow flgnre of Gay Fawkes, wnioh was paraded about followed by troops Of noisy youngsters and in the evening burned in some open space with pyrottobmc accompaniments. This year, however, the narformanoe was varied by canying abont and Ufrerwaxd horn­ ing: e l i t e s ot Charles Stewart Famell,. the leader o f the Irish land leagne. Tlie.Irish iandleagne has issued an address 1 whioh “ English tyranny ” is sti ----- ' ------ Among the persons expelled from Hamburg by the aoclaliatic decrees are a member oi the Ghsrman zeichstig, a Saxon’s deputy, and the whole staff pi the OeriehU Zeitung. Most of the socialists expelled from Ham- bnig are poming to the United States. ..Isiycpdk, of Anstralia, defeated Biley, of America, in a rowing match on the Thames. Edwin Booth, the Amerioan tragedian, ba begun an engagement in London, his openin; performance being “ Hanilet,” Eight thonsand Kurds have f their invasion of: Persia. The; against Urnmiah; and were great loss. Threats are made by the rank and file of the Irish land league that a bloody revenge will be taken lor every conviction of an agitator tost may be obtained a t the ooming trials. leen checked in V had advanced repulsed with may bo obtained a t the ooming trial . Twenty thonsand men were present a t a land leagne meeting in the little town rl Athlone and listened to speeches by Farnell and other nrisx. -------------- in the snocess P trophy. Six i three Anierican O, present bolder ot th< iteredtered inn the match- en en i and three Enf before the last day three ___ _ _______ _ Blower .Brown, Fegram and Howard. At the n pf toe match Rowell bad Hart’s sc iglishmen; b had retired' Minpok! running ’wrere^in- and toe man died a t toe A San Francisco dispatch regarding Cali- fornia’s vote says that S t h e offlSal totnrns we not y et m, but enough have boon received The A lab^a legisMtofe is in session. ZVom W s taU a s tp a . The fepoct'made by toe Ameiioen steemer Conrier, which recently errived a t HUkodadi, Japan; that toe Aiotio exploring tessel Jean­ nette had bton loet With, all on board is dis- predited by Ofalsf Clark, of the revenue marine bureau ol the treasury department. Mr. Clerk says, there is no donbt thet the vtoaleis reterred to in toe report were loet in the ice,, b at he doee not think it ataU probable that the Jeannette was among the number. Xt is veiy Ukdy, he says, that toe natives who Ibintohea toe urformattoii mistook toe steam Whaler tor the Jeannattet and he thinks that toe latter WMMl witt be heart from in dne 9 best on reci I, and Dooler miles, whL miles, and is theretoie the Littiewood nwde 470 miles, *” a railway between Baku and Tiflis, Russia, will bo opened early in the sprng, and American, German and Russian metohants are already oompoting for the bores in the great Baku petroleum district. Three thousand Jews have left Bonmania for Ainetioa.. The French ministers have resigned owing to toe rejection of a government measure wbioh was proposed in toe chamber of depu- Atevere eartbqnake With fatal reinlts has ooomxed in Sontoem Austria. A t Agram the house in . ,---------werein- toiity more badly stantly kiUed and about tlfot] Tlie e tabernatorlal C o n test. The f o llow ^ shows the result of the guber* natpnal elections held m eighteen Statce: Colpradp-Gorornor. F . W. Pitkin, Rep, Connectiont-..Qovemor, H. B. Bi({elow, !“£■s; i ^ e w Jersey-^overnair, J . G. Imdlow, Dem. F e n n ^ n ia - S u p r e m e Judge, Henry ® £ S r t ; r o l i n a ^ Governor. J. Hagood, Amerioan watches, with dials suited to the Arabic diTision pf the hours of the day, arc exported to Syria. A HOBRIB 1 .E! rrhe H u rderer tUen pommltUna; Sal- A letter from BameBtille, Ohio, tells the story o f aterfible tragedy which o in Monroepnroe county,ounty, threhree ourred in M c t miles' west of the village of Le wisyiile, in - which five persons were killed outright; and one fatally injured. The principal: e of blocd is H o w f E a t . The pbtid| t ^ t appetite is a low dc-: greeof hunger, andhungeranifitehri form of appetite, does not seem to borrfe cut.hy ffipts. The two desires or longings are , ditferent in Ihcii cir nature. actor in the |scene of blocd is Efshk