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Auburn journal and advertiser. (Auburn, Cayuga Co., N.Y.) 1834-1848, June 14, 1837, Image 1

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VOL. V. P u b lish e d b y O l i p h a n t S k i n n e r . W HEREAS Andrew Joline, late of the town o f Auburn, in the county of Cayuga, exeCated to Calvin U. Hamilton, and Palmer H«dey> a certain mortgage, dated ihe first day 0f December, One Thousand Eight Hundred a n l Thirty-five, on all that c e rtain village lot which is described in said mortgage, as follows: lhat certain piece or parcel of land situate, in the town o f Auburn, in the couuty of Cay usra, anl hounded as follow s :— Beginning on the south fine of Franklin Street, at the northwest corner o f th«> 1 »t heretofore sold by said Haia- ,!toit & Holley to Tsiac Johnson, thence south­ erly along the west line of said Johnson’s lot u land formerly owned hy John Demaree, and nowotvned by Allen Warden, thence westerly alo-i*- the north line of?a'd Warden’s land to the \outh west corner ofland heretofore sold byRus sel Rich, to said Hamilton & Holley, thence northerly along the west line of the land so sold by s i i l Rich to said Hamilton to Holley and the cast line ofsaul Warden’s land, used and occupi­ e d ^ a Une to the south line of-uiid Franklin st., hence easterly a'ong the ?o»rIi line ofsaid street o the pi me ofbegmning ; which said mortgage s recorded in the Clerk’s OTtc' of Cayuga conn. ,uk V of m .rtgages on onges 4o9, Szc..; diich (here is claimed to he due the -11 n eighty-one cen s y, in hoc and up >n winch nf six hiiodt-e.l and fiftv-nin** dollars. Default having been made in tlie p ivinmit of the said money, notice is hereby give i, that the said mortgaged premis­ es wilt \be 'soVt au public auction, at the Wes­ tern Exchange, in tub urn, on the 8 th day ol July next, atten o’clock in thefoienoon. Date 1 J a n u a ry 3d, 1337.—3 1 o W s v r v u. h u t h / t o n , PAL I E ll HOLLEY-. Tt ATWB tT!Y fe G u ’tl), A norm'll!! 3 , G . S c C o . , M XCHINISTS, have removed to the Netfc Building west ofthe Stone Mill, Genesee Street,Auburn, where they will do work o f ev­ ery description in the Machine line : 3 5 1 1 1 * 1 1 W B D I B R Y , ofall kinds, Spindles, Hoisting a. d Lighter Screws, Engine, Gear and common L a t h e s , o vario'-skinds.now on hand. Ai! kinds ol work for Car­ riage Makers, done in the be~t manner. Tenanting Tools for Spokes or t-hsiir Rounds,ofthe first quality. C u t t i n g E ngines , Circu­ lar S w Shafts, P umps ,— Patent Balances, Smews, threads, Paint Mills, Patent Saw Sets, Sorew-plates, Taps and Die-* ; And in short, any article needed in the Machine Line, can he had at this shop, as good as the best—and by examining, you will see that we sell lower than any other Shop in the western country. Tvvooi three Apprentices wanted immediate- y at the above buHocss Auburn., Dec. 2 1 , 1836.—321 f. AUBURN, (CAYUGA COUNTY, N . ^ ^ V / e d n e s B A Y ~ J U NE 14. 1837. m NO. 5. fonwaanimTSTCTr^-.yr >f all -sizes and LYONS STO NE W ARE. A large .assortment of Stone.Ware of a superior quality. Adso Just received, Albany and T r o y NAIL , a very s u p e rior article— A G E N C Y F O B T H E A L B I O N , & c . I VISON & PERRY, have been appointed Agents for The Albion : or British, Colonial and Foreign WVekly Gazette, published every w e e k in New York, at S& Pec annum. AI«o, The Emigrant to Old Countryman : a m and F I F I T BOXES Cylender G a - 1 Journal of the News of England, Ireland, Scot- — J i . _ 3 i ■» i . . . I - L l * _ ! __ n T f n M . , 1 * H v land and Wales, published every « eek in New York, at $3 per annum. No. 9 Exchange Buildings. len and Lake Gu yss, at No. 6 Merchants Row. H- PO L H E M U S & SON. Auburn, May 17, 1337. F R E S H G R O C E R I E 8 4 C H O I C E assortment ol G-->- ceries, just received at No. ^ - ^ 6 . M e rchants R o t ' , H. PO L H E M U S & SON. A u b u r n , May 17, 1837. W IK l t o VS Jonathan Ewing, o fthe Vill­ age if W je.lsp >rt. in the County ofCay ugi, J .T oil t h i 21 ?t day of Jn n m r y , in the ye ir ofo II L >rd O ie Taon-.uid Eight Hundred ani fhirty Five, by a ceriain Indenture of Mortgage, f>r - “curing the payment of tlie s'i n ofthree hundred and fifty doliai-, grant, bar- gaio ail I -ell onto John Sm ague, ‘ All that tract or pircel of Iiii l situate in the Townol fPut'is, anl vi lage of Veed-port being a part of L >t N )• 6-7. in Sai l town i,l Brutus, and bounded as follows : Beginning at a slake standing iri tbe we-t bank ofthe canal 66 links northerly from tho north Po-t of the B odge, fumf'dv acn-s lhe canal opposite Close’s tav­ ern, fn >w L'crh'tne’-) runningfiom thence along sii-l canal bank, north twenty seven degrers e.i-t one chain to a stake—thence noith sixty- three degrees west one chain and twenty five links io a s'a Ice—thence south twenty seven degrees west one chain to a stake—ihence easterly one chain and twenty-five links to the place of beginning. Which .-aid mmtgagt- wa? reeor led iu the office ol the C er < ot Lav uga oi'inty, on the twenty-eighth day of \ p r i l, One fh >us ui'l Eight Hundt ed an I i’hidy-five. in (link U, of in >rtgages, on pages 2>S. Szc.. at haif-uast eleven o’e.ock, A. \ I . Up >n said m >rtguge there is this day claimed to be -hi', 855, 92. Notice is tuerefor . hereby given, tint by v i n u ' o f power of sale contained in sail mo-tgage, the -ail mortgage! premises with the appiirteuan c.es, will be sold at public iiudi in, al the Inn now kept by ‘■'tunnel Elenry, intlie village o 'W e e Isjiort, in the c.ouolv alorc- saiil, oi the 10th lay of August next, at two o’cloe.c, p. M Date I Feb. i ’ I8.>7.