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Auburn journal and advertiser. (Auburn, Cayuga Co., N.Y.) 1834-1848, January 21, 1846, Image 3

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We copy from !he Gospel M essenger the fol­ lo w i n g O b i t u a r y notice o f Mrs. M y e r s , whose decease ■ since. i m entioned in our paper some w eeks r|«-V» peparted this life, a t A uburn, Dec. 23, 1845, 0f consumption, in the fullness of hope, and in prospect o f a joy tut resurrection, M a r g a r e t M-, consort of P. H . Myers, E sq. in the 30ih year o f ^The death of Mrs. Myers was attended with every alleviating and consolatory circum stance. Jr is true, she was not full of y ears. By the slotv m inings Of the hectic firey consumed, in t|ie prime and morning ol h er existence h as she gone away, She was not like the faded flower, whose leaves in the course o f n ature fall one by one__but in the blush and bloom o f her being has she disappeared. And y et since death must cotne, there hardly could have been added a n ­ other m aterial circumstance, to those which ex- — to comfort the mourner, o r to smooth h er 0wn pathway lo the tomb. From sudden death, which, in the L itany, good C hristians deprecate, she was delivered and exempted. She had abundant opportunity, w hich she well improved, io prepare for her departure. As m contrast to lhe m elancholy end o f those w ho die away, with scarce a friend to close their eyes, she was sur­ rounded by her loving and loved relations, by whom, as also by numerous friends, the remem- briiteeofher amiable virtues, her gentle Chris­ tian grace, her patience and unm u rm uring re­ signation will be fondly cherished. H e r decline into the grave was unattended by much physi­ cal suffering, and retaining h er faculties to the last, she breathed her spirit out w ilh ease unto the God who g av e it. But above all, she iell asleep in Jesus. Underneath h er were the ever­ lasting arm s. Through all the progress o f her protracted weakness, h er hope in Christ, and ilns only hope, a s an anchor cast within the veil, sustained her. The writer saw her in the spring, soon after her return from the South, whither, attended by the partner of her life, she bad gone in vain, in pursuit o f health, and at intervals thereafter, through all her sickness, she was uniformly cheerful, and ever buoyant in prospect o f h er approaching end. On the pale cheek o f death smiles and roses w ere blend­ ing; animated by a well founded assurance that he r sins were forgiven, and that there was a place for h er in the many mansions o f h er F a ­ ther's house, she did not let her heart be trou bled. The more her body descended, the more continually5her soul aspired to God. She par­ took repeaedly, as she had done Irotn her sixteenth year, the body and the blood of Christ. To sum up all o f comfort and of consolation a s it has been so happily done L A T E A N D I M P O R T A N T F R O M E N G L A N D ! R e s ig n a t io n o f t h e P e e l M in is tr y —O r­ g a n i z a t i o n o f a N e w M in is tr y w i th L o r d John R ttssell a t i t s h e a d — V ir tu ­ a l R e p e a l o f t h e C o r n L a w s — A d v a n c e O f A m e r ic a n C o t to n . From the I'T. \ST. T ribune. B y the arrival o f the packet ship Liberty we have advices from Liverpool to D ec. 13th. The news is important. The P eel M inistry has resigned, and a new Cabinet has .been or­ ganized by L ord John B ussell. Parliam ent was prorogued to the 30ih Decem­ ber. The price o f Cotton h as advanced. R e s i g n a t i o n o f t h e M in is tr y . From the London Herald, D ec. 12 th. Sir R obert P eel’s Government is at an end — All the members o f the C abinet yesterday ten­ dered their resignation, which h er M ajesty Was pleased to accept. it will be easily believed lhat we regret this determination of her M ajesty's a d v is e rs; but we should much more regret their unanimous determination to sacrifice the industry o f the country by strippiugit o f all protection. The impor>ant fact now announced proves how completely wrong the T unes was when it stated lhat the Government had decided upon proposing to P arliam ent, as a C abinet measure the repeal o f the Corn L aws. TVTEW B O O K S a t W Y N K O O P S . i .1 The Citizen o f P rague, translated by M ary Howitt, 2s. H arpers’ P ictorial B ible, N o. 47. \ W andering Jew, No. 8 , 2s. Jan. 21, 1845. JL A i JL • in one of the. Church’s prayers, in terms which cannot be too frequently o r too vividly impressed upon the memory, she illustrated by example how a Christian can die, and how a Christian should die, “ Having the testimony of a good conscience, in the communion of the Catholic Church, in the confidence of a certain faith, in the comfort of a reasonable, religious, and holy hope, in favor with her God, and in perfect charity with the world.” To us w ith al! her constancy Be her rapt vision given ; To look above by faith and See Revealments bright of heaven, And power to speak our trium phs out, As our last hour draws near ; W hile neither clouds o f fear nor doubt, Before our view appear. C. Im p o r ta n t from M e x ic o —M r. S lid e ll a t the C a p i t a l — N o t O fficially R e c o g ­ n iz e d , & c . Correspondence of T he T ribune. P ensacola , Fla. Jan. 2, 1846. The St. M ary’s came in yesterday after a pas­ sage 01 10 days from Vera C ruz, bringing news from the city o f Mexico as late as the 19tll ult. The most important feature ol her intelligence ts the irresolute spirit manifested by the Mex­ ican government in the arrangem ent ot Ameri­ can affairs, the opposition having evidently frightened Senor H errera from the course w hich he had designed to pursue. On landing ai V era Cruz Mr. Slidell was re­ ceived with a salute o f the usual number of guns, and all due courtesies were extended to him in that city anti in Mexico, but up to the time o f the St. M ary’s leaving, no official inter \ course had been opened, and indeed he had not been officially received by the President. The G overnment seems well disposed, but is afraid to go forward, unless every measure and step is approved seriatim by the People, or by those who pretend to represent them. Mr. K ennedy, first lieutenant o f the St. Ma­ ry’s, accompanied M r. Slidell to the capital, and represents affairs as having a serious aspect.— He says a revolution is daily expected, as I know it has been for a y ea r past, and I presume will be for a y ea r to come. Congress was to meet on the 1st inst. Mr. Slidell is said to be dissatisfied, and lo feel very disagreeably situated. Captain Saunders reports his ship as having made two hundred and ninety miles during the last twenty-four hours preceding his arrival here! A d ay’s run with but few parallels.'— The St. M ary's has hardly a superior afloat. A Court Martial has been in session lor the past few days on board the John Adams, trying Lieut. John A. R uss, o f the Falmouth, on a charge of “ Scandalous Conduct,” Ac. preferred by Midshipman Wilkinson. The chief specifi cation is having made and repeated a false ac­ cusation wiih regard to some money received al a gambling table, and alleged by the accused, to have been fraudulently retained by Wilkinson. It will all end tn stnoke. Russ cannot be con­ victed! Very respectfully yours. C. L a t e r from T e x a s . {From the N. O. Tropic, Dee. 31.] A letter from an officer, U. S A., at Fort Smith, A rk., states:—“ T he w hojj country about us is filled with em igrants—every avenue is choked up with wagons and stock of this moving world.” It further states.]i hat a party of Clter- okees have been looking out for a location on the waters o f the Brnsos nnd the T rinity, The first news, says the Civillian, is welcome; not so the other. Texas lias already more than enough ol Indians. Snow tothe depth of three inches recently fell in Clarksville, B ed River county. A general frolic, in the w av of sleigh riding, was the im­ mediate result—a rare luxury in Texas'. Among the names of the senators and repre­ sentatives chosen, we perceive those ol General Chambers,Col. Cuney, Col. V. E. H owaul, G en­ eral C azneau. General Henderson is doubtless elected Governor—Major Dornell, probably, Lieut. G overnor. Hon. T . P illsbury has accepted the nomina­ tion for R epresentative to Congress. Letters from the R ed river county announce a steady advance in prosperity, and a constant stream o f emigration. A destructive fire took place the town o f San Augostine on the 3d inst. The principal suffer­ er is Col. G. Brooks, a merchant, in whose store the fire originated. The ioss is varionsly e sti­ mated. at from len to uventy thousand dollars. The business, prosperity and population of the city o f Houston is fast progressing. The value ut real estate has advanced a t least a h u n ­ dred pet cent, within the last two months. Eight or ten families of Mormons are on their way to T exas. AGRICULTURAL M E E T IN G . At the sem i-annual meeting o f lhe CayUgtl County Agricultural Society, held at the West­ ern E xchange, on