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Island dispatch. (Grand Island, N.Y.) 1944-current, March 03, 1944, Image 1

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-« xm. AL 300 v no i5 35 9”‘ ” P0-3°“ mun ' “Q “ W - \\‘>‘§\ '_ ‘ , 7 \ ,’ F3». . ,- ‘ ',y,\ ' ‘ ‘ I, V T _ ‘ W ' Q , ,_,_, .,;_,f‘ . . . . ,.. .5 ‘ ‘-; zr-‘*’~= ..‘,.,...x.... _ ‘§§~::v:.~.~,«:-, _ :9» 7“ X. .“- :~, :/.‘.,; :52, I-’5,L\\\\V 5 fg,,”+‘;_;=§~‘ ‘, ‘J8 ;:'-5:*':;;-“:1 ‘»_~.ju;. \E\ '4 -.*r-,.f;‘,;\ ’§-“,.<,;.~,- ;\ .52; gs‘ :-:23» .1 *:=?:.::‘ = '-. :' ..-we :7 .f« ‘#2, I\; ~-1_ a.z. .. \' 3: ‘*i -- $31‘ »§?’~'£”:.r.\‘«,. xv ~=,“~?3: . =~ !a 2:24;; .31: E’-‘*‘:«‘. :».\'»c&: . ~:\‘». aft: 5;’ ma ya > 4 . \.r.- -M. ~.. -.. 1,; -..v 1, .‘.,,I-- . K r A N §~ “\5~ ‘\{1“~‘:S:~\\‘ my »--V ‘F V5‘-¢«.; x;:“2i~5§»,:.“~m=~*~ ,.. . .. . .?<- ~ ?‘~'‘”,’:‘. .-'~=h:~3€ . “‘ \” , \ LUMP} 1., M». 1 -':\-_.‘_. _'a ' g 3 g s ante 1’ T S §~,_,ug'e uccess __§__ ,_ .4 GRAND ISLAND, N. Y MARCH '3, 1944 GRA.N§,‘: ISLAND RED CROSS FUND QUOTA RAISED FROM $800 T0 $1200 em Grand Isaiid! h:i\'u nu i(1:t*ei of the ox- gnod time you missed. wum- n'ez1.t«-d In the ‘best mum we have had in :1 d The kind nf musin- svts your foot to tapping if you are nut a “ji1to1'- You would have been to sit on the sidelines‘ be jllst an on-looker. you; ‘gggjgbuld have been up there on E~;3;f}' floor with the rest of the {{§:i?§d;é19-ghted dancers. =’I‘he success of ‘rho dance can attribute-d to these Iiard Eif C0mmi~tt.mne11 and gf 2ts.~;ista11«ts. Mr. Robert i fi of Luve Rd. (‘lmi«'1'ma,n. ‘:£ij;§!;[1War«i Kruse of \Vmt, Rival‘ vice-chairman. and th.»..e= ffggi steady b‘a,r-t:e11d~er: Mr. Sixm. Herbgxrt MQ11ter\'i1le Walter Mn;_g1r§=I;_:1x\f\?ho were f;,_:::;‘_;§1rded at interv .},uj Bobert ‘L €‘I‘b(’(' a1;c'if Ed;:'§{w1‘11se. women to yxihioilg, great iiélf :!m*sj for. as ,,\§VQll'(1€1‘fI1l] T_§F.::?El1inc}1 uni .»xoell«7n,t serviw Ht-callsc uf War ncceasity the =ua»tio11a1dcn1>and: on the Red (71-oss have »exceeded ci5}gec.ta§ timu, and Erile County ha re§ veived a. quota of $1,988,0(§. winch is almut 13? of the Natidi nal quota. more, it p1e[c1gesT‘sympavhetic and affective aid to dis-avbleed servicemen and? their fam as long as requixred-. __ .+ \\'i~th this muv .: new publication is‘ born, ‘f'I‘=l:.- Lslaud 1)isp::1ch.\. From the word go pledged to act onl, in the best interests of the community that it so proudly .~.