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The Wyoming County herald. (Bliss and Silver Springs, N.Y.) 1891-1927, February 26, 1926, Image 6

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PAGE SIX INTERESTING WOMANS COLUMN ! ARCADE NEWS RECIPES AND HELPS FOR HOUSEKEEPERS HELPS FOR HOUSEKEEPERS broken, SLICED HALIBUT IN TOMATO SAUCE Donald Knight, who is employed at Hamburg, was here for an over Sun­ day visit. • Mrs. L. R. Laird returned home A splendid cement for _ china is made as follows. Into a | Put six small or three large slices j Sunday, after spending a week with thick solution of gum arabic and 0 f halibut intp-a roasting pan, sprin-. her daughters, Misses Freda and water stir thoroughly plaster of paris ki e with saljf and-pepper and place a , B eu i a h - Laird at Genese6 and Avon, until the mixture is of the consisten- thin slice of onion on each piece of Mr> an( j jjrs. David Hicks and cy of thick cream. Apply with a fish. Add enough (hot water to just I d aug hter , Marion, and son, Marlyn, brush to the broken edges cf the ohi- cover the bottom of the pan. Bake j Buffalo, were guests of Mr. and na and join together, holding firmly fifteen minutes. Pour one can o f tc-^ Mrg w . G. Conschafter, Sunday. in place for -a minute. Tie in pbee mato sauce over the fish carefully and set aside for three minutes more and serve. days. The article will not break in | the same place. Bake ten i Mr. Henry Vallance, Mrs. Eugene Haskell, Mrs. Shallies and Mi;s Mar­ garet Haskell went to Niagara Faljs and Toronto, over the week-end. The regular social meeting of the „ Baptist Philathea CJass will be held When tender add one- on Tuesday evening, Maroh 2nd, at \ \ The Turn into a assisting hostesses are Mae Fuller, SCOTCH APPLE TART Peel and core six tart apples and Give candles a coat of white var­ nish, if they drip, and then put them place in a crock in a sLw oven, add away to dry for a few days. When 1 ing no water. ' Wihen tender add one they are lighted, the grease will not: fourth pound of Sultana raisins to the home of Mrs. tMae Clark, run down the sides, and the candles, each pound of apples. Turn into a assisting hostesses are Mae I deep baking dish, sprinkle .with Grare Lee, Bessie White-, Selena sugar* and grated lemon or orange; ! Bentley and Mattie Taylor. Pro- cover with top crust, which has been gram leader, Nina Haskell. Ten small boys were entertained on the afternoon of February 22nd will last much longer. That mark on your highly polished table caused by a hot platter can be j well pricked to allow the steam to rcmovi d by making a thin paste of | escape, and bake in -a quick oven, olive oil and salt and spreading it j Serve with cream, over the mark. Let stand for one j • hour. Wihen you rub it off the mark will disappear. PEA SALAD Drain the juice from one can of peas, pour in dish and, rinse with cold water. Add to these four solid ban­ anas diced. Place a serving on crisp lettuce leaves, and add tablespoonful of mayonnaise and a dusting of pap­ rika. CHEESE BISCUITS Half teaspoon of sugar, one and one-half cups of flour, two-teaspoons of baking powder, pinch of salt, one- half cup of grated) cheese, one tea­ spoon of butter, one-f»urth cup of milk. Sift the dry ingredients together and add the cheese and the butter; rub lightly with the fingers. Add the milk slowly. Turn out on to a flour­ ed board and roll to about one-half inch in thickness. Cut with small biscuit cutter, place in a pan and •brush the tops with milk. Bake about twenty minutes in a hot oven. Sleeve and Vestee Sets Give Crust: LEMON PIE One cup of flour, two three tablespoons of ice water and pinch of salt. Bake in quick oven. Filling: One cup of sugar, yolks of two eggs, two cups of boiling wat­ er, juice and rind o f two lemons, two rounded tablespoons of cornstarch, little salt. Mix cornstarch and sugar, mix lemon juice and egg yolks; com­ bine the two and' pour the boiling •water over. 