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Auburn journal and advertiser. (Auburn, Cayuga Co., N.Y.) 1834-1848, August 02, 1837, Image 4

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mm ii wi Own. Ouim n t i mom J J y To-day's Mail. fro m the JV*. K Commercial A d v . o f Monday. O bituary .— D eath has been speeding a shaft at another shitting mark ; and it is with deep and unaffected sorrow that we announce the death, at N e w Kavpn, on Saturday evening, o f tbe Hon. H e n r y R. Starrs, of this city. The mind of Hr. Storrs had been considerably agitated for two or three months past, by the protract­ ed indisposition ofhis only daughter, who, under the charge of her mother, had been placed nt New Haven for change of, air, and the benefit o f sea-bathing at the Pavil­ ion. Mr. Storrs repaired thither on a •visit on Tuesday or Wednesday last, dnd was to return to day, 0 n Saturday af­ ternoon he was in his wonted geod health and spirits, and transacted business for a .merchant in. this city, who went lo New !Haven to consult him. In the evening he was in cheerful conversation vvith his fam­ ily and friends. An alarm o f fire in the city, called him with others f6 the cdpola of the house, whence he descended, and was again engaged in conversation, walk­ ing up and down the drawing-room, when he fell a n d instantly expired. His disease was angina yeetoris. Thu®, in the prime of life, m the rich maturity of nn uncom­ mon intellect, has suddenly fallen one. of the ablest members of the legal profession of which this country-could boast. His To the Senate and H o m e o f Representatives o f the United S tates. The undersigned citizens o f Cayuga county, in the State of New-York, respectfully prsy your Honorable Body promptly to reject all pro­ posals Ibr the annexation of T exas to this Union, from whatever source t h e y may come. The above petition hsls ^.e*n, left at the store of S , C. Dunning Co., No. 5, Exchange Build­ ings, for Signature. All who take ad interest in the question are requested th call and leave their names. M A R R IED . In Montezuma, by Rev. I». J. R e y ­ nolds, on the 26th of July, Mr. G e o r g e B. T h o m a s , to Miss Ludr R oot , ail o f Montezuma. age was 52. Tw> D a y s l a t e r f r o m F r a n c e .— By arrival of the Utica, Captain Pell, Havre packet of the 24th June, we are in possession of ft lo* of P.irte and Havre papers, the former ta the 23d June, and the latter to the day of sailing. A resolution of some importance was agreed to4n the Chamber of Deputies on the 20t l f viz. to defer the consideration df the proposed great lines of raiforoad until the next session. This .decision appears to-have given some dissatisfac­ tion, but on the whole it is thought not 'Unreasonable, considering the variety and importance of the questions to be di3 cussed ; among which are, fhe adoption cf a systematized plan for the length, situation and construction of the route--, st»(as to ensure the widest benefit, the a- rabunt of cast for which the government shall become responsible, tbe privileges to be offered to companies engaging in the project, the rates of roll, &c. &c. A grfiat object with the government is to present the stocks from becoming a sub­ ject of. speculation and jobbing on the JExei range. T ie bodies of the unfortunate persons killel at theChamp-de-Mars, were buried on Saturday the 16th, with solemn and .public ceremonies. Eleven hearses were employed on the occasion. A letter fro m Rouen, dated th e 19th, Vasntions the arrival ol forty beautiful oifange trees, on their way to England - p r e s e n t from the D u k e of O r l e a n s to e D u k e o f Sutherland. The Journal rht IIfibre of thp 23d quote? article Jfrom* a Paris paper, which it bee not name, stating that the Mexican ^overiiment has applied to that of France to mediate between the Mexican republic nd our own, respecting the existing riiat- ers of difference, and especially the revolt hfthe Texans. T h e opposition P a r i s p(dp*u\*. h a v e a real deal to say ahotit th b new conspu acy a g a i n s t t h e life o f fhe K i n g . T h e linisterirtl j o u r n a l s treat it a s m e r e im t t e r i f m o o n s h i n e . j On the 22d. a well diessed man threw iim s e lf from the top of one of the towers elf Notre Dame, and was dqsh«*d to pieces, | T h e C o m t o f C a s s a t i o n decided on the jf/lst, that to kill hr Wound an o t h e r in a duel, i? a crim e , of which the law takes guidance, and on ivhk'h it is bound to lOSflict punishm e n t . The latest account? from Denmark re, that the king was dying. There are utijfaverable rop.orls also as to the health of Bernudo'te, a lias the king of Sweden. abetter? from Naples, of June 10th, trir* painful accounts ofthe ravages com. milled by the Chdlera.*—1The Neapolitans 'van earnestly imploring the assistance of S t . . Fanuarius against the disease, arid the Icings to quicken the sai-ri’s zeal, bestowed upon him the grand crass of the order of St. Ferdinand, and doubled his pay as generalissimo of the army. tit a i A 1 FROM FLO RID A. St, Augustine, July 22. 5 -my JMovenients. — Maj. Gen. JesUp, has been detained in this city for a lays past, on account of ill health, mre on Saturday morning, in the boat Charleston, for Black Creek. call upon our executive — men; and during his tie Iliad made for &force ' of *tayifsere he was busily engaged in orga? niziij* mounted and infantry companies for t ie protection of the frontier settle ment* and for active duty in the field. Tt is the intention of Gen. Jesup, a§ we !paiS from a source entitled to credit, to embrace, without further delay, every fa- vora >le opportunity to bring the Sehai- noles to unconditional submission ; and bp t oll, we further learn, require every sold er to be in readiness, to march at a moment’s wariyng to any point where he may kne for defe|i his spec deem it necessary to strike a blow; dnrii ig the summer months. (J ?n. Jesup is desirous of relying p.riu- cipa ly upon the Floridians to terminate this Indian war; and wve are pleased with the spirit of chivalry manifested by them whei ever hi?, tvislre? have been made oi /n. The mounted men he intends ctive duty— the infantry are for local ce; and so lav as we are informed,, dans are arranged with the cirfeUm- tion and care of a braye and expert; ©need general, and we hope he may sue- ^ed Pldr W »eel not, F e m a l e S e m i n a r y * T H E undersigned Trustees of this Insti-. tulroo, give notice that lhe second term Will commence on Monday, the H i h day of August inst., under the charge of Mr. &j\frs. HOSM E R , assisted by competent Instructors!. The course of Instruction is designed to em­ brace all the branches o f a complete system of female education. The-terms are the.garne as in similar loslituiions in this p a r t ol the State, Large additions and repairs have been innde to tbe Buildings Every attention will Be paid to the health and comfort o f the pqpif<=, and no pain 9 will be spared to make this Institution tn every respect worthy of public patronage. ‘'HKRMAH BEAJDSI.B.T, j TVlf*-, > ADMAH FlTCH, T . J Me M a s t e r , * terx. $ T. Y. Hp.w, Jtr. H e n r y Ivison, Jr; Aubnrn, August ». IH37- V2 ^ 1 --------------------- f ff'IHE Conimi'sionersot Loans for me County ± of Cayuga, will continue in session until Friday of this week, and will meet o.n Tne?. day and Wednesday of each week thereafter, until the business is completed- A. CADY, S. BEARDSLEY, Commissioners of Loans. Aid urn, July 25. 