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The Wyoming County herald. (Bliss and Silver Springs, N.Y.) 1891-1927, February 26, 1926, Image 5

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PAGE FIVE S PECIALJ|0R SATURDAY Butter ScotchjKisses Per Pound MORGAS'S, Arcade» N. Y. JUST PHONE WE DELIVER VEF ARCADE MS ARCADE BAPTIST CHURCH Worship at 10:30 a. .m. Sermon topic: \More Prophets.\ This is \a peat need for our day. What makes a real prophet? Junior church for bays and .girls of all dges during sermon. Church school at 11:45 a. m. The men's class will discuss, \What is the chief business of the church\? Union evening service in the M. E. church. Prayer service Wednesday at 7:80 p. m. ARCADE M. E. CHURCH Rev.-Walter Wesley Dailey, Minister Sunday, 10:30 a. m. — Morning worship. Sermon topic: Prayer and Jjfe.\ 11:45 a. m—Bible school.^ 6:30 p. m. — Epworth League meeting. ( , . 7:30 p. m.—Union service of'wor­ ship. Sermon topic: \Stewardship of Grace.\ Tuesday, 7:30 p. m.— Gleaners class. Wednesday, 7:30 p. m.—Mid-week service for prayer; 8:30 p. m. — Teachers study class. Friday, 7:30 p. fn—Epworth Lea­ gue business meeting and social eve­ ning. CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH 10 30—Divine service. 10:30—Junior church.' 11:46—Ohurch school. 7:30—Union service in Methodist church. i 7:30, Wednesday—Prayer and Bi­ ble study. The booklet, \Fellowship ' •of Prayer\ will be used. Leader, Miss Ruth Hogue. _ , We are fortunate in having se- 1 cured the Rev. Mr. James of Roches­ ter as special preacher during Holy I Week. I RETURN MILK BOTTLES Those having imilk bottles of Ar­ cade Dairy, Wm. Dickinson, Willow Avenue Dairy, J. C. Potter and J. F. Crosby, please return to J. F. Cros­ by. - 62 WYOMING COUNTY SURROGATE'S COURT SANDUSKY Ml E. CHURCH Rev Walter Wesley Dailey, Minister Sunday, 1:00 p.m.—Church school. 2:00 p. m—Hour of worship with sermon by the pastor. Thursday, 7:30 p. m.—Mid-week service. Friday evening church donation supper. Willie - What's a post graduate: Pa A fellow who graduates from one of those correspondence .schools, suppose. The petition of Eugene P. Norton of Attica for the probate of the will of his wife, Carrie Norton, has been granted. Mrs. Norton died on Janu­ ary 27, 1926, leaving a will dated Dec. 4, 1924. By the terms of the will the estate which is valued at $7,- 00)0 personal property is divided as follows.: $5,000 to her daughter, Ruth Norton of Attica, and the resid­ uary estate to iher husband. Letters of administration have been granted C. Raymond Welles of Arcade on the estate of his mother, Mattie A. Welles. Surviving' to in­ herit the estate are four children, Lemuel C, G. Raymond and Damon M., of Arcade and Carrie V. Welles of Dunkirk. Mrs. Welles died on Sep­ tember 22, 1924. study Physics Genius: When I electricity it makes me think. Prof: Wonderful thing, this elec­ tricity. New Suits X y Yes, we are getting in new goods every day, and you will be delighted with the quality and style we are showing in all lines. New Suits at $22.50, $25.00, and $27.50. New Trousers from $2.50 to $6.00. New Hats at $3.50, $4.00, and $5.00. New Caps\ at $1.00, $1.50, $2.00 and $2.50. New Oxfords in Tan and Black at $3.50 to $6.00 New Shirts with Collars attached, in Blue, Tan,, Gray and White,-.at $2.00, $2.25, $2.50 and $2. 75. New Ties at 50c to $.1.00. New Hosiery at 50 c. 4 Come in and see all the new goods we are show- ing ' *S PIERCE-REED CO. The Clothcraft Shop Arcade, N. Y. Clarence and Vincent Hooper spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday with tneir grandparents in Johnson- burg. Miis Rhona Bcnnion spent the week-end with friends in East Au­ rora. Pedro and Five Hundred score cards at Herald office, 10c per doz­ en. 44tf (Mrs. Wyraan Denison and Mrs. Lester Barber are sick with the la grippe. Mr. and Mrs. Gus Berwanger and M.