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Island dispatch. (Grand Island, N.Y.) 1944-current, March 31, 1944, Image 1

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r, 194% ///1/ , / VOLUME NO. 3 GRAND ISLAND, N. Y 8 Cents A (‘nnv MARCH 31, 19.44 D. C. Dance April 15th to Raise Funds For Auxiliary Pump Unit Shelter Final Red Cross Returns $1662.55 KILLIAN-FORSYTHE NUPTIAL SOLEMNIZED lVI;r.s. William Dvkd-e~‘b.1~u11 and Mrs. Andrew Kirkwood, co- clxaivrneu of the Hrrand Island Red Cross Wa.1- 1*‘und Drive, announced today, t.ha.t final tabulation of -the drive shows a total of $1662.53 in pledges. Mrs. Dekdebrun stated‘ this ’c.otwa.1 far exceeds expecta.tioms and that Grand Island as be- fore has come to the flronm in fine shape.” '1‘1'i11i¢y-‘E\1a'uge1i'cal Church was the settillg for the Weddi-ng of Miss Betty Jean Forsythe, da-11~g'hter of Mr. and Mrs Clark C‘. Fnrsythe‘ 01' East River Rd., and Cpl. C.a.1~lto-n M. Killian son of Mr. and Mrs A1't.1i1'u' H. Kil- lian of W-hitehaven Rd. on Mar. 12, 1944. Roy Claire, organist, offered a fifteen nlinu-te 1'eci’oal before the ceremony. Miss Nida Smith, ‘soloist, sang “I Love You Truly.” The bride, given in marriagee ‘by her father were, an aqua crepe dress with m'a.1:ehing fea- tsher hat, and white gloves. Her shoulder eorsage was of garde- nias and red roses. W: Franklin L. K1ocke,O.C. D. ' Du-nee Chairman, announced today, that ticket sales for the April 15th Dance sliave exceed- gd expectations. The Dgmee, de- yjgned to raise money to con~ pxtrneil -a shelter house for our _,1;ew auxiliary pump unit. will :);e‘held in the Fire Hall. Base- ‘ine Road. « -‘This affair deserves‘ the full of all Grand Island *;eside;nt,s, 1'_eg‘-a1‘d'1ess of w.he- -;her or not they can attend, ’ ;),‘ecause money misecl wil-l he ipent in their own protection. Town has allotted .1<a.-11d for ' he erection of this sr}1el=te.r be- OM 0. (‘. D. offic-ials 1-.i,c_rl1=tl_v lesignatted the location of an- §ili'b.1'y e(1ui~pn1«e»n.t at the site of . ireosen-it fire protection 'faic-‘ili- ’ _ies, and now it is the duty of . be people of Granil Island‘ to ee that money is fm-tlmoming |_ o no cover the Costs of eun.s:true- Ion. ' H When the rep1'esentat.ive of A“\l1e O. _t‘_ D. a1'1'i\'es at _vri111' N I. 0111?; xvilgh nDlmok ‘of door prize :0 es. mg own. A full pirograin of e11.te1't.a.iu- D _Len-1 will be on tea}; with 1-ound ' ad Square (lnnein: at the head j E the liet. Mrs Rose Blaxnzpin, Mrs Hglen P(‘(';k and Mrs. Eum-a Reicheu, Luneheml; Earl Blampin. Eu» gene Beuvchex-, and Kmmeth Winters, Door. Door Prize ticl<etS nmy be nbtaitxed frmn any F‘ireman or Office of Civvilian_DeLf-ensv mem her. Support your 0. C‘. D. Rev. M~artieu E. R-icrkert per- formegl the ce1'emon_v before altar decoxrated with baskets of gladiol-21 and palms. On each side of the alvtam \vMere tiered candelabra. Large white bows mzwked off the pews; Miss Ca.th:erine Killi-an, cousin of the groom, was the maid oi\ honor. She wore a coral dress similar to the b1'ide’s with 8 white fea.tl1‘e1~hat.. and white gloves. H-er corsage was of yellow roses. Corporal Killian was attend- ed by his brother Edward Kil- lian, as ‘best man. The usihers were. Rirlvph Kreger and Gor- don Schooping. Mrs. Forsythe, mother of the bride, wore a cerise. wool dress, with black accessories. H-er cor- sage was of yellow daisies and roses. RABIES WARNING