1&37. U w 3 M O T I C B . FIE 'folsciiber hereby gives nolice, that Boot andl Shoe C A T L I X , F O O T Ac Co., h a v e removed te the N e w Building of A. Urrnxnwoo oppositethe W e stern E xchange two doors east o f their old stand, where they offer f o r s a l e 4,000 o f Boots and Shoes, of all sizes, which they w|II sell tow at Wholesale o r Retail, end warranted good, C r T h c y 'also, manufacture fo order on short notice.. X A B !E 5» O T I C E —Ailiotei syid ttecoqfeti must b e settled immediately. Auburn, lune 13, 1837,— 5tf ' a T all the. demands of CURTIS STEVENS, have been assigned.to him—and are felt with f . C. W i t h e r e d , at W o rden nnd Clark’s fiee, two door? west of the Auburn Bank, where all who are indebted, must call and settle with, out delay, or h different method wilt be re­ sorted to for their collection. W A L T E R W E E D . Anburn, July SOUte 1837.—tf . TO t&Lifj W H O M I T M AY CONCERN.— T h b Subscribers hav­ ing sold n u t their interest in the Grocery business, respectfully solicit all thoee Who are indebted to them, to Call at their office, and set­ tle their accounts, without a ry uhnecessary de- la y.- N. B. Office in rear of that occupied ny J. P. Hulbert, Esq. A. & J . BOSTWICK. Auburn. July 26, 183?. 11 vv3 R E M O V A L . W OULD respectfully inform the public that he h.as removed to the store Jalely occupied by A. & J . Bostwick. (EFAH persons indebted lo him are requested to call and set­ tle immediately. C O -P A R TN *; IS S H I P ! M o r r i s b a r n e s & j a s . p. b e n e d i c t have entered into co-partnership under (he firm of B A RN ES & B EN E DlCT, and. purchased the stock in trade, of Messrs. A. & j . Bostwick. They would respectfully in. vile their friends and the public generally, to call and examine tbeir Extensive assorfmant of G R O C E R I E S , which they will sell as Cheapt i f not a little Cheaper, than c?n be pur­ chased at any blber plape in the county. NORRIS BARNES, JAS. P. BENEDICT, Atlhnrn, July 26. 3837- ____ 11 H o g s W a n t e d I W ANTED by the subscribers, a quantity of STORE HOG?, for ^ which the highest price in CASH N E T # A N D E X T R m i V E ESTABLISHMENT. T R E Subscribers beg leave to id form their friends and the public, t h a ithey have lately form­ ed a eopartoershi p under the name of Congaon, Spencer & Baldwin, fbr’!the purpose of manufacturing C A R R I A G E S , S I i E I G H S j S A D D L E S , i i A l l i s e s s ; arid e x e cuting all kinds o f Blaekimtth work. They have now on band all t h e varieties of Catraiges and Harness, ready made; which they will tre b appy to §ell forcash or approved Notes. T h e Saddle and H a r a s s making wdl be car­ ried on at the stand occupied b y Upton, Bennett & Carpenter, on Genessee street, directly oppo. site the Western Exchange. T h e Blacksmith- Ing at the old stand o f B . F . Spencer, on the eorner o f Diil and Water-st?. : apd the Car­ riage and Sleigh making on Dill street, iD tho extensive buildings alely erected near the black­ smith shop. At each of the respeetive places will be kept a general, supply of the choicest materials and the most faithful and skillful workmen, r e a d y a t all times to accommodate customers at the shortest notice. And the sub. scrib&rs have the fullest confidence in saying that customerscan be as well nreomoedated at (heir extensive establishment as a t a r y other in the County of Cayuga ; and as‘ure these who may favor them ivith a call, that nothing shall be wanting ntf their p a rt to dcses vc public pat­ ronage. J A M ES CONG 13 ON. BENJAMIN F. SPENCER. i . y v i a n B a l d w i n . Auburn, Ju n e !>t, 1837.— 5 tf N e w - Y o r k J AMES L A W , 'grateful for past favors, beg* to Intjmste t h a t b e has j u s t returned from- New-York, o f srogK S R © g o es, all of which being selected with ihe Utmost care, a n d purchased on advantageous terms, will bosoTd oSnigreatly reduced prices I A? J. L. invariably buy* aud.sells for cash, he is, therefore, enabled to ierv* bis customers on such terms, es cannot f a d let secure for him an extenfive slyire ok public p e o n a g e . Together .With an endless Variety o f o t h e r articles. J . L. will alaP submit for inspection, 8 0 0 P A i i O F L A D I E S ’ C O R S E T S , of a superior quality, and the newest shape. Auburn,'May tOth, 1837. 5 3 a t the late reduced Prices I f i Ju s t received, b y M U R F E Y % W O O D RU F F t a large a s sorttqent o f Frenehand Eng- ish Merinos- A'ec. 24. j __ Ngvv F a s h i o n a b l e Spring and Summer, Staple 'and Fancy Dry Goods 11 S ELEC'IED expcessly for this market. If. Polkemu? & Son, would inform their old cusiomeFs and the public generally, tfiat they have j u s t returned from the'city, and a r e now. opening,'a splendid' and choice assorfment.of Foreign nhd Domestic, Staple snd Faqcy Dry Goods J at the same old place, No. 6 , Mefcbauta. Row . Auburn, May IDth, 1837.-52tf D Y E W O O D S , D Y E S T U F F S ,& C . S PANISH INDIGO, Ground Logwood Ground Nicaragujs. Alum, Copras,' ’ Blue Vitrol, &c. &c. Also, M a d d e r , of the best quality, for falfe b y H O R A C E HILLS. July 18 . ___________________ r0 ^ 4 received ana for sale HO R A C E H I L L S . 30w4 ¥ AM P OIL—Just J U by July 18, 1837. Will begiverr. If- WATSON Auburn, J u ly 26th, & SONS. a iR . S i J V E O S S i ^ H , ha? removed to D Auburn, wbdre he i'fespectfhlly tenders hi? professional services'. OU’Office on Gepes?fe- street, opposite the Western Exchange, over Amo 3 T< Carpenter s Ifiit Store. Auburn, J u n e %t\. 1837.