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The Gloversville daily leader. (Gloversville, N.Y.) 1898-1907, March 27, 1900, Image 8

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W E L . o o a l R e c o r d . TUESDAY, MARCH 27. 1000.. Are still in the ready-to-wear lothing business. Having tade a deal with a large cloth- Ig manufacturer at Utica, N. r,, to supply us at [percent. ABOVE COST TO MAKE. f W e are now able to show iou the largest line of men’s pring suits at 8, 10 and $12 I be found in this county, nst compare our values with ‘le other houses. One Price and Spot Casb. jmCIDttmOIMNGHODSE HOWE & TINKER, Managers. je NOBTH MAIN s t r e e t TELEPHONE NUMBERS. Counting Room. . . . . 5^.2 Editorial Room, .... 57.3 U. S. DEPARTMENT AGRICULTURE WEATHER BUREAU. Yesterday’s Weather. W e Lead. This suit onlj^ $11. In ladies’ tailor-made suits. jPrices: $8.50 to $35. D o n ’t \‘ *£*11 to see our large, line of tUeie fashionable and service­ able garments before you buy. I See our Jackets for i little people. ‘ Some very 1 te «ca serviceable garr Judson& Rogers i i M ’t CI o OI i bk , I ITwo storei:— Oi«rim UU,lf.7., Soclisstflr, V. T. ^ W E AND THE FOOLISH! rviseor aroyou foolish? ^ o s o who are wise are quick to ap- ft good thing and are there- 9laih« our ALMOND CREAM LO- wUlch positively cures chapped hidft lij>3 and 'makes the skin be foolish, hut try it. battle, 25c. WINDSOR PHARMACY. Phone 139 -^ p l A N C ^ T U N I N O . ^iANK 8 . HARRIS. iMTe order Muiio Store. MandoUHi SNsltor «Bd Banjo L wmob * •ahMTlbft for Tbt L>*a«r, -y . 1 Prevauing wind W, Temperture nt 12 la to-day 13 above zero. The W eather. WASHINGTON, Mar. 27.—Pair night; Wednesday, colder; westerly to northerly winds. Dr. Lyker, the wiell Qcu'own horseman, has sold the United States hotel at Cobleskill to Levi Kilts for $17,000. A farmier from.Blie'ecker, arrestod lost night for public intoxicaition by Officer J Louis Sperber, paid a hne of $5 this morni.ng. The hospital euchi'e party will be held a t MEls hall a t 2:30 Thursday ternoon. The prizes will be donated by The Pasliiou. Elmer G. Tibbetts has returned his home in Ballston, after spemiing several days with friends and relatives of this d'ty. Governor Roosevelt has afli.ved his signatiu'e to the bill of Assemblyman Walrath, making the salary of ! iombers of the Montgomery county bo:ird of supervisors $500 per year. The law is known as chapter 194. The Rev. William M. Brlindage, pas­ tor of the First Unitarian society Albany, and formei'ly of the Fremont Street M. E. church, this city, will leave shortly for a few days’ sojourn at Atlantic City, N. J., for the (benefit i of his health. The resignation of George Hollen­ beck from, the fire service leaves a va­ cancy in the position of driver of the hook and ladder team for some good man to fill. Chairman R. A. Maxson of the fire department committee is now ready to receive applications. , The teachers’ meeting a t the Congre­ gational church, under the leadership of Mrs. Stetson, w'lll he resumed Wed­ nesday evening after the regular pray- mceting. All wishing to join in the study of the Sunday school lesson, whether members of the Congi-egation- al Sunday school or not, are invited to attend. At the election of officci’S last even­ ing of the Christian Endeavor society of the Kingsboro Avenue Presbyterian church, the following loflicei's ivere elected for the next six months: Presi­ dent, Miss Edna Cramer; vice presi­ dent, Malcolm McGregor; secretary, Frank L. Steele; treasurei', Mre. Harry Hol'Iowmy; corresponding secretary, Miss Lessie Peterson. Captaini Way, the ofiicer in charge of the local branch of the Salvation Army, w'ill deliver an address in the Presby­ terian church this evening. Subject, “The slum and mission work of the ’salvation Army in the United States.” The meeting will commence a t 7:30. A hearty invitation is extended to all who have at heart the betterment of “the submerged tenth of the population.” Captain J. D. Bacheller, A. D. C. of the Volunteers of America, who a t one time was stationed iJi this city, is vis­ iting friends here. The captain will conduct a cottage meeting a t the home of Mrs. Streaver, No. S Orchard street, Wednesday evening- All will Hje wel­ come to the meeting, and especially the friends of Captain Bacheller, all of whom he will be pleased to meet once e carry No News of Pietzel. A party of men spent considerable time Sunday searching in t'he Burr Hill neighborhood and along the: railroad for some evidence which might thix>w light on ithe disappearance of Bemr ire plentiful snow which led them to another large party had preceded them in the same quest. .