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Auburn journal and advertiser. (Auburn, Cayuga Co., N.Y.) 1834-1848, May 28, 1845, Image 3

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T e m p e r a n c e M e e t i n g ■ \ t the Town (lull, ou FriJay evening oi cncli Week d a B A C R I* . * xetik- Auburn May y t Tr. T •» lliliutis, Remittent, a»u -- b<;ru*s, Hnguar. giddtnc^ , tb S ^ n of the stuirtuiih, and other on- pl^Vri\ht’s7n^Ulan'Vegetable Pitts are one o f the best medi- (...ies in ti.e world tor the cure of 1*1 . . f.o.n the body those morbid huniors which are the cause ot every maladv incident to man. In all cases; o f fever from lour to eight o f W right’s Indian -Vegetable Pills should be take., every night, or, if the symptom* are violent, night and morning. This nlnn, if properly curried out, will, in a short tim e, subdue the most violent attacks of fever s at the same time the digestive .weans will be restored to a healthy tone, and the blood so completely purified, that levers. tis 'v ^ every other disease, will be driven from the body, and 1 . and vigor will be given to the whole frame. tf jn. Beioare o f G o im ter/eits.-T h e public are respeetlaiiv m formed that medicine p urport.ngto be n ^ in OIl^Y,securi.tv(g^pin^'on7^*Kuce*slrcc^!ll*biI,ade^pldcu and ask for U n S k V , Indian V eseiah ieP .lIs.o f a l, 3ug„ c ^ ^ i f i s . c o A g c u t a T A D I E S ’ S A L O O N . T h e t i n d e r * I J S I G N E D respectfully inform tile Ladies of Auburn that they have opened a Saloon oil Exchange-st., (2nd door from Genesee) where will be found, Creams of every variety, Fruil, other Fevers generally begin with j Lemonade, Candies, Cakes. &c. tec. Also, Par- * * ‘ -------- —c ‘t*es at|Cj jjajijs supplied at short notice with Creams, Pl.iin and O rnam ental Cakes, Pyra­ mids of all sizes and prices, Charlotte Ruse, f Favors, because they purgo \ plane ftlange, Jellies, tec. tec. W e return our sincere thanks for past favors during the last season, and trust by strict attention to orders ojven us to receive a'continuance of former p at­ ronage L a N G H A M A G ILBER T . Auburn, May 28, 1845. _____ N .B . Beware c nisenscij introduced by some obstruction in the abdomi­ nal viscera, or an inactive state of the liver, causing aeranged secretions; die Mood is then rendered impure, unbe.ilthvbde is thrown out, indigestion or dyspc|.sia mimed.atelv follows, the whole system partakes through the medium: o f 5J “ K thetic action', aud the patient immediately sinks beneath l i accumulating suffering. To.remove these disorders, a rem edv has been sought after and discovered, which has been used in thousands of cases, patronised and sanctioned by the highest authority. Sands’s Sarsaparilla will rem ote and of fectually cure diseases originating from obstructions, unlieol- thv action, irregular evacuations, retained perspiration, te- mitle derangements, cutaneous eruptions and various other diseases to which the human system is huble. . ......... For further particulars, and conclusive evidence ot its su perior value an.l efficacy, see pamphlets, which may be o - tained o f n^cnt-! gratis ,< • a ti c \ v n ^ Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, by A. B SAALRJ & C o , Dru-eists and Climnists. 2 .3 Broadway, h e w York. Price s i per bottle ; six bottles for So- K T F o r sale by KICiJAKU ST E E L and 1 . M. ULiNI, Agents, A u b u rn_______________________ rrv-Consumptive Header ! remember th is! In co]ds and coughs, which arc the fust symptoms of Consumption, the Hungarian Balsam is the most pleasant and efficacious rem- edv that can possibly be used. In cases of Iullamation oi the Lungs, it possesses a wonderfully healing and renovating power. In confirmed Consumption, it 1ms been used witn perfect and triumphant success, where the most eminent phy­ sicians had given up all hope as vain. It is exceeding y pleasant and agreeable to the taste, and entirely safe and salutary in its clfect* upon the system. . Pamphlets respecting this great English Remedy may W had gratis of T . M. HUNT, only Agent m Auburn, and of Agents throughout the county. H A Y U G A C O . A G R I C U L T U R A L 17 S O C I E T Y . An adjourned meeting o f the Officers o f the Cayuga Co Agricultural Society will be held ai the W estern Exchange, in Au­ burn, on Saturday, ihe 7th of June next, at 12 o’clock noon. A punctual altendance is request­ ed, as business o f importance will be presented. By order, E . W. B A T E M A N , Pres’t. 1 n n n n n l b s . w o o l w a n t e d , 1 U U ? U I / U at G U L L I V E R ’S C I T Y CASH STORE, for which C L O T H S will be exchanged on such terms thht the Parm e r will realize from 15 to 25 per cent more than by disposing of it in any other way. Mav 28. G. GULLIVER & SON. ' 1 r - ' u T H E N E W G O O D S h a v e c o m e , a t t h e C a s h S t o r e , 8 3 G e n e s e e - s t . D . Gs S T E W A R T is now receiving his Spring assortm ent of D R Y G O O D S & G R O C E R I E S , which have been selected wilh much care, and will be offered io the public at such prices as as will induce those who wish to purchase for cask, io call and examine ihe prices and quali­ ties before purchasing elsewhere. H is slock is large and extensive, a n d pledging himself not to be undersold by any store in lawn. Among which m a i^ye found a very rich and desirable style ot fnflPbrines, Primed Lawns, Jackoneits, Parasols, Parasoletts, Shades, Ptirfts from 6d. lo Is. 6d. pr yd. Teas—a superior quality of H y ­ son Skitt at 2s. fid. and almost every article usually wanted at this season of tlie year. Auburn. April 2 3 ,1845.—52wS R e m o v a l , a n d r e d u c t i o n OF PR IC E S . D O C T , C» A . H Y D E respectfully tenders his thanks to the citizens of Aubnrn and vicinity, and to his friends gen­ erally, for their patronage during the last five years, and would inform them that he has re­ moved to the former residence o f M r. J. G. Isham , on South Street, (directly opposite the 2d Presbyterian Church,) where be wiH be ready at all times -to attend to business in the profes­ sion of S .-tgery and Medicine. He flatters him self from the care arid atteti- . — -------- tion with which he has studied the nature and R'hbons, Florence, Braid and Straw Bonnets, N O T I C E . T H E SUBSCRIBER keeps H OR S E S AND CARRIAGES lo let ; and as a general moving among the “ Harmoni­ ous Democracy” is lo take place immediately, he would be happy to move those out, who now intend to retire to thetrcountry s c a ts ; and a t the same time, to move those in, who expect >o take their places. S T E P H E N S. AUSTIN. N . B. The “ Slate” will be removed in a few' days. S. S. A. A u b urn, April 30, 1845. 52 T H E C H E A P E S T C A S H S T O R E IN T O W N —N o . 3 0 G e n e s e e * S t. J W. STURTEV A NT, o f the late firm of • Slur-tevant te and Stgbhins, has just pur­ chased fo r r ask, an entire new stock of Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, among which you can find Rich Bama-dc Silk Shawls, black and colored. New style Brocha do. Barege and JHuslin de Lane do. Super black Thibet Wool do. for mourning. Gingham Muslins and Gingham Lawns, Or- gando and Manchester Ginghams, Muslin de Lanes, Cashmeres, Primed Bareges, Balzarines, Marquise Cloths, a new article of Mourning Goods, Parasols, Sun Shades, Parasolettes, Thread Laces, striped, plaid and plain Muslins, Snrsenett Cambrics, Lawns, Swiss and Book Muslins, Irish Linens and Linen Cambrics, characteristic phenomena of diseases incident to this* climate, for upwards of fifteen years, to­ gether with his recent ad v a n tag e of altendance at the Eye and E a r Infirm ary Hospitals, Medi­ cal Lectures, and Chniques in New York and -Philadelphia, that he shall merit a continuance of their favors. H e has during his absence, provided himsell with Surgical instrum ents of the most improved kinds ; and all operations will be performed by him in the most approved, skilful and scientific manner, and a t prices much less than have been custom ary with the profession generally ; and he pledges him self that all his charges shall be as reasonable a s other Physicians o f respectable standing a n d a ttainm ents. C. A. H YD E , M. D. A u b u rn, M ay 7,1845.