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EarrowAti BiAocBmm (PAQS 4) ! (f>AOE 9) (PAOB3) js^^«^^|*y<^ T ! WM AN »3>IW-| XW ^ftia I 0:21 3QS8V »av wnjciiw smv SOC2ZO <33M Otr I OoO T < >OOt>4. ( (> 113ia ;C * *• * * * «i«: * *• * *- ;< •<* «•» •* «• « «• Wednesday, March 21,2001 • A Tri-Ukes Tradition for More Than a Century • 106th Year • Volume CVM No, 68 » 500 At a glance numbers settled By KELLY FOX Enterprise Staff Writer TUPPER LAKE -; Mystery shrouded the Tupper Lake village election on Tuesday as three different sets of numbers emerged torn Republicans:, ©efnocrats and; elections offi- cials. Republican election totals were compiled on a board at their headquarters at Leroy's Auto Sales and Service showing the winners to be Democratic challengers Sandra Strader and Edward \Red\ .Clement and Republican Ben, Peetsl.: Democratic numbers on the totals board at the Tupper ^ Lake WW listed winners to ; be a Democratic sweep - Strader, LefepVre ' and': Clement. Discrepancies ranged from a.seven-vote dif- ference in .the final tallies for' Lefebvre to. a. 40-y dte differ-. ence for Ben Peels. Following, good sports- man-like handshakes and conversation between contes- tants, several members, from both parties trickled into the Tupper Lake village office after the polls closed at 9 p.m. and waited. As more people, filled in, Village Clerk Joanne Wiiber- asked' everyone to leave the Village Board room so election workers would not be dis- tracted. She said there were inconsistencies and that she and her two assistants were trying to get to the bottom of the problem. The only nonelection Workers allowed to stay were party '• chairpeople - Republican Committee Chairwoman Dorcas Arey and Democratic Committee Chairman James Tebo. Everyone else took a seat in the office across the hall or found a place to stand and began talking about their families and the voting recount in Florida during the 2000 presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore. A few tired people started filtering out at 11:30 p^m. \Well I'm going home,\ said Mayor Mark Arsenault, who lost a re-election bid to Sandra Strader. \I know my totals aren't going to change.\ Arsenault has been Tupper Lake's mayor for 16 years. \Sixteen years is a long time,\ Aresenault said. \The voters have spoken, and they want What our opponents have to offer. I wish them the best of luck and' hope the community supports them the wa\ they supported hie \ Asked if he would consid- er running for office again, (Continued on Page 14) Weather (o ~^ * 7 § • ''^ r.'-'*3«\ CvoSf* ^&3 • 0 irav* ?o SNOW TODAY SNOW TONIGHT SNOW THURSDAY Wednesday's forecast is for partly sunny skies to the east and clouds in the west with rain likely statewide by afternoon. High in the low 40s.' For Wednesday night, rain will mix With and possi- bly change over to snow. Low in the low 30s. Thursday's forecast is for rain to the east and early wet snow in the west, High in the Upper 30s to the east. By The Associated Press VILLAGE ELECTIONS:; 2001; Pa^Galk^her,U$yan^UobyPoM (Enterprise photo - Ned P.Much), • A • David Jones ByNECPRAtJCH Enterprise Staff Writer LAKE PLACID -\ Roby Politi- said last Week that he \represented a new direction.\ By electing him their'new mayor on Tuesday, the :people of Lake Placid signaled that they. were eager to take a step in that direction. Politi: emerged as the winner' of one of the most hotly contested mayoral races in the village's recent. history, defeating runner-up Peter Roy by a mere 26 votes. Politi fin- ished with 363 votes, Roy with 337, Rik Cassidy with 230, and Kathryn \Kook\ McKiilip. with 15:4.' In the race for the two Open seats on the' Village Board, incumbent David Jones retained his seat with 529 votes and Pat Gallagher (454 votes) toppled incumbent Bill Hulshoff (359 votes) and fended off Greg \Bucky\ Hayes (306 votes). James Moscatello, who ran uncontested, was re-elected as vil- lage justice. With his victory confirmed, Politi said, \I'm really looking for- ward to the challenge. My whole platform' was predicated on a new direction. This is the first day of spring, and spring represents a new start.