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Auburn journal and advertiser. (Auburn, Cayuga Co., N.Y.) 1834-1848, July 05, 1837, Image 3

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•a rains rue •L udicrous a t t e m p t a t b u i c i d b . - - A Vnan in New Orleans lately, while walking the streets, pulled a roll of bank notes out of his pocket, and looking at them, ex. claimed, “ Poor trash, for T\\ 1 ilave t™1' cd day and night, for many a weary month . I had fondly hoped tha. yon m.ght be of some use to me in my old age, and I have treasured you as my heart’s blond; but yon are false and worthless. Like your makers, your promises pre hollow, and Tour worth fictitious! I’ll have no more of you l'f He folded them up deliberately, and thrust them in his coat pocket. H e then took offhis hat, and laid it down ; he pul­ led off his coat, folded it up and laid it on his hat. Piece hy piece he divested him­ self of his clothing, and slood in all the glory of nature— a man without a shirt. He took a hasty glance at surrounding ob­ jects, and started for the Mississippi at ihe top of his speed. Some persons whp had watched his movements gave pursuit: but their exertions would have been vain, and he a gone case, had he not stumbled and fallen prostrate in a pond of water at the crossing of Dorsey su Unable to es­ cape and convinced of the disagreeable effects of muddy water, he permuted him­ self to be led back. H e quietly redress­ ed himself and departed. fh e haw o f Divorce in ^Massachusetts. — .Vt the tate session of the Supreme Court an Springfield, Mass. the court decided ■that under the present law, intemperance ’unconnected with extreme cruelty or deser­ tion and neglect ofa husband to provide vfor his wife, is not a sufficient ground for a divor-e—yet may be given in evi­ dence. as corroborative of other testimony. Down East Eloquence. The Bangor Re- •pubhcan gives the following as a specimen of the eloquence of the land of the cele- 'brated Downing**, of whom Majoi Jack Was the first and’ chiefest: “ The wind blew terrible hurricane—the sea rolled moun- >h —behold! a great clam stud' up in the mud. T h e organ for D r . P> - o c h e r s ch u r c h at C i n c i n n a t i , m t J e b y M e s s r s , fr.ivetty & /Stevens of B o s t o n , cost $30110. D e a t h f r o m Ix T E i i p n n . v v c K . — T I e n r y (fa.ivta, Rt Blackvilh, S. 0 . on the 2d, -ige l 3 ) to -35, ctm ; to his death suddenly by drinking three half pints ol strong una­ dulterated Cogniac Brandv in a few min­ utes, after being in a state of inebriation all day. Silk .— T he Charleston Courier men­ tions having seen a very handsome speci­ men of sewing silk having been made by Mrs. Gould, lady of the Mayor of St. Au­ gustine, Florida. It is the result of a first experiment in winding silk made by her. A deaf and dumb editor in Canajohario. proposes a convention of the mutes through­ out the U. States. It would be an interes­ ting and perhaps useful assemblage. “ Honor and shame from no condition r i s e ”—It may not be within the knowl­ edge of all our readers, says the Camden, N . J. mail, that Louis P h i l i p p e , the citi­ zen King of the French nation, was at one time a school master in ILvldnnfhld, in this c o u n t y . A. variety of marine rem tins have been d scovered on one of the mountains of Ver­ mont, at an elevation of 1132 feet above h e ocean .—Albany Gazette. One Alfred Craig has lately been tried in Kentucky for robbing the m-iil on board the steamboit Ben Franklin some mouths since, and sentenced to six years impiison- j ment in the Penitentiary. i One fact, mentioned by Mr. Webster in j bis speech at Wheeling,is especially worthy j of the calm and deep vefi'Ction of the j American people. The charter ofthe first i Bank ofthe United States expired rn I SI 1, I and, in a single year, specie payments were suspended throughout tho country. Tho charter of the U. S. Bank expired in 1836. and again, in a simile year, specie payments have been suspended throughout the country. Charles W. Rockwell, (Whig) has been elected Mayor of Norwich, Ct. by a ma­ jority of 1-36. In April last tlie Yan Bu­ ren rnnj >rity was 2 2 . Immigration.— Tlie passenger-- arrived -at this port yesterday from foreign po ts, were 1606 in number.— JY. Y. Com. Adv. establishment in Pittsburgh has discharged l7o hands. More than 5,000 journeymen have been thrown out of employ in that place. Many of them now offer to work far their board. It is thus manufacturing cities suffer from P resi­ dential currency tinkers ; and the honest and industrious mechanic is driven to pen­ ury and want. How affectionate the Peo­ ple should be toward sueh rulers l^R o c h . Dem. R emarkable I ncident .— A n alterca­ tion took place, lately, at Little Rock, (Ar­ kansas), between a Dr. Me Williams, and a Mr. Pew, sub-editor of the Arkan­ sas Gazette, in the presence of many citi­ zens. Dr. Me Williams, having had some quarrel with Mr. Pew, charged him with gross and wilful falsehood. In a few mo- ments, Mr. Pew was observed to turn 'deathly pale—a fearful change came over his countenance— and to the horror and -astonishment of the,1 beholders, he fell and ■died without a struggle or a groan.— JY*. Y . Com. Adv. C A S T S T E E L SC Y T H E S . ' F O R SA L E at wholesale and r etail, Harris’ S uperior Cast Steel Grass Scythes, T a f t ’s, do do Ciadlfe & Grass do. Wadsworth’s, do dd Shumway’s, do do Silsby’s, do do do By BROOKS & T E R R I L L . Anburn, July 1, 1837.—8w3 N. B. a t the old stand o f l . S. Miller. P IA N O F O R T E S . —The subscriber having purchased from I. P. Co e his interest in the m a n u f a c ture of Piano Fortes, is now pre­ pared to furnish to o rder, at wholesale or retail any given number wanted, ar.d warranted of superior tone and workmans up, and at prices in conformity with the times. N. B. Music and Musical instruments in all their various branches, as usual, to be had at No. 80 State street. WM. G. BO A R D M AN. Albany, J « ly 1, 1837.—8w3. Boot and Shoe A T L I N j F O O T & C O . , have re- t moved to the new build- ing of A. U nderwood , opposite the _ W e s tern Exchange,: two doors east of their old stand, where they offer 4,000 paw of Boots and Shoes, o f all sizes, which they will sell low at w h o l e s a l e o r r e t a i l , and warranted good. _ tCTThey also manufacture to order on short notice. T A R E N O T I C E — Allnotes and accounts must be settled immediately. Auburn, June 13, 1837.