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Auburn journal and advertiser. (Auburn, Cayuga Co., N.Y.) 1834-1848, November 01, 1837, Image 2

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J t o t t r n a l a t i f t & f t f r e r t t g g r A U B U R N , N O V E M B E R I , J 8 3 7 . Tht People's Candidate for President . €?en. W illia m II. Harrisois* Tor 8unuiiir~7lh District. M A Y N A R D , o f Seneca County. For Clerk. T V I L L I A M R I C H A R D S O N , of Springport, F o i ,-lsxc.mbly. I 3 A 1 C S . M I D L E R , . * / A u b u r n . H E N R Y R . F I L L E Y , o f Brutus. N A T H A N G . M O R G A N , o f Venice » For Coroners. J O H N E L D R I D G E , o f Aubum. I S A A C T U R N E R , o f Sterling. T O T H E D E M O C R A T I C W H I G 3 O P T H E CO U N T Y O P CA Y U G A . T h e time has nearly arrived when you will be again called apon to exercise the highest privilege enjoyed by freemen—the selection o f men to enact your Jaws ami administer y o u r government. 1 'he approaching political contest will be one of more than U s u a l interest and importance. It is not merely a struggle for m e n , or a scramble for tho •• spoils’* o f victory. It involves matters o f T h e T e s t Q ukstion . — A r e t h e p e o p l e - w i l l i n g j t o b e r u i n e d in t h e i r b u s i n e s s a n d p r o s p e c t s for th e b e n e f i t o f the o f f i c e - h o l d e r s ? I f t h e y are, they will vote for the Van Buren candidates — i f t h e y a r e n o t , th e y w i l l v o t e for t h e W h i g s . Iar M i c h i g a n , the Van Buren party have- two tickets up for f tate Officers at the coming elec­ tion. T h e Loco paity have nominated Stevens T . Mason for Governor; and the Conservatives, Edward D. Ellis, formerly from this county. The E lection A pproaches —and in ths course o f another week tf.- t I«otors o f this State W i l l be called upon to d«:i.ie as lo the character o f the men hy whorn the affurs o f the “ em p ire state ars to be administered. For years past, a system ofexperim e n t s and expedients have been pursued try the party in power. T h e beaten paths o f ex - poriuneH, in which preceding administrations sue * css fully discharged thrir duty to the people, have been disregarded— the o'd landmarks have been forsaken ; and a series o f “ experiments” set on foot, which in their cour.-e have brought the country to tlie very verge of ruin. T h e people themselves have been prostrated in their hopes and calculations, aud the government rendered bankrupt. From one end o f the Union to the other, the same unhappy state o f things is visible __ throughout the whole extent, tlie same cuusus have been at work. « N o w the question tn he decided by every Elec­ tor at the Ballot-box. is this; Is it my duty to gi>e my influence towards sustaining the present office-holders, in a course which has brought so much ruin and misery upon the country ? If he , w i s h e s to a n s w e r this question in the affirmative, aud io sustain measures which have been so dis astrous in tiieir effecis, h« will vote the present V .in Buren t i c k e t : But i f otherwise— i f it be his desire to use his influence towards checking these high-handed doings o f those in p ower, and bring­ ing the affairs o f the nation, and o f the people, back to the condition in which they w e re at the time the experiments o f t h e last and present nd. ministrations were com m e n c e d ,— there is but oue way in which such desire can be m a n i f e s t e d , and that is by voting the W hig ticket. In his last Message, President Van Buren falsely asserted that the people had twice expressed their will against the establishment o f a national b a n k ; a n d now, should tho Van Buren ticket be s u c c e s s f u l , tt will be claimed by the office-holders as a com- p h t e sanction o f all tiieir recent “ experiments and expedients,1’ and as giving them full liberty to pursue the same system to any extent they may think expedient. L'-t every elector keep this in mind as he deposites his \ o t e . You are either sanctioning the course o f the party in power, by voting its ticket,— or going against tbat course by voting ffir the candidates on the W h ig tic k e t : Choose ye. Rulers at W ashington. T h e Government is re spomible for y o u r adversity, and it cannot find a subterfuge in the senseless cry of overtrading and s p e c u l a t i o n . T h a m o n e y o f t h e p o o p l e h a « b e e n shamefully squandered, and our annual expenses have been increased from T H I R T E E N to T H I R T Y - S I X M ILLIONS of dollars. An agrarian, radieal, and loco-foco spirit is abroad, which, if not chocked, tvill entirely subvert all our established institutions. A change o f men is indispensable, if we would accomplish a change of measures for the relief o f the people. Tlie Whigs o f Cayuga have presented for your suf- frages, a ticket composed of honest, upright, and intelligent men, w h o a re entitled to the full and cordial support of all true friends o f good govern­ ment. Your candidate for Clerk, W i l l i a m R i c h a r d s o n , is a farmer, plain and unostentatious in his manners, possessing industry and business talent which qualify him for the faithful and prompt performance ofthe duties of tlie office to which lie is nominated. I s a a c S. M i l d e r , H e n r y R . F i l l e y . and N a t h a n G. M o r g a n , your candidates forthe Assembly, are extensively know n to the electors of this county, as intelligent and enterprising men, who would be an h o n o r to o u r legislature, and who would manfully oppose th 8 levelling and destructive doctrines o f their loco-foco opponents. J o h n E l d r i d g e and I s a a c T u r n k r , your candidates for Coroners, merit a warm support from the vVhigs of the county. F k e f . m e k o f C a y u g a ! A r e you prepared for the c o n test! T h e elective franchise should not be regarded merely as a privilege, but should be judiciously exorcised as a matter o f duty. There I are but t w o parties— the YVhigs and the Loco- j ^ l t s have been employed for the de- j Focoe. Rally then to tbe polls. Suffer