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THE LAKE PLACID NEWS, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1914 ONIONS Now is the Time to Bay for Winter Use NICE CLEAN STOCK No. 1 Goods For Present delivery $1.00 per Bushel Tremble & Mooney,<£E2£5E? Telephone 29-W Store closes at 6 p. m., Saturdays excepted Real Estate. AND FIRE L,IK1£ INSURANCE l ACCIDENT JOHN M. MacKENZIE, Agent PERSONAL AND SOCIAL ITEMS Post-Office Building Telephone 154-W and 154-J for Women .T.BQWEN 8 sl s SELL SHOES . P. Hafford made h?s customary | trip to Saranac Tuesday. j —Ralph Channel of Troy spent a ! few days in town this week. j —J. Hyman of Blopmingdale was in town a few days this week on business. —M, J. Glavin of Albany arrived in town for a few months and is occupying the Hurley cottage. —John F. White of the firm of Buck & White, transacted business in Albany this week. —H. A, Ross returned Tuesday from Utk:a Tuesday, where he had t been on a short business trip. —John Mora recently returned from the metropolis after a weeks' stay. —Misses Meta Babbit and Martha Ames visited Saianac Lake Monday afternoon, taking in the movies on the side. —Harry Mihill motored to Eliza- bethtown to-day. Mrs. Mihill, who is attending the Essex County Tea- chers' Association meeting in that village will return with him. —Mrs. E. B. Day, Mrs. F. B. Guild, Mrs. S. A. Pulford and Mrs. L. A. Rand were in Elizabethtown last week; also Mrs. Kate Wilkins and Mrs. Fred C. MihilL —W. Rye, of the staff of the Wil- liams' g-arage started for Keene on Wednesday for a three weeks' hunt. He will be the guest of his Mr. Nye, of Keene, who will hunt with him. —Two car loads of the Methodist Episcopal Sunday School pupils at- tended the Sunday School convention which convene!! a': Jay on Tje?<!av. ! Mrs. E. B. Clifford took hor cur vvl -i. Q. McLonathen was ore of ih._> pa.r- also. —James Owen is spending the week in Keene. —David Palmer of Oyster Bay, L. I., is a guest of J. Q. McLenathen. —H. S. Rowe of New York spent Saturday and Sunday at Camp Kil kare. —Mrs. I. A. Rosenthal ju->t i< turned from a two weeks' visit m New York city. —Misses Anna and Lena LeClan af Jay were visitors in town ovei |Sunday. —Mrs. Fred C. Day has visit\ 1 i Plattsburgh, Albany and Tro\ thi^ week. —Max Stone will leave for New York to-morrow (Saturday) attei Kil —Ed. Brewster and M. J, Glavin brought in a line buck Wednesday. —S. G. Prime, George D. Allen and Lester M. Cauthi motored to FT abtthtow M< ih I I uuro m « c It ul ( » I > 1 to towi buidn i Will <)m \ < my itt i h^ the wet-k \vi h \I i atll k ( —M n \ ' n cd t > -if \ cks \\ sth i 1 t Vi liiiL F e I J } not \Yh mi ©f p UPlaeid, IF, \x\ Your Patronage is Solicited CHECKING ACCOUNTS INTEREST ACCOUNTS CtRTfFICATPS C P\SPOSIT 4 * >1 ] ;:i ' Oil Certificates titcr inree months. J \THAT FIT AIsTO LAST B2 BROADWAY . »—\-\* « •••••••• ALLEN & FELDSTEIN REAL ESTATE INStfRANGE BUILDERS INVESTMENTS <fc BONDS % SalMai* Building, Lake Placi.1 Tel. 19 ••••••»• •*•••••••• •••••••• H. N. PRUNIER PRACTICAL p.L_U_MB.ER Steab and Hot Water Fitter S FUBNI3HED Satisfaction Guaranteed Main St. Lake Placid Telephone 196-M . ytog man, when you are courting youi 1 best girl, don't get soft. Don't say: \These little hands will not do a stroke of work when you are mine, and you ^hali have nothing to do in our house but sii ail day long and chirp to the canaries.\ As if any sensible woman could be happy fooling away her time in that sort of style. A girl has a retentive memory of the soft thing's and .silly promises of court- ship, and occasionally in after years when she is bending; over the wash tub or patching the west end of your trousers, she will remind you of them in a cold, sarcastical tone of voice, Someone with a lot of time at his or her disposal has written the following: \To misa a kiss is mure amiss than it would be to kiss a miss; provided that the kiss you miss the miss her- self would never miss. But if you try to kiss a miss with whom a kiss would he a miss, you'd better always mi: the kiss. But kiss the miss, it's bet- ter far to dare the risk and get a jar, than show the cr^jSyVs heart in this —so kiss your *\ .'