—ltf pain, W E L C H , M A N N & D E L A Y A N ’S j Extensive N A T I O N A L C I R C U S , late of the Park Theatre, New York, and N a ­ uru free from tional Theatie, Philadelphia, consisting of the Iits jle >%*t? me iii’nuuy tt«•-* * j-- a j • •••«■» • j tt how little fill wo think ofthose who are around us' j finest selection ol highly trained Hanoverian \Whi we are healthy ami strong, enjoy w, [?at anything thut would (and that we see daily) ready to grasp lioal an ..fleeted lung or liver, little thinking that we our­ selves may bo thus situated in a very brief space of time. Should we n-t then endc.nor to aid a follow mortal in seek­ ing something that will relieve. We say to them, try the Health Restorative, and be cured. tpittinaof BI.I ill is a very serious symptom and a common attendanf uoo'i consumption, nlthough it often follows cases of severe i-'nld. whore the lungs have been affected, and n-eds in -iiiv c m prompt attention. Various means have been devised to cheek it, but nono have ever sucsecded so well as Dr. H. B. Folger's Olosaoninn or All-1 lealmg Bal­ sam, which li-is a- ted as a complete antidote. While it al­ lays any hemorrliag ■ from the lungs, it has also a tendency to promote expectoration, and give ease to the pain in the chest and side, enabling the patient to sleep quietly, mid pro- * a remarkable degree healthy action in all parts of It has now been in use many years, and lias inotini the system anti Arabian Horses, anti largest and most po­ pular company of Equestrians in the United States. The celebrated N E W YORK BRASS BAND will precede the Cavalcade ol Equestrians, on entering tbe town, in a magnificent carriage drawn by 8 splendid Cream matched Horses. For particulars see Bills at the Hotels. T o b e e x h i b i t e d In A u b u r n o n T U E S ­ D A Y A f t e r n o o n , J u n e 3 , f o r o n e d a y o n l y . Doors open at 2 o’clock,—commence at 2 P M. Q I I O E S ! S H O E S ! F r e n c h S l i p s , O thick and thin soled Buskins, Children’s Gaiter Boots and Cacks, ot the new styles and very cheap by GRISWOLD & CO., April 29, 18-15. 89 iGenesee-st. T N O T H E R A R R I V A L . T h e I I - J j l lustrated Pictorial Times. The Mysteries of London, new supply. Sketches of Decepttion, Imposition and Credu­ lity. Solon Grind or the Thunderstrnck Hypocrite. Slapps Prisoner of Perote. Roiael, or the twice condemned by Ingraham , and many others at 1V1S0NS’ Bookstore. stood the test o f expcrienre. never having 'failed in a single | J [ a y . e whete remedies could be o f any avail.* VVe have wit- I 2 9 th r r i H E Y ’V E F O U N D I T O U T — t h e ______ _L people have—that H . IV O O D R L F F is £ 7 “ A dmission only 25 cents, to all parts of i securing his Spring supply, and it seems so the House. generally known that it does a p p ear to be en- This unrivalled establishment will exhibit | tirely useless lo put an_advertisement to that their performances at Ithncaon the 27th of ii j-setl its effects, and heen personally acquainted n-iiii many who have been rureil by its use, and attribute their enjoy­ ment of health to its virtues. But wher* serious symptont* like the above mentioned, occur, do not delay—use the rem­ edy at once. . , , T. M. HUNT, ami RiniAIlD STEEL, Agents, Auburn M A R R I E D . On tbe 20th inst., by the Rev. E . Barber, M r. J ohn Rica.vr.DSON, to .Ui--s S arah E \ a W iser , daughter of Mr. Henry Y awger, all of Spring- port. Ai Lyme, Conn , on the lU h , by Rev. D. S. Brainard, H . B. N oyes , of E lm ira, N. Y., to S arah A. L. Hoi.nr.EDUE.'of the^foriner place. In Sennett, on the 21st inst.. by Rev. Charles Anderson, M r. S terling E W edster , of Sen- nett, to Miss J i ' lia S toddard , of Middletown, Vermont. B y e x p r e s s , e x t r a t r a i n . Jusi rec’d IVesh from the City, a n e w lot of Leghorn Hats of entirely new styles. Also, on •the road, (or on the Canal we should say) which will ariive Ihis week, some New Styles Goods for Ladies’ Dresses, together wilh some very pretty Mourning Goods. Ladies, please call and see for yourselves at J. S. 13 A R T L E T T & CO'Si May 27. No. 7S Genesee-st. Auburn. TY T E W B O O K S a / jc w y n k o o p s *. J_\ Poems by Mrs. Mary Noel Ale Donald. Barnes’ Notes on Ephesians, Piiilliptans and Colossians. Anthon’s System of Latin Versification in a series of Progressive Exercises’. J I a r p e r ’ss P i c t o r i a l O ib le7 N o 2 7 , 2 s . “ “ Shakespeare, Nos. 51 Ac 52. Oopelind’s Medical Diouwnrv. pari 7, -is. The Blind Girl, bv Em m a C. Em bury. Mincl Amnng.-i S p i n d l e s , new supply. H illock anil B ryanl’s Poems, do The Columbian, G raham's M a jjaz;nef and Lady’s B- tik for Juno. F o r sole a t the Cheap Cash R o n k sinropiext door b-low the Post olliee on the comer. ** ’ Slav 28. i s 1.5. Ludlowville, the 28.h ; Groton Hollow, Coriland, the 30ih ; Tully, ihe 3 1 s t; Skaneateies, the 2d of June ; Auburn, the 3d ; Port Byron, the 4th; Jordan, the 5th ; Nine Mile Creek, the 6th ; and Syracuse, the 7th. 1 8 4 5 . 1 8 4 5 . J . W . W T U R T E - at 39 G e u e s e e ~ s t. a 1\TE W G O O D S . i \ V A N T has rec’d new and extensive assortment of D R Y G O O D S , of the latest Summer Styles, and He Would call your altention to his assortment of Rich P rinted Balzorines, and Bareges do do Lace Muslins and Lawns, do do Paris Jaconets aud M. d ’Laines. do do Plaid d’Laines, new style. Black Bombazines, Balzorines, Marquise ’Cloths, and d’Laines. Black and Blue Clack Gro de Suisse, Gro de Rhine, and Matteoni Silks. Rich fig'll Brocade & strip’d Camcleon Silks. Plaid MuMm and Ginghams. Jaconet Muslins. Lawns and Cambrics. Also, Rich fig’d and striped Hat and Cap Ribbons, in great varieiy. English Straw and Florence Braid Bonnets. Neapolitan Lace, Brilliant Ai Rntl’d S traw do. Parasols. Parasolettes Ai Sun Shades. Also, Rich Cashmere and Brocha. Shawls. Plain and Emhruiderr.l Barege do. Thibet Wool. Stradilla, ami Brocade Silk do. Striped anti Plain d’Laine do. Also, BROADCLOTHS, CASSIAIEKES, Satinets, Tweeds Cloths, Vesting-, and Summer Stufis. 1.000 ps. PR IN T S ,of overy description,—to- ge^ier with a full assortment of all the various small items wanted. Auburn, May 28, 1815. A F I R S T R A T E ~ N E W A M I L ( II C O W W A N T ­ ED . Apply at this office. ,\ U B U R N I R O N S T O R E , N o . 9 2 _ A G E N E S E E -bT .—I have now on hand a very extensive assortment of IR O N A N D S T E E L , comprising every variety wanted by the Black smith, Carriage M aker or M achinist, which I will sell on the most reasuuabie terms, and I invite all u>ing Iron to examine my assortment before they purchase, as they will find it to their interest io do so. Al-o H A R D W A R E , of every description. Joiner’s and Carpenters' Tools. House Trimmings, a very large assortment. Nails, Horse Shoes, Anvils, Vices, Axes. Window Sash, Glass, Pully. Hoes, Shovels, Spades. Brass Ketiles, Circular Saws. Brass Ox Tips, Garden Rakes. Also, Farm ing Tools for Haying and H arvesting. Larnpson’s best patent Scythe Snaths. Miller’s, Harris’s, and Wadsworth’s Scythes Cradles, Ralces. Riflps Reynolds’ ami n in e ’s Forks. (luinnebiii*; Scythe Stones. M tgog and Indian Fond do. Sickles, tec. And many other u.selul articles which I intend to sell as low as at any establishment in Aubnrn. N. B. N A I L S , a good article, ( a verj. little 1-U'ty,) a t § 5 a Iccg. May 25. ________________ I. F. T E R R IL L . IMPORTANT. B. FOSGATE’S A N O D Y N E C O R D I A L , a safe aud el- leclu.il remedv lor S U M M E R C O M P L A I N T S , viz: Diarrhoea and Cholera Morbus ; also, F lat­ ulent anil Spasmodic Cholics. This invaluable Medicine for the above com* plaints, surpasses any other remedy now in use. Hundreds of cases have come lo the knowledge of the proprietor, where a speedy cure has been effected by the use of the Cordial, after a resort to the common remedies had proved u n availing. It has been extensively used throughout this State and elsewhere, for many years—has been approved, arid is used in practice by a great number of the most respectable physicians, as effect in the papers. Still it seems to be the custom, and therefore let tlie custom be held sacred. We believe in keeping sood customs. W e be. lieve in keeping good customers, too, and that is the reason why we sell goods cheap—not but what t h a t seems very generally kown, but it seems the custom to say so and therefore let the custom be held sacred. There is another thing customary, and that is for M erchants when they receive a new sup­ ply to treat their customers (through ihe papers) to a dish of most A stoxishino Devxlopements ! S tartling I ncidents ! and dire Explosions, which echo and reverberate like distant thunder or any thing a great way off, which don’t effect us about here. ’Tis the lightnings flash that kills, and although we have no arrangement wuh an “ E xperienced hand’’ in New York, who probably knows no more about the tasle of cus­ tomers in ihe imerior than a Kangaroo does of the tastes of a Rhinoceros, yet we make out to get goods ihat sell about as w e ll; and perhaps it is because a long and direct acquaintance wilh the tastes of our ciutom ers enable us to select goods about as well as a stranger could do it. But tins is becoming ledious—to the wri­ ter I mean, and not to the reader—therefore, I’ll close, as the man-trap said when) it caught a thief by the heel. Call and we’ll try and wait on you at No. 7T . Broadcloths, Cassimeres, and Vestings, Fancy Cravats, &c. &c. Also 1000 pieces Prints of every description. In short, the best assortment of desirable and Fashionable Dry Good in Auburn, can be found one door east of Cayuga County Battle, all of which will be sold cheaper than can be pur­ chased at any other establishment in this County. April 22d, 1845. B r i c i c c a s h s t o r e a d v e r t i s e ­ m e n t OF SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. 1 8 4 5 .