T hursday the 13th inst. The President in the C hair. A premium of five dollars was awarded lo Mrs. Sarah W arn, for the best acre o f winter wheat. A premium of three dollars to M r. Thomas Ogden, for the second best acre o f w inter w heal, and a premium of one Vol. of T ransactions o f N. Y- S. A g. Society, for his excellent crops o f corn and oats. J. C. D erby, Treasurer, presented bis report, showing the amount on hand, January 1st, 1845, was §153 67 Ree’d from all sources during the year, 352 00 Paid out per vouchers rendered §510 67 300 81 Balance on h an d JanuaryU st, 1846. $209 83 Which report w as accepted. On motion it w as R esolved, That J . M . S h er­ wood, Alexander Thompson, E . W . Batem an, John G. Wheeler, William I. Cornwell, S amuel Bell and John T. Rathbun, be, and they are hereby appointed delegates from this society, to attend the next meeting of the N . Y . S tate Ag­ ricultural Society. Resolved, That the President be requested to call meetings of farmers m various places in the county, for the Iree discussion o f agricultur­ al topics/and that an invitation be given to all to attend and confer together. Resolved, unanimously, That it is deemed expedient for the Executive Committee, to a p ­ point the next Annual F a ir of this Society, in the town of Venice, and the next thereafter, in the town of Cato. Auburn, Jan. 15,1546. E . W . EATERIAN, P res. B. F . H all , R ec. Sec’y. A S teamboat D isaster on the O hio —A cor­ respondent o f the Newark Daily A dvertiser who dates bis letter at Smithfield, m outh of the C um­ berland R iver, Dec. 29th, gives the particulars of a disaster to the Steamboat “ Old Hickory” from Louisville, which on the 27ih ult. Tan on­ to a dam placed in the Ohio by the U. S . E n g i­ neers to deepen the channel. The shock was tremendous, aud of course produced great consternation, but though the writer expresses the opinion that dreadful accounts w ould be giv­ en of the disaster, especially in relation to Hen­ ry Clay, who was on board, he says no loss of life occurred. M any of the passengers went on shore in flat boats, bnt Mr. Clay a n d several other gentlemen preferred staying on board, and were undoubtedly takeu off in safety in due time, a small steambuat being seen on the way to relieve them ; among those left on board were eight or ten ladies. A portion o f the car, go would be saved, but the boat it was feared- would be lost. T h e N e t v M i n i s t r y . From the London Sun, Dec. 11. Immediately upon the refusal o fthe Duke o f W ellington, on Friday last, to carry out w hat he had agreed to do—namely, to propose a repeal of the corn laws in the House of L ords—it be­ came apparent that resignation o f office by S ir Robert Peel must follow. Lord John Russell was recommended to be sent for, and a messen­ ger was despatched on Saturday last to com­ mand his attendance at Osborne House. His arrival there ivas expected yesterday, and Sir Robert Peel expected to have met him. Sir R o­ bert, however, returned last night without h av­ ing seen L ord John. This morning Lord John Russell and S ir R obert Peel had an interview of an hour’s duration, after which L ord John Rus­ sell left town for Cowes. He had an audience of her majesty, and has returned to town this evening, having h ad full powers given him to form a Government. He has sent for Lord Pal- meston, and is taking, it is believed, all the ne­ cessary sieps to form an Administration. From the Liverpool M ail, Dec. 13. The nation, by the resignation of ministers, is in a much more serious dilemma than many persons seem to think. Sir Robert P eel, it is rumoured, differs from the majority of his col- leagnes on a m easure that touches the vitality ol the country ; and finding httnself so situated, he throws up the reins o f government and re­ tires. The landed interest, as it is called, w ould have almost insurmountable difficulties in for­ ming an administration to carryout their views. Our opinion is, judging by the obscure light in which the defection is yet placed, that a dis­ solution o f P arliament must be the result, fol­ lowed immediately by a general eleciion. In tilts case the nation a t large will be called upon to decide the great question at issue. Much inconvenience to m any parties must ensue, par­ ticularly to those connected w,th railway bills; but we are far from believing that the incon­ venience of delay for six or eight weeks, may not be salutary 1 0 ihe country generally. I* ondox C orn E xchange , Dec. 12. — For the past week ou.1 market lias been completely par­ alysed hy the statements made in the Times as to the intention o f ministers io propose nn im­ mediate repeal o f the corn laws. Tlie trade is still kept in perfect snspei.se, in eonsequenee o f thelresignatiori o f m inisters. In the late interval of absence of demand, almost all g rain has lost value, but it is difficult to say to what extent, as sellers cannot promote business by any rea­ sonable concession to buyers. We are, there­ fore unable to make any other report than very great depression and prices nominal. LA T E R N E W S FROM MEXICO. From the New Orleans P icayune. L a te and Im p o rtant.— By the Mexican schooner Joaquin, w hich left T ampico on (he 1 st inst., we have lale and important intelligence from Mexico. The rumors which have been for some weeks in circulation, (hat G en. Paredes had at last de­ clared against lhe Government, appear at length likely to be verified by the course he is pursuing. A revolution is now on foot, or has already been consummated. The revolution in progress commenced wiih the army of reserve” stationed at San Louis Poto.-i. H enry I nman , the celebrated Artist, died in New York, on Monday. T he J udiciary and L ieutenancy .— T here are 32? lieutenants in the navy, whose aggregate salaries amount-to $58s 600 per annum, The cost of the Judiciary Department lor the y ear ending, June 30.1845, was $531,420 The pay of m embers of C ongress for the -ante year, was $351,600; lhat of midshipmen and pursers o f the navy was $371,250 At a recent election in Pittsburgh, for city offi- cets, the whigs carried lour o fthe six wards. The N. O. Bulletin says it is in contempla- tirn to establish in that citv one or more cotton mills, on an extensive scale. A correspondent of the Tribune says there are twenty-four Senators in Congress for war and thirty lor peace. C o n s t it u t io n a l and L e g a l R e form . A m e e t in g o f th e frien d s o f R e f o r m w ill be h e ld a t th e H o u s e o f D . A u r e li u s , o n S a t u r d a y th e 2 4 ih J a n . n s t, a t 6 o 'c l o c k P . M* A N & E L H A C O E s q ., t r i l l be in a t t e n d a n c e a n d a d ­ dress t h e m e e tin g . I t i i h o p e d ns t h is is t h e busin e s s o f e v ­ e r y m a n , t h e r e w ill b e a g e n e r a l a tt e n d a n c e . A u r e li u s , J a n . 2iK h , A81C.___________________ I i y o u h a v e a slig h t c u g h , p a in in t h e sid e a n d o c c a s i o n ­ a ll y i n t h e c h e s t , a n d a r e i n d if f e r e n t a b o u t d o i n g m u c h fo r i t, d o c to r y o u r s e l f w ith h o r e h o u n d c a n d y a n d >uch lik e m e d i­ cines! a n d p e r h a p s y o u w i l l e r e lo n g find y o u r s e l f l a b o r i n g u n d e r a n in te r e s t in g c a s e o f u lce r a te d lu n g s . T h e n i f y o u h a v e no desire t h a t y o u r f r i e n d s s h o u ld sh o r t l y fo llo w y o u t o th e l a s t h o m e o f m o r t a l m a n , p r o c u r e B r a c t 's I n d ia n P u l m o ­ n a r y B a lsnm , a n d t a k e i t, n n d it w i l l c u r e y o u a f t e r y o u r lungs a r e u l c e r a te d . T h e efficacy o f t h a t m e d icin e is e s t a b ­ lished bey. n d a d o u b t hy n u m e r o u s t e s tim o n ials, o f c u r e s in cases deem e d in c u r a b le . M e ssrs. J - N . C a r p e n te r & S o n , m e r c h a n ts n t I m J a y d a le, W a r r e n co ., N . J . t s a y th a t n o t u n in s t a n c e o f failu r e to c u r e rec e n t o r c h r o n i c co u g h h a s o c ­ c u r r e d to th e i r k n o w led g e in m a n y in s tan c e s w h e r e it w a s trie d . B y p u r if y in g t h e blood i t a lw a y s cu r e s s c r o f u la , e r y - sipelns, a n d a l l d iseases cau s e d by im p u r it y o f t h e M ™ ! — F o r f u r t h e r e v id e n c e , s e e a d v e r tisem e n t in a n o t h e r co lu m n , tfold by T . IN. H U N T , D ruggist, A u b u r n 3S\v2 C u r e th a t d r e a d f u l c a t t g h . I t is t h e w a r n in g v o i c e o f c o n ­ su m p t io n . B u t b e c a r e f u l w h a t r e m e d ies y o u u s e . B e w a r e o f a l l m e r e ly p a ll i a t iv e m e d iciu e s , w h elt m a y reliev o , b u t rare ly c u r e . U s e t h e G r e a t E n g l ish Rcm«*dy,*Dr. Buchan*# H u n g a r ia n B a l s a m o f L i f e , n n d y o u a r e sa le . T h i s is t h e m o s t p e r f e c t a n d a d m i r a b l e r e m e d y k n o w n t o th e c iv ilized w o r l d . T h O Officer* o r e w s o f t h e C u n a r d L in e O f S t e a m s h ip s , ru n n in g b e tw e e n B o s ton n n d L iv e r p o o l, uro c o n s ta n t ly su p ­ p l ie d w i t h t h i s v a l u a b l e c o m p o u n d . In d e e d , i* f o rm s a sta n - d l tn l a r t i c l e in th o l i s t o f ahipstures a n d m e d icin e s , o n b o a r d a i l vessels s a il in g from E n g l is h p o r ts t o c o ld a n d v a r i a b le c l i ­ m a t e s . Pamphlets respecting this Great English Remedy may lie h a d g r a t i s o F * t\ M . H U N T , o n ly A g e n t in A u b u r n , a n d o f A g e n ts t h r o u g h o u t t h e c o u n ty . Pnnd’sCelebrated Sarsaparilla.