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# l o t > e r 0 vU lc S i a t ip C e a ^ ( t . VOL. XIII, NO. 177. GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y., TUESDAY, MARCH 27, 1900. WHOLE NO. 3,958 IdDcconnc s British Military Observers Are Greatly Puzzled. METHUEN r&R GRlQUATOWN-nA. iLARGE EXPOSITION LEAVES KIMBERLEY TO JOIN THE 5,000 OR 6,000 MEN ENGAGED AT WAR- RENTOWN ON FOURTEEN STREAMS—ROBERTS REPORTS A REOONN'AISSANGE. LONDON, March iff.—Military oh- #.>rvers here, and even those in close af­ filiation with the war office, are con­ siderably confused as to -what Is being done for the succor pf Mafeking. Some 5,000 or 6,000 men are engaged w'lth Lord Methuen at Warrenton and Four­ teen Streams and now another column is about leut^lng Kimberley, if it has not already started, for Grlquatown, 106 miles westward. Its ostensible pur­ pose Is to drive out the Boers. T^e force is described as “a strong one,” and the expedition as “likely to atjtract much attention.” General Freijch Is reported from Bloemfontein Sunday as returning from Thaba Nchu wIth,out apparently having headed off Com­ mandant Oliver with his 15 guns and miles of baggage. General Buller’s patrols had a sharp skirmish Sunday a t Weschbank. Lord Roberts’ Infantry bave now been quiet for 14 days, and news of an advance is hourly expected a t the war office.ffice. Messrs.essrs, Wolmarans,olmarans, Fischer federal forces, are due at Naples in a M w ind Wessels, th< 7ai ift( ably unable now 000 men on the fighting line. few days. The Tin ;ductlng heavy losses, are prol ably unable now to put more than 30,- flm es prints a statement from cape Town to the effect that the Boers after deducting heavy losses, are prob- LONDON, Mar. 27.—Recounoissances of slight importance continue to be tihe only features of the war in South Afri­ ca. Lord Roberts has wired to the war office as follows: \BLOEMFONTEIN Mar. 26.—Capt. Sloane Stanley, of the Sixteenth Lan­ cers, was slightly wounded In an affair of the outposts, north of the Modder river on March 25.” This bare statement is all that comes from the commandeMn-chief. A Times’ Bloemfontein dispatch, dated March 26, amplified Lord Roberts’ dis­ patch as follows: “A cavalry reconnolssance was made yesterday towards Brandlort. The Sixteentli Lancers, by skirmishing, drew the Boers from their position Into the open, when the Ninth Lancers attempted to outflank the enemy, while they were engaged from the front by a dismounted section of the lancers. Our casualties are reported to have been’few.” A Maseru, Basutoland, dispatch, dat­ ed March 26, says: “The Basutoland government Is busy collecting natives to be employed at Bloemfontein repairing and laying railroads. The natives report that the Free Staters on the bordei-s of Basuto­ land refused to go to Kroonstad and are staying on their farms, a s it is now the ploughing season, and they are in­ clined to keep their land and submit rather than give it up and fight.” Boer reports from Natal show that no developments of importance have occurred there up to March 23. Advices to-day from Cape Town say: “Rains are now general throughout South Africa and rivers which have been dry for years are being flooded. Many camps have been transformed into swamps and this will still more mili­ tate against an immediate British ad­ vance. The sickness among the Boer prisoners on the transports is increas­ ing. Three deaths occurred on March 26. Typhoid alone claims 100 victims among the prisoners and the popula­ tion of Slmonstown fear an epidemic.” SERIOUS SITUATION IN CHINA. Indecisive Fight Between Imperial Troops and “ Boxers” PEKIN, China, Mar. 27.—The \Box­ er” movement in the norlh Is assum­ ing alarming proportions. News has been received hero that an indecisive, but severe, flght has tiikeu place be­ tween the “boxers” and the imperial troops at Yon Chiu, in the province of Chi LI. Bach force numbered about fifteen hundred men and there were heavy casualties on both ‘sides. Sale Fractlcali,y Completed. LONDONT, Mar. 27.