(’I\VeS. to .report in it’s columns news without bias, and tn be un- tvirinvg in its efforts to help Grand Island take it’s rightful place as Western Nuw York’s nmn.1m' one residential suburbs. Mrs. Ness has a;11nounced 1:11-‘at t3h e‘ ‘VV'zu*‘FuI1’<if'D1‘iv'e“ ' wi11“\'be“' u.nder the capable dir.ec.tio;n of Go-Clxairmenz Mrs. William Dekdebrun and Mrs. Andrew Kirkwood. Captains appointed are: Mesdames: Carl Kaegebin, Ma.rga1'e’t Erde, F1'ed~e-r1\ck Staf- fen J1-., Horace French, Joseph Roe, Alice Bentorl, ‘ AI_3}Vly_1_e‘r_ ‘I5’-l'eiesolnma.ij1’,e ’Geo1-gel “f 'l)\.ii1s1no1-9 Walter DeGlopper, F. C. Mam-—, er, Richard Sqgnmers, Harold Riolmrdson, Clarence Newman,‘ Alice Fordyce, Benj‘axmi7n Kra- ~ger. Edward '(‘)b'em'ki1*k‘e’1”'.' A’l§6 Mesdames Charles 'l‘h=om_nas, Ar~ ‘thur Kingston, Frederick Tur- ner, Clhristloph-e{1- Cotter, John Sehutt Jr., William Ka,eg_ebein, Oliver Howard‘, Roberj. Camp- bell. Elenor Cullmn, Cl1a.rles Garwood, Lyle Finch and Ben- jam-i«n—Ru_ml1in '1‘«heae Gupta ns will call at §foqg,n1;,pm§xu.».xy. H» plad.-:9 ~n..::,‘.<.y treaHi1‘I.e'1n\a's: -ough they are a direct eontact lvith your boy or ~gti1=l—i:n~s-c-.~1:v.ic as they stu-ply are. Mrs. F1'an«k1m Ness, (.'ha.irman of the Grand Island Branch ha.» announced that along with the rest af the country Grand‘ Is- land has been allocated a 50% bump in it’s quota. The raise from $800 to $1200. We bow to the daily newspapers of Buffalu, TonaWand‘as, and Niagaeew-a Falls, in their excellent cover- age of sport new.s 05' mirieonal scope. T11e.re is Grand Island news to which the .Dailies with their wide spread ci1'cula~ Mons can not devote spare and this is to ‘be our exclusive field. Today the activities of‘ the‘ Ameircan Red Gross gird-lee‘ the globe; to the men and women of our aguned fqrces i-t. pro=.v.ide§. Club ‘gfacilitiés and other com- forts.!;Tn- the -.stic1r~and- wounded‘ in our hospi-tals it. provides cheering services. It dispels * and helps in the sorlfttion of personal and home problems of service men and their ~fami1i- es. If, carries food and other neceisities to prisoners of war.. It eoleets vblood for\1id5e=saving [pl m;1, rectru-i:ts‘ nurses aérd r, , ~'r . \ ’:s*&11.%{I:-ic£rL_‘d.z:' ‘_’.'*,_ R322 ’”ami“‘NVa.vy;«\ “(‘1'.%.<s stands‘ ready aa\a'1w-ays tor r;)1ee't.r, disaster -—-*resu‘1f.ing\ from: tflood} fire or stonn. Further- ‘ 9 We will publish every other Friday and our life blood will be your subscriptions. Without your «supporl in this manner we can not ex.i.<t. The first two issues will haw deli?/'erecl to all residents; there after, -only to subscriber}. Subscriptions are $2.00 per year payable in adv-anche. Fill out the form below and mail to The Islgmd Dispatch, \~z'~_‘f .'.x.. ,- J: .,. ’.z_‘ _,'w ; ~52 -‘ 1; -3*_._v‘_.\ - L-.'-'14\ :|f‘v:‘n!.* V ,. . N[1‘\'. R<u‘bPl‘t Bartlett who in c'h~ar«,ze and her willing §‘~‘{5’.iz'gox'l<ez'.s; Mrs. Leon Peck and Jmain Iwvler -~--- —~'\ ——-~ \~‘.9‘:~’« ’ ',:.t .<*;': 2:‘ :“ ‘r: t,\-:..:.‘.. ‘.« an GRA“;\§]Z5YT4fI“*3\ «»-~ -2,‘ ‘‘.-‘.i7 «V: t ..-«;_x*‘¢.<,-‘ -. g.‘ M-::.» ,3 ft». 5 ',;g’_, <.‘;_; a‘.a‘f!,z ;;rv.‘.?\’ ' The Victory Gardner By Ed Ball 4 . .5’ ,,«. ‘-4r ;,_.. —.:-2 ; ‘-‘. '.