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The Brockport republic. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1856-1925, January 20, 1870, Image 2

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1^- POETRY. Lying Abe* In the Morning* I love t o rove in the-seedy grove, Where gentle zephyrs are floating; I love to tit at the festal 1 board, . Where.bnokwlieat oakes.nro smoKirig. Hovo to gaze at the gol'den-haze, Whore SoUbie wost is adorning,; Hilt this I love far better than ftll- To li e ahed in.tho morning. The poets should.sing of tlio joy sof spring Is not in the least surprising'; But 1 oan't conceive why a man should woava A Bonnet to: early rising. Though Franklin, of old'was a sage, I'mtold, I oan't gci with, him in snoring The Missful-soeues in the land ofdreams— When lying abed in 1 the morning. I love telle when tho.sunbeams shy Come peeping: through the curiums : When phantoms bright-regale thesight With Visions of coffee and tmuHhs I When the bird's loud thrill from the distant . hill The ohorqs ot nature is joining— K there's aught below oan banish woe * 'Tis lying abod in the morning. let those who ohoose retire to snoose When tho'dnoks and.ehiokenB-are going, And rnbtheir eyes whehforced:to riso At chantiolei's-dismal crowing.; Thuy lose sight of the gorgeous njght, And spend their days in yawning— Till midnight damp I'll burn the lamp, And lie abed 1 in the morning. Charge of the Dress Brigade. Half ft league, half a league, halfa league rear- Eight through the mire and dirt, [waid Muoh to its beauty's hurt,, Trailed the rioh,silken skirt. Half a league rearward. •Half a yard,, half a yard, half a ysrJ fully— Hersute and woolly, Into tho liquid.air— RoaS'the. pile of hair, From other heads sundered : ; Whileseatud upon it Rode the brave bonnet—s Rode, though it wondyred, Curls to the right of it, Curls to the left of it, Curls to the rear of it, Carls thtit wore plundered. What though- ineu shout \ Oh, Oo! Fortunes yonv'e squandered;\ Thi-li» not lu uiukii reply, Theirs but to dress or die. \ Chargn !\ to the olerks they ory— \ Charge by the hundred I\ Truth and Falsehood. I lovo the Truth ! I love thee well— Bt-tter than words of mine run tell. Thy head ,r>ct and open faco Defy suspicion of disgrace. Th y guard uron thy touguois snob, Agamsl too .little or too lmu-li. Falsehood 1 I hate thy downward gaze, Th y sly and double-meaning phraso. Thy frequent pauses, made to try The safety of the ctu.iig li-, A^ainffa foQ, or t-Vn a frier d, No miller which, to gain thy end. A Chinese Wedding;. A ' marriuge i n high life\ took place the other da y i n Chiup.toTvn, t o which theuptrorten of that locality wero invit- i hottom. ' Ou,r Common School*. Henry Wturd Beeqher, in a recent sermpnj spoke its follows of our cpni' monjsohotils: and the: Biblo question ;• — Atyo reduced the.inequalities among children. In the little germinant re- public of the cqmmdn schook the ohil- drenjpf the high and low, the wealthy! audlite poor ate obliged to rhingle. together, nnd theintercourse is benifi- eiallo'bbth. The law of a truly do- mestic life is \liberty to grow,, but; equality at the start;\ atid this is jiist the inotto of our common sohool sys- tem, It says to .the yonthof the court try;—\Stand bere with your feet on a level; raise your heads as high as,you can,\ Honce our common schools onsht tobegood schools; No academy or high sohool in the land ought'to} do better than the common-school. The nation cannot afford economy in this matter. These pursfe-proud ajid aris- tocratic men among ns, of when there are; unfortunately, some who object to sending their children to tho common schools, should ho ecmpeled to send] them there-—not by law, but because j they cannot find any otlier schools ns | gogd. |Applause.] He would be | willing oven to exclude Hie reading the i Bible in our schools, if by that means any class of people Would be hotter satisfied and more zealous in support of libe system. And certainly he.the son of i Puritan, and a Puritan himself, !cottld not bo . suspected of depricating tht] importance of Bible reading. The Puritans took their stand on religious toleration.; let them stibk to their text antl never abandon the priciple of per- fect, free religious toleration : nor suf- fer, others to impose a different princi :plo upon them. \What says the Catholic, '-do you think it proper -to encourage infidelity—to bring up chil,- drjn without religious instruction ?'' Not at all. Wo do not teach husband- ry in tho common schools, but it does not, therefore, follow that we wish to make lazy children. Everything in its place, het the Church teach dogmas. Lqt the common schools give intelli- gence, het religious instructions be taught in the house bold, in the Sun- day School, in the Ohru'cli. Therefore, by all means, let our pejple guard and cherish tho common schools ol the country. Taxes for theh support are the wisest expenditure a State can make, and th ey should be liberally iui poH-d and cheerfully paid. Wanting Erectly. Walking erectly not only adds to manliness of appearance, but develops jthe chest and promotes the general I health in a high degree, because the I lungs,, being relieved of the pressure made by heaving the head downward j aad beudih„' th • chest hi, admit the air freely nud fully down to I heir very Ncui ^Mvttsettunto. EXECUTRIX SALE o r THE. nATE 1] llOlflUS THOMPSON, Esq., B y k. rf. LEKiWSfc MINER, Auctljn- P oer.. AH Galleries, SlWfc 810 Br.a*. way,«V.,ciwiw»«lnIII«taT February TIB, »j«d<)piMliinttir • day; and ovenlim* .until *•>« entire collection ulaall be SoW. Tilts collcotlon i s bollovod to bo.tb.0 hioot oxtonalvo nnd'valnnbloovor ownoil'iivthol'ultod States Com. arising more tlmn a thousand nleluroa from. Europo.ni arlUts. f i omtlio 15th contnry to tile present time, In. oladlng nrany originals of .croiit valuo; nlao many hundred pnlntliigs from oolobrated Amorloan nrtlatB. TUe entifocollectioi i AVIU b o sola Willi - out reserve or limitation, to close llio .estate, Tire Catalogue, a book of more than 103 cloaoly .printed pngefl,will bo forwarded on roeoipt ol25oont«. Addr'oBs tiro Auctioneers., . . . ' . . TYTT T?C3 Radically cimaiirithout knife, JigMure, ri-Ijii©'.or'cn«stio. Noilotentlonirew bwlnwfl} Fee.iiioludincnieilicino. $6. .^^M'^TH , DR. JjiSJES ORR, P, ; 0!Bt>3cfl3«,New York. CHAS, A. DAN\A Thochcapest,snxarteBt,:»n[l be»(-..