—A dispatch to the Bxcliango Tolegrapli company from l*ai’ls saya the enlo of the Danisli West Indies to Uio XJiiltod States lias practically boon completed. VARNISH MAIOS^ BBVOB'S VAR- Flool’ T'ulnt cost fic, more ii fliiai'l;i mahes It look brlglUer niia wear hilly twice ns long on elicinii!i’ Boor paint. Sold by I A. Vftii Aulicu. raiu’i?'’-\ ^ THE GOEBEL MURDER TRIAL Republican secretary o f State Caleb Powers Held for Grand Jury. FRANKFORT, 'Mar. 27.—After a consultation by the attorneys for the defense in the hearing of the Republi­ can secretary of state,. Caleb' Powers, on a ‘Charge of being implicated in the conspiracy to assassinate Goebel, ex- Governor Brown, for the defense, an­ nounced that no testimony would be introduced for the defense and would waive furflier examination. A pardon issued to Powers by Governor Taylor was tendered by Mr. Brown, as a bar to the prosecution,' and he asked that the defendant be dismissed. Colonel Campbell said the commonwealth de­ nied Gov. Taylor's right to issue the pardon, Mr. Brown then moved that the prisoner be dismissed upon the ev­ idence. The motion was overruled.- Bail was asked for. Judge Moore said: “It is not my belief that Powers fired the shot that killed Gov. Goebel, but from the evidence it is my opinion he was connected with the conspiracy to kill him. I shall, therefore, order that the prisoner be held over, without bail, to the Franklin county grand jury so that the case may he further investi- When the Powers case was disposed of, the judge asked if the common­ wealth was ready to take up the other cases, that of Captain John Davis or ■William H. Culton, charged with be­ ing accessories to the assassination. Upon the request of the county attor­ ney, both cases were postponed until this afternoon. THE PORTO RICAN BILL Senator Foraker Introduces Amend­ ments to the Measure. WASHINGTON, Mar. 27.—Senator Foraker introduced amendments to the Puerto Rico gavernmental bill -which were read at the reopening of the sena­ torial caucus yesterday, some of which the caucus agreed to. The amend­ ments were incorporated 'in the new print of the Fill and the bill thus amended} was introduced os a new measure. ' The first change made was in section 3, in which the inhabitants are describ­ ed as “citizens of iPueito Rico and as such are entitled to the pmtectlon of tire United States,” whereas 5n the old bi'll they were desilgnated as citizens of the United States. Other amendments provide for a fifteen per cent, tariff duty on artleldS going Into Puerto Rico from the United States and coming into ithe Unlited States from Puerto Rico except in the case of those articles mentioned in .the United States tariff laws as be­ ing exempt from duty. A duty of five cents per pound shall he levied on all coffee Imported into Puerto Rico. A system of local taxation shall he enacted by the legislative amenably of Puento Rico and moneys from this source sbail be placed at the disposal of the president, to be useld for . the government and benefit of the island. The internal revenue laws of the Unit­ ed States esempted from the provisioa that hey shall have full force imPuei’- o Rico, anid instead of a delegate to congress from the Mand, there shall be a resident coonmissioner to the Umit- ed States, who will be entitled to ofil- cial recognition by all the departments, anad wlio shall recellve a salary of $5,- 000 per annum. APPROPRIATION BILL PASSED. Democrats Agree to Support Mr. Am­ bler’s Bill. ALBANY, Mar. 27.