not y o ur time-honored institutions to be destroyed— sustain your l a w s — protect yourconstitution from farther violation— uphold the interests and prosperity of your State—avert more individual e mbarrassment and rum— redeem your nation from bankruptcy and degradation. Let New-York take her stand w ith Maine and Rhode-lslaud. (did Cavuga wilj be R e d e e m e d , if the friends of freedom, good order, and the prosperity o f our c o u n try, discharge their D u t y at t h e approaching election. * and hid litir to come off victorious. f a r m o r e serious consideration. It is a contest for, Wliigs are already in the field with their tickat- principtvs a n d measures, upon the resu't of which, in d great degree, depends the perpetuity o f our republican institutions— lhe supremacy of the law s — the preservation o f the Constitution—the rights p f individuals, and the general prosperity o f o u r country. But a short time since, and our country was distini'uished among the nations of the earth, as pre eminently happy and prosperous. W e b a d all th e elements of grealness. A b u n . d a n t in ev e r v resource w h i c h co u l d give w e a l t h and glory to o ur nation—rich in tha energy, acti­ vity, and enterprise o f our population— w ith a soil fertile and productive— vvi'h ample means to carry on all public enterprises, promotive o f ge- neral benefit— o u r march was onward, and a high d e s t i n y seemed to await us. 1 'he contrast is strikin«r. Our condition and future prospects are sadly changed. Our commerce is crippled—our m a n u f a c t o r i e s checked— our bu s i n e s s men p r o s ­ trate and ruined— o u r sgricullutal population embarrassed— our laboring men thrown out of employ, and our almshouses crowded with the unfi/itunate and destitute. For this state of things you are in d e b t e d to the mismanagement and ig­ norance o f your Regency at Albany, and your H e a r t h e 1 r e s i d e n t . — In his recent Message st the opening ofthe Extra Session, the President rem a r k s : — posite and distribution of tlie revenue, at all times partially', and on three different occasions exclu­ sively ; first, anterior to the establishment o f the first Bank ol the United States ; secon Uy, in the interval between the termination o f that institu­ tion and the charter of its successor; and thirdly, during tlie limited period which lias now so ab ­ ruptly closed. T h e connexion thus repeatedly a ’tempted proved unsaii-fantorv on each succes. •ive occasion, notwithstanding the various mea­ sures which were adopt. ! to facilitate or insure it s u ccess.\ After u 11 this continued rxpeiioncn, even ac­ cording to liis own shewing, the late administra­ tion, ill whoso foots’eps it is his glorv to be tra­ vel ing. I a -e'y removed the government funds from tho I>l ice chosen by the constitutional delo O * W e are requested to state that Mons. A d d r e k t , famed as a Magician, will exhibit his performances at the Museum in the course o f t h 0 gites of Lhe people, and placed them ill those very j l’r®*ent ^ 3ek- elate banks 1 W h a t greater proof is wanting i among t h e p e o p l e to convince them o f t h e base- j delineations o f Yankee Eccentricities, w i l l be h ere H e r a , tho treachery, t h e iniquity o f t h e i r servants! n e x t w e e k . Doct. V a l e n t i n e , celebrated for his inimitable A F e w S h o r t Q u e s t i o n s a n d A n s w e r s t o r t h e F a r m e r s o f C a y u g a . Why' aire the times so haid ? Because your rulers at Washington have made them so. W h y cannot you sell y«ur wool for forly cents, which last year readily commanded from sixty to severity cents? Because the Government has been laboring ef. fectually to c i u s h y o u r m a n u f a c t o r i e s , and to em ­ barrass and ruin those who would otherwise have had the means to purchase your surplus produce. W h y have you the worst currency in the world, an almost exclusive shin-plaster currency 1 Because Congress, having destroyed a sound and safe national currency, are unable to furnish a better substitute. W h o c h a rtered the State Banks, and established the Safety Fund sjstem ? Van Buren and hi.i party. W h o passed the Suspension L a w , and gave us an irredeemable paper currency? Curtis C. Cady, arid other friends o f Van Buren in the Legislature. W h o voted against the Jaw authorizing the bank1? to issue bills under five dollars, and thereby flooded the State with foreign shin-plasters? C u r t i s C . C a d y . W h y did Van Buren, after having on the 4th May lefused to convene Congress, call an extra session on the 11th o f May? Because the Government could not pay its debts without a law authorizing the withholding o f lhe fourth instalment o f the surplus revenue due tlie States, and a new emission often millions of continental money. W h o recommended the S u b Treasury s c h e me? Yan Buren. Wlio voted for the adjournment o f Congress, that he mig;ht obtain double mileage,aud ought to resign ? William'll. Noble, W h o were loudest in their denunciations of the last Legislature? The Auburn Junlo. W h o re-nominated Curtis C. Cady 1 T h e Auburn Junto. W h o will be disappointed in not being elected? Dennison Robinson. W h o will refuse to vote the W h ig ticket? T h e Office-holders. W h o will refuse to vote the Van Buren ticket ? T h e People—those who are opposed to c o r rup­ tion, and ini favor o f preserving the Constitution in its purity. P i . o u g h b o y . A u b u r n F e m a l e S e m i n a r y . — T h e examina­ tion in this institution took place on Thursday and Friday o f last w e e k —and resulted in a man­ ner in every w a y creditable both to Teachers and pupils. [C o m m u n icated] Yesterday morning, a young man. about 22 years o f age, was found suffocated in the m u d near the Salt W o rks at Montezuma. H e was rather good looking, o f middle stature, and was not seen in that place till the day previous— was heard to say his name was Charles Hill, o f Arca­ dia, in this State. From w h a t transpired at 8 n inquest held 1 on his body, the jury returned a ver­ dict oflnsanity. F. O h i o , — is e f f e c t u a l l y purified from the tnint of Yanocracy. She is W h ig now at the heart, and from the heart to every, extremity. In her legislative, her execu­ tive, ar.d her judiciary powers, she is now essentially Whig. And in this great fact, (here is much for honest men to rejoice at. Is it not n glorious triumph ? L'fted- by one election, from a legislative minor­ ity of 6 , to a legislative majority of 12 or 13 No suppoiter of the powers that be, feared such a result; no Whig, san­ guine as our party was of success, would lare to antic ipate success like this.