— 5tf IVISON & TERRY, H W E just added lo their Circul tting Li brary Bulwer’s l a ttw o r k , AI hens the i iser and fall—with views of its Literature, Philos­ ophy and social life ol the Athenian People,— by the author of “ Pelham ,” ‘’Rienzi,” &c. Crichton ; by W . Harrison Ainsworth, Esq. author o f “ Rookwood.’’ Knickerbocker Magazine, Blackwood’s do. foe. New Publications received as they issue from the press. No. 9. Exchange Buildings. Auburn, J u l y 4th, 1837. D R . S . M O S H S R , has removed to Auburn, where he respect/uUy tenders hi.- profession; 1 services. .. .. OTOIfice or. Genesee slrref. opposite the Western E x c h a n g e , over I . C a r p e n t e r . Hat Si ore. * „ „ - Auburn. J u n e 28. 183/.-7lf _____________ STR A Y E D OR STO L E N . 7 ^ROM tli -3 subscriber on the 18th mst. a _ Black new milch Cow. about 10 years old, rathf.- thin horn* a lit lie inclined to lop, some white about the bag, some marks about lhe oars not recollected. Whoever will return said Cow or give information where she may be bad [ b ^ n U n V o n ' i h o i r p m t To shall be reasonably rewaided. ron-i-o I \ M F.3 PL A T T SQ UIRE*. * ’ r i ' v t a m Auburn, Juno '20 *h, 1337.-71 L a N E W E N G L I S H PA I N T I N G S , OR Landscape painting in imitation o f Oil. R. HOLMES, Respectfully invites the citizens of A u b u r n lo examine some specimens of this new beautiful and expeditious system of Painting. It is acquired with such fiaility that every attentive pupil is enabled nt the end of six les­ sons, one hour each, lo sketch coriectly from nVure. and to paint a good landscape withoiil auv mechanical ::id whatever. Mi 11 . purposes remaining a short time in Auhui n to give lessons on thi* synem of Paint ing and drawing, lEfTI't? specimens of Land­ scapes and Marine Views m ly be seen gra tiiions- ly, in Exchange Buildings 3d story, entrance from the walk between the stores of Messrs. Abbott & Fosgate and Munger fo Ferry. _____ C O P A I - T Y A R N I S H * URN1TU R E and Coach Varnish, old ah] warran'ed good, for sale at wholesale and retail.hy T. M. HUNT. june28, 7w4 N E W A N D E X T E N S I V E E S T A B L I S H M E N T . T H E Subscribers beg leave to inform their friends and the public, t h a t they have lately form­ ed a copartnership under the name of Cmigdoti, Spencer & Baldwin, fo the purpose o f manufacturing C A R R I A G E S , S L E I G H S , S A D D L E S , * H A R N E S S , and executing all kinds o f Blacksmith Work. They have now on hand all the varieties of Cairawos and Harness, ready made, which they will be happy to sell for cash or approved N°'es. T l i e Saddle a n d Harness m a k i n g w i d be c-ar- rledon at thestand occupied hy Upton, Bennetl & C a r p e n t e r , on G e n e s s e e s t r e e t , d i r e c t l y oppo­ sile tbe Western Exchange. The Blacksnuth- iog at the old stand of B . F . Spencer, on ihe corn e r o f D i l l a n d Water-st®. : and th e Car­ riage and Sleigh making on D.M s t r e e t , in th e extensive 1 wildings ately erected near Ihe black. sin ith shop. At each of the respective places will be kept a general supply of the choicest materials and the most faithful and skillful wnrkmen, ready at all times to accommodate customers at Ihe sSi-crtest notion. A dj I the sub­ scribers have the fullest confidence in saying that c. u-Uom ers can he as weii accomocdated al :ei> extensive establishment as at any other in the county of C a y u g a ; and as-ure thrge'who may favor them with a call, that nothing shall desrivc public pal- CONGDON. BENJAMIN F. SPENCER,, LY M A N RV L U W I N . Auburn, J u n e Lt, 1837.-5 t f T e s t i m o n a l s c o n c e r n i n g T I I E B R A N D R E T H PILLS,— A long standing costiveness with violent eholics has been e n ­ tirely cured by ore large box of Dr. Brand- relh’s Vegetable Universal Pills. T h e follow­ ing case is yifficient to prove tbat Dr. Brand­ reth’s Vegetable Universal Pills have been e f ­ fective in v iolent cholicsand constipation ofthe bowefs. Dr. II. D*****, German, in Delancey, near Attorney-st. N. Y. has been affected for some time with violent eholics and constipation of the bowels,for which his physician treated him a few limes, with different medicines, but with­ out success. He took the same twice q each time three drops of Croton Oil on a piece of sugar, but not any evacuation followed, which was astonishing. After he had' been ad­ vised 1 o take Brandreth’s Vegetable Universal Pills, he sent immediately for a large box, took ten Pit's in the evening, acd one hour after found great relief of his eholics, and in 3 h o u r s he had three strong evacuations, and his chol­ ic entirely removed. T h e following mornin°- he took six pills again, whieh operated the same several times ; he continued a few days longer with these pill®, by taking 4 in the mor­ ning nnd 4 in the evening, and lie ha® been en­ tirely cured o f h i s complaint—after takin°-on­ ly one targe box, and paid his physician who treated him before, 7 dollars for nof havin'’- re­ ceived any relief. Q ' Hew-York J AMES L A W , grateful for past favors, begs to intimate that he has j u s t retu>ned from New-York, with a general assortment of S U M M E R - G O O D S , all of which being selected wfth the utmost care, and purchased on advantageous terms, will be sold off at greatly reduced prices I As J . L. invariably buys and sells fbr. cash, he is, therefore, enabled to serve his fcustomers day i on auc*1 ,erm?> as- cannot fail to secure for him an extensive share of public prtronage. Together with nnenllo's variety of other articles. J. L. will also submit for inspection, 3 0 0 P A I R OF L A D I E S ’ C O R S E T S , of a superior quality, and the newest shape. A u '- u r n . May )0 t h , l 8 3 7 . 52 T T N D E R tbe charge of Mr. E. HOSM E U V / (of Boston,) assisted byMrs. JJosflier, Miss received, by M U R F E Y SpW O O D RU F F , a large assortment of Frfenchand Eng isb Merinos. N o v , 24. KZPNO ONE IS SO FO O F I S I I as lo suppose for a m o m e n t th a t w e can live without entino e can live without eating, nonrisli- u B O O K S F O R T H E S E B A R D T I M E S , ” vhat we putinto thestom - A T. ,V I \0;v & T E R R Y 'S . — T h r e e Exp^r- to live. We make over I iments of Living Living within the any more than the tree could derive merit trom t h e air alone, without the soil. __ Cameleans may live<-n air, tho’ ’tiswell known that such air is fall of living insects. All, there foreknow that it is wh ach which cau®es us to live. We make over our bodies to the stomach. In from three to five years we make over our bodies entirely. T h u s , w h a t is a p a r t ol us t o - d a y , is a b s o l u t e l y not a part of us to-morrow. The secretions, inch as perspirations* and other evacuations, contin­ ually make our bodies waste, and it is from the Stomach that ive supply this waste;, all we have to do to make our bodies healthy, is to prevent unhealthy particles from mixing with the blood. Purgation does this far us,* provi­ ded the purgative we employ contains rothing which will weaken or do us injury. Brandreth’s .Pills ior th?s. purpose will be found -all thnt is required. Thousands bless the day that made them aeqinin'ed with their virtues. Remem­ ber that no drug store Imp them for sale—and O- beware. beware of eoui'tefeits ! FA IR NOTICE. A L L the Accounts and Notes due to the late ffrm of H. Iyison & Co. and which have been standing for six months previous to the first j a y of J a n u a r y last, must he settled without delay. IVISON & J ERRY. Auburn, Feb. 7.