-.. -z-.-.—'i - *—• Everybodyllkoi it . Three editionii DAILY, £O| SICJII* nt half-price; KlI»^rUof^l«z^l^b,Brricullure,F«rInere , nndFruUGrovrera' •JCluU, tnd » conrnleteitory^.n every Weekly andBeral-'Wefklynumberi. A meient ofvtinim plantsandvlneito overyju^cribwiinducementoto «»«• Mqwinjr Machines, Piilor-Ornini, ^^JiH^WMV* 0 ;. arnonc the pmlums . :8pcc(nifinii'«nii lists free. Send* DojUr .^1 ^GLAKD.PuHliihcr S Un , Now YoA. OMBiN.OP NEW YORE, or,, Tbe Uiiaer-Woj-ld si * the dront Citi'i The s«lii«s of ;overy ckps of so- ciety i-xp6s*i. Avoid the Railroad to ruiu,- Sigimls o f dnti^.r m a \\\>. Moro Mone y in it furUvp A-gc'iitfl tliim oity other Boole.. Takes threoi>tt.*R.si.'s'iilbilnj time t o urmt fast onougli Ont! Agpnttonk lT8\MtT R I n 10 da}-*, 740 paptB 48illustration!!. Hriep$3.50. AffenlsA\ r aiited, Addrt'ss N. Y. BOUKXU,, 1*5 N««ui street, W. Y . TilEYAnE NOT A VWE ,.FMA T CY,:1XRJ(W, j Mado of Poor Rum, Whisky, Proof Splrlft, n-nirtfnt? JLlquora, dbctorodie|iiced,.nud»we«teiioato plenaotno taBto,oaU'ed \Toflice \'AppoUzerV '-Re»tb'r6rfl,!' &c. thtit leuditlit) tippler onitotdranKomiew iuiilftruln butiiro'ft truoModlolne, niBdofrornithoNHtlvia^ootfli andHorbso f California, froafrbm. allAlohcOio.Silrau- lants. Thoyarotli o Greiit Bloo'd-FiiriQer. auilitlfo- Giving Prloolplo, n porfoot llonovator.aniln.vigotntor of UioSyHiom',cnfrylng ofEnlhpolaoiioni'matter,. ml rcatorine thol)looa ; to a healthy or>ndltlou.. K\ b perflon can tiike theso'Bittora accordlny to dtfeotionm and re. nuaiiloncumvoll. tlOOivihoo glveri'for an InDiiru- blocnso providing tlie boniHiaro not doBtrdycJ! by luliioi'iilpolHOiiiorotbor w»m; and tho- vital .orgmw wnfltbd bovond'tlio point of«rppalr- FiailNFLAMHATORY^HROlSIORHEIJJtATlSM ANDUOUr.DySFEPSIA,ormDIGE8TIOW. BIUOl'.*, RKMI1TENT and INTEHMU'TENT FBVER8.;DH- KASEdof tCo^IOOD , UlYEU.KIUNBys.andlia'DL DKiVtheso BITTERS lm\ c heoa most uacoeeafii:.- SuolidisoaseaiirocnusodbyVttlatedfBlood, -which. U genoruUy produoadby dfrnngcmarit.or Hie dl u oBilvo ° bloiinsothoVHIiUod Blooatwhenevor y<m >i]nil(ltB imiiuiltlesbtlifltlrig tltrolliih tti o fkin. In, Puiiplea, EruptloiixoTSoros; clyaiu'liwhcn ,yuit> Gild . U oh- Btrnotod nn d ehiggltth in tlio vein s jclomiPe it iwlien It iB.foul, andyourfovlincM.wlll tt*;i.joirwl»eii, ^Koop tlio blood henlthy, an d allwill b e -wot); These Blttora nro no t a glided pill i to^ d*aligiii llio eye or pleaBO tlio fmicy biii a moillciii; prepartition composed o f tboboflt ingrotllonts Icnowui Theyaro anAltomtive. loiile, Dlnroiic, Sedative, Diaphoretic, and'Gontlo Puroative. . \The Lif e or all I'lesh istlioBloodtltereof.^-Purl- f»- tho blood, find tlio health of tUewholoayBtcnv will follow. J . WALKER, Proprietor. R. H. WcDOX- ALD & CO. , DniKglstB andGoiiei-al Agorits, SanFran- oisconudSa.oroinoiito.Cu1.,aiid32 and 3-1 •_ Comnifrfe Si. (runnincr from Bleecb.rio ; Barrow.),X, *X\. Sold b y ullfDruggiBts nndDealers. . 67fiuM Coiiiioon S'eitse ! ! ^ANTED-AGENTSlg-250-pOr. mont h t o soil tho only GonuinoIm,proV(idCumiuoti Seuso l-'amily .Son- sngMachine; ^xlcoonly SIS. - • Qreut iaduco- moiiti t o Atjentfl. Thin in tb o most popular Sewing Rluohlno of tho day-nnakes tUe fiimoua \ Elaatlo Look Stitch \—wil l do any fclod u 1 work that can lie ilOROr-lOOiOOO Boldaodthodemandc.nstiiatly4n. creaping. Now.i^ thetlrii'e'to tnko. a n Agency. Send for ciioulare. [J^\ Uon-are o f ,infririRer§.^Q Ad- drotB SECOiMB & CQ.,'Bo' , =toii l ,MaB8., Pltteb.irgb, Pit., orSt I.OU1B,MO. « «4 TO TH E WORKINO'fLVSS-^-ei.ronoivprt'piiri.1 _ln furaish all claast.*s wlth.coiistaut cuiploymentat 'loiivo, \thomholc oftho tlirioiirfor thotpare liimpcuts. Bus!* iiopg new 1 , light andiprafltable. Fersuiiaof eltborsox' pat.Uj t<arii'fruin 50.'. tj $5 pov.i'voaiug, and a propor- tional sum In dovoting Ihoir wb'tlo thno to tho business. Boys and girls ear n nearly as'iimch as mea. Tha t all who si'C tliisiioik-.e IIWJ Mind their ill]^lrc^s, and test tho business, wo niako tbltiinp'aralleltU offer:—To\ s\toli ns aru'iiot well.satisfied, we will sead SI to pay-fur tlio trnuMn t>f ivritliiir. Full particaliir.^, a \.tluablo sample.' whti'liHtU ti\ I n cumau'uee uork on, aQiUcopynf Tlio I'i'ojilo'a Lltt'i-ary ltint|iniii<>n—mm nf tbe largest and bf»t fiunily tu*wt.pii]iiit pnl.lfelifcd- .illsent free by mail Itvader, if you »nnt puriihiuent, prulititUle work, a>Mr.>ss E -0. Al.l.ENft CO .ACHISTA, MAIN*:. Aromatic Veg-etable Soap, NEW YOBK JAIHiBS II . KEIit-V- Proprietor, llg MilJ .St,re,et atOCBESTEU, N. Y„ Mauiiracturorn^d^WholeBalu. aud Ilotitll 'Dealer in L4NTEKNS, LE^Ak iOrEvt'r>\l)eiierii»tiyii; Ibr OH! DOTY'S IN or BEST I.ASIPd, rjiJ-IliJ, WOBI.I) \>r-r \ ''' ~ *toau Dtdor of ATo>*kfl to .Cr«ail»r«i-Em'8uaiii- *' aotlot- is lli taioSiirrogat»bfjUuOoimtv.:of, Monnui, 'imoH i-lioruby glvouto*!1 iior'smis\liKvlngblaima>agnlUrtt fc \•-- 'Sptlnsv-lntOiOf iho s tmrn o f llmaUni.'JalburoQJOounu,-, State of Now Vork^ (locoasedj to'pro^ont th'os'aiuo with (hov6ii6noM'therftof,tii itUo undondgnoil, at hor rpsl- •deiiou inHnmUn.oiiorbbforfltho'aSth diiv of March, '1609. ELJCHN J.\ SPRINO, AdiiiiiilHtriitris. .Dateil'Sept. 16th, lBt}P, ,. • li7Gm(l. \Tt»1'H!E TO CRElU'l'OaS. -i'lirtiimiit to ll 1 ctiiioriK'r of tbioSiirroga(oof tho County of Mou- roo, uotloa 1B liereby given to all Imvlnff claims iicalastiltOBwellSmltli, lato of tliotoSvii of, Olarbnoii Wtmroo.Coiu'iti'.Stntoof JNow York. di'flp|inod, to pro Baa tlio'Hfuno -wltliOTUoherHtliovoof, to llio miuor- lilgiiecl atlild'Btoro lii;Bi6clqibvt|'0U' or boforo tho 8th dny.oJT^'bvnuryrit'Ci), batod.July SJ7, laoPi JQHN A'.XA!TT^ MOnti; Exooutor, -IATE1.V i:U(H : IMPROVED—\N'I>THE,N'R\V MiVERSll eLOIHESWRiS«BU Imiirovi'd u ith'ltinwll'i Biilnn,t Doiiblo Uog Win-ids innl'tlie rut^iiiM\!' ai v n'oiv.iiuqu.'stioiiiiltlv fir - i,>« ni.rlnanv aci'iiniii'-- t'-n- \washing ololheB I*V »-r in\t;uffit' aud'ulll-Jivc ilii'lreuat X-<\Wi it ypar,'by Miving biboi nxil'fhithlH - h.i.eiiie«l thetagiji..* to»iiiuon.v »rt'tullow«: mi niAflj itn* muoli ; -coald imt b e persim Ifil :,i: itii-1 whl i theatUolM>otyj ut-feil thtit i .1 t',.- ..,,-iiinn.'\— Rt'V. 1. S.