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The Gloversville daily leader. (Gloversville, N.Y.) 1898-1907, December 31, 1903, Image 7

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m u anoVlSIiSVILLE DAHiY lAlDEK, TlltHIHDAV, ITH(U'J.MBKII !U, 1103 ) , BOSTON CASH STORE C'oUB'li modlclnp 10 CIONTS por bol,- tic, cure guaranteed. We .sell all Patent Mediclnea from Ki to 115 per cent, reduction. For In- statijs' • Lydia Pihkh/im’a ...............................74c Scott’s Emulsion . .............................. 75o Dr. Pierce’s ............................. . Bovine ............................................. Hood’s Sarsaparilla ........................ 79o Dr. Howe’s .................................. . • • 85c jPerim a ..................... ,..75o Bussell Emulsion .............................85o Cod Pish, 5c. per pound. Whips, 10c. apiece. California Hams, 9c. (Jenuine Mermen’s Talcum Powder,15c. A large lot of dry stove wood just ar­ rived, to be sold at cut prices, and Red Star Stamps thrown in. wVe give Red Star Stamps on everything we sell—Flour, Sugar, Hay, Straw. Feed and Gi'ocerios. Extra stamps on Cof­ fee, Tea and Baking Powder. Hay, 50c per hundred. Straw, 40c. per hundred. H. Asissable <ib Son 223-225 North Main Street. 'PHONE Glen ...................................2595 THE BOAi OF SUPERVISORS Al yostorday al'tcrnoon'H sesHlon of Iho Board of Buporvluors. Mr. Hillman, chairman of llic' oommitlco on super- visors’ accotmls, ami Mr, Dye, chair­ man of the coinmlttco on miscellane­ ous accounts, maclo partial reports, which mulcr the rules wore laid over for one c . Mr. Vibhanl presented the report of the conimittoe on returned school anil highway taxes, of which the following is a summary: Bleecker, total amount of r turned school taxes ................ ? foadalbin, total amount of rs- Begmnins Monday 10 w sal REDUCTION ON ALL BOTTLED GOODS Uutil Jan. 1st. A. HERTZ & GO. 15 3outh Main St. Dwellings For Sale. Wo'odside Avenue (2) North Street (3) ■ Helwig otreet (2) . ' High Street. East Green Avenue. Fivnklin Street (2). Graiit Street. Oak Street. Third Street. South Melcher St., Johnstown. Marshall Avenue. Lot»s For Sale, South Judson Street. Eagle Street. Clyde Street. Third Street. Helwig Street. Spring Street Rooms For Rent*. Farm for sale or exchange; acres; good buildings; well located. Or Getman & BHIingham. REAL ESTATE Bought, Sold and Exchanged. 24 North Main St. Money always to loan on improved city'Property, at Getman & Billi; Fine Kutlery That Kats For Holiday Presents, Buyers can be sitjtplied from a good Cutlery st*ock, and the best* line of Razors Pocket Knives Shears and Scissors ■re t*o be obtained at our store in great v a n e ty, and at LOWEST PRICES. L o n ^ ’s , Stoves and Bicycles, Bleecker Street Square. ' 1 ', total id school taxes . Broadalbin, total amou turned school taxes ................ Caroga, total amount of returned school taxes ............................. 3 Ephratah, total amount of re­ turned school taxes ........... Johnstown, total amount of turned school taxes ............ Mayfield, total amount of turned school taxes . , ............ Northampton, total amount of returned school taxes ............ Oppenheim, total amount of re turried school taxes ................ ‘Stratford, total amount of re­ turned school taxes .......... Mr. Austin moved that the dogs in the town of Oppenheim, regard­ less of sex or number, he fixed at the uniform rate of fifty cents each. Adopted. By Mr. Leavitt: Resolved, ’fhat thei’e he levied and collected upon the taxable property of the town of Stratford the sum of ^ $3,451.51 for various purposes. Rate, ?2.30 on a ?10o valuation. By Mr. Vrooman: Resolved, That there he levied and collected upon the taxable property of the town of Caroga the sum of ?2,- 433.C9 for various purposes. Rate ?3.47 on a ?100 valuation. Adopted. On motion of Mr. Mosher all bills reported at previous sessions were al­ lowed as read. Mr. Dye introduced a resolution pro­ viding for the improvement under the provisions of chapter 115 of the laws of 1898 of that section of the public highway situate within the town of JohnstoWn,'county of-Fulton, and de­ scribed as follows: Beginning at the city line of Gloversville on the road leading from South Kingsboro avenui and running thence southerly to the road leading from the city Of Johns­ town to Broadalbin, and being a dis­ tance of about two miles. Adopted. Mr. Balje offered a resolution pro­ viding for the improvement^ under the provisions of chapter 115 of the laws of •1898 of that section of the public high­ way situate within the town of Johns­ town in the county of Fulton, and de­ scribed as follows: Beginning at Bull .un at the bridge at the foot of the hill and running thence north to a point where the Brady road intersects the road herein described, a distance of about one-half mile. Adopted. Mr. Mosher offered a resolution pro­ viding for the improvement, under the provision of chapter 115 of the laws of 1898 of that section of public highway, situate within the county of Fulton and state of New York, described as fol­ lows: Beginning- at the city limits of the city of Gloversville on Harrison street, and running southerly about one-halt mile to the Johnstown and Broadalbin road. Adopted. Mr. Leavitt offered a resolution fav­ oring the passage of an act that in every town in the forest preserves, the supervisor shall he lire warden by vir­ tue of his office. If the supervisor be absent when fires- occur, or fail to act, any justice of the peace in the town may act as Are warden, and they shall discharge all of the duties devolving upon that office by law, and shall promptly make to the chief fire warden a report of each forest fire that occurs in his town. The resolution requested the member of assembly of this assem­ bly district and the senatig of this sen­ atorial district to use their best efforts at the coming session of the legislature to procure such legislation as shall im­ prove the present system. Adopted. Mr. Hartin, chairman of the commit­ tee on county clerk’s accounts, report­ ed back bills referred to his committee without any change. Mr. Phair: Resolved, That William Galpin he al­ lowed a compensation .of twenty-five dollars as messenger of this board, and the clerk is hereby directed to is­ sue a check therefor. Adopted. By Mr. Allen: Resolved, That the clerkv of this board be and he is hereby directed to issue a cheek to Collins & Combes and George P. Beakley, each for $41.25, for publishing the official canvass. Adopted. By Mr. Allen: Resolved, That on and after January 1904, the salary of the janitor of the court house and clerk’s office be fifty dollars per month, payable monthly. Adopted. At the final session of the board to­ day, $11,200 was voted to pay the coun­ ty’s shard of the pi'oposed improved higU'W'ay between the city of Glovers­ ville and Bull Run. A resolution was adopted, that the layadutta Plank Road be adopted, pro­ dding satisfactory terms can he made with the company. It was voted that the sheriff be al­ lowed $3.50 per week for. the hoard of prisoners. The Gloversville Daily Leader and the Morning Herald were designated as official county papers for the coming Leader. The sum of $125 was voted to County Clerk Heagle to reimburse him for ex- s in the legal proceedings prior to st election, and a vote of thanks was extended to Attorney DeWitt C. Moore. The members of the board presented lhairmanhairman Simmons with a hands' C silver cand( candelabra, ant dth a beautiful with a handsome d Clerk Nellis Get- ternot Little Palls vs. Adelphi to-morrow. Matinee