—41 m 6 . JOHN S P l l \ uUE. P uyple & Cop.xivKi.r,, Att’ys. MUSEUM. T H E n e w M USEUM .in Lhedell’s Building? directly opp .site tbe Western Exchange Gent-ee .Street. A u b u r n , is now open forthe reception of visitor?. * Tne proprietors have incurred great expense in procuring rare and interesting specimens with n view to making the establishment per- nianen1, and a public ornament to our village nc’uded in there Curiosities, is a very rare c o l­ ection of B I R D S , (\about 500 in numrhes,) which cost over $4,000 Thi-Collection was exhibited a t t h e Am-ric«n Mmseurn, in New York, for a few days foe early pai t of this season, and acknowledged by Nat­ uralists -.n 1 other good judges, to entirely sur­ pass -ai V collection ever beforo exhibited in Mi (J. States. A- they are expecting constant ad ditions to llieir collection lor so up months to come, they wild n<>! at p-cscnt attempt I n eniltll- rrite . They intend to make the Museum such a- ?'■ il! merit a liberal patron ;ge. v DUF* Admi-sion 25 nan1?. c h iidren halfprice.— Door- open ar 7 o’clock. JOH N H C H E D E L L . ) Fropri. ____________ A. Sz J. BOSTVYU’-K. \ etors. ~ U r n p i b o I s s P a p e r h a n g i n g - , b o r d e r s , fen. iv i - on fe T e r r y , have this (lay added to their Stick of BOOKS & ST A T I O N A R Y , a large and well -elected assortment of PAPER HANGINGS. F I R E BO A R D P R I N T S , W L Y D O W C A P E R S A ,Y D B O R D E R S , of tho late-t jaltems and of the most recent imp -rt Uion-. Our price? will make it an nvject for all who \ i-h io furnish them-mvc- w t h the above article to call a' No. 9. Exchange Bo 1 lings. May 1 Hh. ISTfi W HERE AS on the thu Penth dav of De- eemb -r. one tho j-and eight bundled & thirty three, Wdiiam 11. Mills,duly mo tgeged to Samuel Suervvood all that part oflot num­ ber twenty in the township ot Brutus, now Cato, iri the county of Cayuga, bounded as fol­ lows : —Being one hun Ire 1 acres lying in the li >:th an I east corner ofsaid lot and bounded on the north-east bv the north ami east lines of i.'- lot. on tho south by f-uvl of Amos Cowet. '■a he -aid lot, and on the west hy the east line of land -m -ai l lot conveyed hv said Sherwood to Lane Dratt an l James Stnrge, respeetive- y; which mortgage wa- recorded in the Clerk's o'fite of -aid county. in Book S of mortgages on page? 412, Sir.., the thirty-first day of De- cemh.-r, 183 i, at eleven o'clock. A. M. And witere.as gait] mortgage in- !)»?> n duly assign­ ed t> the subscriber, ‘and uefault has been mule in the payment of seven hundred and thirtv-lhree dolkus and two cents now due hereon. Therefore iu pursuance of law, and by virtue ofthe power contained in sai 1 mort­ gage, said premise? will be sol 1 at public auction at the Western Exchange, in Aubuin, on the filth day of October next, at ten o’­ clock in the forenoon, NELSON BEARDSLEY. Dated April L9th. 1837.-49 \24 K E YES & QUICK, M E R C H A N T T A I L O R S , A U B U R N H AVE just received- a large and splendid assortment of fashinahle F A L L i K K W I N T E R G O O J S S , Consisting in part of black . b lue, violet, d rab, olive brown, raven, Spanish Fly, invisible and forest green Broad Cloths; also, black Mow- hair coating, a new at t i d e for Over Coats— black German Goats hair camlets, black, drab blue, check and striped Cassimeres. A large assortment ol A'est ing-, viz : Plain black, ami fancy figurod velvet, plain and fig- ured linen back 8 ntiin, English quillings, wool­ len and brocade velvets, plaid Merino and v.d ericia Btocks wholesale or retail ; Linen Bo­ soms an! collar-, o f t h e newest patterns ; Lin­ en and muslin shirts, susprrders, buck and horse skin C o v e s , Cravat sti/fners, leather and elastic pantaloon strap?. Cotton, Merino nnd silk Under Shirts, brown and ’bleached notion and Merino Drawe.ts, Trimmings of e- very description, arid of the best quality, but­ tons of a new pattern. H 3 3 A 3 B I T S E A S 3 G X . O T E I Z 7 & , Of which me blue Pilot cloth SiKto'i, KArsey Pea coat-, white and blue Blanke. oui?. Frock and dic-s coal-, l)i uidearid sing' \ was­ ted and rolling collar Vests ar»d beavcrteen pantab or,-. At (Ilis P?fal)lislunont garment- of eve'y description fitted, trimmed and made in su- perioiir style. Tlie above cheape-t. K E Y E S & Q U I C K are Agents for Scott and Perkins, successors to A. F . Snguez’s Spring and Fall fadiions, Srjuntesand Scales, Tape measures. Advertising Cards, and Ibeir New -elf-varying system for chatting Coats entirely by measurement. The F t l l a n d W m ier Fshioiis for If',36—'7 have been recei ved . ar-d tlio-e who want will p'ea-- ca 11 -ooiv and / e t t hern. A u l 'u n i . Nn-'iilii-i' 1 -f, l'b’o. o- C’a-sirnere, o.,| d Goods will be sold cheap as >* ). i. EXCr 1 .\ N i . E --Lll i.DI (R-t. c !> tr\'\iN ;,fe co . m y.it a l l a . x t T A D . o n s . ire >ii v '’creivinir a CA •u|{»n !i 1 ?i t*. a. p.* S.i, 3 which wi'l be ma 1 “ uplo uuler on short notice and al |uice.? which camait fail to induce cash cus'oniers Oct. 12, 1 836 —f. t E M P O R I U M O F F A S H I O N . S L H A N C J X & e : 0 B I N S 0 7 ^ 3 ff~^R \PE it c j fe T A I L O R 4, Genesee slreet, fccJ' \uhnrn, N. Y.. would re-pecfuliv an­ nounce lo their Inrtids and tlie public, llu.l arge ami | thf-v con'i'iue the abuvo'mmilioned c-irhli.-h- men! on tbe most moderate and approve I plan rorit titling an ■'•olirelv new, supci ior. and mo-i eleganta-soitmrnt ot the very best and choicest Good-,cone-ponding i(t all tim e - w it h the sea so.ns, and con-istins: of the vf rv \%/M\' iv - 1 . fi-l a i 1 w e t r dr>* s :s--5() pieces ofricu figure I a f l pl.un 3||,{-, entirely new ; rich Satin-au ! C oily.-' for evening dresses. Splen­ did sh'iwi-- anl scarf-, all lire new styles— Fiench a-.d -ic itcli cu;>o- -md coBar.-, worked oc 8 wiss mu-I n and Linen ca n brick. * / T t i v e i . \ tj-w.e nod (Moves, toe. in abund­ ance,now ’m-nimr at ih • Fancy 6 ‘tore of MUR FEY to W OODRUFF. d - r . 