— We like to patroniie the Printers, also to le* customers know we are not behind hand in the market. We are now receiv­ ing our new slock of Goods—all the new and rich Goods for the Ladies, in abundance. M a­ ny new and rich styles for G E N T L E M E N ’S AND BOYS’ W E A R , for Coats, Pants and V ests—Cloths and Cassi­ meres very cheap. GROCERIES AND CROCKERY, a new stock, at onr usual low prices. We also keep CARPETING. Purchasers of that article are informed that there is more than one place to buy. Carpels made by Hotchkiss te Smith, of Auburn, for our retail trade, w arrant­ ed good color and goods, at reduced prices April 20, 1815. GOSS te HALL. may be seen by their certificates and recommen dattons accompanying each bottle. This medicine is discovered to be a certain and _ effectual remedy lbr the intestine diseases, pro- ed French Kill ohppers, Silk, Linen, and Col ] \ T E W S P R I N G G O O D S . E D - 1 \ W A R D IV I S O N , 8 7 Beach’s Block. Auburn, New York, would respectfully invite the attention of persons wishing 10 purchase Goods Cheap, to call and examine his large and splendid assortment of Fancy and Staple Dry Goods, which can nnd will be sold as cheap as at any Store in the place, and on the moat rea sonable terms. H aving taken particular p u n s in ihe purchase of his Goods, he feels confident of suiting those who may favor him wuh a call, both a s to quality, quantity and price. His sioek consists in part of the following a r ­ ticles : Black, Blue, London, Golden and Olive Brown, Invisible, Boule and Olive Green. Ca­ det, Oxford, and Steel Mixed Claret, Mulberry, Violet, Light and d ark Drab Broadcloths’. Cassi­ meres and Satinets, Plain and Fanry Vestings, in great v ariety. F lannels ol all colors and quali­ ties, Table Diaper, Damask and Linen Table Covers, Irish Linens. Russia Diapers. French, English, and American Prints—dark and light Ginghams, Black, White, and drab Brocha Shawls, Black Lace, W hile and Green Gauze and Berage Veils. Silk and Cotton Velvets. A large assortm ent of Dress Handkerchiefs and Ladies’ Cravats, colored Cam bricks, Paper M uslins—Thread and Bobinet Edgings, French Worked Collars, plain nnd figured Silks, lml- ian, Gro de Swiss, Sinchew S&rsnct, Florence. S.uin Levantine, and oilier desirable and rich Silks, I»ndies* and Misses black and light color- P R I S O N C L O T H I N G S T O R E . — JC The BARGAINS we are giving in CLOTH­ ING, and the stream s which pour out from our establishment, making rich as they go, tell won­ derful stories in our favor, and tlie majority are convinced that it is lar heller to buy their Clothing Ready M ade. Many conclude from our low prices that we mu-a get our Cloths, as well as our Labor, at very low r a t 's . This P R I S O N M O N O P O L Y , the monopoly of good articles and low prices, is a benefit to all, and what all like ; and although the few dealers may rave about Convict Labor, and Monopoly, still purchasers will go where they can buy the cheapest and best. This ex­ plains ihe secret of the great rush for OUR CLOTI-ilNG—such a continual demand that our three Cutters and eight Salesmen find il diili- cull to serve all. W hy do good judges, a fter exam ining tjie Al­ bany and Rochester Haarke's, buy of us? W hy do we number our Customers Irom one to one hundred miles aroUnd us? The quality and prices must answer. We can give the choide of IOOO Coats, of almost eVery style & price. 5 0 0 pairs Famaloons, do do 5 0 0 Vests, do do Well and fashionably made up, not simply to sell, but for service that “ mice a customer a l­ ways a customer’’ may be true with us. Orders from a distance promptly exedllled, a Fit ensured, and dame Fashion carefully Con­ sulted, unless the customer says beWarB. Call and see. F . L. GRISW O L D te CO.. May 12. 89 Genesee st. T H E C A N A L IS A G A I N O P E N , B Y which we shall teeeive a very large Slock of Goods, among which are Goods for L a ­ dies’ Dresses, Rich in Style—more beautiful in texture—“and last, though not least,” (Cheaper in Price,) than any otherof the kind ever beiore sold m this County. W e h ave received by Rail Road a few sim p les of our Goods and -Dress Shawls, which we shall be happy to exhibit to those who may favor us with a call. At the same lime we would say to our Tea Customers, that we have not forgouen them, as wc bought a few Chests of that good 2s. te fid. Tea, & 4s. O. Hyson Tea, just to keep up our stock until the whole lot arrives, which will be in less than a week hence. Call and see if we speak the truth. J. S. BA R T L E T T & CO. 78 Genesee st. Auburn. NEW YORK AD V’TS, N E W S P R I N G G O O D S . J U S T received at JNO. E . BEA R DSLEY ’S, 7 0 Genesee st. Auburn, a choree assortment of N E W SPRING GtJODS, o! the most desirable patterns, which w iil-b e s o l d C h e a p . All who wish to p urchase will find it to their advantage to call and select from the va­ riety received. Among the various goods will be found Rich Grenadine Silks o f -every pattern, (a new article for Dresses.) Rich Repd M. D’Laine, do, “ Lawn and Broche Ginghams. New style Balzorine afid Berages. Drab Moreen, Grass and Corded Skins, Cra­ vats, Shawls and French Collars. Don’t forget 7 9 G e n e s e e s t i , at the Prison Carpet W arehouse. N .B . ALVA SEYM O U R , (formerly employ­ ed b y G. V. O rton ,) takes this opportunity to inform his friends and acquaintances, that lie will be found at the aboVe-place, and would be happy to see them.—Auburn, April, 1845 L I F E j V E R S U S D E A T H . I T is surprising that man, reasoning man, will suffer him self to be duped by the thousand and one quack nostrums of the day, so widely advertised in the papers as curing “ all the ills that flesh is heir to.” To believe what they set forth, you might think we need never die Now this is all gammon and not to Be relied upon. If you want good medicines, something that will prolong Life and its enjoyments, (not forever) call at VAN A ND E N ’S, sign of ihe “ Good Sa­ m aritan,” No. 5, Genesee-st. He has a large supply of genuine Patent Medicines, as well as every thing else in the Druggist line. T O C O A C H M A K E R S . \V/fOUR attention is invited to the following ar- i tides, manufactured by J. te R . WARD, and lor sale at their Agency, m W ATER ST., N E W YORK, by a . IU. GO R U M , N. Y. Ageqt T o p Leather, Dash do., Grain do., Step do. Japanned Cloth, for Coach Curtains. Jajja-nued Moleskin, for Carriage Dashes. Railing Leather, Lining do.. Skirting do.. Enamelled do. Likewise an assortment of F a n c y Colored Patent Leather. TO SHOE M ANUFACTURERS. Japanned O a l 'f S k i n s , warranted in elrery respect equal to the best imported, and 3 0 per cent less prices. CAP M AKERS Can procure a complete assortment of all kinds of TRIMMINGS used i;i the manufacture of Caps, namely, Fronts, Straps, Tips, Braids, Skivers. Japanned Silk fur Cap Covers. do M uslin, for Siorm Caps. OILED SILIC, o f a superior q u ality. Linings, Gimps, Tassels, Buttons, tec tec. At 1 7 2 W ater st. N. Y . Up Stairs. 50w7 L O O K A T T H I S A ND call at 109 Genesee st. The subscriber is now receiving a very large stock of GROCERIES, CROCKERY, WOODEN AND W ILLOW W A R E , FISH of various kinds, tec., tec., which he offers at reduced prices. R. C. S T E E L E . S T A T E P R I S O N . T H E subscriber will pay cash for POTA­ TOES, delivered at the State Prison. C. S. BEA R DSLEY. AubUrn, April 15th, 1845. of the waiers of the rivers in southwestern States, which ducf-d by drinkin the southern and renders it of inestimable value to those who re* side or travel in those sectuus of the country. N.*B. To secure the public against deception, ihe exernal label of each bottle is secured by a copy right, which was entered (according to act of Congress) in ihe Northern District of New* Yoilc, on the 9th day of November, Anno Dom­ ini, 1810. A fac simile of the proprietor’s signalure will be found or, the outer label of each bottle’, if genuine. Price, 3 L cts. M ' l y i Y G O O D S ! D R Y G O O D S ! ! J ) DRY GOODS ! Wholesale and Retail at the C I T Y C A S I I S T O R E . The su’iM-rthers, having opened a Siore in the Northwest Corner of the EXCHANGE BLOCK, one door east of ihe Western Exchange Hotel, arc no v prepared to ofl'er one of the lar­ gest, best selected, and cheapest stock of D R Y G O O D S ever brought into this market. It comprises all the late styles of recent importations, among which will bt> found, Balzorines, Freuch and Syrian Lawns. Printed Muslins and Mulls, trom Is 9d. to 3s. 6d. per yd. Eloines, Cashmeres and De Lames, from Is. to 3s. fid. per yd. Plain and Figured Dress and Bonnet Silks, at New York Wholesale Trices. Foulard Silks, yd. wide, 3s. ‘-’0 pieces new style Ginghams, fjom Is. to 2.s. 6d. Cozzens, Coch-.co, and Merrimack Prints, from 0 cts. to Is. 9d. Silk. Brocha, Barege, Plain and Embroidered Mouslin de Laine Shawls. H eavy Bl’k Selvage Gro de Rhine for Scarfs. A large lot of beautiful Bonnet te CaD Ribbons. Tuscan, Florence and Straw Hats. Lined Laces, from Is. fid. to fis. per yd. Cap Laces from 5 c ts. lo 4s. Cotton Edgings, Irom 1 ct. to 6 cts. per yd. Irish and Russia Linens. Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs, from 9d. to Ss. Grass Linen Skirts, from Ss. to 11s. Ladies Cravats from 9 1. to 4s. Gentlemen’s Silk and Satin Scarfs te Cravats. Brown and Bleached Sheetings, from 5 cts. to Is. 6d. per yd. And a large assortment of CLOTHS, CASSI­ M E R E S , SA T INE TS, te SUM M E R STU F F S kept constantly on hand. Our arrangem ents are such that we receive the Summ er Styles of Goods as ihey a rrive in the New York m a r k e t; and a long experience in the wholesale business, enables us to pur­ chase so low that we do not hesitate to offer our Goods a t prices which will del'v competition. G. GULLIVER & SON. X B. A large supply of PED L A R S ’ A R T I­ CLES, at New York Jobbers’ prices, kept con­ stantly on hand. G. G. & SON. Auburn, May 2^, P I S . O I I T G A G E S A L E . — J a x e s M e A L L E S T E U hath duly mortgaged to Stephen Cornwell. “ All llim certain piece or par* cel of property lying iu the town of Summer HOI, County of Cayuga, and described as fol­ lows : situated near the north west corner of lot number forty-eight in said town of Summer Hilt, on the south west corner of Martin B a rker’s farm, on which there stands a saw’-m ill;—alt tlie laud flowed by the pond ; —all the land used as the m ill-yard;—and all ihe appurtenances I and privileges belonging to tlie said mill, as de­ scribed in a lease given by Martin Barker and Philip Rose, of ihe said town of Summer Hill, to John Brisball, of the same place, bearing dale ihe first day of September, 1832” ; and which mortgage lias heen duly assigned tn John N. Chtdester. The mortgage is dated the ninth day of November, one thousand eight hundred and forty three ; and it is recorded, wilh the power to sell therein contained, in the Clerk’s office of the County* of Cayuga, in hook number 33, of mortgages, at page 351. The amount now due thereon, is one bundled and fourteen dollars nnd fifty cents; and default hath been made in ihe payment thereof. Tlie sale of the said premises will be a t public auction, and will take place at the Western Exchange Hotel, in the town of Auburn, on the 22d day ol August next, a t 2 o’clock P. M.—Dated May 20th, 1845. JOHN N . CH1DESTER, Assignee. B ashford & K etcuijm . , Ati’ys. 4td ton Pocket Handkerchiefs—besides many other Goods too numerous to mention. GROCERIES. —Hyson, Hyson Skin, Young Hyson and Black Teas, of various prices and qualifies. Ginger, Spices o f all kinds—box and keg Raisins, Shad, Mackerel and Codfish, Com­ mon and paffint Mould Caudles, bar Soap and variegated do. in cakes—ping and paper To baco. Starch, Sugar, Molasses, Coffee, Rice, tec. as cheap as the cheapest. Wanted, in exchange for Goods, Cash, Butter, Cheese, Lard, Eggs, Tow Cloth, Feathers, Oats, Corn, Wheat, and approved credit. Auburn, May 7th, 1815 W f O O L * s |J >y c . i j . H I N ' jti;W E S T A B L I S H M E N T . T h e undersigned would respectfully inform his Inends that he has opened a G R O C E R Y & P R O V I S IO N S T O R E , two doors east of the American Hotel, on Gene- ser-st., where he will be happy to attend to the calls of his custo-Tiers. He hopes, with a good supply of GROCERIES te PROVISIONS, nnd strict attention lo business, to merit and receive a liberal share of patronage. JAM E S P. BEN E DICT. Auburn, May 2fl, 1845. 3lf W O O L ! ! H O T C H K I S S has removed his CASH PAYING ami CLOTH EX C H A N G IN G STORE FOR IV O O L , lo the4Store N o . 3 4 , on t h e s o u t h s i d e o f G e n e s e e - s t . , opposite Goss te H alt’s, and two doors east of the Baptist Church. Hotchkiss & Sm ith’s celebrated CA R P E T S , and the W A T E R L O O C L O T H S , will be kept on hand for exchange, at the m an­ ufacturers’ prices. Also, a stock of READY MADE CLOTHING. [E7“Garments will also be Cut or made to order, as hereiofore. WOOL CARDING te CLOTH DRESSING. In addition to the above will be executed to order, a t S e l o v c r ’s M a c h i n e S h o p , tn this village, one door west of the Siorae Mill, at the Bridge on Genesee-st., all kinds of C U S T O M E R S ’ W O O L C A R D I N G , The machinery is all new, and will be put in operation this season (or the first time. The services aud experience of MR. DAVID T. BARR have been secured to take charge of the same. HZT” Wool will- be received in payment for Carding. Ai burn, May 12, 1845. I would say lo all my former customers, that I cheerfully invite them to have their Carding done al this establishment, which will be as faithfully performed as elsewhere. 2 tf DAVID T . BARR. N E A P O L I T A N A N D F R E N C H S T R A W B O N N E T S . J UST opening this day, a large assortm ent of the genuine Neapolitan and French Straw Bonnets, of ihe finesi quality and most fashionable shapes, together with an extensive assort­ ment of Ribbons, Flowers, Luces, Gloves, Embronie- rie<?, <!tc. and many other articles loo numerous to mention. Ladies, call and examine lor yourselves. C. 31. ST R IK E R . 68 Genesee St., Aubnrn. T H O M A S C . M I L L E R , A t t o r n e y and c o u n s e l l o r . Detroit, Michigan, (forineily of A u b u rn,) will at tend promptly to the collection of debls, trans­ fer o f Lamb, examination of Titles, nnd pay­ ment of taxes in Michtg.tti, on reasonable terms. April 22, 1845.—51w7 1Y T E W B O O K S A T W Y N K O O P S T _L\ H arpers’ Pictorial Bible, Noi 25, 2»*. The Encyclopedia of Domestic Economy. W andering Jew, No. 11. Chas. Tyrell, or the Bitter Blood. Abbolt’s Drawing Cards, 3d supply. Thiers’ F rench Revolution, complete 2 vols. Farm ers and Em igrants Guide Book. Just rec’d at W YNKOOPS’. A C A U T I O N T O T H E P U B L I C —T O T H E L A D I E S IN P A R T I C U L A R . Btrvare o f Injurious Applications to the face. W H E R E A S , some person has been vending in this village, a spurious article in im i­ tation of A B B O T T 'S B A U M E D E N IN O N , O r F r e n c h B a l m o f B e a u t y , celebrated as a safe, ( observe a safe ) and certain remedy for Diseases of the Face, viz : Pimples, Freckles, Prem a ture W rinkles, Dried, Tanned, or Shrivelled Skin, tec. This compound is pre­ pared from the original French Receipt, which has been iu the proprietor’s possession many years, and is soid throughout the State and many other places in the Union, and as a safe detergent is highly approved. The only persons in Auburn from whom the genuine article can be had, are Messrs. FOW L - ER , H U N T , S T E E L , and VANANDEN. Drug­ gists, J. H . C H E D E L L , J. C. DERBY, and WM. ST E P H E N , Dry Goods merchant; Any other article bearing this title, and sold at any other place in Auburn, is counterfeit. Sold also by A. L . Smith, W eedsport; W. C. Tremper, Port Byron ; Winslow Kinyon, Sen- nett ; Charles Tucker, Jordan ; A. Wood, El- bridge; Allen Thom as, Sherwood’s Corners; Smith te Stone, Springporl ; Cna'rtes Campbell, Aurora ; Z. L. WVbb te Co. M oravia. ’§ N . B. To prevent iuture imposition, Edw ard Abbolt’s bottles will have an entire new label, bearing his n am e. N E W Y O R K C A S I I T A I L O R I N G E S T A B L I S H M E N T , A n d G e n t s . G e n e r a l F u r n i s h i n g Store-* 187 Bro-ulti'oy, 3 Doors beloib Franklin House. fJ I H E SUBSCRIBERS have,by the last steam- JL er and packets, received their usual supply of ihe most fashionable English and French Black and Fancy Cloihs, suitable ior summer ware; together with a splendid assortment of Biack and-Single Mtii Cassimeres, Figtlfedand l’ldin Drillings, of beautiful styles, P lain and Figured Summer vestings (all of which are im­ ported expressly for us), and will be tnad'e lo or­ der iit the best m anner, at the lowest cash pri­ ces. H iving Some -six y ears since commenced our business upon the cash system, we find by our greatly increased sates, that our customers are much belter satisfied with paying small pro­ fits, and g etting superior articles. As this plan enables us to secure the latest and-best styles of goods brought in market, we therefore w ill sell them at a sm all advance from first cost. We have also on hand, for the accom modation of per sons wishing articles at a mcment’s no we, an NEW YORK ADV’TS. A M E R I C A N M U S E U M ,N E W Y O R K . r p H I S Museum contains SIX SPLENDID A H ALLS, each measuring over 100 iett in 4eugth, filled with i n immense and beautilully arranged tollectioii of the Curiosities of N ature, and Art, o fiium bering O v e y l l a l l ’a M i l l i o n o f S p e c im e n s I of every varieiy, and from every portion of the HABITABLE GLOBE. One of tlie extensive Halls is devoted to the Microscopic E$hibi'ioi} of a m°st beautitul col­ lection of Paintings, representing some of the most C E L E B R A T E D CITIES, both Ancient and Modern, N atural Scenery, tec., tec., making the most extensive, and interesting COSMORA- MA in America, if not in the world. NOV E L T IES of all kinds, such a s GIANTS. DWARFS, OURANG OUTANGS, tec., are en- gaged whenever opportunity offers. A la r g e a n d E l e g a n t S a l o o n , capable of seating 1000 persons at a time, h as just been added to the establishment, in which SPLENDID PERFORM ANCES are given ev­ ery evening in the week except Sunday. Tickets of admission only 25 cents. New York, April 3, 1845. 