—^Tke senate passed the annual appropriation bill of ?16,441,751 by a party vote of 27 to 18, the Democrats objecting because of the appropriation of ?197,000 for the New York election bureau. The minor­ ity party qbjection to the usual apmo- priation hill was almost unprecedent­ ed, such objection always being pre­ sented finally when the bill is in the committee. The Democratic senators held a lengthy conference this morning to consider their action upon the bill for state control o f the state fair and ?100,- 0.00 for the payment of ithe debts of the state .agricultural society. The orlgl- nal bill proposed by Senator Ambler provided placing ithe control of the fair under tire charge 'ot the state commis­ sioner o f agriculture with an advisory board appointed by the goviernor. This proposition w.as approved by Llouton- ant Govornor Woodruff and the presi­ dent 'Of the State Agricultural society. The llnanco commlttoo ot the senate propoflod to amend 'the bill by provid­ ing Unit a comnilsfllon of eleven mom- bom to ,lmvo cliarge o't the annual oic- Iilhlt. The DoinooraticsomitorB agreed to BupporUlio original Amhlor bill, whlci) tiieroforo, It 1» tliouglvt.wUl pnwB, llubacribo ror TJjo I^cddor, iniBil DEWEW GO 19 EDII. It is stated that Admiral Dewey, who is at present in the south, will, in the early summer, go to Rome. Mrs. Dewey, it may he remembered., is a Catholic, and it is said thait a special audience with the Pope has already been arranged for and that every hon or will be sho.wn to the distinguished American while he is In the Eternal City, The Admiral has been placed at the head of the \General Board,” which has just been created for -the purpose of contTOlllng the navy. GILLMORB IN IA/ a SRINGTON Beports at tho Navy D epartm ent and It W armly Becelved. WASHINGTON, March 27. — Lieu­ tenant James G. Glllmore reported at the aavy department. He Is on leave of absence, but came to the department to take his examination for promotion to lieutenant commander. The officer, who is looking remarka­ bly well, was greeted with enthusiasm by his old friends in the department and was warmly welcomed by Seore* tary Long, who Insisted upon learning something of the vissltudes through which he had passed during his nine months of captivity in the hands of the FlUplnc Knmpna In 3 Iantla Theater. MANILA, MIonday, March '27.—m ir­ ing the production of an Incendiary play, entitled “For Love of Country,’' presented In the Tagalog language at the Tagalog theater, the natives, undei the Induence of repeated references to independence, became disorderly. Fin­ ally, quite carried away with the sight of the rebel flag on the stage, they cried \'Vive Flllplnas” and “Vive Agul- naldo.” The police, who were sum­ moned, restored order and arrested thi noanager of the theater and the authoi of the play. The latter is the proprie­ tor of a Tagalog newspaper which was reoentl;y warned to moderate its radi­ cal utterances. The American author­ ities had forbidden the production ol the play. _________________ Ftcroo Struggle W ith Burglar. SYRACUSE, March 27.—Frederick S. N iugle, superintendent ol the Onon­ daga Vttrlfledttrlfled Brickrick companyompany off War- B c o ' ners, 12 miles from this city, discovered a burglar In his home. The burglai flred a t Mr. Naugle,augle, butut didid notot hit N b d n him. Mr. Naugle grappled with man and wrested the revolver him and fired, but the room dark for good a{m. The burglar seize Mr. Naugleugle byy thehe throathroat andnd Mr. Nat b t t a gle got him likewise and threw him the bed. The burglar managed to gel of a knife In his pocket anf ledi Mr. Naugle and made good his Thehe knifenife strucktruck a ribib stabb escape. T k s a r over the heart and Mr. Naugle Is all righi today. _________________ isius of the house commi lanking and currency, has sub: man Bros on banklr ig System. 27.—Chair- )use committee ly, has subm it­ ted the report on the bill to give greatei safety to national banks by restrict­ ing the making of loans and overdrafts to bank ofllcers. The report says: \This bill proposes the only possible remedy for an evil of long standing in our banking system, an evil which Is largely responsible for the chief blem­ ish upon an otherwise most admirable system..’’ ____________ _ Cornell Boat Practice. ITHACA, N. y., March 27.