Dr. Norman L}. St-easing, Health Ofrf-leer of the tmvn of G1-and Isxland is~s'ued a. warning what all dog bites =be rrepoz-ted to his office lnlm€d'i‘8;t€1\' be- cause of the growing danger of rabies, which are rampant in surrounding towns. Dr. Stess- ing stated, that are no known cases of x'a.bi~e~s on the Island, but the daulger is always pre- sent and that the only control is téh-1'«oug.h a througxh attemion to all minor bite a.ccidents. - 1')1-. Stéessing off-ic-ial notice is as 1' ol_I.o\vs : SANDY BEACH By Laura, Winters Mrs. Virginia B.ocksbe.rger w.as ezxtertained last week by the members of the Red Cross sewing group that meets at her home. ‘.\Irs. B0cksbe1'.ge1' was presented with -.1 cursage of (:‘rrardinias. Dinner was served at C‘rand_v’x 1'es‘r.au1'ax1t air. Buf- faln and the group n(1_]‘our11ed to the tmvn ban) ‘uutuil the wee small lmurs. P. T. A. Elect The Grand Island I’a1‘ent.- ’l‘(=a'c'»her Association met. at the school Tuesday, March 28th. Election of 0<ffiC€‘1'S was the order of the day mid was fol- lowed by D1‘. Nognlan. Stessi‘11g, w-I10 ex.plai.11ed the flaws in the \Vag'-n<=1'-M111'x'a,v Bill. xvhivh he sz1_\-'swuu’t1)e touched tmtil Hf’f('1' the preside-mial. election, lwuallse it’s Inn but to }m11.d1e. It is particularly important at this time that all cases in which any person has been bit- ten by a dog-, be immediately reported _to the Local Health Officer. This is necessary so that the proper steps might be taken for the isolation and ob- servation of the dog in ques- tion. While our community -at present date is still free from a single case of rabies, cases have been reported in all the sur- rounding communities. In re- porting a, case of dog'bite, it is necessary that the owner's name be also added. if possible, so that direct action might be instituted as soon as possible. Nfrs. Killian, the groom’s mo~ they wore an Orchid dress, with matching accessoi-ies. Her cor- sage was si~In.i1m~ to that of Mrs. Fo1'sythe ’s. A St. .Pat!'ick,s Day I.’a1'1:y was held at the Sandy Beach Yacht (‘hub by tho 'n‘m.1dy Beach Prop- (='1-t_v ()\\'11'e1\s .'\..\‘s()L‘iat.i(n‘1_ Mair. 17th. An old fashion Box .luno11 was p1'e~pared hy the ladies and hiimhcxs axud partners were dwnvn by Thu me-n. Liquid 1‘e~ f1'.eshm(=n.ts were s(—‘1‘V(’d and (iall{'.‘i]‘1g' was viijoyed. —- Mr. Frank Wim-.=r.s a‘tt(=11.ded the Fnne1'a'I nf his brother, W1‘. Wil- liam Winters of .\‘i-alggara F-azlls. 'I_‘m=sda_\f, M~m*c'h 28. — Hrs A1- lwrf P1'e11t‘i(3e of Wa‘1:1iace Drive, was in \'ew York a. holiday. I191: d=a11g‘}1’rc=rs Beth anti. Peggy a,cc-ompa.ni<=d her. —— 9-a.~nd_V Beach Yacht (7'14n~h will open the soas=on’s a.ctivi”t_v April 1st. with an Aipriil Fool-s Dance. -- Mrs Leste_1- Gondc.=hi]d J-1'. is ex- peofing to join her h1i§ba~nd at his Mayine Base. —— Mrs Geirald Books~be1*g‘¢=r is i111 with .a.c0u~te toiisiiifis. —— K~e-n.ne’rh Wagner is home on fn~rIou,<zh. The wedding dinner was serv- ed at the K=a-therine Lawrence Tea Room, in Buffalo immedia- tely folrluwing the ceremony. Covers were laid for sAe\'-enzteen at «a “T” shaped table. A three tiered wedding cake, topped by a miniature bride and groom, eenfered the attractively decor- ated table. As n.m.1.n11nood t.u—<1z1._\~' the pmmittee will be compnse<1'o‘tT |C0nran1<}i11 L K1-nckv. (~hai1'ma.n ' - eon Peck and Ed Krllso, Bar (‘M-Ixildrm_1 ’,\» daily work was on rlisplny in the 1-no1n,\ and a h«mklv1‘ut' enoh child’.s avnu'1n- ul.