—'Phis cxce'lont compound which is creating such a tniiv- rial interest throughout tho country, has at length mnde its wav successfully into the fa- vor o f our citizens and the people around us. We hare read again and again ofthe efficacy of this invaluable medicine — if we can call a very pleasant beverage medicine—but not until recently have wc had any positive proof which could induce us to speak fairly o f it. But from facts in our pos­ session, we are well convinced that, without any exception, it is the safest, pleasantest, nnd best compound ever offered to the public, for the cure of all chronic diseases, rheuma­ tism, scrofuln, and all impurities ofthe blood; together with many other complaints. For further particulars, and conclusive evidence o fits su­ perior value and efficacy see pamphlets, which may be o b ­ tained of agents gratis. P r e p a r e d a n d s o l d , w h o l e s a l e a n d r e t a i l by A. B S A R D S Se. C o » D r u g g ists a n d C h e m ists, 2 7 3 B r o a d w a y , N e w Y o r k . P r ic e $ i p e r b o t t l e ; six b o t t l e s f o r § 5 OOrForsalo by RtCJARD STEEL and T. M. HUIiT* Agents, Auburn N o tice* A meeting will be held a t the Exchange, in the village o f Auburn, on Monday, the 26tb dny of January inst., a t G o’­ clock P. M., for the purpose o f discussing the application of manure to Agriculture and Horticulture, All persons feel­ ing nu interest in this subject, particularly Farmers and Gar­ deners are invited to attend, us this is the first o f a series o f meetings to beheld in various parts o f the county. E . VV. B A T E M A N , P r e s i d e n t C a y . C o . V e n i c e , J a n 1 6 ,1 8 4 6 . • A g r i c u l t u r a l S o c i e t y . T e m p e r a n c e N o tice* There will be a Temperance Meeting held at the B iptist Church in Montezuma, on Sunday evening, Jannary 25th, to commence at early candle light. The friends of Temperance in Mentz and the adjoining towns, re respectfully solicited to attend. There will be several speakers on the occasion. Turnout friends of Temperance, and roll on the bail with lo­ comotive speed. T H E A U B U R N D A I L Y A D V E R T I S E R Will be issued from the office of tHe Auburn Journal as soon as the completion of the Magnetic Telegraph shall ren­ der such paper a matter of interest or usefulness to our citi­ zens. ^ __________________________ M A R R I E D , On T uesday evening, ihe 20th i o s t, by R ev. A. J . C randall, M r. J o h n H ickson , to Miss C a r ­ oline M. C urtis , all ol’tnis village. In Summer Hill. January 5th, by Rev A. Galpin, M r. J oel P l a n t , of Sempronius, to Miss M argaret P hilips , of ihe former place. At P ort Byron, on Thursday evening, J a n . 15th, by R ev. Wm. TI ipo . V an Doren, J ames C. D aniels , of New Y ork, to Miss A delisa H .P er - kins , of P ort Byron. D I E D , In Groton, Tompkins Co., on Friday 16th mst., o f typhus fever, C h r i s t o p h e r L e o n a r d , aged 39 years. In this village, on the 19th inst., C h r i s t i n a E liza , infant daughter o f S. W . and M ary Ann Arnett, aged two weeks. TVTEW P I A N O F O R T E M U S I C . — Jl 4 Just in time to notice a lot ol new Mnsic, at ALDEN be M A R K H A M ’S City’ B ookstore. P E R I O D I C A L S f o r J A N U A R Y , I received for subscribers a t H . & J . C. IVI­ SONS’, Auburn. Norih American Review. New Englander. Ecleclic M agazine. B iblical R e p o s ito r y . American Journal o f M edical Sciences. G r e e c e o f t h e G r e e k s . Greece of the G reeks, by G. A . P erdicaris, A. Mm m 2 vols.' Man in the Republic, a series o f Poems - Just published and for sale by J. C. DERBY & CO. I F I I X X X L O j t l i b A J T i i i B l h U U U O -------------- ] _L —The Subscriber, a t 1 0 3 G e n e s e e - s t., is now receiving his winter stock of Dry Goods, which, with his former large assoriment o f goods, makes one o f the largest slocks o f STA P L E AND FANCY DRY GOODS ever offered in A u b u rn; all of which will be disposed of a t a profit barely sufficient to cover the cost and transportation. All persons w ishing lo buy good. Goods, a l great .bargains, will do well tocall while the stock is complete, and sup ply themselves w ilt such ariieles as may be wanted. As \there is not room in an advertise­ m ent to enumerate but a few ariieles. I will just sa y t o t h e p u l > l i c ? lhat 1 w i l l s e l l a n y article a little lower than is sold a t any other store til town. I Broad, R eaver and Pilot Cloths. C assimeres Satinetts and T w eeds, a t twenty-five p er cent ess than ever before ofiered. G. Y . O R T O N . New Cash Store, 1 0 3 , directly opposite W est­ ern Exchange. N. B. A large assortment o f MUFFS will be received in a few days, which will be sold cheap. _________ G. V . 0 . r p H E R E W I L L B E S O L D a t X Public Auction, a t the W E S T E R N EX- CHANGE, on W ednesday, January 2 lst, 1846, a large assortment of H O U S E H O L D F U R N I T U R E , consisiing of 7 5 F e a t h e r B e d s , Bedsteads, 10 doz. P arlor, C ollage and R ocking C hairs, 40 M attresses, 3 doz. Dining and Breakfast T ables. great varieiy of Looking Glasses, Parlor Stoves and Pipes, Cot B edsteads, W ash-Siands, Bowls anil P itchers, Dressing Tables, a large lot of C R O C K E R Y , be c. fcc.. Sales io commence at 10 o clock, A. M ., and to be continued from day to day until all are sold. TERM S O F S A L E .-All sum s under $10, cash. Under $ 5 0 ,3 months credit-Over $ 5 0 ,6 months, good approved paper, payable at either o f the Auburn Banks- STEPH E N S. AUSTIN, Auctioneer. Jan. 20th, 1846. T N C H A N C E R Y . — B e f o r e t h e X Vice C hancellor of the 7th Circuit.—Thomas Devoe, and Rachel his wife. vs. John Bevtier and others. Bill for the pariition of Lands.— ARCHiBALnP. T hompson , o f A uburn, C aynga Co., N. Y., C omp’ts Solicitor. Hannah Bevier, whose place o f residence is in the S tate of O h io ; and George B evier, whose place o f residence is unknown, two of the de­ fendants in the above suit, are required to ap­ pear tn the said cause by the thirteenth dny o f April next, or lhe Bill fifed therein will be ta­ ken as confessed by them.—38w3 TYTEW AND ELEGANT GOODS. -Pitch B rocha and P tinted C ashmere Shawls, from 8 4 io $ 2 5 . Elegant D ress Silks. A beautiful assortm ent of G inghams, newpat- terns. A fine assortment o f F rench wrought Chem- izettes and C ollars. Alpacca and M erieo H o . j , a g re a t variety. 5 0 0 more o f those good L inen Handkerchiefs at 1 shilling each, and a great many beautiful and cheap goods a t the Prison Clothing and Dry Goods Store, 8 9 G e n e s e e - s t. Auburn- August 2oih. A TJ. S. D I S T R I C T C O U R T . IN BA N K R U P T C Y ,-SECO N D NOTICE. N o t i c e t o sh o w c a u s e a g a i n s t the petition of Herman Marseilles, o f Ira, Cayuga C ounty, for his discharge and ceriificate as a bankrupt, at Auburn, N. Y ., on W ednes­ day. the 1 st day o f April, 1346, at 10 o’clock, A. M.—38io April 2 # B U R R I T T ’S P R A C T I C E . — T r e a - tise on the practice of the Supreme C ourt of the Stale o f New York, with an appendix of practical terms, by Alexander M Burritu — Jusi published, and for sale by J . C. D E R B Y dc CO, L aw Booksellers, 1 0 7 Genesce-st. f l H E A P R E L I G I O U S P U B L I C A - \ J TION SCH E M E .—The Works o f ihe E n ­ glish Puritan Divines, beautifully printed in 13(1)0 and handsomely bound m cloih ; each vo lume tocom ain about 350 pages, one to be pub. lished every 3 months. Trice io subscribers, $1.50, payable in advance—lo non-subscriber--, 4s. per Vol The Isl vol. consists of various writings of B anyan, with his Life, by Rev. Jas. Hamihon. This makes the best and cheapest series o f R eligious Publications ever yet issued from ihe press. Subscriptions received at the Cheap Cash B ookstore cf Jan. 21. R. G. & P. S. W Y N K O O P. N E W B O O K S , a t I v i s o n s B o o k - siore.