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Auburn journal and advertiser. (Auburn, Cayuga Co., N.Y.) 1834-1848, June 14, 1837, Image 3

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r u l e i n c h a n c e r y . A t a C o u r t o f C h a n c e r y , held f o r t h e sta t e o f N e w Y o r k , at the city o f N e w Y o r k , o n th e Iw ^ n tv-^eventh day t i f M a y , one th o u s a n d e i g h t hundred an d th i r t y - se v e n — P r e s e n t , R e u b e n H . W a l ­ w o r t h , C h a n c e l l o r - r I t i s ordered, th a t the 1 3 5 t h r u l e o f this c o u r t be am e n d e d s o , a s to read as fol­ low s : HtJLfi 1 3 5 . . In every ord e r o r d e c r e e for th e sale Of m o r t g a g e d p r e m i s e s , the d e s c r i p t i o n And p a r t i c u l a r b o u n d a r i e s o f th e property to be s o ld, so far at l e a s t a s t h e s a m e can he a s c e r t a i n e d from th e m o r t g a g e , shall be inserted : a n d , u n l e s s o t h e r w i s e sp e ­ cially ordered by the cou r t , th e d e c r e e shall d i r e c t t h a t t h e m o r t g a g e d prem i s e s , or so m u c h th e r e o f as m a y be sufficient to raise th e a m o u n t due to the c o m p l a i n ­ ant for p r i n c i p a l , interest and co s t s , and which m a y be sold se p a r a t e l y w i t h o u t m a t e r i a l injury to -the parties interested, be sold by o r u n d e r the direction o f a m a s t e r , and th a t th e co m p l a i n a n t , o r any o t h e r p a r t y , m a y becom e a p u r c h a s e r on su c h sale ; th a t the m a s t e r ex e c u t e a deed t a the p u r c h a s e r ; that out o f the p r o c e e d s o f the sale the m a s t e r pay to the co m p l a i n a n t , or his solicitor, t h e a- m o u n t of his debt, in t e r e s t and costs, or so m u c h as the p u r c h a s e m o n e y will pay o f the sam e , anti that he t a k e the rec e i p t uf the com p lainant, or his solicitor, for the am o u n t s o p ' i d , and tile the sa m e with h n report ; that he bring the surp l u s Vmneys, i f any there be, into co u r t w i t h ­ out delay ; and that the purchaser, at s u c h , sale, be let into the possession o f t h e p r e ­ m ises on production ot ihe m i s t e r 5* deed an d a certified copy of the order cofirm • iu!* t i t s report of tho sale after such order has b e c o m e absolute, unless the defend­ an t s , or som e of them , who may be en t i ­ tled to redeem the prem i s e s fiom such s a l 1, u n d e r the act ol the 1 2 th o f M a y , 1837, concerning the s de of r e a l estate hy m t r t g a g e , ” si.all havo given security to the p u r c h a s e r for the value of the pos session or the use o f the prem i s e s , and fo r t h e prevention <n w iste, acco r d i n g to the provisions ol this rule, il the prem i s e s shall notbe s o redeemed. — W h e n t h e p r e m ises to be s o ld will b e s u b ject to redem p t ion u*»der the s t i -1 act, and where die several defendants who are entitled to redeem under the said act shall not have d e l i v e r ­ ed to the m a s t e r , at least ten days before the time appointed for t h e sale, a w r i tt e n stipulation to jo i n vvith him in the c o n ­ veyance to the purchaser, and thereby to relinquish such right of r e d e m p t i o n , the m a s ter shall, p r e v i o u s to the sale, a s c e r ­ tain tins situation of the p r e m i s e s , d e t e r ­ mine ths probable value o f the possession or use nf tho prem i s e s , and of each dis tinet lot, t r a c t or portio n thereof, which is to be sold separately, and fix the enal- ty o f the bond to be given to stay the d e ­ livery o f the possession for tho term o f one y e a r allowed for such redem p t i o n both o f w h i c h shall be triade k n o w n to the p u r c h a s e r at the time the p r e m i s e s are offered for sal\. And if any party who thus entitled to red e e m , shall, within , e x m u te and de to the m a s t e r for D I E D , O f t y p h u s fever, in t h e tow n o f Scipio, on the ev e n i n g o f th e 2 2 d o f M a y , M i . P a r m e n i s C . G r o o m , s o n o f H o n . A n d r e w G r o o m , a g e d 2 1 y e a r s and 1 8 days. I n th e death o f t h i s y o u n g m a n society h a s , indeed, lost o n e o f its brightest apd m o s t prom i s i n g m e m b e r s . In addition to a c o m m a n d i n g and graceful exterior, he possessed a strong, and pow e r f u l , and well cultivated m ind, w h i c h , t o g e t h e r with the m o s t e n g a g i n g and pleasing m a n n e r s , won for him th e esteem and re s p e c t o f all with w h o m he had been p e r m i t t e d to asso c i a t e . H i s sickness w a s severe and d i s t r e s s i n g ; y e t it was borne with th a t calm resig n a t i o n , and Christian patience, w h i c h evinced that his faith vvas placed upon th e rock o f everlasting ages ; and th a t his hope w a s upon the p r o m i s e s o f H i m who is? tiot m a n , th a t he should lie ; neither the son oi’m a n , t h a t b e should repent.” H i s funeral w a s atte n d e d at th e M e t h o ­ dist c h u r c h , in Scipio, on the 2 4 t h , w h e r e the co n s o l a t i o n s o f ihe G o s p e l w e r e ten ­ dered to the m o u r n e r s , and a vast c o n ­ c o u r s e o f s y m p a t h i z i n g friends, by R e v . II. B o u g h t o n , f r o m I C o r . x v , 2 6 — \ T h e last e n e m y th a t shall be destroyed is d e a t h . ” A t C u y a h o g a F a l l s , Ohio, on S a t u r d a y m o r n i n g , M a y 6 , C h a r l e s H. Y a n T i n e , the eld e s t son o f H e n r y V a n T i n e , r e ­ cently from J o r d a n , N e w Y o r k , aged 19 y e a r s . A t K e e n e , N . H . , M a y 2 0 , M i s s C a t h a ­ rine F i s k e , founder and principal o f the fem a le sem i n a r y m K e e n e , ag e d 53. I r i s h w i t .— -A g e n t l e m a n w i s h i n g to k n o w the p r i e s o f coal, and o b s e r v i n g an Irish m a n sta n d i n g n e a r a load, o f which he t-iok to be t h e ow n e r , e n q u i r e d —’“ H o w is coal now o r , ” w a s th e ready reply. e v e r , y o u r hon- Boot and Shoe C A T I , I N , FO O T . <fc C O . , have re- 1 is eight days after the sale livnr to t h e pu r c h a s e r , or him , a bond in th e p r e s c r i b e d p e n a l t y , w i t h tw o sufficient sureti >s, t o b e a p p r o ­ ved by the m a d til ; p ‘no '.-.ble up »r. '•'! elitio n a d to d e l i v e r j materials and the 11 !