\ Politi said his first order of business as mayor will be to \get organized,\ and he stressed the importance, of the board members working together as a team rather than acting as a group of individuals. \Board members\ are all going to have an equal say,\ he said. \This is a community thing. If we all work together as a team, we'll accomplish a lot.\ . As election officials compiled the votes after the polls closed at 9 p.m., Roy told a crowd of supporters that his chances \didn't look good/' Later, with the count official and Roy obviously disappointed by his narrow defeat, he declined to comment on the race and left North Elba Town Hall with his wife at his side. More candidates were in the hunt for Lake Placid's top job. this year than in any recent mayoral election. And with four candidates vying for the trustee positions, election offi- cials had to use two pairs of voting machines in order to accommodate the high volume of candidates. Two machines were designated for the trustee candidates, two for the may- oral candidates. The unprecedented number of candidates was credited by many voters and officials with bringing an unusually high number of villagers to the polls. Of 1,258 registered voters, a figure provided by Roy, 1,090 villagers. With about 145 (Continued on Page 14) Tom CatiUaz Jim Ammon By PETER CROWLEY Enterprise Staff Writer SARANAC LAKE - Tom CatiUaz arid Trustee Jim Ammoni jDerriocrats both, took big wins in Tuesday's village election, but the hottest topic of discussion that night was a tie between Jeff Branch and Paul Herrmann for the second trustee seat, . Catiilaz- defeated Republican Trustee Dan Olson by a 477429 vote to win two more years as mayof. Catiilaz said it felt good to-Win but praised his opponent's, hard work, both: on the: Sarariae Lake Village Board and on the campaign trail ° \I think the board is working,\ Catiilaz said. \Everybody's got the village at heart.\ ... Catiilaz admitted that he did not do much campaigning this year. He said tie chose instead to spend extra time with his family.. \f think the Republicans got out and did a lot of door-knocking,\ the mayor said; \They got the message out a little better than we did.\ \I think it was a good election,\ Olson said. \I think a lot of good issues came up.\ The issue that polarized candi- dates most visibly was Olson's asser- tion that the village should look into saving taxpayers' money by turning the police department over to county sheriffs or the New York State Police. Herrmann also supported this idea, but Catiilaz, Ammon, Branch and McEneany opposed it. Olson has another year left in his trustee term and said he would keep working for the Village. He did. not krt'ow whether he would run for mayor again. . . Ammon received 441 votes, ensuring him a second two- year term as trustee. He said his first priority was' to expand the village's summer youth program, Which he and Paul Leahy of the Saranac Lake Central School District began in 2000. \It's a passion of mine,\ Ammon said. Branch, chairman of the vil- lage's Republican Committee, and . Herrmann, a Democratic trustee up for a third term, each took 393 votes, j Village Clerk Kareen Tyler and j Village Treasurer Mary Peria counted , the votes three times, .including | absentee ballots, and came up with the same result each , time. . • . i Tyler and Peria searched the village law books Tuesday , night for a local law on what to do in case of an election tie, , but none could be found. If there is no local tiebreaking law, , New York state Election Law dictates that either, the , Republican or Democratic party could request a recount of , the voting machines. Tyler said this would take place at the , hands of the Franklin County Board of Elections (Franklin , being the dominant of Saranac Lake's two counties). If there was no such request or if the recanvass indicated ( (Continued on Page 14) Sanflm Strader, in pink, poses with her family (Enterprise photo - Kelly Fox) Strader, Peets, win RedClement JeffBrancH Paul Herrmann By KELLY FOX Enterprise Staff Writer TUPPER LAKE- Tupper Lake residents .chose their representatives to the Tupper-Lake Village Board on Tuesday; Their selections - Democrat Sandra Strader for mayor and Democrat Edward \Red\ Clement and Republican incumbent Ben-Peets for trustee. There were 3,350 total votes cast from 1,058 voters in Tupper Lake. • The official results are combined totals of results from the Democratic and independent Maple Leaf and the Republican and independent Sugar Maple tick- ets.