Bedenbaugh, thirty years of. ge. The victims are his wife, Mrsi Annie Beden-, ■ augh(a ddughter of John Jeffres; Esq.,: 'bo lives near Temperahceville}; her Appetite is the oraving of the apparatus of taste, and sometimes of the digestive orgahsj whiijB hunger is the demand of organism a, wboie or of some of its fdpd. Bse the words appetite S age and a boy five or six years , A11 were killed Outtright except were killed Outtright ex t nhter off Mrs. Btephens;ephens; whoi is daughter o Mrs. St w badly injured that she may not recover. The tragedy occurred oh a Saturday evenihg, at about dark; The first indi­ cations of the murders were discovered by a younger brother of Bedenbaugh, Who had been absent at a husking and who rethrned at about eleven o’clock at night. Entering the famiiy room on his return, there being just enough light from the smolderihg fife to cast ; ftighl wound Lad been made With the pole of an ax qn the back of the head, above and behind the ear. (3a the fioof. fnot far away, were three children-^his own babe and two belonging to Mrs- Ste­ phens—all dead except one, which was unconscious and could hot recover. Two of them had their heads crushed, probably |by the same weapon. The living one had wounds aboul i ut Ithe skull did not iressed, and much mischief arises from confounding; them; The one cry for food which we caU appetite is ahaffair of hgbit of ca- price, and may/for a time,at least, be stimulated by appealing to the sense of taste, or promoted by certain cordials and stimuiah^j; but, looking at the matter from a physiologicai point of : View, it is difficult to see what we can vaih by exciting the organs o f digestion to take food Unless the condition to receive' mode of procedure wohld seem to wait the eXpreBsioh of a need in t system—ih shoft; to look to hunger rather tbmi appetite as: an incentive to the act of feeding, instead of excil the paiale ahd sehse organs to take when wc have hO organio reason to that there is ahihher need of i t . , are ceftain evil cohsequences of the civilized mode of feeding by ap^ petite On the'basis of habit, wbioh it may be useful to point out; First, ---- t...— .. at the face,. seem to be in-; The young man immediately _ alarm, and a party ol horrified n e ie-- bors soon gathered at the sceue of the; tragedy, A search^ of the premises was begun, but nothing beyond w iscovered igs were then searched. In a tobacco |house a quarter of a mile east of the premises Frank Bedenbaugh, ‘ He had craw] a crack in the wril. His throat had been cut from ear to ear, and bloi aises they fount sdenbaugh, |badly wounded awled into the house through bisfc that lod wounds; idently made with a hatchet, I forehead and face. It is s it the man had tried to kill himself with the hatchet, and, failing in that, had used the certain and fatal razor Both weapons were found near him, blood. He was yet 1 , in reply to a questioi S S d e lT h a T ] olob- to the hoi lock the he killed her. He Was and lived till t fomm, aau He was taken eleven 3rrified neighbors went from scene in the tobacco house to a pas­ ture field where the wife,- intent on family duties, and with noj thought of danger in her mind, had gone to milk only a few hours before. The night was dark and rainy. A still more hor­ rible scene was here presented. Here laythedead body o f Mrs. Bedenbaugh. with her throat cut and her head beaten and pai'tly imbedded in mud. Tlie hatchet and razor had been used to do 8 deadly work, and the fair young ce was marred and mutilated by the cruel blows. The bodies were placed side by side in the house, and all that Sabbath day, as the news spread,! !ws spread, hun­ dreds of persons from the suirounding country visited the scene of death. The exact way in which the killing was done will never be known. Whether the deed was the result of a sudden impulse, of a quarrel, or of a settled intention, is not known, lotions of the murderer when his er left him in the morning were nusual, although he complained of not feeling well. There had been no family bickerings, and there was no ill leeling between the murderer and the Stephens woman, Frank Bedenbaugh, the murderer, is about thirty years of age. Jasper ' his lather, is of German ten children. He is a uer, and lives about lour, Calais, where h§ owns a farm of some 400 acres. The old man fehased the farm where Frank li' Bedenbaugh, his lather, birth, and has ten cfaildi well-to-do tarmi miles south c f < purchased the farm where Frank lives several years ago, and presented to him. Frank was a man of immem strength, as were the whole farnii ILogan (Ohio) Hooking flenttosj.] Hucklnff TaUej News, aS&rsswA’a j system is in a it. The rational suppbs separating aptfotito from hunger ' developing it as an independenindependent function, sense or a, there naturally springs up a of life which may be described as “ living to feed.” The purveyor of food trades on the tastes and cultivated longings Of the consumer, and the con­ sideration what- to eat and what to drink comes to occupy a place in the self-oonscionsness whiPh it was probabi’ not intended to fill, and in so far as this is the case man is more animal and less spiritual and intellectual than he ought to be : although it niay be conceded that 5 refined taste of cn cultivated nature is less offensive than tlie simple voracity ot the savage. TbWe are some who contend that man is the gainer by t developments of,his appetite. If thisi so the gain is a good not nnmixed with evil, - Another, drawback is that severing appetite from hunger we i the indication o f‘quantity which nat gives with .hri*. orders for food. The man who erftS a regulated nnmbfr of meals daily! vritb a duly stimulated and • ’ • - “ ,babl -organized habit, probably eats mud more in the twenty-four hours than his system requires, 6r the organism whole is constituted to London Lancet. Bormut Proverbs. One has*only to die to be praised. Handsome apj^ks are sometimes sour- Little and often make a heap in time. It is easier toi^iame than to be better. ^_It is not enough to arm; you mnst Would you | e stirbng, oonqtier youi> there is no good in preaching to the hungry. ]^etter go supperless to bed than run Speak little, speak truth; spend little, pay cash. To change and be better aretwodif- irentthings, ~ ' a foreign land than a Better free in slave at home. Charity gives itself rich, but covet- jusness hoards itself poor. Everybody knows a good conns cept him that hath need of it. On the preserves of Lord Derpy, in ngland, a powerM gang of poachers, amply proyideA with brickbats and armed with bludgeons, recently beat off fourteen keepers aUd police, leaving half of them so seriousiy injured on the ground as to teqnire the assistance ot their comrades, while the poachers went off with their plunder. T1 squire the assi mrades with ti hey had been to .see the tragedy of ilius Cmsar,” and on the way home, ights of the death of the great dic- affeot her so much that thoughts of tatorseemed she turned to Algcrnon'‘and exclaimed: “ W-asn’t it sad to be cut up so horri­ bly ?•’ » Aw—yes,” sympathetically re­ sponded Algernon, “ and he pwobably had on his best-r-aw—best clothes.” .jhysical inglh, as were the whole family. He was ?hot of bad disposition,! although thefamL'y had the reputation of being fighters. He had been slightly deranged, and was taking medicine for the malady, but was not regarded as at all danger­ ous. He was married only two or three years ago, and was the father of one child. He was raising the Oldest child of Betsey Stephens, who was about ten years old, and had lived with him for two or three years. It was to visit this child that Betsey and her yoUngest child went to Bedfribaugh’s. Mrs. Beden- bangh was twenty-two years of age, a lady of excellent family and amiable disposition, and her short married life had been a pleasant one so far as is A Whirlwind llnhoneB a Man. A party went up the valley on a hunt and while in one of the deep canons east of Calistoga they met with an ex­ citing experience. The members of the party were on horseback, when a ter-- riffc whirlwind, sweeping down the canyon, unhorsed Abram 6i man weighing about 190 poum carried him twenty or thirty fe.et upon the large rocks and boulders. He sus- stained severe iDjUries. 'Several of the party while in the saddle were blown with theii horses twenty-five feet or nore and a hoy was struck on the head rith a large stone.