-s. Joe King attended tne funeral of Lawrence Gaffney at North Java, Monday. Mr. Frederick Lceffel of Buffalo, who has been visiting his daugh­ ter, Mrs. Frank Sherwood, returned home, Friday. Mr. Edward McCraley returned Monday, after a week's visit with Buffalo friends. Miss Hazel Berwanger was called to North Java by the death of Law­ rence Gaffney, who died Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Barber at­ tended the funeral of Mrs. Clara Wakefield at Olean, the 17th. Have your clothes cleaned and pressed at Clyde Dille's, next to Holt's barber shop, Arcade, N. Y. Phone 137-W. 52tl Mrs. Erne Wells Watson of War­ saw is the guest of Mrs. W. H. Hen- dershott and other Arcade friends. Mr. and, Mrs. W. D. Reed are vis­ iting relatives in Perry. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Bennion were in Buffalo, Tuesday. Mrs. Mary Parker of Java Village •and Mrs. Eugene Haskell were in Buffalo, Tuesday. M*rs. Ira Little returned from the hospital much improved in health. Mrs. Mary Parker of Java Village is the guest 'of her cousin, Lester Barber. Born, February 16, 1926, to Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey A. Mitchell, a daughter, Bessie Clarica. [Mrs. Web­ ster is caring for Mrs. Mitchell. Mr. Jack McNeely of Miacklin, Saskatchewan, Canada, is the guest of his cousins, Mr. and Mrs. John F. Stenson and family. Mr. John F. Stenson and Jack Mc­ Neely spent the week-end in Roch­ ester, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Erv.n Gibson and Mr. and (Mrs. Geo. Humbert. — - Mrs. Lloyd Hooper entertained fifteen playmates of her son, Vin­ cent, Wednesday in celebration of his seventh birthday. Elwyn Schlenker of Johnsonburg was in town, Wednesday. Mrs. Sam Johnsonl and daughter, Bernice, of Buffalo were guests of Mrs. Charles Sawyer over the week­ end. Mr. and Mrs. Myron Lewis and son of Buffalo were guests of her .parents, Mr. and (Mrs. W. M. Pinney, Saturday and Sunday. BSlte^Tanrfer of Holland I spent severs) days the past week ...i Vdward Tanner and family. Miss Mina Armstrong of Sardinia has been visiting Mrs. Nellie Eager. Mr. C. A. iSawyer and son, Frank, are expected 'home from their west­ ern trip today. Dana Mills of East Aurora was in Town Wednesday. We are pleased to state that Mr. and Mrs. John Jones of Church street, who have been quite ill and ' threatened with pneumonia, are very , much improved. Principal Daniel Hint attended the meeting of the National Educational Association at Washington, D. C, j this week. Monday evening he I heard President Goolidge give his talk on the life of George Washing­ ton. Mrs. W G. Conschafter was in Buffalo, Wednesday to see her sis-. ter, Mrs. 0. T. Wilson. She reports i [-Mrs. -Wilson as looking much better. , Arcade Chapter R. A. M. meets this evening. | Mr. Blaine Rice had business in Buffalo, Wednesday. | Messrs. Henry Fuller and Lewis Jones were in Buffalo, (Monday. I A rumof has gone forth that the funeral of'Mrs. W. E. Beardslee wfaich is to be held at 2:00 p. m. to­ day, was to be private. Inquiry at j the home elicits the information that; there is no ground for the rumor and | that all friends will be welcome. Messrs. A. F. George and George Herman 'of Strykersville were in town, Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Webster Reed are visiting 'Mr. and Mrs. Burt Fancher of Perry. Gilbert