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! ( r ' ' Football Number VOL. l . - N O . 15 *” the Fielsjby the New York Division TEXAS, WEDNESDAY. , ‘‘The Strength of the Wolf 8 PAGES ARMY! ARMYII ARMYII! THANKSGIVING DAY AND THE SCORE 15-7 Fifty Thousand Enjoy Beau­ tiful Foot Bail Contest on New York Polo Grounds OLIPHANT IS BEST OF ALL STARS A REAL HOLIDAY IN THE ARMY K the Pack, but the Strength of the Pack is the WoH” ON THE OORDER Starting With Church Services And Finishing With Ban­ quets and Entertainments Now York, Nov. 25--Nor the fourth straight tim e the Army made the Navy lake w a ter, by the score of 15-7. in Iheir annual football game a t the polo -grounds last Saturday. I t was the Tegular Army-Navy conflict, great dis­ play of soldiers, many notable people, the mascots and thousands of siiecta- toi^ shivering in the grand stands. The Navy, which appeared to be out­ classed in the opening of the game, rallied strongly and had the Army on the defensive to retain its lead in the second half. The first period of the game ended tvith the score 9-0 in favor of the A r­ my. Oliphant, who is the leading scor­ er in the college ranks this season, made the first touchdown in less than two m inutes after the kick off, carry­ ing the ball from his own five-yard line to w ithin five yards of the Navy -goal. Two more plays carried it over. A f ter an exchange of kicks, he scored again w ith a placem ent kick from the 20-yard mark. i L\ c L k I i iiu d w tiii iiodt i’oi'- wariT pass, O e rhardt to Vidal for 15; yards, added six more points to the score. The N a v y finally got the ball in the A rm y ’s territory when Oliphant fum b le d a punt in mill field. The Navy line braced and a forw a rd pass from Ingram to Orr, who took W etchcll’s place at quarter, brought the ball to w ithin striking distance of the A rm y ’s goal. Jackson failed to connect with another forwaril pass on the A rm y ’s 15-yard line, and Oliphant kicked the ball back to m idfield. Another execut­ ed forw a rd pass brought the ball back to the A rm y 20-yard lijie just before the end of the period. Score end of second period, Army 15, N a v y 0. A t the end of the second period the Arm y rooters held a noisy celebration in the field by the ^ i d of their cannon, and though the M iddies were losing, thejv* were not idle. They were on their feet singing and yelling en­ couragem ent to the team. B a k e r and D aniels There. Secretary of W ar B a k er and Secre­ tary of the N a v y Daniels walked to the center of the field and greeted each other. W ith them were M ajor General Hugh L. Scott, Chief of S taff of the Army, and M ajor Leonard Wood and other high Army and Navy officers. In the last pai^t of the game the Midilies showed a great reversal of form , and in the third period kept the Army on the defensive. The first Probably very few inen in the 6th Division ever spent Thanksgiving Dav in the A r m y before, and while nat­ urally it is the day of fam ily reunions, feasts and entertainm e n ts, this year, the 7th In f a n tr y will have to attend to the form er for us all, while feast and entertainm e n t part will re­ main for our own attention even in the cactus zone of the Magic Valley. We at least have it on the Northern rela­ tions on’ the weather, and while New Yorkers may enjoy a sleigh-ride, we can saunter forth in summer garb and hunt, play ball or commune w ith na­ ture, unencumbered by fur coats or mittens. The program of the day will start as all Thanksgiving days do start, in or out of the service, w ith a ino.st at- tr.atcivo church service, arranged by the Chaplains on the Border. A solemn high field mass of thanks­ giving will be celebrated on Thanks­ giving D.ay a t 9:30 at the 69th Camp Drill Ground. Chaplain Coiiuollv, 12tli; D>ir*fv, flotji. .‘i,d I^on.