4. ipfpR rSliCj c j l E G A N i' for ladies’ E i l i ' I O I t <»2 for its an l Ib'inl- on Ceriiorari t’ocr with mo-t ..iber kinds ol blank?, -a! p ii y O I J l ’ 1! V Y 1’ toSKl.NNEil. ’ CS! r?>r S S T O X i © T I - i S , TT ?7/-T tt - ra -plendid a.-soitmeu' ol Black l a\ lia, VitA let, Spanish Fly, Invisible and Bottle’ Green, Blue, Black, Brown, Olive. Mulberry,| Light and Dark Drab, and Mix’d C’lotbs also , 1 Ribbed Buckskin, and a v ariety o f o t h r r fashion-* able. Gassimeres, s.iltinelis. toe ; well worthy the attention oi those wi-hmg to b u y handsome faih- 1 innah/e and Cheap ( ’ 1>! • h-. -Just received, and for sale at the Green Cash .Sftore.ov i 0 , B 6 - J- ?• B \ R I LE 1 T to Co. \! Camlet?, Ve-ting.-, Pantaloon stuffs, of every desci iption, =t< c.ks, Shirts, Shin Bosoms, Col- lais, Hamlkeiohiefs, Gloves and Hose, and in the greate-t variety, exhibiting at the same time tlip mo -1 fa-biomahle colors and patients- Sohanek to Robin-or'^, beg leave to add’, that they fit and make, to order, according to tbe very l.-i!fst 'a.shioo-of the dav, every descrip- lion of clothing, and at the shortest notice.— T h e 'r h tends nnd the public are therefore re- spec.tfully s'llieit.ed to confinue their kind aad libera! pal: image ' oward them. N. B. Cutting done ntall limes, on the short­ est m> i'-e,;.r\d iti the t.e?v rn inner. ?c!iaru k -to Rohinmm are Agents lorThoV P. Wi'.liams to Co’- Tailors iMhgazine, and Q u a , t'-rly jL view of'Fa«hions. Auburn. November 8 . 1338. CLO T H STORIi. received bymy Mnrleyu Sz Woodruff,ooururt. mentoflow of K >!ell' i Ul - uricy « w a tmentoflo w priced,medium. and. fire qmditif. Bla-K, Blue., Rm w n v Violet, Dalilia, Ade­ laide, Mulberry, Boltle and Invisible Green. A T a t'ourt of Chancery held for the State of New-York, at the town of Auburn, on he fourth day of May, one thousand eight h u n ­ dred and tlirty-seven, P R E S E N T : Daniel Moseley, Vice Chancellor of the Seventh Circuit. Robert Cook, \j vs. | Wooster Yale,Cornelius Lan- | sing, the President, Direct- j>- A. G oold , orsaodf nmpany of lhe f’roy | Solicitor. City Bank, Henry Payson, i and Horace Ladd. J S T ap.-earing oy a.lid ivit m t h e satisfaction ofth-s Court, that the defendants^ Wooster Yale, and (’ornelius Lansing reside out of this State, and within the United States, on motion of ! Nlr. A. Gould of counsel for the complainant, itis ordered (hat Ihe said Wooster Yale, and j Cornelia- Lan-ing, cause their appparance to j be entered, and notice thereof to be served on j lhe complainant’s Soliciter. within four months from the date of this order, and in case of their appearance, that they cause their answer to the complainant’s bill to he filed, and a copy thereof to he served on the complainant’s so­ licitor within forty da vs after service of a copy ofsaid bill— ind in default thereof said bill of complainant may be taken as confessed. And it is further ordered^ that within twenty days, the said complainant cause this order to be published in the State paper, and in th« Au­ burn Journal and/Advertiser ; and that the said publication be conti med in each of-aid papers a* lea?t oace in each week for eight weeks in sucr-e—ion, or lhat he cause a copy of this or­ der to he personally served on said defendants »t least twenty days before the time above pre­ scribed lor their appearance. Copy.^J 2w6 3. A. GOODW IN, Clerk. O O U B S T S R ’S TSN llE Suh-er b-w h- reby give- im'ico, that hi _M_ devotes hi- t ii n c t o l 'ie husi ie-? i,l collect ing nolo-, book aecounls, toe. and. to the man age.neiit ol all kinds o|ea-e- before Justice the Peace in any part of the <•< unty. and h ieels a confidence in heb. ving that hi? ex- j peiiene.e in former years, a? well a? recently, he , will be able to give sati-laction to all who liiiv ' favor him with a call, at Worden to Clark’s of-i fice, 2d do>>r west ol Aubuin B e k . ! fl. C. W I T H E R I L L . ! Anburn. J n n a s r v ! 8 . 1' 37.-46-> 6 1. J), < a--mv I Plaid-, to\. wo.tfi i 2 fine-' -l<a|i an l . OetnbmMrd, 1936. nniUi Br\a l 4 loths. ihe new style-, Ril hm!,. n and 4. - oi ail 1 pi \Of Mela vif I Hard Dved Black ,'f-r yard, which they warrant Lie that can he produced in town. Call I.vnx and muffs, now' of; TTJIUMS. — Gem t, Gray Sqti.rrel, ie i S Oca !a Fox Capes collar- and ecfived by M U R F E Y to W OODRUFF. Oct. 3. 1836. i i N A C T O B r s . SJ hand, at his-hop? on North street (opposite the New Market, and the Methodist Church,) a very extensive lot of M A R B L E 3 5 J Y 1 7 , n p O T 0 ' 3 i U 3 0 G C . A S W 3 F . S - ! ] - J . Pollicmu- to •'on, have j'l t received n frc-h supply of lhat very de-irable article. 7L f . Miller’s Fine Cut chewing Tobacco, to smoking dit'o. Genib-men don’t forget tha* tlie above is to be found i t No. 6 , Merchants Row. / ' /, S U G A R , AJYD M O L A S S E S . F<?NHB above named articles, u h b h almost -K. a'l persuii- wish to purchase, [particularly good Young Hyson Tea.] mav be found cheap, at B A R T L E T T & Go’s. Sept. 21 -t, in.dG.- 19. T ' M M B M , T S M , 1 1 IEAP YOUNG H Y ^ O N o l'an exer-Ilenl E q u a l i t y . A.soOLD HYSON, IM PERI Al, IlYSON SKIN ond B L a CK T E \ S at May 10,1336. J. S. B A R T L E T T to CO. COATS—FR O C K GOATS, OVER r° r t o » b s t o s m . ™ M ^ Z ? ^ X C » u 7 F l Y U r o o n t o I rule as can be bought fCVF ■.'» r S. Fr-noh',„d Eng- be sold at as cheat west o f \lb a n y . - Aubm n. August 24. 1836. CO \ T 3 , CLOAK3’, PA N T S 5 0 0 v e s t s &c. &c. &c. The above clothing “ is now being made,” and comprises a greater variety than Was ever before off-red in A u b u r n . T h e prices, not­ withstanding the high pressure tmjps, are 03“Eery Loio, and the public will find it much to their advantage to call, examine, and pur­ chase of S c. DUNNING to Co., Tailors and Drapers, No. 4. Exchange Buildings, A u b u r n . January 2o, 1837 37 REGIM E NTAL ORDERS Auburn. May 30. 