-t)tt, lluduip Tlinii* who \'tte.liko • totWvlttioti, wo iirCiina'st «\ M.i::riiuio. -JOSEPH P. SHAW, ntlKI.ISIIKir OF SUKUT MUSIC; Im* 1 porte r of iindJobbi'l-lii al l Itlnda of MU8ICAX* MKHCHANDISE, 43 Stalo Street, ltOohORlor, N. Y . •Soil* tho oeU'briitod WuUoril'lnnuB. nhU h nro amon s llieverv bi'Ht-tobo found. Su any tho ilrst •imiskul tiilent'in N..Y.'iiml olaowliero j togethor with otlior ili'Ht class PIUUO'B wtth'tho (no called) Pa t out Agrafl'o TiubU', w hiihfurFuwfrof fontsTntich and Durabil- ity aru'Huimnor'p al l uiht'iB, and wlll'.hp n-M'ii' vory low- prii-e^. , * MivShuwUriuloasoilt'ot Wostoin N , Y . for th o celi-bi'.itod Efltoy 4& Co.'a Organ niul Alolndooiij th o bofit iirtho oouutry. Altpei'Miits ooiUoiaplatlng 5 ]iiiv- oluiriiii!? an y of tho above liameci funtrunu'iitH, BIIOUUI wiolfml it/'Cjir at Sli«iv!n inii-K* s'ori', imd sutlufy tln'ii]Hd\t'Bii-to nit'illty and j rh\ . Iwns cure d of Doafneeannd Catarrh, b y a<tlmn.o ronWy and will send th e recipe free. 6S7y8 MRS: fit C LTOQETTVHoboken,M'.J. —Hira.mado In louthoiinwlllu outdruga. -Kor olrcular*, ad- drefsb. SACK, Vlnejtar WurkB, .Cromff.ell, Cnnn. '-®U* FREE io BOOK ACEWTS 'W J will send a haudsomo prospectus of onr Now llliifttrateil Family BH>le 4 to an y book acentfroe of charge. Addreis NATION\A.L-PL*H- LISHUVG CO.rPhiUdoli»hU,'Po. 680V4 .)•>! a r aupfk, iuauyf. Tiil-une. •\Itl'the Irtinibyof m.v lioii» thanliBglviagou: Mondays .'o Thec4ireI*-'C«»ler. l 'i'.\i>ry n tirKluLsiiUen r a «.trongt'r hold Hp«ti' tho alTeottim-iol lheiiitna,ti i a oMIie laiindry.''—N. v. Ob- servri'. \ir'ticartily'l-nmini'itd it'tO'oron»>mNt*nl turn*, n.ou ey, and co.ntviitmcnt *\—'Rrv *1» r>. Uolji>w-. '•jrlendlDolj—Your ln-it'improvpiij*»nt nf \inii* \\'n-h ing Wiieliine* isn'complftc inecoss. I assureymi * om Mftclilae/a'ttiiiii-.ifar's usf,is. though t mcne of tu-du\ j thntii'ur, a.ri'I'«o«ld no t Imparted uith tiud<-r i.u> ih - cunirituncp^ \—Solon RnbiiiROii, \iour Washing.Miu'liinu'lltis oueu iu iiail.\ nso iu-uiir lmiLidi'.v-ao'Mlie housekeeper yxpressfs her>fll ns htgh- iypk'ti^i witlrlt. It eprtajaly accoinplliilii's a greatii- amount.of -vvaikVnitb; leps'liibUr, anil does no t wear ti e olotbi 1 * near MI much as tho olet fashioned wash-board. By using It , tine liuiudiesii in di^pi'USoJ \%ith.\~Wi«. M.iF.Rwund.Superlntendoiit of Infant. Department ut' St. r.nliariiio's Nursery. N.Y.. Broa;! (iauge-^DouMe Trackt NEW Y O Rk, BO S f ON, AND. ALL NEW ENGLAND CITIES FARMER'S HELPER. ^•II'MVS HO V TO POL'BKK TIIEPnOFIT S Ol'THE O 1'lRM. an-' b«\v ratheiM and t heir sons can eneh malic $100 per jtlontMn Wiiiior, lOjGMcaples will ho mailed fr«o to farmots SendnamoandatMr^s to'ZEIGLER„MeCL*RDY ft'.0O.. Philadelplaia.hi. '689w4 'THE BEST. TJtE J3MT. rj^- TilK'SCIENTlFlC AMEWOAS._^Jj A weekly ithnlrntetl jouinnlof 16 pngcfi, devblcil lo Miielilnory, Agrloaltnrrtl 'ImjiroYemonlB, Cllolnleal Sc-Immo and Now Dlscovadufl. A SriloudliUoiirriii!. SltSOO Cr»*ll lljPj r i? - eB1vi11 ^bopnliVffr chilis of Mlu>orlbt.r.s on.tlio 10th of Fdtiraary. A llalidsjnrost largesteolpluleengraving of 19dl»lln- jruL-liod AmbrlL-!iuInveutors,.presciitodloeiil3i«rib0rfl. *- Siiboimt-iid r.f paper, prosocotuees, anil l>InnU for names Pent fret-. Terms, i3 a year; SX-oO for G luuiiltiB. Diacouutto Cluljs. A laoolc of linporlance, to all'al.ont ty apply for palonta -fcont frtw Wrllofor full partii-utnra concorntnKprizes mid.patorxtB, lo MTJHN !: 0O-, l'lilillalierHniidPn.t cut Solicitor*. S33' Jlfarli ltow.Ne-re- York. For the Belicate Skin of ladies & Children . Sold t>y All Pniffglwtw. . All Tan.tiie groom.is an old resident of San Frateisco, Pio Keon is a recent imjjotlatiuii. Ah Tau haa bail two TriTf\; who treated hisa bndly—one I fail effort of Ibo niiuil to throw the fJioulders I'ack, a feeling of tiredT nt'ssancl awkwardness is soon oxpci- ieneed, or is forgotten. The use ofi IOR1LURDS \EUREKA\ Smoking Tobacco. It l.i put up In IninritinniyinuyTii) briifi, in whic h dt*r> ti-r Meorcchou m Pipes ar e dally paokrd- ia nil excel nit article of I irrfinulaU-d Vimiiifii ;: t\iiurever Introduced it J UQIHTSHI y admired., deserted Irim and tbe other squander- f braces to hold up tbe b -Ay is necos- ed his mouoy. His last brido he pur- sarlly pernicious, for there cau be no ' chased -for* -$500,, of her venerable j brace which does not press upon some ' mothor, who intends to return to her (part of tbe pt-rsoumore than is natural,' native land and live in ease nud com- hence cannot fail'to impede injurious- i s Hindi- of tlio chu lent grown ; it is am i 11 erfotis lu its etlocts, ns,[ lho.\tcotiiiohasb'ot.'nox' | LORILURD'S Yacht Olub! . SmoUing: Tobacco. i tracimlj i t loaieano dlBapreoabloiaatonftiT stnoferiQjr; u fH vi>ry mild.llght .'ncol-irand «o}ght, hence one j pound will Instns lon«n*3. f ordinary tobacco. In I dim brand wo nlm pac k iT'H''-* OVPIV day for Warn-1 wera there none of these dbicctions, the ' « u ?»« Moewchamn PI P PS- Try U nnd ctnr!n« ,, i . ,, . ... ei ' e i l i j L -L IJ* i o i vi I ion r i-lves it laoll it churm to bo Ihe uiit'ft t( al l ed by the lTifelir-itieBoflns former mar- brace would adapt itself to cue bodily J Tinges Ah Tan resolved this\ time to be I position, likt it hat or a shoe, 1870. THE NURSERY. 1870. Tl.o beet, clioaroatand inoslrlclilyll.LU'STBATED SIuiVTHLY A1AUAZU91S <F0X UHILUllbJ*, IlifO'n yea r ni advance. Snbscrlbp mow, and- got thHiiBt K\uinbiT of Ihtjd, Frpo. i . \diIn-8 . JOHN j;..SHOKKY, i 6S9w4 1 3 Waalilugton Street, Boalou, j M IRE COWING, T HE.GREAT ORIGEN A X DOLL. ATISALK OE11RV and Fanc y fioode.ahrLwIlljireseiUfo any person ~— eeudlngn> a Clitb.aAVatch.Silkr>res.',Piece ofslieet-1 PStlCES,—1 Fail Offer. S-nllbt* rfl.nl |.rice, Wii*he»-, $l'J,,'E\lr* WnnstT $9:niil-*>- vlllf.rivard oitlliT oi: b-ith .Machine s, fe e ol'fri.mbt, co-plncra- wher e no out* U Bfllifig; ami so sutottfu ni-.tli.'j nlll be-likpil, tha t tie ugivo t» rofatid tlio'iii»npy xf'Huyono wislios to rciurn th o machines Frenif4n'*ij£lil.nftt'r a mp'nth'tt tt'ial,according todircc- tlOU-. No'lioob-inil, father o r k»thi-,r sbo'itd permit tb dni<\\rv »f Visaing wiUrllii'fciiiulf, tiflj-tuu d.i tl i »vl»on It'cna* by dnid botli-r. mort- tixpfJi l_v, uii'id-'SB lnLoriiind n o Injury to (hi\;armout'* n Di.ijX'U'then Wastior, unda.l.'niM'fjil \Viingt*r, l'iimas^£-N hith i*\.clustvQright uf -nVn make IHUIH')' faiti'llniir tlii'in. hblJbide-ali'fugfiierally lo whm<i bt< •-il *ili-Jtuit? ari'.nw'- • B. C.BROWKING, Gen. Agent, C'tm S llJC.iit'nii.l: SI . N W YmU ertisins: BilOCKPORl REPUBLIC Haiti fbutL'v l»l»llii(lcl iihia, IluHiiHore, Was uln^ton, um l nil Priucijial l»oiut^ Soutii. TpRAINS IOHYO HochoBtor from iho depot of tho 1 Itoche--tpr and Goneaen Valley Itnllioad,.on Ex- clianiio Btroot, im follows, b y Now York olty lirco, ivliich ia 13 inlimtea faator tha u Itoohostor time : 7 ,M r; A. M.