to-morrow, “Scout’s Revenge.” Little Falls vs, Adelphi to-morrow. , THE SACANDAGA VALLEY. Six Hiindi'od Plooos of Property to Oe Plootlod for Proponed Immenee Stor- ago Reaorvolr. A Glens Falls dlspuleh says: A lake larger than Lake George. In which enough water can be slored to maintain the Hudson river at a normal height during the low water period. Is one of the results which the Incorpor­ ators of the Hudson River Eleclrlc Power company of Queensbury expect will follow the completion of their plans. This company was incorporat­ ed yesterday at Albany with a capital of $1,000,000, having- for Its purpos the development of the power and r sources of the fall of the upper Hud sc and the cllstrlbufion of electric power as far west as Iltlca and Syracuse and as far south as Hudson. It is expected that the company jusi incorporated will build the immense storage reservoir in the Sacanclagt valley, for ivhich the engineers of the Hudson River Water PoeVer company have been planning- for two,years. The dam and power station will be built at Conklingville and something like 600 pieces of property will be flooded, as well as several'small hamlets. ■ It Is anticipated that by the time permis­ sion is asked of the legislature to con­ struct the dam, the company will own every piece of property to h e flooded. BAKER,, BURTON & BAKER. Alanson J. Baker has been added to the well-known law firm of Baker & Burton, and in the future the fin name will he Baker-, Burton & Bake Mr. Baker .is one cif our brightes young- lawyers and ’The Leader join with his host of friends in wishing hh a prosperous and brilliant legal career. NO CHANGE IN SITUATION. •table cutters to-day. As was\ announced yesterday,' the makers in the various factories left their work as fast as it was finished up and it is un­ derstood will continue until all of thh organized makers are' out. LOCAL BRIEFS. meeting i Saturday ni^— he members of Omricon chapter, Theta Pbi fraternity, of the Johnstown high school, held a straw ride to Sai monsville, last night, where a chickt supper was served. One delivery rig of the American Ex­ press company has been laid off indef­ initely on account of the falling off in the glove business. A NEW FIRM. Charles Otten has disposed of his cigar manufacturing business and store, No. 72 South Main street, to W. H. Otten and J. W. Vine, who will con­ duct the business under the firm name of Otten & Vine. Both young men are pmctical cigar makers, having been fn Mr. Otten’s employ for a long time, and it is their intention to keep the goods up to the excellent standard al­ ways maintained by their former em- ployer. EAGLES' w i l l ENTERTAIN. )n New Year’s, day. The be open house all day and there lias been a variety of entertainment pro­ vided for the guests. Refreshm'bnts will be served consisting of sweet cid­ er, doughnuts, cakes, sandwiches and Col. David* Crockett’s “Linguial Punch.” An old fashioned n ut bee will also be enjoyed under the supervision of the chaplain. POLICE PREVENT RUNAWAYS. It is a frequent occurrence to see cutters tip over at the corner of Main and Pulton streets on account of com­ ing in contact with the rails. Yester­ day afternoon Oflicer Smith prevented a runaway by catching a horse, ■' the occupants of the sleigh ■pped out. To-day anotter^ rig fill P i 81 # & 1 1 . ^ W e Thank You Kindly Por the Past Year’s Pah*onag© and W ish You All a HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR. Weed&WlllougMiy. I Vi,.::: CARD OF THANKS. John Skiff and family desire to re­ turn thanks to their neighbors and friends who so kindly tendered their sympathy and assistance and donated flowers after the death of F rank Skiff. Imitted to o-morrow Two games basket hall to-morrow af­ ternoon for one admission. Two games basket ball to-morro-w af­ ternoon for one admission. Little Falls vs. Adelphi to-morrow. ' PIPES. Bargains in genuine meerschaum a iriar pipes./ GABBLER & WELLS 'ed the warrant for the colled the following special assessment, viz; First payment of the special assess­ ment for the cost and expense of side­ walks, curbs, gutters, etc., constructed bv the common council in 1902. 