1837. I N pursuance of the power vested in me. by chap. 10 ofthe first par* oftbe Revised Sta­ tutes of this State, I, ?atterlee Warden, Colonel and Commanding Officer of (he 158 regiment of Infantry of the Militia or the Stale of New York, do-hereby appoin* a Regime ital Court Martial, forthe tT»al of ail delinquents aud deficiencies in the said Regiment, to consist o f (bree memhers, \viz Major 1. V. Hunter as Piesident thereof. Captain A. A. Sabin and Captain John Branch, as member?. The said C o u r t will convene on the 25th day of September next, at the house of J o e i . P a r - m e l e e ^ tbe town of Aaburn,and adjourn from lime to time as sh .11 become neces-ary for the transaction of business S. W A R D E N . Colonel FTRE IN S U R A N C E . W M. F O G \ TEis A g p k t for t h e 1 N o r t h A m e r i c a s F i r e I n s u r a n c e Company, of the City ol New-York, and will attend to business at his Office, No. 9, Exchange Build- Auburn, Fe 1 4—39U. HE subscribers will pay the hig ies!price for bu'ter, cheese, hud. flannel, full cloths socks, stockings, dried apples, peaches, ann plumbs. i-h Merinos. jYoi\ 24. T Sept. 27. 1836. COOLEY Sz RA T H B UN. r i l W B N T Y F I R S T R A T E T A I L O R £ ESSES wanted, to whom constant employ ment will be given by S . C . D U J V m J V G 4 - C o . Tailors & Drapers, No. Elxchange Buildings Auburn. Aug. 24. 1836. F R E S H T E A S . ^ N H E A P young tea, of an excellent quality, v y a l s o , old Hyson, Imperial, Hyson Skin, & black Teas, three doors west of Horace Hills’ and for ssle by GOOLEY to RA T HBUN . April 26, 1837- 50 C r o w n \ W i n d o w G l a s s < C HE NEW EN GLaNL) CROW N GLASS CO VIFANY Bo-ton, have appointed 1. S. M ILLER o f t h i s Village, tbeir agent lbrsell ing their I V I M D O f V G L A S S . He will keep on hand all size® of said Window O’ ass at the Factory Prices, adding Transport a*i n only, July 5, 1836. -9tf I. S. M I L L E R . Agent. W anted. W A N T E D by the subscribers, a quan­ tity of B A R L E Y . O i T S , CORN & For which the h ighest price will be given and money paid: down. H . W A T S O N & SONS. A u b u r n . 21, 136 HE Subscribers heriby give not ice (o their friends and cusiomer-, that t h r y have a large qtianlilv of goods on hand, which were damaged by removal at the late fire, that they will sell at great bargains ; and perfect Goods, rt reduced prices. They would also remind those indebted to .hem, t h a t they are in Want ot money, and aU iprounts of over six monUis standing must be settled. Feb 1st, 1837.- ST E E L E to GROOT. -38 Parasols and Umbrellas. A splendid assortment of all the new styles, Just received by -May 18. M U R F E Y & W O O D R U F .' C I I A N D E L I E R L A M P S . —The subscri­ ber-, agents for tho Patentee and Manufac­ turer, keep on hand a supply of Lawrence’s pat­ ient Chandelier Lamp, b\th plain Britania and ornamented,together wiihlhq Globes, rorsale by the dozen, at the mauufic'iiTe.r’s price, adding ransportaticn Also at retail. These Lamps, have almost entirely superse­ ded in use the Liverpool arid olher suspending Lamps, and are believed to excel any other Lamps ever invented. They are well adapted to light Churches, Factories, Hotels, Siore?, and all places where a suspending Lamp is required. J N J . H. CHEDELL to JCO. Directly opposite the Westprn Exehangf, Gen­ esee S t r e e t , Auburn. March 15, 1837-44tf Canary Birds. F OR Sale, a few pair of Canary Birds, fine song-ters.) Also Bird Cages, at the New Museum, opposite the Exchange. ' Ma ro.h 22. 1837.— 4fltf P h A IVE A G E D 2TA XX*S, for sale cheap M J A quantity of natls damaged by fire s u it­ able for making Board {Fences, &c for sale at J. S. B A R T L E T T toCG’s. H E W C r O O D S . j^TF.VV GOODS,— Cooley to Rathbun hav- L l ing ttken lhe store three doors west of Horace Hills’ on the north side t f Genesee-st. are now receiving a very extensive assortment ol spring and summer Goods, among which are cloths, cassimers, s;,tineits, gad a great variety of \-ond- for gentlemen’s Summer W ear 5 Such as erapis. camblets, ljnen drilling, meri­ no cassimcr, too. algo rich silks, French and English print-, mu?qns, and cambrick, and m a ­ ny fashionable articles lor the season; all of which their friends ai>d customers a-re invited to call ami examine. April 26. l837.-50_ _____________ ___ ’ m e w g o o d s i m i T S f U W P R I C E S - R. B A R T L E T 1 ’ & Co. at their New a Store, No. 1 0, Exchange Building-, having lo.-t by fire, and s»!d since most of their ofi] stock, are enabled to offer to their old customers and the public, a very large and almost entirely new Stock ol Goods, purchased ar the late very redu­ ced prices, and selected with groat care, com- p:isin^ most of the new st}le Fancy, as well as staple Dr\ Good?, which they will offer cheap for cash, orappioved credit. Among their dry goods, are a great variety ol Quality and color.? of I j Y O & d C l o t l l S . Cassimers striped and plain, ) , , s » t t h . « B . 1 .“ .10 f 0 P; Figured and plu n Gro De Naplps, a splendid stock Blk. G 10 I)e Rhine, real Italian fe other Blk. Silks, French prints and printed muslins, vs rv rich. April 26. T© IsBY. A LA UGE and convenient dwell­ ing house, situate on Clark-street, near State-Slieet. Enquire of JNO. H. CHEDELL. April 25 1837.—50 T HE Notes and Accounts d u e t h e l a t e firm of HY DE fe LANSING, are left for (he present, at the btoie lately occupied by said firm, lor s, ttlement. where tho?e indebted are reqoes'ed to call and y>ake immediate payment. Unle .