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Island dispatch. (Grand Island, N.Y.) 1944-current, May 27, 1944, Image 1

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1\: .s\ E A \ ' 3 \ T \‘¢“‘%?\\*—T A T T ' i “ f % I o. L’ % ~ ? » A % / 4;; : ; u’ _—EI‘-Ig:g«§ ,3 , % » ‘ ¢ % _@,MI Ma :1» ,«_\ . % I. —— No. 7. GRAND ISLAND, N. Y. 8 Cents A Copy MAY 27, 1944 ma sommas TONIGHT Fill In The Missing SPEEDBOAT REGA'l'l‘A TO BE HELD ‘AT BEDELL HOUSE ii MI Some whe1'.e~ ian “’l“he Dis- pafcI1.” are s~lo=gans and. .semen.- ces whiclx \V'i1H, give you the missing words in ‘N19 ¥0=H‘o\v~in~g p11ra.s'es. ‘ _ Boat. Club w1\l1« pr-es«e:no~t 3, speed.- boat 1-egatefa art the Bede1‘1\H3ou- se Sunday afternoon, June K Many of the speed demons of other years are in the service of our c-ount.r-y, ‘but some of the old timers have gotten to.ge~th-er in an effort to keep the spout alive and will be out to do-or die in evnytghin-g from. a. 5 horse power fishing boat to a sleek runabout. A Grandyle Village '[‘(mig.l1t wt the Fire 'Eal=1, Baseline Rd., the V01-ulnsteer Firemen w-iltl present a dance wvith proceeds -ea.1'ma1'k‘ed for -the Greuld Island Smokes for S0’1d'ie1=,g Fund. Fm» the firsst time since the pélensure driving ban on power boats sent the speedsters into d'ry-doc-k. the Mevreury Power By Ed Ball 1-egular meueting of the ‘The first 5 c(n-reef a.1Ls\ve1‘s to be received‘ at “T119 Dis- pa't.c=h” office, E21-st R-iver Rd.. G1‘-aAm1 Is'lvancl, by masll will re- ceive zl pzlyim of G11¢*st ’l‘i0kets 1.0 Bn=i1’.< L‘ab‘a~lMIe ’I‘:l1~e\-c1.1:1~e. In case of ties decision, of the Judges are f'iua;1. E21011 a.11sw~ea;1- n1u.<'t be _fn‘lln\ve(1. by .lneat'iun of passage. ._M .‘ ”“‘-.1-§‘z’1-dylv l’1'upe1-ty 0\VI1e~rs dafdiswn was held. Wed. Even‘in;g, nt lay 10th at the vhmue of Mr. il \ J us-ep=11. Ken-n 22 Love -~ New m¢~\m1l)en*s ~f1'n1n East ‘ark were wo|co~n1ved at this A1-x-a1Lge,men—ts have been made to ‘have va,ppetising_ .:z.r1'ay 01? ref~1'esM}1m~e11««ts on hand and z-mmrd and square d:anciz1;g will hi rgh 1 i ght th 0 eveninug. Meyer-Morgenstern Nuptial Solemnized Mat~t(=1's pe~1~t<arini11;g to .95 [he —'\v-c=H'a;1-9 0:!’ the community 3 \'61-'6 d'i=.‘\'('l1.s'.\‘=t’(I. R<‘-F1'e«.~:11,111n11t..s‘ .59 “*ei~.¢ S»9I.'V'(’d af»l.e1- tho m:e‘e~ti11eg. .59 \.-.Pvt. .\lp:hm1w MI{ea:pjple has Our Lady of Victory Basilica was the scene of. a -beautiful celenlu-uy on Sa‘tu.1‘d:avy znuxaning May 20th at 10:00, w-11911 l\'“S\‘ June Alice .