-o. > . } ' F. ..H I ae:m o u of the day will be preached by Chaplain M ajor Doherty, 3rd \D. S. Cavalry. The band of the 12th and 3rd F. A. will participate. The music of the mass will be rendered by the 6th Division choir and at the end of the sei-vice the RACE OF 12TR INF. InterBst in N ovb I Contest is Is the Thanksgiving Guest jM iuce Pie t * Mixed A^iples Oranges Chocolate :tS He C V ^ ^ 't Hold Him! Te Deiim, Hymn of Thanksgiving, will be sung by the entire congregation. The ceremony is open to all soldiers, and the public, and, no doubt, many civilians will avail themselves of the opportunity of assisting at the unique church service. Cigars (.diiim y Bananus Grapes Coffeo Cream Cheese Cigarettes THANKSGIVING EVE RECEP­ TION AND DANCE There will be many entertainm ents in all the organizations of the 6th Di­ vision, both at McAllen and Pharr. One of the most interesting athletic contests will be hold by the 12th In ­ fantry, which is described in another column of this issue. There will also bo many ball games in the afternoon as soon as the big turkey dinners are digested. And speaking of turkey dinners, some feasts in the different organiza­ tions have been planned and the 10,000 pounds of gay-plummaged birds of Texas will bo surrounded w ith all kinds of other ‘'fillers, ” topped off w ith pies, ice cream, cakes and other sweets, for the tastes of men who do not drink—and th a t ’s us—demand sweets. M any of the organizations are planning regular banquets with decor­ ations, menus, etc. Probably one of the most elaborate is the one at the The dinner souvenir The hospitality of the officers of the 7-tth Infantry is already famous, but they are planning to eclipse all former brilliant social events—Thanksgiving Eve when they will hold a reception and dance at their camp club at Pharr. The decorations will be a marvel of beauty and some novel innovations at the dance are promised. Tho music will be furnished by the 7-lth band, which in itself is enough to insure a successful and enjoyable evening for all fortunate enough to attend. BIG Keen-Officers as Well as Enlisted Men are Entered THANKSGIviNG OUR 0. S. SENATOR WADSWORTH HERE of His Old Cavali) ATTRACTION '^“ ‘8 or Joses tomor­ row, the McAllen jitney-bus drivers are who wants to ‘ the finish of the Tw elfth’s full-pack eross-coun- will have to rely upon some mount or vehicle unless he wants to take a three- mile run himself. WAS A LIEUTENANT IN TROOP H. s t T o , Besides Colonel Johnston, and per­ haps one «r two officers who helped him pick the course, no one knows where it is to be. However, tho finish will naturally be very close to the In­ fantry 8 Brigade Camp. In spite of tne mouotoiioua flatness of this region there are several landmarks nearby which can be seen for miles around According to the conditions of the race the course is to be three miles, “ from one point to another nearly visible” The contestants will assemble to­ morrow morning before eight, and will bo taken in motor trucks to the start­ ing point. Colonel Johnston leading the ^ careful inspection will be C tip iiiia Gtuch-^', t h e r«giujtfu- foJ Ailjijt/mf, of the equipment carried, which is to consist of full pack and 100 rounds of service ammunition in the web belt. This and other preliminaries over, the finishing point will be point­ ed out to the runners. LEFT CAMP IN SPLENDID CONDITION DON’T SEND THEM HOME ALIVE! m e Arm y on m o aoxeueive. iiio iirac N a w score came when Ingram block-1 Gamp Hospital. -Od a punt on the Army 15-yard line, [ card is a very artistic folder affair snatching tho ball and racing for the I » ^arge, proud turkey embossed in • - 'colors on the front cover, proudly walk- touchdown. Score at uthe end of the third period. A rm y 15, N a v y 7. Tho final period of the game opened w ith the ball in the A rm y ’s possession on the N a v y ’s 35-yard line. Roberts intercepted a forw a rd pass and ran 20 yards to the 45-yaid line. Roberts then punted to the A rm y ’s 5-yard line. V idal kicked from behind the goal posts to m idfield. Roberts caught the ball and gained 10 yards through tackle. A f ter an attem p ted forw a rd pass the Army was penalized 20 yards and the ball was on the Army Is-v a r d line, when Oliphant broke through for a 45-yard run, bringing the ball in the N a v y territory. An exchange of punts left the ball •on* the N a v y ’s 30-yard line. Final score, Army 15, N a v y 7. ing under a harvest arch, and __ mounted by the American Eagle and tho Stars and Stripes, under which we all have the honor of serving. M ajor Gen. Frederick Funston, U.S. A., commanding the Southern Depart­ ment, announces th a t complaint has been made by the postal authorities V?