-?paid soon, they will be in the hand? of the subi-i-riber- inr collection, as the situation of the affairs of said firm render-- speedy payment indispensable. R VTHBUN to GOULD. Dated April 25, 1837.-50 7 Flour I \F . H. BE \ C H ’& line, and Super Fine • Flour, foi sale by ‘ OOLEY to dA T I I B U N . April 26, 1837 —50 JL P A H 1 For Hah. F'SNIIE Lot of Land known as the Lewi? B Tlmmas Farm, containing 80 acres, situated at Boult’s Corners in Scipio, the subscriber? offqr forsale at a great bargain. It is located in one ef tlie most pleasant parts of the county, near a church, stme, and Tavern. On (he Farm is a good House, Birn, Orcharding toe. It is well worthy the attention of any one wishing to j urchase. T h re T riim s of payment will be made easy. ICPFor Inri Ik r particulars, enquire ot fclocim Howland, at 8 li'*i wood’s Corners, or of the Subscriber iu Aul'uro. If not sold by the 15th of April, it will be rented. R. C. STEF.LE. Auburn. March 16, 1837 - 4 5 tf A NEW Pocket Dictionary. — At Ivison & T e r r y ’s may be found a very neat aud con- venie't Di''*i'.nary for \he pocket. Size, 48 mo. eompri-ing between 4 and 5000 of me words mn>t in use. Pi ice 2-6. 87 Ri/rrup. Porto Rico Sugar, Java and Rio Coffee. Just received at No. 10, Exebs.'^e Buildings J. S. B \ R T L E T T to C N a large N iW GOODS. ' ;>ening by M urfky fe W oodruff , a«sni tment, compri-ing all the new Ft\les o| Fashuinal le .Spring G..ods. pureh- a-fd a t t h e late retlcced prices. For sale cheap. Ap.il 25. 50 § p l i e S i d i i > P i i P i e B . H i L S f G I H G i . U . P . B O U E L E D A T , g NY’ITES hi-fiiends and t.,e public, to ex­ it amine his new -lock o f P a p i r H a n g in g s , B o r d e r s ,F irescreens, tyc. C n.-i-tmg of more than one bundled different pattrrn-, .uid sever il thousand piece?. His ronze, and Lithographic, papers, far ex- T H E CITIZEN’S COMPLAINT. Suggested by a piece entitled ‘‘T h e T i m e s ” inserted in the Patriot a few weeks since. ’ (Air “ O limes are werry ’ard indeed.”) 0 times are very much the worse I m sure they ne’er were wors-er; For all l e a r n is printer’s pay As I am now their verser, A month ago, I had a lot Of Dry Dock s tock-rag money; rhe loafers gave that Bank a The way it stopt wa’n’l funnv I 1 sold it all for ten per cent. : ’Twas thus I l o - f i h e dollar;) Alas! these times I cannot stand, __ They’re terrible to swollar. 0 dear ! what can I, shall I do ? What use i? there in doing? My debtors all have got no cash, Aral what’s the use of suing?’ The little s i l l e r that I had, I never held it faster, Till pay-day came-—I gave it all __ M y next pay”was a ’•‘plaster.” 1 went to buy some corn to-day, (T live on “.corn and 'talers,) It came to two and sixpence just, (I m one of vour close raters.) I give for change a piaster one; Alas! exclaimed the miller. Take all in corn, or none at all. For I have get no siller. I left it, for I’d none to spare, And yet I soon must spare i t ; For I am hungry a- a hear, And can no longer bear it. I’ll go to Michigan, and fleece,— Ye eraugran»s, I ’ll^eece ye; I li change my present shin-plasters - . Into the solid specie, Alas! the latter I have none; (These times hive near undone me ;) I ’ve lots of paper made from rags, But yet I have no money. Drp. . . _ T H E PR I N C E AND T H E JE W E L L E R . AN ANECDOTE RELATED BY M. P A S Q . U I E R TO PRINCE GAMBACERES. A jawpller of Paris one day saw a splendid equipage drive up tp his door, and a tall, important looking gentleman alight­ ed from it. He wanted a lady’s set of di­ amond ornaments, a complete wedding parttre. The price was iixed at two hun­ dred thousand francs. Several designs were shown to him. Fie made choice of one, and said he could grant but little time for executing the order, and insisted nn leaving with the jeweller a deposit of four thousand francs in billets de hanqne He al-o selected a ring, worth a hundred and twenty francs, and ordered it to be sent homo next day ; and five days after the whole set of diamonds were to be com p l e t e d . Accordingly, on the following day, a confidential messenger from the jeweller’s repaired to the Hotel 1>----------, in the Rue d.* la Paix, a id inquired for Prince Gaigarin. He was shown iulo an apart­ ment on the first story. Five or six lackeys were in the antechamber. The prince took the ring, p ticl for it, and gave a present of ten franc-s to the messenger, who joyfully returned home, and congra­ tulated his master on having so wealthy and liberal a customer. The jeweller, with the utmost punctua­ lity, carried home tbe diamonds on the day appointed. The prince was in his study, fitting before his cylindrical secretaire, which was open. The jeweller handed the casket to h m, and his highness mi­ nutely inspected (hejewels; suddenly one of the valets entered the room, and an­ nounced “ Prince Dolgorouki.” “ Ah ! my noble brother-in-law !” e x ­ claimed his highness. “ I do not wish all in shade, except where the bed stood. ! What was the surpiise of the jeweller i when he discovered, in the invalid M. ! T -------- MAT ST E A L IN G . PRESSURE OF THE TIMES. ! Mary MtLoughlan and Jenny O’Hoole the swindler who had some ! brought up for stealing a mat from the years previously defrauded him in the as- ;door of Mr. Johnson, Hestrr-streei, New sumed character of the Russian Prince; York. The Sun gives the following dia- Gargarin ! For a few moments be was ; logue, which we transcribe as an unvar- struck dumb with amazement. However, niched tale, depicting in grapic colois the he recovered himself, and deeming it pru- . extent to which the misery inflicted on the dent not to betray tbe discovery he had (country by a wicked government hag made, he displayed his rings ; several j reached :— were selected, and their price amounted to : Magistrate—You have both been hero about six thousand francs. ; several times before. I shall now have to “ It is a large sum of money f.