-Now Yorh Oay Exi>ross. ,'Mj ArrtvoH a t Avon 8:522,.[broakfiiBt} Wuylaud 9:37, H.uh 10:42, Corning 11:33, (connects Willi now uml improved JDmwlnu-Koom Couches, through l o Now York AVitlioul Glltui&re ; Klmtra 1^:15 P . M.;-0w<>go 1:23, Hiug- liimituti *^:07, Groat Ui-ud. 'Jz'3'3, SilHQimhaniiah 2:35, [dlnoj' DopoHlt3:19, port Jei*viH , 6:S5.-Nuw Y»rk 10:30 1» M. ConneotB a t Groat Bi-nd far tSrranton; a t Blnyltamptiiii f-r Slniriai Sprinya »»d Albiny , and a t Jersey Cit y villi Midnight Exprcpa Train of No w 11 | ilei'soy Katlroaaforriillitdcphia, Unltlmuiv nmlW'aali nglui.. I?I. — Avon fTroiffUt itnA Ac- commodutioii. A.IMC-—IlaUimmo Express* Ar - rives at Avon 10:10; [connecting wit h Gone oo and Mt. Morris Rnilroad aud with train fo r Cnlcrioniiu LO'Koy an d Htlllalo,] AVajland 12:02, Cora - iiiH -:1J P.M., El:nlr.ii>:01 P. M. t o^nnooiiug, wit h trii'iii fo r tho South , nt Willhunsport. IlarrUburg, I'lilimlulpliia, Bulliiunn-und WaHlifnyton. /I'.nn p * M.—IVow York mgiu Express 4.1'U ArriveHut A\UM nt'l:-10.W»i land G:03 B.Uh 7:U», Corning 7:52, lSlmlni S:i!0 A. M, fjcouii I'tiug, din*-1 tor l'liiMpl|»Uia, Bnlliuioif uml WiistihiRtoa):— 0\vc h u 9:5t',dl.nghauiton 1': 1.J, Port Jcrvlu 3:5> A. M-, ai.d Now Yort 7:00 A.M . coiuitfoilng with th e inarn- ,luy IIMUIS tUnUU'Hu.ertfor Boston nnd No w England tuM':;s.. 3J.—SSuKtilo nnt l Ax'on An .uiiiOd&Uon p ArrlvcHiit Avon 6:25, Obfliif'tatiig tur Ca*eduiiln, l.o E*,;', Buffalo, Gonesoo and Ml Mon's, I*; iff.—Froiglit uml Acconuuc- dutiotk— \rrlvo s a t tonung 12.40. FREESE'S NEW YORK, tim,. 17 AND 19 PARK ROW, 01'1'OSITIC'.TUB'23XW I08T OPPI013. W-IE •B'.M.'S S:5Too*I*'-JE'te DAV. -\-—Q \ Tliiallilnl iaIDOIIIMI I n ono of tlio tiioat i-liglblo nii.lconvi'iilotitriolniiiln tlioGltyi f NowYoil;, elm- or.for- tllUrtivolKng public or olllzoua, bolng dll-colly in-frontof-tlie AatorHouae,-iit IliojuuotU'ii of Bwiiil* wiiv ixniVl'iirlt Row.nnd-tliOiBolltliorn joint of City Jllill ^iitli.wbero tlmliow }?oBt)Oftloo iwtobo orootoJ, woitiJinilliuvillBJlullliitntnonOfclopoi-htloilB. Twolyo' ,'lliitn o i snoot Cnre.pius wlthllllmtllng dliilttuoo of the ,looi-, font of -wliK-li.g.1 dl i uotlytu tliu -Colitnil Purl:, -niid'.T-ll ta«» ovo r ilmCiiiBn-tovra-or Bolt'ltnUroniu o t tlioCitj,mid thoroforo liusii'llgore ca n bo tnkon from , tl.l» i-Ibwto iVtiy liliicola-UcwYoi-k City b y rail. fl'litiTropi-ietor lisviug eecuroiVu leasoof ilio prom- m Cor tflons torm of years , hm-spaMd no oxyooae liwlitiroimlilv rotiioilolllng,rop«lrliisiii«lli«lntlriu,-llio liit.-rior.MtiiderlDgllie loom e iiiul.parlorB most do.lm- • bloandi-snlL'aeiintiis.ftiiy In tliiicity. . •iDtlnlynow-fiirailuro hni.booli pnrolum.-d for tin s Mold,] ,wllli i. mrtot regard to mslo an d comfort. , 'CiT«.slHoail boacooinmodntodoitlior on th e t.nro-, 'l-oim I Inn, wit h mo. 1 \ at r«tnnr«nt. or on tlio Amor, fall Sjilom. -with thalr mcn'» »t tablo d Iioto, 111 a Mmcioinn , .lnliig 1 .ooiii . , , „ 'la b,i IT1«IOT.1 Cilaror will IIKO tl m «it r o ran! ox- olU9i-\-o!i'liiirgoof piirolmsiiiK tlio -supiilloo, au d none liiit t hom-.t cliuloi'-wt Ui-nltliy liiovlnloiiB will b s lorve-U-to-lho gllpsubf thiBOBtilblluhmeiil. rti-ei-otaa l.ia-coli»o;t,od'Wltlillio Hoto, wliioli 13 -•npi.iu'li'wllh tionolilt thoftnosl qnnllijr of llquora \l3L oout»li,*a CarborShop. will, a raw o f Boilia |.ul«i. a'l'oiesinph -nn*Blllrond 1 Mo t Olllw. Tlie'llolollalieawltlirouglioiitwHlrlili'nni. wo n vontiloltaWaltT' CloBOta, ooliBlruotodon nn unprnvotl iilnti. nro on ovor y lloor- - . * It is llionlm of P.oprlator to fui-nisli ..uponoi no- »t lnoiloratoratoii! andnolro.blowll l •6:45 A 9:20 WATCHES! •WATCHES' AT Ttlja BROCKPOKf JEWELHY STOltK, \ SAWPORD aopp, W OUtDibogronpoolfully to Inform tliosCltizom of llroiikiimt and vlulnlly that lio'MB Jmt fetn'riiea' from'Now York aud FnotorloB In'tho Enat, ivlllt aliirgo -nndvnriod. nsaortmont pf eioeks, IVatehesj &. Jewelry: All of which will bo sold oEtBAi* jB'atri O^LSOHC:, '. I-wlU Hell ten por cont. olionpor tlinu ctiU:bo bought Inltochestor. f shall lit'-|- First Cltisti Koodn. iiim AGENT for tho' Of.wliioh I ImvoidwayBn aooiVaaaortraont ou iiaiNl Alpo nlargd lot of Swiss Watches, from thochonp to thovory finest movomoat. All'o honlovo can bo liadinQoldorSUvorCaBO\. MUSWAL mSTKUMmTS. Mimical IimtrnmontBof nlhkiods,liavo latel y hum nddod t o hiyotoiil;. w.hloh'willibo Bold a s ohoap as can bo lnirohnBiHl blHOwhi'fo. .Stioot mitHlcana intfito ;boob to r Biilo 1'lnnoH and' molodaor.s to rout. IWI1U bo •.Utl.ittB 'r>awn'to> pronioto tho comfort o f nil- who pntron- t -- - * I.- S. •FllKKSt; Proprietor. I)85m(3 •lav liitiliuii-t*. t i i*£>tcntbi>r, 1*569 by Mr the Stat PERSIAN HEALING •&-TN12 on JSOAJP. *i.O<J coulluodattou,. (r.QO Xu 'J'l'itins on Suiidtiv •Bteliinlto i a atjniprd •' A. A.ConBtantino'a Prnilan Ilt-a-Tingoi-Pillo I'm- Soap . Pnlontod iltarcll Ul\\. 1SG7-:\ Noothor-goiailne. For the Toilet, Bath-ana Nurso> y , iMs Soiip Timlin equal . Itmabiiatliecomplciio n tnlr, vo- liiov <-•« all ,'a»UiuiT, koopa ibo Inilr Bt,ft oml i-llky, nnd provciriltfroi. ! fnlilnc off, niv.1 IB \11101031 Hair Itcaaovator LniiBo,\ , , , It emu chappe d linnd», lilmiitro. s.liiliouiii, froBt- eil'fer«t,l]iirua,iiU IIIHMIBOB of llio poalp mid sliiii, ca - tarrU u( llio bond,mi-l 1B a iioodSliavlllj; Soup. TtxiflSonp-lins alrwdv -won tliopralBOnnd o&toom o f vo'ry annjo f oarllrBt £alullli» i n Mow YutU nod llirotaali-n\- tlio cinilry . It^siiGrd ex'en«lvoiy by our oottt iiliyali lima — Wlie^ovcr used i t IIBB bocomo 11 housohold nt-ccBHliy. ^'0 ^.lvisoii.l to iryit. For onto b j all dealer?.— jigwitavnnt,ed. Call o r nddreflft. A- A Coapjantinp A: Co., 6iijl '!3 -tlfifSlloot, Uow > ork 9 ly. l^P'lofEaloby To/ior »: WniaU, an d Cox t O-.il.L^. ij&x-g-e <Jii*culat ion I MONRQE; 1 f,.,,i ,,11 ,.„„( n f u m . ,]nvR on trip nrn. 1 lv till) pirflllnf.'riT i n f f-li^t uni-r .,.. f , nonnu wi n IIUIBB ionc,,..i. | ormnary louacco, in 1 s»,,,l for Uataloguo or gooiUind samplo,- IO H all lest O i nei Uay s Oi l Lee pio * | V l-tlo^XiCltlllt.o u Ol tllft t pair. ISur, | (IHBIU-HIHI wonlvopack .