> i-JOssinii •ho­ ur IJIS n f t'ae p r e m - beirs o r as- moved to the hew build­ ing of A. U kderwoud , opposite tlie __ Western Exchange, two doors east of their old stand, where they offer 4,000 pair of Roots and Shoes., ofall sizes, which they will sell low at W H O L E S A L E O R R E T A I L , and warranted good. TT'fliey also manufacture to order on short notice. t a k e n o t i c e — All notes and accounts must be settled immediately. Auburn, June 13, 1837 5tf N E W A N D E X T E N S I V E ESTABX.ISHMENT. T H E Subscribers hc*g leave to infoun iheir friends and the public, that they have lately form­ ed a copai luershi p under the name of Congdon, Spencer & Baldwin, for the purpose of manufacturing C A R R I A G E S . S L E I G H S , S A D D L E S , H A R M E S S , and e x e c u ting ali kinds of Blacksmith work.— T h e Saddle aud Harness making wiil he ear- J r-eil on al the stand occupied by Upton, Bennett & Carpenter, on Genessee street, directly oppo­ site the Wests rn Exchange. The Blctcksnii th­ ing at the n’d stand of 13. t ’. Spencer, ou she {•orner ol D.li mi l Water st*. : and the Car­ riage and S eii;h making on DJI street, in the extensive 1 uiulii gs nte'y erected near the black­ smith sin p. At each - I tlie respective places will he kc-j t a gerieial supply of the choicest mo-t faithful and skillful all times to accommodate K O T I C 3 P . P f l H E Subscriber kereby gives notice, tliat J b in order to enable h im t o p ay those to whom he is indebted, he lias left his books of account, and notes in the hands of J ' . C. Witherell, at VVorden and Clark’s Office, two doors- West of the A ubprn Bank, where all who are indebted to him must call and settle without delay, or a different method wilf he resorted to,for their collection. CU R T I S STEV E N S . Auburn, M a y 31, 1837.—tf T H E P U B L I C F ROM paying high prices for goods-by call- ing on 3. G. ISHAM , a t his store No. 7, E x- change Buildings, and purchasing from his ex­ tensive stock of dcw and fashionable dry Goods, all of which, were bought for cash during the present very depressed state of the New-Yoik market. B y the facilities of the subscriber for making his spring purchases, he has confidence to as­ sure his. friends and the public, that it will be for their pecuiniaiy. interest to make their p u r ­ chases from a slock buugly. for Cash'. With the a b o -e may be found every variety ofD r y Groceries, Crockeiy &c. at equally low prices, Please call and tee if there is truth in the above. Respectfully your servant in trade J. G. ISHAM . May 31. ________________________ 3 A L B U R N * G A R D E N . B e m i s & L e o n a r d would respectfully give notice that their Garden isopen for the reception of -visiters, where may be had, at all times, Soda Water, Ice Cream, tec. tec. June 7th, 1837,—4w2 C O R P O R A T I O N IN O T I C E ~ . \S&TOTICE is hereby given, (hat the follow- J _ t ! iug described premises will be sold at lhe Western Exchange in the village of Auburn, on Thursday. the 27th dayol J u l y n e x t , at 2 o clock, P. M. ; all that certain village lot and the buildings thereon, situate in tlie viiLtre of Auburn, Cayuga county, and bounded and described as follows:— A Lot with dwelling house, bounded noi th b y a pwblic r o a d , ea-l by IA Burl's lands, south by I!. Woodruff’s land, arid west bv South street. Sa-id said wil! be made to satisfy and pay the sum of twenty- five dollars, being the amount of tax or assess ment, made and assessed upon said premises, belonging to and occupied by Aniasa Lurlis. by the board of Trustees, for making, grading fixing arid fencing, and improving the Park, or public gt ound r: the juuclion of South aud William street, in raid village of Auburn, in pursuance of the provisions ol the forty third and foity-sixlh Sections of the Act of in- corpoitttion ofsaid village and the ordinances of the Board of Trustees ofsuid village pussed in relation thereto. N E H E M I A H D. C A R H A R T , Treasurer ofthe village of AnbUrn. D \NLEL AN DRUS, A t t ’y. June 2,1837.-4w6 IN D I A N M E D I C I N E , FOR. THK CUKE OF CONSUMPTION, OR EXTRACT O F W A - A H O O : isee to th e p u . v siio-M. at th • e\j)i> n 'i o n o f o n e y,-nr from tiie tiui'i o f s i l e w i t h o u t h -.viug p e r m u t e d a n y vvos'e o r d o n e nnv th i n £ to injure t h e v a l u e th e r e 11 \ a f t e r su c h sa l e , arid to pay the v i l u e o f the u-e? o f t h e p r e m i s e s , as th u s a s c e r t a i n e d b y ihe m a s t e r , nt the e x p i r a t i o n o f t h e v o i r p r o v i d e d the p r e m ­ ises a-e n it re l e o . n e d a e c o i l i n g to th e p r o v i s i o n s o f tha said imt, the p e r s o n g i v i n g sa u h h >od sh dl be p e r m i t t e d to ro t tin thu p i s s e - s i o n <.} i h e p r e m i s e * u n ­ til the c x p ' r a l i n n o f t h e tim e allow e d for sue!) re d e m p t i o n , n o i u it l i s t « tulip p. su c h dale a n d e o a v e y a n c e by the m a s t e r . It shall also b e ih e d u t y o f th e m a s t e r , in \every c a s e o f tlie so l e o f m o r t g a g e d p r e ­ m i s e s w h i c h a r e s u b j e c t to be re d e e m e d ‘u n d e r said a c t , t o specify the fact in his co n v e y a n c e thereof, and to s t a t e tho tim e w h e n s u c h rig h t to re d e e m will e x p i r e ; a n d w h e n e v e r the re d e m p t i o n m o n e y is p a i d to him , he sh ill g i v e im m e d i a t e n o ­ tic e th e r e o f t o th e p u r c h a s e r , an d pay over the s a m e w i t h o u t d o l a v . C o p y . J o h n W a l w o r t h , A s s i s t a n t R e g i s t e r . o work troop rrio.iy nt cu*tnmris at Ihe slioiHot notice. And (he ?ub- serihei.* have [lie fu!!*\«f confidence in saying ih it ouHo-nersran In* a* well aecomoed-itwd al ihfci' extni,si ve «-t:ilh-ltinoiit as nt y ol her in I he counly of Cayuga; and assure these who may favor them with a call, that nothing shad ba wanting on thoir pm t to de?Pi vc public pat­ ronage. J A -V, ES CONG I) ON. BBNJVMIN F. -SPENCER, i a ' m a n B a l d w i n . Auhurn, J u n e I>t, 1837.