-7tf * S T R A Y H O R S E . ' STR A Y E D Horn the Pasture bf J. Fiies ’9 Tayern, in Sennett, on Friday last, a SMALL R O \ N HORSE. CTHad 011 when he went away A PO KE. Said H t i R S E has a snitch tail—he j.s seven or eight years old, square trotter, no shot's on his hind feet. Said Horse has bpen owppd in Penn­ sylvania some few months since ; whoever'will return said hois? or give inforroation’where he Cayaga Fownty f f l H E underfignetl continues to offer to his J L . friends s^nd thepublic. a large arid general assorlttient o f Good?, a t very low piices. A- rnong whirh Hre : Scarlet and Black merino Shawls \ black, and bliae black single and double width Silk?, ofall grades and qualities; G r o d e Naples, and Gro be Rhine, Dalian, .Sinchew, Lutestiing ; also a variety of col’d silk?, from 3s 6 d. to 7?. per yard, sewing si k, 'l ’hiber Wool, Prussian anJ common dress hdkfs., a largeasort- ment, and will be sold c h e ap: single t.nd double width Circassian, white, green and red flannel, Thibet Gauze do., a choice article, white French Quilts, Marseilles do. Toilet it Piano covers, linen table cloths, Irish Linen, brown and bleached Cotton Shirtings and sheetings. French, Merrimae. and common calicoes, a large assortment of black, blue,'brown, dahlia, claret, steel, and Cadet ‘Mixed Broad Cloths and Cassimers, plaid, nbb’U and fancy coL’d Do. Particular attention will be paid to the pur­ chase o f cloihs, so as to sell them qnqmajly CHEAP. Summer goods o f all kinds. GROCERIES. Yoqng a n l o‘d Hvson, Souchong, & Imperial TEAS, Museoiradp, Porto Rico,St. Croix,white fiayann.a, Lump and £*oaf Sugar?, Pepper, spice, Ginger, snuff, tobacco, box and keg Raisins, W. India curran's Shadqnd Mackerel. NAILS & COMMON HARDW ARE. It is intended to keep the stock full by fre­ quent arri vat?, and io sell al a price Id suit p u r­ chasers. C a ? h is the motto; sjnit if a predit is given, it will he sHoarb and at Gxsp Ppces. Pay­ ment will bepxpected on the j s t days rif Mar'cl) and September, Ctill at the next donr to R, Steel’s, towards fhe Cayuga county Bank, and you wiU find the Cheap Store of E . JEJYKIJYS. , Aiiburn, June 14 . 18ft 7 . - 5 _____ ■ * F o r e i g n i m p o r t a r r o j v - per. ship Shakspeare, from Liverpool, 41 packages E A R T H E N W A R E and C H i m i (or Abbott & Fosgqte.' T h e subscribers a re n o w receiving and open­ ing the above invoice o f V R 0 0 K B R # 7 Consisting of q full assortment,which they will sell in Jots to suit purchasers, low for cash. July 37, 1 837. ABBOTT & FOSG ATE. A N To Call at No. 7^ T H E subcrlber is now « T offcrtog at his Srore,f HE. 7 , ) Exchange ^ u i l d ' n g s / ^ S S H B i ^ 8 larSe assort meat of Ladies’ Miss’s, and Chddien’s SLiPf; xvilb different varieties of thick work, sqch as Gentleman’s Fine Calf Boot?, Shoes & Pu.mp?. men’?, hoi’s and chil- drer.’s thick hoplq, shoes, and brogans, of his; own manufacture, at UNUSUALLY LOW FR IG E S ; The qual'ty and workmanship of whichj' in ev­ ery respect he warrants equal fo those 6 f any Snap io the Village o f A u b u m . ' Call and see if it is not better to save two or three shillings when i t can be done as well aa not. E p T h e public m^ay be assured that 'he a- hove shoes are ttox made in any State Prison, or Penitentiary, but by hpnest industrious journey­ men, all of which aXe warranted bv ISHAM, Auburn. Julv 19. 1837. 10 A Y., would refpreclftilly an- friends and the public, that can bo scriber Rut whether successful or idians will do their duty, e have heard o f no Indian news this It has heen reported that JWicano- P]Ui|id W i l d Cat have expressed a desire t0 viAit Gen. Jesup in St. Austlstine.— Hanson, with a detachment of hia mny, have been on a scouring eipe- 1 to, the head of Matanzas river. He vered no recent signs of Indians, te steamboat Alabamian, reached Mb- on the 2 tst inst. from, Montgomery, ng among her passengers Tuskenngge, family and thirty-five other Creeks, y are on their Way to join the emtgra- Indians now at Pass Christian. The ChU f and several of his sons aeted as our Went/Ig in the last summer’s (Campaign. «*» family is said to consist o f two wives anci twelve childrert. 4 lexica —We have received our fef “® Universal, a paper published in llie hch language in the city o f Mexico, find in them no political news of re- t date, but we learn with regret from of the last numbers, that the cholera raging In Guatemala, and that 'many re falling victims to its deadly influence. A*. O . C o u r ier. had, will confer a favor on the Sub. and a ll reasonable charges pail. ’’ ’ (B. W. MARKHAM. Sennett. J u ly I S . 1837.-10 _____ _ T . M. H U N T , D R U G G I S T ^ H AS taken the Stpre next east of Hyde, Watrous & Co’s, and is now opening a new and foil assortment r.f first quality of S m i r a S & J M E D I C E K T E S , which will bfe Sold cheap a t wholesale or retail. IC?Prescriptions put up to order with care, and all goods sold, warranted good. Auburn. J u ly 12,1837.-7m3 - R E M O V A L . S B A t l . D E N T I S T , for the b e l t e r oe- • commodation of his patients, hss re ­ moved to t h e House formerly occupied by E . Hoskins, E s q . ort W I L L I A M STREET,se nearly opposite the American Hotel, wher he will b.e Happy to w a i t on all who need hi services. April ls t , 1835, 4«>t.L * I C F C R O C K .E R Y . ^ o A L A R G E Assortment of Crockery and- Glass W are ..for sale by H . P G L H i H V C U S Sc S O N , ai No. 6 , Merchants Row. _ N. B. A few Setts o f splendid China, j u s t o pened. . ' Auburn, May 10, 1837, YERY choice l o tofplaiu and fig’d Silks; also some splendid w o r k e d capesjand col­ lars, for salo c h e a p , t e x t door e a st of Ri Steel, Dfuagi?t. ' _________________ E. J E NK IN S . G E N E V A COLLEGE C ANDIDATES for admission to- Geneva College may presenjt lhem?^ves for exam­ ination on th e Monday and Tuesday preced­ ing the annual commencement, which will be held on Wednesday, A u g u s t 2d, or .at the be­ ginning of the fiext .tertti op the ijjlh bf Sep ember. BENJ. H AX.E, Presjdenjt. GenevaCol’ege. J o ’ySO, 1837— U w 3 • HOUSE BELLS, ^ ^ N D B E L L Trimming?. A\ general assort- Fre We can *45 . we’ t ment kept constantly on hand. Also house snd door Bells hung and fitted up to order on short notice, by J. H. CHJ5DELL.& Co. J u l y 27, r,3 7 - _____________ J l m 3 D R Y C ^ r O O D i s , C H J E A P ! 1WTORMAN BEN N E T T , has j u s t received a JL y jqewand fine assortment of Prints, French, English, ,and American ; also„a fine assortment of light, figur’d, and plain silks; also, Plaid, Ribb’d, and striped Cassimeies. . A few.pieces of fine Brussels, and Venetian ,Ca/petfngf, — Brussels Ruggs, fcc.,&c. ; 'which he will .sell a t five p e r b e n t advance from q o stjn N e w - F o r t , a t No.fi, Exchange Butifiiiigs, Auburnj J n ly ^6, 1837. . 