-r-.V^ovpi.v day for firBt [o any nddroa3 lreo. J.S lUtWESi: CO; FREE OF COS?. Souil for Cataloguoof goodsand snmplp,— delivered ORUEJMfS. ami GENESEE Counties I Tit.M.N'-i A:>.I:IVK. :'r i^ht nud Ao-owiiioa„tiou„., .. ?,;£i A. M. Avou Accomodation 9:07 A, M. Nlgnt EsproBs 11:10 A. H. Freight nnd Accommodation 12:15 P. M. H-ilTimnroKsprfSB it-19 p . M t>iy EsprcdB 11:40 P. at. ceeds of her fortunatp traffic. new; bound by a cl<mbl« knot, and accor- dingly tho st-rvii'p of ft Justioo of the Peace were prilled into requisition.— After lieiug united accordiria; to_ tlie Ami-rieni, hv.% tlio hnppy pair proceed- ed to tlip Joss House, on Dupqnt ] and efficient, it is only uceessrav. to a f ffct nnd tlifre bi-i'\i'e tlio idol's the 1 wnllt hn.u.ti lu uy wtm * xno'ey«s^ ! ux«u riinie'se mnirioKo was celebrated.- Ai- \ on an t.bjfct alicad, a little higher than ter Imnini^.% r.nral'fi' of S.IT«1 ht-iclw • your nwrt, tli- cave of a liouso, t'ie top beforo the \shrine the ifroom off-Ted of rami's hat, or simply keep your chin CENPliiRYi garinett, imd would cease to be a! ^ £P*i*£$$I£S hrnco. To sppk to rniintniii an erect posi- tion or to recovfV it \riiou lost, in a manin-r w'hic'i is nl once natural, easy Th.abruiid ot Finn C m chowing Lobucco hits no eqiinl o r snperior any - Chnwinp-Tobacco, | where. It in withou t b'nli' t'n- b*?nt. hewing tulnci- > iuilic. uv.ii ir> . NOB lis undinOKodpral street Hrsto:i,MaFBaa£nurtlit. P '>. Box C . 6^3-w4 IM. U,—SniiipUs givca o n OJ.plicat.soil for Ca-ialogue. fpliti.aiACtl C U*)AIU wil l clwngif a-ayi-ulorod niilror X bpnrd t o a pprintiQnnt Biaok or Brotvii. One oomb pout by mail fo r $1. Fo r saloliyMe3.-e!iam D aiici Drug. L-ieis eencrally. AIUUUMI Miigl' Ciiinli Co, Sprlnc- llftM.Jhue. ,A -- ' ASJCFOJi TICKETS via ERIE RAIL- WAY. i lUileh ca n bo obtained ot tlio Carn^iiy'ii Oillco, > Ticket orilce xV<*-1 State St., Roclios4>ar. • ^ndntPriucipitl 0;Hc« J of Conne<.tlii>:Ilon(j8. It you want l'lipt-r t o pai'-r T'-ur waUd tutu RUrfH UEED'P. .Ueclmnlrs, Farmer*., uml all ot£at»r tinsKcs . nmlcingr it n I. D. IIUCKBR, Gen*lSii|.'t, Now York . WM.;n.I(AnR , ! Gcn'l Pose. Ag't. I Ne w York I Superior Medium LOR1LLARD'S Ib^-nau- Ufi i i{t*ni- •I^JSVJ**-*-SlB^f^.^uo, . • •— f;,^ij(giKl»|!. and Beliiiid llio Sconce r. l \ lliebessl\ wherever n»e<*. ^1 a.o*u-^7re.>, r-«n r .«,..« w - ^,„ UH „„.-*„ vi,ouo,-o the aril montu. A^uatB cautccwrc «cla MiiL the meat, fruit and vegetables, to nig nify thai xho was dependent on him for Riipport and that h e bo.md hira- polf ti ma:'n*ain \her. Tlio guar dinn I eaatt, \vb-> stand in efSgv by the shline were then appeased by pres- ents of meat, and tlii« t:oiicluded the ceremony. A weddius breakfast, con- sislinfj ot' of Chinese dishes an d sevcrl a little above a .horizontal line will answer to wall: witb. y.<ur hands behind ye n ; if either o f these things i s d-ino, th e necessary, eaf-y and legitimate, effects is to relievo and .till neltne,l If you, BIO i-Ui- I-..,- d;-t-3ni)t ta.»v. thes e urtio' Bale, iiak hlin tune tliom; tllt y lire hold by rtnva*o l.lojulibei-i alinuBt ,-vprjwiuie. Clr^.l ir c,f ^ilc -. jiialo.l on ai,l>r--:i'lii.'i P. liorillard& Co,, rMciv Vork. lit\3SEE An.onth madoby.jge!tl»iollneOI:lVB «i*JL«>0 LOGAN'S grolvnrb Bsltn: tlio I — --'-- n, | llrlllln. ' out. til trie, b y cutting: this out imil ntWiPti'\-«'cr MELE E & C O .PubUaho-s, l'M!i.. V-t, nM IIItMl town , t'onn , W\\3 THROUGH WHICH TO /\ovt=.K riBi i JBZ&T3PV- •3atKrx-3P--2atrsri«3?. A'.i Nl'-i W,\NTfc-U «nt>vtn-tt'l..ai-ll tin* AiiiTiran ' Knttil.>_-Mi.l'tti.- •Ln;..nl> '^«»^''' ^J ' , Pinnl* Kiiittlnft Jilithue t-ViT int.utt-.:. I'mo ';-'•». Will kuil M 1)00 -tiMie* [,e. !..„..!;. A-Hif*, Aiinnnu Kh.ti.i.g M.i rtilne Cn , Hn-itoii Mas- . orS*. LntiU, Mn. Ne-w Establislimont. C . V&« EPS ManurucLurer auJ (leaflet I u - - -; THE WOODS AN ll WARES the chest from pressure, tho air B et a , s ^, $XiS-hT\-'«™~\*^-*~ *°*- in lnnri; easily, dovelops it more fully causing a more perfect purification of the hi od, importing higher health, 1 rqnnls (bluer) Qtltnlno. maile on.y by F.STKAH\S, CUomlm. Dt-trutt. cases ot\ champagne, followed, and the moro c-dor to tbe check, and eonipell- bride presented tlio guests witb fcHQoll ing a throwing out of the toes. To packages of t=a, done up in many ool t il.rhe thehifjhestbenefit from walkiug, oved papers. Jlnsie and firecrackors' bold np tlio bend, keep the mouth concluded the festivities.—[^an Fran- cisco Bulletin. VALUABLE SECRET.—A laundress gives VSP the following recipe for doing up shirt bosoms. Any lady who desires to make home happy will do well to try the experiment. It will ho found el'.sed, and mo-re briskly.—[Journal of Commerce. A NOVEL METHOD OF CATCHING MICE. — \ correspondent of tho Journal of Pharmacy says :— Having on several occasions notic- ed mice in onr seed barrels, I bethought a sovereign antidote to that perilous j me of some method.liow I migdit entrap stuff wbich weighs upon the heart—on I the little intruders,, they having gained ill ironed, ill fitting shirt bosom. Take j entrance by eating through tbe chime, two ounces of fine white gum arahie, j To kill them witb a stick was impracti- powdered; put into a pitcher, and pour on a pint or more water, and then, having covered it, let it stand all night. In the morning pour it care- fully from the dregs into a clean bottle, and cork and keep for use. A table- spoonful of gum water stirred iu a pint of starch made iu the usual man- ner, will give to lawns, either wbito or printed, a look of newness, when noth- ing elso can restore them after they have been washed. —A letter written entirely iu Chinese characters, auddiiectedto a Chinaman in Pond Lake City, Utah, has been re- ceived at the dead letter office at \Washington. As there is no clerk in the department who can read Chinese characters, the letter cannot be return- ed to tbe writer. In view of the rapid addition of Chinamen to our popula- tion, the Postmaster-General will short- ly ask for an appropriation to appoint a Chinese clerk Every other language is read in the dead letter office. —One of the insane in the North Carolina asylum recently visited the legislature, Upon his return the sup erintendent asked him what bethought of it. Relasping into a \brown study\ for a moment, he looked up and saici: \Well I think they are a branch of this establishment,\ « •^Ono of the most original of juve- nile inventions was that of little Fanny, who, instead of sayiDf her prayer at night spread out her alphabet on the bed, an d rising her eyes to heaven^ said, \O Lord! here are tbe letters; arrange them to suit yourself.