- 5 l f T HE Sy-up which the Proprietor now of­ fers to the publie, is the simple extract oi a S a f e t y o f R a i l R o a d s . — T h e last an n u a l report o f t h e W o r c e s t e r R a i l R u u d , says, that sin c e t h e first opening o f the road nearly t h r e e y e a r s since, there have b e e n t r a n s p o r t e d on the road nearly 300, 0 0 0 p a s s e n g e r s ; a n d th it during the whole period, no p a s s e n g e r on the road has by any accident of n e g l i g e n c e sustain e d any personal injury. “ I L E A V E T H I S G R E A T P E 0 - P L E P R O S P E R O U S A N D H A P P Y . ” — A n d r e w S a c k s o n ’s V a led icto r y . W e h a v e selected the above quotation fis a suitable caption for t h e follow i n g no­ tices, ad d i t i o n a l to those published last w e e k , show i n g t h e p r o g r e s s o f t h e e x p e r ­ im e n t. All the banlcs in Boston have been compelled to stop specie payment. All the B a n k s in new Y o r k city, have Been co m p e l l e d to stop sp e c i e p a y m e n t . All the B a n k s in P h i l a d e l p h i a in c l u ­ ding the U. S. B a n k , have s t o p p e d specie p a y m e n t . N i n e t e e n tw e n t i e t h s o f t h e b a n k s in the N . E . an d m iddle S t a t e s h a v e also s t o p ­ ped s p e c i e p a y m e n t . M o s t o f the w o r k s o f i n ternal i m p r o v e ­ m e n t , ca n a l s , railw a y s , & c . are stopped. M o s t o f th e m a n u f a c t u r i n g establish­ m e n t s in t h e co u n t r y have b e e n co m p e l l e d to stop o p e r a t i o n s . M o r e than one hun d r e d thou s a n d m e n , wom e n and children, w h o depended on th e i r e a r n i n g s for t h e i r bread, halve been thrown' out o f e m p l o y m e n t by th e reck l e s s course pursued by t h e ad m i n s t r a t i o n with reg a r d to the c u r r e n c y , and y e t w e are told t h a t “ t h e couutry is p r o s p e r o u s a n d h a p p y / / . — Verm o n t C o u r ier . C o m fort f o r G e n e ral J a c k s o n .— U n i t e d S t a t e s B a n k notes w e r e selling at N a s h ­ ville, a b o u t t h e l a s t of M a y , at 10 p e r cen t p r e m i u m , ___________________ M A R R I E D ? O n T h u r s d a y e v e n i n g last, by t h e R e v . iS r . C o x , M r. A l e x a n d e r J . B u r r , M e r- ch a n t o f R o c h e s t e r , to JRiss M a r g a r e t L u c i n d a Sm i t h , d a u g h t e r o f tb e l a t e Jo h n C . S m i t h , form e r l y a M e r c h a n ’t o f the city o f N e w Y o r k . In S t . P e t e r ’s C h u r c h , A u b u r n , by t h e R e v . M r . L u c a s , on t b e l 2 t h inst. R . G . M it c h e ll of C i n c innati, to C o r n e l i a , d a u g h ­ ter o f H e n r y Post,- E-sq. I n V e n i c e , on the 10ih in s t . by E l r a H o w l a n d , E s q . P a u l H a t h a w a y , E s q . o f U l s t e r C o . N . Y. to M i s s Sally C o r n w e l l o f D u t c h e s s C o . N . Y . C w V o \ m t y C 3 E A P F i n HE umku-igned continues to offer to bi- .it friends nnd die public, a Iur ge nml gcneial ns-ortment of Goods, at very low piices. A- mong which are: Scarlet and Black merino Shawls; black, and blue black single no I double width Silks, ofall grades and qualities Grode Naples, nii.J Gro de Rhine, Italian, Smrhew, Lutestring ; also ,a vat inly of cel’d silk*, from 3s 6 - 1 . lo 7s. per yard, sewing sUR, Thit er Wool, Piiissiati and common dress lidkfs., a largeasort- mcnt, and will be soM cheap : single ru? double width Circassian, white, green and red flannel. Thibet Gauze do., a choice artie'e, white French Quilts, M nisei lies tin. Toilet & Piano covers, linen table cloths, Irish Lin'-n, brown and bleached Colton Shirtings and sheetings, French, Merrimac. und common calicoes, a large assortment of black, blue.'hrovvn. dahlia, claret, steel, and Cadet ‘Mixed Broad Cloths and Cassimers, plaid, nhb’d and fancy col’d Do. Pai ticular attention will be paid to the pur­ chase of cloths, so as to sell them unusually CHEAP. Summer goods of all kinds. G R O C E R I E S . Y**nn? a n l old Hvson, Souchong, & Impeiinl TEAS, Muse >va’o, P<rto Rico, St. ( ’mix,white 11 .i\anna, Lump and Loaf Sugars, Pepper, spice, Ginger, snuff, tobacco, box and keg Raisins, W. Ind a enrran!s# Shad aud Mackerel. N A I L S & H A R D W A R E . It is intended to keep the stock full by fre­ quent arrivals, und lo sell al a price lo SlUl pur~ chasers. C ash , is the motto, and ,if a credit U giv.en, it will be SHORT and at C ash Prices. Pay­ ment will be expected on the 1st days o f March anil September, Call at the next door to R. Steel’s,- towards the Cayuga county Bank, and you will find tbe Cheap Store of E . J E J V E I J Y S . Auburn, J u n e 14. 1837.—5 N e v v - Y o r k J AM E S L A W , grateful for past favors, begs to intimate that be has just returned from New-York, with a g eneral assortment-of STJMMEB. GOOES.. all of which being selected with the utmost care, and purchased on advantageous terms will be sold off a t greatly reduced prices ! As J . L. invariably buys and sells for cash, he is, therefore, enabled to serve his customers on such ferms, as cannot fail to secure for him an extensive share ei public prtnonage. Together withs an endless variety of oth.er articles. J. L» will also submit for inspection 3 0 0 PAIR OFAL^DIES' CORSETS, of a superior quality, and the newest shape. Auburn, May lQth, 1837. 53 TT n E V V F A S H I O N A B L E Spring and Summer, Staple and Fancu D r y G o o d s 1 1 S ELE C T E D expressly for this market. IL Polhemus &; Son, would inform their old customers and the public generally, that they have j u s t returned from the.eity,, and ace now opening, a splendid and-choice .assortment of Foreign and D o m e s t i c , Staple tmd Fancy Dry Goods ! at the same old place, No. 6 , Merchants Row . Auburn, May 10th, 1837.—52tf BOOKS FOR TH E S E “ HARD TIMES , v A T IYISON & T E R R Y ’S - T n r e e Exper­ iments of Living,—Living within the Means,—Living up to the Means—Living be­ yond the Means, 15tb edition ; Sequel to°do. ; Elinor Fulton; The Frugal Housewife, by Mrs. Child; T h e Young Ladies’ Friend, by a Lady; Tlie Young Wife’s Book ; T h e Young Husband’s Book, and many others, for Sale VERY CH E AP. May 10. a ^ N D T l C j E . - ® * . , T HE Subscribers having purchased the in­ terest o f Hale, in the Copartnership of Day, Hale & Lester, hereby give notice that they will continue their business the same a formerly, under the firm o f D A Y & I i K S T ’E J R . '9 and they only are authorized to settle the bu­ siness of the late firm. STEPHEN O. DAY, S. C. L E S T E R . Auburn, April fst-, 1837.-4? _______________ F O R S A 1 E , C H E A P . O NE two Horse pleasure Carriage—-two one £lorse Buggys, one with top,and one without—also, a second hand one hoi se Lumber Waggon, by • ■ ■ ' ST E E L E & G R O O T Auburn, Mav 17. 1836 — 1 T? E A j STJ&AR & 2 H O i.A S E S , ust received,cheap Young Hyson Tea, Hyson, Hvson Skin, and Pouching. Also loaf and lump sugar. Fish. Rice, &c., three doors west of Horace Hills’, for sale by ■ _____________ COOLEY & R A T HBUN. w b o i * M ANUFAC 1 URED into Cloth by the yard —also Wool-Carding and Cloth-Dressing done a t Throopsville, three miles north of A u ­ burn, by i 5 R. &. A. RIK E R . May 25, 1837.—2m3 very D r i e d p l u m ? . — a few bushels superior dried plums, for sale by 11. PO L H E M U S & SON. May, 1837. * _______________ 3 LAMP O IL & SPER M C A N D L E S . ^ITIH E Subscribers offer for sale Lamp O l & A Sperm Candles, of a pure quality, direclly from New-Bedford; Aiso an extensive assort, meul of Glass Lamps, Lamp Glasses, and Luci- ler and Loco-Foco matches. Exchange Buildings, No. 6 , A B B O T T & FOSGATE. May 23. 