^'.'f^s A gang- of men are\«.;«._ '^ed break- ing ground on the State road,, com- mencing at the corner cf the Club road and trending 1 along; toward Wil- mington. The weather is such that the work is being pushed forward in grood shape. The movies continue to run every ^nigrht this month, after which they will appear tri-weekly, Monday, Wed- nesday and Saturday. The Perils of Pauline will run all the winter As improvements come to the front in thi.s village it necessarily leads others to a friendiy rivalry for up-to-date places of business. Among lii.j.>e who nre taking time by the forelock is P. A. MeCallum, our well known saddler and harness maker, who is having an elaborate store front erected, which will be on a line with the street, thus enabling die passer-by to have a better view if the goods on display, as well as .dding- to the appearance of the street. It is rumored that others are 'ontemplating a move in the same direction. The much talked of has eventuat- ed. Monday morning saw the work lommenced of rebuilding the White- face Inn, when like Phoenix from the ashes will arise a building worthy of Lake Placid and the purpose for •hich it is being built. Branch & Callanan are the contractors, and no doubt the work will be expedited so that it will be ready for next season. **** The fast falling leaves has given >ur fellow citizens quite a busy time, or on every hand they are to be ieen busily raking them in heaps with the accompaniment of clouds of smoke, but the folks are determined that their lawns, etc., will look neat until they are hid under a mantle of pure white snow. As a change from the eternal au- tomobile on the roads, are the end- less procession of coal laden wagons, and the loads of lumber on their way to the sawmills, which still means money, and which points to a busy winter season; that with the new buildings in progress will make a record year. **** On Wednesday evening there was a meeting of Lake Placid Lodge F. & A. M.. The first degree was worked. There was 74 members present. **** Fortune's riding school closes shortly when the horses will be win- tered, and will thus recuperate and be in good fettle for the next season ••• * Needed repairs are being pushed forward at the school house, th< sound of the carpenter's hammer and saw being much in evidence. spending the summer at A. H lies Tonsorial Parlors. j -—Mr. and Mrs. James Sheo and c two sons returned Sunday from j Springfield, Mass., where they havt been visiting- Mrs. Shea's father —Dr. Fred C. Day and daughter Miss Helen, motored to Plattbbur^h Friday and were the guests of hjs cousin, E. Stanton Day, retuimn home Monday. —Mr. James Wi'isley's bro he* together with his wife and eh were p;nests of Mr. Wrisley a 1 t j Glemvood Cottage en rout» t< f i per Lake .wnHy. I --Kathleen • Whitney, Miithij f Urnes, Hazel Morhous, A « ' I 1 i Bull, Mrs. F. C. Day, Reg. Bi i *t ] T Cly Alford, Edward Mussen, 'h \ ; Lambert and Smythe M. \\ ( i J u | walked to Saranac Lake Sat i ' i\ j October 10, stopping at Ray ' i ( J • en route and jroing throug the •*> c t < i Sanatorium. The party was m e ' in Saranac Lake by Leah Wood \T V ! na Day and Gilbert Fcidstein h went over on the train, i h ( i \v i ( lat pr l FUUHNI paid on Special Interest Vi umi>t> wIth Pass Book, The lnlru-.t is i m ] undtdtwi i\iar. DFP< >M I < >K\ Mr I DIM d sta1( s Postal Savings Funds, N< w \on s lu { m>| ] uiuls uid Essex County. N, Y, * \ - resident IT B K iti.KV, Vi<v rrt-sidents \• V« V JAM E. AHCHEB, AtjKisJaut CasaUT M ud t 1 I Pllli N\ Y Men's and Boys' Clothing, Furnish H^ and Shoes. Sporting Goods F. B. GUILD RAH! RAH! RAH! NEW COLLEGE COATS PLAIDS AND STRIPES The Howe Millinery and Cloak I Store Mackinaw Coats, new patterns, low prices. New Suits, featuring the long coatfand short waisted blouse. \Prize Winers\ in coats. Each day brings sonfeihing new, call and see them. |Millinery.\ The latest ideas in Hafs, trimmed and untrimmed. Lu Lu Dolly Hat ICorduroy ready-to-wear SaMors ? The Season's Leading Sailors YOU BENEFIT BY OUR GOOD JUDG- MENT Di\ after clay we have the fact t J e t ( traUd that thoughtful dr«- tt i c 6ndmg that Stein-Bloch j- J v f es of superior tailoring and d taste in styles means clothes 1 t ' 1 \\« • II < H w L \> t 1 (•? $18 00, A * to serve you best, ufeht bere for you, the smartest and ^ i *ie* l we know of. i st- the nght to claim »i . i the selection, of JOSS d clothes as the '«.