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BOSIVH r a s « , SPEC­ IAL Hay, 40c per 100 lbs. The celebrated Bread Flour Sarato­ ga, $1.14 a sack, guaranteed. G ilt edge Flour, 99c a sack. 4 lbs. Prunes, 25c. . We have concluded to cut the price on lead, oil, mixed paint, brushes, and all painters’ supplies, so as to be a factor in helping you to paint this spring. CaU and get our prices. We buy for cash, sell for cash; low prices the result. Headquarters for.feed, straw, teas and coffees a t the lowest price. For Instance. LYDIA PINKHAM'S, 74c. SCOTT’S EMULSION, 74c. PAINE’S CELERYCOMPOUND, 75c. HOOD’S SARSAPARILLA, 75c. VINOL, 85c. PERUNA,85c.________ Telephone 11-4. H. iMBLE S SOBS, r23-225 North Main Street. Careful Measuring makes a stylish cut, and a stylish cut makes more than passable the poorest figure. That’s why the tailor-made gar­ ment is so superior. It’s style is exclusive. It shows the best there is in your form and is cut to con­ ceal any defects that may exist. Our Elegant New Spring Goods are here and Await Your Inspection. S. B L U n , Corner Main and Fulton St, Gloversville, N, Y. SPRING SHLES IN \JENNESS -:-:-;fflILlER”x-:- Shoes now ready, also the “John Kelly’’ Ladies’ fine shoes of Rochester. SEE SHOW WINDOWS. Prices: “Jenness Miller” shoes always ^“John Kelly” make $2 50 $3 00 and $3.50. Sole Agent for ::::This City. Sullivan’s, 59 DARLING BLOCK, BORST Iff CBOCE RED STAR CORN STARCH. Absolute purity guar­ anteed; 7c lb., or 41b. lor 25 g . RED STAR CONDENSED iniLK. 1 lb. cans, full weight; none better at any price. per Can. GRANULATED SUGAR> 5 i-4c per pound. S p e c i a l . 2 lb. can N. Y. State Red Cherries at 10c per can, Borst’s Casli Groonry. 47 North B t L-ooal R e c o r d . TUESDAY, MARCH 27, 1900, SOCIAL AND FRATERNAL. A Bulletin of Coining Events which Will Interest Many Readers. Regular meeting of Lone Star lodge. No. 39, i; 0. O. P., to-night. Woi-k,third degree. All members requested to be present. Tbe quarterly missionary meeting of the Ladies’ Benevolent association of the Congregational church will be held in the church parlors on Thursday af­ ternoon at 3 o’clock. The'regular monthly meeting of the Young People’s Missionary society of the St. James’ Lutheran church will be •held on Thursday evening, April 5, in­ stead of March 29, as previously an­ nounced. ‘The primary, union wil'l meet at 4 o’clock to-nicrrow afternoon at t'he Congregational ichurch. Business con­ nected with the coming institute to be transacted. All members please be present. Obituary. Mrs. Charles O. Waite, wife of ex- Alderman Wnite of Johnstown, died a\^ the Albany hospital Monday morning at 10 o’clock. The deceased) was ac­ companied to Albany on Wednesday, where she underwent an operation per­ formed by Dr. W. G. McDonald for the removal of a tumor. Directly after the operation she. was very weak, but ral­ lied during the day, and i t was expect­ ed that she would recover until yes­ terday morning, when she was taken worse and soon passed away. The fu­ neral will be held at the home of the deceased. No. 3 Grove street, on Wed­ nesday a t 2 o ’clock, and, a t the M. E. church at 2:30 o’clock, Rev. T. 6 . Thompson, D. D., oflaciating. The re­ mains ■will be placed in the receiving vault a t the Johnstown cemetery. Leg Amputated. Azariah Nellis of South Perry street, Johnstown, was removed to the Nathan Littauer hospital yesterday morning, where he had one of his. legs amputated just below the knee, yesterday after­ noon. Mr. Nellis has been suffering from gangrene for some time, ■which it is supposed originated from a bruise on the ball of the foot, imtil all the toes had become affected, and the dis­ ease was gradually entering the foot. Dr. C. B. Mosher, the attending physi­ cian, counseled with Dr. W. C. Wood Saturday, as to the best treatment to he applied, and it was decided that to avoid blood poisoning, it would be nec­ essary to amputate the leg, a s above