49m3 WM. T. JENNINGS te CO., D R A P E R S A N D T A I L O R S , IMPORTERS OF C l o t h s , C a s s i m e r e s , V e s tihgs-, F a n c y D r e s s A r t i c l e s , t e c . , 2 3 1 Broadway, American Hotd, N E W YORK. T O those visiting the city of New York, re- quiring Garmeuts, a renewed solicitation is-offered for ihem to c ailnndexam ine our stock of New and Fashionable Goods for SPRING and StJMMER wear, comprising an assortment unsurpassed m richness dud 'variety, and which will bo made up to order in a style second to no house in the Trade, at prices which must offer such inducements to the-Gash purchaser as c an­ not ffil to be appreciated. 4fim3 n A R P E T L O O M S a n d M a c h i n e s \ J The Subscriber, manufactures all kinds of C A J I P E T L O O M S & M A C H I N E S , of the best quality— Ingrain, 3-ply, Cumber and Joint Brussels. Prices as low as the same qnal- iiy o f article can be pbiatued cist where. AU ders promptly eiecmgii. A V E R Y BABBETT. Auburn, Dec. 17,1844— 33it. T O O K I N G G L A S S F A C T O R Y . J j W M . G O O D W I N , Manufacturer ol Gilt and Mahogany L O O K I N G G L A S S E S , PORTRAIT A N D .PIC T U R E FRAM E S , W i n d o w a i t d B e d C o r n i c e s . Gilding made to wash, if bideted. Keeps Pic­ ture Glass, double afid single thickness of ail sizes up to 24 by 35 inches, particularly for Show C a s e s ; veiy thick Glass lor Curriers’ S lickers; Compass Glasses. Looking Glasses repaired to*ordei—No 49 Exchange Block, two doors wtLi ol Parsons & HewSbq’s Cabinet Ware Rooms. Auburn, Sept. 7, 1842. 18 1 \ T O T I C E ; S E N E C A W O O D _L>| AND G E O R G E U N D E R W O O D , a t t o r n e y s a n d c o u n s e l l o r s a t LAW , and Solicitors and Counsellors in Chan­ cery. having formed a copartnership, have opened an office in Beach’s Block, and are ready to attend to all business which in ay be entrust­ ed lo them. They respectfully Solicit the pat­ ronage of their friends and thepuhlib. Auburn, August 26th, 18-14. P R I N T S & W O O L E N S . No. 69 William street, near Cedar street , N E W YORK. B r o o k e s te M e r r i l l would invite the attention of dealers in DRY GOODS to their stock of MUStitN UE LA1KE5 PRINTED MUSLINS •GING11A.MS, LINENS I-ACE GOODS HOSIERY COATE’s COTTON ALPACCAS SUMMER STUFFS PLEA. MUSLINS VESTINGS M1.K AND COT. HDKFS. SEWINGS, ETC. All of which will be sold at the lowest market price for CASH or approved credit. Dealers in Prim s and Woolen Goods will find ’it to their advantage to examine our stork pre­ vious to making their purchases. 45m3 C . R R I N C K E R H O F F ’ S “r AN I3 I P O R T A N T IM P R O V E M E N T IN D E N T I S T R Y , jY O C T . YV A N Z E R , D e n t i s t , w o u l d A j lesp-ctfully solicit the attention of his ac- 'I a ntauce in thi. vicinity, to his new style o f In- rtiuuients, and the improvement which he has •niroiueed in all the various branches of tlie pro- “ ssion. The best Incorruptible Teeth will be inserted on fine G >ld p lates in the modern style, which lor a-hpiafinn expression, and mechani- ■' sh'll, cannot be suipassed by any operator in ‘V * Sta,e;s He will fill the Teeth with Gold tirn»*m.e iT 'n r ^-Hrtll stand the tc-t of - \I'hotu impairing the bpauty and natural Amn.r <' r ,he Tooih- Office opposite the American H o n at hi, old stand. n Auburn, 1815_ }w2 C L O T H I N G ! C L O T H I N G ! ! O f e v e r y S t y l e a u d P r i c e . T H E S u b s c r i b e r h a s j u s t r e c e i v - ed from the well knownaCiuthiugHouse of Staais te Barker, No. 179 Broadway, N. Y. the best assortment of R E A D Y M A D E C L O T H I N G , ever otfered in this town, and will sell the same r n i l E V e g e t a b l e K in g d o m is p e o - J_ T I D E D by the God of N aulre with herbs ot different properties and suited when properly administered, to every Condition of disease. It will not be Contended but Ihat it requires inven­ tion and well directed -kill to prepare these na­ tive inedtcanlen's so that their remedial powers shall be well drawn out and the better applied ; that is too apparent a necessity to require sup­ port. The proprietor o f the Health Restorative, in the number of years siuce he first commenced its preparation from the original family recipe has devoted a great portion of his time to the study d f the medical effect and .strength of each herb used in the compound. This study has had the ef­ fect of more perfectly convincing him of the su­ perior cUfalive power of the H e ilth Restorative. It seems pprftcily adopted to ihe cure ol Con­ sumption, Liver Complaint, Asthma, Colds, Coughs, and pains in the fide and Chest—lor these diseases it is particularly recommended, with a certainty of success nnd satisfaction which can be felt in its force only by those who have been healed by iis means. No considera­ tions of pecuniary recompense sway the propri­ etor; he trusts he is influenced solely by the great pleasure of ministering to the relief of suf­ fering humanity, and has devoted such great expense in the manufacture or this rem edy,and deals out so largely in ihe quantity given, that the income barely suffices to cover the immense outlay. Let those who are seeking a Balm in Gilead, use the Health Restoralive. The follow­ ing certificate is from Dr. Chilton, the well known New Y o tk Chemist. “ I have analyzed a bo tic of medicine called ‘C. Brinkerhoff’s Health Restorative ;’ and find that it does not contain Mercury, or any othef m e t a l l i c p r e p a r a t i o n , n o r o p i u m in a n y o f its forms. It is composed of vegetable m atter en­ tirely.'’ J a s ies R . ChtLTON, M . D . C. B R IN K E R H 0 F F , Proprietor, N. Y. Principal Office 9o Hudson street, Ne*w York. Horace Bveretl, U S. Agent, 96 Hudson st. New York, has appointed Agents for Auburn ; Messrs. Van Anden & Reed, No. 5 Genesee street, and H . G. Fowler, No. I l l Genesee s t . ; for Montezuma, Brett te Hurd ; for P ort Byron, Horace Perkins ; for Weedsportj A. S. Kinnie j for Jordan, C. H . Tucker. Auburn, May 27th. 1845. 4 assortment of ready made garm ents {trimmed ; (l0 which they hrtenTIo S i k e ? r particular Vt\ f “T e as s<; ' attention) together with a general assortment of Dry Goods,cons,S,mg m pa,t of tbe followtng: terns), Silk, Merino, and Cotton Net Under Shirts and Drawers, Suspenders, Gloves (every variety), Neck and Pocket Handkerchiefs (new styles), dressing Gowns, Bathing and Night Caps. Purses, Collars, Bosoms, Umbrellas, and every article Wanted to complete a gentleman’s wardrobe. Strict punctuality observed in GHing-ordcrs. No devialioh in prices. 49w7 J.-C. BOOTH & CO. 187 Broadway, N. Y. C H E A P E S T STORE IN N E W YORK. F R E S H IM P O R T E D G O O D S . T O M Y O t D C U S T O M E R S A M D T H E P U B L IC , D r u g s ^ D y e S t u f f s * P a i n t s , M e d icin e s * G roceries* &c» 188 Greenwich Street, between Vesey anti Pttltn streets, on the North River side of the city, New York. J O H N C . M O R R I S O N * O FFERS FOR SALE, on the most liberal terms, for cash or credit, a very extensive assortment of goods, among them the following, to which he would call the attention of S P R I N G G O O D S —4 8 4 5 . H A L L O C K , M O U N T tf- B I L L I N G S , 173 Pearl street, [One door above Fine street.] N E W YORK, A RE -now receiving by late arrivals from E u ­ rope, and from B E T T E R T H A N E V E R I Q 0 say our eusloiners of our 2 s, and fld» IO T E A . How can this be when other m er chants say ilmt teas are much higher this spring. We only wU-h to say that we make a very satis- factory profit upon it, and that we have sup. old | I-Iyson, at -Is. which we think is cheaper still.— In conclusion, we wish iq shy that we did not spend six weeks in New Y o tk Ihis spring for nothing, as we will prove to you if you will call and examine our stock soon. April 28. -J. S. BARTLET'B & CO. A p o t h e c a r i e s . Opium I amphor Cream T a rtar Castile Soap Liauorice Balsam opavfa Rhubarb Julap A Iocs Flort. ChamomHo Gum Arabia Caster Oil Quicksilvdr Magnesia Manna Alcuhal Roll and Flotir Sulphur Borax, refined and etude Calomel Rfetl Precipitate Cofroiitfd SubHintittt Aqua Ammonia Spirits N itre Diileis Super Carbonate Sode T a rtaric Acid Epsom Salts Laudanum Senna fiulplmtc Quinine Oil Reppcrmint and all essential Oils Gum Myrrh Cjintha rides Gum Trnguciiiitl) Powderetl UurK Ooi-!;s ofail kinds Sarsaparilla Sponjyes, £<mrkc arid fine Druggists' glusswure Vial* Gum Gamboge L’oloysinth P a i n t e r s * Window Glass of till sizCS ana qualities White Lead, dry nnd in oil lttid Lead Litharge Spirits Turpentine Putty Whiting Verdigris, dty ant! in oil Chrome Green Chrome YeUo\y Yellow Odhre, l uithau American Prussian Blue Vermillion, Rotten Stone iVory Black Gum < opul Paint Brushes, nil siz6» Rose Piqk Ldihp Bla'ck British Lustre Glue, dll sort* Gold and Silver leaf Gold and Silver bronze Copncr Bronze Chalk, white and red Paris Wiiite Spanish Brown Venetian Red Sand paper JPumice tone T a r and Rosin Japan, t'opal, Coach and Harness Varnish Turkey Unlber Tdrfra de Sienim Red (.'bulk Gum Delius Bright Varnish ^ash Tools, a ll sizds Mack Lend. C o n f e c t i o n e r s , D i s l i t l e r s , a n d B e k c r s , PHYSICIANS & MEHLCAL TUDENTS. I I . & J . C , IW S O N - , I M P R O V E M E N T S I N 1 R E A T J D E N T I S T R Y * The undersigned are constantly M anufacturing T E E T H with Gums ! and without, to suit any case, which can be done G _____ ___________________________ as cheap as can be purchased in any establUh- P I I O T O G R A P I 1 Y I t H a s BBEN ment wesl lhe c’ly Of N ew York. H is friend- noted as the characteristic of the most re- ant! lhe Publi? ara resP f U'ullJ' invued 10 cal1 lilted taste, that it < hives lo lin\*er nn the ma<r. alld examine lor themselves, ic face of human beatuy” anil truly if we ren»e ! w „ SY L V E S T E R SCHENCK the vast domains ot nature tn search of that ! 