•acks In the s: elleve that ai Handsome carpets, a quality for ev­ eryone, ' made, laid andi gmaran!teed. Judson & ittogei*s. __ ^ _______ own people present in, large numbers, h u t many fram Hlon seizied' the opportunity to enjoy a rich musical treat. 'That the coaicert was first class in every detail and wias thor­ oughly appreciated, wais evidenced by the fact that every number was encor­ ed. The Colgate boys aro always sure of a most ©iitluislastic and cordial re­ ception hero.—Frankfort Covrespon- denc'o Utica Press. To-nlglit at the 'Baptist dmvch. Mrs. a. E. Matthew of Johnstown will nsBlst in the eoneart at Music luiU to- morrow evening. Tli’krif) for the Colgato glee ami man* tlolln eoiim’t given la U va Baptist cliiiroii can Im had a t Caswell's candy Bioi'o tills CTWiliig until 7! 1)0, NEW EQUIPMENT HEBE. It will Greatly Im prove tjie Local Electric Service. A portion of the additional equip­ ment for the^pla.nt of the Gleversvdlle electric company has arrived from the General Electi'ic works a)t Schenectady and is now being InsitaHed a t the .pow­ er house in the north end .of the city. Part of 'the 'equipment is a big genera­ tor which, when in .operation, will in­ crease the arc lighting capacity of the company by 160 lights and the other portion consists of a large incandescent light generator capable of increasing the capacity o f the plant by 1,000 ihea'a- descent ligitts. The generators were ordered shortly after the Gdoversvillie and Johnstown companies were consol­ idated, but the rush of woi’k a t 'the es­ tablishment o f the .General Electric company 'at 'Sbheneotady prevented their delivery until this time. The o th­ er part of the new- equipment is now be­ ing built by the American Engine coim- pany o f Rihode .Island and it will be of 250 'horse. po.\ver. The lengine was dered severail Aveelts ago, but it is not completed os yet and its delivery in Gloversville to the local company will occur in about six weeks. After that time the new machin'ei'y will 'be placed in operation and the company hopes to be alWle to care for its husiniess. in a manmer which w'ill be satishnetory to its patrons. e A R R E T 3 ! The early purchase of carpets strongly urged. It is self-evident to every person in touch with prevailing,conditions, that goods of all kinds will be higher and that the enormous demands and the unprecedented era of prosperity upon which this country has entered, all help to quicken prices. W e made early and heavy contracts through foresight and necessity and own vast quantities of new desirable C A R P E T S at prices not possible to-day. If you are undecided where to buy or if you want regular or special patterns,come where largest assortments are to be seen. There will be no disappointment either in quality, lowness of price or prompt delivery. KNIGHTS TEMPLAR BEUEPTION. tained a Distinguished Visitor. Atit'he regular ccaclave of Holy Cross cara.maudery. No. 51, ICmights Templar, held Mon.(Jay eTChiaig, Sir Charles Bingham, of Watertowm; Eminent Gr-and 'Senior' Warfiien of ithe Grand Comni'mrdery ■of .the atafe o f New York, m'ade an official visit and lassisted ia conferring the order of the Red Cross. Sir knights were present from Johns­ town, Northville, Bleecker, Amsterdam and other localities. After the cei’e- monies the Sir Knights adjoiumed to tire banqueting hall, where an excellent menu was served by Caterer \Wright of JohastO;^vn. Eminent ’Commander Asa B. Peake officiated as toastmaster and toasts w.erei-esponded t o by Sir Knights Charles D. Bingham’, Nelson H. Aaibal, L. N. Johnson, Harwood Dudley and Wm.- A. ‘McDonald. Among those present from out of town, in addition to the official visitor, were :Slr Knights ’Harw’ood Dudley,Eu- gene Moore, Henry Potter, \Wesley Lynea, John R. Borst, Wm. H. Maylen- der, George S. J. Chant, Thos. 0. Grimes, Ezra Nare, of Johnstown, L. Nathan Johnson of Northville, Hiram Van Denburgh of Bleecker, David S. Dunlap of Amsterdam, J. H. \Baqcn of Rochestei', and E. M. Slayton of Lan­ sing, Michigan. Fuh Among the Aldermen. The several ’aldcrnien w-ere holding an Informal discussion on ‘electric light matters in the councfl chambers last evening,and one suggested tKat the city buy Peck’s pond and establish a mu­ nicipal water imwer planlt; another pro­ posed the idea of getting po^wer and iight from the concern which is plac­ ing d ams in. the Schohaiue creek, and even a windmiH plant or a mule power establishment ivas advanced. After all was over everybody laughed except an enterprising newspaper man who took the ‘matter seriously and spirited the aldermen