1337.-2 B ATH BRICK, Rotien Stone, Glue and Rosin,a iresh supply, just received and for Sale by HEW S O N & M ILLIGAN. * 3, Exchange Buildings. C O F F E E MILLS—wrought and c a st,a few of very superior quality, to be bad at HEWSON & M ILLIGAN'S. 3 , Exchange Buildings. c ROW-B.ARS, Ditching Shovels and Pick- Axes, a good suoplv, j u s t received by HEW S O N Ai MILLIGAN. 3, Exchange Buildings. p lant the ioot of which is in extensive use a mong tlie wes’ern Indians. Possessed ot active medical properties, this valued vegetable Medi­ cine we believe lo be llie giand desideratum so much ne-dcd l<*r the cure of this consumption, whei her'ari-jirug from affections of lhe lungs, or of the stomach and bowels. As a remedy in coughs and colds, by lesior.ng the natural and healthy sef ret ion®, it will effect much more than the drasticlc apd irritating drugs so generally used by printitionors of m e d i c i n e a n d by. re- storing the digestive apparatus to its pristine vigor, it is a speedy and effecluul cure for the disease which has received the appellation of ‘•Dyspeptic Consumption.’’ S T A T E M E N T O P T H E P R O P R I E T O R . Referrred lo in the fo llowing Certificates. T, the maker and vender ofthe extract of wr.- alioo, do hereby cerlity, thal I was afflicted with a serious and alarming disease ofthe lungs for fourteen years; had a more or less severe cough day and night, (th e latter part of that time was troubled with bleeding at the lungs ; ) had an in war 1 lever and lost tny appetite >fur food.. Allcr havingtnken almost every kind of medicine recommended in my complaint, no­ thing appeared to have any. good effect, until sometime in the year 1830, when 1 obtained some of the wa ahoo root frotn a gentleman from the west.. This gentleman informed me that he bad been veiy low in consumption, so much so that his physi dans told him they tho’t lie coo Id live but a short time., A friend pro­ cured for him some ofthe Indian medicine call­ ed wa ahoo. Throe weeks alter he commen­ ced taking it he u as able to ride on horseback. When 1 saw hhn lie was in good health, Sz was on his w.,y to visit some of his friends, who were out of health, having brought some ofthis m».bcine with him lor their benefit. • He gave tne a vlcc-criplion of the top, so'thaltl. might find il if ii grew in this counlry.. I prepared for myself a quart ot it, and took it according to his directions. Befoie Iliad used it all, my fever left me, my appet te returned, and in the course of fifteen da\s I had nearly gained my original strength, although for the first few days it ren- deie.l me very weak. ?mno months after, I found the w:i-uboo roit in several places in the Gene see Valley. From that lime to the present, I have recommended, prepared and ad- mioi^tered it in very many different cases. It has bvd a good effect on all, and effected many speedy cures. Il has proved so valuable and beneficial to those affecled with colds, coughs & consumption, (which is a prevailing disease of our country) that with the advice of my friends I now offer i> to the public, for f he benefit of those afflicted with (ho above mentioned diseases. I am now preparing, and keep constantly on hand for sale al the recess in West Avon, Liv­ ingston County, New York, the above medi­ cine ; and a« soon as time will pesmit, ii will be found at the principal Druggist S:ores. I assure the public that the above mentioned In- \ diaa Medicine for consumption is nothing more than the simple exiract of wa ahoo, made with honey, and prepared-o a* to keep any length of lime. EB E N E Z E R HORTON. Avon, June 24, 1836. The following ceitificates of some of the most respectable persons in the town where the sole proprielor resides, will serve to show (he high estimation in which the wa-ahoo is held tvligre it is known ancl used. Avon, Liv. Co. N. Y., Ju n e 2 l , 1836. W k , the undersigned do hereby certify that we are, and have been personally acquainted wuh Eliem-zer Horton, and that the accompanying statement, which lie has made, is t o t h e b e s t o f our knowledge true : and that he has derived all >LOUGHs , of the different approved pat­ terns, for sale at HEW S O N & M ILLIG A N ’S. 3, Exchange Buildings. TNFORMATION WANTED—John Charles ............... . .................. ....... ...... JL Small, naMye of H e r t s , Englnod, it living, ;iie benefits from the above Indian medicine, and this shou d nice (Hus eye, is requested to which he has stated above. We do further les- ITT*1 1 t n ■ m mn.l t r. I.in - IS 0*1 __ _ . . write immediately to his afflicted mother. Said S m a l l was last heard of in Quebec. June, 1835, which city he is supposed to have left for Hal­ ifax. West Indies, or United State;, in search of employment, is about 5 feet 9 nr iO inches high, 29 years of age lair open forehead and preposs­ essing; countenance, dark eyes, a slight defpct in the signt o f one of them, light brown hair, and rather full in the client and shoulders. If deceased, any person acquainted with the place anil manner ofthat event, will furnish tn ac­ count ofthe same, addressed to Mrs.’ Small, St. Andrews Post Office, Ot'awa River, Lower Can­ ada, and confer great obligations on afflicted friends, ignorant of his fate. [□“Editors, in the United States, tlie Canadas, and Nova Scolm, are implored to give insertion to this notice as often as may be convenient. May, 1837. ____________ _ ________________ A SU P E R I O R quality ot Young Hyson, for four shillings t h e pound, at the Cayuga G r e a t B a r g a i n s !! H YDE W ATRQUS & CO. at their old stand aie now receiving an extensive assortment of GOODS in their line, which will be sold on the most favorable term?. Ivory, buck, self-tip., horn and bone handle Table and Desert Knives and Forks, with Carv­ ers to match ; Pen und Pocket Knives, Razors and ScLsors. in great v a r i e t y ; Rim ahd Mor­ tise Looks of superior quality of (heir own ma­ nufacture ; Butts, Screws, Window Spiings and Frame Pullics; I'hissells and Gouges, steel and iron Square5, warranted Augurs and Bills, nail and shoe Hammers, Hatchets, Carpenters’ L e v ­ el?, Dench Planes, and moulding fools; Milt and Cross Cut Saws, Hand, Pannel, Back, Web Compass-and Buck Saws ; Brass Andirons, Sho-- ve I and Tongs, 'Pea Trays, plated -and common Snuffers and Trays, brass Candlesticks and Lamps, phtled and Brittania 'Fable and Tea Spoon?, Soup Ladles, Brittania Teapots, Coffee Pots, Waffle Irons, and Sad. and Tailors’ Irons. Hay Knives, Steelyards, brick and plastering Trowels, Steel Traps, patent Coach W rench­ es, Curry Combs, Horse and Shoe Brushes, Hand Bells and Sleigh Bell?. Cut and wrought Nails, Brads and Tacks Trace, Haller and Log Chains Ames, Shovels and Spades, Scoop Shovels A.m. Bar Iron, assorted sizes, flnt, square and round Swedes do do do flat aud square English do do do flat aDd round Russia do do flat Spike and Nail Rods, Braziers Rodsassorled Hoop and Band Iron 1 SandersonVextra refined Cast Steel English Blister and German Steel American Spring S(eel Axle arms and Sledge Moulds Sleigh Shoes anil Wagzon Boxes. HOLLOW W A R E . T H E subscriber ha? received, and now has for sale, in Mr, Yan Anden’s Building, (over the New-York Dry-Goi-ds store,) a few copies o f a work entitled ‘‘Evidence from Scrip- tU'e ahd History, of the SEC O N D COM ING OF CHRIST, about the year 1843: exhibited in a Course of Lectures.” By William Miller. WILLIAM EV E R E T T . Auburn, May 23,1837.