10 GRnesee*st-> a few doors west ol the P.O . which is, most lovely to \he eye, and a l o „ osl I Aubnrn’ Ma>’ fllh’ 1Sl5’ 1 w4 interesting to the mind, it is certainly found in the light and shade of the human countenance How many have spent their lifetime in try in\ to pourtrdy ,t With the pencil, anil how few have succeeded ir. giving that living expression t o , , • their works which the original possess. But the i cf “j ( 7 who manufacture, to suit the case recent great improvements in the art of P H O - '111 . bavs also just received a large TOGRAPHY, in a few seconds oftime have en-1 ?.?ariUl^ ,DM'a<ielphia T E E T H ,-ol beautitul abled the operator to catch them all. X , . ’ w‘uca ^'e insert on Pivot or fine Those who wish a Likeness of this order, will ’ ,,1’ al ve,ry re ,c® Pncf s' , , please call a l HULaNLCKI te MORGAN’S I W,c are PM W }° know that many have found D A G U E R E O T Y P E R O O M S , that u is not high sounding words,-ornews- No. 9 9 Genesee-st., where they will wait on la- P„aP?r ?.uffs. ,makes a nice mechanical job I m Dentistry, but long experience, and adapted- B e s s to t h e w o r k , w ith a d e t e r m i n a t i o n to excel- This is <mr motto, a perfect piece of worlr, profit or no profit. All persons who employ a Dentist, should know that he is a skilful and experienced worlr- dies and gentlemen in all kinds of weather,; \ fro m S A . 3VI. io 5 F . M . Insiruction in taking Likenesses given, and apparatus furnished at N. Y . City prices. N. B.—Lessons in French, Italian, Drawing, and Paim ing, will be given every day, a fter 4 i \ M. by J. Hulanieki. 3w2 p E E R l- BEER! HIJNSIKER?S I ) FIN E (M otisville) B E E R , for sale by the subscriber by the barrel or less q u annty. Mav 20. JAM ES P. B E N E D ICT. JN™ W L I M E F O R S A L E b y E . B . C R O W E L L , 2 miles north of A u b u rn. Customers may depend upon receiving a supe­ rior article- Sennett, M ay 14, 1845._____________2tv3 TYTEW HARDWARE, in g r e a t v a - 1M riety, ju s t received and now opening, by WATROUS te HYDE, May 6, 1S-15. No. 73 Genesee st. m an, or their money may be worse than thrown away. Persons are calling frequently and showing us teeth that we filled from 10 to 16 years since, and as good a s when done. Please call and have your teeth examined free of charge, a t our Rooms, 2d door W illiam street, nearly opposite the American. S. BALL, 2 E . F . W ILSO N . P. S. Several thousand Teeth for sale cheap, Gold F oil, tec. tec. Auburn, May 14,1845. B o n n e t s , g r i s w o l d & c o . have just rec’d a large assortment o f Bon­ nets, cheap for Ca.-h. Florence Bonnets from lbs. upwards ; as al­ most every lady wants a Bonnet of this kind, we have taken great care in selecting, a n d can show a fine Stock! Birds E y e Tuscan, do Rutland and split Stfaw, hard and soft finish. English Dunstable. Misses Bonnets a great v a riety. PRISON CLOTHING te General Dry Goods Auburn. April 29. Store, 89 Gencsee-st. m o A STUDENT S Booksellers, No. 8 0 Genesee-street, Auburn, N. Y., offiJr to those concerned the following valuable list of Medical Books, many of the works are entirely new and all the Books sold by us are of tlie last editions and have-been se= lected with care as to Paper and Binding. Ashwell ou Diseases of Females. Andrall’s Clinics, 3 vols. * Smith and Homer’s Autdmical Plates. Christeson on Poisons; just out. Columbat d’ Isere, on diseases of Females. Cyclopedia of Praciical Medicine, 4 vols. Condie ou Diseases ol Children. W illiams’ Pathology, new work. Williams on the Respiratory organ3. Hope on the H eart. Iligbey’s System of Midwifery. Billing’s principles of Medicine. Cooper on the Testis & Pheynus Gland. Chapman on Thoracic Viscera. Chapman on Eruptive Foetus and other Dis­ eases. Brigham on Mental Excitem ent. Spencer on Animal Heat. Watson’s Practice of Physic. Dunglinson’s Physiology Practice. do Materia Medica and Thesapen- tic and Medical Dictionary. Dewee’s Midwifery, Females, Children and Pracnce. Traill’s Manual of Jurisprudence. Riconl on Venereal diseases. H a rris’ Dental Surgery. Dewitt’s Modern Surgery. Jam es’ Burns’ Midwifery. Liston’s Surgery. Hooper’s te Cooper’s Dictionaries. Horner’s General and Special Anatomy. Gibbon’s Surgery, trcw edition. Eberle’s Practice of Medicine. Eberle’s Therapentics. Wood te Bache’s Dispensatory. Good’s study of Medicine. Dunglinson’s Human H ealth. Carpenter’s H um an Physiology. Churchill on Di-eases o f Females. Fergruson’s Practical Surgery. Dunglinson’s New Remedies. Quain on Ihe Veins & Arteries, colored plates. Mott’s Velapen’s Surgery, just pub. Wilson’s H u m an Anatomy. Lee’s Theoiy and Practice oi Midwifery. S'okes on dii-eases of the Chest. Mackintosh's Practice of Medicine. Gross’s Pathological Anatomy. Evanson & Munsell on Diseases of Children. Cocliinenl N utmegs iVnce Cloves Cmumion Cnssin Uuils Allspice A Isiilglass Gum 'I'rngurnnth Gum Arabic Turktey Gum Gambogo Oil Uo*es do Papermint WifUergteSii 1/dmon Cinnamon Orange Bcrgamont Ainiisccd XxTocefTSi Jjysori T e a Young Flyion Imperial Gunpowdef Hyson £kiti Souchong Bohca frfdnch Brandies Spanish ~egnrs Pot and Pearl Aslieft starch Liquorice Ball Bath L>t1ck Saicr&tus Fig Blue Powdered Ginger Root Alum T \ T G T I C E . — T h e C a y c g a C o u n t y J_ \ M E D IC A L SO C IE T Y will h-ld its A n n u a l Meeting on the fifth day of June next, ten o'* clock, A. M-, at the Western Exchange, in the village of Auburn. T h e subject 1br discussion i s the “Treilaiting Congestive Epidemic .” M e m b ers Will be furnished with th e new Cert tificales o f M e m b ership al said mCeling. 2ld BLANCHARD FOSGATE, Auburn, M ay 14, 1845. _________ Secretary. T 7 I C T O R I A R O B E S . J u s t R fecfei- V ved, a lew splendid VICTORIA ROBES -for evening Dresses, a t the „ _ N E W YORK STORE- E A S T E R N L I M E , a S u p e r i o r A r - licle for .W hitewashing, by the.harrel o r less quantity, just rec’d atid for sale by W A T jtO tJS te HYDE. May 6, 1845. No. 73 Genesee-st. S A L E I t A T U S A N D S T A R C H . M OULSON’S superior SA L E R ATU S and STARCH on consignment, kept constant­ ly on hand, and for sale a t the M anufacturers prices by A. H . te J . BLRT, A u b u rn, J a n . 59, 18(5. No. 7 Genesee-st D R . L A R D N E R ’S P o p u l a r L e c ­ t u r e s on Science and Art, delivered in the principal Cities and Towns o f tbe U. Stales. No. I just published, price 25 cis. To be com­ pleted in 10 or 12 Nos. for sale by K J. C. D E R B Y te CO., Agents. G R I N D S T O N E S ? A i r a s ^ soriment of superior GritMstoncs, received ami forsale by V ATEOU3 t e H Y D E . TTIASHIONABLE MILLI- JD N E R Y . M iss C . M-. S T R I ­ K E R , 68 Genesee-st., is just receiv­ ing the largest ami best selected assort­ ment of M ILLIN E R Y GOODS, to be found in the place. Persons desirous of mak­ ing their selections where they are sure to be suited, and that too a t prices much lower than at any olher store, would save time and motley, to call before purchasing elsewhere. N . B. 10 cases of Florence St-raw Bonnets very cheap. Auburn, April 23, 1845. ftRAHAM’S BONNET ROOMS. VJT We would only say to those that wish lo p u r­ chase Bonnets cheap, to call at G R A H A M ’S B O N N E T S T O R E . _ J T There you can find every kind of Bonnet thtu is fashionable, and at the lowest price for cash -or country produce. This is tbe only Store in Auburn where you can find a general assort­ ment of all kinds of Bonnets a t the lowest prices in New York. They have on hand the following hinds: Neapolitans, Neapolitan Laces, Ama­ zon, Straws, English Straws, Lutan Braids, Rinlands, Fancy BratdSj Domestic Silk Hats, Adaiaid Braids. Children’s Bonnets ofail kinds. Also, the best Rinds of Brocha Shawls. Silk Shawls o f the best quality, M uslin deLane. do. Lawns, Silk Ribbon, Laces, tec., tec., and in fact, all kinds of Millinery Goods for Milliners, and for ihd retail trade. Recollect ilie No. is T5 Genesee-st. ’ 4 j 1 Alt bought at Absynth Carraway Juniper ItCM, (Iru'ngo and Itach . W aters Vanilla B6dn* 3’onquin ilo Coriander s?ecYi Carraway do Aniseed Jujube Paste* Penrlrfih Falcratns Super Carbonate of.