—39. I ^ O I S L S A S i S , C R E A & , O NE two Horse pleasure Carriage—two one Horse Buggys, one with top, and one without— also, a second hand one hot se .Lumber Waggon, by ST E E L E & G R O O T Auburn. May 17. 1836.— 1 NEW FA S H IO NABLE Spring and - Summer, Staple and Fancy D r y G o o d s ! I S E L E C 'I E D expressly for this market. II. Polhemu-; & Son, wouhJ inform their old customers and 1 he public generally, that they have j u s t returned from the city, and are now opening, a splendid and choice assortment of Foreign and Domestic, Staple and Fancy Dry Goods } at the samp old plac?, Net. 6 , Merchants Row. Auburn, May 10 th, 183v.-52tf s s o r - A s s g , Just received,cheap Young Hyson Tea, Hyson, Hvson Skin, and Pouching. Abo loaf and lump sugar. Fish, Rice, &<?., three dotus west of Horace [Jills’, forsale by COOLEY & RATHBUN. Means, Living up fo the Means—Living be­ yond the Means, l.'Jth edition ; Sequelto°do.; Elinor Fulton; The Frugal Housewife, by Mrs. Child; The Young Ladies’ Friend, hy a Lady; The Young Wife’s Book; T h e Young VERY*' CH E AP ^ many others’ for 3Hle Mav TO. r P H F. i . Aob V I L L A G E ORDINANCE Board ofj Trustees of the village of burn, do ordain as follows :—That ho owner or owners of any dog shall permit op saf­ er his or their dog to run nr go at large within the vd|age of Auburn, from the time ol the pn-- saire horeof.unli! afier the first day ofFoptpmber n e x t ; and t hat any person who shall see or dis­ cover any dog running at Infge within said viII- aife, is hereby an thor:zed to icir.r, on. x>KSTn<'Y sa’d P r o ; and (hat every peison so filling anv such Dog shall receive a bounty of one shilling fur em.h Dog, to be paid on the certificate of the ccnvengcr of the village. A Copy Tom the Minute.?. P. H; MYERP, clerk. Ji-m o r , 1837 _____________________ D I S S O L U T I O N . ” \ \ \ - r|N T I E Finn of J. G. D O W N E R & Co. is dis-' j|_ solved hy ciutual con-enf. J. G. D O W N E R , E D W A R D C A R P E N T E R . The machine business In all its various bsanehes, wil! be »•. »ntin>Jed ail the new buiLl- n ; w e s f o f fhe Slone Mill, by J . G. Downer, , wJialnnis authorized to settle the accounts Auburn June ?4, 1837.— 7w3 C s v y v g a C o u n t y C I I E A IP FSA I I H iiii‘!er-igi’ed continues to offer to his Ja_ friends and the public, a lar ge and general assortment of (Too Is, at very low prices. A- inong which are: Scarlet and Black merino Shawl? ; black, and hltio black single nnd double width Silk*, ofall grades and qualities; Grode Na; les, and Gro de Rhine, llalian, Sinohpw, Lute-di.ing; also .1 vai iety <>f col’d silks, from 3s 6 d. to 7s. per yard, sewing si k,T h i b e r Wool, Prussian and common dress hdkfs., a larger,sort- mf n l, and will be sol 1 cheap : .-ingle , n d double wi Ith Circassian, white, green and red flannel, Thibet Gauze do.; a choice article, white French Quilt.*. Mai soil Ies do. Toilet <fc Pianijj' covers, linen Lido cloths, Iri-h Linon., brown and bleached Co'ton Shirlmgs and slipctinrs. French, Meirimae. and common calicoes, a B HIED PLUMS.— A few bushels very superior dried plums, for saie by II. POLHEMUS & SON. May, 1837. 3 LAMP OIL & SPER M C A N D L E S . F g n i l E Subscribers offer for sale Lamp Oil & -U- Sperm Candles, of a pure quality, directly from New-Bedford ; Aiso an extensive assort- ETFPURGATiON rs. BLOODLETTFNG— ■ mentgff Glass Lamps, Lamp Glasses, and Luci- \ll parts of the blood arc not with equal ease fer and Loco-Foco matches, supplie I, nor tvilh equal ea-o discharged from lhe system. The former of thesp position' is well illustrated by comparing the efierts of w o o ls M a n u f a c t u r e d imo cimii bytheynni —also Wool-Carding and Cloth-Dressing done at 3'hroopsviUe^three miles north of Au burn, by R. & A. P.1KER. May 25, 1337.—2in3 5AIIE subscriber lia* received, and now has -S_ for sale, irt Mr. Yan ^Auden’s Building, (over the New-York Dry-Go<>ds store.) a few copies of a work entitled ‘‘Evidence from Scrip- tire and History, of the SECON D COMING OF CHRIST, about tho year ISIS : exhibited in a Coui^e o f Lectures.” By William Miller. WILLIAM EV E R E T T . Auburn, May 23,1 837.—2if large asserlment olf I • la c k , lire, b rown, dahlia, claret, stefh and Cadet Mixed Bioad Cloths and Cas'imer*, plaid, ribb’d and fiiricy col’d Do. Particular attention will he paid to the pur­ chase of cloths, so as to cel 1 them unusually CI1F.AP. Summer goods o f all kinds. GROCERIES. Yowrg an bold Hvson, Souchong, fo Imperial TEA'', Muscovado, Potto Rico, St. Croix,'white Ilnvnnna, Lump and Loaf Sugars, Pepper, spire. Ginger, snuff, tobacco, box and-keg Raisins, W. India eurran's .Shad and Mackerel. NAILS & 'COMMON- HARDW ARE. ft is intended to keep the stock full t y fre­ quent arrivals, und IC sell al a price lo suit pur- t hascrs. C'a'ix is the motto, and if a credit is given, it will Be s t t o r t and at Casit Prices. Pay­ ment will be expected on the 1 st days of March m d September, Call nt the next (innr to 11. Steel’s, towards tlie Cayuga county Bank, and vou will find the Cheap Store of E. JE J Y K L Y S . Auburn, June 14, 1837.