—The Jerusalem Sinner saved, the Pharisee and the P u blican, tec. tec., by John Bunyan. with a life o f the Author, being No. 1 ol the Works o f the P uriian Divines, published by Wiley te Putnam . Tlie Greece of the Greeks, by G. A, P erdica­ ris, A. M , in 2 vols. Man in ihe R epublic, a series o f Poems. The Farm e r’s Library and Monthly Journal of A griculture, for January. The Citizens o f P rague, translated by M ary Howilt, price 25 cts. H arper’s Pictorial Bible, N o. 47. H I T Y B O O K S T O R E A G A I N . — L ALDEN iSc M A R K H A M have received the following N ew Books by E x p ress during the last few days, viz : H arper's Pictorial Bible, N o. 47. Citizen o f Prague, trans. by M ary Howilt. Greece and the Greens, by G. A. P erdicaris. Modern British E ssayists, in 4 vols. W andering Jew, neatly bound and cheap. M rs. E llis’ w orks, in 1 vol. complete. The American Shepherd, by L. A. M orrell The L ife o f W oman, by M adame Neckar De Saussure. The Poems o f E liza Cook. The Poems o f W m . W. L ord. 1 vol. Philosophy o f M ystery, by Dendy. All at the sign ol the City Bookstore, a i J . W . H aight’s old stand. I BOOTS. S H O E S | * AND R U B B E R S , i lA i ihe New Y o r I | ' SH OE STO R E . K S K |G e n e s e e S t ., \ A U B U R N . * We are still let- ting'them slide, I CHEAPER THAN EVER Ja. A T C O S T . — D R Y G O O D S F O R J A Cash a l co-t. The subscribers intending to change tbe char­ acter uf iheir business, will sell lor cash their eniire slock of D ry Goods, consisting o f a large assortment o f Broad Cloiiis, Cassimeres, Sati- tieis, D omesiic C loihs, bleached and nnbleached Cambrics, Jaconett M uslins, Book and Swiss, do, B ishop Lawns, Dimities, B arred Cambrics, Calicoes and Gingha'ms, plain and figured bl’k, blue bl’k, green and brown Alpaccas. Muslin De L aines, Shawls and all other articles Com­ prized in a full assorim ent o r D ry Goods. M erchants desirous of replenishing iheir stocks.can now h ave an opportunity o f so doing, at New York prices. A. H. te J BURT, No. 7 G enesee-st. N . B. Cash paid for T allow. Dated, Auburn, January 14, 1846 EF] -R O O T S a n d S H O E S I ) AT COST 1—The Subscri- bers intend closing their busi­ n g * , ness in the Spring—offer their slock o f Boots and Shoes a t C o s t, f o r C a s h . CO^Those indebted to us must pay before the first day of M arch next, or they will be sued immediately thereafter. E. C \TLIN , A. U N D E R W O O D . Auburn, J a n . 10th, 1846.—37m2. TVTEW B O O K S , & c . — A L D E N Sc A l M A R K H A M h ave received the following. Oliver C romwell’s L etters and Speeches. Boyd's Rhetoric, new supply. Lady o f M ilan, or fidelity unto death. W h ig Almanac for 1846. New Clerk’s A ssistant Practical Astronomy by T . Dick, L . L . D. Also, a fine lot of F ancy S tationery Ladies please call and see a t the C ITY BOOKSTORE. Jan. 13, 1846. N E W a n d V A L U A B L E W O R K S at D E R B Y ’S. Ingersoll's History o f the L ate W ar. Historical Sketch of tbe 2d W a r between the U. S. and Great B ritain, 4812-13, by Charles J . Ingersoll, 3 vols. 8 vo. Oliver C romwell’s L etters and Speeches, with elucidations by T hos. C arlyle, 2 vols. 8 vn. Silome’s History of the W a r in France and Belgium in 1815,1 vol. Svo. Horse Germanicae: a Version of German Hym ns, by H enry Mills. Just published, and for sale by J. C. D E R B Y te CO. O C A R L E T a n d B R O W N C R A P E 0 SCARFS, just received at the City Cash Store of G U L L IV E R fc SON. - B U T T E R ! B U T T E R !— A l a r g e D lot o f fresh Roll B u tter for sale at the City Cash Store o f GULLIVER ifc SON. A U B U R N & S Y R A C U S E R . R . C O . W IN T E R A R R A N G E M E N T . T H E T r a i n s on t h i s R o a d r u n a s as follows: ONE T R A IN D A IL Y EA C H W A Y . Leave A u b u rn , going E a st, a t 71 P. M. Leave Syracuse going W est, at 6 P. M. E . P. W ILLIAM S , S upt. Dated, Auburn, Jan 14,1846. A G O O D C U T T E R F O R S A L E . A —Enquire a t this Office. N E A R $ 1 0 ,0 0 0 W O R T H O F R e a d y m a d e c l o t h i n g o n hand and for sale cheap at the PRISON CLOTHING S T O R E . bargains. The Cloth, T rim m in gs and Mak- g in o u r Stock o f C lothing cost us very cheap, and will be sold accordingly. warm winter Coat lined throughout from $3 50 to $5 “ “ O v erCoat do $5 to $10 “ “ Pantaloons, $2 50 to $3 50 “ “ Double-Breasted V est, §150 Just received, a fresh siock o f F rench, E n g ­ lish and American, C l o th s , C a s s im e r e s and V e s tin g s , including lo.v priced and Fine Goods of almost every varieiy, bought a t Auction and for C ash, for sale C heap. T r i m m i n g s at wholesale and retail cheap. Our C o n v ic t L a b o r , and also other facili­ ties enable us to furnish any garm ent to meas­ ure, in the latest style and best m anner, a t much less than lhe ordinary rales, and at a very great ■saving from the cost o f Cloth, T rim m in gs and M aking separate ; and avoiding all trouble in case o f a misfit. Our E x iensive slock o f Goods, Superior style of Work, “ quick sixpenny plan” are g reat inducements for all who w ant Cloth­ ing, C loth o r D ry Goods, to call a t the PRISON CLOTHING & DRY GOODS STORE, Sept. 16ih, 1845. 89 Genesee-st. R o s e . nud 42. Universalist C ompanion, w ith a Register and Almanac for 1815 and :46. Commentary on the Gospels, by Rev. L . R Paige. Voice to lhe M arried, by R ev. J . M. Austin. Voice to Youth,’ do do do On lhe Attributes o f G od, do do Prayer Book, by R ev. O. A. S k in n er, 1st and 2d Inquiry, by Rev. VV. B alfour. Life o f R ev. John M u rray, Pro and Con o f Universalism . Law of Kindness, Rev. G. W. Montgomery. Streeter’s Hymns, and others, a g reat v arieiy - Flower V ase. Hours o f C ommunion. Sacred F lo ra. Rev. H . B allou on lhe A ttonem ent—on the Parables o f the New T estam ent— his L etters— Lecture S erm ons—Select S erm o n s—N in e S er. mons, tec., and all the standard Univesalist Works ever published, also, Tracis, Singing, Sunday School Books, fcc. T. J. S a w ter, on E ndless P unishm ent. Moral Justice of God, by L. C. Todd, nnd all the new publications of the denomination. IRA CURTIS. H alfw ay between the A uburn B ank and S iate Prison. T T N I V E R S A L I S T B O O K S . U of S haron for 1846, ’45, ’44, ’43, ai A G O O D F A R M W A N T - f l ED —The Sub-criber w ill pur- O T l r chase a GOOD FABM o f about 100 rr-»ir , nnrev situate within 20 miles of the village ol Auburn, provided there are good buildings and fences upon it, and it is well ac­ commodated wiih wood and water. Payment therefor will be made in C A SH or W E S T E R N LANDS, or boih, at tbe option of the seller. Dec. 26,1815.-3511: B. F. H A L L . A T C O S T ! A T C O S T ! f o r C a s h ! J ± —J. S. BA R T L E T T te CO. have resolved, as the termination ol their copartnership is so near at hand, to sell off a num b er o f kinds of goods a t Cost. Among them (of w hich we h ave an excellent assorim ent) are Mouselin De L atns. all wool aud part cotton, as low as Is 3d per yard. Sntin-siriped Brocade, Rep C ashmeres, very rich patterns, Cashmere De Coss, all wool and part cotton ; a great variety o f Shawls ; also twilled and plain G ingham s; and some other things we will show all who choose to “ come and see.” Now is the lime for bargains, if yon hasten. J. S. B A R T L E T T fc CO. Auburn, Jan. 1, 1S16. r p H E M A N U A L o f M A T R I M O N Y A and Connubial Companion, gathered to­ gether for the safety o f the single and the weal of ihe wedded, by a Bachelor. For sale by J C. DERBY te CO. O h i o g r i n d s t o n e s , a n a s - sortm ent o f superior Grindstones, received and for sale by u ATROUS fc HYDE. T ) L A N K D E E D S , f o r s a l e b y . J H B N 7 Y O L I P H A N T . ¥ A N T E D . — 5,0 0 0 b u s h e l s D r i e d Apples. 1 ,0 0 0 bushels dried Plumbs. 10 0 Firkins Butter, for which ihe highest m arket price will be paid, at lhe city cash store ot G U L L IV E R fc SON. D r i e d a p p l e s a n d p l u m b s for sale in quantities to suit purchasers.— Also. F resh Roll B utter, at the Ciiy C ash Store of G U L L /V E R & SON, No. 96 G enesee-street, neo door ?ast o f ihe Exchanae. 2 0 D O Z E N M O R E o f th o s e 9 penny Linen Handkerchiefs, a t the City Cash Store of G U L L I V E R te SON. T U S T R E C E I V E D . 2 0 p i e c e s m o k e V of ihose 5s. Sheep’s Greys, ai the city cash store o f GULLIVER & SON, corner o f Gen- ’see ant! Exchange sts, TVTEW a n d V A L U A B L E B O O K S . JL\ — Cyclopedia of six thousand P ractical Re­ ceipts, and Collateral Information in ihe Arts, M anufactures and Trades, including Medicine, Pharm acy, and D omesiic Economy. Hand Book ol Oil P ainting, adapted by the method o f its arrangement, and the complete ness o fits detail, as well for a text book in acad­ emies o f both sexes, as for sell-insiruction.— Just published and for safe by J. C. DERBY fc CO. R a m b l e s b y l a n d a n d w a ­ t e r , or notes o f T ravel in C uba and Mex­ ico, by B . M. Norman. The Artist, M erchant and Statesman, 2d vol. The F oster B rother, a new novel. Just rec’d by J. C. DERBY & CO. T D A R Y S F O R 18 4 6 .— P O C K E T & J j . Office Diarys o f all kinds for 1846. Just rec’d and for sale by J. C . D E R B Y & CO. C O F F E E 8 c . p e r l b . T E A 2 s . 