—Aapa (Oal.) jReffis- GrWley. a ^ )unds,- and T i Am I lookin’for wcrkP”indignantly replied the honest tramp; in response to the citizen’s question. “ Am I iookiUg forwofkP Not much I ainH. There’ too much work in the country now. I’m tryin’ to keep out o’ the way of It.-^ S u r lifif^ Sawkej/6, •ndden knoWL^ pbvsioal rlrtjie ol Thousands of thonsands aro'inirryiDg to theii graves because they are carelessly indiffeieni to the insidions inroads ol disease and tb« means ot care. It fr the inisaionol H H, Warner A Co., with their Sato Kidney and LiTercnre, toaronseifien to a sense ot then danger and then core them. — Memphii Jlpptal, There are upward of 3,000 cows in the city of B rooklyn^ ______ renioTes aU such a t once. ________ A few drops of the oil of sassatras will pievent paste from becoming sour. S S S S S - S f fi pounded exelnsiyely ot frrtM, roots and hetbs, Without any helps . A half century ago tomatoes were called love apples and considered poison* ly News.)s. informed^ :[8sginaw DaHy New & lil,foet m t a l l j iSjt W two days he was entirely cured. What is smaller than a mite’s mouthP A man who treads a paper six months and then refuses to pay for it. iesrot ihe ear—specially on rnn- itarrb, and their proper treat- ______ . Address Got Lyon’s Patent Heel Stiffeners applied .to those new boots betore. you tun them.over. <rUE HABKETS. l i t .................................. - ___ - ^ ^ g § = ' i - i ' a JS“I IS m l 9 i a S S S Z H \ \ : , S 1 , 1 * g | SL ..... s*s s ................. ® ^ v i i K f e . : : ; ; : - : : ; : : S I S ----- 1 hi this paper headed; “ On 30 Days’ Dr BULL’S I ivtaiwif« Vegetine WILL CURE RHEUMATISM. R h e u m a tism Is a D isease o f th o Bloodl; t o C u r e R h e u m a tism it m u s t b e t r e a te d a s a B lood D isease. Rev. WM. T. WORTH, Becommends VtoniHi tor Bheumdtlsm nn l Sciatica. P ill H itei , Masa, May 13,1S7». Vegetiue K I /A D T H I S . B otlir S wiicb , JzMRiiooa C o ,, I | d ., | iflteted In every O. IIUBOESS. V egetine is Sold by a ll D ruggists. M A U t F itt e r s HAI.T BrmSBS, VKtKM imoutfemailtaUm from SleoplcBS. They feed the Body and tho Brain, regulate tho Stomach and Bovrcla, cleanao theUverand Kldncyi. In- pC M O lt l ^ a f Gout, Q o m y, Sdre Throat, SweiU- inga aod Sprains, Burns and Scalds, Gonera! Bodily Pains, doth. Ear and Headatiho, Frosted Feet and Ears, and all other Pains and Aches. ''Bhectiona ln Blewn Biuignagei. BOLD BY ALL DBUQQI3IS AND DEiLBBB T h e O n l y R ^ i e i J y I th S T I c XS a ® the SAMIS TIME O h I I n i s combined aeimgivea Bceaim m a l h -SfiMiLrl _€ATARRH^ ELY'S OliEAM BALM 0O„ Owego,H.T. ‘ Hula J A'''■ Kline A Oo.; Jobnaton, HoU> NATRONA? PENN’A SALt MANUFACTURING CO., Phila. ^ V B M n 's m ^ M BEFORE BU riNC OR RENTING AN ORGAN m m m B S ORSODiTSTBIiL AddrcM Toltoio B e lt C o ., Maraball, Mich. Do Your Own Printing S350HSifiill5S : $ 7 77 wlSIS:=-; X»MASISl£«-«a AS w e SS i S S S ' BEES«“ir#.ES# P I S O ’S C O R E f S l f . ' S S t e r g e t ■ r 'R A Z E S A X L E G R E A S E . A matisuust I I WHAT I shall ; ’ \ bo after this . jhlMiBO- FBAZER^UBRICAfuB CO. NewYortt. ft vy ARD’S . E.M.&,.W,WARD, 3 8 l , £ r R a A D W A - Y . REDIIIVEItVllLET 2 , 0 0 0 r 0 0 0 A c r e s Wheat Lffnds bate la the WwrM, lariala by ihs 8t. Fail, MiiBcaislis CO. XkTM dollMS w Mr* aJIowed th* **ttl*r f*r bfss¥» lug sad.«alt&TUlSffi. *pt>ly to D. A. McKINLAY. - • .toner, wt. l-nnl.ttliaw. tawdCowami—to L i t e r a r y R e v o l u t i o n . GELLULOIO E Y E - C L A S S E S . W lepreflCDtlng tho cholccit solectocl TortoIse*ShoU and Amber. The lightest, handsomest, and strongest known. Sold by Opticians and Jewelers. Made by SPfiNGKB 0, M. CO., 13 Malden Lane, New Vork. __________ SAPONIFIER PEWN’A SALT MANUF your grocer for 8 TACTURIWO f Cp., Phila. TUa Cloim-Bonss EitaM lahed IStlS. PENSIONS. S S ‘.eF— DANXEI. F . BEATTY’S OEGANSI S S f W s le aont li ce to any one in tlio Unitsd itcaj on receipt oi a three-oent stamp to cpsy postage on the book, Agents ■wanted. ______ _ I’oL k i s j N * e o ., 46 Summer street, Boston. Mg-s. _______ ppcypp/EDiA^ I n T

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