'Cook until thick, stir­ ring constantly. Don't cook too long or it will get sirupy. When crust and filling are cold, fill pie and put mer­ ingue on top, made with whites of two eggs and 4 stablespoons of su­ gar. Brown over delicately. at the home of Mr. and 'Mrs. L. J. Miller, in honor of Master Bobbie Miller's fifth birthday. Miss Georgia Roche visited her Smart Touch to Any Frock sister, Mrs. L. J. Miller, recently. Mr. and (Mrs. William Guenther were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Eddy, Sunday. 'Mr. and Mrs. Leigh Bray and famjly entertained Dr. and Mrs. W. B. Smith and daughter, Doris, last Sunday. The Ladies Aid and Missionary societies of the Baptist church will have their annual meeting in the Philathea room of the Baptist church on Thursday, March 4th at 3 o'clock. Each lady is requested to bring a tureen and own dishes. Charles P. Titus, old time fiddler of Delevan* uses a genuine Stradi- varius over\ 200 years old, according to reports. HOMESICK There's a lonesome sort of feeling, Away down in my 'heart, * For my home, and friends so far .away; From them I had to part. ^~ But ever in my memory In visions I can see, t • The home and friends that are so dear, It all comes back to me. * A person doesn't realize What a home really means Until they are with strangers, And no one cares, it seems. Only the folks you love so well Can always understand All of your peculiar ways And would ever lend a hand. There's nq one here on God's green earth Can take the place of m y dear folks, Without them near, I feel like A wobbly wheel, without its spokes. I've always leaned on them so much And look to them for aid. It seems hard to get along alone Perhaps with them I should have stayed. But now, I can only hope and pray, That God will spare them to me While I'm so far away from them Until I can with them be. There's nothing else that I can do But just tihis I must say: That one never misses their folks so dear, Until they are far away. R. B. W. CASTOR IA For Infants andjChfldrea*- H Use For 0v«r30 Years Always bears the 8sgDstture of WARSAW FARMERS WANT T. B. TEST Thirty farmers in the township of Warsaw voted unanimously to have their cows tested, at a meeting held in Warsaw last Saturday. The pur­ pose of t*he meeting was to discuss the advisibilify o f this T: B. test. Mr. Clarence Smallwoodi was the chairman of the meeting. Mr. L. H. Woodward, Manager of the Wyom­ ing County Farm Bureau, told^the men present of the progress that had been made in eradicating tuberculo­ sis from Wyoming County. Dr. T. F. Taylor, County Veterinarian\ ex­ plained the details of the test .and answered questions regarding tihe work. The following school district com­ mitteemen wer e appointed to sign up all the farmers in their district: District No. 1, Fred Gay; No . 2, Asa Peck; No. 3, M. E. Slocum; No. 4,' Fred Nesbit; No. 5, Fred Meissel; No. 7T*--Harry Hotchkiss, Floyd Ar­ nold; No . 8, Ray Munger; No. 9, Roy Fish; No. 10, Elmer Norri's; No. 11, Elwin Chase; Perr y No. 4, Clarence Smallwood. BUYATHOMI They guarantee satisfaction or refund your money or cheerfully exchange the goods, and ever; dol­ lar spent with them adds iu j ui t ..percentage to the value of t\\ property in the village and tut. rounding country. Our business men are alwayt ready to give support to any i n . d«stry, they give liberally to all local charities, school, churches, or any effort made by any society for the betterment of living con­ ditions or that will add to ttie prosperity of the community, and are entitled to the support of all residents of the community. AUTOMOBILES Want ads satisfy your wants. Makes Pumping Up Tires Unnecessary Chicago, I1L—F. E. Hughes, Suite 138, 2512 Monroe, this city, has perfected a new air-tight valve cap that enables auto owners to pump up their tires once and-never touch them again uptil punctured or worn out. Leading tire manufacturers, after thorough tests, have approved Mr. Hughes' invention and banished the old* theory that- air escapes thru rubber. One inflation iasts the life of a tire, and tire mileage is doubled. These caps retail for $1.25 for set of five. The inventor wants -agents and will send proof and samples Free. Write him today. Want to' make your last season 's sleeveless black satin frock take on airs of \the very latest?