* They are as follows: Republican/ Sugar Maple (independent) •Mark Arsenault - 484 •Ben Peets.-595 ... •Eric Shaheen — 466 Democratic/Tyiapie Leaf •Sandra Strader ^646 •Ed \Red\ Clement - 607 . •Kathleen Lefebvre. r-552 Voter turnout was anticipated to be high due to good weather and the fact that more people typically vote during a mayoral election, according to officials from both the Democratic and Republican parties. Totals later- showed turnout to be about average. All three winners are relatively new to the Tupper Lake political scene. Strader, who has experience working as the town of Altamont's current town administrator and as the former vil- lage clerk, is serving for the first time as art elected official. She is also the first woman mayor in Tupper Lake's history. For Clement, this.will be his first time working in munic- ipal government, and Peets currently has one year of village experience, following his appointment to the Village Board last year to replace Trustee Paul Ellis, who resigned^ The three winners will join current trustees Mike Demars and Michael \Mickey\ Desmarais on the Village Board; All positions filled b> this election are for a two-year term of service. Asked how she felt following the race, Strader said, \I'm happy and I would like to thank everyone in the communi- (Coritinued on Page 14) Ben Peets No daffodils sold at By PETER-CROWLEY Enterprise Staff Writer TRI-LAKHS - On Tuesday. Tops Friendly Markets barred vol unteers from exchanging donations tor daffodils in front ot Saranac Lake's former Grand Union super- market on Church Street. Tuesday was the street sales day of the American Cancer Society's annual Daffodil Festival, and volun- teers have traditionally set up shop in front of Saranac Lake and Lake Placid's three Grand Union super- markets. Tupper Lake daffodil vol- unteers have not sold flowers at their Grand Union for a few years due to poor sales there in the past. Daffodil sales still took place in front of the Ames Plaza Tops in Saranac Lake. Volunteers were also selling on front of Anles, next door, They also took place inside the Cold Brook Plaza Tops in Lake Placid due to a concession by management. Nevertheless, daffodil sales had to be called off at the Tops supermar- ket on Church Street, Satanic Lake. While the \Grand.Union\ signs outside have yet to be changed', the supermarkets have been Tops Friendly Markets since March 4. And as volunteers discovered, while Grand Union \allowed fund- raisers on its doorsteps,* the fops (Continued on Page 14) Tops' service to commimities By PETER CROWLEY Enterprise Staff Writer WILLIAMSVJLLE Although the Tops Friendly Market Chain does not allow fund-raisers at its stores' doorsteps, Tops does contribute oyer $2.6 million to local commu- nities on a corporatewide scale. These contributions often come in the form of Sponsorships for non- profit events. • The Tops chain also holds three annual fund-raisers of its own, but the Adirondack^ will miss'out on the first two; a local food bank collection in March and a diabetes drive in April, In October, however, customers can \Shop to Stop Drugs,\ a program that raises money for programs that educate children on the dan- gers of drugs and alcohol. \One of the things We're con- tinuing that the old Grand Union store* did is a bottle and can col- lection,\ Tops Community Relations Manager Brian (Continued on Page 14) DAFFODIL DAYS A$E GONE -Street sales ofdafoditllQwefetolaeAefit thfe American Cancer Society were happening on streets of the Tri-Lakes area Tuesday From left are Mel Levine, Lilo Levine, Roberta Agnew, Mare Duntriom, arid Ahtte,, volunteer daffodil seller, in front of the Saranac Lake Post Office, (Enterpti&e photo - Mlcftete Mekf V '.*'••.

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