-mu‘! \\'nI\k \\‘.'l\ x-11Alm:1i1‘1ud tn «—‘a0,h p:1:.rm'.1.t. [Em M p..m‘own Clerk Requests ww ! of Servicemen h -——— ° IVIYS Elsie E. .\‘t.:‘n11l\-1', tn\\‘n erk and [~l‘ll‘lpavl'i|1‘y (,'}l?1i1'IIl;1ll ‘ the I§1I1c1'ge1,1cy War Flmd. aquests the c-orroct service I/'ld1'-es.~'.(*s'. n1'Gran<1 I.=.Lm1.d buys Id‘ gri so they can be anldml the R01] of IIm1.m~ bozu-:1. .V____ H\r'!'icer.\ elected \\'e1'v: Presi- zglvnt: Mm. M-ay T‘hnn1as; Vice- I’re.<Mi«1t-11l,: .\I.rs. Wesley Link; .\‘«-oz:-e=ta1'_\': .\Irs. VVi|v1iam H. Lo- dor; T-l'Pa..\1I.]'Pl': ;\‘h~s:. Ellen 'I‘nm.1bull. Aftep a short wedding trip, the groom will 1-epurt to Salt Izake City. and the bride will resido with her parents for the pvesellf. A progx-‘am was aivvu by the §(‘h()n]. 0I'c:hes’r1‘a and wins \\'v1-9 r(*nu1m'wl. N ormzm G. Stessing, M, D Final Warning for Dog Owners Health Officer host. _ :,,,,.'1remen Hold .........mnual Banquet GRANDYLE VILLAGE Owllers of dog are Warned, that licenses must be obtained by April 10. Unlicensed dogs will be picked up or disposed of after that date by order of the Jusfioe’s court of the Town. By Ed Ball X,/-'sa¢u1-(lay nigrht. Mmh 25:11. ‘ e Vt»l11x1toe1' Firv Dept. of rand Islaml. held the-i1‘ annual 1nq11e~f in Bzmc-lino Rd. at the- N. Y-re‘ Hall. Mr. and Nirs William (‘-}wt—tle—- 1nn'p:'.I'. uirr X‘(‘(.'K‘i'\'i“.U,'_‘ <-<m;:ratu1- :1tiom, on The birth of #1 son. bum March 14th. -— Mrs. Don Warner attended the Erie Co- nuty Library Association meet- i»11,r: Fridvay, March 24th, as the rep1‘ese.11«tnfive of the Q-arud Is- land Home Bureau. ——- Mike .\Io_vers, son of Mr. and Mrs Normzm 1\‘Ieyers of Love Reva,-d. reported for enlistment l\Io.ndra.y morning and will leave for tra.in,ing in arbout 10 days - .\~'I.rs Kay Gt-yea] entertained at bridge Mun day evening, March 20th. First Prize: Mrs. Ann Bnoihm. 2nd ; Mrs NIva1'g'e 1\'Ira-horn and C*nns‘0l~a’ti‘0n by Mrs. Alice Wolf. Next hn.<:t«es~s will be Mrs E~1e»2n1m' (‘ullv’n of Low Rd. —~ Hrs Don Homer am} (1:21.11glne1', Donna. of East T’21.rk Rd. will spend their E=a.stm- vacation at (‘1eve1and. —~ Mr. R.;m-.k ce«1e«b—- rated anotl101' bi1't<l1d121.y a.1111ive1' sa.1r_v with friends. at his h.o1n.e on East Pam]: Rd., .\I.a.1'ch 18th. - —Gra:ndy1e was well 1'ep1'-esvent—- vd at the Home Burevau card party Ma.reh 17f‘l1. Sev<=1'a..l of the f:1.i1- sex had tl1e=i1- eye on the beautiful tilt-top card ta one of the many prizess on dis- play, but fortunate Winner was Mrs C. C. Daggei. — Mrs Pue Klingel and Mrs Wenonah Da- vidson last week visiting Mrs. K1inge1’s mother in Titmvillo, Pa. __,_..A _T%11f'f'e-t suppm: was served _(1 the tables were set in a. ‘U’ gape: The <,U.\‘h<f.<, .brm1ght bzv 8 :F‘1I'f‘»ITlP'!1 “7IV(‘S \\\91\e (1911- ms and v:1V1'wd. A floor Show was p1'ese11vte-d .d bnfh 'I‘011I1d and square hlrceg were p9~1'fm'Ined to ‘(he In compn~nimonet of the m'‘chns‘r—- 6' The great 81100935‘ of the “ban- iet was due to the 1.mti1'in.g .-50wE~or’r.s of the c.mmnittee_ who zre Chaéinmm: Edward Kms-9, wo+W3is‘t.r=d by Arth 111' Kinvgzst-nn. ' ~. A ‘. _, &’,.stD'H3¢nUE> .. 55.‘ :4 .. L::.a(‘:«=.L“- ‘ ‘ THE ISLAND DxISPA'I‘C\H ’ ’ E. River Road, Grand Island, N. Y. Tnclnsed find $2.00-- Please add my name to the list of subscribers of The Island Dispatch. Name Address Phone

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