6 d . per lb., and very fine white sugar at 8 c. per lb. at the N E W YORK CASH S T O R E . V E R Y R I C H B O N N E T S a n d b o n - net R ibbons at the Oct. 22. N E W YORK C A SH S T O R E . M U S I C A N D F R E N C H ^ M i s s A B B O T T will be happy to give instruc­ tions on the PIANO at her House in Genesee Street. H R. ABBOTT will give instructions in the FREN C H LANGUAGE, either a t his house o r abroad. S C A R L E T S C A R F S f o r t h e L a - dies, any quantity, 2s. 6 d. each, al the City Cash S tore o f G U L L IV E R & SON. S T E E L B E A D S f o r I s . p r b u n c h , a good assortm ent at G U L L IV E R S ’. S A L E R A T U S A N D S T A R C I I . M OULSON’S superior SALERA T U S and STARCH on.consignment, kept constant­ ly on hand, and for safe at the M anufacturer’s prices by A .H . f c J . BURT, Auburn. Jan. 29, 1845. No. 7 Genesee st B o o k s w h i c h a r e r o o k s : Wtley te Putnam ’s Library of Choice Read- Tasso’s Jerusalem Delivered, 2 vols. No. 48, translated by F a irfax. . Lectures on ihe Briiish Poets, by H a z le tt. Poe’s T ales a n d Poems, bound in b lack cloth. Cheevers P ilgrim, Mt. Blanc and Jungfrau. Just published and for safe a t DERBY’S em­ porium of Literature. T W T O D E R N B R I T I S H E S S A Y - jV l ists. Critical and M iscellaneous Essays, by T hos. C arlyle, a new edition, complete in 1 large 8 vovol. Just published and for sale by J. C. D E R B Y & CO. D ' NEW FA L L GOODS AT NO. 8 L RY GOODS.—H aving purchas - ed wilh milch care and attention an unu­ sually large amount o f Goods this season, the subscribers would invite the attention o f buyers to as large and choice a n assortm ent of STA P L E AND FANCY DRY GOODS, As can be found in this vicinity, and at prices which cannot (ail to please ihe'closest buyers- SiLK S — Rich, Parts, Stripe, plaid and plain chameleon, bmek and brown, blac.k gro de Swiss, India and Florence. DRESS GOODS—Reps and plain cashmeres, (some very rich), mouslin de laines, vieloria brocadeSj b lack , colored a n d p laid alapacas, ginghams, black and mode colors French Merino. M O U R N ING GOODS receive particular at­ tention and desirable siyles Bombazines, Silks, Crapes, Stuff Goods, Prints, Gloves, fcc , can always be obtained. SHAW L S of every deseriplioh from ihe cheap Woolen Plaid to the expensive Brocha aud C ashmere. PRIN T S — E nglish and Am erican—several cases very desirable styles just opened; among them, all ihe Fall patterns of Merimacs. SH E E T IN G AND S H IRTINGS.by the y ard, piece o r bale, from the best m anufacturers in the country. TH E H O S IERY AND GLOYE department is complete, B ojaou’s best w hite, black, light and dark kid, of all shades and sizes. SH O E S — F rench, Kid and Morocco Slips and Buskins o f R odger’s importation, K id, Seal and Cloth black and light Slips, Buskins and Gaiters. M ILLIN E R Y —Several cartons Ribbons, Bonnet, Silks, black, blue black and colored Velvets, Flowers, fcc. TRIM M INGS—Black and colored Velvet Ribbons, all shades and widths, E dgings, F rin­ ges, G imps, P aris Cords, fcc. LIN E N S —Lawns, Linen Cambrics, Linen Shirtings, Mulls, M uslins L aces, E dgings, La^e and Gauze V eils, G reen B arage L inen Cambric Handkerchiefs, in great variety and very cheap, also all the varieiy of Goods usually kepi in a Dry Goods Siore. G E N T L E M E N can find a great varieiy of French, E nglish,Belgian and American C lo t h s , Cassimeres, Satinetts, Jeans. Silk, S atin, Mar- sailles and W in ter Vestings, Stocks, Collars, Black and F ancy Scarfs and Cravats, Gloves, Suspenders, Silk and L inen H d k ’fs, Silk, Cot­ ton, Merino and Woolen Drawers and W rap­ pers. Silk, Woolen and Cotton Hosieryi T a il­ ors T rim m in zs, fcc. GROCERIES. A large and well selected stock w hich are of­ fered a t prices conforming to o u r peculiar ad­ vantages in buying. TEA S — G reen and Black o f all brands and qualities from 2s. Od. to 6 s., (w e were very fortunate in o u r selection ot 2 s. 6 d. and 4 s.) SUGARS—Loat, Lump, C rashed, Powdered, St. Croix, Porto Rico and New Orleans. C O F F E E —Moco, Java, L aguara, C uba, and St. D omingo. M O L A S S E S — St.Croix Syrup, P orto Rico, New Orleans and T rinidad. TOBACCO—Cavendish, Lum p , Nail-Rod, Plug, S m oking and Fine Cut. SPICES—Nutm egs, Cloves, C assia, Pimento, Pepper and Ginger. M ISCELLANEOUS—Raisins, Sperm and Tallow Candles, Soap, L ee’s B lacking, Indigo Alum, C opperas, M ustard Pipes, R ice, Pepper Sauce, Salmratus, Starch, Cocoa. Chocolate, pure Sperm F a ll and W inter L am p OILS. CROCKERY. French China in Setts, White, B lue and Sprig Granite W are, C ream and colored W are, Glass W are, L yons Stone W are, fcc., m aking a eotn- pleie assoriment in which we shall noi be un­ dersold by any one. W e solicii the public to an examination of Gonds and Prices. R A T H B U N & CLARY. Sept. 10,1845. N. B. AH kinds o f country produce. F lannel, Woolen Y arn, Socks, Kersey and Bags, taken in exchange for Goods. \ R. & C. TT IS THE OPINION OF THE JL KNOW ING ONES, that the Canal will close in a very slforl lime. But the Subscri­ bers have this day received a very choice addi­ tion to iheir sioelt o f goods before on hand, which have been bought with such care and attention to low prices, (not (orget’ing the ‘•tum­ ble sixpence”) as to give them an advantage over all competitors The paper is going to press and the editor tells u s that we have tune only to mention a few ariieles, merely to give our customers and the people generally, a slight hint o f what they may expeel if they will give us a call. Beautiful new styles Muslin de L aines, from Is 6 d. to 2 s 6 d. Rep C ashmeres and C ashmere De Cos, cheap­ er than ever, and enlirely new patterns. Some very pretty M ourning de L aines. All uool de L aines, lor Is Cd per y ard. Parisienne Florentine, a new ami beautiful article for dresses. SIIAXVLS » SHAW L S 1 1 SHAW L S ! I ! too rich and loo n u m erous to say a word about. And such calicoes for Is. per yard, as you n ev­ er thought o f buying, even in these economical times, for less than Is. 6 d per j'ard. And now to close, (for the editor is nudging my elbow, and says he cant wait any longer, although he knows we are working for ihe people) we would mention ihat we have on the way, the cheapest and best assortment of M U F F S ever brought to this M a rk e t; all made fresh and new this sea­ son. Remember and call at N o . 7 8 G e n e s e e - stre e t , Auburn, at the sign of ‘Cayuga Co. Store, w here these goods must and shall be sold.’ J. S. BA R T L E T T & CO. P. S. I have not lime to say any thing aboat the 2 and 6 T we have on hand, and more com­ ing ; but it is so well known that * talking is no use.”— N ov. 10, 1845. J. S. B. & 'CO. B E N E F I T OF T H E “ ST A T E P ltlS O N M O N O P O L Y , I s5 m REDUCTION IN M PRICES 1—The firm of R fc fll. W a t- ^ son te Co. hhv.ng been dissolved iu consequence of ihe death ot Ma'thew and Robert Wgtsoh, and the undersigned having purchased the in- .erest o f the deceased, have associated them­ selves under the name and style o f LA W , W ILLIA M S fc CO. for tire purpose ot continuing, in all its bran­ ches, the business ot the late firm ; and are now prepared to supply their customers wilh B O O T S A N D S H O E S , of every size and description, at greatly reduced prices', T Q t l G A S H vis H e n ’s b e s t C o w - H id e B o o t s , $ 2 .0 0 « “ K ip ‘ “ 2.S5 and all other work equally low in proportion. L. W. & Co. beg to remind their Irienda that theirs is the only PRISON SHOE STORE in town, and that they will not hold themselves responsible lor w ork sold under Jalse pretences by auy oiher concern. N-R> Alt claim s for and against the late firm, will be adjusted by the subscribers, at the old stand, 91 G e n e s e e S t r e e t , one door east o f Betnis and Leonard’s. JAMES LA W , G. C. W ILLIAM S , Auburn. Sept. 10, 1845. P. T . W A TSON. T j lA R A N D F A S T they have tra - JL veled—having m any o f them left the pal­ ace shops of the Old World not one month since, in all their freshness and heauty. Those OM B R E S T R IP E S , a s finely and del- icaiely shaded and color’d as one of the most finished of fancy sketches, drawn by the gifted and eloquent Maffit himself. Those CASHM E R E S , of the most lovely colors, which the artist Dyers of Enrope can conceive, lo please the fancy—to beautify and adorn the person. Those rich fig’d and Strip’d ALAPACAS, so much improved that they deserve a new name. Those new GALA P L A ID CLOAKINGS, so rich and comfortable, so fine and so cheap. Then, again, those new and beautiful COR- IEN N E S , such a nice aitic.le for dresses. Then such extraordinary bargains in Linens, Linen Lawns, L inen Cambrics, M uslins, and Calicoes, among them, by Ihe w ay, some of the most beautiful American and English P rints, which this or any oilier season has brought forth. W hy Ladies just stop! you do not do yourselves justice uniil you have called here !