—2tf U ND E R the charge of Mr. E. H’QSM E R , (ofBostoh,) assisted byMrs. Hosmer, Miss Lord and Miss W e b b . .. Trustees.-— Sherman Beardsley, Abijah Fitch. Thos..Y. How, jr., Truman J . \McMaster and Henry Ivison, Jr. References .— R e v L. E. Lathrop, Rev. Wm. Lucas, Hon. Alfred Conkiing, N - G a r r o w , K. Miller, J. L. Richardson, Geo. B. Throop, VV. H. Seward, John Beardsley, J. M. Sherwood, S.-A, Goodwin, Auburn. S Y S T E M O F I N S T R U C T I O N . The pupils of this Institution are arranged in] three departments. Primary, Ju n :or, aud Senior. Each depaum e n t being under the per sonal supervision of tiie Principal, who has had large Gxperience id the business c f instruction. Thecouise of instruction is designed to em ­ brace all the various branches o f a complrle system of female education. Primary Department —In this division jnstiuc- tion is given in al! the rudiments ota good, Eng­ lish education. Junior Department —Studies adapted to (heir respective minds, and to Iheir several degites of improvement, are assigned to the pupils oi this class, among which are: Cliirogrnphy, History.Geography, Arithmetic, English Gram­ mar; and the rudiments of PljiIo«opliy, Astron­ omy^ Botany, Rhetoric, aud the Latin Lan- The Last opportunity fo r Purchasing Munger's P A T E N T E I G H T D A Y C L O C K S . |)HE Subscribers having sold out their man­ ufacturing operations, aliil having a lot of Clocks on hand, unsold (audaiter this no more will be made) will now reduce the price to the state of the times. They will deliver a t their ware-room, a fiist rate article, at $20 each, on short time, and for cash will discount ten per cent. Those wishing to supply themselves, would do will to call soon, HOTCHKISS & BENEDICT. N. B. T h e terms by the box willbe such as to otter a good profit to those who buy to sell again. Euquire of C. B. Hotchkiss. Auburn, May 9, 1837.-52 I L i S A UBURN and Cayuga County Bank Bills will be received, and half per cent premi, um allowed on all old debts , and q)so! 0NE P®r cent on Goods sold at No. 4, Exchange Build­ ings, where a splendid assortment of goods, has just, been purchased at the present extra­ ordinary low prices—C/oth?, Cassimers, and Vestings, in g reat variety. Also, ready-made clothing, Cheap for Bank notes. [CTCall soon, or vou will lose the chance. S. C. DUNNING & Co,Tailors & Drapers, N. B. No Specie received, unless by partic­ ular request. Auburn, May 17, 1837. I FANCY CHINA. A LA R G E 'assortment of Fancy Tea China, of the latest pattern!?, both English and French, has just been received and is for sale by the subscribers. Also an extensive stock of Cut Glass. Ex. Buildings, No. 6 . A B B O T T & FO S G A T E . May 24, 1837.-2 N O T I C E . O T A V E R N K E E P E R S .—The subscrib­ ers have opened a new and extensive stock ol flint glass Bar Decanters and Double Flint Bar TumbloVs, which they will aell to Tavern keepers a t t h e New York wholesale prices, No. 6 , Exchange Buildings. ABBOTT N FOSGATE. Auburn, May 31, 1837. _______________ 3 T RA C E and LOG CH AINS, forsaleat IlEW S O N & M ILLIG AN’S No. 3, Exchange Buildings. __________ 'OUNG Hyson Tea, ofa very superior qual­ ity and at a verv small price, al No. 10. I S B A R T L E T T & C o . Also, a few Stoves, together with Stove pipe, sury of the county o f Cayuga, during m y S O m ' B T M Z m G M W f o r t h e L a d i e s i r E LEGANT Gro de Noble Silk?, Chalty’s, printed Sareenetts & Frenth Prints 7 8-4. French Cashmere shawls from $25 lo $35 each, rich French work, embroidered beltings, silk hosiery, thread laces, &c. Just received at M URFEY & W O O D R U F F ’S Fancy Store. May 3, 1837, _______________________ 51 NO T IC E , 1 AM about to be absent for a few weeks and have authorized Thomas Y. How, J r . E?q- to receive and pay out all Excise arid such other monies as may be coming into the Trea- ab- Copper Tea Kettles and Boilers, N. li. — H. W. &„Co. again remind those who are indebted to them, and whose, accounts and notes have been some time due, (hat they must be pai 1 immediately. They hope this notice will not he disregarded, 39. sence DAVID C. STE W A R T , Treasurer. Dated Auhurn, April 24, 1837. 55tf B O O K S , F A N C Y AND A R T I C L E S County Cheap Store. E. JENKINS. REGIMENTAL Montezuma. May 29,1837. I N pursuance of the power vested tn mo, by Chapter 10, o f t h e first part of the Revised Statutes of this state, I, James A. Clarke, col­ onel and commanding officer of the J3thR e g t . in the 5th Brigade and 3.1 Division of Cav&lry of the Militia of the State o fNew-York, do h e re­ by appoint a Regimental Court martial for the trial of ail delinquents and deficiencies in the said regiment, to consist of three members, viz: Capt. W i l l i a m B e l l , a s President thereof;— Capt. Henry Smith and Lieut. John Andrew, a- members. The said court will convene on the 7th day of October n ext, at the house of Joel Parmelee, in the town of Auburn, and adjourn from time to time as shall become necessary for the trans­ action of business. 5w 3 p JAMES A. CLARKE,Colonel. A VERY choice lot of plain and fig’d Silks ; also some splendid w o r k e d capes and col­ lars, for sale cheap,next door east of R . Steel, Druggist. E . JENKINS. tify that the said \medicine has, in this vicinity, and in others where it has been used, with­ in our knowledge, universally produced a speely cure, and restored to the most perfect health when all other remedies have failed. * We feel a confidence in here staling lhat we be- lie’ve that ihe above mentioned Indian medicine is the great desideratum lor the cure of(ho.