« YOU to buy. Prices so we ready most good these right $20.00, $22.50 and $25.00 THE HOWE MIUINERY AND CLOAK STORE Lake Placid, N.Y. F. B. GUILD A dance will be held in the Happy Hour Hall on Friday evening, Oc- :ober 23rd. One of the predominant features of this occasion is the en- gagement of Nimmo's Orchestra of Saranac Lake, this with a good ficor should secure a large attendance. Tuesday afternoon saw a team plowing and harrowing on the slope of the Isbam estate. Several trees were also transplanted to the edge of the sidewalk, which will add great- ly to the appearance of the road. • ** * Seasons come and seasons go, but the work goes on foi'ever. Mr, Cur- tis Babbit is busily engaged wiring he jMixter Camp on Lake Placid. He has several others in abeyance. **** The Standard Bearers will he-Id their regular meeting Saturday after- noon, October 24 at 2:30 o'clock at the home of Miss Ma^el Bushey. ***• The worsted quilt raffled recently by Mrs. M. L. Bryant was won by Mr. George Allen, the lucky ticket being No. 68. A crack auto driver from Spain Ran oer a gink in the rain. And he said: ''Goodness gracious! To life he's tenacious!\ And he turned back and hit 'im again, —Milwaukee Free Press. CARD OF THANKS It is with heartfelt gratitude that we tender our thanks for the num- berless expressions of esteem £nd sympathy on the death of our belov- ed wife and mother, as evidenced by the sending of flowers, etc. We would also thank the choir who so ably as- sisted. Moses Dashnaw and family. Heavy, impure blood makes a mud- dy, pimply complexion, headaches, nausea, indigestion. Thin blood makes you weak, pale and sickly. For pure blood, sound digestion, use Bur- dock Blood Bitters. $1.00 at all stores. There are 1,442 pensioners of the Mexican war of 1846-8 still on the rolls. „_, There is one consolation left to the men in the ranks. Death comes but once. Business is watchfully waiting. —Mrs. Thomas Dennin of Troy is visiting her mother, Mrs. MeMiilian this week. —William MeMiilian is on a -we.il- earned vacation, which he will thor- oughly enjoy. —Miss Nellie MeMiilian of tlv Howe Millinery and Cloak Store is taking a well-earned vacation. —Among the visitors here this week we note Mr Charles Maid, who is we'll and favorably known, both in his private and business relations. Mr. Maid has four drug stores in Ro- chester, and is here in connection with several proprietary medicines under his control. Charles will get there right. WINTER SCHEDULES IN OPERATION i The trains arriving and departing I now are as follows: ** i Arrive—7 A. M. (N. Y. C); 11.35 ] A. M. (D. & H.); 7 P. M. CN. Y. C); 9 P. M. (D. & IL). Depart—8 A. M. (D. & H.); 10.50 A. M. (N. Y. C); 1.35 P. M (D, & H.); 7.15 P. M. (N. Y. C). Naturally this change in schedule ; causes a chang-e in the distribution of mail at the post offices. Probably the most important change in mails is that there is no mail from the South between 7 A. M. and 7 P. M. The miles c United States has 240,573 f railway. BEDDIN0 PLANTS ALL KINDS OF PANSIES Cut Flowers Floral Designs Adirondack Greenhouses P. Hi RYAN, ?rop Saranac Lake, N. Y. Oor, Eroadwa^/iad Ampersand Ave. Telephone 439 if \Ifc MJLEAGESVBoij|:ht and sold, D. & H., and l$ew\Yftk Central, J. F. White, NewmanAf adv. Ryan's GROCERY PHONE 104 Your Summer Foods In warm weather your £opds cannot be toe carefully selected, Thfpreper diet for surrmer is of gref&t impq/tance in getting or keeping well, aihd it is necessary that all that goes on your|:able be of high quality and, above all, Pl|RE. We carry all ttte leading lines of Pure Food Products, %ti| we insist on the QUAL- ITY of everything |we put in stock. For variety and e^elle|)ce our stock cannot be surpassed in/any grocery store of Northern New York./No, n<» one! Come i|i and let ^ rove it to you. Nunn Brothers Fancy Groceries Table Wines and Liquors PHONE NO. 3 72-76 MAIN ST. SARANAC LAKE, N. Y. • I- r v

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