— Yon, fair lady, w hose taste for P L A IN GOODS is d e v e l o p e d , eall here! You whose taste for the G A Y is decided, call h e re ! All you who haveataite lor the berutifui in a rt or mechan­ ism call, for you will h e r e find something to gratify and satisfy that taste. In short you will find a u n iv e r s a l a s s o r t m e n t o f Goods! both dark and liitfir, Goods?! boih light and brown, Goods!!! of every hue and shado CHE A/P ! fo r money dorcn. aye, or approved short credit either ,nt H . W O O D R U FF’S Nov. 5th 1845 New Store No. 77. rHHE PORTS W ILL NOT BE JL O P E N E D Sir Robert Peel and the Duke of Wellington have declared lhat the British Poris ‘ will not be opened.” But I on the con­ trary declare that my L I V E I t Y S T A B L E will be opened to all who wish to hire good Horses, C arriages and Sleighs ; and while the “subjects” o f B riton’s lordly masters are starv­ ing for food, m y “subjects” a re fed to their v ety fullness, which gives them beauty, activity and swiftness. Those wishing, therefore, to hire good HORSES, CARRIAGES AND SLEIGHS, will find ii to their advantage to give me a call —moderate prices and pay down, constitutes the leading features o f my establishment. It will be unnecessary lo “ enquire at the Bar jor good Livery,” but by calling a t my new L ivery Office, one door east ot the C ar House, G arden street, I will be found readv, a t all times, to serve my friends and ihe public generully. STEPH E N S. AUSTIN. Auburn, D ec. 8 th, 1845. H E R E T H E Y C O M E . ■JVfOW OPENING AT MURFEY’S. J _1 the most splendid assorim ent o f rich Shaded PRIN T S D’LA N E S , CASHM E R E S , fcC., that h as ever been offered in this town for sale —of thelast importations and entirely new d e ­ signs. The Ladies will please c a ’I. The subscriber w ould state that his assortment of Goods w as never b elter than a t present, and he never m ore determined not to be undersold— and although I contemplate m a k in g s change in the c o u r s e of the wimer, y e t I have just added a fine lot o f N ew Goods to my Stock, and am de­ termined that my store shall m aintain its high character as the depot for fashionable, GOOD AND CHEAP GOODS, even to the last. The largest assortm ent of M U F F S to be found here as usual, (not trash,) but handsome, good goods. G. S. M U R F E Y , Nov. 18, 1645. 97 G enesee-st. D o m e s t i c g o o d s , sh e e tin g , Y arns, W arps, B atts, W addings, fcc., p u r­ chased before the rise, cheap a t the B rick C ash Store. H A L L & CO. October, 1845. A N O T H E R GUN FROM QOHENCK’S CHEAP TAILOR- 0 ING AND CLOTHING STORE, N o . 7 5 G enesee-St. Auburn, N. Y . It having in the course o f human events be­ come necessary that there should be a thorough reform in the m anner o f conducting ihe TAILORING AND CLOTHING BUSINESS in Auburn, the subscriber gives notice that for the accomplishment o f that object, he declares unceasing and uncompromising W AR a g a i n s t a l i m o n o p o l y a n d h i g h p r i c e s . H aving abundant means for the successful prosecution o f such a contest, he trusts that the old exploded system o f “ slow safes and large profits” which’has so long burdened this com­ munity, will come to an end. Those wishing G E N T E E L GARM E N T S , are informed that the c u t t in g d e p a r t m e n t is under the superin­ tendence ol one, w hose reputation is a sufficient guarantee that it w ill be done in the best m an­ ner as to t a s t e and fashion A better day is dawning upon purchasers o f Cloths and Ready made Clothing. Our war will not be a war o f words, (w iilithe help of a dozen clerks,) but one Of action : and although we expect to excite the envy and op­ position o f our brethren in trade, we shall pur­ sue such a course a s will m ake this the Cheapest Tailoring and Clothing Score in Aubnrn And w e cheerfully invile all who wish to buy Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, Stocks, C r a v a t s , S h i r t s , C o l l a r s , G l o v e s , a n d every style of Ready Made Clothing, to v i s i i t h is e s t a b lish m e n t a n d s e e for t h e m s e l v e s . None who do so will go away disappointed.— Thousands will see them, and thousands will get lhe benefit o f them and will aid us in our warfare again-t Monopoly and High Prices .— Wiih this inscribed, “ W e F ling our B a n n er to tlie B r e e z e .” W ho doubts ilie result ? SY L V E S T E R S C H E N C K , N o . 75, G enesee S t. A u b u rn , N. Y. September 15, 1845. 20 N O W A R Y E T ! « A NOTHER GUN” BURST, but I J l fortunately, no one injured by the explo­ sion, and consequently the “ Banner Jiang to the breeze” for nothing The Army and Navy, however, are in complete Irim ; hot our citizens may well he disgusted w ith a “ w ar” which ( not withstanding the assertions to ihe contrary) “will be a war o f words.” The M exicans dare not cross lhe Rio Grande, so long a s the Am eri­ can E aglehovers o’er. Ourciiizens need, there­ fore, have no fears, for the Subscribers, under the firm ol SHERW O O D & M A R S H , assure them that the splendid assortment o f Cloths, Cassimeres. Vestings, Cravats, Collars , Sus­ penders, Gloves, <j-c, which ibey purchased in New Y ork only a w eek since, lor cash too, (mintl ihai) h ave hrrived.and are safely shelved a t N o . G 4 J G e n e s e e - s t., one door east from Wyn­ koops’, up stairs; and ihat ihey are now ready and desirous to clothe the naked “from the crown o f ihe head to the sole ol the foul.” a g o o d d e n i c h e a p e r , and in a l i t t l e L e t t e r sty l e than can be done a t any other establish­ ment in town. The reason lor this is obvious. We do o n r work ourselves, and are not subjected to lhe call ol journeymen for w ages. Therefore, “ c o m e o n e , c o m e n i l , ” and give us one tri­ al f»r the result—and for the second trial w e have no fears. R e m e m b e r , one door below W ynkoops’. up stairs. GEORGE SHERW O O D , FR E D E R IC K M A R SH. N . B Particular attention paid to cutting g ar­ ments io be made by women. 21 QUGAR, TEAS, and GOFFEES 0 of ihe best qualities, cheapest in town, at the city cash store, at 96 Genesee si. Nov. 24. GULLIVER & SON. T WO GOOD FARMS FOR SALE, situate about one mile from Talcot’s Cor­ ners, in the town o f V enice, one containing 135 ACRES GOOD W H E A T LAND, the oiher containing 138 n c r e s v a l u a b le la u d . Said larm s are well timbered and well watered, w ith good buildings and a great varie­ ty o f firsi rate grafted fruit trees. Said (arms will be sold a t a bargain, either separately or oiherwise, lo suit purchasers; and a liberal credit will be given for a p a n ol the purchase money, if desired. Forlurther p articulars en- quire o f the subscriber n ear tbe premises, or ol Amzi Wood, E sq. in Seipio ISAAC BORDEN. . Venice, July 5th, 1845.—15tf. ¥ H O I I A S N O T F O U N D I T o u t that tlie Brtek Cash Store is the place to buy cheap G R O C E R IES, call this fall and be satisfied. H A L L fc CO. October, 1815. M cALISTER’S A L L -nEA L IN G Ointment, or the W orld’s Salve, a certain cure for lhe Head, Heart, and Back ache, w ar­ ranted genuine. For sale a t VA N A N D E N 'S , sign o f the Good S am aritan. No 5 G enesee si. T M. TW ISS W ISH E S TO AC- t! . quaint the inhabitants o f Cayuga C ouniy that he h as received by recent arrivals, large quantities of Dry Goods and Groceries at his store opposite the B ank o f A nburn. Oct. 22. riLO T H a n d FUR CAPS f o r s a l e VJ cheap a t the Oct. 22. N E W YORK CASH S T O R E . R i c h d r e s s s i l k s , a l s o a l - apachas, M. D elaines, S u sans. Rep D e co- peis, fcc. at the N E W Y O R K CASH S T O R E . FA M ILY G R O C E R I E S , O F all k inds a u d o f the best qualities, for sale cheap, by IRA CURTIS, S ta te st., A few tods south o f th e RailroadDepot. P OW D E R . BLASTING, Cannon and S p o rting P o w d er, constantly on hand, for sale, wholesale o r retail, tw o doors east of the A u b u rn H o u se, by H . W ILLSO N , Ag’tfor the A n b u rn . July 10.1843 M anufacturers given , to T A N N E R Y ! T A N N E R Y J J N is hereby Farm ers and others, that THOMAS D. FOSTER having again taken under his superintendence the T A N -YARD iormerly occupied by Gbabam & Bush, is now ready to continue his business of T anning, a s usual ; to TAN ON SHARES or by the Piece, to suit customers. All business entrusted to bis care will be promptly allended to, and all Hides Tanned a s soon as possible,’ without the aid o f H ot L iquor. Also, s CASH PAID FOR H ID E S AND S K INS. A,.—((.... r* r, .?,.*■ Aureliu--, Dec. 9, 1845. ■3i.tr. J U S T R E C E I V E D a l o t o f s p j,e n - did Boas and M ud’s, also a lot o f G entlemen’s Fur G loves and Collars, a t the Oct. 22 N E W YORK CASH S T O R E ’ Opposite the B ank o f A uburn. H E A R Y E ! H E A R Y E ! H E A R Y E ! A LL Invalids troubled with dyspepsia, h ead­ ache, loss o f appetite anijl spirits, disorder­ ed staie o f the liver and Its secretions, can be cured by the use o f STA R K W E A T H E R ’S H E P A T IC E L IX IR , a sure remedy. Call a t V a N ANDEN’S—the only agent—sign o f the ‘‘Good S a m a ritan,” N o 5 Genesee-sl. and try Tt bottle. i l g f TYTOVELTY W ORKS.