>r a poor, , send you to tbe penitentiary for a n ontb. ruined man,” said M. T ---------- . “ I have j Mary— God bless you, and sind us fur not ready cash enough to set tie ihe whole !«ix monlhs, and that’s as long as you can. amount, and I shall feel obliged if you will take in payment this curious old Sbuff. box, which is of great value.” He asked fur his dressing-case, and opened it, took out an octagon-shaped snuff-box, ornamented with ten miniatures by Clinchsteil, set in gold and rubies. It was perfectly unique, and of inestimable value. The snuff-box which M. T ---------- presented to him was one which had been stolen from him a few days before the rob­ bery of his diamonds. The box was too remarkable to admit oP the possibility of mistake. Besides, it had a secret spring, by means of which all the miniatures could be taken out of their settings ; and on the reverses were painted simi’ar sub­ jects, but treated in the style of indelicacy peculiar to the age of Louis XV. This circumstance was important in proof of his claim to the posession of the box. When M. T — —— asked him to set a va­ lue on it, he said without hesita'ion — “ I consider it worth mure than fiftv thousand francs.” “ Fifty thousand francs !” exclaimed M. T 5 “ I thought it valuable, but this far exceeds my estimation of it.” “ Sir,” resumed the jeweller, “ I will not retract what I have said. I am an ex­ pert dealer, and to me it may possibly be worth far more than the sum I have fixed. I will make thi3 proposition to you ; you shall take the rings you have selected, arid you shall put the box under an envelope, stating it to be my property ; and, if it does not bring more than fifty thousand francs, yon shall have my rings for nothing.” M. T — was completely blinded by this deep-laid scheme. He was a good connossieur of o b j e c t s of v i r t u , and he was not a little gratified to find his box so rnm h overvalued, and to he enabled to obtain the rings without opening hia purse. The most exaggerated valuation of tlie snuff­ box would scarcely exceed seven or eight thousand francs. He sent for two o f his neighbours, one of whom was a notary, and the matter was arranged conformably wilh the jeweller’s proposition. This be­ ing done, the invalid said— “ Who will fix the price of the box V’ “ You, sir,” cooly repbed the jeweller. You are jesting !” “ I assure you, eir, I am quite serious. I would willingly lay a good wager that you will value the box at five hundred thou­ sand francs.” Mr. T ---------- directed at the two wit­ nesses a look which seemed to say—lhe man is mad ; but the jeweller added— “ You will value it at that price, I am certain you will. But first of all, I have to acquaint you with a circumslnnce con­ nected with this box, which will enable you to perceive its real value.” , . „ - . , . , . , . M. T - -------- , full o f curiosity and anx- him o see the piesent which I destine tor j iety, consented to hear the jeweller’s hi3 sistei, Request him to stay in the communication in private. Ti drawing room, and I will come to him immediately.” lie touched the ol.i rel any papers befor < offered in thi? market and equal any ever offered in N e w - Y o r k .—His stock ha? been pm chased at the lowest tales, ami merchants acquainted with the N. York market w i l allow that his papers generally, are sold in p a tterns for rooms considerably low- ei than the New York prices. Anburn. M ay tst, 18:j7 ,— 51 ? I A K O I 1 O U T S T U I T Z 0 2 T , J P. WIND, JProiessorof music, heg? leave • most respectfully to inform the citizens < f Auburn and it? vicinity, that he will give, lessons on (he Piano Forte and Organ. In his course of tuition, he will jn'roduce thorough ha?s. modulation, and a perfect knowledge of the above instruments. J . P. W. will introduce the newest and se­ lect the best music for his pupils. J. P. W. is in possession of testimonials which he will be happy to produce. For terms, references, &c. enquire of Messrs. Chedell & C- . ET Piano Foites anil Accordions, tuned anil repaired at the shor'est notice,\ and warranted to stand. Auburn. March. 22 . 1837-— 451 f c o m m u n i c a t i o n m ptivale. T h e two n e i g h b o u r s , t a k i n g the box with them , ad- jnurned to tho d r a w i n g room ; and M . *ak ‘e ’ cylin d e r , -p and the j e w e l l e r b e i n g left alorie, moved, atid (he secretaire closed. rI h« the l a t t e r said : __ diam o n d s w e r e in it; but on the tab l e , “ S i r , it is now about sixteen y’ears ago there lay an open box filled with le a t h e r ! s | n c e ( h a t snuff-box was stolen from r r e ; b a g s , and num e r o u s r o leaux o f louis wore ; a n d a sh n r t t i m e aftpff you vobbed m e of huddled together in confusion, l h e j e w - , fifty t h o u s a n d cro w n s ’ worth o f diam o n d s , eller had observed all this t r e a s u r e on his ; uncJer {he asslimecj r,a rne o f Prince G a r g a - first a r r i v a l ; but his attention was parti- r5n> j have now discovered you. M y cularly attracted by a large R u s s i a n l e a t h e r evidence is on record. You have d e c l a r e d portfolio, well lined witn billets de hanqne, jjip an u ff_brix 1 o be yours, aud I can prove the ed g e s of which were visible. having p u r c h a s e d it at a public sale. I H i s highness left the room , saying he know a secret which will place the tiuih of would return very shortly. T h e j e w e l l e r m y aSHe r tion beyond a doubt. N o w , sir, begged he w o u l d not hurry him s e lf je|] nie w h e t h e r you are inclined to defend A b o u t t w e n ty m i n u t e s elapsed, and a sort j y 0 U rsejf jn the