«e ob­ stinate affections >.f the lung? which have so long baffled the remedies of the most skillful physicians. Curtjs Hawley, Aga Nowlen. M. Colby, gtephen Osgood, George S. Babcock. M. W. Riggs, Amos Dann. W e . the undersigned do hereby certify that we have used the Indian medicine prepared by Ebenezer Hoi ton, both ourselves and some in our families, for the disease of (he lungs, and it has exceeded our most sanguine expectations in the cure ofsaid diseases. We feel a confidence in recommending itasa perfect ly safe nnd highly beneficial remedy and cure for lung complaints', aed a speedy cure for coughs and colds, also all kinds of bowel complaints, such as diarrhoea, dysentary, tec. Timothy Field. John Rudtl, O. Brown, Wm. H. Fuller, Wm. Morrison, Jesse Van Zant, T. H, Sluait, B. Itaseo. Lima. William Scott, J . E . Nixon. R. Waldo, John Barnard, John Coriett, R. H.Winans, Joshua Ross, Lim a ,Thos. Wait, Buffalo. BufiaIo,June 30,1,1236. I am personally acquainted with Ebenezer Horton, and perfectW satisfied tbat the extract of which he is proprietor *-nd vender, is the sim­ ple exiract ofthe plant,called by tbe Indians, wa-ahoo. Having never examined the flowers I am unable (ogive a botanical dosom>iinn of this plant. I have witnessed the beneficial.re­ sult of this extract in many cases ot pulpionary diseases. S. Salisbury, J r . M. D. . H T F o r sale by ABBOTT & FO S G A T E , - Sole Agents. No. 6 , Exchange Buildiags, Au­ burn. Price $1,50 for small battles,--$ 3 for large. 5m5 W A N T E D , Stock in tthe A n b u r n and Sy- a.use Rail-Road,'in exchange for prOper- PoIheinus,vva 3 this day dissolved bv mutual consent. ^ PO R T E R & POLHEMUS. N. B- The business will hereafter be conduct­ ed by II. Polhemus, who alone is authorised to settle the accounts. May 10. 1837. 3 M S S G J L U T I O N . T HE Copartnership heretofore existing un­ der-the firm of H . A . & X>, V A N A N D S K & C O . is thi*. day dissolved by mutual consent. The Notes and Book Accounts of the firm are lelt in the hands ol HO R A C E G. VAN ANDEN, at the old stand, who is duly authorized lo settle the sattie. As we are opposed to enforcing pay­ ment,” we hope all those who are indebted to us, will <ave us the trouble, and themselves tho expeuse of so doing. H E NRY A. VAN ANDEN, LEWIS VAN ANDEN. HOII VCEG. VAN ANDEN. Auburn, May 23 1837 — 2 STOVES. H EWSON & MILLIGAN. No.3 Exchange Buildings,are now receiving a new supply ofall the various patterns, arid intend to keep the most complete assortment possible of the article; and having in connection with theii other business a suitable manufactory, ihey are enabled to make the pipe and other trimmings, for any kind of stoves, and put them up if re­ quired, to the entire satisfaction of the purchas­ er. Auburn, J u n e 11, 1837»-) proper- E. J E N K IN S . B i l l s o f C a y u g a C o . a n d A u ­ b u r n B a n k s . /] M H E subscriber having sold his stock in < i i t r a d e , in the hatting business, to W ILLIAM P. SMITH, and having discontinued the above bus ness, would inform those indebted to him, that he will receive for his notes, and book accounts, theabove bills, on which he will allow a pre­ mium of one per cent, if paid by the 16th of June next. The notes and accounts «re a t the old stand. P- HOLLEY. A u b u r n , May 16 . 1837 . _____________ H f CEROflKEBRT. T O f f Y H E Subscribers are now receiving their *_ Spring slock ot China, Glass and Earthen- W a r e , and will re-pack to order all articles kept by the trade, at the Lowest New York prices, for C a s h . - , - i Merchants may depend upon having good articles and well packed, on the above terms. E x o h « s . & pQ g G A T E . Auburn, May 3, 1837. -61 _____________ P A P E R H A N G I N G S . VISON & TERRY* are, and wjll be recei­ ving in all this week\ a new supply of mis­ cellaneous Books, Paper Hangings, Stationary of all kinds, Fancy Articles. &e., at No. 9, Exc hange Buildings. B E O A B c j s » o t h M U R F E Y & W O O D R U F F , A RE now opening their spring supply of fashionable cloths and cassimers, consist­ in'* of Velvet- blacks,blue, Dahlia, Green, C a r ­ et? Olive, Mulberry, golden brown, mixed, drab, Violet, ru?sel, &c. . iEFAll lhe new styles of cassimers, vest­ ing?, £e. ILr’For Sale Cheap. Auburn. May 3, 1837.—51 ___ ________ W A R D E N , BXJRG E S S 8 l CO . M ECHANICS’ H 4 L L . Auburn, N. York, Manufacturers of P S O U G H S , O f a ll tSe vaiious patterns now in use. Also Engine and other Lathes ; Colton Machinery, and all kinds ol Iron woi£ turned and fitted to any shape, or pattern, and finished iri asa- perior manner. They have in connexion with their Machine Shop a Furnace in lull blast, where Mill Gear­ ing, Cotton Machinery, and ah kinds of Cast­ lings can be had frosa the best Scotch and Salisbury iron. All job work done on short notice, and in the best manner. Auburn, April 4, 1837.-471f F r e s h o r a n g e s , l e m o n s , r a i s i n s , FIGS, & P R U N E S , may be found at J. S. B A R T L E T T & Co. S c y t h e s , ior sale at HEW S O N & M ILLIG AN’S. 3 Exchange Buildings^ ____ B ATHING TUBS, made and sold at HEWSON & M ILLIG AN’S. No. 3 . Exchange Buildings. M ILL, Cross-Cut, Tenon, Circular. Panel & other SAW S , an extensive assortment, for sale at HEW S O N & MILLIGAN’S. 3, Exchange Buildings. 't dY O v CASKS NAILS, for sale, by l U U HEW S O N & M ILLIG AN . No. 3, Exchange Buildings. Senior Department —Pupils in this department may attend to any of the studies of the Junior class, -together with as many of the follow n. as can be pursued to advantage, viz. B.itanv Chemistry, Mineralogy, Geology, Geom >trj\ Algebra. Logic, Intellectual and'Moral Philos! ophy—French, Latin nnd Greek languages •— Drawing Painting and Music. = ° Analytical reading and Composition are at­ tended to by the whole school. To all such as may wi?h to pay attention to Plain and Orna­ mental Needlework, one afternoon in euch week is assigned for that purpose. Moral culture being considered the only solid basis o f a good education, it is made an o b j e c t o f the first magnitude, and is designed to be interwoven with every scientific porfuit. The year is divided into four trims, two of twelve weeks each, and two of eleven weeks, with a vacation at the end oi'each term. T h e first term will commence on the 8 th day of M a y n e x t. There will be an examination at the end of the second and fourth teims. The boarding 'establishment affording a c ­ commodations to all pupils from abroad i.= un. \der the supervision ®f the Principal, who will reside in the Seminary. Regular aud syternal ic exercise is required, varying, however, ae- coiding to seasons and circumstances. Pupii- from abroad are required to board al the Sem- inary, and will attend such places of worship as their parents or guardians may prefer. Ev­ ery pupil is required to furnish hers, [f with such books and Stationary as the Principal may deem necessary. Boarders are required to urnis.h themselves with necessary towels,n mu<*- and spoon, and have each article of clolhin° marked with their name. ° Terms .