^otfa iSirtnric Acid Ginger, White Jaiiluiua Ginger, Lust India White and Brown Soap I’ouper AllsjHco M affiifactUrUiSi Alum Blue Vitrol Coperas English & American Auction^ Oil Vitrol at the Fugnr Lead India Bleaching Sotlts FaJcs. Cochineal ^ A q u a Fort-fs JNutgaHs Annatto Soda Ash -Pot and Pearl Ashfes Extract Logwood T a rtaric Acid Bichromate of Potash Sal Soda Gum Miellac Olive Oil in bettics & baskets ('udbeur Nutmegs Saltpetre crude and refined Pepper f’ftuce Macaboy Snuff Scotch do Mdce Indigo, Flotant Castile onp Caster Oil in bottles Cloves Alcohol Epsom Salt* Cinnamon Frfdtion Matches Carbonate A mmonia BrULli Lustfe Foda for washing MustTftd, Lomluh Cayenne Pepper Powdered Nutmegs do Cinnamon Wood Grain and Bar Tin Fuller's Kurth Madder, Uutch ami Flrcnch ItnHgoes of Bengal Cnrrac- ens and Guutnrmiia White Tartar Bed Tartar Glue Sumnc Luc Dyd Stat'ch Pfrussiate Potash Gum -cnegal Powdered CUrduftia Powdered Blue F malts 'Qhdrcitron Bark Spirits Nilfe Fbttta Salt P tre British Gum Nitric Acid and Oxalic Acid, Cologne Water. O ils : —Fall, Winter, and Summer Strained SP E R M ; Bleached W hite and N atural. Re­ fined and unrefined W H ALE ; Tanner’s, Train, Linseed, raw and boiled, Sea Elephant, Lard, Nealsfoot, Olive, (in bullies and bellies;) P atent, Sperm and Stearic Candles, Alcohol and Cam- phehe. H a t e n t M e d icin e H e a ler's. Balsam of Uoney Anddrsori's Pills Turlihgion’s Balsam Life’s 2o. Bateman’s Dions Hooper's 3o. Itarlcm Oil ana British Oil, Opodeldoc, Steers ami liquid Feidlltz Powders Sodjl Powders Stoughton’s Bitters E x tract 'orsapanlh Calcined -Magnesia P a p e r M a k e r s , H a t t e r s , A c . c^oda rowners Godfrfcy’s Lord ml Thompson s Eye Water. Bleaching Powders Powdered blue suib ' H s Glue ) Oil Vitriol Copper Caix Fhell Lac Alcohol Extract of Logwood, Q H T 0 N E W S T R I N G G O O D S . T T A Y E y o u c a l l e d a t M l J R P E Y ’S i l CH E A P STORE, No. 9 7 Genesee-street, since he has returned from New York ? If you have not, I should advise you to call a n d exam­ ine his Goods before pu rcbasing elsewhere. He has a large a n d beautiful assortineut o f BALZORINES, De LA N E S , P R IN T E D MUS- LIN S ) LAW NS & CALICOES, which he is selling fts Chedp as can be bought any where in town. H e has the best and lar gest assortment o f SUMMER SH AW L S that can be fonud this side o f New York, and every varieiy of PARASOLS and SHADES. A u b u r n , A p ril 29, 1845. A T B B L I M E , t h i s d a y r e c ’ d , by W ATR0U& te H YDE, May 6th, 1815. N e. 73*Geae:ee*st. w Is, ut gall Blub Vitriol Ve digris Conpcrni Fal Ammoniac Antimony Fngnr of Lead Alum. D y e r * a n d M a im faetiireffc* Lbgwood Brazil Wbod i fftowoufl Bed '•aundef* Fustic Hatch M outl Nicaragua Bed do. Bnrwoml Hypernic Wood Brazeillctte Wood Peach do. Sapan Wood Ebohy co. \°n| D tn g g isfs* G la s s W a r e . Common Vials. Prescription Vials, Patenl Medifcine dn., Acid Bottles, Colognes, Fancy Pufigenis, Druggists’ Packing Boiiles, Castor Oils, Coucaves, Magnesia, Blacking or Varnish, Demijohns, Flasks, Inkstands, Jars; Lemon Syr­ ups. Mustards, Suufls, &c. Articles for Jew e llers Silver Smiths, Varnish Makers, Paper Stainers, Spice Grinders, and Sugar Refiners, Coach Lace and Fringe Makers, Sftdff dntt 'IctbaccO Manufacturers, Meial and Marble Polishers, for Workers in rfcm,. and other Artisans, lor Ships and Plantations, for Cordial Distillers, lor makers of Ice Cream, Soda W ater and Root Beer, for Essayers and Refiners of Gold and Silver. A Is*. Articles for M anufacturers of Glass and Stone \Vare, dolors. Chairs. Lflco Foco Matches, Looking Glasses, Soap. Ink, Artificial Flowers, Fire Works, tec., for Flour Oil Cloth Painters, Far Dyers, Morocco Dressers, Straw Hat Bleach ers. Sign Faimers, Gilders, Indian Traders, Den- tjsts, tec.; for coloring Butter and Cheese; for fSteambuais, H o tels, Ships, V essels, tee, European, Mediterranean and East India Drugs. Terfitmery and Soaps. Patent Medi­ cines of every.description. All kinds o f Paints and dolors. Cnemicals o f all kinds, F rench, E n ­ glish illtl AilieriCan. JO HN C. M ORIttSON flatters him self that no other establishment o f the kind tn New York, can offer greater inducements of trade to the business people addressed. Physicians, country merchants, city grocers, manufacturers, paint­ ers. hatters, paper makers, confectioners, dyers, and clothiers, will And it (bitch io their interest to purchase of htih, i f they are desirous o f par- chasing cheap atrd good articles. He has, with much labor, established active agencies for tbe purpose o f availing him self at the advantages which the different markets of Europe and the United States afford fop selecting articles of the best quality and purcbasifig them at the cheap­ est rate. S ^ T h c pfonsfiiest attention given to city and-Country Orders. AH articles genuine. New Y c rk, AugustSOib, i s 14 — 41'wT2 Home M anufacturers, a l large assortment of FANCY te STAPLE DRY GQ0DS, adapted to the Spring Trade, which they offer by the piece or package, on favorable terms. Their Stock consists in part of— Cloths, Cassimeres, Satinets, Vestings, American Prim s of all Myles. Brown and Bleached Muslins, various styles and prices. Irish Liheiis, Linen Lawns,'Scotch Ginghams. Printed ft I nslins and Lawns—neiv styles. Balzorines Alpacas, Lustres. Silk and Cotton Work. Silk and Cotton Velvets. Fancy French and English Gambroons. Spring Tweeds—single and double width. Check Ginghams and Merino Cas*simeres. Drab D’Etes for summer wear. American 'Pantaloons Stuffs. jjiou’tt Hollands, Silesias and Paper'Cambrics. Cotton Hosiery—bleached and brown. Fancy and Silk Hiihdkerchiefs, Ribbons, Sew­ ing and Silk Twist. Corded Skirts, Table Covbrs/Lirten Thread, Jaconets, Cartibrics, Gloves, tec., tec. [CT* Merchani? buying goods for CdSh will find it for their interest to buy of us. 44m4 C A S H S T O R E . G V. dRTO N , having concluded to changa • his system of doing business, now offers his goods’, for CASH At g reatly reduced prices; and having spent seybral weeks in the-city of New York this spring, which Were most assido ously devoted to the Selection and purchase of the style of goods particularly adapted to the trade of Aubnrn and its vicinity, is enabled to offer his customers and ihe public the targes^ and best selected assortment df DRY GOODS ever brought lo Auburn, and sulicits the contin­ ued patronage of his old customers and friends and as many new ones as shall be pleased to call-ott him, as lie will be happy to show his goods to dll who may lavor him with a call whether they wish to purchase or not. Great care has beeil taken bv him to select the N E W STYLES OF SPRING GOODS, which are now being received and to which will ‘be added the hew style's as they arrive from Europe, as airangemehis haVe beeti made with some of the most ‘competent pul-'ehdsets in the city to have selections made from the iilioitft styles and forwarded immediately after tha weekly sales, which will give the subscriber art. advantage over most of the other d ry goods stores both as to prices and -styles, and which advantage will be rnosi liberally-extended to hit customers. G E R lH T V -ORTON. Auburn, April 15, 18(5. T L L E B A S P S M E D I C I N E S — _O l The nnpreced-nted confidence reposed in these medicines by Physicians in New York, as well as the tohhtry over, And \by all Who have Used i-hcbi, -warrants the 1‘roprielors in commending them to the citizens ot Cayuga, as their only FAM ILY REM E D IES. W ith these medicines, and the pamphlets accompah-y ing them, any’ family may dispense with Phy­ sicians in nineteen cases o u t‘of twenty, if mot in ninety nine out of one hnndr-ed. There‘is scarcely a complaint, inward-or out­ ward. thai is not readily removed by ati appro­ priate use ot these remedies. The I’ainplilels give full directions. Where the medicines ttrs property used, and satisfaction is not given,*tho money will beteiui’iffid. tE7*-For sale by-QUICK te -H A L L ,;Genern‘l Agents, Auburn ; also by jonas Brown, H .‘G. Van Anden, H. G. Foivlfer, N. J . Stiles, -H. R. Garlick, Ira Curtis, fc . H.'Grout, 44. Willson, .Richard Sieel, and Mr. Todd, A-uburn ; Chan, Avery Led yard ; Lewis Seymour, Noniiville ; P. French, Ludlowville ; Gresn-'te Graham, Pott Byron; W m. Smith Ingham ,‘C a to; H u n ter te ■Co. Sterling ; and by others Ihrougholit'the coun­ ty and Union. CC7” Principal Depot, 112 Bioadivny, New Yoik, L. W. Gilbert, A genrfor Am. ftlftg. anil •Health Co. ly lis m o T H E B A R OF C A Y U G A a n d _L the adjoining Counties. New LA W BOOK D E P A R T M E N T at the Well known stand of J. (.'. D E RBY & CO., Auburlt. W e h a v e m ade arrangem e n ts to keep hereaf­ ter all the standard Law Books, and lo reeeive all new works as fast as published; and tve shall sell the same cheaper than can be bought in the eastern cities—ihe Reports of ihis State excepted. We have uow on hand Story’s E q u ity Jurisprudence, 2 vols. do do Pleadings, do on Contracts. on Parlner.