— Ohio S t a t e J o u r . And then* is another idea which it may be welt to keep in m i n d : W h ile Van Buren was thus pointing out tile evils of the State Banks—-the pet Banks under the past and present administration, until within a few months - h e takes great care t u avoid A Fire took place in Oiwego on Tuesday of last, w e e k , by which the iron foundry of Messrs. Carrier & Carrington, the machine shop o f Culler Parlin, and the extensive flouring mill o f J . Nottingham— 1500 bushels wheat, lOObbls saying a word about the safely of the j g 0U!.( ar{j much other property, were consumed, public treasure while it was deposited io the sc- j An insurance on ,he m j l|t 0f $5000. This is the ing t h a t varal N a t i o n a l B a n k s . He avoided snyi during the m tny year-s since the organization o f our presunt government, while the national funds had been deposited in the United States Banks, not a single dollar had been lost to the nation, while in every case in which the State Bauka have b.-om resorted to, losses haye succeeded tosses, the whole business o f the nation has been deranged, and the government made bankrupt. And u!though this has vviformly been the case, third time Mr. Parliu has been burned out in tliat village. S t e a m b o a t H o m e . — At a meeting of eleven of the passengers saved from the wreck of “ the H o m o , \ in Charleston, it was declared to be the belief o f them nil, that “ tlie boat was unsca worthy, nnd tliat t h e captain became incompetent for d u ty, owing to intoxication !\ Thu?, in this case, have near one hundred lives been sacrificed ih e Jackson adm i n i s t r a t i o n - f o r die purpose o f to tlie demon o f intemperance. Is it not high rew a r d i n g \ its favorites, proved itself t r e a c h e . ! time that all such cases o f criminal brutality were rous to tho rights c f the people-rem o v e d the j p auulu-d as capi ta! offences ? Is it just to adjudge the murderer of a s*ingle individual worthy o f public funds from a place where they were know n to be safe, and put them in chargs of State insti­ tutions, by whom they have been srattered to the fanr winds of heaven ! Nor'is it yet satisfied.— Now’ that the pel banks have most signally failed, a scheme is to be adopted for placing the national treasure in the hinds of pet individuals, by w h o m , for pariv effect, it is s-till to be managed as seem* eih i o them most meet and proper. death,— and still to suffer such a monster as is here exhibited to go at large? See the letter Irom Mr. C.idy— one of lhe rescued pas;engerB— on the first page. G R E A T N E W S F R O M A R K A N S A S . L i g h t B r e a k i n g f r o m t h e F a r W e s t !— Our Nashville Banner ('slip^ of the 19th, says the netvs by yesterday’s Western District mail, renders it almost certain that Yell has been defeated. \Ye give the following from (he Little Rock Times ('Whig^ of the 19th inst. T h e G o o d c a u s e F o r e v e r . — So far as heard from the Whig candidate for this State (John Ringgold) is triumphant. How the election may have resulted, we are not now able to say. The fallowing embraces what wo have heard frorn the different counties ; Pulaski, majority for Ringgold. Independence, Jackson, Philips, A r k a n s a s , Jefferson, Monroe, White, Crittenden, Hempstead, Crawford, 60 125 5 40 8 0 35 52 I 33 34 1 Hempstead has given a majority of two to one. Saline has given aboot 100 ma­ jority to Yell, and Conway about 30. C. H . Moore Esq (whig) has beat­ en F lax mane-and-tail Robinson, (Y . B.) for the L e g i s lature in J a c k s o n . We expect the majority in Izard, Law ­ rence, Carroll, Green, Mississippi, Chi- W h t o U. S . S e n a t o r f r o m T e n n e s s e e . — Ephraim H. Fo>-lerr Esq. was elected on the fiist call o f the two Hounes, by majority o f 32 vote- nvnr (Jen. W illiam Carrol, the Van Buren candidate. I mportant R umor .— U-cording to the last rum o r from W a s h ington, the Van Buren Cabinet h already dissolved. T h e arrangements are said to ! o as f o l l o w s : B uchanan , ofP.-nn., Secretary of St-ite. W r i g h t , of N. Y .. Secretary ef the Treasury. P oinsktt , ofth e W a r Department. Joseph S e a w e l l J o n e s , ofN . C.. o f the N a v y . K en da ll , where lie is— and « North Carolina ntan by the nam e of r3AnGF.it, Attorney General. A writer from W a s h ington to the Baltimore Gazette g i v e s i t a? hia opinion that “ this change will without doubt take place.\ H e then aJds, •* Georgia., New-Jersey, and Ohio have dissolved the Cabinet, and not tha President,’’ T h e President, as well as all the Secretaries, «r«i off on a tour. One year ago, dealeis in wool were able to re- ceive for it from five to fix shillings per lb. It is , now worth only two and mp.net, or tbroo ,WI- «»*. Lafayetto, Miller, S e v i e r , Clark and liaw. 8 . mud. for <sp.rim.ntmg 1 B u r o , . - n o that ,f Veil ta elected, .1 — = = 3 = = = = = = = z = = = = = = = = = si- j is by a very lean majority. c r Hein, desirous ot placing before onr road. I N o te.-Yell was elected in July to — ' . j - , i a i ; .iso it i serve for the called session only. H i s ers Mr. C l a y s admirable Speech in the U. b. . . : . , • ,i . 