—The Cor­ nell crews made their first appearance on the water yesterday. Coach Court­ ney for the first time this season took charge of the crews. He did not take the 'varsity out, but sent the second crew out to row for 20 minutes. The freshmen were also-sent out on the wa­ ter for a short spin. For the next 1C days the crews will practice both morn­ ing and afternoon. Prostdont Itooelves Lady Minto. WASHINGTON, March 27. — The president yesterday received Lady Minto, wife of the governor general of Canada. In tho party were the govor­ nor general's «3<ldo-de-oamp and Morton Frewen. They were introduced to the president by Senator Wolcott. Mrs. MoKlnloy, who Is still suffering from a cold, was unable to appear, RnbaRla I’lnguc Ciino* Inormum. JTDNEY, N. B. W„ March 27.—The mimlmr of hubonle plague cases olll- oll.ly rcporlod has ronchod !lfl. There linn lit'iiii 13 deaths from tho fllsonsp. Eight thousand poiwmi have hcon Jnoo- ulalml. _ _________ Foi' all tlio nows read Tho Lottdor. LACK OF ARMY CHAPLAINS. Miss H e len Gould JUalxitainiiig Some at Her Own Eseponse. WASHINGTON, March 27.—The Star says: A visitor at the \White House ferrlng to the lack o f chaplains wit the volunteeralunteer regimentsegiments inn thehe Phill]hilip­ r i t P pines and elsewhere, says that Miss Helen Gould of New \York Is maintain­ ing nine or ten chaplains In the army at her own expense. These men are not officially recog­ nized as chaplains, but as ministers and Young Men’s Christian associa­ tion workers they voluntarily land un- offlclally do practically the same work. Miss Gould, It Is stated, pays each ol these men SOO a month and their ex­ penses. The latter amount to more thanin thehe salariesalaries inn thehe Philippines.hilippines. It t s i t P I is thought that Miss Gould’s -monthly payment Is something like 52.000. She has been maintaining the Christian Workers since last fall, when the regi­ ments first began to go to the Philip­ pines, and attention w a s called to the failure of congress to provide for chap- Her work Is not generally known, as all her deeds of this kind axe done In this m ost quiet way. KoT>'bor 3 ~ j‘rak» ills'H a u l. Columbia avenue. Hive well-dressec men entered the place and while one of them engaged the cashier In conver­ sation one of his oompaxilons went tc the safe and got a w ay with ?3,100. Thi other men then auletly withdrew anf the robbery was net discovered foi fully five minutes. larch 27.— ultted here Mlle.'i Hnrpor AcautUed. CONNBLLSVILLB, O., Mar Miles Harper has been acqnltt of the mui-der of Valentine Hart. On the night of Aug. 8, 1899, Harper sud­ denly returned to his heme at Chester Hill, when he was xjot expected, and found Hart and He ordered Hart ) throw up his 1 i revolver, but befo! ordered H Hart grabbed his revolver, I shot twice by Harper and killei being able to use his weapon. Crow of Charlostoa Windioatod. WASHINGTON, March 27.—The re­ port of the court of inquiry a't Manila to fix the responsibility lor the loss pi the cruiser Charleston has been made public. It Is a complete vindication q J the officers and men ot the Charleston from all of the aspersions that have been passed upon them, including one to the effect that they were intoxlcatec when the ship struck. Named lu Uonvy's Memory, ■WASHINGTON, March 27,—By direc­ tion of the president the military post at Gayejv Porto Hlco, will hereafter be ' ’esignated ‘ rated ass Henry-bar-enry-b known and d a H raclrs in honor of the late Brlgai — ------- lary, U. “ ' Aged Cardinal Pnases Away. ROME, March 27.—Cardinal Cai Mazzella, bishop of Palestrina and feet of the Congregation of Si Rites, is dead. He -was born in Italy in 1833 and was created a co'-cli.’ip' !v Sliorinnii's Body On tho Way. LOS ANGELES, Cal, March 27.--T1U body of the late Shorman Rogers ol Buffalo, who died at Santa Barbara last week, has been sent liJast. The In­ terment will take place in Buffalo. To Amoiid iltiwu Kcali) dot. OTTAWA, Ont.. March 27,-H o n Mr Flalior, mlnbuer of nBrlc-ultui'e, Imt given notk'O of a bill to amoinl the jose Bcalc lu't so «a te poitu H fruit BtooU buliig Imponetl fronv tho Unllod .States lu Cuiuitla. filiK'o tho cloBO o£ fclw elvll war ?100,« 000,000 lUlH hOPll 811C3U 111 tlio BOUtU Cor noBi'O ctUicatloii, LYNCHED BY A MOB S T E R L ING 5IL V E R W A R E Colored Wretch Taken From Jail and Strung Up. ATTEMPTED TO ASSAULT A WHITE WOMAN-fMOB ATTACKED TfllE JAIL AND AFTER A SHARP F-IGiHT WITH THE SHERIFF, SE­ CURED THE PRISONER-TWO MEMBERS OF THE MOlB WOUND­ ED—NEGRO HANGED TWICE. BELAIR, Md., Mar. 27.