\ —Strange guestions..are agitated in tbe debating clubs down East. The last was, What is the difference be- tween a fao simile and a sick family? And the next will be, What is the dif- ference between the bridge of sighs and the size of n bridge ? cnble and the little fellows would in- vuriably escape as soon as lid was rais- ed to any bight. I tben thought of saturating apieco of cotton with chlo- roform and throwing i t in, tben clos- ing the lid. On rising it again in a few minutes, I found that life had al hiost or quite departed. Having on one occasion left the piece of cotton in tho barrel, ou again rehiring, found three mice with their heads in elose con tact with it, and dead. In the evening I saturated another piece, and placed it iu the barrel, aud on opening it the morning, to my surprise I found nine dead mice. We recommend our Chicago friends to try chloroform on tbeir rate, and see what effect it will have, A REMAKABLB CAVERN.—Last month, as two quarrymenwere working in Kif- craft Qurray, or> tbe Portland Hights, England, they \bad occasion to remove some stone from the \basebed and at fifty six feet below the surface they came upon a fissure in the rock. ,On explor- ing it about one hundred yards they found an opening in each of thu-ty yards. Proceeding 400 yards further, there was an opening to the upper surface, through which the'light is ad- mitted. Tbe cavern tben extends at least one hundred yards .further, and is altogether six hundred yards in length. From tbe roof depend beau- tiful stalactites, many of them two and and three feet long,' and of different tints, some amber, and others cream color. Some curious petrifications have also been found of fantastic shape.-' The quorrymen are foolishly breaking off the stalactites and selling them for a trifle. Dr. Olin, 2 7 Bond street. TV. V., trnat all nrltiut. dwiseft. Seminal KinlPoiona, Impoteney, Si-- B.,!ird.n«liiosTnl,lllim.nt Ifileeir.-.d. T h -iiBAndi- of c-ineB frnn, every >tato indlrnl,'IllP Deeior's ptilll Sealed pamphlet fo r 1 Btiimps. P ~\sVoHoiiXNOV ASCiNATl-» drSuULCllAlSM- 1NG-— lOO.pngea ; oliilh Tlii- wo'iderln! cook naBrnll-ins-tr'ltcl.uns toouublo llio reader 10 Jnseiante, eltlior BOX. orn'i;> n.nlraal,nt wil . MeBmcnsin, Spir- itualism, and hundreds ri olherclirtouB experiiuentB. I Itenn bo obtn!ni-.lljv eondtnir a-lilree,,, wlih poBtag\ toT. W EVA.Vi.C-0.,.No. , 1 S-iUlli Elalith Street I rililii-lel|,l,l,i 1 GREAT EXCITEMENT, A. BARNES HARNESS ! |ClienpPi|rorCnth tbanan j utUoribop in the Slate. I WILL NOT BE UIVDERSOLD. I lmvo alargesldcko u hmiil nf astnn d nork a s can be found that I will «ptllUPER CEXT Cash ami Warrant. I a m tit- >o*i II A RDMliEI Nails, Tin, Copper, Sliert /-roil, Rtofi.ii$ x til »;1 Poekc l r-itlerv. ^ P.e •iihinjrprmi'iilljaWndpiHoanti'worlc warraulitl £X? \ •>>'•' *»•* Mam \•trpet.Brockpor*. 733 Horses and Carriages for. Sale and to Let. After April lBtthoBubBcrlberw.il own a • JHerj'Bmblo afowrodi sonili of tlio N Y * C(.*ntint Unllroiid Depot aX tlio Mace foi'jior. I • ly known m the Union Hnlpl. Or«2ermn b o left nt my jewelry Btore \'6.30Maiu street- I Brockport, ainraliBS. 1S59. • FARM FOE SALE.' M THE siilweril„ !r oa~er.forml*. lilsCirni tneitna. I tlie Samson lloivard pl«M, bait a mile will, „tl r-,..ley sli-», cnsistliigor SSKrei. f wl, , m . I ..l.rnved land, nlilcli I. supplied with s ooil bml<lin m «« N -veil mitored. Iain al l respltlsan eltollint farm. Swe.]eii,Dcr. 15, IfiC?. gjj. ; Mercbianls, Mauufactui'er.s aud FARMERS- ulso the business of , T,l«f EB8, RO€T0RS, Artists, &t, Ayer*s Oathwrtic Pills, purposes of a Laxative JPerlmps no ono medi- cine ia ao universally re- quired'hy everybody aa a cathartic., nor wa3 ever any hofore so universal- ly adopted Into use. In every countryand among taut '5utcient a ptiV^n\\ve /*i?7. TllP nhvio m ret - son i^, that it Ha mnre rc*- . liable niul far mere effce- * tual romedy than nny other. Thosp who havu tried it, know that it cured them; those who have not, know that It enva their neighbors and friends, and all know that what it does onco it does nlivuys —that it never fails \through any fault or ncjjlectof Us composition, \We have thousands upon thoa- Bandaoi certificates of thoir remarkable cures of tho following complaints, but suehTuves are known in. CARfE TINGS. Axi»ilustei-s. VolvetH) Drussoln, 3-Ply, Amt Ingrains, Just receivoil la tout variety. Also FELT FOB ROBE LININGS, Oil Cloths in all Widltis, To tlioTrnilo at jMflntlfn cturr'.rriooH 35 Slti.1o Strec-'. Se-r>tcinl,er 3, l^f-9. 'Wiiu, trfliWiiL AwDLOAM r rH. E tn>tificr.t)(.'r oiiofB i*jr BalnottinT building tsaud i 1 srnvol,o r Loam,npozitho Fnlr tirotind i a irftivit- _iir<ai»lpf,rt Aprll'J 1*^03.-500 Iyer's AVatcltONt Clocks, Jewelry, A:iu, He- ptiirud nud Warrantod, Mr J. O.PARSONS, one of the hoBt irorfcrnon lu ;Suite. All work outruatoU'to hlacaro will bodoiio lu a wurUmimilUo mnnnur. DONT i-'OItUKT THE PLACE, Mfp. 28 Slain Street, on the West Side. Q^ 1 \ Parties will nlno llnd nt tho-namo utoro tlio -InrgOBtrHtucltiof Pure Conlectioncry ovor In Brookport, nil t o bo «ol d ntWl)oi6i*»:oaiiJ Ottill, atth o lowenl i-l-loot). q? itl llFElNVIGORATOR REJUVENATING ELIXIR CORRECTS THE SECBEHONS, BBST0BE8 THE SYSTEM, USD CITES LIFE,HEALTHANDSTRENQTH X0 ALL WHO USE IT, For restoring Gray Hair to every neighborhood, and we need not publish\them t ife tlfllnrol U,f*tiJf., ««J it*? Adapted to all ages and conditions in all climates; ua * «<HUIcl] Vitality aHCl LOJOr, containing noithor calomel o r any deleterious drug, ' they may ho taken, with safety hy anybody. Their &ug.ir coating pre=>erye$ thorn ever fresh and makes them pleasant to take, while Ijelngpurely vegetable no harm, can nrlse from theh* use in any quantity. Judicious Advertising Payo. PMCK TBmnMD J.VB.C. PLATED FOR TWENTY DOLLAHS. JHaiing rcmovetl upslnirs Over LATTJZ'S SHOE STORE, And over RICHARDS $ SOJYS FLO UR STORE. My roots aro leti nn d I can .-illord lo «olI 1,-K. 1 Imve a I Cull nssortraent of goods lo nij- lion or trade. Cull and Sec lor Vonraclves. A. BARNES. The RepuMc Office IS SVPPZIMD Wl-IH -A young fellow, the son of an env inent dancing master, applying to a friend as to what trade or profession it would be best for him to pursue, re- ceived the reply, \I think that you'ean- not do better than follow the steps of your father,\ —It must be a hapjiy thought to the Jersey lo-yer that his blood and that of hs sweetheart mingle in tho same mosquito. By A little -girl seeing a litter of kit. tens for the .first time, expressed her opinion that \ somebody had nhaken fussy all, to pieces.