-5 EMP0RIUM0F FASHION. K T S C H A N C K & R O B I N S O N , D RAPERS & TA ILO R S , Genesee-street, Auburn, N. Y., would respectfully an­ nounce to their friends and the public, thnt they continue the above mentioned establish­ ment on the most moderate and approved plan, VILLA G E O R D IN A N C E . I containing an entirely new, superior, and most F | n H E several sec'ions following nre declared | elegantassortmcnt of the very best and choicest Ordinances and By-Laws of the Village o'f ! Goods, corresponding at all t imes With't he sea‘- sons, and con-uslingof the verv T I B B S T O IrO T H S , bloodletting with those of purgatives. We re­ cover from tiie effects of many times the quanti­ ty , discharged by fhe latter means in half the lime required in the case of bloodletting; be, Vuhurn. j 1 • No person shall 5oll within the village of uburn any fresh meats by the quarter or any g reater q u a n tity, (except fresh fish, venison and wild game) in any other place within said village than.in North street in front of the m a r ­ ket and in Franklin a n l Market streets, Camlets, Vetting®, Pantaloon stuffs, of every description. Stocks, Shirts, Shirt De,oms, Col­ lar?, Handkerchiefs, Gloves and Hose, and in the greatest variety, exhibiting at 1 lie same it streets, upon 1 fjme the* m o d fashionable colorS and patterns- both sides ofthe Market at any hour of the d a y ; gcllartck & Robinsof,, beg leave to add, th Ii, 1 r, Ail n oil Vi a . 1 a. , « * - . Outrage in Calaraugvs Co .—It is sta- 'ted by the Fredonia Censor that lately in the town o f Connewansjo, a mob burnt the -buildinjs and much of ihe fence of a man who had purchased the premises' in ques­ tion at the Land office—in an underhand manner, the mob alleged— out of the hands ofthe previous occupant. Such lawless violence should be every where held up to public censure.— Ont. Repos. It is stated that one hundred and twen­ ty-five steamboats have been “ hung up to dry” on the Ohio river, between Louis- vill and Pittsburgh alone ! O Hon. John Quincy Adams has been presented with a gold headed cane, made the old frigate Constitution. but nothing in thi 3 section contained .shall be eouttrued to prevent the sale of fre-h beef and ]>• rk by the quarter or greater quantity at any pines in said village after the hour of ten o’­ clock in tho morning; and any person who shall violate the provisions of (his ordinance shall for each offence forfeit and pay a penalty of two dollars. 5 2 . Section eight ofthe Ordinances entitled “ Of the Public market, the sale of fresh meat and vegetables and tbrestnlling,” is hereby a- mended, so as to read as follows: £ 8 . No bu!eher,or victualler or any other person shall bet ween the first day of May and the fir.tt day of November in each year [both days inclusive] bring )n*o, or place within slid Market house, any untried fat, commonly c all­ ed gut f a t ; nor at ary time of season, the head of any lamb, sheep or ca'f, unless the same he skinned or dressed an I proparly cleaned; nor any skins or hides of any kind [exceptcalfskins] under the penally of two dollars for each of­ fence. § 3. Section twenty first o f l h e said ordin­ ances is hereby amended so as to read as fol­ lows :— $ 21 . 11 shall be the duly of the butchers or victuallers renting the stalls of said Market- house lo cause the lower story of said Market- house to be swept and cleansed, and the streets and pived ways in front of, and on e ither side of saitt market to be swept and the dirt placed in heaps as often a? occasion shall r e q u i r e ; and a l­ so, a t least once in eaeh week to cause the floor of said Market to be scraped op washed and scrubbed ; and ifthesaid butchers or victuallers or any oi them shall neglect or refuse to comply yvilh the provisions in this section prescribed, it shall be the duty of tbe Clerk of the Mar­ ket to cause the said duties to be performed, & rateabiy to assess the expense therPof upon and collect lhe same from such butchers and victu­ allers so refusing; and any butch er or other persou occupying any stall as aforesaid, who shall refuse or neglect to pay such assessment to said Clerk, shall forfeit his !eace of said Stall, and this ordinance shall be deemed a p art of the contract or lease for any such S t a l l ; and if l ’».e said Clerk shall neglect or refuse to per­ form the duties hereby enjoined he shall for each offence forfeit five dollars. The foregoing ordinances shall lake effect forthwith. (A Copy from the minutes ) P. H. M YERS, Clerk. June 27,1837-7w 2 . that they fit and make to order, according to the very latest fashions of the day, every descrip­ tion of clothing, and at the shortest native.— Their friend? and the pu’ lie are therefore re­ spectfully solicited to continue their kind aad liberal patronage toward them. N. B. Cuttingdone atall (imes, on the short­ est notice, and in the best nfianner. Schanck & Robinson arft Agents fo r T h o ’s P. W illiams & Co’s Tailors Magazine, aad Qnniterly Review of Fashions. Auburn. November 8 . 1836. P l o u g h s ! I Y ST! H E Subscribers are _H. making, and always have on hand, the most approved kind of Ploughs used in theeonnlry.made of the best material? and workmanship, at their Furnace in Mechanic street, opposite Leonard and W a rden’s Stone Mill. AVAR DEN. BU R G E S S fo CO. A u b u r n . April 19, 183 7 49tf T H E P U B L I C TVtROM paving high prices for goods by eall- JL ing on J. G. ISHAM, a t his store No. 7, E x ­ change Buildings, ami purchasing from his ex­ tensive stock of,new and fashionable dry Goods, all of which, were bought for cash during the present very depressed state of the NeW-Yoilt market. By the facilities oflhe subscriber for making his spring purchases, lie has confidence lo as­ sure his friends and the public, that it wiil be far their pecuniary interest to make their pu r ­ chases from a stock bought for C a s h . With tho abo**e may be found every variety of Dry Groceries, Crockery foe. at equally low prices. Please call and see if there is truth in the above. Respectfully your servant in trade J. G. IStlA M . May 31. 3 fro m B Gold Diggers. o.— A company has been formed in Arkansas to explore the upper branches of the Red River, toward the R o c k / mountains, for gold and silver. D I E D — Tn Venice on Thursday last, Rev. A. K. Buel. T . M. H U N T , DRUGGIST, H AS taken the Store next east of Hyde, Watrous & Co’s, and is now opening anew and full assortment of first q'uality Drugs and Medicines, which will be sold cheap at whole­ sale or retail. Prescriptions put up to order with care, and all goods sold, warranted good. Auburn. J u n e 27,1837.