11 W IN D O W GLASS and sash, of alTsizes, for sale at H E W S d N & M ILLIGAN’S. _____________3, Exchange Buildings. ______ BRANDRETH’S V e g e t a b l e U n i v e r s a l P i l l s . H EW S O N & M ILLIG A N , No. 2 Exchange Buildings, agents jot tltm le of the above. E M P O R I f i j O | f A S f l I Q N . S 0 I I A N C J E A B RAPU&S k T A l t O I t S , Genesee-stteet, Auburn, nounce to the th'ey dontjnue tiie ahoye qfgtitionpcj pstahlieh ment on the most moderate aqtl tjppfaifed plan, oonfaifiing an entirely ne\v? superior; and most elegant as?ortjnepl of tfie yery be3l and choicest Goods,corresponding at ail times -r/ith the sea­ sons, arid consistjng of Jhe verv F I N U S T C L O T H S ; Camlpts. yestings, Pantaloon stufls, of fevefy description. Stocks, Shirls, S h irt Bosoms, Col­ late, Hgndkeichjefs, GJoves auff Hose, and in the greatest rariot-y„ exhibiting at tlje same time lhe most fashionable colors and patterns. Schanck & Robinson, beg leaye to add, that they fit and make to order, according to the very lot est fashions of the day, every descrip­ tion of clothing, and at the shortest notice.—- Their friends and the public are therefore re­ spectfully, solicited to continue Iheir kind aad liberal patronage toward them. N. B. Cutting done atall times, on the short­ est notice, and in the best manner. Schancit Robinson, aro Agents forT h o ’a P. W illiams & fclo’s Tailors Magazine, and Qua 1 terly Re.view of Fashions. Auburn. November 8/1836. \ P l o u g h s ! ! fH A H E Subscribers are JH. making, andaliVays have on hand, the most approved kind of Ploughs used in thecorintry, made of the best materials and workmanship, at their Furnace in Mechanic street, opposite Leojuard and W a rden’s Stone Mill. W A R D E N , BURGESS & CO. Auburn. April 19, 1837.^49tf ________ TH B PUBLIC f~ 7 R E I F ROM paying high price? for goods by call ing on J . G. ISFIAM, a t his store No. 7, E x ­ change Bdildings, and purchasing from liis ex­ tensive stock of new and fashionable dry Goods, all of which, were bought for cash during the present very depressed state of I h e N e w - Y o i k market. By the facilities o f t h e subscriber for making his spring purchases, he has confidence to as- sUre h i j friends and the public, thftt it will-fie for their pecuniary interest to m a k e their pu r ­ chases, from a stock bought for Cash. W ith the aljo-e may be found every variety Of D ry Groceries, Crockery &c. at equally low prices. Please call and see i f t h e r e is truth in the abijvei Respectfully your servant in trade 3. Q . ISHAM . M a y 3i. ___________________ • ' 4 TH E CAYUGA COUNTY . . M U T U A l I N S U R A N C E ' C O , T HIS Company being now duly organized, ii prepared to receive applipations tor x a r s i m A w c j o , a\'! to issue policies thereoh. When the principles geyernirig such coihptin ies become more generally known.it is confi dently believed that tbej will fbeet, as they most assuredly merit, very general patronage. Any pesron b e ing desirous o f injuring in this Company, will be -required to pay one foliar and fifty cents for survey and policy; also, five percent upon the premium, in caih, tocreatte a contingent fund to pay expenses. & o . ; arid give a note for the residue' ot the premiunnwhich will be retained hy the company lo meet losses, in dase the contingent. fund shall become ex­ hausted. Each Director is ‘authorized to receive appli­ cations for insurance, and jrer&Ons desirous o f ob­ taining information upon t h e subject, are reqnes- ed to apply to .hither of t h e following Direct- ors, to wit': Jonathan Richm'ond, Elea7,er Burn- ham, Seneca W o o d , Edwin B. Morgan, Ben­ jam in Gould o r David Wright, of Aurora;— Gardner Chidester, bf Lavanna ; John Mo­ sher of Springport; Dennison Robinson q f Port B y r o n ; Seneca B. Demii*, o r Charles D . Fitph da Scipio ; -Artemas Cady a f Moravia’; or. L u man Sherwood of Genoa, or to Io h i t E. Wig,MAJf s , Esq. who has been d u ly elected The General Agent, for t h e saisV company.. DAT ID W R I G H T . , SeoreKry. Dated at Aurora, June 6 , tS37.f49tf GOOD article of Scythes for 5 shillings ; Snaths from l-G to 2 6 , and rakes for one shiijng, may be found a t J. G , ^SHAM’S, No 7, Exchange ^uildiog?.. July 19, L a t e s t arrival o f . n e w b o o k s , f o r £ai§, and added to the Circulating Library. IR V I N G ’S LAST—Trie Rocky Mountains : or Scenes, Incidents and adventures in the Far W e s t ; \by Washington Irving, 2 yols, with maps. MISS MARTINSAU*5 do.-^Sotjety in A- merica : by Harriet Martineau, ‘2 vols. l2mo. JA M E S ’ do<-^Ariila : a Rom a n c e ; by the author of “ Plijlip Auguslu?J? “ One in a Thou- jaiid,” Szc. 2‘voly. J he Victims of’Society; hy t h ? Countess of BleeSingtoir. 2 vol?', • Posthumous paper? qf fhe Pickwick Club P*ct 3d ; by “ JiozJ ’ Mrs. JaVri^fohs 1 chatttetevistlcs of woman, — n oral, jnstnrical. aud poetical, tvjlh erig. Sn^rfeyow : or the Dog Fiend* stn historical ji}>vct, ttw. Sj, b y- “Otrpr\STarryatt. ”* ' ' r lrioN . ,r a tragedy in 5 a c t ^ b y Th«plas Noon Tailimrd, 1 vol. . A n ew s u p p lyofBultrer’s Athens; Crichton; Incidfeuttf o f Travel. &c. I V I S O N § T E R R Y , (p^rNo.-.O , E x c h a n g e B u i ld i n g s . F A I R NOTICE. A L U the Accounts nnd Notes due to the xSL late firm of I I . Ivison Sz Co. a n d which have been itanding for *ix months previous to the first day of J a n u a r y las’L must be .settled without delay IVISON & TERRY . - Auburn, Feb. 7 . - 3 9 . f o r S A L S . O R £ 4 P . O N E two Horfe pleasure Carriage—two. one Horse Buggys, ope with top. and o n e without—^Iso.n se^on^ hand one hoise Lumber W a g g o ^ b y . - . . S T E E L E & G R O O T Auburn, May J7, 1836.— t S U G A R S c XffiOXiASXSS, J L Ju*t received,chfeaR Younc Hyson Tea, Hyson, Hvson 0kini and Pouching. Also loaf and lunqp sugar. Fish j Rice, &c., three doors west of Horace Hills’*, forsale b y __________ COOLEY & RATHBUN. W O O I , M a n u f a c t u r e d into cio.tb.i>ys]ieya«f —also Wool-Carding and CIoth-Dresftng. done a t Thrpopsviltef tfiree miles north of Aa- harn, by R , & A. R l K p l t . Mny 2 5 /J 8 3 7 .—2m3 The L a s t opportunity f o r Purchasing Manger’* P A T E N T E I G H T D A Y C L O C K S * ST^H E Subscribers having sold out tbeir man; vllk ufacturing operations, and having a lot o f Clocks on hand, unsold (andaifer this fio mOrre will be made) will now reduce the price tp the state of the times. They will deliver a t their ware-room, a fitst rate article, at S |2 0 each, bn short time, and for cash’ will dkconnf ten per cent. Those wishing' to supply themselves, w a u l tf d a wfll to c a ll soon. r HOTCHKISS & BENEDIC T. N. B. T h e t e r m s b y the box- will be s u c b as to offer a good profit to those who buy to sell again. Enquire o f C . B . Hotchkiss. Auburn, May 9.1837.