to Peck’s pond, made them' make an investigation.', them had them touring the country and brought them all home to breakfast to read a yarn spun in the style with which a gentl'eman named Munchausen was very familiar. The article referred to Glove Men in Town. At the Windsor: H. V. GaYlgan, Chicago. C. B. Bradt, DeKalbrill. W. J. Stitt, New York. P. Ryan, Chicago. M. Roman, Neiw York. i Buy silk waists of Judson & Rogers. Ireat variety, Sow prices, perfect fit. CASWELL’S “IMMENSE” CANDY ABOUT TO LEAVE ..OVBRSVILLB. ur patrons express their - -------------- say “\Wo Avill miss you when you leave.” We assure our friends, one and all, we are very sorry to leave, but another “Immense” business place we have makes it neces­ sary for us to leave Gloversville. Oftentimes the question is asked, \Do you not make i t pay here?” Yes, we have had a very successful trade here ever since we opened, October 23 last, having sold nearly twelve thousand pounds ■of candy. We appre­ ciate the liberal patronage we have re­ ceived as much as our customers ap- jcelved preclal 9 our oust ■will he our be reduced the Frit ___ _____ lay, Friday and Saturday. No one ehould fall to sit- cure a supply nt 20 South Main street. Colgalp Unlvoralty GIco Olub nt tlto Baptist church Tucisday 'ovcnlng,March 27. Don’t fall to aittond. Rmoho Lltllo J, 1). B cent union cigar, hand nmflo, long Havana ilUoi'i For qniillty it lm« no cqunl. Scllg atrJelly oa U9 merltw. PULLY BELTS, The Latest Fad. By the novel arrangement of a ring at the end forming a pully combination the Belt can be tightened or loosened at will. Gives the desired long waist effect; reduces waist on stout figures. The only Belt made that will hold waist tight to skirt; made of leather, beaded, silk and satin. Ne’w Spring Ribbons. The nevnest effects in Hemstitched and lace open work. The colors are many and the ef-, fects more striking than ever. Gorgeous fori N E C K W E A R or BELTS. FREE~Our expert, if y ou wish, will show you how to make the IDEA L PU L L T BELTS and PU L L Y C O L L A RS if ribbon is purchased here. Kitchen Department. -ir i ) A special sale T H U RSDAY. A splendid time to replenish your kitchen with reliable utensils. ^ Gallon G ranite measure 24c. N o . 7 G ranite Tea Kettle 55c. No. 6 G ranite Tea K ettle 45c. No. 8 G ranite Tea K ettle 65c. No. 30 G ranite wash dishes 10c. Dish Patis 10c, Knives and forks usually sold for 10c each, 5c or 50c dozen. Small nickle-plated irons for ironing baby clothes, shirt waists, laces, etc, I9c each; Large nail hammer, 9c; Small Frying Pans, 4c. Pad Lock with two keys, 2 styles at 9c. . ? Pad Lock -with two keys, 2 styles at 17c. Pad Lock with two keys, 1 style at 27c. MARTIN & NAYLOR, te il e ph o n e : s o - d . Supplying your needs for Spring and sumnaer with foot- S?e our Naw Goods -which We will soon exhibit. We will s\ho-w eveiy -new Creation the market Affords in exclusive Styles which will not Be seen elsevrliere. W i l l s r d . • 10 Main St. “Tie NeaiettWar to a In’s HeaitisIliroiigblligStoniaaL’'’ Bread Made From SOEIGHT FLODfi Always touches the spot. You know the rest. THE KIND YOU WANT is here. We are sure about that, because we have everything in the wall paper line that is new and desirable. Hit WallGr. 37 North Slain S t. Telephone 82-2. M u rray’s Sarsaparilla There can be no better sarsaparilla made. We have sold more this spring than ever before. 1 H i M i , and a sure sure appetizer. IHADE ONLY UNO SOLD BY Chas. B. Patrick, BUC00I8OI’ to Houck & Patrick,' « . m. /■ m. m . i itwJoImnt DruggUti, I [ V l J \ . * ITfUpliPttt 1*7. HaMAlnSt. TtUplioni 05*1. H a t - —Chat. In a hat you first want cor­ rect shape. We give it. You want the correct color. We have it. You want it to wear well. We guarantee it. You want to pay as little as possible. Here you do it; $ l to $3. All the recognized shapes and colors in soft and stiff hats for spring. Tie-:- ...Talk. We have a special good thing to offer you to-day. The new Bat-wing string ties— dozens of patterns to select from. All made from the best quality silks, 25c; these silks are the same as you pay 50c for in Puffs, Four-in-hands, etc. All other stores sell Bat­ wing ties of this grade for 50c; pick ’em out here at 25c. W. P. Lefferts & Son, HATS, PURS, MEN'S FURNISHINGS. 61 NORTH MAIN STREET. . GLOVERSVILLE M illinery, L a d ies’, C h ild r e n ’s and Infants’ Furnishings. W ill be Located at NO. 6 FULTON ST., A f t e r A p r i l 1 s t . Saleslady and wrand boy wanted; apply at No 0 W. Fulton lft<llo«' and Inlauti' OutDUori, iS N, IMtoln, Qorn«r Oluiroh 8t.

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