1 own party waived all claim to the seat Senate (Sept. 2oth) and seeing that it was not ; * ' . . , , . . ' ;for the whole Congress, and regularly uovsib e to do sn ui the regular paper, without’ _ ® 7 => 1 a 1 nominated him for re-election. From the Newark (JV*. J . ) Sentinel. Congress, it is some consolation to know', has adjourned. The President, in calling it togelher, only held the wore! of promise to our ear to disappoint all our hopes. Nothing has been done— nothing will b’e done for the country. The only solicitude manifested by the men who rule has been to take care of themselves ; nor can any good American be otherwise t h a n o v e r w h e l m e d w i t h s h a m e , w h e n tbe history of this transaction is contemplated, to say nothing t,f the manner in which business has been hurried through— so re­ pugnant to the gravity and sobriety, to all the decencies and courtesies, whieh should belong essentially to the deliberative as-, semhlies of a nation like this.' Never certainly have the public coun- cils of any nation exhibited, within so short a period, so much of conscious im- becihty and vainglorious boasting— so much of' shameless inconsistency, and clumpy chsingenuousness—so much of bold pretension and puling apology. Every step of the Administration has indicated what Bolingbroke called “ sousing pros­ titution.” In its habitual policy there is nothing hut what is ignoble and inglorious, confused and grovelling, illiberal nnd sor­ did— what is fitted to emasculate and de­ grade the state, to lower the conceptions of the nation, and blunt her moral sense—= the very corner-stone upon which the fa­ bric of our liberty rests. The p l a i n truth is that men w i t h o u t honor, without energy, and without just notions of policy — uniformly t h e sport of the blindest prejudices, and incurably de­ ficient in political wisdom, have been most b l i n d l y e n t r u s t e d , in a p e r i o d o f p o p u l a r delusion, with the reins of government, and they have brought the state to the verge of irretrievable tuin. No hope of safety remains but in their exclusion from office, and a total revolu­ tion of system. It is not within the equi­ table dispensations of Divine Providence lhat a nation so rt^ed, should be long per­ mitted to enjoy me political and social blessings which have signalized our lot. We must confess; that we can scarcely keep tv ith in the bounds ofthe temperance of phrase which we wish to preserve in this Journal, whin, penetrated with affec­ tionate solicitude for the honor and wel­ fare of our country, we look abroad, in sorrow and indignation, upon the waste and ruin occasioned by the conduct ofall branches of thegovernment since the com­ mencement of this reign of terror. Its whole hetory, indeed, exhibits the follies and crimes of ambitious, bad men, and the miseries of a confiding people. The institutions which give life and vigor to every branth of industry have heen overthrown, aad the country now lies prostrate and crippled. To the generous eye. Distress is viriue ; and. tho’ s e l f betrayed, A people struggling with tiieir fate must rouse 1 'he hero’s throb. The only hope we have i« in the ballot- boxes ; and herein there is ground for hope. The signs are for good. The re­ cent triumphs abroad, the heart cheering result in our own State, the returns from Pennsylvania, all go to show a growing change in public sentiment. Let our friends hold on with courage. The hour of deliverance will come at last— Ours is a cause Not offen unsuccessful : pow e r usuip’d Is weakness when oppos’d ; conscious o f wrong, ’Tis pusillanimous and prone to flight. Sub-Treasury.— T h e Globe says that this scheme is postponed until the next session. Ttiis shows the determination of the administration lo carry their point, and lo have the sanction of their party in Congress to unite the purse and the sword. Let the people think of this at the Polls ;, it strikes at the very root of their liberties, I and never received the sanction of any i Government since the early days of' Greece and Rome. It is a most extraor- dinarystate of things lhat the delusion of party should quiet all the alarms and ap­ prehensions of the people relative to the freedom of the country. If the adminis­ tration is permitted to carry this point, it can with equal grace change the form of Government into a monarchy. We shall be surprised at nothing. Our present ru­ lers are too ignorant even to see their own JV. Y. Star. danger. taking unwarrantable liberties with our adverti­ sing friends, we on Friday last sent it forth (in company w ith other valuable matter) in an E x ­ t r a . In return we have but one request to make, and that is—Let it be thoroughly and candidly read, and then v o t e according to your convic­ tions of duty. An extract from Mr. T a l l m a d g e * S p e e c h was likewise given, w h i c h w e also commend—to­ gether with several articles o f news. The Launch of the Packet ship flu- bum, built by Messrs. Fickett & Thom­ as, lor Johnson & Lowden’s “ Old Line” of New York and Savannah packets, took place in conformity to the advertise­ ment, at half past four o’clock yesterday afternoon, from the yard -t the foot of Third street. She went off in Ihe most majestic style, amid the acclamations of numerous spectators. We do not exag­ gerate, when we say that her model is as beautiful as that of any ship ofher class ever built in this city, and does great credit to^er builders. She is about 450 tons burthen, and of the following dimensions— length 1*25 feet, breadth of beam 29 feet, depth of hold 1 7 feet. Her cabin is to be neatly fitted up on deck, and will contain twenty berths. She is to be commanded by Nathaniel P. Dur- fey, Lsq. of this city, who is well ac­ quainted with the business, and bears a high character, whether regarded as a j seaman or as a gentleman. The citizens j of tbe beautifui From the National Inltlligencer. j and flourishing town G E O R G IA . • whose name she bears, may well be proud From this State w e have at length r e - } the ^ p h m e n t which her enterprising '■ I hope no treasury notes will be issued,\ said Gen. Jackson, in one o f h ii letters Lst J u ly. Soon after, nut came Van Buren's Message, te- pomivteridiug the issuing o f twelve mil lions of treasury notes! And this is called \■following in.the footsteps / \ I I o k o r t o t h e D e a d a t T i p p e c a n o e - — T h e ground, consecrated hy tbe Hattie of T i p p e ­ canoe. is to be enclosed with a post and plank fcnee, seven feet lit^h. T h e w o r k is to be com­ pleted at o r before the coming Christmas, and payment nr«le from the contingent fund at the disposal o f the (io\.