-7m3 1500 R A K E S , 500 SCYTHE SN E T H S , For sale wholesale and retail,by t , , BROOKS & TERRILL. A u b u r n , J u ly 1 , 1 8 3 7 . - 8w3 «• B, ths old stand ol I. S. Miller. O P E R A T IO N S ON TH E T E E T H . H u s t i d C . W a n z e r , PROFESSOR OF DENTA L SURGE­ RY— M ost respect- fally informs the in­ habitants of Auburn ami vi.ciuity, tha.t his new and easy method o f repairing Decayed Teeth, has received the universal approbation from gentlemen of the highest respectability. jEPLoss of teeth, disfigures the face; im­ pedes articulation and mastication, destroys tbe general health, rendering the unfortunate sufferer almost incapable of the ordinary trans­ actions of life. Millions o f the most beautiful teeth are an­ nually sacrificed and irreparably lost forthe want ofan early and judicious opera tion. There is not the slightest necessity for losing one tooth in a thousand. Decayed, broken, and misplaced teeth, removed w*ih care aud perfect safety. Premium, inrorruptable, artificial and n atural Teeth, supplied from one to a full set. *^ S p e c i a l attention given to t h e regulation and best method of managing childratf’s teeth. N o - 10, Exchange Buildings, upstairs. Aufa-r-a,Jotne 2 8 , 1837,-7w4 T H E C A Y U G A C O U N T Y I S U T U A I * I N S U R A N C E CO. T J 1 H I S Company being now duly organized, is JL prepared to receive applications far and to issue policies thereon. When the principles governing ?uch compan ies become more generally known.it is confi dently believed that they will meet, as they most assuredly mier't, very general patronage. Any pesron being desirous t»f insuring in this Company, will be required to pay one dollar and fifty cents for survey and policy ; also, five percent- upon lhe pjem’um, in cash, to create a contingent fund to pay expenses, &e. ; and give a note for the residue ol the premium,whicli will be retained hy the cotjipany to meet losses, in case the contingent fund shall become ex­ hausted. Each Director is authorized to receive appli- cations forinsurancef .and persons desirous r f ob­ taining information upon the subject, are requeu­ ed to apply to either of the following Directr ors, tv> w i t ; Jonathan Richmond, Eleazer Burn- born, Seneca Wood, Edwin B. Moigan, Ben­ jamin Gon'd or David Wright, of Aurora;— Gardner Chidester, of Lavanna ; John Mo­ sher of Springport ; Dennison Robinson of Port Byron ; Seneca B. Dennis, or Charles D. Fitch of Scipio; Artemas Cady o f ■ Moravia ; or Luman Sherwood of Genoa, or to J o h n E W i l i a m s , Esq. who has been duly elected The General Agent, far the said company, DAVID W R I G H T , Secretary. Dated at Aurora, June 6 , l837.-49lf cause by lhe one, it is chiefly tlie watery part of tlie blood that is drained off; by ihe other, all n g with this, the more essential parts also. Wrnle purgation lessens the quantity o{ blood, it leave? v. hat remains richer. Thus the cras- ementijm or oxygon is left, whieh is indeed the life of the blond, the watery part ofthe ldood being Ihat which is discharged by purgatives. Think cf t h i s you, whose constitutions are iri- clii e.l to plethora, and in lime purge with that tnott innocent of all purgatives, the far famed Brandrrth Pills; (CJ’CA L OM E L .— W h e n thp universal and extrac rdisnry sensitive propei ties of Brandreth’s TJnive sal Vegetable Pills, shall have become fully appreciated, then will this vile preparation from that most unamalgamating of bII.iIio min­ eral kingdom, •••.ease to exert its pestilential in­ fluence on (he lives and happ-ness ofthe in­ habitants of this lower world. Yes, then shall this dangerous medicine be tctal’y superceded hy that whieh experience has taught to he all ’hat is required in the most rniseiable and hor­ rible diseases, as well as proving itself to be e- qoaily applicable to both sexes and all ages.— After a dose cf Calomel, how miserable the fpelings ! And which it requires some days to dispose ; and tbe greatest earn is required :1? to diet. With Brandreth’s Pills all this is rever­ sed. At first, itis true, yon may feel a little queer, but then it does not last generally half an hour, and the improvement in the whole hodv is almost immediately. Observe the eye, thnt index of the mind, aye, the body loo, how it seems to revel 'in life and imagination after some use has t een made ofthese far famed pills — the invnivahle exclamation cf all that uss them is: “ No wonder these Brandreth Rills acquire so much fam.c, if all w ho use, are as much byncfitted by them as 1 am. ttF T I l F , FOLLOW ING C.WE I G J V E O N tiie re«poii-il>d!ty of A 1 r. John B. Peabody, my General Agent, for the States of Georgia and Alabama, v ho resides at Columbus, and is well known. B B R A N D P . E T I L ' Columbus. Geo. Feb. 15, 1837. (Er’ASTHMA.—Th's-s to certify that I have been afflicted with the asthma for about two year?, of the most uis'res.ttng kind, coughing fo spitting phlegm in considerable quantities, — whicli had so reduced my system, as to render me entirely unfit for any work,fo after taking the prescriptions of other physician®,, to no avail, I heard of RramJretli’g Vegetable Universal Pills, and wa® induced to take some, and found such relief that L continued to take some, and have taken buttwo boxes and a half and am now so lar recovered as to be able to resume my work ; am confident that perseverance in them will entirely rettore my health. 1 consider them invaluable, and will never be without them in my family. Residence about eleven miles from Columbus, on Bull Creek. GEORG E BRITTON. O T H F U S A N D S OF. PERSONS continue to cure themselves of colds, Coughs, headache, liheumadc affections, smell pox. meazles, coi- tivcness, Influenza, and the host of those indi­ cations of the body or lh.e blood being out o! order, simply by perseverngly purging them­ selves with the Biandrelh Vegetable Universal Pills,so long as any symptoms of derangement exists in any oigan. Often by adopting this course, avhich experience has proved is accord­ ing to nature, it being merely assisting her. have many been restored in a few days to health, when, bad the usual plan of sending for a physician been adopted, the patient might have been months before, had been he c p r e d . This word can never be applied to those who employ physicians. I T W H E R E is lhe nonsense cf the idea that Purgation wiil cure all the ill to which flesh is heir? It is al lowed that One Principle dolll animate the frame of man, namely; the \ i t a l s . This is known to be a truth ; an allowed Truth ; an l whoever has followed thoroughly out the principle of purgalion with the right purgative, has i n v a r itdy been insured sound health. To w h a t purgative doth fame point? T o the Pill? known by tee name ofBrantlreih. T H E A B O V E valuable medicine is for sate at the store o f Messrs. D A Y Ac L E S T E R j AUBURN. AGENTS — E. Parlridee, Seneca Falls— A N. Draper, W a terloo—Albert J. Hovey, Ly onS'—Jamrs D. Ford, Newark—Linus North, Palmyra—James Hawley, Red Creek— W a t­ kins & Hawks, Wolcott— Oliver Leonard, So­ dus—M. N. Barcley, Sodus East Ridge- Jacob Potts, Willirmstown—Wells & Prestbn, Pulaski — H. Fellows, Union Square— Peter Chandler, Mexico—Ames & Kinney, East Oswego—C. B. Aspinwall, W e s t Oswego—R. C. Kenyon,Ful­ ton. ELISHA FOOTE, ofCooperstown. Dr. Brandreth’s General Agent, for the counties of Otsego, Saratoga, Montgomery, W a rr e n ,H a m ­ ilton, Essex, Clinton, Franklin, St. Lawrence, Jefferson. Lewis, Oneida, Herkimer, Niagara, Orleans, Genesee, Monroe, Livingston, Wayne Seneca. Cayuga, Onondaga, Oswego, Madison, Delaware and Schoharie, in the Stare of New- Ycrk. Auburn, June 2 8 , 1837.