stated. Drs. W. C. Wood and C. B. Mosher performed the operation. Counterfeit Notes in Circulation. Counterfeit ?10, $5 and $1 notes are in circulation, and as a consequence United States secret service men are putting forth every effort to run down the gang, whose headquarters are be­ lieved to be in the vicinity of Roches­ ter. The ?10 certificate is said to be a very clever make. The period between •■D.” and “C.” in “D. C.” below the por­ trait of Hendricks is omitted. The im­ print of the bureau of engraving and printing upon the left end back of the note is also omitted, and the color of the seal shows through on the back of the note. The other notes are fairly deceptive, but are readily distinguished by a casual observer. Damages Against St. Johnsville. In special term at Amsterdam Satur­ day, Judge Stover confirmed the follow­ ing awards of the commissioners ap­ pointed to ascertain the damages caus­ ed by the extension of the St. Johns­ ville waterworks: Z. R. Klock, |1,500; Chas. W. Scudder, ?1,800; Albert Schaf­ fer, $700; Delina Smitih e t al, ?700; Ja­ cob Horn, $1,800. The report of the commission iff the action of the village of St. Johnsville vs. Kate Wilson and Uriah Empie, condemnation proceed­ ings in connection with the new over­ head railroad, crossing In that village, was confirmed. Damages to the amount of $225 are awarded to Mrs. Wilson and $■1,300 to Mr. Empie. CLOSING QUOTATIONS. New York Stocks, Reported by H. B. Logan. Broker,20 South Main St. Amn. Steel & W ire.............................r>71i Amn. Tobacco....................................107% Atchison pfd ....................................... 70% Baltimore & Ohio ............................... 8 IV,. 1 Brooklyn Rapid Transit .................... 71% Chesapeake & Ohio .............................31’4 C. C. U. & St. L ................................... 02% Continental Tobacco ........................... 33% Consolidated Gas ................................184%. C. B. & Quinc.v ........ .•......................... 120 % Delaware & Hudson . ..........................lls% Federal Steel .......................................M Con era! Electric ................................. 130% Jersey Central 118% Leather ............................................... H Louisville & Nashville ........................80!.^, Manhattan ..................... ‘fi% Missouri PacUlc .................................. 41) Ontnrlo & Western ............................ ..20% M, K. & T. p fd ....................................30% Metropolitan Street Ry,... ....... . ......... Id.) New York Central..............................138 Norfolk A' Western ................................% I’n.'llle Mali ................ , ....................... ]’Coi)b>'s tins ............. .... .............. dO’j, Heiidlm?, 1 st pfd ...... . ........ . Xiot'U IhUuuT ..... . ....... H'»uiluru ini'* «»••*.• I*.•»»•»»»» HouUiern Ibtllwiiy jifd .... . .............. Htirfav .......... ............. Teim. C'lnil & Iruh ...... . ......... . ......... .4 Third Avernio By ........... ..Jdi s Wni ' m U “p/dV,, V ’ V ‘ r’’ 'j Wcuttm Dillon ■ .... ■ . .......... riatiy ft true v/ord la cpalica 'wUca iw j .ft MOCHA im p o r t a t io n , STOPPED. WILLIAM HAAG BADLY INJURED. The Skin and Flesh were Ground from His Fingers. The Skins a r e Obtained from the Bu­ bonic Plague Region. The bubonic plague, which has been causing such havoc ,in various coun­ tries of the world, has not neached Gloversville, .and it is probable that even if it did the rigors of the climate would kill the disease, but i t is inter­ esting to note that because the plague has developed a t Aden., .the port of southern Turkey, in Asia, .and Arabia, on .the gulf of Aden, the importation of mocha skins, which are tanned in this city and made into fine glo^ves, has ceased, 'at least .temporarily, as there is no desire on the part of the importers to handle skins ■vVhich have come from a plague infeeted port .and there is also a lack 'Of die^ire on, -the p art of any .man­ ufacturer to handle any skins in which the germs of .the bubonic plague may be lurking, although there would ■probably be no. danger in this, vicinity. The reason for th'e cessation of the im­ portations is du,e.to.t!hie fact that mocha skins .are the product of Arabia, .being taken from the Somiaili sheep. Tbe skins are sun dried in Arabia and then shipped from the port of Aden to New Yi>rk, where they .are purcbasied by manufacturers, 'dressed lu the mills of this city and finally turned into gloves. In being .taken to Aden tbe skins are nacessarWy exposed to the plague, and as they are shipped to NejW York, then to Gloversville, it can readily be seen how the bubonic plagne couid be trans­ ferred from the Asiatic country to this city. It is not toeli eve d that any infe ct- ed skins have been received at New York, and .as far as this city is concern­ ed, it is a doubtful m atter if any plague germs ever live to get here. Everyone says our ladies’ suits are finest in the city. Judson & Rogers. HEARING ON CHARTER AMEND­ MENT. Notice is hereby given that a certi­ fied copy of Senate Bill, Assembly Print No. 1,999, entitled an act to amend chapter two hundred and sev­ enty-five of the laws of 1899, entitled “An act to revise the charter of the city of Gloversville,’’ has been re­ ceived; and a. public hearing will be given thereon before the mayor and common council of the city of Glovers­ ville in the chambers of the common council in the city hall, on Wednesday, March 28, 1900? at 7:30 o’clock p. m. Said bill relates to .the discharge of sewage into the Cayadutta creek. B. S. PARKHURST, Mayor. Music hall 2Sth. She is sure to please. Subscribe for The Leader. TI16 Season for Pit- 'll ou will find our stock com­ plete. :::::Agent F op ::::: Pure Lead and Zinc Paint Ready for Use Van Auken’s, 17 N. Main St, EasterEgg Dyes; 12 Colors for 5 dents. William Haag, proprietor of Haag’s cutting die works at No. 15 Cayadutta street, met with an accident this morn­ ing at his factory by which both hands were badly injured and he came near losing the fingers on each of them. At the time of the accident, Mr. Plaag was working over a stonq which is used to sharpen tools and had an instrument in his hands by which he was improv­ ing- the condition of the stone. The latter was revolving in a horizontal di­ rection, and in some way the instru­ ment in tbe hands of the proprietor was torn from him and his right'hand was dragged under the stone and along the frame surrounding it. In trying to dave bis right hand from serious in­ jury, Mr. Haag used' his left hand, and by the time the members were.released they ■were in frightful shape. On the right band all tbe flesh on the back of the fingers was torn off and the cords lacerated, the wounds extending to the finger bones. The first three fingers of the left hand also suffered in a manner similar to the fingers of th(^ right hand, and the flesh was torn and lascerated in a most painful manner. As soon as possible. Dr. Gale was summoned and dressed tbe wounds, and hopes to ■ he able to save the fingers from amputa­ tion. Mr. Haag was taken to his home at No. 64 West Pine street and will be unable to resume or do any work with his hands for some time to come. There is a possibility that the injuries to the cords of the fingers may cause a stiff­ ness of tbe bands, but the attending physician beliCTes' that proper treat­ ment will restore the unfortunate man’s hands to their proper condition. His Share of Bad Luck. A serious and very peculiar accident happened to Frederick Sternburg at Herkim'sr yesterday afternoon at 2 o’clock.' Mr. Steimburg is visiting at the home of his sister, Mrs. George Sautter, and about the hour named, as he was carrying a harness across the barn floor in the rear of the Sautter •block, his foot slipped and he fell b.ack- ward, fracturing his Isft knee cap. A peculiar thing