—Lewis Har­ ris, colored, who early Sunday morning attempted assault upon Miss Annie McAlvaine, at her home near Befair, was lynched at an early hour to-day by a mob. From the time Harris was dragged from the dell until he was strung up, he Is said to have spoken hut one sentence. That was: “If I did it, men, I was drunk when I did it.” Harris was taken froii^ the jail last night after a brief struggle between the sheriff and tihe m-ob, in whidh two men were slightly woun'ded. It 'had hisen expected .an attempt would be made to hang Harris yesterdiay when he was brought up for a hearing, t a t ‘this was positpo-jied until tOrday, and everything seemed so quiet last might that the sus­ picions of the sheriff were a'llay-ed. Shortly before midnight it was an­ nounced that the mob was on the way from Aberdeen, a lUisighboring village, and a general movem'snt toward ithe jail took place. Presently about twien- ty men appeared, so^me of -wihom were masked, and the attack upon the jail began. A fusllade of shots was ex­ changed 'betwieen the sheriff, his depu­ ties and the -mob, resulting in. the wounding of Robert L, Bull of this place, and one of the crowd from Aber­ deen, Whose'- name was not learned. Nieithea* W‘ 0 und is serious. The jail door was finally forced and Harris ta­ ken out. While in the hands of the mob he explained, “If I did it, men, I was drunk and didn’t Icnow what I was about, I hav^ no recollection of It.” The -mob hustl-ed -him to a neighbor­ ing doory-ard In which stood a Large poplar tree. As H-arris was hoisted from the ground, the ilimb upon which the unfortunate wretch was suspended snapped Short and Harris fell -to ithe gr-ound. He was lifted again, moanlr^ and groaning, but -was quickly hanged the second time, this tim» effectively. Sever-al shots were fired into the body and the corpse w-as left hanging until this morning, when it was taken down.' Miss Mcllvaine, Harris' victim, was aif unmarried woman, 54 years ola.who lives -alone near the railway station. She was called to. her door a t naldnight Saturday and attacked by a negro, whom she afterward Identified as Har­ ris. The Indignation was more intense because it was the second crime of this kind Vhlch had been committed within a month, Wm. Black, a negro,^ being now confinied In the iBa'ltimore jail, awaiting trial for assault upon Jessie Bi'adford, a young woman residing at Aberdeen. It is asserted -that iMlss Mc- Ilv-aine, Harris’ victim, was with the mob' when, the jail was attacked last night, but this cannot he iConfirmea,aEd it is certain she was not present at the hanging. Want President McKinley Censured. WILMINGTON, Mar. 27.—The Wil­ mington Methodist Episcopal confer­ ence to-day adopted, a resolution re­ questing the general conference to cen­ sure President McKinley for setting aside the anti-canteen law and to cen­ sure him for drinking liquor, after a personal reference to the president’s drinking had been stricken out. Before this was 'adopted a resolution con­ demning the president as a metober of the Methodist Episcopal church for his public and private tippling was de­ feated by a'vote of 67 to 43. Additions to Gorman Fleet Necessary BERLIN, Mar. 27.—The budget com­ mittee to-day commenced a debate on the naval bill. Count 'Von Buelow, the minister of foreign affairs, made a con­ fidential statement showing that addi­ tions to the fleet were imperatively ne­ cessary to assure the maintenance of a pacific policy. Admiral Tirpltz, secre­ tary of the navy, made a similar state­ ment and confidentially explained Ger­ many’s naval position. The commit­ tee resolved to maintain secrecy dur­ ing these deliberations. Russian Squadron at Chemulpo. YOKOHAMA, Jtipan, Mar. 27.—Tho Russian squadron has arrived at Obo- mulpo. It is bollovod tills presages a doinantl for conocBBlon of lauil a t Ma- sango, and is arousing uneasy com* moutB in iTnpim. 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