\ —A correspondent of the New York Farmers' Club having askod how to clean cucumber and tomato seed, was told to spread,on. a piece of paper in the sun to dry, They -will be clean enough for home use; for commercial purposes, it is necessary to wash out and dry them, On a recent hip \of one the Illinost River packetsj a light draft one, the passengers were startled by the cry of \Man-overboard!\ The steamer was stopped and preparations made to save him, when he was heard exclaiming: \Gp ahead with your steamboat! I'li walk behind I\ —An Ohio correspondent t>f the Country Gentleman recommends hill eulturel for sweet potatoes on prairie, soil, instead of cultivation iu ridges and says that'half sliovel of .coal ashes to the hill is beneficial. ROSADALIS THEE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIEB, CURES Scrofula in all its Various Forms, SUCH AS | C t£l£lSX£X u «™ «»!«rt«\ \ages En-1 '^fi2SS,\V\. , »? Ulceratio n ol the Olanda, Joints, Bone* . Kldnrri. Chronic Soro Eyci, *c. ALSO IN ALL ITS FORMS. DISEASES OF FOMEN, « Z.ife, travel* GENERAL BAD HEALTH, AnilalldlieaMiofMlio BLOOD, ZlVMSrmDNErAND BLJtDDEM It l« n perfect Renovntor. r.r)^!r iV?-^J f «orot QiMwk Remedy. .Tho nrtl. cloBof Which Hi!made nro. pubn.h,/ aroimd ?aoh ana manyTjM.u.«nd o l our IBMI V Citliem. \WJ? ^.tlmonialB of r'emnrknblo mire.., see KottiitUlt Almanac * r for Ihli year. Dr. J. J. Lawrence & Oo, 2« BtLTOtORB STnBBT BALTIBIOIIE, M, U. For Sale by Drngglsls Everywhere. 033yl . THREE PRESSES TWO 0P WHICH ABK Bun bj Steam Powei, AND ABOUT IOO\Varieties o< T^pe; Enibllng ita.propriel*r.ti).do altolnses ol- waits %sjie.itionsir r iVea% A Obeapjfi PRICES LOW. DBlNS'EitraotiiBaraoll'iOolouni!, Sarin' J •Inaond OolrnWi So»n,fori«f.bt T * «'B TOIUlfa Hiia TOnWfe HAI8BT CARRIAGE MAKING-. AUIttViVUMEJIf/ Oarpetings, limy direct Irani the mann- ftictories-'l'apesliy and Ingnii'i Carpetings, also Hemp Carpels, and sell as cheap as any house in j Rochester. E. WHITNEY. A aref-injr whHi !•• a' oupi? nsn-ealil.*, liculiliv, undcflji'tiiul oniu^ <-Ur,. I), in, -lorn I y.ul •Qwr au-'l /Qi'h. k- oae<3, falliug- Imir checked, ni.d bn!<!- J18SS often, though, not alwa)v, cuiud by its use. Nothing can reajoro lit Thoy operate by tlinr powerful inilueo.ee on tHo internal viscera to purify the blood and stimulate it into healthy action—roniove the obstructions of tlie stomach, howrt*?, Uxor, aud otlier organs of tlie itocjy, x-estoriugtheir irregular-.notion tohealth, and by correcting, wherever they exist, such dorang-ix- ments ns are the Urst origin of dlaense. , Minute directions aro given, in the wrapper on I HIP box, for tlio following complaints, which tlipse Mils rapidly cure:—• For X»y\l>eitsi;i ur lud.g-c«tioit, JLt«xIe>«.«- aeu , Xatiyruor and I,»HJ« ot ..Lmiotiti*, thpy should be taken moderntely t o stimulate the stom- ach and restore its healthy tone ami action. For Silver Complaint and iu various symp- toms, Unions lK*ailticlfte > , Mick Hlenilacbe , Jaundice or Grevu MickueitN, Jlilions ; . • i ^i /> ii-\1 -, Colic and BUIona FerovN, they should he ju- UaiiT* where tilQ foliicles ai' e deatroved, diciously taken for eachca^o, to correct the diseased tor tllG glands • atronhiod and decayed action or reraovn tho olmtructions \yhieh cause ir. £ ^ fe»«ut^j3 uiitjpuiuu «iuu utia^eti, For Draenter^ - or JDiarrbo?ii, hut oho mild do*o H generally requiretl. For XftlteumittlMiu, Gont, Gravel, Palpi- tation of iliti Heart, Patn in tli« Hide, Hack and fcoinM, tlioy should be continuously tnken, as required, to change tho diieasod action oT the system. With such change those coinpfoints disappear. For Dropsy and DropHical «nroiling thoy should be taken in largo and frequent dose* to pro- duce the effect of a drastic pur#e, For Suppression a large do^o should he taken ni it produces the desired-effect hy sympathy. As a JDiniic)* Pill, take one or two VlUa to mu- moto digestion nnd relievo the stomach. An occasional dose f-timulates the stomach nnd bowels into healthy action, restores the appetite, and invigorate'? tho system. Hence it h often ml vantageotiswliere no sorious dcrniigcment exists. Floor Oil Cloth ! In the best styles and qualities, and at the lowest possible prices by E. WHITNEY. I SHA.LL Be .prepared for a very large tirade in Paper Hangings and Bor- dersr--also Curtains, Painted Shades, Fixtures, dfce.;. &c, and at bottom prices. E WHITNEY. \New Goods Daily! I am now receiving New Goods for tlie fall 1 trade, rints Gringiiams, Domestic fJoods, t>ress Goods, tfca E. WHITNEY. FOU1VD AiT LAST ! Ono who feol3 toloi-ablywcll, oltmi llntls thataiio- of tllP^D JPitta mnllPB hllll lVpl .tPcMcllly ljfittoi-, fi-niri tliolr cleansiug mid renovating i-IT.-rt on ttio fli^oa- tive appar.ittm. Bit. J. C. AYEIt «C CO., I'ractlcal Chernials, IOWELX.. 3I.ISS., V, S. A. '% 5 REWARD | Clothing, ' , _ «3^3 •Ct0rH/N6 lA j Oil • But^ such as remain can be i-aved for lisefulapss by this application. Instead ! of fouling^ tho liair with a pasty sedi- raorat, it will Jtoep i t clean and vigorous. I Its occasional use. will present tbe hair ; from turning gray or falling off, nnd consequently prevent baldness. Free I from those deleterious substances tvhich I nmfee some preparations dangerous and injurious to the hair, the Vigor can ouly benefit but-not harm it. If wanted merely for a HAIR DRESSING, nothlag^lso can be fotmol so desirable. C'oirtaining aeither oil nor dyo, it does not soil white cambric, and yet lasts • on the hair, giving it a rich glossy lustre and a grateful perfume. Prepared by iDr. J, C, Ayer & Co,, PltA-CTIOAL AND Asr-ALTTICAI. ClIESaSIS, LOWEIiX, SIASS. IBIOB 41.00. The sntiuribei-a hnyo roduooi! Iho wlco of fresh jnent., and TO THE AFFLICTED, II If jtju ht(\i5auy of the follyw-ng syniitioina, jou roquire H..