Richardson was in Buffalo Monday. C. C. McKerrow was in Buffalo, Wednesday. ARCADE SCOUT NEWS A special meeting of the Boy r .. ... , oc , „ . . Scouts will be held next Friday The Ladies Aid of SS. Peter and ni ht t0 dUcuss , anB for a Pauls church met at the home of how wWch win fae iven b the Mis. oacou leonai-d, ihursday. Scouts in order to earn some money ARmiMn THF Hirw «rHOfii ! for the troop ex P enses - Mr - Morse AROUND THE HIGH SCHOOL has offered hia serviceSi and ^th a ™ . • , T7~T7 . little support the affair will un- Washingon's birthday was observ- | d<lubte(lly be a success . A new office has been formed in ed as a holiday. Classes were re sumed Tuesday. . |fth Scouts the nnme of which is the Despite the snow and ice the food Junior . Assistant Scout Master. Any sale sponsored by the senior class\ first cla€g ScotI ^ of thia t , is eli two weeks ago, -was a decided suc-| ible for this position . The k is cess. Apparently both the buyers ; next to that of Assistant s^Mas- ano sehers wore well pleased. ter' r The AH S. orchestra is looking ( Mr- y ule has offere j t /, et the forward to havmg its ranks sweUed g couts of Arcade c on hig by the second year violin pupils. The at c tal Lake this summer: addition of more stringed instru-, The Scouts are grateful to him ments will be helpful. There are now and wil} undoubted i y foUow out his about fifteen pieces m all. 1 sugges tion. Three \hows\ for Mr. The interest in outdoor sports Yule, seems t o be increasing with the sun's, ' ? warmth. Baseball will soon be the | • major topic along this line. Even at; this early stage it can be seen that SOUTH SIDE MARKET SPECIAL SATURDAY Side Pork, lb 30c Luncheon Loaf, lb 28c Dill Pickles, 4 for 10c Sweet Pickles, doz. . . . 20c L R. BRASS ARCADE, N. Y. Bell Phon* 147 there will be plenty of bard work for everyone interested. \On to Washington,\ originated by the class of '22 and still going strong. Townspeople! (Make this an ' established tradition by your co-op­ eration. They will graduate cheer-1 fully from the same 'old white school' house, so let's at least give them the' privilege -of the memorable trip to Washington. The best senior play thus far is coming—March 18 and, 19. Let's pack the house to the doors 1 | The students association is grow­ ing in members. All members will receive a twenty per cent reduction ' in the cost of all tickets for all stud<-, ent athletic activities. Also, accord­ ing to a rumor, the officers are plan­ ning a social evening in the near fu­ ture. : Mr. Hint attended the National Educator's Convention at Washing­ ton, D. C, this week. The majority of the people agree with this associa­ tion in the declaration that, \The American public school is the bul- 1 wark of our civil and religious lib-. erty.\ Prof: What is a vacuum? Student: I have it in my (head, but Ijust can't think of it now. A little cold cream on the -hands eadh time after they are washed will help prevent chapped hands. The freight on Gauoline and Ker,»- •ene helps materially to keep the A. It- A. Railroad in operation. Do your part by buying— GASOLINE and KEROSENE From the GEO.. FULLER CO. Who .receive all their Gasoline over the A. & A. RETAIL OR WHOLESALE Only by the united support of all the people along the line can tftie A. '& A. hope to keep in op­ eration. Do your part, not only Dnce, but all the year. GEO. FULLER CO. Arcade, N. Y. The MODEL Market CHOICE MEATS AND GROCERIES • jjjiell Phon\ 134 • F. E. EGGERT, PROP. ? ARCADE, N. Y. SPECIAL SATURDAY Rolled Rib Roasts, per lb 25c Home Smoked Hams (whole ) per lb 35c Liver Susage, per lb 20c Heinz' Catsup, large bottle .. 