-lujts. on Agency. on Bailments do do 'do do do do do on Bills of Exchange. on lhe Conflict of Laws, on the Constitution, 3 vols. do 1 vol. Chilly’s Pleadings, 3 vois, do Criminal Law. do on Contracts, do _qn Bills, do Blackstone, 2 vbls. Hill’s Reports, 6 vol. Paige’s Chancery Reports, vol. 10. Barbour’s do Praciiee. Milford’s do Pleadings. Chancery Court R u les. Adams on Ejectment. Angel te Am es tm Corporations. do ’on Water Courses. Blydenburgh on U s u ry. Taylor's Landlord and Tenant. Stephens’ N e w Com m entaries, 3 vols. Barbour & Harrington’s Equity Digest, 4 v. K inne’s t.aw Compendium, 4 vols. Stephen’s Nisi Prius, by Sharswootl, B vols. Jones' Ldgal'Science. Cusltirig’s Parliamentary Manual. New York Digest, 4 vols. new ed.!845. Kent’s Commentaries, 4 vols.-new-ed. Massachusets Reports. Minot's Dige.-t of do. Me’c a lf ’s Reports. 6 yd!s. Greeiileaf on Evidence. Philips on Patents. Barbour’s Criminal Treatise. Cowen’s Civil do. Chandler’s Criminal_ Trials. Conklmg’s Treaiise, U. S.-Courts. T.a-iv Glossary. K iriland’s Surrogate. W right’s Execmors' Guiile. Chnstison on 'Poisons. Beck’s and Guy’s Jurisprudence. Revised Statutes, N. Y. ■General do do. Session Lades, each year. Hilliard on F&Ies. Reeves on Descents. K inne’s Kent and Blac-kslone. Barbour’s Law of Ser-Off, tee. tec. Any Law Book not on hand, furnished lo order within one week. W e have also on hand a good slock of Lawyer.-’ Paper, Tape, Wax, W a­ fers, Quills, Gold ahd Sieel Pens, Ink, tec., all for sale cheap lor cash or approved credit. , J, C. DERBY te CO., 107 Genesee-st. Auburn. N. Y. OAA KINDS LAW BLANK^o* t ) U U the latest and most approved forms, at Albany and New York prices, for sale* by H O L iPHA NT. S O A P A N D C A N D E e s . T HE manufacture of SOAP and CAN 0 L E S will be continued, as usual, at the M anu­ factory of'Samuel Flelcher, on Garden st. A superior article of Soap and ’Candles con­ stantly on hand, and for sale at 'the L o w e s t U a s l t PflfceS, by the Box or less q u antity, at the Factory, and also at the Brick Casli S.ore o GOSS. H A L L & CO 33 Genesee si. c a s h p a i d F o r t a l l o w . Auburn, March 3, 1845. 4-4if. W r T O N S O F B T .O S B U R G I I C O A L , i O 5 0 TONS LEH IG H COAL, (or sale at the Commercial Iron Works. D E N NIS, WOOD & R U S S E L L . Auburn, July 20th, 1844. L a m p - g l o b e s * c i i i m n e y » , ate-. A good Cnmphene Chimney for-18d. nnd a perfect a rticle for 2s. and all kinds of lam p Glasses at corresponding prices, for sale in evo* ry variety by JK O . H . C H E D E L L & CO. Feb. 19* 1845. ___________________________ R E F I N E D M O U L D C A N D L E S . T H E Subscribers are m a n u facturing a sups- rior article of refined MOULI) CANDLES, and S, whi'ch they ofiet* at till? lo$ves>t*ma?r- kct (trices. Merchants and othdts W'anlihga good article, will do well io call a n d exam ine. T e r m s C a s h . They have also a large stock of G R O C E R IE S , which ihey will sell on such terras as lo'lnfiuc# m e rchants w ishing a snpply» Jo cull btefpre pur- chasing -elsewhere. A, fl. & T. IftJKT, N o 7 Genesee st. N . B. Cash paid for Tallow. A u b u rn. J a n u a ry 21-U, 1845.— 38tf. A U B U R N & S Y R A C U S E R . R . CO* SP R I N G A R R A N G E M E N T . T H E Trains on this road will run during th* Spring as follows: TWO DAILY TBAINS EACH WAY. Leave Auburn, going East, a l 4 A. ftl. II n II II 3 P . M. :Leave-SyracuSd going W est, a i T A. Ki. “ “ “ “ ig P. M . Freight trains -will leave AU-bum for Sy-i*a- •cuse on Monday Tuesday; Tliiil'Sdhy anil Fri- day of tedch week, ai A. i l . and reibrn aft-mo day. E. P. W ILLIA M S ,'St^t. D ated. Aubnrn, M a rch, 1845. N E W Y O R K S T O R E . C IIEAF Goons! ami New Goodsj is my motto, and the recent (ailing off in iprices in New York has enabled me lo make'purchas­ es so i h a l l can now offer g reat inducements t« d’ash purchasers. I have Just added largely to my -stock of CLOTHS, CAfSSlMER'ES and S A T IN E T S ; FLA N N E L S , and ‘DOMESTIC GOODS of every variety. Also, a great variety of DRESS GdODS, consisting bf Alpaccas. Cashmeres, De Lanes o f new and idJegaht pat­ terns. together with a large stock’ol !G B 0 C E ft- TES, CROCKERY, tee., tec. W ILLIAM STEPHEN.* Aubnrn, Dec. 1 8 , 1 8 4 1 . T A I L O R I N G . T H E .subscriber ha'ving ta'lreh the Store No. 75 G e tfcSi'h S t r e e t , which (ids been fitted up expressly for lhe M E R C T lA. H f TAI­ LORING BU S I N E S S , has ahd will cOntiiiue lo keep oh hand a first-rate assortrii'enl of CLOTHS, CASSIM E R E S te V E S T IN GS, for the most Fashionable Trade. Mr. I. S N Y ­ DER, I'aie of New York feiiy, is engaged to su­ perintend Hie CU T T IN G D E P A R T M E N T — one whose reputation, both South and East, is a sufficient guaraiiity that it will be done in tho ’best manner as io Taste and Fashion. The patronage of the public is respectfully so* lici'eii. 5. SCHENCK, 75 Genesee st. 017*Cu'ling done at the shortest notice. Afiburn January, 1 8 4 5 . M I L L I N E R Y & D R E S S M A K I N G . l\ / l RS* SIMMONS respectfully inform* the Ladies of Auburn and vicinity; that slit: has received from New Y o rk lhe latest patterns ior . ^ BO .\N E T S , CLOAKS, COATS & D R E S S E S , and is prepared to do work lo order, fashionably, n e a tly aud reasonably, and on short notice, G e a flfce s t r e e t , opposite Dr. Pitney s. Nov. 3d, 1S44.— 27tf. B O A T F O R S A L E , ■jVTOW bfi the stocks tit tin- | IN .ion f H U N T ’S L I N I M E N T . I t is a s - lonmhing how it goes The efficacy of H u m ’s Liniment is becoming well known, and the first lot having bedn sold and a fresh and much larger supply received, ii is strongly rec­ ommended to those afflicted wilh Rheumaiism, Weakdess, Sore Throat, Bruises, tec. tec.—noi only by physicians, but by hundreds who re­ joice o v er the effects o f its application. Try it once, and you will never after be with­ out it in your house. For sate at j . C. DeRtor te Co.’s Bookstore, 107 Gene.-ee-st, M ay 12 S. P . SHI A W , A g e n t. U 1 A M P H E N E S , J P r e s h D i s t i l l e d , \ j and of the best quality, at 5 shillings per Gallon. U N O . H . C H E D E L L . TYTEW A M ER IC A N PO E T R Y ,— J . \ Poem s by W . W . Lord, beautifully bonnd. Saul, a Mystery, by A. C. Cox. Poem s by A m e lia, 1 large volum e . Longfellow’s Poems, 4 vols. illustrated. Halleclt’s Poems. Ju s t published and for sale by J. C. D B K B Y & C 0 . q i H E A N N U A L E L E C T I O N O F 1 Directors o f the Auburn and Owasco Canal Company will be held a li k e American Hotel, in ihe village of Aubnrn, on Monday the 2d day of June next, at 10 o’clock A. M.—Dated, May 15,1815. By order o f the Directors. 3w2 A. N O R T H AM, Treasurer. ¥ I L E Y & P U T N A M ’S S e r i e s o f CHOICE R E A D IN G H a z litt’s Table T a lk, 2 volumes. Headlong Hall and Nightm are Abbey. The French jn Algiers. Just re&’ti by May 2 J . J-C .PfiB J8Y .SeC O - T E A D P I P E , Ftm S a l e b y JJ WATROUS & HYDE. ______________________ Springs, a first quali- y, New boat, ot the largest burthen, ready for elivery by tiie opening of ihe Canal. For lur- her particulars inquire of the subscriber. C. W. HOW L A N D . Union Springs, 3d mo. 25lb, J815.—47tf G O L D P E N S , J UST rec'tl 3 di>5!. Superior Diatnoftd Pointed Gold Pfens o f various makers, some o f which are lhe beautiful and highfy finished “Congress Pen.” s In selecting from sltch an assortment no one can fail of being siliied, and all wilibe war­ ranted, and if don’t please may be returned. JNO. H . C H E D E L L te CO., , Feb. 19, 1845. 105 Genesee-st. /C O R P O R A T I O N N O T I C E . — Nrt* \ J tire is hereby given, that ait application is pen ling before the Bia.nl ol Trustees of the v il­ lage of Auburn, requiring the owners or occu­ pants of lo.s to lay side walks in frohl bf the lots owned or occupied by them on the east side of Hulbert street, commencing on (he easl side o f said street whefe it ititeisects the north line of Clark streel, running thence north, albng the can line of said Hulbert street, to t h t north line o f a lot occupied by Wtiliam S. Hudson; ahd also on it,e west side o f said Hulbert street, roraiflencing at the north side *of C lark street, and running thence to the north line of a lot occupied by M rs. Richardson. Tbe said walks *are tt> be made of good smooth flagging stones, pot jess than two inches 'thick, or o f h a r d burnt brick— the curb stones to be not less than'twenty inches wide, e n d four inches thick ; and th e gutter stones to b e n o t less lhan two feet wide, and three inches thick. T h e final a c tio n q f said Board upon the a foresaid m atter, will be had at the Corporation Chamber, on Monday evening, ihe 2d day of June next, at half past seven o’clock. By Order o f the Board of TrUsfeei. JACOB £ . HGW , Clerk. Dated Auburn. May 13th, 1845.— 2w2 T O F A R M E R S . 3 N b w L U M B E l t WAGONS. 1 do do Sleigli. 1 second h and Chartotee, good a s new. 1 new do. F o r s a l t low' for C a sh, o r in exchange for Wood or Oats, by H A Y D E N & H O L M E S . T V R Y G R O C E R I E S , o r a l e x i n e A J j for gale ai VAN ANDEK’f* 5 Gen«se«-4f

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