- i \ The Subscriber, having re­ moved to the N e w F u r n a c e and M a c h in e S h o p on W ater street, directly opposite W atson’s Di'-lillery, will m anufacture and k » » a t all times on hand, a full assortm ent o f M ILL G E A R ING, Rtrtlrmid C ar Wheels, and axletrees fitted to order, from the latest improved patterns. BRASS CASTINGS. He will m anulaclure Steam Engines of all descriptions, lo order—and HYDROSTATIC OIL PRESSES, and all necessary machinery for Oil Mills. TH R E S H IN G M A C H INES, Ploughs, and all kinds o f casting, and turning and fining the same. Threshing M achines and other articles o f M a- chinery repaired in the best m anner, and on the shortest notice. Castings, warranted to be o f the best m ateri­ al, furnished at 4 cents p er ib. JOHN CURTIS. Auburn, August 12,1845—J.5 T)IA N O JL P IANO F O R T E M A N U F A C T O R Y , No. 78 Genesee-sl., Auburn, cheaper by one q u arter than Instrum e n ts o fthe same q u al­ ity, made in the eastern cities, in elegant R ose Wood and M ahogany Cases, w iih English and Boston Grand Action long Sound Board and Metallic Plates, w ith two and three P td als. Piano-Forte Teachers, A m ateurs and pur­ chasers, are respectfully invited lo call and e x ­ amine these fine toned Instrum ents, w hich are selling off at Great Bargains. Also TH E iEO L IA N FO R T E , or S eraphin, in different styles and at prices to suil llic times. He has also a fine selection ol Flutes, Accordions, G u itais, Violins, and Bass Viols, w ith Instruction Books o f all kinds and a large assortment of more than 6 0 0 different Valtzes and M arches, for ihe Piano Forte, v ery cheap at the M usic Ware-Room, No. 78 G enesee street. J. F E R C JVAL. N. B. Tuning and repairing done lo order. Old Piano Fories laken in exchange for new ones. Oct. 6 , 1845. p E O . GULLIVER & SOK, IIAVE \JT this day rec’d per R ailroad, a large assort­ ment of Broadcloths, Cassimeres. Satinetts, Sheeps Greys, Flannels o f all kinds, together with a general assortment of S taple and Fancy- Dry Goods, all o f which have been purchased since lhe close o f navigation. Consequently we can and will sell ihem from 10 to 15 per.- cent cheaper than ever offered in Auburn before. Dec. 22, 1845. m E C U T O R ’S SALE.—F or S a I k , P i that valuble F arm , tbe pioperty o f'the'late John K efth-tfeceased, o f the town o f F lem in g , Couniy o f C ayuga, containing two h u ndred.and twenty acres. Said (arm is under a good state of cultivation,, w ith good buildings and orchards. A further deseripiion is deemed unnecessary, as those wishing to purchase will view for them ­ selves. Said farm will be sold on the premises, on T hursday, the 5th d ay o f F ebruary, a t 10 o '­ clock on said day, when timconditions will be m ade known, and attendance given by ■ jE fcl-AS KERR,- ILEX A N D E R K E R R , Flem ing, Dec. 22d, 1845— 34w6 Exec. rn ilE C H E A P E S T LO T O F IN - _LDIA RUBBER O V E R S H O E S ever offered in this place, at H . W O O D R U FF’S New Store. ^ f U K E FALL STYLE O F r m ^ G e n t l e m e n s ’ H a t s , are nowJ^*» ready for the season\(1845 ,) which for lightness and- snperioriioy o f color cannot be surpassed, whicb. is a very iui porta nt p art of the H at, re­ taining lhe color u n til it is worn out. Also'sx general assortmeni o f M E N A N D BOYS OAFS, Buffalo R obes, Ladies Bluffs, Fur T rimmings, tec. L .V . K E Y E S . A u b u rn , Sept. 15ih, 1845. _______________ B A N D S ’ S A R S A P A R I L L A , F O R D ffie R em o v a l and1 P erm a n ent Cnre . o l a ll 'D iseases A rising from an Im ­ pure State o f the B lood , or H a b it o f ­ the System . ■- T h is Mediciue ts constantly p erform ing al­ m o st incredible cures o f disea-es arising from im p u rities o f the blood and general system. It has arrested and cured numerous cases ol scrof­ ulous.affections, diseases o f the skin, rheumatic gout, diseased liver, painful and dangerous en­ largement of the knee, elbow, and wrist joints chronic rheumatism, sore throat, chronic consul luuonat disorders, and various, other diseases arising front im p u re secretions. Tn thiaf preparaiion are strongly concentrated all ihe medicinal prope. ties of S arsaparilla, Com­ pounded with other valuable extracts, ihe w hole strength o f w hich is extracted on ah entirely netv principle. The great object desired is now ac­ complished, in the production o f a remedy pos­ sessing a controlling power over supposed h ith­ erto incurable diseases. A m ass o f the most overwhelming testimony could be brought forward, proving most conclu­ sively us inestimable value as an active and cu­ rative med cine. The following certificate, recently received, was addressed (o our agent iu Madison, G a.— The patient was greatly afflicted with Scrofula and M ercurial sores—had. tried various rem e­ dies without any benefit, and the afflicted are now invited lo read what he says in reference to Sands’ S a rsaparilla: Madison, G a., August 5, 1844. C. F . Hoffman, Esq.— D ear S ir: As 1 have derived so much benefit from the upe of Sands’ Sarsaparilla, I feel it a duly I owe lo the Com- muniiy to make the facts in my ease public. I was afflicted for four years with running sores and Iceiid ulcers on my lower extremities, and aiso suffered severely from m ercurial sores on oiher p a n s.of m y body, from lhe effects of blue pill arid other mercurials. I tried remedy after remedy, but they a 'l availed nothing, until I ob­ tained a bottle o f Sands’ S arsaparilla, which 1 found benefited me very much. I continued its use until 1 had taken 8 bottles, when 1 was per- feeily cured. Judging from my own case, 11 have reason to believe S ands’ S arsaparilla is the very best remedy for scrofula-and mercurial sotes there is : it entirely eradicates lhe poison from the system. After 4 years o f almost con­ tinual suffering, I now find myself a well man entirely recovered Yours Respectfully, W ILLIAM BANKS. The following interesting case is presented, and the reader invited lo its careful p erusal.— Comment on such evidence is unnecessary. - Nantucket, M ass., 8 th mo, 31.1841. A. B. & D. S a n d s—Esteemed Friends: Al­ though an entire stranger lo you, 1 do not feel the liberty any longer to deler the acknwledge- ment o f a great indebtedness lo you for your in­ valuable S arsaparilla, which has been the means under a kind Providence, o f my inexpressible relief. I am also urged to this acknowledgment by reflecting, that by my humble testimony, hundreds of sufferers, miserable as I have been, may be induced lo iry this remedy, and experi­ ence a c .re as speedy and happy as mine. For ten years I have been suffering under a Scrofu­ lous affection of ihe bones in my head, and du­ ring a great part o f this time, my pain and suf­ ferings were so severe, that but for a reliance on lhe Great Disposer o f events, I should h ave de­ sired, and much preferred death itself. At dif­ ferent periods during my sickness, twenty pie­ ces of bone have been taken from my head in various ways, besides all my upper teeih, and ihe enure upper ja\v, rendering ihe mastication ol food quite impossible, After expending about six hundred dollars lor medical aid, I had re­ course to your justly celebrated S arsaparilla, and within the last three months the use of twelve bottles has, with ihe most beneficial operation, completely arrested the disease; the healing process is going forward, and I am rapidly ap proaohing to a perfect cure. Being extremely anxious thai others laboring under ai in i lar com­ plaints, may have the advantage uf m y experi­ ence, I shall be happy at any time to communi­ cate to them or to you, such further and more tninuie particulars as may be desired. Please accept assurances o f m y gratelui obligation and regard. BENJAM IN M. H U S S E Y . Nantucket, 9ih mo, 3d, 1S44. A. B. & D. S ands—Respected F riends: Ben jam in M. Hussey is a person of perfect respect­ ability : his statement in relation to your S a rsa­ parilla upon him, may be implicitly relied upon. His case here is considered a very extraordinaty one, and the cure altogether is such as to enti­ tle the S arsaparilla to be ranked as a g reat bles­ sing to the human lamily, and we consider it as such. Yours with true regard. W ILLIAM M ITCH E L L Cashier ot the Pacific B ank, Nautucket. For further p articulars and conclusive e v l dence of its superior value and efficacy see pamphlets, which may be obtained of agents, gratis. Prepared and sold, wholesale and reiail, by A. B. & D SANDS, Druggists, 79 F u lton St., New Yoik. T. M. H U N T & RICHARD S T E E L , agents, Auburn. Sold also by Druggists generally throughout the Untied S tates. Price $1 per bottle ; six bot­ tles for So. The public are respectfully requested to re­ member that it is S ands’ S arsaparilla thai has & is constantly achieving such remarkable cures o f ihe most difficult class of diseases lo which ihe hum an frame is subject; therefore ask for S ands’ Sarsaparilla, and take no other. S7wl3 T j i A L L & W I N T E R F A S m m m J . FOR 1 8 4 5 -6) just received by VAN AK- D E N & K E Y E S ; M e r c h a n t T a i l o r s . Also a large snd fashionable assortm ent-of FA L L AND WINTJER G 0 0 D S , consisting in p a rt o f S u