‘.i;“3~> .‘- $3.: I-‘::;.';\§;<:j ;.‘_.g ‘ '-‘J ‘V -. f~‘,‘:‘«‘.V~‘: 5-‘ :, _.~.--..;-. ._ -.,«,.»~ .3 ii 51;‘; _r»’ .._.t 2 . ...’ .. - :3’ 'u:‘.=. '.‘t?.£‘.:.A-x.;,‘3:.:.,. ., ,.:.:“.~ .,.,.j. 3:‘. ‘ ' :5 ‘:3. cf: 11;-\ ; Forestall Garden Dlseases Mr. Andre 'l‘a-1-«Iii, of Love Rnad. is organizing a Boy Scout (‘uh Pack in Grandyle Vmage, which is being sponsored by the Gr!-mdyle Property Ou-ner’s Association on Tm-sda_\' a.vfte1-noun Feb 29111. Sandy Beach Property Owners Association At\h.o:.1gl1 ',-::1.I‘(1N.1e1‘s may hz_1ve mvmt fh-e vumlllg of sprung get '.1L-tory gardens under the disease control prof;-I should .~.m‘1't with the seed- (lcrtain, diseases of two crops. cabbage and .. .4:;;:rae??,;%§,§§§§n1a»toes} n11_ay ‘be »prc=:ven=t;2c1 by E;;'*_ ;e use 0 use-ase resxstvoanu var- Thp ca-bba.;.>:e vufieties Qnoe~_n. R9s.Istum Cm.l_Q«-u I.)et‘rmt Res1s~tant._ I{.21c11}'ae Pk rt B usm -:1‘. Isa onsm Wisconsin Boll- Red Ilulolaludoer and \\_I.~ _V.e1l0\\s_ The tomato‘ F§rea¢l< O’Da.y. ’.\Ta.r-} I‘»mtc-.hzmI, Rutg'er.x~ and‘ are resistant to wi1t.F‘mm these varie the ar 1=n-- than ick the g ‘ ” 3 9 bu:-1t_ta_Lc7ia;>t:\<.1 tn local grow con 1 Ions. seed produced east h Rock Mountains is more to diseased than is“ produced in the arid {agi- of the Pacific Slope. 'I‘h1s~1s off bean t and a e see ; as ‘or Wes em- bean and cabbage see_ds. method of prevent-mg diseases Is to use treated to remove disease Hotgwéatex-ftrea§111)1~2nt use for see 0 ca age tomatoes. eggpxam and For seeds of the cucum- A-Ir.»-. l\~Iarga.1~et I)ou'o»v»an,4, of Low Road, has recemtly re'_tuxrn'-. ad from a 10 (la) .~‘0j0uJ5fn in Chi(t«:_9,'n where she giuiteri her Aunt. ‘Thai: 1944 officers of the San- ;dy Beach Property Owners Association are announced as: President: Mr. Frank G. Win- vice-president: Gordon all; seeretmgv: Mrs May Tho- mas. assistant sec1'etar_v: Mrs. Irene Wallace; treasurer: Ran- dal} Brown The Board of Di- rectors consists of Morton H. M.cEh-oy, Lieland Kick, Thomas Hui}, J. Dela‘-n.ey. (‘onrad Barf- necht, Mrs. Charles Sock. Meetings are 'held the 2nd Montléay of WEI] fvionth-. M.ox:1'be1-.<‘~hip in colicited from owners of property located ’Within the enmfines» of Sandy Beach «Ie-w=Inpn1r~n.t. aild the organization has been formed “ \' to allow group participation in any qéu-estiuns concerning the A welfare and advancement. off Grand Island. ‘ Mrs. 'EAh-a.1m;- (‘1r1‘l<-n 0!‘ Love Rlhld has been a.pp.')i‘Im*nl \ap- tain For the Rod '(-3,119,“ \Va.r I7'm1d Drive “ Mrs. Beatrice Dagget of Love Road entertained at 3, Vaglgng; im Brriqge Part3‘ Feruary 7I?h. Thncn a4ttend.i.ug ‘.vm'e M‘esda.zn- es: Helen Ball, Arm Bee-hm, Kay Grycel, Marge M«-Ma‘:.on. Helen Sund:u']and. Betty Whee‘ lnr and Alice Wolf. Int. Prize won, by 1\/Iwrge Mo‘.