'And that I will attend at the cham­ berlain’s office, daily, from the hours of 8 o’clock in the forenoon until o’clock in the afternoon, except b tween the hours of 12 m. and 1 p. n Matinee, Darling, 3 p. m. to-morrow. Little Falls vs. Adelphi to-morrow. tween the hours of 12 m. and 1 p. m., except Sundays and legal holidays, for the purpose of receiving said special assessment. That for the first thirty days after the date thereof no fees will be charged; but that for the next twenty days, 3 per cent, will he charg­ ed and collected thereon. If any tax shall then remain unpaid, 5 per cent, will be charged and collected thereon. If any tax shall remain unpaid at the expiration of 60 days from the date here,of, a warrant will be issued to the tax collector of the city, under which such taxes will be collected by distress and, sale of goods and chattels beionging to or in th e . possession of the person whose tax remains unpaid. /Dated December 31, 1903. O. L. EVEREST, Chamberlain. -------------------------- - Dec 31, Jan 7,16 Little Falls vs. Adelphi to-morrow. Perfect or Kilsey Furnaces will heat evfery room in your h ouse this cold weather and save Fuel and Installed by BRAMER “The Stove Man.” 12 Church Street. GLOVE MEN IN TOWN. At the Kingsborough: At the Kingsborough: L. G. Lambert, Chicago, 111. w ; H. Graff, Delaware, 0. B. C. Burgess, Chicago, 111. C. D. Osborne Chicago, 111. J. H. Minster, Philadelphia, Pa. C. S. Kibhe, Batavia, N. Y. J. E. Bissell, Dubois, Iowa. S. Schlussel, New York. C. B. Behrens, Germantown, Pa. S! All children will be admitted to matinee at the Darling to-morrow ternoon for 10 cents each. Little-Falls vs. Adelphi to-morrow. Little Falls vs. Adelphi to-morrow. Frost at First M. E. church NOTICE TO SMOKERS. We are headquarters for smokers’ ar­ ticles. We sell them at all times; can give you better 'bargains. Call and see our extensive line, also expensive ones. GABBLER & WELLS. Little Falls'vs. Adelphi to-morrow. Matinee, Darling, 3 p. m. to-morrow. Cape Cod Cranberries, ex­ tra line, 9c per qt. or 3 qts. for 25c. Fancy California Hams, only 9c per lb. A fancy New Orleans Mo­ lasses for 50c per gal. A Fii^t*-CIass Table Syrup, 40c per gal. We are agents for the fam­ ous brand o f W h ite Star Cof­ fee. Prices: 20c, 25c, 30c & 35c per lb. «After tiding one pound you will use no other. George & Aldrich, 38 W . F u lton St. G len P h o n e 2056. Winter Caps, For Man o r Boy, 25c to $2.00 Toboggan Caps and Tans, For Boys* o r Girls* 25c to $1.00 Mufflers and Golf Gloves, For Everybody, 25c to ?5c. TRe Reynolds Toggery Shop. HOLIDAY SALE National Biscuit Company's > Package Crackers (Iner-Seal) at Bargain Prices. Uneeda Bisemt, O y s teretttes, Z vl Zu»regi|Iar price Sc^^stle price, 3 for 10c. Grahams, B u tter Thins, Sodifl Tea. Uneeda Conger, CMU Meal Crackers, Animal Crackers-regulu* p n c ^ O c - n u ii sale 8c. Cheese Biscuit, Saltdnes-regiilar price 15c—th is sdle 12c, ' Nobheo W tfers-regnl^ price 2 5 o -|hls s d e 21c, Buy a liberal supply wMle they t r - cheap, These prices od for balance o f tm s year oflJy-D ^^ 2 3 t o 31 inclusive,; C. J. BURTON, 64-66 N. Main St. We still have many pretty things left in Furniture Gifts which we will sell at greatly re^ duced prices. SPECIAL BARGAINS in Ladies’ Desks, Gold Chairs, Smoking Sets, Music Cabinets^ Pictures, Statuary etc. Undertaking:— Night caiis 2084 2416 [ Glen Phone. JONES, BARD a CO.

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