-rnor o f Indiana.” How preposterous! ** Honor to the dead nl Tippecanoe” to he exhibited by raising o v er their mounds a fenre o f slabs and jscanUing! In ten or fifteen years the fenc/t wjli hnye crnmb’ed into dost, w b t ’e the deeds it has been raised to com­ memorate will continue to be honored by all the lovers o fheroic deeds for centuries upon centurie.«. As well might they raise a m o n u m e n t to B ona ­ p a r t e with a few loads of lath and shingles I During the existence o f the severe! U. S. Banks, tlie exchanges o f tho country have been uniform—-while it is estimated by t h e report of the Committee of W a y s and Means, m a d e to C o n g i ess in 1 8 3 0 , that during the state bank ex. periment from 1811 to 1816, “ an annual tax o f six millions of dollars was levied fro m the indus­ trious and productive classes by the large moneyed capitalists in our commercial cities, who were en­ gaged in the business of brokerage ! \ Such was the amount then— For during the present term of another pet-bank experiment it will no doubt far exceed that s u m ! I n s u r r e c t i o n a m o n g t h f . S o u t h e r n S l a t e s . — It appears by an article in the N e w Orleans True American, o f October 39, that news had been re­ ceived that the negroes were forming plans to kill nil the white males, and to spare the females and children. Nine o f tbe slaves and three free ne­ g r o e s had been bung; and about 3 0 other slaves i m p r i s o n e d . T h e i r plan, it is said, “ w a s to ra'i.-e an insurrection, first at Alexandria, next at Natchitoches, and then to turn their steps to Or­ leans and kill all the w h i m s ; the negroes, how ­ ever, could not as'ree, which frustrated all their plans.” O n e party w a s for sparing the women and children—the other was for an indiscriminate massacre. C 8 i v e d r e t u r n s from all the counties. As reported in the Georgia papers, they give governor Gilmer a majority of 909 votes over the Van Buren candidate, Governor S c h le y . At the last election, in 1S35, Governor | Schley’s majority over his opponent was 2.680, which added to Mr. Gilmer’s pres ent majority. makc 3 a Whig gain of some 3,500 votes. A leading Van Buren paper in Augus­ ta, in crnfessing its m o r t i f i c a t i o n atthe success of the Whigs, ascribes it, at least in that city and county, to sundry causes, which we are very.glad to learn are oper­ ative in so respectable a portion of so in­ fluential a State. The C h r o n i c l e — the paper referred to— says, the defeat of the Administration was, amongst other things, produced by “ the commercial embarrass owners have paid them, in the selection ofa name for this truly fine ship. May favorable breezes and good luck ever eo with her estimable commander.— JV. Y . Advocate. One year ago, any collai man would have laughed to scorn an intimation that the power of the party, or the p o p u ­ larity of the President was in dagger. Now, this is irredeemably lost, and that is tottering'to its dissofution. The Mes­ sage was the death knelt of both.— Buffalo Patriot. B a n k C o n v e n t i o n . — I t is s i f t e d in t h e A r g u s , th a t th e p r o p o s e d c o n v e n t i o n o f th e b a n k s , o f th e p r i n c i p a l c o m m e r c i a l cities, fo r t h e p u r p o s e o f fixing u p o n a d a y f o r t h e r e s u m p t i o n o f s p e c i e p a y m e n t s , ___ _________ and for taking the necessary steps mean- ments of the country; the declarationsof| while to ensure it, has been acceded to by Mr. Yan Buren, against a national bank, amd in favor o f a divorce by the Govern­ ment from all banking institutions ; in ihe Legislature , an suspending specie pay­ ments; all had a bearing on the election.” JVew Hampshire .— We are told, and we hope the rumor is true, tbat the whigs of New Hampshire intend to bring for­ ward a candidate for Governor at the next election, and to organize the party, and take the field in a regular manner. It is said that George Kent, of Concord, broth­ er to the Governor elect of Maine, will be the whig candidate. New Hampshire redeemed. New England will present an undivided Whig front. a large proportion of those institutions, and that the convention will be held in the city of New Y o rk on the 27lh of No­ vember next.— JV. Y. Spect. 0 ^ 7 “ The Steward of tho late Steam Packet H o m e , has publised a Card de­ nying that Capt. While was intoxicated. 'From the Rochester Democrat. A S S A S S IN A T IO N A N D R O B B E R Y . Our city was thrown into the most in­ tense excitement yesterday morning, by the discovery of the dead body of M r. W illia m LvMan, a most estimable man, who has sometime past been in the employ of*Mi. Horace Hooker, of this city. It appeared in evidence, before the coroner, that Mr. Lyman on Monday morning, re» c e i v e d fro m M r . H o o k e r , who is now in Connecticut, a p a c k a g e o f money amount­ ing to about |5 ,0 0 0 ; and that this money he kept in his possession at the Carthage rarl road office (where he was employed,) until about nine o’clock in the evening when he left for home, with the money in his possession. fn going to his house on North Clinton street, he had to pass across a vacant lot. It seems that he had not proceeded over more th’an two or three rods of this lot, when he was shot through the head. The ball entered the centre of the back base of the brainr and followed an aogling di­ rection to a point just behind the left ear, where it lodged against the skull. Not­ withstanding this must have produced in­ stantaneous death, the body was found about twenty feet from where it appeared, from the blood upon the ground, to have first fallen. It is conjectured that tha murderer or m u r d e r e r s dragged the body that distance for the purpose of removing it from the pathway, across which it had first fallen. It was the evident design of the mur­ derers to procure the possession of the mo­ ney which they doubtless knew Mr. L y ­ man had about him ; but they failed in this. The money was in a large package — too large to be put into the pocket, and consequenty Mr. L. appears to have put it into his hat, as it was found there un­ touched when the body was discovered. The murderers had rifled the pockets of their victim as they were turned wrong side out, and his wallet was missing, but they left his watch untouched. The hat was lying about 8 feet from the body ; and was d ubtless overlooked by the murderers. The report of the pistol— ivhich, from the size of the ball which was taken from the brain, must have been a large horse­ man’s pistol— was distinctly heard by the whole neighborhood, and by his wife ! _ But, from the fact that the report was fol­ lowed by a loud howling and barking of dogs, no no ice was taken of i t ; and, al- though several persons passed within 20 feet of the body within half an hour after the fatal deed was perpetrated, it was not discovered until the following morning. An inquest was immediately called, and after proper consultation, a verdict was returned ot wilful and deliberate murder by some person or persons unknown. The announcement of the horrid event, produced, very naturally, intense excite­ ment. All were zealous to ferret out tbe wretches. About 8 o’clock, three young men were arrested upon suspicion of being engaged m the transaction. The police justice as­ sisted by Judge Sampson a-nd the District Attorney was engaged most of the day, and until a late hour at night, in the ex­ amination, the completion of which was deferred until morning. The court room was crowded during the whole time. It will be seen tbat a reward of $ 1,000 has been offered by the Mayor and Sher­ iff, for the apprehension of the murderers. The circumstances attending this dark deed are awfully revolting. Mr. Lyman was highly esteemed, and had an interes­ ting family dependent u p o n his industry for support, and he received his death wound when in sight of his oivn dwelling ! The assassins must have been waiting be­ hind the fp n e e near where the deed was committed, for his approach, as the direc­ tion which the ball took would indicate. It was evidently a d e l i b e r a t e art, com­ mitted for the purpose of procuring tbe money Mr. Lyman had ; and must'have been c o m m i t t e d by some one or more of the few who knew that he had received this large sum of money. But who that some one or more be, remains for time to develope. P. S. Since the above was written, we understand that there were $600 missing from the large package of money, $200 | of which, (as appeared from the books ofj the office, Mr. Lyman bad bought wheat with, and the residue it is supposed he had in his wallet, which was taken by hia mur­ derers, as were also several gold pieces which il is known M r. L . had with him. D e m o c r a t O f f i c e , ) R o c h e s t e r , W e d n e s d a y 1 2 M. > Facts are being developed which will doubtless lead to the detection of the mur­ derer of Mr. Lyman. Nearly all the m o n e y which was taken from his pocket, was found this morning by Aid. Wood- bury, in a ptle of wood, on the common near tho Rail Road Depot. Who placed it there is a question which may be easily solved, when it is known that when lhe constable was about to ar­ rest B arron , (one of the young men now on examination) he run toward the Depot, aod passed by the very spot where the money was found, and was not arres­ ted until he reached the Depot. As his trunk was on board of the cars, and as the cars were about starting from the de­ pot, the officer did not follow him across tha common, but ran directly to the de­ pot, which will account for his not hav­ ing seen B arron place the money in the pile of wood. From several other facts, which we have not now time to detail, there is strong reason to believe that the three young men arrested— Petavius Barren, Peter F ill well, and Thomas Bennett— are the murderers. Their youth— Barron, being only 18 and the others 2 l — makes the suspicion doubly revolting; but facts are stubborn things, and must be admitted. The Agricultural Resolutions .— The Farmers of New-Windsor, Orange Co. adopted the following, among other ex­ cellent Resolutions Resolved, That pampering the Treas­ ury wolves with corn , and feeding the sheep with husks, is a bad system of farm­ ing, and the Government will find it out at the next shearing time. Floryla W ar—-Foreign Enlistments To subdue half-a-thousand naked savages in Florida, our just, wise, and economical administration have expended nearly $20,000,000! This expenditure, and the cause of delay and disaster in the prosecution of the war, Congress has obstinately refused to investigate—'but blindly voted to squander $1,800,000 more, without looking at the past, or in­ quiring into the future. Meanwhile all the Southern States have been in vain appealed to for volunteers. Virginia and Pennsylvania have been summoned. Attempts have been made to enlist Indi­ ans by rifles and whiskey, and by double and treble pay— but all without success. Ar.d now a band of foreign mercenaries, commanded by foreign officers, are to be enrolled in the city of New York, to be butchered in Florida. If a certain quota of the race must be annually tomahawked and scalped, to keep up our t 4 mil.tary rep­ utation, ” we should certainly prefer tbat they should be savages and Hessians, rather than citizens of the United States. But we must utterly condemn the whole policy of such enlistments. To send Indians against Indians— to tufn the arms ot the savages against their brethren— is an unjustifiable and barba­ rous as well as an unwise policy. It will revert in a terrible retribution upon our people^ Tbe arts which we teach them, Will be- inevitably turned against our own citizens— and the Western frontier will yet exhibit desolated fields, ashes and blood, as the memorials and monuments of our inhumanity and wickedness. And look a moment at the enlistment of foreign troops, under the command of foreign offi cers, that has recently been attempted in this city. What a precedent is thus es­ tablished ! What a power is thus placed in the hands of