-7 May 23 Exchange Buildings, No. 6 , A B B O T P & FOSGATE. 1337.-2 B ATH BRICK, Rotten Stone, Glue and R»Mn,a Jresh supply, just receivcdand for Sale by \ ------------ HEW S O N & M ILLIGAN. 3, Excba nge Building®. C O F F E E MJLLS- uf verv su lienor n -wrought and east, a few quality, to be had at HEWSON fo M ILLIG AN’S. 3 , E x nhange Buildings. C ROW.BARS, DjlchingSI Axe?, a goo) supply, ju t t Shovels and Pick- received hy HEW S ON fo MILLIGAN. 3, Exchange Buildings. P LOUGHS, of the tern®, for saip at different approved pat- IIE W S O N & M I L L I G A N ’S. 3, Exchange Buildings. Great Bargains !! H YDt\ W A TROUS & CO. at their old rtand are now receiving an e x irmivo assortment of GOODS in their line, avhich will be sold on the most favorable term®. Ivory, buck, self lip, horn and bnr.c handle Table and Desert Knives and Forks, wilh Carv­ ers to match; Pen and Pocket Knives, Razors and Sci®sors,.in great v a r i e t y ; Rim and Mor­ tise Locks of superior quality of their own ma­ nufacture ; Butts, Screws, Window Spiings and Fiame Pullics ; C hissell® and Gouges, steel and iron Square®, warranfed Augur® and Bitts nail and shoe Hammer?, Hatchet?, Carpenters’ L e v ­ el®, Bench Plane®, and moulding tools; Mill and Cross Cut Saws, Hand, Pannel, Bac k, Web Cnmpn®s nnd Buck Saw?; Brats Andirons, Sho­ vel a n -1 Tongs, Tea Traas, plated aod common Snuffers and 'frays, brass Candlesticks and Lamp?, plaieiJ nnd Brittania Table and Tea Spoons, Soup Ladles. Brittania Teapot®, Coffee Pots, Wafile Irons, and Sad. and Tailors’ Irons. Hay Knives, ?ieelj ards, brick and plastering Trowels, S‘en! Trap®, patent Coach W rench­ es, Curry Combs, Horse and Shoe Pro-hes, [land Bfiiis and Sleigh Bell®. Cot and w r o u g h t Nails Brads and Tacks Trace, Ilalter and Log Chains Ames, Shovels and Spades, Scoop Shovels Am. Bar I ron, assorted size®, fl<»t, s q u a r e and round Swedes do do do flat and square English do do do flat and round Rupsiu iio <lo flat Spike and .Nail Rod.®, Braziers Rods assorted Hoop and Band Iron ‘ Sanderson's’extra refined Cast Steel English Blister and German Steel American Spring eel Axle arms and Sledge Moulds Sleigh Shoes and Waggon .Boxes, HOLLOW W A R E . Also, a few Stoves, together with Stove pipe, Copper Tea Kettles arul Boilers. N. B.— H. W. & Co. again remind those who are indebted to them, and whose accounts and notes have been some lime due, that they must be pai 1 immediately. They hope this notice will not be disregarded. 39. The Last opportunity fo r Purchasing DTunaer's P A T E N T E I G H T D A Y C L O C K S . TpJ'fJE Subscribers having sold out their man- '»J|) ufacturing operation?; and having alotof C locks on hand, unsold (anda.ter this ho more will he made) will now reduce thp price to the state of tlie lim-’s. They will deliver at theii ware-room, a fiist rate article, at $26 each, on short time, and for cash will discount ien per cent. Those wishing to supply themselves, would do will to call soon. TIOTCHRISS& BENB-UlCf. N. B. The terms by the box willbe such as to offer a good profit to those who buy to soil again. Enquire of C. B. Hotchkiss. Anburn, May 9, 1837.-5 2 A UBURN and Caynga County Bank Bills will be received, nnd half per cent pre mi. um allowed on all old debts, and also, on f. per cent on Goods sold at No. 4, Exchange Bui’d, ingp, where a splendid assortment of goods, has just, been purchased at the present extra­ ordinary low prices —Cloth®, Cassimers, and Nestings, in great variety. Also, rcidy-ma.le clothing, Cheap for Bank noUs. O ’Call soon, or you will lose the chance. S. C. DUNNING fo Co,Tailor? & Drapers. N. B. No~Specie received, unless by partic­ ular request. Auburn, May 17, 1837. 1 FANCY CH INA, A LA R GE assortment of Fancy Tea China, ofthe latest patterns, both English, and French, has just been received and is forsale by (bo subscriber®. Also an extensive stock of Cut Glass. Ex. Buildings, N’t!. 6 . A B B O T T f o FO S G A T E . May 24, 1837.-2 a ii NOTICE. O TA V E R N K E E P E R S .—The subscrib­ er® have opened a new and extensive stock ot fliut glass- Bar Decanters and Double Flint Bar Tumblers, which they will «ell to Tavern keepers a t t h e New Y°fk wholesale prices, No. 0, Exchange Building®. ABBO T ! ’ fo FOSGATE. Auburn, M a ^ 3 1 , 1837. . 3 F j n R A C E and LOG CH AINS, for sale at X - HEW S ON fo M ILLIG AN’S No. 3, Exchange B u i l d i n g s . ______________ 'OUNG Jlyson Tea, ofa very superior qual­ ity and at a very small price, at No. 10. T. 8 B A R T L E T T & C o . M W F O I i T I I E L A D I E S ! ! 1 71 LEGANT Gro dc Noble Silk?, Chally’s, A printed Pareenetts fo Fronth P r i n 's T 8-4, French Cashmere shawl? from $25 to $35 each, rich French work, embroidered belting®. silk hosiery, thread laces, foe. Jus! received a! M URFEY & -May 3, 1837, W O O D R U F F Fan<-y Slore. 51 N O T I C E . I AM about to be absent for a few week? and have authorized Thomas Y. How, J r. Esq. to receive and pay out all Excise and ?\ch other monies as may be coming into the Trea­ sury ol the county of Cayuga, during my ab­ sence ' DAVID C. STEW A R T , Treasurer. Dated Auburn, April 24, 1837. 551 B O O K S , F A N C Y A R T I C L E S ano D con=pnt. Polhemus,was this day dissolved by mutua P O R T E R & POLHEMUS. N. B- The business will hereafter be conduct­ ed by FI. Polhemus, who alone is authorised to settle the account-®. M a y 10, 1837. 3 BISSOJL.UTION. T H E Copartnership heretofore existing un­ der the firm of I I . £L. 8 c I*. V A 2 7 A K D S H & C O . is t h i s d a y dissolved by mutual consent. T h e Notes and Book Accounts of the firm are le It in the hands of H O R A C E G. VAN A N D E N , at the old stand, who i s d u i y authorized to settle the sajiie. As we are opposed tn enforcing pay­ ment, vve hope all those who are indebted to us, will ‘ave u? the trouble, aod themselves the expense of so doing. H EN BY A. V A N A NDEN, LEWIS YAN ANDEN, H O R A C E G. V A N ANDEN. Auburn, May 23, 1837.