-52 ' ■ A UBURN and Cayuga County Bank Bills will be received, and half per cent premi. am allowed on all old debts , and also, orfE per cent .on Goods sold a t No. 4, Exchange 'Build­ ings', where a splendid assortment' of goods, has j u s t been purchased at the present extra­ ordinary low. ' {trices—G/olh?,' Cassimers, and Veetings, in g reat variety. Also, rehrfy-tnad* olotbing, Cheap for Bank notes. (ETCall soon, or you'will lose the chance; 8 - C. DUNN1NG & Co,Tailors St Drapers. N. B. No Specie received,; unjessfiy partic­ ular request. ' . ’ Aubfirri; May 17, *,837. t , . , ; F - i N C Y G F I I N A . _ . A LA R G E assortment o f Fancy, Tea China, of the latest patterns, both English and French, ha |nst been reqoivctf and is forsale by tho subscribers. A l$o- an exteriSive-stqck of Cut Glass. Ex- Buj;laing 3 ,.No,,' 6 r. a r r o t t & F o s g a t e . May 2 4 , I.837.-2 F O B T H E IiA D I E S ! ! ' E LEGANT Gro de Noble Silk?, Chally’s, printed Farcenelts & F r e m h Prints 7 Si 8-4. French Cashmere shawls from ^25. to $35 each, rich French Work, embroidered beltings, iiflc hosiery, thread laces, &c. Just received at M URFEY & W O O D R U F F ’S F4a\y Stare- Hay 3, 1857, 51 NO T IC E . 1 AM about to be absent for a few weeks and have authorized Thomas Y. Tfow, J r . Esq. to receive and pay out all Excise and such Other monies'as may be coming into the Trea­ sury pf the county o f Cayuga, during my ab­ sence i , DAVID C. S T E W A R T , Treasurer. Dated Auburn, April 24, 1837-. 55tf F A N C Y AND A R T I C L E S W ILLIAM S ’ ANNUAL R E D I S T f e f t For 1837, much enlarged, ii for f&I.6 at the bookstore o f Ivison & Terry; D I S S O L U T I O N ' \ T H E Copartnership heretofore-existing un-. der the firm of sic. A . Se. £ , V A N A N D E N fit O O . is thisday dissolved by mtUualcohgent. The Notes aod Book Accctint^ of th? firm are lelt iff the Itdntls o f H O R A C E G. .V J i’f t ’AN 6 e.N, atth e old stand, who is duly authorized (osettlp the same. As we are opposed to enforcing pay­ ment, we hope all those whoard indebted to us, will save US the trouble; and themselves the expense of so doing. t h e n r y a . v a n a n d e ^ l e w i s v a n A N D E N / HOR ACE G. y a n ANDEN: Aubum, May 2 3 , 1 8 3 7 . - 2 B O O K S , PAPER HANGINGS. j^VlSQN & TERRY, are, and will be recei- p j r V l A B L E D I S T I H C T I O Y . — In Jk-A the m idst o f a general, a n d i n many in- stancet not unfounded prejudice agajnst many o f the- medical remedies of the day. Dr. W. EVANS’ PiLLS have the enviable distinction of aq universaf approbation. They are .per* haps the only medicine pu.bli.cly advertised that hi? the full undeserved ttisti?n(.biry o f nictjl- cal men in, itq f a r o ? ; if n o t t h e only one which piyea fuff satirisetiop fo its purchase^.—Dj.. W. RVANS has the satisfaction o f knojvingliutt his CAMOMILE oir TO N I C PILLS- are n -1 only regularly recommended prescribed hy the most experienced \ hy«ieians in their\ daily practice, b u t also taken by these gentlemen themselves, whenever they feet- the symptoms of those diseases in which they weiljcnow them to fee efficacious. H e knows this to fee- gener­ al ty the casein N e w York, Philadelphia, }„ hnny,.Boston, and other large eities in wl.!jr'h •hey h a v e a n extensive sale. Trial I hey should: thus conqrier professional prejudice a n d iriter/ ested opposition, and secure t h e agency oi the most eminent and best infoi med physicians i a the country lo render them useful to all n'ajspa, Can only be fairly ascribed to their undeniable and pre-eminent.virtues. . s! Enviable,however, as this distinction is.it can easily be accounted for from t h e intrinsic and peculiar properties of the medicine itself. It does not pcetetuj to too. m u c h , and it accom­ plishes *ti th*:t i t promises. D r / W . EVANS does h ot pretend, for instance, that eitheT his C A M O M l L f or his A P E R I E N T PILLS will cure all diseases by merely purifying the Mood; -bat lie dertainly does pretend, and has the au- thorit’y off daily proofs for positively asserting that thesq nriedicih^s, taken as re'commendecl, will cure a great mnjori'.y of the diseases of the Stomach, the Lungs, and the Liver, by which iijnpnrity p f llie blood is occasioned. The blood « loadofrom the contents of the stomach; has its,red color aod vitality given to it by the action ofthe lungs, and as it performs its duty in circulating through the veins and nrtere- hasits yellow or bilious -xcrement, which may be t e rmed its refuse o r worn out sediment, col­ lected and discharged by the liver. These vis- cerd, ’hen, are the anatomical meclianism m apparatus by which the blood is. manufactured arid preserved ; and it is-tlintefo'e-ofevimis that, the state of these should bf the very f mt .. 0 |j. side ration o f the physician/ Now therg’ va- ribus causes that will affect and derange these organs with which the blood has nothfiig what /ever to do, Tfibs the stoniauh may Sm u t t e d / ' debilftated tq one mpmefiV hy a^rigllt, grief, disappointment, lieal of the weat7*eV, or any other'.nervous action and;' be rendered wholly unable to digest its food* ’ f? the blood to .blame for t h is ? A nje.rvqus a c tibnp f long conti H ua nee will producje settled dyspep -ta, With head ache, bile..mental anti physical dehiU-ty/and a fune­ real letinue o f otli'er' eyilV. J s ihe hJood to blame for this? Intemperance, by ibfinming the coats o f the stomach, a»d leaving it in flacid prostrate weakness; and an undue quantity and continuance of purgative medicines by produc­ ing die fame effects, will ppt thig organ almost out of tije for diverting wholesome spikl fopd, and thus impoyeriifh the biood and the whfite System, fs the blood to filnTrie for (his ? A'o'nin with regard to the lupg?, it is well, Ifnown That a plight cold, occasioned by damp feet, or a c u r ­ rent pf air, will inflatn.e the bronchia, all down through the branching aii-\ tubes of the lun«-s,. and create either excessive mucus, or tliat dreadfully insidious di’sease^Consnmptibh, with pustules, and. suppuration of the lobes, which Ihpugh timply remedies may prevent, noeaV'lily skill can cure. Is the Mood of tjae fair and blooming victim t ^ b l tame for this? . So the liver When climate, sedentary habit i ini era per a nee. or-otfier pr 03 tratipz causes have withered jt away or paralyzed it with distention, becomes unabfo to carry off the bile from the circulation; and instead of discharging it through trie g a ll­ bladder, leaves it to come through the skin’in sallow or jaundiced.fluids, and to rush upon the stomach in irregular and excessive quantities. Is the unfortunate blood to blame f i r this ? No} these, vital .organs are never affected by fhe blood, until after the blood has been affected by them Ihey are its makers' and masters, add\ it is merely their work and tbeir passive agent; Knowing'this\ to be a sound a n d demonstrated foot in .science and experience, D r . W. EL­ ANS’ system of practice is in faithful qciiodance with it. He aims to keep ‘tVe stomnfh,' the 1 ^ t.ha 1 % tror Th Tri.