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County-Owned Air Terminals Are Proposed RIVERHEAD — The creation, of a system of county-owned and operated airports and air terminals at an estimated cost of $68 , 420 , 000 was proposed to tri e Suffolk Board of Supervisors here Monday in an aviation survey and development report submit- ted with the blessing of County Ex ecutive H. Lee Dennison. The ambitious program , pro- pared by Malcolm S. Spelman As- sociates , Rockville Centre engin- eering fi rm , calls for the imme- diate construction of a $33 , 000 , 000 , LaGuardia-size county airport in Western Suffolk for trunkline car- rier service , and the development and expansion of 11 existing air- port s and flying fields. The board was advised the coun- ty will qvaiify for $33, 500 , 000 in Federa l grants. The balance of the cost would be met by the sale of bonds, to be amortized over a period of 30 years. Revenues ap- plicable to bond payments are esti- mated at $800 ,000 bv 1965. in- creasing to $2 , 600 , 000 b y 1970. The proposal , which envisions a completely self-sustaining airports system , suggests the establish- ment of a public authority or com- mission with broad powers to plan , develop and operate the chain of terminals. In his first annual message to the Boa i-d of Supervisors. Mr. Dennison gave his endorsement to the program, pointing out that air transportation will be of vital im- portance to this rap idly growing Continued on page 5 , this section Town Asks State To Up Maximum For Hwy. Equi p. The Brookhaven Town Board , via the original initiative of Town Highway Superintendent Charles W. Barraud. this week passed a resolution that could lead to a radical improvement in town road service. The action by the board calls for the board to \ urge our State Legislators to introduce legisla- tion to increase Machinery Fund . . . to $400, 000. *' The \Machinery Fund\ of the highway department now stands at $200 , 000. What the action by the board means , according to Mr. Barraud , is that the town hig h- way department would be able , if the action is passed upon in Al- bany, to purchase needed heavy equipment which it now has to rent. According to highway law , he said , the $200 , 000 is the maximum amount that a town in Suffolk County wi th a population of 40, - 000 persons or more can spend on hig hway machinery purchases per annum. * The $200,000 restriction , said Mr. Barraud , forces the highwa y department to rent heavy equip- ment from private contractors. He said that if the town could pur- chase this heavy equipment , high- way service would be greatly im- proved because the equipment would be at the year around dis- posal of the highway department. He pointed out , however, that the resolution to Albany request- Continued on page 4 , this section SAVE MONEY — SUBSCRIBE NOW You save plenty by subscribing for The Advance , the Postmaster does the rest. Only $5 for 12 months , we pay th e post- age. Your order addressed to: Circulation Dept., P. O. Drawer 780 , Patehogue, N. Y.. will start your paper with the next edition. —Adv. 16 Injured in Auto-Bus Co l lis io n in E. Patehogue TWISTED WRECKAGE — ll° . en w ere hospitalized after this car was in col- lision with Fuoco Bus Line bus on South Coun- try Road , East Patehogue , Saturday morning. Car ' s driver , Mrs. Anna Bachulis of Mount Sinai was hospitalized as was Mary D'Amico of Shirley, a bus passenger. —Drennan Photo Service CHAIN R EACTION ^S'&S Road , East Patehogue . Saturday morning, when car was in collision with a Fuoco Bus Line bus. After collision , bus entered Line ' s bus yard • and hit parked , emp ty bus which was rammed partially through garage w all , damaging a third bus. Two w ere hospitalized and 14 were treated for injuries. —Drennan Photo Service Two persons were hospitalized^ and 14 others received slight in- juries when a car skidded on an icy portion of South Country Road. East Patehogue , and was in col- lision with a Fuoco Bus Lines bus Saturday morning, according to the Suffolk County Police. The car , driven by Mrs. Anna Bachulis , 50 , of Hallock Avenue , Mount Sinai , was heading east when the accident happened at about 8:35 a. m. Police said the car went, out of control after hit- ting the ice and bus and car met head on. The bus was proceeding west from Mastic to Patehogue and was driven bv Charles Todd. 63 , of 65 Roberts St.. Patehogue. Mrs. Bachulis was hospitalized ^ at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital , as was Mary D'Amico , 60 , of 1414 Hounslow Road , Shirley, a bus passenger. Mrs. Bachulis ' grand- children , Ral ph Guknes , 13 , and his brother , Robert , 10 , were treat- ed for cuts and bruises. Ironically, the accident happen- ed in front of the Fuoco Bus Lines terminal. After the collision , the bus rolled into the terminal yard , hit a parked , empty bus that was rammed partiall y through a ga- rage wall , damaging a third bus. Bus passengers injured were Mrs. Mary Coles , 63 , of 16 Soccer Road. Mastic Beach ; Mrs. Mar- garet Cigna , 43 , of 145 Puritan .Drive , Shirley; June Hartmann , 22 , of 136 Church Drive , Mastic; Mrs. Myrtle Markell , 31 , of Nei g hbor- hood Road , Mastic Beach ; Ruby Perez , 22 , of 261 West End Ave- nue , Shirley; Brigette Naace , 18, of Auburn Avenue , Shrley; Mrs. Helga Pirozzi , 26 , of 07 Miramar Avenue , East Patehogue; Mrs . Helen Rice , 48 , of Allenwood Drive , Shirley: Mrs. Anna Sklenar . 60 , of South Country Road , Brook- haven; Mr J . Margaret Lauria , 58 , Beach , Mrs. Eh a Wolicman , 30 , of 34 Epsom Course , Brookhaven , ar .il Mr. Todd, the driver , ail of whom were released after treatment at the hospital , police said. Pay Hike Set For Mayo r , Boardsmen The Patehogue Village Board broke a 1 5-year tra- dition at their meeting this week by raising their sal- aries from $600 per year to $1 , 200 per year for the six village trustees and from $1 , 200 per year to $2 , 500 for the mayor. Subject to a permissive refer- endum within 30 days after the legal publication of the board' s action , as is the changing of any village law , the Monday night ac- tion by the board , which was termed by everyone present as \long overdue , \ doubles the sal- aries of village board members. The previous salaries had stood unchanged for 15 years. The salai'y increase , if it passes the referendum period , will be ef- fective April 3—after the village election. After looking back in village records , Village Clerk Ronald A. Blau found that board members first received salaries in the 1934- 35 fi scal year , when trustees re- ceived $300 per year and the mayor $600. This was changed in the 1946-47 fiscal year to $600 for trustees and $1 , 200 for the mayor . In discussion on the issue , Mayor Robert T. Waldbauer pointed out that Patehogue has been a first- class village for many years , yet the board members have received a salary equivalent to that of board members in a third-class village. Continued on page 5 , this section Dennison Asks County Plans Be Speeded RIVERHEAD — Local govern- ment must act aggressively and with all possible speed to direct and control Suffolk' s explosive population growth and to plan and promote a compensating de- velopment of its economy, County Executive H. Lee Dennison said in a \ state of the county \ mes- sage to the Board of Supervisors Monday here in Riverhead. Reporting on the first year of county government operation un- der the new charter and a Demo- cratic administration , Mr. Denni- son noted that many changes and innovations have taken p lace but left the clear implication that progress in virtually all fields of public service has been laggard and too little. The 19-page , 6 , 000-word report set as major targets for 1961 the multi-million-dollar tax map that failed of adoption last year, an all-out attack on pollution , coor- dination of the many and diverse units of local government , a far- reaching expansion of highway, park and waterway facilities , the development of new- business and industry, planning for integrated sewage disposal and water sup- ply facilities and additional pub- lic buildings. A far-reaching pro- gram of air transportation develop- ment was recommended in a se- parate report . \The county can stand still, or it can move ahead , \ Mr. Dennison told an attentive but uncommuni- cative audience of five Demoora- Continued on page 4 , this section MEDICAL AID \\UtT r K' -f ' ™^ doe. After being taken from thicket, she was rushed to State Conservation Farm in Ridge. Pictured from left to right are Game Protector Robert Kilthau, Bay C onstable Benny Balsamo and Game Protector Arthur Christ. two other men who braved bitter cold to search for deer w ere Bay Constable William O'Neil and photog- rapher William K. Goldfein , who took these pictures. —Photos, by William K. Goldfein Vfe • jflk tf^ B 8 Pimir^y II UA ^^^ lra #%^% i Hlfvl ^%V1S>* *#%*¦ IWVB The Board of Education of the Patchogue-Medford School District approved plans for a $485 , 000 addition to the River Avenue Elementary School Tuesday night at the regular monthly meeting. Patchogue-Medford residents will go to the Patehogue Hig h School on Sax- ton