\I~o1:ge.1Ls‘t.e1'11, clvaugh fer 0fM1'. and 1\‘I1~s John E. Mo‘ ge11ste1~.n., sbecamxe the bride of Mr. Wi§l.lia1'.d Queu‘ti1'1 Meyer. son of Mr. and Mrs Norman I-I. Meyer. The Rt. Rev. Joseph E. Ma:g‘11i1'Ae officiated. The bzride wore a candle \Vhi1}(’ satin gown with a yoke and panel of Aleucou Lace. Her fuvl‘1-lenght veil of i‘1lV.l1Si0n au- cad-ed from a Julirt cap. em- -broidered in pearls and she car- ried a 'ca,scad‘e of white roses The L-m11-m.i1:tee will be under the C()~Cha,—i-I of Bill Fle- ming and Ed. Kruse. In charge of the Bay will be: Art Kiusg;sto11 wi=th, Elmer F]evis*1m1a.n in charr- go of H19 lunch. E-ntri~e,g have been relceiwved from Pwtty Fix. Al .\I<ann~eck, Pete F‘rencll1_ Dick V()i-gl.l1t, Pete Felcke, Al Bingham. Cowboy Ma:nh~ardt. J ianmy Wilson, Bill Dol-an, Bud Sullivan, George Schultz, F‘.-red ’Bin'ge:r, Ollie Ho- ward and Merle Day‘. ‘ ' ’l‘l1ve Meretugv Power Boat Club invites anyone who has a stock bo-at either on1t‘boa.rd or ixrboard to participate. There will be competition in all class—- es ranging from 5 horsepower outboards to 1m1«1iam'1;ed in- boards. 1. Fm: to small . . ,_ sup-plies. Lk eeén t1'au.~;feu'.1'ml fzrmn (3mn.p _ 9 rpm 1,. I. In I.<:m1e,- Field, Llsh [~is's. His new adrdress is: Pvt. .,-l1il’10n,sp Raepple -12094775 - 2. N i.a.ga:1*a FI'()I1ti,eI.‘.\' Your at-tenda.11ce will mean 21 can-Lon of smoskes for some (h'a,1,1d I;s'J‘:1x1d Se-Iwvice Man. 3. The best that . zmd . . . . make‘ pnssi~ble . eii Air (“nrps Tee-1u1ica»l. emweh I(es-slw FiA9«I.(l; ‘Miss. - hé-~C1l'(»b']i=1'H(‘t\V'.iI1.\' seen on last Par}: Rd. are Jim.my and 1 anoey, sons of Mr. and Mrs. 701% AAI3‘ Base lM'nViI (‘lass 260 4. *3ervi11sg the G-rm1d. Island. G. I. 4-H News Yum jewel er ‘ ambg Km-. — Mr. am Mrs. rp'£i13'y are now voecltpyixrg the A at MSt.0n-e._v Point a1'1—dfEas:t 31113’: Red. fo1'mer1_v owned by , [T.4\m1d 1\‘Iars IIm1sen.—— The an °o'uz, party ~ofthe ‘Grand le‘i7’ro:pm-ty ()\vne1's As;s:.’11 was eI(_l?o.11 Sa-’r~11r(la.y evening. May Dtlj at HIP Grand ‘Island Fire- Ea'-1l.j' — Mr. and M:1's‘Ro.If Bur- er.“&1‘e nmv 1‘P\'i(1Ii;Il{..7 art 47 East. ‘ark Road. ()t:her recent. arriv- I5 are Mr. and Mrs Edward - Ed and Mr. and Mrs Jones ind} daurg!}1t.ers, Also .Mr. and 'l\m' B. Fadum of 53 fast‘ Pa.1:k Rd.‘ Who ha V0 two 3n§‘in active service. Lt. Tm',tz- :r B. Fadzum Jan. is in. T Air Force at (‘-harleston. . . 0.; and IA‘. (jr) I-Tans, R. Fa- ullvi-s stat'i0:1w(1 Dutch Harbor .|l-s,ika.. ’l‘he_v have a 3rd son 6. Inspected and A.pp1'oved bythe America. At the first meeting of the G. I. 4-H Club a.t the Sidway School the foéllowing officers and (‘ouncil xne1n1)ers were e- lected. President: \Carol Kepp- ler; vice~p1'es-: Bill Stack, Sec- 1'0t21I'y; N01-irme Kzeppler and 'I‘1'oa.s:1u'er: C‘)-'ril.l Rank. Coun- cil members are Cecelia Stank and Pat Stack. :» A basket picnic will wind up the day. ' Miss N01-ma E. lvluz-ray, maid of honor wore a «princess gown of llyacimtlr pink‘ the skirt, 'f n1a.rquisette and bodice of sat- in, The bx-idesn1aid,g Miss Ca«the' rine Disllon Wa~lsl1 and Mrs John J. Mo1'a,n wore simila-r gowns of baby blue and, yellow 1'espect.ive~l_v. The bouffant skirts were of net and the bod- ices of ta«ffeet.a.. All wore match- ing bonnrets and carri-ed cascacl~ es of roses and sprin-g f.l~owers. Mrs. Morgensvte1'n. chose a dawn gray crepe dress with purple accessories and Mrs. Me yer a black dress with white accessories. SANDY‘ BEACH Red Cross to Conduct Aquatic School , By Laura Winters The contivact Bridge C-lub met at the home of John Tinnell May 8th_ M1-so Gha Thomas was co-hostess. —'Mlrs. Calcord of Greeiixvay Rd. has been s'e1~ving on the jury in Buffalo for the past two weeks. — Mrs Paul Johnson J-r. and Mrs Orson Britten. ‘both of Wal lace drive‘ have just completed their cours-e in the Red Cross Volunteer‘ Nurses Aid. They re ceived their caps I-his past 'I‘hu-rsday. This 1'ep:1'e.sen1=ts a good many hours of service and we are proud of you. Betty and Trudy. — The Pilgriixis Worker class held t=hei'1- monthly meet.- ing at the home of Mrs. Charles .’I\l1omas. — Tthe Ladies O1'gan- ization of the Sandy Beaicli Yacht (‘.lu‘b held ’r.hei1- first meeting of the season at the home of Mrs Wm. Winter of Wzlllace Drive. It was election of officers and. Mrs. Dam-on A- verill of K:en—mo1‘e is our new president. — Mr_».~, Ken Kinsey ’s parents were her guests the Week of May 14th.‘ in her new home formerly J. C‘. James res- idence. — Sumrmer cant be too far off. an taleast Joan Ll‘Vl:1Ig.%‘- ton and Lynn Win:te'1' don ’t thi~n.k so. ’l‘hey have been swim- ming already. For the ‘twenty-third consec- utive year. the Avmverican Nati- onal Rev Cross is planning, to -conduct N=ationa;1 Aquatic Schools to serve‘ Chapters and -their Branches in the -t1-tainimg of instructors to carry on First Aid, VV:a.te1' Safety and‘ Aocid—- ent Prevention pro-grams. Men and women are eligible to en- roll in an Aquatic Sehoo~l._ pro- vided they plan to serve as in- struct-ors« in Wa;te1- Safety” Einszt Aid. and Accident Prevenation-, are 18 years of age or older, and are in good health and sound physical condition. Each school 11151-8 doctor and train- ed nurse on its staff. Mr. John Walker. 4-H. Erie (.‘ount.y agent amended and helped m'gm1ize the club. Mrs. F. Naomi Loder. local lvader was ably assisted by Mrs Alice Wolf. Mrs Sally Smnitll, i\“[«1';< Ellen ’l‘urnbul-l and Mrs Helen Ball. \l‘*he next xnxeeting uf the 4-H ('I‘u.b will be held on Monday (-vening June 5t.:h at 7:30 P. M. in H19 School Auditorium. Mr. N01-man Mey-e-r was be“- mau and the ushers were Mr. Donald A. Fel-ton and M1‘. Wm- F‘. Cooke. A b1'ea.kfast was served at the I’La.1~k