about the accident is that th'e knee did not come in contact with the floor. The fracture was re- ■duced by Dr. George, Gra^ves. It seems that Mr. Sternberg has his shai-e of bad luck. A week ago yesterday morning his hotel at Lakeport, on eida Lake, was burned to the ground, d M; ■ ■ naiTov DRBSSMAIH3RS. Pratt, of P ratt’s Institute, 6 West 14th street, New York, is here prepared to teach cutting of jackets, _ sbirt ts, dresses and tailor made wais ' ished days; free use of syste E. A. K EINER, FUNERHL DIRECTOR ANDEfflBALRlER. , Lady Assistant Who Will Dress and Embalna all • Female Bodies. Masonic Building 60 NORTH MAIN ST., Gloversville. T E L E P H O N E 1 2 3 . Residence, 118 South Main street. House telephone No. 124. i A itken PURE COFFEE 4 3 S C . S S o . You probably want that' If hot you want this package, package. This is the best. This is good for the money. ^ o l d b y G r o c e r s . Griffing, George & Co. C a s h G r o c e r s , 79 South Main St. - 38 W. Fulton St. Fancy Georgia Cod Fish, whole fish. “ Boneless Cod in 2 lb boxes. “ Cromarthy Bloaters; Fancy Salted Ciscoes. ‘ “ Froijcn Ciscoes. “ No. 2 Mackerel. “ Kippered Herring. “ Med. Smoked Herring. Fresh Home Eggs, Granulated Sugar, 5 14s pe^' pmmd, •mom str^cct, viii, 'jpjjsM Couth Mftiu itrect, SC4 tilileed U U illoughby, Qloversville’s Busiest Dry Goods Store. Colored Dress Goods. Fancy wool Suitings and silk mixed novelties, value 39c yd., T hursday 2 5 c yd. All wool Homespuns, all wool cheviots in grays, tans and browns, Value 59c yd., T hursday AOc yd. All wool storm serge in black and navy, 45 in. wide; value 65e yd., T hursday A©c yd. All wool plaid suitings, elegant assortment to choose from. T h u r s d a y S o c yard- 250 Silkoline covered sofa Pillows, T h u rsd a y 2 5 c e a c h . 48 pairs Ruffled Bobbinet Curtains, T h u r s d a y 9 S c e a c h . IS doz. extra large and fine Damask Towels, value 39c, size 23x45. T h u r s d a y S S c e a c h - O.ur lines of tailor-made suits, jackets, capes, wraps. Separate skirts, silk waists and petticoats at popular prices, are attracting at­ tention of buyers from all parts of the county. You are invited to call and see the line. Alwaysdouble value for your money in ou]r basem ent kitchen fur­ nisher. i Weeds Willovii 39 and 41 North Main Street. The basement is a “surprise store” in itsef Once a cugto» mer, always a customer. Fiih. Rough on Rocks for Boys, Youths and Little Gents. The hardest ones on shoes are the boys. Tbe Rough on Rocks shoe is the greatest wear resister in the city. . Sold only at the Honest Shoe Store, I. fl. CODGEIH. Opposite Opera House. FDLTQN CODNIY ELECTRICAL SEPPLY AND CONSIRDCTiON CO. Motor and dynamo repairing a special­ ty. Electrical supplies and novelties always on hand. Oflfice, W k Elm street, Gloversville, N. Y. C. E. Hale, Business Mgr. W. L. Smith, Supt. ....W e S e ll.... Gendron Bicycles. A strictly Up-to-Date, High Grade Wheel. :=:IT HAS:=: AH of the Latest Improvemehts. L o o k It O v e r . Dailii Jis i FfosL U n d ertaking in Charge o f n . C. Frost,! residence 129 North Main. Experi enced lady assistant furnished when ■> desired. Telephone for night calls 125-4 , Telephone 118-3.* CONCORDIA FAIR O P E N S October 12,and closes October 22. Closing Out Sale of tItJA L L P A P E H Tills Ifl our last eoason In tho Wall P nper business and we are going to clean out our largo lino of papers at vo ry lov pi’Ice.i. Come In ami seo our largo lino. Over 300 pattomi of thin » year’s papers. Wo aro nhowing tlio paniplca of tlu’co of tlio large,it Iwuacs In U. H., It v/o can’t nult you with ivliat wo have In ntocU. STOWB & BUSH, 81 North Main Street, , GontmrMm Falntcm ard PapeF Jlanm u PMUs u% Junto. ' 'Q m 0YQ7 cv4.aittg acepE wiaoQ ’a m * Wood, Hay and Strawi ; : : A L S O ; : : Horseshoeing and B lack - smithing^ See our line of lumber aul delivery wagons. Carriage Repository. to9omi At.

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