> UBS of Bryan's Life Invigorator or Rejuvenating Elixir. Derangement of thoKldnoyn. Drlnotltat Is Ilatk and Offensive, o r tha t lma a Sediment in It, or Scum rlelng t- tlio top aftnr BtaadlnK n fe w hour*; Somlnel or Mucous 1'iachargen on Bllelit excitoinent; Norvouu Proatrntionj Gouoral Doblllty ; JmpnlrertMemory; RestleesneeB; Sonsnnl Preama; ItnalimR of EIoo J ip th.'Hoa l ; i'alntlnff Spollaj Cold'Shlvoriiig ^ CM Itt' 1 ^ c r N\mhnosg; Mclnach-ly ; Mnphip, o r Do- tttmiu b o Alune ; Ltntk'f-HoeBfl; Wan t of Confidenco ! or Ktn*rgy > F«llul t'otintonanco ; Hollow Kyes» j Nor- \tiun HcailnclHt; Palpitation of th o Heart; Pain In tl... i^. t L of ; : if KidAOjitj; Dl^itMJiyof Conaopimu I ln.'Tl.','ncltt: Spcrrt Sorrow ; Caueelope Alanrd , op IttiHiiiuary D.]tlcnJtieH; ilontnl P'oprceston ; JLnzyor Tui-d ftJohiiBqftoflUlloErertion; Drend of aiartlajo Ability, Orfftoto Dobihty, o r Won t of Power ; Phyii- t'iil«r lluultil DoprpBfltou; Dropsy ; Uro7»i j p\a\te 3 lP9i Irn t ion rf ilio BM<Jor rr Urethn; Incontlnmoo of Urino ; Krljjht a DlBeafiy of th e Kldnoya j Gleot j Stno'ure ; 1<VUIAIU WoukucBit; Louoorrlicn. o r llio \Willie*. und Uterine Dl-chn'Koa. If yo u havo violated tho lawa o * Natnro, commit- ted Hoxual acepsoe, or had dlsoaaea tbnt havo not boeu properly cored, nnd theroby woakoned tho or- gnne, you v/.l: hav e many of th o above symptom*, undi.ced hlrtmodiclno, All nrho n?o i t find anectl\ relief Shattored ConeiltailoDB ar o rcaiorod to ' YOUTHFUL YIQ0B, AVD OLD AGE WITH A NEW EXHTJSBCK IT MAY BE RELIED ON IN ALL CA«ES OP Piles, Dropsy, Gravel and Kidney'Com- plaints And nil wonknoas arising from ateBMoa that Into bron nt-glcclra or not projiorly enrad. Sold liytlio Principal HrugglGXa. PRICE OSB DOLLAR PER BOTTLE—SIX BOTTLES FOR FIVE DOLLARS. 2'o those places when we have HO appoinltd Jl£mt, m mil tend by Express, charges paii, SIX B'lTTLES OS Snjan'fi fife Simgawto, Un receipt ot Flvo Dollnra ID a Ileglatoriid Letter. Althoijg!) moBt porsona profor thla medicine Ilia [inld, thoro bilno nothlnB objcotlpnnhlo In iho twit j It Is equally m oillaaoloaB In too ioitffi or riLis. WeilifreforoproparoitalHointhatform , nnd %fhloh may bo taken moro conveniently nn d without attrnot- Ingnttontton.amUhoy oanboEont b y mail lecuroly sonled fro m ob=orvatlon.to anyaddre« s poiNpald . on receipt of Ono Dollar forabos. or Fivo Doilara for n largo box , eqnul to si x BmaH Orion. Tho y will be-aont by romrd of mall, without fall. \Jlulea and'lnBtrhdtionBahd ftiU DtroctlonB for mo accompany enoh package. * N: H —Wo.will Bond onr privnto Circular nnd. IKmiTOYOmiOflKft On tlio Hubjeol of Youthful Error* and Early Man- hood, Free of charge, on roeoipt of a Postage Stamp. Addrcsp, BRYAN & CO., Proprietors, ^_ 737 Broadway, Nea York, LADIES If you requho njellnblo remedy, us e the best . • Dr, Harvey's Female Pills, hnv<? no equal. Thoy »ro anfo and sure in ordinnry- caeos. Price, Ono Dollar por Box. , , Dr, Harvey's Golden 'Pills. four degrees stronger tooy aro Intonded for flpeolftl casefi. Price, Five Dollars per box. Privnio circulate sent freo, Encloso Stamp. If you- cannot nrocnro tho pills onoloae the monov and nd. drcBH STEPHEN HAMLIN, Station D. Now Yorfc, wid 1 on roeoipt thoy will bo gent woll BC aled bv return mall. \ (j;p— y ( 2 Buffalc-st., Rochester, N# ¥• Wo have the Lur^cftt, Best uii.a Ciicapest Stock of F01I MEN AND BOYS IN WESTERN NEW YORK. 'Ihery garment marked at the Lowest Wholcanlo Price, in plain Jlgtirofl, and no deviation. \\\ WOlNTot be Undersold! TtMffl A Iwnj-s on liantl and for anlo ns olioap ns tlio chonpoit „ ,.'.., J - A. SLEASTER & do. Brociporl, April S3, i860. CB3 Will hop-iM to any on e who wil l dotort any of ou r Halusmmi i n varyinjr \n o cent fro m tlio price marked. A boy ton yeiira old ca n buy nn cheap aa nny mini.— Every garment guaranteed to turn ont ns roj-reBoritrd. Cull and look at onr goodnand prices. Save tho ro - •tallorn* pi-oflt-by buying,-of the mnnnfaoturLTs at wliolPBJile-prioPHi Something Important Toptiveliagn-B .,f It will caus e tlio hair to grow o u tho licad wher e It Knit prematurolv fnllon -out. 1 » If IT. IT ISiONE QF THE.WONDERS Of THE AGE f- Ttkls Compound lm» no vnperior for nil Diieasoa of the •Stc3.n,''Thit it W'Jlumbitg,}* Mneufnotnred arid wldWholesalesanultetail by A. i, 1BA11RICR. Brockport, N, Y, Q^Soldby iMrPflpeotablodrugglitii; Sintrle box |1. Smtby esqirensO. O. D. G64yl N EW Goods Rtctlvea D.ll,, AT KINO'). No Skodd,j~No Humbug—Ni Bantering, THE0NLY ONE PRICE CLOTHING STORE! IN KOCIIESTEH, STORMS & FURMAN, | 3 Butf ttlc-st., Corner of Front, | ROCHESTER, N. Y. ESTABLISHED AV ISM. en DYEING AM SCOIRISG. I hereby inform tny friend* an 1 pat-oniithatl rliiUbo RUSH HEED irsStHiiBim tt-turncrlfroru Now York wlih a vory 'larpe iiinl well Of'Dry nitd FANCY GOODS. CAT T n ' ld ,\' p llin «ow'Btj.!o..(llBptayMlnt tila &$ MAIN St„ BBOOKPOB'I. .preiiaro.lln afjw .la)s to oTOCUte a:l orders for-Dyfiiij. ana Poom-tngfafl .i.unl, al myiipw ' - '-\' '- next door eaat,pf-tho Postofflc^. ihoptiaa-been ramared. Brockjort.MiylU, IWJS,- -COS o.»ilrh my bib- T- A. WHITK I nllio.1 Mnmpijlg and EmlnaalnK Apia nt tho «l...rtc.»tnollcoT;y : [0H-J TOZIKIl &HAIGSHT. G ieiu^lno IltWDii a vtuart at r 618 TOZIKR Jl flAIOHI'S DTOtStoJ*. I ^»'«r» o l Vontli. —llulca and Proiorlptloil J that-will euro any ionao ot Somlnat WeakseU, EmiBHlons. &o. and reatoro loat manliood to perfeijt Iioaltli. SontIreotoall,by onawho has aufTorod and 1» iioiv.onred. Addrpsa EDGXK TREMAINE. Statloa u. BlbloHouaOtN. Y. D70yl FAG-ON\ AND CAKRIAGE itfAKIIVG AMD REPAIHINO. T HE Bubaorllic-i- 1ms lcasod oi Mr. 13. H. Hnlaey tl« now ehop aaiolniiig Mr. Hntoy'a Waokamltli slop north of tho Cunal, vliei-o lio ta nreparod to. do new worlc or repairing in n workmanliko manner. »t snort nollcoand atroaeonablorirlccs. .. - , , , „ „ HIRAJI CONSAUt, Brookport, Jnl,o 1,1808 F, H. MARSHALL. BO QK BINDER, 29 BUFFALO ST., RjaOHKBTBty jrrmfinim MUSIC,Mugaatnee, Pamphlets, EngrlV- n / /• ings,'Law and Medical' Bonks,-bouml ffl wWV Sheep, Coif nnd Morocco, ,full or hiif WmmmmW wndingfl, plain or richly gilt. OtD no uta itB-uoDSD. BLASKBOOKA, of all kinds mado to order. ~->. . SELF-MEASUREMENT FOI1 OOUWPAUDH'S Cclebrsued French Voke Shirts, Warranted to Fit. F. x, S, A — Distance around' Iho neck, i@\ B—Dl8tancoaoro»«tli« ^ '\ nhoitlden. ' C—Distance 'from- thi shouidorto wrli t D —DiBtftnee- uroiiiii tho chest'.. Ff-Length ofihirt| Please state In yo n order wbetaer ' you -want sloerfi'llnka in, irriet, or.fltudRorliut* lonBinbofloni* Sendmeasilreto lOMainSt.Sridgt, llochciter.ir. Tf, ,4^ jlJItOWN ShebtUign nt. lUjceuta, jmm$3 ^wvmw^^^i^mi^^y!^^^

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