-2 _ _ _ _ _ _ STOVES. H EWSON &. MILLIGAN'. No. 3 Exchange Buildings.are now receiving a new supply of all the vari< us patterns, and intend to keep the most complete assortment possible of the article; and having in connection with theii other business a suitable manufactory, ihey are enabled to make tho pipe an 1 other trimming?, for any kind of stoves, and put them up i f re­ quired, to the entire eatis'action of the purchas­ er. ______ W ILLIAM S ’ A N N U A L REGISTER For 1837, much enlarged, is for,qaje the bookstore o f Ivison. &. T e r r y . CORPORATION n o t i c e . N O T I C E is hereby given, that the follow­ ing described premises will be sold at the Western Exchange in the village of Auburn, on Thursday, the 27th day qI Ju l y n e x t , at 2 o’clock, P. M. ; all that certain village lot and the buildings thereon, situate m the village of Auburn, Cayuga county, and bounded and desciibetl as follows:— A Lot with dwelhn? house, bounded north by a public road, eatt by II. Burt’s lands, south by II. Woodrutt s land, and west bv South street. Said sale wit. be made to satisfy and pay the sum of twenty- five dollars, being the amount of tax or assess­ ment, made and assessed upon satd premises, belonging to and occupied by Amnsa t urtis, by the board of Trustees, for making, grading fixing and fencing* and improving the la r k , or public ground at the junction of Spulh ami W illiam street, in said village o f A u b u r n , in pursuance of the provisions ol the farty- third and forty-sixth Sections o f t h e Act of in­ corporation of said village and the ordinances of the Board o f Trustees of said village passeu in relation thereto. NEIIEM J A E I D. CARHATtT, Treasurer of the village of A u b u r n . D \ N I E L ANDRUS, A l t ’y. June 2,1837.—4,w6 P i k F S B H A K T G I M G S . VISON fo TERRY , are, and will be recei­ ving in all this week, a new supply of mis­ cellaneous Books, Paper Hangings, yialir.nary of all kinds, Fancy Articles. Ac., al No. 9, Exchange Buildings. B R O l B S T O E S . MURFEY & W OODRUFF, B.E now opening their spring supply ot fashionable cloths and ea®3imcrs, consist­ in'' of Velvet blacks, blua, Dahlia, Green, (J nr- eL Olive, Mulberry, golden brown, mixed, drab, Vi det, ru®sef, &c. UTAH Ihe new stylos of enssimer®, yett­ ing?, &o. ICyFor Sale Cheap. Auburn. May 3, 1837.—5 1 ____________ A ' B i l l s o f C a y h j g a C o . a n d A u ­ b u r n B a n k s . (^rf^HE subscriber having sold his stock in J t trade, in the hatting businoss, to W ILLIAM P. t-MITIT, and having discontinued the above bu® ness, would inform those indebted to him, that he will receive for his note®, and book account®, theabove tills, on which he will allow a pre­ mium of one per cent, if paid by the 16(h of June next. The notes and accounts areat^the old stand.* F* HOLLEY. A u b u r n , May 16.18378 Uj ______ OEbCZBRT. ~ T O E 5 E 2 1 2 I rWNFIE Sub-criber® are now receiving their Spring stock of China, Gln«s ami Earthen- W a re, and will re-pack to order all articles kept by the trade, at the Lowest New York prices, for C a s h . Merchants may depend upon having good articles and well packed, on the above terms. Exchange Buildings, No. 6 . ABBOTT & FO S G A T E . Auburn, May 3, 1837. -61 0 5 - P L O U G H S ! - £ » O F tho BF.ST PA T T E I I N S , lorsile at the Lowest Prices,at the S t a i f c - S t Y f e f e t ¥ u i c n a c f c , a few ro Is South of the PRISON. Auburn. April 26, 1837,—491 f W A R D E N , 2 U R G 2 S S &. C O . ECU ANILS’ HALL. Auburn, N. York. Manufacturers of . M O U 6 S S , Of al 1 the vai ions patterns now in use. Also Engine and other L/dbcs ; Cotton Machinery,' arui al] kinds of Iron work turned and fitted to any shape, or pattern,and finished in a su­ perior manner. They have in connexion with their Machine Shop a Furniice in full blast, where-Mill Gear­ ing, Cotton Machinery, and all kinds ot Cast- tings can be had from the best Scotch and Salisbury iron.' All job work done on short notice, and in the best manner. Auburn, AptiM , 1837.-47U OR ANGES, LEMONS, RAISIN*, NES, may be found at J. 8 . B A R T L E T T & Co. CYTtlfcia, lor . -aie at HEW S O N fo M ILLIGAN’S. 3 Exchange Buildings. _______ F r e s h FIGS, & P R U N E S , may he found at ‘ _ — . - . r*. . . . . i - , ~ f t # * f t n B ATHING \TUBS made and sold at HEWSON <fcMILLIGAN’S. No. 3 . Exchange Buildings, M i l l oth Cross-Cut, ’Tenon, Circular. Panel fo Lord and Miss Webb. Trustees. —S.herman Beardsley, Abijah Fitch. Thos. Y. How, jr., Truman J . McMaster,' an3 Henry Ivison, rr. References .— Rev L. E. Lalhrop, Rev. WthV Lucas, Hon. Alfieti jConWJing, N. Garrow, E. Miller, J. L. Ric.hard-on, Geo. B. Throop, W.' H. Seward, John Beardsley, J . M. Sherwood,’ S. A. Goodwin, Auburn. S Y S T E M O F I N S T R U C T I O N . The pupils of this Institution are arranged , tq three depar tme nt®. Primary, Junfar, anq I Senior. Each depaitmont being under tbe per.. j sonal supervision of the Principal.* who has had- large experience in the business o f instrflctionl' I T h e com se of instruction is designed to em ­ brace all the various brandies o f a complelp' system of female education. Primary Department— In (his division inst rue,* tion is given iu all the rudiments ofa good En®*®\ lish e lueation. 0 Junior Department — Studies a dapted to their\ respective minds, and (o their several de-ryes, of improvement, are assigned to the pupils of t'lis class, among whieh are: Chirography,\ 1 tistory. Geography, Arithrnelic, English Gram- mar/ and t he tf udimeots of Philosophy, Astron­ omy, Botany’, Rhetoric, and the Latin Lan-' guage. Senior Department —Pupils in Ill's department’ may attend to any of the studies o f the Junior class, together with as many o f tbe fallowm*' as e;in be pursued to advantage, v i z . Bof*rny Chemistry, Mineralog 3 ', Geology, Geom-jtryf Algebra, Logic, Intellectual and Mora! PhilosI ophy— French, Latin and Greek languages Drawing Painting and Music. Analytical reading and Composition are at-’ tended to b y the whole school. Tp all such as may wish to pay attention to Flam rmd Orna­ mental Needlework, one afternoon in each week: is assigned for that purpose. Moral culture being considered the only «oli«l basis of agood education, it is made au object t f the first magnitude, and is designed to’ be into: woven with evet y scientific pursuit. .The year is divided into .our terms, two of twelve week® each, and two of eleven weeks, with a vacation at lhe end of each term. The first term will commence on the 8 :b day of May next. There will be an examination’ at the end of the second and fourth terms. The boarding establishment affording a c ­ commodations to all pupils from abroad is un. der the supervision of the Principal, who wil! reside in the Seminary. Regular and sytemal ie exerc’se is required, varying1, however, ac­ cording to seasons and circumstances. Pupils Irom abroad are required to board at the Sem­ inary, and will attend such places of worship as their parents or guardians may prefer. Ev­ ery pupil is required to furnish herself with uoh books and Stationary as the Principal may deem necessary. Boarders are required to urnish themselves with necessary towels,a mnv and spoon, and have eaeh article o f clotbin* marked wilh their name. 0 Terms .