any bold magistrate ! Recognize this principle—justify the ad- minstration in this policy— admit its ne­ cessity and propriety—-and give withal, to you, President the entire control of (he revenue, by vesting it in the hands of half a dozen ofhis creatures— and what is to prevent an unprincipled and aspiring E x ­ ecutive from establishing himself in ab­ solute dominion? W iih all the safe­ guards of constitutional liberty devised by the wise forecast of our Revolutionary fathers— with all the checks and balances which were supposed to lie in the co-or­ dinate departments ofthe Government— with an incorrupt Congress, and a vigi­ lant people— and in the very glow and fervor of that devoted zeal for freedom which marked the achievement of our in­ dependence, and the establishment of our institutions— we were told by P atrick H enry , that the fabric could not stand— that too much power was concentrated in the Execurive— and that “ our President might easily become mir K ing.,} What would have been his apprehensions at this day, had he lived to witness the uri- rebuked enlistment of foreign soldiers upon our soil— the grant of authority to Government to issue ten millions of in - convertable paper— and the simultaneous agitation of a project for placing the entire contents of the public Treasury at the uncontrolled disposition of the Executive ! H is apprehensions, did we say J What would have been his horror and despair— and in what burning eloquence would he have portrayed them— had he found these monstrous projects cooly discussed be­ fore the people— exciting no alarm— re­ sulting in no movement—met by no retaliating menace—-without even a flash from the cloud to tell us that the thun­ der is sleeping in its folds— or a murmur from the earth, to warn us of a convul­ sion pent within its bosom I — JV. Y. Courier. and good Jackson for ever having doubled' superabundant wisdom ofhis rnca. ures. These vaunting declaration,, those glo. nfication. of the State B . „ ks anil of B|h admirable manner in which t W T the monetary and fiscal afrah-a of^h country, were continued up to the very time of their explosion. And can the President and his Cabinet have tbe mate},, lees effrontery to attempt to excuse them* selves to the nation fo* the loss of the pub. lie revenue by throwing the whole blame upon the banks for too great an expansion of their business ? When it is known that the deposites were given fo the banks on the express condition of their expanding their business ; when it is known that the banks were directed by the Government to expand, and, that the country was assured by the President that they should and would do so to fi]} the vacuum created by the withdrawal of the Bank of the United States; when it is known that their profuse issues were exultingly pointed to by the President and all hisjjresses as shining evidences of the financial wisdom of the Govern­ ment and of the beneficent and glorious operation of the State Bank system ; and when it is known, tliat monthly returns of the condition of the banks were regularly made to the Government, comprising a full statement of all their discounts, their p a p e r in circulation, and the amount of specie in the vaults, and that, instead of receiving at any time the slightest intima­ tion as to the propriety of their curtailing their business, their condition was contin­ ually lauded beyond measure in each succeeding Executive Message and iB every Report of the Secretary of the Treasury— we say, when all thete things are known, as known they must be to eve­ ry man of ordinary intelligence in the na­ tion. does it not seem the Ultima Thule , the very Land’s End of impudence and shamelessness on the part of tbe officers ofthe administration, to attempt to clear themselves from all censuie and to lay the whole blame of the late commercial catastrophe to an iniquitous and unauthor­ ized extension of business on the part of the banks !— Louisville Journal. S h o o t i n g b y a w o m a n . — The sheriff o f W a r r e n county .Virginia, Sam u e lC o o k e , on riding up to a house with a v i e w o f c o l- lecting taxes, received the contents of a gun, discharged as was supposed by a female in the house. Mr, Cooke was seriously wounded. The woman has been committed to jail. No paper should be issued without an adequate metalic basis.— Globe. The twelve millions of Treasury notes, which the Government is on the point of issuing are to have for their basis a treas­ ury nine millions worse than nothing. Is not that “ an adequate metalic basis?” — Lou. J ournal. __________ ___ The Citizens’ Insurance Company of Missouri, has advertised that it will make a deduction of five per cent, from the rales in favor of those boats and cargoes, on board of which spirituous liquors are not allowed to be used as a drink. F a c t s n o t t o de d i s f u t e d . — The President tells us in his Message— the Secretary of (he Treasury tells us in his Report— and all the administration edi­ tors tells us in their columns, that the banks, prior to their suspension of specie payments, were guilty ofa most inordi­ nate and extravagant extension of their business- Tne banks may have extended their business too far ; they undoubtedly did do so ; but let tbe public bear it in mind, that there i» not a set of men in the na­ tion more chargeable with a direct agen­ cy in the production of this state of things than the Ex-Presidenb his successor, and the members of the Cabinet.. If an un­ due amount of business was done by (he banks, they were openly stimulated to it by those functionaries ; and the fact can be proved a thousand times over by docu­ mentary evidence. When the deposites were removed from the U. S. Bank to the State banks, the administration did not look upon those institutions as doing too extensive a business. The Presi­ dent did not avail himself of ihat admira­ ble opportunity for restraicing them; on the contrary he enjoined upon them an increased expansion. His policy was to make them expand to the utmost limit. He proclaimed to the country in his cel- brated paper “ read to the Cabinet, ’ that there should be no