peirFrench a n d E nglish. Broadcloths and B eavers. ' , ' Super ilack F rench DoAsktns. A variei)\ o r checked, striped, and mixed C as­ sim eres. . Golden ifiixed Tweeds and Satinetts^ Fancy figuiedV elvetes, Valencias. Plain and figured S atins. M erino and white MartseiJIs V estings. Plain black and figured Italian, P o lk a and S a t i n C r a v a t s , l)e Jo’mviile Ties and Scarfs. Spitriefieid and Ponga Handkerchiefs. Suspendero of ail kinds. Gloves, C ravat Stiffeners. Shirts, Bosoms and Collars. READY-M A D E CLOTHING, such a s Over. Frock, D ress and Tweeds Coals. Cloaks, Pantaloons and Vests. , M erino Drawers and W rappers, fcc. tec., and (•O t h e r a r t i c l e s t o o n u m e r o u s t o m e n t i o n . We would invite all those w ishing to purchase any o f tbe above-mentioned Good s, to give us a gall. We do not declare w ar, o r burst any guns, for that w ould be expensive; nor do we employ a large assortm ent o f salesmen and Cutlers a t large salaries, io b e added to tbe profits of o n r Goods ; we attend to o u r own culling and sell­ ing, and that is the reason of o u r selling so cheap, and m aking such good fits. Garments o f every description cut, trimm ed and made in the most fashionable m anner, and warranted to fit. C L O T H S AN D TR IM M IN G S , furnished, cheap as the cheapest, to those who wish to get iheir garments made elsewhere. C u t ti n g o f G a r m e n ts attended lo on short notice. „ • Remember io call at N o . 3 7 G e n e s e e - s t.1, Auburn, 2 doors below C ayuga Co B ar.k. D. B. K E Y E S is Agent lor Jam es H . C hap­ pell’s F rench, E n g lish and Philadelphia R eports of F a sh io n s; also h is T ransfer System (or C ut­ ting Garments.adapted to any form or shape— price reduced from $25 to $15—Price o f R eports for one y ear, S3. A u b u rn , N ev. 5th, 1845.—27m3 TVTEW S H A W L S . — B R O C H E E Indoux Cashmere, A rn ju re and Stradilla Shawls just rec’d and for sale at N o v . 5, 1S45. 7 9 G E N E S E S T R E E T . M U F F S ! M U F F S 1 J M U F F S I ! ! A T N O . 101 G E N E S E E S T R E E T , j[l_ where m ay be Ibund the largest and cheap­ est assortment o f Muffs in town, and no mistake ! Call and see. A. T . C A R P E N T E R & SON. October 29th, 1845. N E W H A R D W A R E ! ! W A T R O U S & H Y D E H A V E R E - cently made and are now m aking additions to tlieir stock o f goods, and now offer for s a la more complete assortm e n t than ever, a t the L o w e s t P r i c e s , p articularly Housekeeping Articles in g re a t v a riety. Builders’H ardw are, consisting o f m any new and desirable articles. Farm e rs’ U tensils g enerally. Carpenters’ and Joiners’ T ools. Cabinet M akers’ H ardw are. M achinists’ and B lacksm iths’ T o o ls. Carriage M akers’ H ardw are. .RO N , S T E E L , N A ILS, G L A S S , S A S H . Mill, Crosscut and Circular S a w s . Common and Ditching S h o v e ls fc S p a d e s Brass a n d Iron W i r e . Sheet B ra ss—German S ilver. COOK AND PA R L O R STO V E S , u. ery great variety, at Wholesale and Re- COPPER, TIN AND SHEET IRON m a u f a c t u r e d g e n e r a l l y a n d to o r d e r . Sept. 21.1815. T 3 U F F A L O R O B E S . — A . T . C A R - JL) PE N T E R & SON have just received from the C ity, any quantily of Buffalo Robe*., w hich will be sold very cheap for cash. Oct. 29th, 1815. p A P S ! C A P S !! C A P S !!! — J ust VJ received and constantly making up, Caps of all the latest Fall and W inter fashions, at itu. Fashionable l i n t . C a p , a n d F u r S to r e . Oct. 29th. A. T. CA R P E N T E R & SON. A L M O S T E V E R Y T H I N G t h a t XJL. is wanted in the way of Fancy and Staple Dry Goods mav be found at the N E W YORK C A SH STORE, Opposite the.Bank o f Auburn, and a few doors below the A m erican Hniel. Ladies call and see. Auburn, Oct. 22, 1S45 M E D I C I N E S — JA. The unprecedented confidence reposed in these medicines by Physicians in New Yoik, as well a s the country over, and by all who have used them, w arrants the Proprietors in commending ihem to the citizens ot Cayuga, as their only FA M ILY REM E D IES. Wiih these medicines, ami the pamphlets accompany ■ ing Ihem, any family m ay dispense with P h y­ sicians m nineteen cases out o f twenty, if not in ninety-nine out o f one hundred. There is scarcely a complaint- inward or o u t­ ward, thai is not readily removed by an appro­ priate use ol these remedies. The Pamphlets give full directions. W here the medicines are properly used, and satis faction is not given, the money will be returned. [ET’For safe by QUICK fc H A L L , Genera Agents, Auburn ; also by Jonas Brown, H. G Van Anden, H . G. Fowler, N. J . Siiies, IL R , Garhck, Ira Curtis, E . H. G rool, H . Willson Richard S teel, and M r. T odd, A uburn ; Chas Avery Ledyard ; L ewis Seymour, Northville P. F rench. Ludlowviile ; Green fc G raham, Bor Byron; W m . S m ith Ingham, C alo; H u n ter fc Co. Sterling ; and by others throughout the coun ty and Union. T O P U R C H A S E R S o f C A R P E T S - _L Who Manufacture* tbe best Carpeisf — Hotchkiss & Smith’s Carpeting took tiie first Premium at the Slate F a ir. Their C arpets are made for the Auburn Retail tiade, and the q u al­ ity will commend itself to those who exam ine. And the Prices —who that has looked al C arpets lately, have not found out that w e have reduced the prices from 15 to 20 per cent. Purchasers will find these C arpets at the Brick Cash Store, just below C ay. Co., B ank. Ociober, 1845. H A L L & CO. A U B U R N H A R D W A R E S T O R E . JA The subscribers have purchased the stock of goods recently belonging to M essrs. C. T FERRIS & CO., and design lo 'continue the Hardware B usiness in all iis branches, upon ns good terms as any establishm ent in this 'sec­ tion o f W estern New York. They have on hand a good assorim ent o f all such goods a s a re generally found uv sim ilar concerns, among which may be h ad Russia, Swedes, and E n g lish Bar Iron. American Bar Iron. Efiglish Refined do.' Band,- Slake and Scroll Iron. - Slit, Horse Shoe and' Swedged do. Spike' and Nail R ods, w ith all the varied sizes of small Iron. Cast Steel. English E lister do. German, American and spring Steel. Also, Nails, Spikes, P itch. O alcutn. Anvils, YicV) Shret Lead, Sheet Zinc, Block T-iftySlab Zinc, L ead Pipe- Brass Kettles, Pum ps. Sheei Iron, T in , C opper. Mill. Croas Cut and Tenond Saws. Carpenters' and Joiners’ T ools. Sash, W indow Glass, Cordage, fc c , together with a very g en eral stock o f S H E L F GOODS, embracing a variety o f siyles o f Door T rim m in gs, B utts, B olts, Screws. Table and Pocket C utlery. Chisels, Gouges, F iles, R asps, tec. tec. They will also keep, P A IN T S , OILS and T a r pentine, such as W hite L ead, d ry and g ro u n d . ’ French Yellow, V enetian B ed, R e d L ead- Chrome Y ellow, C hrome Green. Perm anent G reen, Im p erial do. P a ris do. Paris W hite, W hiting. The subscribers w ill also h a v e for sale, BUCK’S Improved H O T A IR COOK S T O V E , and the celebrated cook stove, known as the EA G L E , or D U R K E E STO V E ; with the im­ proved Air-light, improved Yankee, improved Premium, P a rlor Cook Stove, C urtis’ Stove, and m any other b in d s; also a v ariety of styles of cost and sheet iron Air-tight and common Par­ lor Stoves. Plate Stoves o f a ll sizes, from 50 to 500 pounds. T ill) C o p p er a n d S h e e t I r o n W a r e m anufactured to order. The subscribers will aim lo keep their a s­ sortment at all tim es full, especially o f Iron, and will fam ish all articles in tbeir line upon the most reasonable term s ; in. consideration o which they very e 4 fnestly solicit a due shate o patronage. 3 . M, HORTON fc CO. Nov 19. 58 B each’s B lock, Auburn, S P L E N D I D S T Y L E S o f s i l k a n d Velvet Cravats for L adies and Gentlemen, at the N E W YORK CASH S T O R E , Oct. 22. Opposite the B ank o f A ubnrn. TNDIA _L a t the Jan 13. R U B B E R S R E P A I R E D ) N E W YORK SH O E STORE, 121 G enesee-st. Auburn M u s h r o o m c a t s u p .— a s u - periof article of Mushroom Catsup te Pep­ per Sauce, can be had a t V A N A N D E N ’S , sign the.Good S am aritan, No. 5 Genesee stieet.\ J W . H A I G H T HAS REMOVED HIS . jew e lry Store lo No. 57 Genesee st.—A. Jl u u g er’s old stand, and h as received a large and splendid assortment o f , Gold and Silver 'Watclies) Silver Spoons a n d T able F o rks, Gold Spectacle® and Pencils, a large assortment of Jewelry, E n g lish and American Britania ware. S ilver-plated Candlesticks, Snuffers & T rays, P lated and B n taniaCasrors, Soiar, H all and C am p h eneLam p s and a variety o f o th e r articles a ll o f the latest patterns, which he will sell as cheap a s ean be purchased in any Store in the S tate. Please call and examine. A u b u rn , June 24th, 1845. T A W O F F I C E .— J . R . H O W , A t - I 1 TO R K Z V AND C o O » S E I .W ) R A T L a w , N o . 96 Genesee-st., (Exchange Buildings.) direp ly in front of the Journal Office C ount ng Room.

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