-*•*-»n/ A' -jr.. 1 ‘. „ and i tj?a. Also Machinery, S T O V E S . ---------- patterns, and intend to keep the most complete asporftnpnt possible of the article; and having in connectio’n with their other business-a suitrbie manufactory, they are enabled fo make th© pipe and other trimmings, for any kind of stoves, and ’put them up if re­ quired, tq the entir.e satisfaction of tlie purchas­ er; B i l l s o f C a y u g a C o . a n d A p r b u r n B a n k s . l/V't'AHP subscriber having sold liis ?tocfc i ri ii,\ trade, in the hatting business, tb W I L L I A M P. SMITH, and having discontinued fhe above btisriess, would inform ihose indebted to hjm, that he will receive for hia notes, and book aScotmls, theabove hills, on which he will allow a pre­ mium of one per cent, jjf pajd by the I 6 tli of June next. T h e notea and acconnts are a t the old stand. - HOLLEY. Auburn, May 16,1837. Itf • G Z O C E E E r.. . t o 3 a z i B . c » i i i » r x s . T H E Subscriber! are how receiving tbeir Spring Slock of China, Glass and Earthen- W a r e , a n d will re-phek to order all articles kept by the trade, at the L°w«st New York prices, for CaSB- Merchariis may d e p e n d . upon having good articles and svell packed, on the above terms. Exchange Building's, No. &• A B B O T T & F O S G A T E . Aubtirn, May 3 , 1837. - 6 1 , c y p i , o t ’ « e s ! - £ D O F H i, B E S T P A T T E R N S , for;a!eat t b s Lowest Pricej.at the - B i a t e r S t x e f e t ¥ u v i \ a c o , a few rods South o f - th e PRISON. Auburn, April 26. 1837.—4 9 t f , W A R D E N , B U R G E S S fit C O , ” M ECHANICS’ HALL. Aubarn, N. York, hlanufacturers o f ’ P L O U G H S , u f a l l tbo Vhifoa*'patterns now in Engine and other Lathes ; Cotton and all kinds of I/on work • turned and fitted to any shape, qr pattern, and finished in a su- peijor uiannep. Tjjey have in connexion with their Machine Shop a Furnace in ful] blast, where Mill Gear­ ing, Cotton filachinery, and all kinds of Cast­ in g s can be' had from the best Scotch and Salisbury lion. All jobtyofk done ort short notice, and in the best manner. Auburn; April 4, t837.-47tf RESH ORANGES, LEMONS, RAISINS, FIGS, & P R U N E S , may be found at . J . S. B A R T L E T T & Co. o f t h e burning sensation oyer titer whole Te gion of the stomach, accompanied y/ith the rising ’ o f * Watery fluid, usually jiislpid. but sometimes acrid, which it called the Water tradi. T h e firit ayrnptbm is'mp!t i cqmmm>r and affects both sexes. In the male it, fi*-. qiientiy caused Ky'spiritdus 1 iqu<irs, obstruct- , ed pei'spirattnii, deraved* bije, oi*‘ exces*ly« ipopfpnrgitave medicine?- , hi fofoalcWby’preg­ nancy, the use o f too copious qimft,4ttes'ofY*ry warm,’or very cold d rinks, animal fat,^ ttqitfri f f decayed/foees\ and sometimes by njghtw a i v h / fog and card offflind, Iii children, if » frequent- lyvcaused by worms, add dnripe fruit- T b ^ . first j e m e d y is a good arqrrintic tonic, for whiLt] ‘magnesia, end toj I b ,Ew h irh are commonly t a a ’ejv in this case, wijlyeldgm. relieve’ i t f o r m o r e ttvafi^ half an hour, two ofthe caqjptnile Fills, taken fo a gqod d r a u g h t of moderate ly \v?irm Water, h ave almost invariably accomplished a. c u r e - T h e i r effect on th e heartburn.of, piegmiricy.nrid of childrep, i? nlways successful, ; P«-o. o f these. Pill?, taken, during the height of t h e symptoms, w iil gens/ally believe them immediately/ and two o f tb e beaqti/nf. Aperient Familv Pitts, p£-^ ken at bedtime, w i l t rem o r e it for a consider'-’ able time, eyen fo habite that are most subject fo ft. Fecond, Limosis Flatua, or ! F latulency^ im p a if o d a p p e tite,w ith an accurnulation ofw i n d in the stomach. grid lntertfoaf qana.T ' K and f r e ­ quent regp.rgi.tation. p t e a t . restiessBes^,’ k n - ‘ xiety, andfoppresskm,attend this disease,which; has s o metimes 1 produced not only, hysterics b u t suffocafinn. It is frequently caused by drinking, large quantities ol cold fiuid w h e n the system? is highly heated ; and fey e a ting raw odeum-, ferr?, radishes, salads, onions! and pther th i v vegetables. In young infant?, if ar(ise 3 from t h e inability of their tender stomachs to/dige.strthe • great qnan'jty o f food with which- t h e y .ata. bverloaded ; and t h e best remedy for it feed 'them for a time on maternal milk along/. Adult persons of either sex, need only l a k e a tew of the Camomile PiUs, to ex p e r i e n c e s speedy relief. T h e i r raim inative arid a r o m a t ­ ic properties alone indepenednUy of this h i g h ' tonic action would p roduce this effect, with cer-*‘ tainty and speed. Third, Limosis Emes'is, o / Sickness of the Stomach, rejection o r tendency .to r «j r <>t t i ts • cfcn ten ts. I n t his ma lad y , from lungs, and the liver m vigofona and' regular tion,'as the three g reat fo'uataina o f health i lire. For this purpose be peeforibes' fully efficacious A P E R I E N T FILLS (ncjfoow !1 edged by medical men whq have analyzed and , . ,, .. . , - . .recommended th‘em, to h e aqua] to nr-y m the u S ? n l i h , p m M orvreiipjMj.of w o r ^ f o c M e s w b i c h require ih« cleansing » f f h e lYcluing Buildings. » A _ 'i A M n n I v n n t f B n • I .1 . I_ *• t * ^ a B R O A D C I O T H S T O R E . M O R K E Y S f W O O 0 H I J F F , A RE. now opening their spring supply of fashionable cloth? and cqssimer»!.consist ing pf Yelvet blacks,blue*, D^Mia, GreenrC'ar el, Olive, Mulberry,, gpldeq Iqown, qilxed drab, Vi*>let, russet, fitc. E F All the new styles o f cassimers, yest ings, A-c &c. 'E r F o r S a l e Cheap. Auburn. Mqy 3, 1837.—51 .’tJLb, Ini’ sale at W ^ O N $$ BHEIjlGAN’s. 3 .'Exchange Buildfogs. B ATHJNG TU B S ,, made and sold a t , HEW S O N & M ILLIG A N ’S. No. 3 . E xchange Buildings. T H E EXCHANGE C O F F E E RUQMS, Nd. i . E x c h a h g e Buxr.Dtsrus, I S now open, for the reception of cohipahy where niay Be found a t all iiours ofth e dsjr and evening refreshments of e v e ry k ind tfie Sea­ son will r.ffo rd. Having * cofonaodioui rooin p n j h e basefopn floor, prrviite Dinner and Supppr p a rties cajnb* accommodated a t nhoyt rujUriP. - _ Families ban pe supplied wijh *Jl kinds jo Gake, Pastry, Ice Gfoarn, Pickled Oys ters, and other delwaci'es on .mbuerste leims. Boarding witho.rft lo<^'m»i wjH b e furnished on .as l o w terms « * t a n y o l b a r establishment Ttye prqprje.tbrihdp# fotB* cofofojrt o f their ffiends to merit 4 sh«r o f their patron Auburn. J a p . tOth.-1835 H A T S ! H 4 T S I K e y e s & s m i t h , h»veja*t received from -N*w York, the latest Sprifig Fashions for Hats. . Oae door west o f R. M u ir . Auburn, Msrdli 25. 8?b.