curtailment of bank loans and issues in consequeuce of the removal of the deposites — that, “ if the TJ. S. Bank curtailed its loans, the Stale banks, strengthened by lhe public depos­ ites, should extend theirsM At the same time, the Secretary of tbe 1 reasury, act­ ing under the President’s direction, wrote to the deposite banks, and especially to the Girard bank of Philadelphia,-notify* ing them, that the deposites would enable them “ (o afford increased facilities to com­ merce, and to extend accommodations to i n d i v i d u a l s All of them were given (o understand, that they were expected to use the public money freely for the pub. lie accommodation. The President and his officers, aware of the fearful respon­ sibility of their seizure of the national purse, and burning with a feverish anxi­ ety to give the lie to all the thousand pre­ dictions of distress and ruin, and to re­ press the clamor which was continually sounding in their ears like the heavy mut­ ter ings of distant thunder, resolved to make money plentiful at all hazards. Under their auspices, therefor, and in obedience to their instructions, the depos ite banks did as much business as possible upon every dollar of the public funds in their possession, and the State Legisla­ tures were encouraged and exhorted to create newbanks with every breath of their nostrils. Thus banks spurng into exis­ tence by scores, and millions upon millions were added to the paper issues of the country while the President and his Cabi­ net, the authors of all this tremendous expansion, cried vauntingly in their ecsta- cy— “ look, ye Whigs, ye croaking sooth sayers, ye prophets of evil, behold the glorious operation of our State bank sys- tern, the noblest ever devised by the wisdom of man— behold the abundance of money and the high price of produce and humbly crave pardon of the greati From ihe Com. Jidv. of Saturday. F I V E DA Y S L A T E R FRO M ENGLAND. The packet ship Oxford, Captain Rath- bone, has just arrived from Liverpool, whence she sailed on the lst of October, to which date we have our files of English papers. We are compelled to make our extracts very brief, owing to the lateness of the hour. The London Morning papers of Sept. 30 contain the President’s meesage. ft appears to have given very little satisfac­ tion. In reference fo the liquidation of the debt due from this country, the Mor­ ning Herald remarks that the creditors in England would have been better sati-fied tvitb the announcement of some distinct arrangement, than with vague references to .American honor and American resour­ ces. The message was crried out by the Roscoe, Capt Delano, who landed his passengers nearCorkon Monday the25:l» of September, and immediately sent off the message by express. Captain Stockton’s letter to the bank directors was published in one of the Lon- don papers on the 27th, and appears to have made quite a sensation. One of the papers calls it “ one of the veriest specimens of humbug that have appeared since the days of -Toseoh A Ay.” Th*> London press seems quite indignant at the idea of the great Bank receiving] advice and information from an American. FRA N C E . T h e e l e c t i o n s w e r e announced by fhe Temps to take place on the 4th of Novem­ ber. Count Gonfalionieri recently arr.ved from America has been required to leave France--in pursuance of a pledge given by him, many years a g o , when his sentence of death was commuted to banishment, by the Emperor of Austria, al the earnest solicitation of Louis Philippe, then. Duke- of Orleans. The Duke then became responsible that the Count should' never reside in France. The King and Queen of Belgium were expected at Paris on the 10th of October, to be preseat at the marriage of the prin­ cess Mary. The cholera had broken out at TouTm — not only in the city but on board tho ships of war. SPA I N . From Madrid the advices by letter come down to the 18th. The state o f siege still continued. Don Carlos was at Guadaiaxara. A telegraphic despatch brings informa­ tion to the 20 th. Don Carlo 3 had march­ ed from Guadaiaxara; Espartero came up with his rear-guard on the 19th and put it to route. The Carlists retreated by Renera- In the evening of the 20th it was reported at Madrid that another and more serious engagement had taken place, in which the Carlists were flefeaied* The report that tbe British prisoners taken at Ardaoin had been shot, is con­ firmed. The number of the victims is stated to have been 132. P O R T U G A L . The advices from Lisbon are to the 20th. The Queen presented to her loving subjects a young prince on the 19th— the new comer is discribed as being hand­ some as his father, and plump as hia moth­ er. Saldanha had inarched to the North East, and crossed the Douro, taking up a strong position on the right bank. Count Bomfim was pursuing him. No other of m o m e n t . in t e l l i g e n c e Where is the Money ?— T h e good peo­ ple of the state of New-York, after being a m u s e d with the prospect of a few millions of the public revenue, find that after all the congratulations, they are destined to be humbuged out o f the fourth instalment.— A short time since, the administration, through the Secretary of the Treastry, ex­ hibited a large balance in the Treasury ; a balance that allowed, not only the dis* tribution of all the instalments proposed to the states, but left afterwards a sufficient sum in the Treasury to cover all appro, priations and contingences. All at once however, this balance has disappeared— the Government is announced as bankrupt and the States cheated out of the mo»ey. But the true explanation is, that the Pet Banks have got the money and cannot no yi refund. General Jackson, Mr.Rives and Mr. Yan Buren all endorsed these banks, and declared their confidence in them, and put the public money in them. The State of New York is in a peculiarly e n v i a b l e condition, having advanced the fourth instalment to the people of the state — the result ofthe failure of the fourth in­ stalment will be that the common schools must drag plong as they can.— Oneida W h ig.

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