—Pupils are furnished with board, wash- ing, fuel and lights, (perterm) for $35 00 Tuition in the Primary Department, 2 50 and $ 3 “ “ Junior, 5 00 ** “ Senior, 7 50 “ in Latin and Greek, 3 00 each ‘ ‘ French, 4 (jo '• Drawing & P a inting, 4 CO each Music & use of Piano, 12 00 BIFPupils from abroad are required to 48 $20 per term, in advance. G ^ o t i g e T x o A LL persons indebted to tho Subscriber, are hereby notified, that payment must be made immediately,as his recent misfortune by fire rc n- ders it absolutely necessary. And he would also take this occasion to inform the public generally that he has taken the build­ ing on State-street, two doors from Genesee-st., where be will be ready to offer them au entire fresh stock of G R O C E R I E S & P irO V l'S I O X S , (on the opening of canal navigation,) on as r e a ­ sonable terms as any other establishmentin (own. JAM E S P. BENEDICT. Auburn, March lfi, 1837.—45tf T R A N S P O R T E D F R O M NJ3TY-YOU K By Land I ! N ORMAN BENNET’T, has just received al his Cheap Stoio, No. 8, Exchange Build­ ings, a new and desirable assortment of S F E I K G G O O B S . The newest styles ol printed muslins, figured Silks and plain do., new patterns of French worked Capes and Collars—Crape and Silk fancy dress shawls, Ginghams, &c. &c., together with a large stock of black, and blue black India an i Italian Sewing Silk—all for sale at unusually low prices. N. B. A few doz. of an entirely new style of Ladies’ Hose, just received. March 29, 1837„—4Gtf i l T i m A T g ! K e y e s & s m ith , havejust received from New York, the latest Spring Fashions for Flats. One door west of R. M uir. Auburn, March 25, 1835.—44 T H E C A Y U G A C O U N T Y j& XUTUAZ,. I R r S U R A 2 ? q S €|€>. T HIS Company being now duly organized, is prepared to receive applications tor . m s m t A & C E , and to issue policies thereon. . , When the principles governing such compan­ ies become more generally known,it is»confi~ deutly believed that tbej will meet, as tbey most assuredly merit, very general patronage. Any pe-ron being desirous of insuring in this Company, wili be required to pay one dollar and fifty cents for survey and policy ; fflso, five j per cent upon the premium, in cash, lo (‘rente a contingent fund to pay expenses. Sic. ; and give a note for the residue of the premium,wliich will be retained by the company to meet lo-fes, in case the contingent fund shall become ex­ hausted. - • . »■ ’ Each Director is authorized lo receive appli­ cations for insurance, and peisons desirous <»f ob­ taining information upon tlie subject, are requeu­ ed to apply to either of the following Direct-, ors, to wit: Jonathan Richmond, Eleazer B u r s - h«,m, Seneca Wood, Edwin B. Moigan, Ben­ jamin Gould or David Wright, of Auiorti ;— Gaidner Chidesler, of Lavanua John. Mo­ sher of Springport ; Dennison. Robinpun ’of Poit Bvr<>n ; Seneca B> Dennis, or Charles D - Fitch of Scipio; Aitrnias Cady of M iinvia:; or Luman Sherwood of Genoa, or to Jo h n £ W i l l i a m s , Esq. who has been duly- elected Ths General Agent, for the said company, . ■. DAVID W R I G H T . Secret-iry. Dated at Aurora, Juno 6, l837.-49tf O F the B E S T , P A T T E R N S , for sale at the Lowest PriceS 4 at the S t a t o S t Y e e t Y u r n a c e * a few rods South of the PRJSON. Auburn, April 26, 1837.— 4 9 tf ______________ _ ■*7(7T'NDOW GLASS and Sash, of all sizes, \ for w l e h e WSON fc M lLLtG A X ’3. 3, Exchange Buildings. T H E LEVANNA S T E A M F L O U R I N G M I L L C O M P A N Y A R E induced, from Ihe various reports of their inability to do justice to Customers. to inform ll,*ir friends and the public generally that they are prepaied to do F L O T T B I D G s in the best possible manner, aud with despatch. As the mill has now been completed by . a.me­ chanic of great experience, and will be con ducted by a Mi 1 . 1 /RR of uuquestionjuble ability & experience, they are confident ofgiving entire satisfaction to all who may favor them with custom. .They feel confident lhat those who call to view ihe establishment will not be disappointed In the above statements N. B. Until further notice, it is intended togrind threedaya in each week for customers —on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. AN D R E W COCK, President, JO H N ANSEI.L, Secretary. Levanna, J a n .'18, 1837.—37tf.' (i u i i c - N E W E S T A B L I S H M E N T . JT, & €1* © L J i U P P , ARR1A E AND SLE I G I l M a K E R J Dill- .eet, Auburn, keepon hand, or will make to der on the shortest notice, all kinds of Carri» 3 and Sleigh?, which for elegance of wor',- --.anship, and durability of material?, can not be surpassed by any establishment in the country. They have now un hand aDd art fin­ ishing the best'assortment of Sleighs ever offered in this place, of the newest Pattern? and mosl approved kinds, which Ihey offer low for cash or approved credit. N. B. All kinds of work carefully repaiied, J. & G. CLAf’P. Auburn, Cct. 17,1834. _____________ REM OVAL. B A I i X i . D E N T I S T , for the b e t t e r ac- s. commodalion of his patients, has re ­ moved. to the. House formerly occupied hy E. Hoskins,. Esq. on W ILLIA M - KTREET,se nearly opposite the American Hotel, . w her he wiil be happy to wait on all who need hi services. ■tpri1 1st, 1 8 3 5 . __________________ 4otf. and- 0T C U O C K E R Y . cr f l A LA R G E Assortment of Crockeiy Glass W a re,fur sale by H . P O L H E M U S 8c £G£?, at No. 6 , Merchants Row. N. B. A few Setts of splendid China, jusl o- peued. Auburn, May 10. 1837. _____ Just received, and for sale a large ec r u n s t q i u s . A T. C A R P E N T E R , would * inform bis friend and lhe public, that he continues his busi­ ness in the Halting line, at the well known stand of Carpenter k Bodley, opposite the Western Exchange where he offers for sale a complete assortment ofllals of the latest Fashion. N. B. assortment of B U F F M O R . 0 B S I S , Gentlemens Fur and Cloth Can® Gloves, ( o l- ars. Si c.. Also Ladies’ Capes an Boas. Auburn, Oct. 12,1336.-22 WAN TED—An apprentice to the Hatting business, from 16 to 17 years of age. Apply t o A. T. CA R P E N T E R , opposite the E x ­ change, Genesee street Auburn. d V I F R M A N SIL V J E R . —Table Spoons, T e a Spoons, Ladles, Forks and Butter Knivc*s of German Silver, of style and finish which wi.l compare with silver ware, and ?aid to be more durable, and to wear nearly as handsome, cost only about one-third a much s si cr. Ju.-t received, and for sale by JNO. H. CH E D E L L & CO. Opposite the Exchange Auburn, March 4. 1837.