\ _ A detach- rounding tablespoons of shortening, Kfa, sleeve an^stee set aY pictured DEEP APPLE fiZ Pare, core and slice juicy, tart ap­ ples very thin. Line a deep pie tin with pastry. Put in tihe apples and add lots of dark sugar, until dish is full. Sprinkle wiUh cold! water, dot with bits of butter and sprinkle with cinnamon or nutmeg as preferred. Bake till apple is done and transpar­ ent. Tell the world through want ads. will dp the \trick. The modish long and full sleeves which fashion declares we must wear give Individuality to the most ordinary dr £SJ w If you are fortunate enough to have your attention called to \travelers' samples,\ Ignore not the opportunity. Buy up a half dozen or more of the perfectly gorgeous lengths of gold and stiver lace or marvelous embroidered bands which one \gets for a spng.\ Then to home and a qnlet nook In the sewing room, where with your treas­ ures spread before you let genius In­ spire deft Angers for the victorious achievement of a handsome detachable sleeve and collar set warranted to transform the simplest frock Into a costume smart enough for bridge party afternoon tea or select club meeting. The sleeves In this picture are made of rose-belpe RBorgette with gold lacs gathered In to the wristband. After carefully checking the rec­ ords it 'has been ascertained that there were 12,000 American Indians in the American expeditionary forces during he World war. BANK BOOK 4% A Wonderful Little Book WE HAVE ONE FOR YOU IT helps when it is so necessary. IT stands by you in sickness. IT is always your friend*. * %T furnishes you the money .to buy all other books. Paid on time' deposits Interest compounded twice annually The First National Bank Arcade, N. Y. OVERHEAD EXPENSES Amount to about the same whether you are busy or not. Progressive business men get more business and a consequent lower* per­ centage of overhead expense by advertising LIVE BUSINESS MEN N, appreciate the fact that they can greatly increase their business by advertising in the home papers. People want to know about what you are doing for them, about the new goods your are re­ ceiving, about any special bargain you have to offer. They appreciate.your efforts to inform them of what you have, they feel'that by* your advertising you invite them into your store, that 'you want them' to come, that you want to be of service to them. The advertising in our four papers covers a large farming and village country. Very few people within a radius of ten miles of Arcade do riot take the paper. MR. MERCHANT You have something each week to say to these people. \The -telling through advertising will increase your business without increasing your overhead. We will be glad-to assist you in the preparation of your adver­ tising, both with ! cuts ; and service. Yours, for more business, W. F. ARTHURS. SUCH IS LIFE P«rt 1 Z«lra NEW DISCOVERIES SEEM BEST UNCLE MENrTf TrtAT WAS A ^DNDERFUL NEW TbX Aliro 'MOWLE ^Oa SeMT ^BUDDX,, AND fit's T9ttoYIN6\ir-*SO MUCH ~OH,<tfE WHKS IT'S JUST 6REAT/ THE NEW CHEVROLET COUPE DENISON & DICKEY ARCADE, N. Y. Gasoline, Oil and Accessories Commodious Rest Room for Ledisi •nd Gentlemen HARNESS SHOP HARNESS- SHOP Hand Made New Harness All Kind of Repairing Celluloid and Side Curtains GEORGE BARNES Arcade, N Y 52tf UNDERTAKER W. S. DAVIS UNDERTAKER Auto Hearse ARCADE, N. Y. Bell Phone STOCK FEED Reynolds & Kohler Church Street FLOUR, FEED, GLUTCN COAL AND WOOD Prices always as low at market conditions permit hSfudebaker Automobile! New Models ARCADE MILLS! I. C. LITTLE, Proprietor FLOUR, FEED, COAL Prices always as low as poiiiUs-l ELECTRICAL ' ELECTRICAL FIXTURES AND APPLIANCES HOUSE WIRING VILLAGE OF ARCADE HARDWARE ' L. L. E'NNIS HARDWARE, STOVESj AND TINWARE DRUG STORES CottriH & Cottrill FOR TRUSSES REMEMBER 'lW«B/k»To a complete line of »D| •irU .of Trusses and will ff\ ••too your fit or refund yHfl momty. BARBER SHOP 'CALL 'ON 4 US IN OUR NEW LOCATION/ CORNER OF MAW AND LIBERTY STREETS. ffOOPUt * CANEX »* rWrt BUT -IN - THE . MEANTIME. ,J HE ! WMD 'BUDDY \EKJ0YINC His. NEW Wito IN REAL KID FASH (Oh HT( <wKMfift, / COME ON. OVER — ( LdbKTr \ THE ^LL 1 \T&Y X ttJST -RXJMD

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