~‘44 & M ILL, Cross-Cut, Tenon,Circular. Paneifo other SAVVS^ qn extensive assortment, for sale at HEW S O N & , M ILLIGAN’S. 3. Exchange Buildings, CASKS NAILS.' for sale, by ± 1 1 1 / _ HEW S ON & M ILLIG A N . No. 3, Exchange Buildings. T H E LEVANNA . , . STEAM FLOURING MILD COMPANY R E induced, from, the various reports of their jaability to dojustice t o Cusfomeis. to inform their friends and the public gebfcfeily that they are prepared to do F i O l T R I H P - ; in the best possible manner, aqd ,Wiih despatcb. As the mill has-now beerrcompleted by a me- chanicjof g r e a t e x p e rience, and k i l l he con. ductedby a MiTXXR o f yaquestionable a b ility,& experience, tbey are confident of giving entire satisfaction to ell who foay favor JLhem -with custom. They feel confident that those who call tp view the establishment wiil nop be disappointed in the above statement. N. B. UlitH further notice, i t is intended to grind three d ays in'each'week for customers —on Tuesday, Thursday e u d Saturday. A N D R E W C O C K P^sidenf, JO H N ANSELL, Serrretafy. Levanna. J a n . 18, 1837.—37 if. F IR S T i t A I E Ve*t Makers Wanted..— Apply immediately a f No. 4, Exchange 3 NJ ing#, ' S; C - D U N N I N G & C O ., H Gy 12 , 1837. - T lo r s f o d Drapers. stomachic weakness, o rgeqernl dehllify.'A vast majority pflmmau diseases foving their origin In thp geqerpl'sypipathy offthe principal vise era with the nervous system, h e thus seeks disease in the most sqbtle fibres o f its roots, instead, of yafoly hppifig t°extirpate it by ‘pl’tfolri'ng offii'ts . teaifesand ri) 6 fe distant bratfcfies. His APERI­ ENT P I L L S will,do ai) that any purgativq medi­ cine can do, that 13 , thoroughly cleanse the stom­ ach arid bowels; and hls C A M OM ILE< r TONIC PILLS. comWfitngi as they do the most delight- ful ANODYNE knifo'dj in medicine, will do, fiave d o n e , continually 'doing riidre to strengthen, restorcyandsusiuin tiie human cohsli• tuilon lliari, -Wiry other medicine ihat Itai yet been discovered. 0 f this h e hgs innumerable proofs, and this no man can deny without falsehood. These medicines, which can be purchased either together or separately, are confidently recotpm endpd forthe following complaints, and directions for U 3 e accompany foeni|—Dyspepsia in all its forqis'; bilious and Li vc^ affection#, in every stage and degiee; Femnfe, Sicknesses, more parlictilarlv the nausea incident to moth­ ers; Fluor Albus ; Fever and Ague ; Incipient Consumption or Declines, Whether of the Liyer or LuDge; Headache and Giddiness; Loss of Appetite; NdrVous Tremrirs; Inqbriatten or Delirium T r e m e n s ; Spasmodic Affectionsof all binds; Rheumatism, whether ChroDic or In* flamatory; Nervous and Bilious Fever? o f every variety? ^.crofuls;; Sail Rheum, and all blotches, bad humors, aqd iqipuve complexion ofthe skin; Restlessness at night, and daily irritability and melancholy; the Summer Complaint and Chol­ era Morbus or Diari hcea in giown prrsons; Worms and Flatulency, with bad breath; Chlorosis nnd Palpitations of the heart or head; Changes of Female Constitution; anil for im­ paired and disorganized constitutions in either sex, which haye not been permanently relieved by a n y cfther medicines. A single trial of Dr. W. EVANS’ M E D I C I N E S fo any. of these casts will produce such effects'aj will indicate their inborn parable superiority, and induce such a use of them as will insure a speed y apd un­ questionable cure. T h e purchaser, however, should be careful to get theqi genuine at Doctor VV. EYANS’ O F F I C E , No. 7 Division'street. New Yprk? nr of his authorized' agents, all others a re base and i ; nora,!t imprirition?. For further particulars 1 /e respectfully rrquestsrthe, public to peruse hjs o ther advertisemente and medmal p a p e rs, ryhfoh may he depended Upon for their sii ici grid ^(j?nowfedgj»d Iruth. _______ B O O K B I F O R F A R M E R S %■ G A R D E N E R S . F ES&EN'DEN’S N e w American Gardener; Containing practical directions, o a tbe cul- tOre o f fruite, and vegetables, &c. ‘ Chaptal’s Agricultural Chymuiry, a nc^r work. * . TheCoUfolrfte Fertaer i conta»tifoga eofopeui dioti* epilome o f the mo«t important brMches ofagricuitfoe «wid rural econopiyf fey the ap- tbor of t h e American Gardener- ' . T h e rarteert’ Guide > T h a Register, Ac. &c. &e. For Sale by IVIaO $ k T E B R V , ■who a r e alioagefos for the*‘Genri«e F a r m e r / ’ No. 9 . Exchange Bnildingr. .... '%.TIi.lr •'■■■' 1 J . arquisi! circumstance*!' admitted these iadiW, he has no d* u b t but he could\ ob. tain muny thofoan.il fo this city a lone; a n d , a i it?/ is, ever;- lady wh.o iias tried them will not’ hesitate to recommend them to another in 1 th*? highest terms ofapproval. They a r e hoWQyef, equally effioaoious to all persons, o f any age or ! sex, who may be afflicted with sicknesh uflHq stomach. 8 ;nce a single trial wilt prove this! fact, it is unnecessa*-y to describe the scientific! causes.of their h appy efficaCy in the c a s e ; one! general cause, however, is their effect upon the! pensorial forictirfn generally, -which is well* ‘ known to be inseparably connected with oitl disturbances of the stomach. Fourth, Linio-r sis Dyspepsia. Dispepsv. orindigeslion. ......... ... K E M A K K A B L E B A S E OF A? G U IE.RH E U M A T 18iVl, W I I H AN A F F E C - . . tioii of the Lungs,^ cured by Dr. W m. EvahV! Celebrated Camqmife Pills, ' t Mr. Benjamin-S. Jarvis, 13 Centre street .' 1 Npwark, N .J., afflicted four.years ivith sever* pains in all his joints, which were alw a y s 'f o .' crea«ed onjhe slightest motion, the tongue p r o / served a’ steady whiteness, loss of appetite, diz-' z’ness iu his head,, the bowels commonly very rpstive, the urine high colored, and often'‘pro­ fuse sweating, unattended by relief. Theaboye symptoms were also attended by .considers difficulty ot breathing with a senate pf tigfetr across the chest, likewise a great tednt o f t energy in the nervous system. 'The aboy# symptoms were entirely lemovej, an! a per­ fect cure effected by Dn Wm. Evans. BENJ \ M I N S. J A R t f S r . Cite and County of New-York, sa.-~BebjaV\ min S. Jarvi? being duly sworn, doth depos* and s a y , that the facts slated in the above cer­ tificate, subscribed hv him, are in nil respects' tm e ; . b e n jam in s . j a r v i s : . • SWofn before me tim 25 th d a / of N oteffiifer/ 1836/ ' VViLLlAM SO U L Y u! ,* Notary Rublfo, Q 6 Nassau st. N.Y /., . o t m o r e c o n c l u s i v e m o o r s of tha\ extraordinary e^jcaCy ojf tlfr. J^ t n . Eva«i.£»Cj?}* ebruted ' Cafoorriile. and Aperient' atiti-billious ' Pi L in. alleviating affiicled mankind f Mi* Robert Caineroni UH Hawtry-.. ]jjst'ascA' _ Chronic dysentary or bloody Flux. Syq^yfonis \ unu?i)al flatulency iri the bmveIsseyer^griping,\ frequent inclination fo go to tcjie^nijL/' loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting,' t'reqiteney of pulse, and a frequent discharge o f a p e . ' culiar feotid matter mixed with blood, great (lebiiiiy, ?cn?c of burning heal, wjih an intol!' erable bearing down pf the parts. 