\I:111on; 2nd Prize mm by Alice Wolf and C011;-:»'»}.a~t.in11 by B??1_v Wlloelor. » at :3 :'<*'_1'.';.\\.‘~..:'./3\ ... ..,.. -4.... ,~_‘;»_;«;-__ (L 3;-‘ix $713.5-:1’ ‘ ,1 *—‘:‘.> :::'«‘,»_-s~:g.¢1»_..‘-.;, =»-I ~. ‘ _~“.x.r.’t-'=’r;. Thv first sessmn, thix year, of the Red (‘rose Sowing: Group W:1.~ ‘lu-.M :13 thv hmnv mi\ Mrs. Art'huI' I\1«-_\e1‘.s. 038 Lane ll‘-‘ad, At. the Febmlary meeting. k held on the 14th, arra11»,9:ementsf were made for 3, Social Party: Tn br» held at the Sandy Beach »...,_.,_., Yacht Club. March 18th. Tho- mas Hull was -appoi.nt.ed Chair- man of the a.ffa.ir. lwr f':nni]_v and pnpgmn-.~_ mI'ros- iw s11h]i~xm1:t.e is med. Still gm- nther mvthud is to use “M-.1*ti—- find” seed. Such seed is grmvn under on~n.tI'n1~Ie<l condimns and usually the fiehls are iz1speT=cted to‘ insure t»h~a.t a, minimum. of di- sense is present. There was much discussion on the rI:r:1inag2:e and. Garbage collection question at the Feb- ruary meeting and also consid- ८ਝસलકलથસ in more suitable bus §éfv?ce to the Main Lines. M1‘. and Mrs Julm W\“h(‘cl*c-1'. f'nI'n1f*1‘]_V of $1 '<i<‘_v Road. are new residents uf Lm Rmld A s-urprise B'i1't1u1a_v I’art..\-' was given by N0‘I'im* Keppler. February 18th, in hnnnr of Mike Meyers to c_¢1eMb1‘.1t«- his 17th anniversary . A third step 110 prevent di- .»<-ase is to tire-at the seed with a fumrieidal dust toeprevevnt. seed- rot. and damping-off. Seeds of mosi vegemlesz usually suffer from seed-rot and dazmpinig-off unless so treated. Some seeds- men treat the seed* with a fun- gioidal dust. before packaging. Remember that the use of di- sease-free seed will _not grx}a*r‘an- tee freedom fz-om_d1sease 1n the garden. Along with it g8.1't_ien sanitation, rotation of planting site and the dusting or sgraying of fungicides on a few growmg crops must be praetwed. § E. River Road, Grand Isl Mrs. Horace French was guest of honor at a luncheon in the home of Mrs. Joseph Shug- rue on February 22-.1d~. Inolnsed find $2.00 —- Please add my name to ,the;li8t ,9f_si1_bsQ}:ib¢rs of The Island Dispatch Gandyle Village was repre- sented at the Red‘ Cross meeting Monday evening Feb;-ua,ry 21st, at the Sidway Sdhooi, by Mes- dames: Helen Bg1_1j_, Eleanor Cu.1-len and Alice Wolf. New for publication this column must be in the hands of Edward Ball, Love Road, not later than Monday preeeeding publication. ' .£tesit‘“iS§t’im3u -‘(mm swag. . Pho§€T. X.‘3.3.'.°. 3.5. .. mm wozaoxsm auvmauvas .r~:'-;i:»,3§”7.?‘l'. ’:-2-.':::Z~.'::<:?'<:. ‘....,, 3,.,,... .:~'.r:~'*‘.r.z?.*.:;.:_« ., 41¢; .,'.%._rM l~ »-an .. .4 »\1.<I~q<.‘~A4»< \ri“;s.*:'f::‘53': ,..,..‘*'::;~-.*r* ..M.....:.:«*:é: ,..33m::.~.-;~.‘~-r '\K;‘::.::as:.1 *:.‘;~\:~. .:%‘T~5 +.'3:‘=*«' v.;'=-’~'~1.~E5.*”*‘«. .43; ..u -:3... :2 ~,'>:\ ~‘, «;»;‘s‘,J;.;wo‘-

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