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The Patchogue advance. (Patchogue, N.Y.) 1885-1961, February 09, 1950, Image 14

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********** * * M *** m m*% m smm *\ *W, MS Anfi JTVucf I si wirArs W PFA WrPAll flr i rUl ll 1 \! 1 115 1 -LaClW JCI 5 TT C1 C TYIUllg e Is it a crime to give peopl e m ore good food for their money? ; For 90 years A&P has devoted all its energies to this end. For rrjany months now the anti-trust lawyers from Washington have been giving stories to the news- * paflers , making speeches and talking over the radio about this company. . They have been making serious and damaging allegations about the methods that enable A&P to give its customers better food values. We have already told you about other times the anti-trust lawyers made char ges against us that were proved utterly false in court. In the left-hand column on this page you can read v/hat the federal judges had to say about those two cases. Now we are going to tell you about the third time a federal judge decided against the anti-trust lawyers. What Has Gone Before The Dallas Anti-Trust Suit Today ' s ad is the third in a series telling In * 1 942 the anti-trust lawyers went out to Dallas , Judge At well also said to the anti-trust l awyers: about times the anti-trust lawyers made Texas , 1 , 400 miles from the homes of most of \If the indictment is not good then it is better serious and damaging charges against A&P t J ie defendants , and insti gated criminal charges to f ind out bef ore an expens i vs trial than it is that the courts decided were not true. » o-5»Jn«t A^P e . . - • » * # » • » . . , . ,. ,. ,, , , . * «, din»t H«r. af ter an expensive trial. I do not think it in the firs t ad in this series we told you about the time . J J *L* I . * *t • * • J t he anti-trust lawyers charged that A&P . and other About this case one thing' was sure. lS SOOd , and thinking that , it IS my duty to goo d American citizens , conspired to fix the price of _ , , - . .. ¦ sustain the demurrers and motion to quash. \ bread in Washington. * neir previous experience did not aeter the anti-trust lawyers T - I , c , from making more inflammatory and damaging allegations . In short , Federal Judge Atwell threw the anti- I hese charges were false. iiit ir © - , -. » * i . . « *.. . .-, • . . . _ . . - . „ .. just as they had done before. trust lawyers and their case ngnt out of his court. I hat was the time Federal Judge T. Alan Goldsborough instructed the jury to bring They made pr actic ally the same allegation s they So tKat makes tnree times that the anti- t rust lawyers made ( in a verdict of \ not guilty \ . are making today. damag ing allegations against A&P. In two of these cases I* .i . • L - J .. ,.. . • ,. .. i ° \ federal judges said they were all wrong. In the third case a It was the time he said to the anti-trust lawyers: „ , . T . _ v . . . . „ , i . t i . i r i i • i • i i i - i- • n *« *¦»«= «* redera l Judge w. H. Atwell ru led that the case should not iederal judge said that the indictment was inflammatory and \If you were to show th is record to any even be tried. He said that the indictment contained inflam- he would not even permit the case to be tried. experienced trial lawyer in the world , marory statements that he would not permi t to be presented The ant i_ trus t lawyers were not satisfied with the Dallas tie would tell you that there was not any to a iurv j • ¦ ., M ,. - J 1 \ J - decision. evidence at all. \Honestly I have never in my over f orty ^ ud ^e Atwell said to the anti-trust lawyers : Neither were they satisfied with the two other decisions in , . . . j .» . „.. „ . . „ . „ which federal courts administered stinging rebukes to them. years exp erience seen tried a case that «// / thought I Was presiding over a court and ~, , .„ ¦¦ . , - . a „ was as absolutely devoid of evidence tf wi j might w fo sentence some perS Qn They were still determined to destroy A&P. Zver ' sL \ Th ° t ™ St because he was a great big f ellow , or because ln our next ad we will * e \ you how they con- „ t n r i. he was a Lilliputian , I would f eel like resign- tinued their campaign in this case in the Circuit m^ch ™ ing. God knows we don ' t want it ever to occur Court of Appeals and subsequent proceedings. were false. in America that the size is going to determin e *We will show you how , once again , they dis* In our second ad we tol d you about the time whether a man is guilty or innocent. *' agreed with the courts, in Wilson , North Carolina , they charged < ¦ • ••¦ A&P' s fresh fruit and vegetable buying sub- **x sidiary, and other good American citizens , with conspiring to fix and depress prices _ _ . . . . . . . . . , ,, - -• . .t * • • - -. ¦ • ' • • - -. - . paid farmers for potatoes in North Carolina , Everything that has happened since this suit was filed proves that the American people don ' t want A&P Virginia and Maryland. destroyed. Here again , as in the Washington bread case , the charges A deluge of letters from people in all walks of life and thousands of editorials in newspapers and were fa se. magazines convince us that the public has faith in A&P. Wy^rdirecfed 'Z ju ' rftaring ta fv£ The h »« 8ewive « ° f «\• ™«™ - * h »» e Patronage ha. made thi, company big, are buying from u. in diet of \ not guilty \ . increasing numbers and increasing volume. / It was the time he said to the anti-trust lawyers : Our suppliers , whom the anti-trust lawyers allege we have exploited , are rushing to our support. \I have studied this case f rom the t '- ¦;• Labor leaders , mindful of the fact that A&P employees enjoy the best wages , hours and working outset. In my opinion there is no us:i- conditions , are taking a stand against the suit. mony pro uce T j m . w'\ f j 5 anJ ca\ Even many of our good competitors , who the anti-trust lawyers allege are hurt bv our cAmivirihVn sonably be inf erred that the def endants , * I j * f n *u LI - * L \ 4 L J »* i«i *u» *-. i I on y competition ,, entered into a combination to depress haVe taken ads to teI1 the ^ubl,C that the y don * llke ***** attack on A&P- or lower the price of potato es. All this indicates that the American people realize that the suit to destroy A&P is really a suit against '7 might say that I never tried a case in efficiency, against low prices and against real competition . \ my lif e where a greater eff ort more Apparently most Americans do not want to let the anti-trus t lawyers in Washington blow the wh. ' .H* work , more investigation had been nn __ „ k „.:«M«m«« ,.,U« J«— » k~ttA.. ««J «™- ~ffl„:-„* ;^U « j » «fl»njjion movf tne Whistle done , combing almost with a f ine-tooth on any busine88man ™h° does a better and more efficient job and grows big in the process. • < i com b to gather evidence , as was don e No one can make them believe it is a crime to try to sel l the best quality food at the lowest possible orice ' in this case. , .- .. . - ^ _ - ___ _ P^.-- . - _ - . . P — • \But , as was said a long time ago , you ' ^gggjgi^Stev can ' t make brick with out straw , and /£mBm **\\mm*\ *\W***^. . you can ' t make a case without f acts. \ ff lJuMT ^^LWr ^^^Lw k: ' So here were two cases in which the anti-trust lawyers mWI **W*\W ^ ^*WQLr< W*K : flraA made seriously damaging charges against A&P , in which jHMBflM # YiJm JHH the judge decided that there were no facta to support ¦HlHuV ^*Wi ' i< W*M*\*WkW ^ * w*\*k\ *^S*%A '**&> \y *\*\*wm\ *w Today, we want to tell you about the third ^nflHfl |flgV time—this time in Dallas , Texas—the court ^^^^^^^^^ 9^^ I* decided against the anti-trust lawyers. / ^^** **n*\\***^^ L,r ¦ ¦• - ¦ > ...i THE GREAT JVILANTIC & PACIFIC TEA COMPAN Y

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