Street on Saturday, February 25 , to v ote on , the proposition to add an ei ght- room , two-story wing on the north end of the existing building. V The new wing will contain six classrooms and two kindergar- tens. This will provide a three unit school (three classes of each grade , kindergarten through sixth grade). The -present building is a two unit school with a capacity of 450 students. The new- addi- tion will bring the capacity to <]()() students. Included in the plans are the changeover from coal fire boilers to oil burners and new boilers to heat both the existing structure and the new addition. The plans call for changing tin: wood windows to aluminum and installing new lighting fixtures with a complete rewiring of the present school. Also included in the plan is a new floor in the gymnasium. Financing for the addition will be provided under the Emergency School Law JJfiO. 'te with the debt service payments being paid by New York State , and the actual addition will not re flect a rise in the tax rate although the opera- tional costs such as teachers , cus- todian and up keep will be paid for by local taxes , a school spokes- man said. Barraud Hat in Ring For Supervisor Job Under GOP Banner: Brookhaven Republican Leader Charles R. Dom:ny this week re- vealed that Hig hway Superinten- dent Charles W. Barraud of Mt. Sinai has \thrown his hat into the ring, \ for consideration as the OOP' s nomineee for town supervi- sor in next November ' s eiection. Mr. Barraud , the only Republican to win in Brookhaven ' t own in 1959 , informed Mr. Dominy that he wishes to start actively gather- ing support for his candidacy. In making Mr. Barraud' s request public , Sheriff Dominy said his town committee would welcome similar overtures from others since the field is wide open. The town leader also added , \Althoug h it is earl y in the year , the peop le of Brookhaven Town will benefi t by having amp le time to pass judge- ment on possible Republican can- didates. \ Mr. Barraud , 41 , has long been active in civic affairs and prior to his entry into public life he oper- ated a successful road construc- tion firm in Mt. Sinai. He has seen service on the Mt. Sinai Board of Education and has been active in firematic affairs throug hout the area. He is well-known in state and county hi g hway superintendent circles , having held office in both state and county hig hway asso- ciations. He has held his present Charles W. Barraud position as highway superintendent for seven years. He is married and the father ' of three sons. When asked to comment on his move to begin an earl y campaign for nomination to the town ' s top office , Mr. Barraud stated: \Muni- cipal government has become big Continued on page 5 , this section Rescue Deer Stranded On Ice Near FI Pines Chased by Dogs: A doe that had been marooned four days on the ice-covered Great South Bay was rescued under freezing conditions Monday night by an unknown man who risked his life to reach the stranded animal . New York State Department of Conservation game protectors were then called by the man who « said he'd left the deer on shore , and that it was in need of med- ical care. He added that the deer had been chased from near Fire Island Pines onto the ice by dogs. The deer out-raced them , but later slipped and was unable to regain its foot- ing. Meanwhile , no one could reach the deer because the ice was un- safe. But Monday ' s cold snap strengthened the ice enough for the unknown hero to make the rescue. The game protectors , Arthur Christ and Robert Kilthau , rushed to the scene but were unable to find the deer. They met two bay constables , Benny Balsamo and William O'Neil , who had just fin- ished \ planting \ Christmas trees ,as erosion safeguards along the shore. With the constables was William R. Goldfein , a Patehogue p hotograp her who had been taking- pictures of the anti-erosion pro- ject. Braving a bitter wind , the men searched diligentl y for more than two hours. Mr. Goldfein said none of them had expected the search to go on into the night. \Some of us were only wearing jackets. We didn 't even have gloves , \ he said. The deer was finall y spotted in a thicket. It was too weak to run from the men. A 140-pound four- year-old doe , it was taken to the State Conserva tion Farm at Ridge where it will remain under treat- ment until it ' s strong enough to be given its freedom again . Mr. Goldfein paid hi gh tribute Continued on page 4 , this section Village GOPers To Survey Voters Prior to Election In a pre-election survey, the Patehogue Village Republican