28c Red Kidney Beans, per can •' • • • Malt Milk Crackers, per lb. \22c 4 oz. bottle Plain Olives, per bottle 10c 24% lb. sack Columbia Flour, per sack $1.20 24% lb. sack White Foam Flour, per sack ., $1.30 24»/ a lb. sackjTriple F. Flour, per sack .... $1.30 K. & B. Coffee, per lb. 50° •WHERE QUALITY REIGNS\ Special February Prices 1 pint Bay Rum 49c 25c TincTTodine .... 19c 50c Klenzo tooth paste 29c t9c PeppermintPatties 39c 49 c iCream Caramels 39 c 25c Jonteel Talc. ... 19c 25c Narcisse Talc ... 19c B9c Klenso Shaving Cream 29 c Many other big values at CottriU ArCottriUV Arcade, N. Y. AMUSU THEATRE SATURDAY, FEB* 27— Jack Hoxie in \The Demon,\ A treat for avary theatre soar -who loves clean 'outdoor drama packed with big scene*. TUESDAY, MARCH 2— . Richard Talmadfa in \The Prince of .Pep,\ the acme of action. The summit of suspense. The essence of entertainment. Also comedy— All Tied Up. THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, MARCH 4 and 5— Thomas Meighan in \The Alas­ kan\ by James Oliver CurwoocL A big, red-blooded story, rich in drama and love appeal. A picture of punch, of action, of thrill tend of mystery. Only one show on this. COMING—MARCH 13— Hoot Gibson in \The Calgary Stampede.\ Superiority in Reception Ask for Free Demonstration of THERMIODYNE The Last word in Radio Five and Six Tubes — assures volume, clearness and fine distance recep­ tion. Prices reasonable. For sale by ERIC LEE -Arcade, N.~Y. 51tf -JtrC CABINET 9 Of The Best ^Reasons In TTieWorld for AccMGnt&Health . Insurance YOUR FAMILY AND YOURSELF In case of calamity be sure that you will be able to meet your bills, your savings •vrill be protected and your family will not suffer. An £!tna Accident and Health Policy will do tfols and if your accident is serious it will award a substantial amount )ETNA-IZE Tie Aetna Life Insurance. Company sad AKliaUd Co ni­ ps nits Ian* Virtually, Every Known Form of Policy. Arcade Insuring Agency 201 WIUM Block, Leslie D. Sprta*, Manage* Everything you need for cooking—the Hoosier places at your disposal. It makes a convenient working center. It is the world's greatest collection of proved labor-saving inventions for household use. These inventions are so scientifically arranged in the Hoo­ sier that you get through your work in half the usual time. Investigate our easy payment offer. McKERROW'S, ARCADE, N. Y. C. E. GLISS N. J. GLISS New Spring Coats Wonderful line of JANE'RAE DRESSES and Su­ perior Coats at Reasonable Prices. New Spring |Coats in Tailored lines and new mix- -tures-from $-16^50-to-$39.75. You want to be sure to ask to see our wonderful line of SilkfJrepe Dresses at $15.00 only and worth more. SPECIALS FOR THIS WEEK: $3.50 Flat Crepes, only $2.65 yd. $2.50 Silk Foulard, sale price $1.59 yd. 69c Printed.Soiesette, sale price .».43c yd. 29c Best Percale, only 19c yd. 39c Japanese Crepe, only 28c yd. $5.00 Corduroy Bath Robes $3.50 each 39c Fancy Cretonnes, only 25c yd. $1.50 Silk and Wool Hose 98c pair. Large line of Royal Society pkg. goods. GLISS STORE , Arcade, N. Y; - •- - HOft-O-BRED^Ss LIVE AND LAY\ They live becatuc they are bred from healthy, free ranee breeder* that have thrived and gained in vigor for genera­ tion.- They lay because they are from idected and toted high . egg power atooc Leghorns, Rocks, R I. Reds, Anconss, inorcas, Orpingtons, Wyondottes. 12( and up. 100% live delivery guaranteed. Postpaid Member International Chick Ansn. Write today for FREE Chick Boole SCHWEQLER'8 HATCHERY. 211 HorUtasjlfl, BUFFALO. M. V. cu alga . onas, A d V °aafl

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