Lane, w~he1=e A reception was given f1‘~0‘m 6 tn 9 n’clnc.k. The couple will l1oI1ey7n1ot)11 in. New Yank and- will 3):‘ at honm June 1st in 20 Ranmna Ave. ((‘-onvtined on Pzugrei 2) ”0RCHlD OF THE WEEK” ’I‘l1le Aquatic School being conducted this year which is the nearest to this a.rela. is at (‘A-amp Oneida, Wood;g’a.t.e. N. Y. 30 miles Iiorth of Utica, from June 18—28, inclusive. The fee of $35 which cowers board,.1od.— ging; textbooks and all materi- -als is assumed ‘by the communi- ty Red Cross. Braiich for any i*n.dividua.] i»nte2'eslaed in going‘. If t.l1e*I\e is anyone on Grand Is- land‘ Who would like to take advarmtage of this training‘, please call Mrs. W. F. Ness, W. River Road, G. I. 52»-F-11 for furfhver pa1*~ti-eula;1‘1's. Sunday May Mth, Mrs.‘ [ild-fed G.a:vott of Waln1'nce Because of ii-l)«i»s incident 1nan_V persons have w1'itt.e.n to “The Dispatch” and u=rg=i-ng that ’l‘~edd.y receive the Om‘11ids of The VV:eek award. rive lost her‘ purse cnnmining nemty -d'o—l.l~a1‘s,M eye glasses_ rawtiyon ook 1ice11.s=es, etc. ‘The’ purse *as found by '1‘-eddy Kum1~zm‘d- : off Baseline mad who imme- iatbly caMl~1Aed Mrs. Gavett,m1d L t.h~a.t, he had foun,-d ’e’r plrrse. WVl1en 1\‘I.r.s Gravett 141-1&1 at his home to reclaim _e1-‘ ‘lost. prdpemy 'I‘edd:v' said: It ,ma:k-esé me feel so good to that I found it and am blnefto remrn it to you.” ' Three New Members in Fire Co. We the-refore. award Teddy K111n'1a.nc1‘e1' “ The Om‘.-ohid of -the Week\ and with it a hint. ’th-at perhaps the person responsible for his noaturavl ~reac-ti'o.n in res- pec-t of ot-he«1- persons» pvopegrty can be traced to his mot'h‘e1', Mrs ‘Theodore Kmnl,a‘ndoem', whose home t.1-oainhxg has pro- duced a fine b.oy. Three new members accept- ed into the G. I. Fire 00. Mr. H. W. Brown, Mr. M. L. Living ston and Mr. H. G. Wilson. The Board of Direotros held a. special meeting and all ar-. rangements have been made to start Work on the truck garage addition immediately. ms ’ SAT'I'ERLEE’S FOR For phonogmph albums see Harrison Electric. 799 Tona- wanda. St. Adv. FOR PRESCRIPTIONS CALL Weigh’s Niagara Frontier's Complete selection of modem and classic records at Harri- son ’s. Adv. ‘BUGS — Adv. SA'l\l‘ERDEE DRUGS. — Adv Drapery headquarters. Adv , , -;__-Q\ .\.. '—-.l:'.-.:?f:\ :» ,. ,, -:. . v.«..x.-‘9%~’¢-:'.‘......,,.... .g‘.*§ét¥.'.’- . “\1 an-N-w~k¢'.'. T \=-‘F1 rs» \ .-\\_\ .-I-,';\7§“';:§g;-ff_ —~I ‘3 »' —£'—;z'.‘.;1‘ 2”.\ '57»-v f‘:‘3 ‘M:-\‘:'.= .-g=.,_;--:~\.«_.. ,_ .~ -...,.,. _.—;_7 . ‘_ 7 _ ’=:’i€‘,* .. y.-,;;‘.e~\:¢¥-2‘ A 2» ‘ ~ . «.:;.,. ;.»:V,'g.;;,.;a:«;n.e.&s»j;;.'.i._.$:’;:W,, .ox.:.;...4~..m‘;_,;4.~:--='.»+‘ é , l- -....:.aA

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