crim inal suit which I intend o f v a g u e ap p r e h e n s i o n began to assail t h e , forthwith to institute against y o u . ” jew e l l e r . A t length the door opened. ; E v e r y word uttered by the jew e l l e r fell O h , here is his highness, th o u g h t h e . ' ] |ke a thunderbolt on the ears o f M B u t no, it w a s the m a s t e r of the hotel, who t _______ . O v e r w h e l m e d with the con- step p i n g up to the j e w e l l e r , £ s n i d — ■ s c iousr.ess of his guilt, his im a g ination “ A r e yo u w a i ti n g for any body, sir? ” ] p ictured all the horrors u f im p r is o n m e n t , “ I am w a t i n g for the return o f Prince j t r ja]} Sftntence, and the scaffold. l i e fe- G a r g a r i n , to w h o m I h a v e j u s ! sold a set fleeted, and the j e w e l l e r said : — gir, I give you five m inutes to form of diamonds for two hundred thousand francs. Are you his secretary ?” “ J- am b's dupe, and so I presume you are. your determination.” A t lhe expiration of lhat interval, M . I 1 in a faltering voice, directed the jeweller to open a drawer, in which he would find billets de banques for three potism. When the Bank of the Uniled “ What do you mean?— Ids dupe? Im ! jeweller to open a drawer, in which he Staips shall be destroyed, the curn ncy possible! The jewels are shut up in that 1 woui,j fln,j billets de banques for three will be thrown into stu h confusion and de­ secretaire. Besides, look\ at ail this mo-j hundred thousand francs, payable at h is , rangement lhat the country will be pre- ney.” J,,U)][{. | r*s fljat dav. This being done, the pared to submit to any naiional hank It’s better to be in the penitentiary than nowhere at ail. Mag.-— You seem to know all I can do wilh you. Mary— It’s bard if I didn’t ; I’ve spent many a comfortable day in the pen.:, n- Uary, and 1 hope I shall again ; fo1 t’s better than to b« btavved to death in the street. M ag.—I shall not send you for a longer time t h a n I have m e n t i o n e d . Mary— Well, praised be the Lord, there’s more mats than one in the city. Mag,-—Yes, and you’ll get m tbe state prison if you don’t let them alone, and le d a better life. Mary— We’re willing lo get any where to keep the life in us, and if we are to die, we should like to die decently under a roof. Jenny— Good luck to your honour ! arid lock us up as long as iver you can. We desarve it, for vve haven’t a emt in the world ! They were treated to a ride in the bar­ gain. _____________ _ SEC R E T HISTORY. G en. J a c h s o f f s F a r e w e ll A d d r e s s- Judge Breekenbridge thus speaks of Gen­ eral Jackson’s Farewell Address : “ T h e ’Farewell.Address is in all prob­ ability the production of some such father of t!i is country as Amos lit tidal!, wiih just a sufficient spice of Jacksomsm to give it a resemblance. I know something about these farewell addresses, having written two of them for him. The first of these was on tbe occasion of his taking L ave o f his com­ mand in the army. The only part of it whieh was bis, was an uncouth nxmomn- dum, containing some illiberal and orgen- tl'Mnanly reflections on a brother ( fficer, who siood high in the esteem of his coun­ try fGen. Brown,) but who in a recent mil­ itary order bad been so unfoi tunaie a? to speak with disapprobation of (he practice of whipping in the Army ; and this was all he conti ibuled to Use address. The pater­ nal auVicc to the young. officers, and the fine military and patriotic feeling which breath'd thro’ the rest of it were altogether dramatic. Tbe other state paper was on his leaving Florida, where he had display­ ed his excessive energy for some monlhs as military and civil governor. ‘You know’ said he, ‘what will suit.’ Accordingly I wrote an address, without ajsingle teug- geMjon from hirn, and which was signed without a single alteration. The address alluded to was often quoted to prove the fitness of Gen. Jackson for civil govern­ ment, (o-show his <xalnd love of liberty arid ihe absence of dangerous ambition in his nature, It was high’y eulogised as his production. I own I had some design, by contract, in portraying out what a gov- er-nor ought to be to express my opinion of what he was,” “ The incapacity of Gen. Jackson has become so proverbial, that it would be mere affectation of delicacy to be silent. Mr. Duane has declared,, that he has no distinct ideas on any su b j e c t a n d Mr. Berrien very significantly says, ‘ that which I sign I write meaning that Jack­ son signs that which he does not write. At the commencement of his administra­ tion a pleasant ariccdole wa*? relalfd to me by one oftbe cleiks in the Department ofktate. Gen. Jackson having received a complimentary Filer fn m B« stanu nte. President of Mexico, sent it lo lhe rffire wilh tbe following laconic endm st rr < n t ; —“ Mr. Van Buren will reply to ihe letter of General Bustamante vvitii the frankness ofa soldier.” The Secretary hmghf d hear­ tily at his conceit as be wa? neither a soldier nor remarkable for frat kt ess.” A Prediction. — Mr. Calhoun, some two or three years since, in a speech on tho subject of currency, rerriaiked, “ that it was easy to read the futuie history of the country, if the schemes of lhe reigning dynasty are not defeated by ibe per,p]». Anarchy is the highway fo despotic power, whether it be, a banking or a political des- Ile seized one of the leather bags, and j-j(,wel!er called in the witnesses, opening it, discovered, to his horror, that i “ Gentlemen,” said he, “ I have at it was filled with nail3 ; the rouleaux cor- j jencT(b convinced M. T --------- - of the real tained nothing, and the portfolio, scraps ofl va]ae 0f tbe snuff box. You see the waste paper. However, the jeweller con- I soled himse'f— the diamonds were stiil rather than endure the prevailing evils.” Is not 1 his now the fact? A majority of the people suffered themselves to be made H W K thisday opened a CIR<. ULATING LIB R A R Y . Terms. A r t - 1. Subscribers pay in a d va n c e , on com­ mencing or renewing su b?cri|)l ion?. For a year, - - $5 00 ) For four duo le- For six monlhs, 3 00 ? eimo, < r 2octa- F o r 3 months, - 1 50 ) Vo volumes at For I month, •• 63 j a time. A r t . 