® remainuig on that soldiers on duty on the Mexican i Gn Tuesday night tentage Border have been violating the postal occupied 1 laws by depositing in the mails live insects, animals and reptiles. The sec­ tion of the Postal Laws and Regula­ tions, which strictly prohibit this prac­ tice, is published by General Funston, and a s trict observance will be required. Persons convicted of violating the reg­ ulations may be imprisoned for two years and fined $1,000.—Army and Navy Journal. 1 DIVISION CAMP EXCHANGE Under an order issued from Division The second page contains the list of | N a v y (7). 6 0 0—15 0 0 7— 7 H. Langford of Summary and Lineup: Arm y (15). Score by periods— Arm y ^ Navy Officials: Referee. — o f T rinity; umpire, ^ ^ r p h y of Brow n ; field judge, J- W illiams; head linesman, Carl Mar shall of H a rvard. Time of periods. K ? t U n m inutes each. Touchdowns, Oliphant, ^ ‘dal, goal from placement, Oliphant. N a v y scor- ! \ « ^ , T o u = h d o ^ , O o o d r t e . . ^ l “ “ “y - r o \ ; a ?or Place; Hir»l K’nicrht- H a h n for Meacham. l^ v y o “ C ' w S h o I ; DachiclJ for Perry; B c h a L lo r W ard; D a w s f o ' y | * ' o ' l ; O r r . ___________ IT ------------ - ------------ ^Continued on Page o) those in charge of the various wards and dexiartments of the hospital. The officers are: Captain George M. Edwards, M. C. U. S. Army, Com­ manding Officer; Captain William T. Cade, M. C. U. 8. Army, Mess Officer; Captain Omar H. Quade, M. C. U. S. Army, A ssistant to Surgeon; Captain George P. Lull, M. C. U. 8. Army, As­ sistant to Surgeon; Captain George J. Lawrence, M. C. N. Y. N. G., U. 8., As­ sistant to Surgeon; Captain Robert N. Newman, M. C. Tenn, N. 0 . U. 8., As­ sistant to Surgeon; 1st Lieut. Henry A. Riley, M. C. N. Y. N. G., U. 8., As­ sistant to Surgeon; 1st Lieut. Charles B. Reitz, M. R. C. U. S. Army A ssistant to Surgeon; Lieut. John W. Scrovel, Dental Surgeon, U. S. Army. Army Nurse Corps. Anne L. Caeuan, chief nurse, Emma L. Dozier, Ethel V. Frost, Elizabeth A. Eagen, M,yra A. H a ckett, M a ttie L. Hinson, K a therine Kerr, Elsie M ag­ nus, Bessie M cNutt, Eida E. Peterson, Cynthia Richardson, Mae Rowan, Car­ rie E. Shoff, Teresa A. Stromberg, Elizabeth C. Thomas and Miss Henzel. The menu to be served is as follows: Oyster Soup Crackers Spanish Olivos Mixed Pickles Celery Roast Turkey Cranberry Sauce Oyster Dressing Giblet Gravy Creamed Corn Mashed Potatoes Green Peas Candied Sweet Potatoes Baked Ham and Jelly W aldorf Salad Chocolate Layer Cake Jelly Roll! General Jam es W. Lester, Chairman; Lieut. Col. W. S. Terribcrry, represent­ ing Sanitary Units; the Commanding Officer of each regiment, independent battalion and squadron, w ith Lieut. Col. H. S. Sternberger, Division Quarter­ master, as recorder. Under an agreement made with the Army and Navy Co-Operative Com­ pany about tho time the troops were assembled on the Border, this com­ pany provided all the merchandise and necessary equipment and agreed to give the Division one-third of the net profits. The company is said to be ready to declare a dividend on Decern- j her 1st, and it is understood the above council has been appointed for the purpose of examining aud auditing their accounts, profits, sales, etc., with a view to approving and distributing the profits to the m ilitary units. The gallant 7th Infantry started for their home station as we went to press last week, and their absence has surely been felt at McAllen, where both offi­ cers and men made many warm friends during their Border Service, covering nearly five months. Probably they will reach New York in time to enjoy their Thanksgiving Dinner with their families. The regiment was given a royal send- off by the troops remaining on the ' 'g h t tentage was packed and the men occupied their “ p up” tents. The next day they were entertained for dinner by their old “ military cronies,” the fighting 69th. Early