—441 f ^ P l o u g h s 2 1 r a n H E Subscribers are JS. making, and always have oq hand, tbe most ap.proVed kind of ploughs used in the country, mnde of Jhe best materials nnd workmanship, «£ their Furnace in Mechanic street, opposite Leonard and W a rden’s Stone Mill. - W ARDEN, BURQESS & CO. Auburn. April T9, 1837.-4ptf F R E N C H B U R R M A N U F A C T O R Y , A U B U R JV, JV. Y. ^ l ^ F I E Undersigned is extensively engaged in manufacturing F R E N C H BU R R i\*ILL S 1 ON E a, and as no other than Selected H o c k s are used in llie uiaiuilnutui e of hi ill Sloneg at this Factory, he respectfully solicits tho attention of Tvlflers and Mill-Wrights to an esamiunfioq of the quality of SiLock r-nd Workmanship. I liave now on hand 3 8 0 S B U S R ' - ; s h o c k s ; selected with the greatest cart by »,y Foreman, and L confidently recommend them to* gentlemen engaged in building mills, tu make' the be.-t possible quality of Mill Stones, and such as are wanted to make first-rate work. A I! persons in- teiesled will be furuicbed to order with any size Stone they may require for gthiding eithes W h e a t or Corn, and the Stones will in all case be made as they should be made, and warranted hr si quality. 1 have also on hand tlie following Alill Fix- tmes, vvhich are offered at wholesale and etali 2500 Yards New Anker Dutch BOLTINS ©LOTH, for Grist or Flouring Mills, much heavier, a i , ' more square in mesh than any other Cloths in market. The style oi Cloth is entirely f.e.- from furze, which rentiers so many Bolls Useless 200 Polished Damselles, 20 C Lighter Bcrcw- Hoisting Screws, Wheat, Cock Ip, Chess am! Shorts Wire-Cloth, Miii Spindles, Bales and Drivers. IO” T h e Subscriber’s knowledge ofthe Millire Business generally, enables him to furnish f»u most approved numbers of Bolting Cloths, . r the various purposes to which Millers i/iuy wi h to apply them, either fe* G R I S 1 I N G , Fiom,,.? or Dusting Reel®, and ull Clot its sold hy me wi i be warranted lo be the real Uffldi fabric, und ,f not entirely satisfactory, purchasers wiil he allow - edto 1 eturnthem. N. B. Personsoidering M ill Stones. can ha ve them (need-down, holt holes cut, nod hole? sunk in the eye oi the* Stone for bah- and driver, am.\ furrowed as the purchaser may direct, for (he. loir price ol Twenty Dollars. A. D. L E O N A R D . Auburn, Dec. i?35. S T E M I E J V G L Y E S o A W A L I i C O T & C O . Auburn, N. Y e arc extensively engaged in the u.tinulac- “ s t e a m b n g t o e s , For Railroads, Boats, Saw mills, Grist mills. Bark mills, Furnaces, Clothing W o rks. L<\ fcc o f t h e latest improvements, suid vvarrenkd ot tho best materials ami superior workmanship. Also all kinds of MACHINERY UBkd in the manufacture of Cotton and Woo), Bank Doors and Locks; Doors, Grates & Locks .for J a ils and Rri'on. Ilim and Mortice Locks, (a superior urticlo,) with .brass, plated nnd glass knobs: Copper Tea Kellies and Boilers, Stove Balls, and other Stove Trimming?; Eliptic Spiings, made of the best English and American Steel, and warranted. O * Those wishing to purchase Steam Engines and Machinery wijl find it to tiieir inteiesl lo apply. - Merchants nan be supplied with Locks, Cop­ per Ware, Stove Trim ming', Eliptic springs, &o. al the lowest wholesale prices. All applications for work, -either made to 11 ?, or left a t the Hardware Store of Hyjje, VV/.T- noixs & Co. will meet tvilh prompt attention. Aubnrn, January ], 1835. 1 T H E EXCHANGE C O F F E E ROOMS, No. I. E xciiangk B uildings , S now open (or the reception of company where may be found at all hours o f t h e day and evening refreshments of every kind the s e a ­ son will affoid. Having a commodious room on the basemen floor, pijvate Dinner and Supper parties cau be accommodated al short notice. Families can be supplied with all kinds 0 Cake, Pastry, Jcllits, Ice Cream, Pickled Oys ters,arid other delicacie- on moderate teim?. Boarding without lodging, will be furnished on as low terms a# at any other e-luMishmen t 'the proprielor? hope by strict ^tlenrion lotlm comfort o f then friends to merit a sitar of their patronage. Auburn. J a n . 20th, 1836 Doctor 0 ad w ell H AS removed lOi the first ho»i-e on 8ouf!i streei. opposite the2u Church. 0*1 f not in his office, please < all at his bouse. Auburn, April 5. 1337.— 47tf READ TH E S E t e s t i m o n i a l s \||N favor of Miskin’s PiiIsTrom W m. Craw- JHL shay , Esq., the gfeal Iron Master-* who has ip his employ upw a r il;of {LOO met). Cyfarlhfa Iron Works, April J,I83G ; d e a r s i r While on a.visitsooieti ne ago at Alderman Thompson’s I had the honor of meeting our m u ­ tual friend, Sir Astley Cooper, and the uf.er dinner conveisation one day, turned upon the necessity ofadopting some course for tho better p eservation of the health of the numerou- individuals employed in my works and other extensive maufactorie;. Sir 4stley vfryjusfly remarked, that the opa.. thy evinced by working men iu general to ap ­ ply for medical a.sistanee was most uriaccouuta- ble. though gratuitously administered to them, and as a remedy, he suggested that much gr»f d. might be done by furnishing the heads of fami­ lies with a prepared medicine, (so that the/ migh at all times have i t .011 hand,) and \ ~a strongly recommended your Pills, frcxn LL knowledge of their composition, and great tue- fulntssasa geneial medicine. On my return home, I consulted D r . R u ^ e l t , the superintending Physician o f my establish- i'.ent, on. the suljeet; who entirely coincided with me on the advantages likefy to be derived fiom such acouire. I therefore requested I ::t. to apply to you fora quantity, which j o u pron pt- |y forwarded, with the prescription, for which 1 hog you to accept r y thanks, and I now ice* great pleasure in informing you that R e experi­ ment has exceeded our most sanguine expecta­ tions, io improving the general health ot r y men; on great numbers ip eveiy department, the good effects of the medicine. Dr. Russell i n ­ forms me, has been highly satisfactory, particu­ larly among those qmptpyed \n mining, and on the Smelling and Puddling Furcates, so well known as destructive to the human constitution, I amglad to hear mv neighbois of the Penydar- rap, Dovlsri?, and Plymouth,works, are by my i-ec.omoiendation, using the medieine with the ame success. . . . I cannot tax your liberality by allowing Dr. Russel! to avail himself of your prescription for my benefit, it would be an aet of injustice, you wilf therefore please forward £50 0 worth, for which I enclose an order on my bankers. 1 am Sir, Your Obedient Servant. WILLIAM CRAW SHAY. To Wm. Mishin, Esq. London. N. B- Miskin’s PilL are kept for sale by T M. H U N T , Druggist. Auburn. 3 1 n

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