—Pupils arc furnished wilh board, wash­ ing, fuel and lights, ( p e r t e r m ) for ' $35 00 . Tuition in the Primary Department, 250 and f 3 “ “ Junior, 5 00 ‘‘ “ Senior, 7 50 “ in Latin and Greek, 3 OOeacli “ French, 4 00 “ Drawing fo P a inting, 4 00 each ‘‘ M'i®ic& use of Piano, 12 00 nU'Pupi's from abroad are required to pay $20 per term, in advance. 48 A LL persons indebted to the Subscriber, are hereby notified, that payment must be made immediately, as his recent misfortune by fire ren­ tiers it absolutely necessary. And he would also take this occasion to inform the public generally that he has taken the build­ ing on State-®treet, two doors from Gencsee-st. wiierebe will be ready to offer them an entire fresh stock of G R O C E R I E S Ac P 11 O V f S I O j Y S , ’ (on tho opening of canal navigation,) on as rea - sonahle terms a® any otherestab'ishmentin town, JAMES P. BENEDICT. Auburn, March 15, 1837.—45tf J U S T A D D E D T O T H E C I R C J U I i A T I N Cr L I B R A R Y . N ICK of the worlds ; a T a l e of Kentucky by the a u thor uf Cal.avar, foe. Snarloyyow, Ihe Dog Fiend byM a rr y a lt. The Youthful Imposter ; bj' Rev. W» Rey­ nolds. Falictier ; by (he author ofFiankenslein, A c . Abel Altnut ; by lhe author of fjajji Baba,’ Zohrab, Ac. Traits and Trials of Earty Life; by L.E.L.' Godolphin ; a novel. •Will Watch; 1 y Ihe author of Cavendish,<ifc Oampf fdown : or n e w s ffonj our neighbor­ hood. Mrs. Armytage : 01 Female Domination Ly tbe authores® ol Mothers and Daughters, Colton’s four years in Great Britain, O ntro Mer : or a Pilgrimage beyond the sea. C r u i s e o f t h e Potomac; wilh appropiitile engravings ; by Francis Warriner, A.M. N o . 9, Exchange Buildings. JV I 8 0 N & TER R Y . Auburn. April 18, 1837.-49 H A T S ! H ilTSI K e y e s & s m i t h , havejust received from New York, the latest Spring Fashions far Hat®. One door west of R. M u i r . Auburn, March 25, 1835.—44 R E M O V A L , . Q S A L L . D E N T I S T , for the b e t t e r ac- commodatinn of his patients, has r e ­ moved to t h e House formerly occupied by E . Hoskins, Esq. on W I L L I A M 8 T R E E T . s e nearly opposite th« American Hotel, wher he will he happy to wait on all who need hi services. April 1st, 1835. 45tf. l ^ C R b C K E R Y ^ r \ A LA R G E Assortment of Crockery arid' Glass W a re.far sale f y H . P O L K m v r U S &. S O N , at No. 6 , Merchants Row.' N. B- A few Setts of splendid China, j u s t ri­ pen od. Auburn. May 10. l837. b l r u n s t o r b . A t . c a r p e n t e r , would’ • inform his friend and (he public, that he eoniimiesr his busi­ ness in tlie Hatting line, at the well known stand of Carpenter fo Bodley, opposite the Western Exchang.e,whpre he offers far sale a complete assortment olHnts of the latest Fashion. N. B. Just received, and far sale a large assortment of K S B S S , Gentlem< ns Fui and Cloth Can® Gloves,(ol- ars, &e.. Also Ladies’ Capes an Boas. Auburn, Oct. 12,1336—22 W A N T E D —An apprentice to the Hatting business, from 16 to 17 years of age. Apply t o A- T. C A R P E N T E R , opposite the E x ­ change, Genesee street Auburn. E3RMAN S I I i Y F K . —Table Spoon®, 1‘ea k JY Spoons..Ladles, Forks and Butter Knives ol German Silver, of style and finish which will other S A W S , an exten®ive a.«®orirnent,; eomr. are ivilh silver ware, and said to b ^ morri . ... TTTMuoriM f. v u r 1 in t w’c . . . , • . 1 .. 1 ___ 1 ___ >; ___ for sale at HEW S O N & M ILLIGAN’S. tJ Exchange Building®, 1 A A CASKS NAILS, for sale, by A l f O HEW S O N & M ILLIG AN. No. 3, Exchange Buildings. T H E LEVANNA S T E A M F L O U R I N G M I L L C O M P A N Y A RE induced, from the various reports of their inability to do justice to Custome s. to inform their friends and the public generally (hat they are prepat ed to do P L O T T - R I N G , d u r a b l e , and to wear nearly as handsome, cos only about oru.faird a much i n r . J:flst{ received, nnd for sale by JN O . H. CH E DELL& C O . Opposi'e the Exchange AuLtnn, March 4. 1837.-44tf t f O T X C E L IIE Subsetiber hereby gives notice, that _ in order to enable h :m to pay those to whojrj lie is indf bted, he has left hfs books of'accouut, and notes in tlie hands of I*. C, WitherellV a t Worden and Clark’s Office, tw o doors west of ; the Auburn Bank, whpie all who are indebleif A VERY choice l o t o f p ' a i i arid fi^M Silk3; also some splen lid w o i k j-I r apes and col lars, farsale cheapo ext d r o r ea t of R. 8feel, [D r '.u-itt. E. J f N K l ? S. in the best possible manner, aud wiih despatch. 1 j,, him rftust call and settle without delay, or As the mill has now been completed by a me-1 it d fir-rent method wil! be re®o>ted fo,.far theif chanie of g r e a t experience, an l will be con- J collection. CURT IS STEVENS.' ducted hy a SI h l e r of u nquestionable ability & experience, they are confident of g iving entire satisfaction to a',1! who may favor them w ilh custom. T h e y fe d copfident t h a t those who pall to Auburn, May 3!, 1837.—tt ri n HE Sub=cribors hereby give Wolice to their . 1 frien’ds anil customer.®, that they have a’ ^ ........ .......................... .. large quantity of goods on hand, which were view lbe establishment wilj not be disappointed ’ damaged by removal at the late fire, tbat they ,n the above statement. ’ ■ \ * j win sell at greatbrfrgains ; and perfeet Goods,; N . B . Until further notice, it is intended | at reduced prices. ’ _ togrind three d a y s fa each week far customers' They would also rriminu ,^ose _I” _ _ J , - o n Ti'iusday/YhHrsday and Saturday. I ANDREW COCK, Piesident, JO H N ANSELL, Secretary. Otvanpa. Jap, 18, 1837.— 3711’. •.hem, that' they are in Want ol .money, and. aJI iccounts of over six months standing 'settled. . ST e e l e & G i i O y T , , p Feb falj 1837.—58 9

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