'Mr. Cqmgroq js enjoying perfect healtlV and returns* I h s sincere th inks for the extm o r/ binary benefit he bad receiye O iv l o w s p i i t i q p s ; - - L o w spirits is , a certain state o f the mind, accompanied by indigestion ? wherein the greatest evils a rea pi \ piebpnded upqn thp slightest grounds, eft! the- wojst consequences imagined. Ancient medical! wrifers su'ppo«ed thig fosepse to be confined to those particular regions of flip abdomen,teoimi- ' nically called h'yppchondria,yybieh a r* situated on the right or left side oftha't pay ity. Whence cotnes the name hypochondriasis. Symptoms— T h e common corporeal symp­ toms arc, flatulency in the stomarh or bpwew. qcrid pruclptions, po§tiyenes's,' spfisfopUip pgfos,' giddiness, dimness o f sight, |ialpU 8 lIon?,'*jk|.ei(- ten an uiter inability of fixing the attention api>h\ any subject of importance, or engaging in any\ thiug thatdemands vigor or courage. Also lan! guidpes?—jhe mind becomes irritable, t h o u g h t/ ful, desponding, mplaqcholy, and dejected, companied w it h ^ j p t e J tlftrfingerneLt o f the n?V- Voiis sys’t em. Thp nienta 1 foe]fogs and peculiar train of ideas that haunt the'imagination and overwhelm the judgment, exhibit an infinilie diversity. The wisest 51 nd hhst of . men are ai open to fb»S:afllictiolj[,a^jfep weakest. C a u s e s — A sedentary Hfe'of any kindve?pe/ cially severe study,protracted to a Jate b o u j f o the night, and rnre’y relieved by *ocial. ipter- coursc. or fxercise,,* dissqlute habit,'great.ex­ cess in eating'anjfffinkfng, the im m o d e rifipjye of.merenry'- viol nt purgatives, -the 3 upprea|ipq( of ? 6 tq.c babitiiajdischarge', (as, the nbstjuctjo** of the rnenfa*.)oit long continued erupti^p/f.je- laxation or .defefhty of one or more important orgaps within, |lie qbdomen, is a frequent cause, * Thf.ATMPNf.— Thu pr in c i pal obj ect? q f t r eat! ment are, to'remove indigestion, to str‘epgjf)j? 9 , 'the body,'and fo enliven the spirits, whfoji-fo3/ fee prrimoted fey exercise, early hour*, regufar rheala.fod pleasant conversation, ’('he,bowel? (if^oslive). heing^carefully regulated;hy,theoc/ rasifonl use o f n nilfo aperienl. W e k q o w nothi- fog better calculated t o obtain this end/th*n Dr. .Wm. Evens’ Aperienf Pills—being mild a s ­ certain j n therr operation 'fh e bpwejs once .cleansed, hi?- inestimable, pamo'rnife* Pfll*‘ (whirl? are tonic, ariodyne,and anti-spaamodrO,/ PATHOLOGY o r P R E V A L E N T DISEASES. P a r t II—Bx D r . E v a re. f o v m p in P a j t 1,- ffofrt fo »ccji*aj[? ppd eipf|c’t. deseriplio.n o f lhe Pathology of two of t.he mort foja! Gienfm ot Human Pi?eafe?,’Mgi • a?mu* and Diarrhoea'' jn all thnir known yarilfojK —and indfogted the most profe.'ible and approved means o f ilyssxctire, Dr. Wm, Evan? proceeds to inform ihe p ublic o f , lhe Pathology nf others, which are but little .undeisLod hy any except 4he regular and well educated members of tlie medical profession. In thus disseminating s- jnong the manyj/n branch of knowledge which has hitherto been confined to the few, he need not repeat that he considers this informal ion to be of vital importance a n d inestimable value to his Fellow men. W h a t can be of more import- ajjes io mahkind, in the present life, ibaa e knowledge o f f ir re diseases which are constant, ly bringing i t lo a close? And of what kbnsr- ledge ought mankind to be so thoroughly pos sessed, a* a knowledge of the maiadie? t o which their owp persons are exposed ? T h e first dis- eases^which Dr. William Evans will describe in this second Part b f hip. Pathology, are some o f , h e species b f the Genus Limoris, o r Morbid Appetite; ’frhicH forms th.e fifth G bn us of fhe an<‘ Order Entefica, pf the*c|as? Crsliaca; treat th* principal diseases o f the Digestive fun ctjrth ap'd Alimentary cans!. Limppir Cardfol- agia of Cardialgy, an impaired appdlfo, -with k grtatvtng or burnipg pain in Ihh stojnach 0r epigvtrium , «»1 tendency to ! Th>*?pc- aies differ* from dyspepsia, wbfoh wijt be des­ cribed i n its fo-cfwr *Ithf»«gh Cardialgy is sometime? an attendant o f Dyspepsia, as it is o f a multitude of- o ther popiplafoi*. T h e first symptom i?h'*srthum, agpawingoyljiirnfojrun* easiness chiefly fo)t Ste»r'tbe csrdi, with a elight lendeacy to fiani'* T h e secor-d symptom is fin extension o f jfie p a in f o the p i t o f ijhet stemnehj anxiety. niiAe*. coldness o f t h e ’ extremities, failure Af the strength aqd * great tehdpucy to f a i n i . T h i s it Called »yncoptic«T o r finking N E W S P i p f i G G G O I J S . TKfiQW opebjqg by ]fvit#KY ft Woomvtx* X N * teqje - MsortmeWfo.gompriridg all the aaw Style* o f Fxahionahfa (Sprfog Gfoda- pureh- laini. ,tMB a*, c a u e a »yncopricnT o r nnm a g j . - r - ” sseiial fhe rteks. ^Fur i i l k cheap | henrtbHni.. The thirdiympfofo t>«hextea*lois[ AubtRB Ay»»st 2 , pqfeljc. .. _ . .* Same physicians havo recommended^ s f ifjt use o f mercury, hut it sliottld not hefe*nrt| J to ; as in many eases jt wifi greatly aggravate the symptom?. ,, v. • , ' \ - T h e medical office ofpy. jVm, Evana is at l^o %. Di virion street, -pear Ghathafo .^Square; — w fee re In'! Camonjite, as well, as his excffllpnt Fquiily Apericnf FijlJif 4m?y he ohbsiped.* ^ Sold also by his a d v e rtised country agents. ' Agents ere vyqnted. s o u lh-snd west. Neio York. C. Shepard, Bppk.^Uep, 189 Broadway, opposite John ?t. No/26 1-2 Car- u.ine s” , Mr. SpillenherT, } Q f i street, Brooklyn. D. Bette!, per fijrpep. 49 .Fulton street, ' ' Hartford. J. p. Gilman, Jllhany. Van* S chaack, 302 South MWt. ket t t • ■ • • v - Trqy. Z. Cja,r7r, bocksriteF.' S c h e n e c tady. ‘ ^'hos. J . Whitcomb, 3 0 Ferry Stro'ef, agent also for.Mnfogorotry, Saratoga, and -Schoharrie counties. Providence. C Shepherd & Co. Book?*!. for?. - * ' ' Newark. B. Olds, Bookseller. ■gflp fiavch. D.-Mitchell, Church st. Patterson. R . Burnett, Bookaellet. 5 , - Poughkeepsie. Potter & V/ilsofi. bbbtc#*lLrif fhtdson. *S. Wescqtt, fepokieVfj» ‘ Jersey City, F . Panjaner. ' i Elisabethtown. J. IL Stfofo- - - r .. ■ . Paulucket, R. J! j, M£ In’tire & Co., ‘-fo* tsonars- f ' , , / - ' . / - Middletown, Con*. Hughs fo fjalf, J*W* «Uer?r, j .1 . * ** Newport, R- & pjefcpant. Newburg. N . X‘ ■ Geo* Lpipa»» - ,, Boston, S § 4 » / 3 7 0oryhilh H. A. Kick.•on. j f ^ ' T k t a i p M medicine*, o r e f o r h i * a i lAe B o o h s ip fc t,f ; t v * .J V I S D N 4- T E R R Y : . -.. N o . 9 , E x e jid jcg e B tiildengil - ' st SJ Iy37.—ll

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