or- ganization will question village residents on their fadings towards local issues. During the coming month , GOP leaders pointed out. they will cover evei-y voting district in the village with a survey question- naire ' on local issues. The survey, they say, will g ive them a sub- stantial idea of what peop le want of their village government. They add that they will be aide to bet- ter run their campaign , knowing the public sentiment on local is- sues. The village election will be held the third Tuesday in Marc h , which this yea r falls on March 21. Each village board official is elected i ' er a two-year term , but th e election is staggered so that onl y part of the officials are elected one yea)' , the remaining the next . This year V ill a g e Trustees Charles A. Miller , MiHiael A. Sar- dell and Dominiek G . Maletta , plus Village Police Justice Charles \. Butler , Jr., end their terms of office. All village elective officials are presently Democrats except for Justice Butler , a Republican who has been in various village posi- tions for ' A2 consecutive years. The police justice term is for four years. The Republicans this year have hopes of putting GOPers into the vacant seats , even though the throe trustee positions would not give them a voting majority on the village board. In the questionnaire survey tisav will be put before the village re si- dents starting this week , the Re- publican Organization will ask tor the voters ' comments on: Garba . u. ' removal , snow removal , town hall removal , village taxes , village parking p lan , shopp ing centers, sewers , village ingress and ogres- . parking meters , extension of vil- lage boundaries , assessment , vil- lage downzoning. one-part y ru!\ , village police and suggested can- didates , plus suggestions for com- ment on anv other local is: ue. For Classified Ads Telep hone GRover 5-1000-1001 A Column of News in the Spanish Language is Published Every Week At 7-8 p. m. Monday the New York Telephone Company will con- duct a test on its group emer- gency calling system currently be- ing installed for the Centereach Fire District. On January 22 , the Centereach Fire District will become the first Fire district in Suffolk County to put this system into operation. Under the new system, the fire dispatcher dials a one digit code on a special control telephone at the firehouse or at the Ronkon- koma Answering Service. The code will ring simultaneousl y the regu- lar telephone in the fireman ' s home. The dispatcher records a message on an automatic recorder. When the fi reman answers the phone he will receive the message telling the nature and location of the call. Chief Larry Cornelius requests that all firemen connecte d with the system be at home between 7 and 8 p. m. Monday to receive test calls. There will be a total of six test calls made. C entereach FD To Test Group Calling System DEER IN JAM — ^J ^iS^ frozen Great South Bay off Fire Island Pines and , after losing its footing, was stranded for four days. Unknown man managed to rescue deer Monda y night. He l e f t it on s hor e and called New York Stale Conservation Department office in Coram. Two game protectors , two bay constables and photographer searched in freez- ing cold for deer , which was finally located hi ding in thicket. \\ t os IS NO MOKi: Coin- s- . - 't' '\ ;, : \ 1- m ' l, \ ' i,iV . ¦ • '\' i :hinv -! \ \ t . - : > • ¦ ¦' -¦ \¦' :' ¦|! ' '; l 'ri ' ,! \\1 '\ TllP I' au-n.. . • ¦.• ¦ \-<..\ K - e v-Hi!,. vc - .i ;, .-. . . there. N ( , > - ' ^n:< ' - \^ yuy the i>u. ,t- ate. Onlv • - '¦ - <- >***¦ — Adv * According to th e >' ;; ' <¦ Traffi c Commission , a : ••¦ v ' speed limit of (in mpli - <- been set for a >c ven- ¦• ; : ' stretch of the Sunrise lii ^ h- way Extension from I ' - ' ,> - f i: - Drive , Fast Patehogue . r \ ' !• \ ton Boulevard , Shirh-y. Notifying the Brooid :¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ > M Town Boa rd o ' i t •;< ¦• '' ' ¦ ¦ ' ' ¦• Lloyd A. Maeder. S::/- . ' l' ' - \^ ' - ' Commission dinvte - . - .,: : \ • ¦ ¦¦¦ change in spe< i : : !ni: ' ¦ ¦ • ' because of the in- i ; 'i ''; '!• ; ' - ! of that, portion ¦ •: ' ' ' ¦\' : \ i- ' ~ rise , where tht i > ¦ • ' • ' - ' ' ' • \ o \ ! ' ' ' ' ' ' number of an \ ; \¦;; <: - • Mr. M aede ; _ added ,! | ;ii horse-draw - !! \ ' -V: . - !e- . • ; :< • ; • .. ' ' - i and pe destrian- ^'\ -dd !l' ' !\ \ ¦'- hihited. The milA i ' ' ^.ee,j west of I'hvllis Pi r.e. K.i. -i 1' a ' cli- ogue , on ii- Sunrise is •»<» mph. 60 MPH Speed Limit Set on Sunrise Exten.

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