2. Non-Subscribers pay for the books as returned: for each duodecimo or small­ er volume per week,six pence ; for each octavo volume, one shilling. A r t . 3. N e w P u b l i c a t i o n s :— F or the first3 m o n t h s after they are put in circulation, they are to bedetained but three days at on time. Extra copies ol New Books will be added to the Library. A r t . 4. E v e r y person receiving Books, must rptam t h e m in the same mime in which thev w e r e received. T h e y m u s l'm t be r.OAJVED, nor charged Irom one person to another, w i t h o u t first being returned to the Library. - ' A r t . 5. Every person defacing Books, by tea ing,writing:, fee. wifi be charged the of the bonk? so injured. TZTSevernl Periodical Works are placed u the Library. The Lihrary is opened with 800 volumns, to be increased to Fifteen Hundred, , on o pening of navigation. Arrangements are for receiving the new publications as they issue from the press. Several valuable Period­ icals are placed in the. Library. January B t , 1837. ._________ O E A R C H W A R R A N T S . an.d most olher Blanks neatly ptinted., for sale by .OLPHANT & s k i n n e r . safe. A locksmith was sent for; the se­ cretaire was opened, and oh, hormr! it was empty. It stood on tine side of the room, agiinat a wall jn which a hole had been made, md, there being a correspond­ in')1 hole in the back of the secretaire, the jewels had, with perfect ease, been con­ veyer! inlo the adjoining apartment. The despair of the unfortunate jewell r may be easily conceived. The master of the Jiotel, too, who had let his apartments to the pretended Prince Gargarin, had heen extensively swindled. The servants all belonged to the hotel, with the excep­ tion of the valet de chambre, \vl19 was the companion and confederate of the prince. It was ascertained that they had de­ camped in a coach from the door of the hotel. Every exertion was made to trace them out, but several years elapsed before they were discovered. The jeweller, who was nearly ruined by this robbery, removed to another quarter of Paris, and established himself u n d e r a new name. One day a me3?enger called on him from M. T — —— , a gentleman holai ig an official situation* wha was very ill, and wished to purchase some rings. The poor jeweller had naturally bec<.me suspicious ever since his fatal adventure with Prince Gargarin; and, instead of sending his shopman, he took the rings himself. He. was shown into a bed cham­ ber which was partially lighted ; owing to the situation of the windows, tbe room was lupes of, by the flimsy argument t f Len. price a f which he has pui chased it back ; Jackson and his followers, that tt would be frnr,, mo ’> ' for iheir interest to return fo “ llie primi- pruni hundred thousand five simplicity of a har'd money g o v e r n - . .mentA They are now reaping the fruits “ Here is your box,” said the jeweller, | of their misplaced confidence, by gene- restoring if, “ and X will let vou have tue ral ha' krupfcv and ruin. —.Albany .Jour. from me. “ I hive givpn five francs,” said M. T ring* into the bargain. T h e/ G l o b e says, “ the W h i g s found 1 J , L 1 1 to ouj Tho notary, rvlro was no > SS ..m.'Z thpir hopes on unsettling the governn-ent than Ihe other witness, m»d .. : — doslroyinp. 'he currency— and creating universal discontent.” N e ter, then,- 1 L„ r.c ii a ,i«. r_n 1 ) if ho “ There is sorre mystery in all thi.5 ler : “ M. T- “ Probably there is,” replied jewel- „jnce the days 0f “ Adam’s fall ” were , - T . u- hopes-be ter founded— for the government pleases ; for my part I promise him eternal , ^ ^ ^ rk ( q ^ ^ :— jVetu York-Spectator. j Education in Salem .— The salaries of fhe public school teachers in Salem, Maes.,, during the past year, arm mi ted to $8,877. There are in Sa'em 70 private schools, containing 588 males, lOOl\ fe­ males. and supported at an expense o t $20,700. The Louisville Journal says ?— “ W<s' have seen five dollar notes of Mr. Yan Bureu’s pet bank at Natcbczsold f * one dollar and twenty-five cents. Ten thou­ sand cheers for the ‘ better currency.’ Captain M a rryalt .— We undeistpnd Ih i this distinguished author is at ptesent engaged on a series of original papers for The N ew York Mirror, fmd that their publication will be commenced with the new vojutne of that popular periodical. M u t a b i l i t y o f F o r t u n e . — Chatean- bii nd once resided in London as an emi­ grant ; when lie returned it was as an ;«mbassadoL secrecy W it h t h e s e words, he took his departure, leaving the w i t n e s s e s bewildered in a m a z e o f co n j e c t u r e s . M. T —, though immensely rich, (he was said io possess upwards of three millions,) never recovered from the morti­ fication atfendani 00 this unexpected dis­ covery. The jewelh r faithfully adhfred to his promise of seciecy; but the subtle machinery of the police unravelled tbe m ystery. _____________________ T r u e C h r i s t i a n i t y . — Tho«e only are true votaries o ;eligmn who love to do good in secret, and are not disappointed when jheir good acts are not blazoned abroad.' Absence of tMind .— The first Lord Lyttletdn was very absent in company, and when he fell into a river, by the over­ setting of a boat, at Hagley, it was said of- him that he “ sunk twice be'ore he recol­ lected that he could swim-1”

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