in the afternoon, Colonel N. B. Thurston of the 74th Infantry and his officers, accompanied by the 74th In ­ fantry Band, came to McAllen from Pharr to pay their respects to the 7th ami see them off. At about 4:.S0 o ’clock they marched ! to hte station, escorted by the entire 69th Regiment, the 12th Infantry band being attached for the occasion. The 7th marched to the m artial music of the 3rd Tennessee band. The 7th has performed most effi cient work on the Border, doing every duty assigned to them with enthus­ iasm and efficiency. They left a splen­ didly clean ^anip and a wonderful rec­ ord of discipline, maintaining tho for­ mer high standards of the famous “ Grey Jackets.” They are possibly marching up Fifth Avenue today behind the famous drum Corps, which never lost a beat, at least we at Headuqarters know the base drummer never lost one at reveille, while on the Border. At 8:30 sharp, Lieut. Col. R. L. Fos­ ter, the official starter, will fire the gun, and the runners, numbering over a liiindred, will dash awav over the un­ known ground. There may he thick clumps of thorny brush and caetns be­ tween the two points. There may be swamps. There will certainly be a number of hazards, but that will only make the race all the more interesting. Perha2)s there will be places where the runners will have to choose between two trails, aud where quick judgment and a good memory of the topographi­ cal features as seen from the starting point will avail more than leg-power and lung cajiacity. I'toin a military standpoint the race is of great interest. There are many situations in actual war wdiich would call for just this speed, endurance and quick judgment of country and direc­ tion. Colonel Johnston made this plain ill a statement for the Rio Grande Rattler. “ A scout who has obtained; extremely important information which i may seriously affect a Division - ' arrived at McAllen‘o'nM o ^ d rv Yasi’ Senator Wadsworth was formeVlv an officer in the 1st Now York Cavalry and was one of the organizers of T r o ^ M, stationed at Avon, N. Y . ‘he railroad station by Captain Dassas C. Newton, as his visit was of an informal char­ acter no military ceremonies attended his arrival. While here, he will be a tlio 1st New York Cavalry. Tuesday morning he was furnished with a mount and enjoyed a ride about alr\- Galley country with the Cav. that Senatorial hon­ ors took Lieut” Wadsworth out of the service, as he had done much to- ward making Troop M, the baby troop ot the Cavaliy, efficient. Being an expert horseman and coming irom a ^here some of the finest horses are bred, he was in a position to start the troop in good worth mliug ring to train the men, even oefore the State authorities could furnish finaucial assistance enough for such training. Last year, while stump­ ing the western part of the state for the senatorial election. “ Lieut” Wads­ worth ptt^ped over at Konnilworth range, near Buffalo, on the Tonawanda Road and joined his troop a t rifle prae- tire. After qualifying he continued on his way to Tonawanda to address a Republican rally. Senator Wadsworth, when seen bv a representative of The Rattler yester- day morning, was attired in flannel shirt, riding trousers and boots, and had just returned from a gallop with the troopers. He was most entlnisiustie over the results of the training of the men anti the fine work that was being accomplished on the Border. He said • he would return to Washington more tiian ever the champion of “ Universal training.” On Tne.sday Senator Wadsworth call­ ed on Major General O’Rvan at Divi­ sion Headquarters and a little informal reception was held, the Senator meeting the members of the staff and remaining to lunch. * This inorniug a review of the entire Division will be tendered the Senator on the Artillery field at 10 o ’clock. The Senator will join the men of Army Corps wouhi have to make a run ! T f n r h Z V l • • like this,” he said. “ A patrol who DRAMA OF CREATION A SM ILE W ITH A SMOKE. Genl. W. P. Hall, U. 8. Army, retired, has arranged at the McAllen Airdome the exhibition of this beautiful drama which is scientific, historical and re­ ligious in its character. Seats are free All cordially invited. The program is changed each evening and will run about a week. Have you been in Delmonico’s lately and noticed the big cigar stand with the full line of smokes for everybody? The pretty young lady who conducts tlie stand is no one other than Mrs. Claudia Anderson, formerly of Hous­ ton, where she ran a stand in the Chronicle building in t h a t city. < ------ Mrs. Anderson will carry a complete j 1917. TO ENTER WEST POINT John A. Bruckner, Jr., 406 East 161st street and Lester G. Degnan, 272 east I63rd street of New York City have just been designated to try the West Point entrance examination in March, an\^ 3 7 ‘^ n Anyone h aW n, .pare eopie. of Noa 1 eome the t r a i . (5 and 9 of The^Battler «n_ o b tainJS Fifteen rattles to our tail this week? office. O UUU — —— - - - cents each for them at The Battler a discovers a flanking movement of the enemy cannot spare himself and a few minutes’ delay may be fatal. A vital message may be entrusted to some in­ fantryman who can go where no horse could follow.” “ Above all,” concluded the Colonel, “ tho final test of good infantry—ev­ en greater than their shooting quali­ ties, is to cover distances with their full equipment and be ready for any demand.” There are attractive prizes for the winners of the race. A large silver cup has been presented by Lieutenant Cor­ nelius W. Wickersham, on which the winner’s name will be inscribed. This cup will remain on exhibition in the armory. A smaller replica of it and twenty-five dollars in cash will be giv­ en to the runner that takes first place. The next four men to cross the finish line will receive cash prizes, as fol­ lows: second, twenty dollars; fifteen dollars for the third, ten dollars for the fourth, and five dollars for the fifth. Several officers have contributed the total of seventy-five dollars for these prizes. | The novel contest is arousing a great deal of interest not only in the Twelfth but in other Infantry organizations. The list of contestants whose names have so far been entered, as given un­ der Twelfth Infantry news in another column, includes several officers, and others who are now on detached posts at Ganjeno, Penitas and Sam Fordyce are expected to follow suit. There will surelv be over one hundred starters. Besides the officials already men­ tioned, Majors Downs and Roosevelt, assisted by selected Cavalrymen, will act as judges along the course, an ’ ” ■ tomorrow-, and return to Washington on Friday. ARMY LEADS THE NAVY BY ONLY TWO GAMES The game last Saturday between tho Army and Navy was the twenty-first between the two great service branch­ es. The army has a slight lead over the Annapolis teams, having won elev­ en games, lost nine and tied one. Following is a record of the scores made in the annual combats; T890—Navy 24, Army 0. 1891— Army 32, Navy 16. 1892— Navy 12, Army 4. 189.3—Navy 6, Army 4. 1899— Army Iq, Navy 5. 1900— Navy 11, Army 7. 1901— Army 11, Navy 5. 1902— Army 22, Navy 8. 1903— Army 40, Navy 5. 1904— Army 11, Navy 0. 1905— Army 6, Navy 6, 1906— Navy 10, Army 0. 1907— Navy 6, .Army 0. 1908— Army 6, Navy 4. 1910— Navy 3, Army 0. 1911— Navy 3, Army 0. 1912— Navy 6, Array 0. 1913— Army 22, Navy 9. 1914— .Army 20, Navy 0. 1915— Army 14, Navy 0. 1916— .Army 15, Navy 7. HvL 219 JU U gvo «*«v**^ ------ * - prominent field officers from other or- _ -rt-ill iivYwpa at the fin- ganizations will be judges ish.. Those desiring to witness the race are advised to be at the Twelfth In- fautrv camp at half past seven if they w a n t'to go to the starting point, as the starting gun will be fired at 8:30. The winner will cross the tape before nine, and those who want to see the finish are advised to be in time to start from the Twelfth’s camp for the finishing point not later than 8:30 so as to arrive in time. The six companies on detached posts early this week, returned yesterday, and tomorrow morning a t 10;45 the en­ tire regiment will be paraded in honor of the winners, who will be marched front and center to receive the prizes. PRICE FIVE CENTS $

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