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TWC LAKE PLACtO HKWt, FRIDAY, OCTOBER % 193,4. LOCAL RESULTS OF MOM)AFS PRIMARIES (Continaed from page l) vjtes for him. On the Republican ticket Hinmsm ran second here with 30 votes. Glyan was the favorite on the Democratic ticket with 32 votes. The vote for Representative Congress on the Republican ticket teas close here. H. D. Stevens got a ma- jority in this district of one vote over Merrit. Th* only interest manifested in the vote for State Senator here was be- tween Stevens and Emerson. Stevens carried this district by 102 votes. Kenyon had a walk-over for Mem- ber of Assembly here receiving 78 votes. His two opponents were given one vote each. The run for County Treasurer was interesting here. Levi Pond seemed the choice of the Republican party in this district. With the exception of George A. Stevens, Nye, the candidate for the office of Superintendent of the Poor, received the highest number of votes cast for any candidate. Although ho was the sole candidate on the ticket he polled 99 votes. In the vote for County Committee- man chiefly between Leahy and Isham here the latter polled 60 votes to the former's 34. The town gave its vote to George Merriam for State Committeeman and gave him 42 votes; Hayes did not re- ceive a vote here. The Socialist Party had a number of candidates on their ticket but North Elba did not give a single vote to that party. In the vote for District Delegate to the Constitutional Convention Melvil Dewey ran even on the Progressive ticket with McArthur and Hewett, each polling 2 votes. Following art some of the candi- dates in whom Lake Placid people should be interested and the number of votes cast for them: FOR GOVERNOR Republican 1st 36 26 Progressive I 1st gd Total $$ $ 20 g 3 11 Prohibition 1st 2d Total Sulzer 2 13 For Representative m Ceagres* Repobficaa 1st 2d Total 3 19 Daniels Stevens Merritt Gooney Hadley McThnovle 16 . Democrat 1st 33 Progressive 1st 20 ProhiWtioii 1st 2 8 2d Total 12 45 2d Total 3 23 2d Total 0 2 FOR STATE SENATOR Republican 1st 2d Total Stevens 102 14 116 Emerson 10 4 14 Democrat 1st 2d Total Pickett 32 10 42 Stevens , 1 — 1 Progressive 1st Richards 2d Total 2 18 FOR MEMBER OF ASSEMBLY Republican 1st 2d Total Kenyon 63 15 78 Weeks 1 — 1 Wood • 1—1 Democrat 1st 2d Total Wood 37 9-46 Progressive 1st 2d Total Boyle 21 3 24 Prohibition 1st 2d Total Byron Brewster 0 11 FOR COUNTY TREASURER Republican Hedges Hinman Whitman Su'zer I it 1st 10 28 i \ Low I Wallace i Carville 2d Total! Pond 8 441 4 30! 3 28' Smith 2 3 ': Lenon 2d Total '- 5 15 4 32. 1st 22 21 1 41 Democrat 0 1st 34 Progressive 1st 18 2d Total 8 42 1 x 2d Total ? 21 FOR COUNTY CLERK Republican Roberts Lockwood West 1st 71 Democrat 1st 33 Progressive 1st 18 2d Total 16 87 2d Total 10 43 2d Total 3 21 FOR SUPERINTENDENT OF POOR Republican 1st 2d Total Nye Brown Phillips 84 Democrat 1st SS Progressive 1st 15 2d Total 10 43 2d Total 3 23 FOR CORONER Republican 1st 2d Total Owen 72 14 8e Democrat 1st 2d Total Breen 34 > 10 44 Wells 1—1 Progressive 1st 2d Total Lycett 20 3 23 FOR MEMBER OF COUNTY COM- MITTEE Republican 1st 2d Total Daniels — 1 1 Daley — 1 1 Isham 60 — 60 Leahy 34 — 34 Democrat 1st 2d Total Slater —88 Harrison — 11 Wood 39 —- 39 Progressive 1st 2d Total Weaver 17 — 17 Merritt Wins Edwin A. Merritt, Jr., of Potsdam, was on Monday selected by the Re- publicans of the 31st congressional district as their candidate to succeed himself in the lower branch of the national legislature. Mr. Merritt was given pluralities in both Clinton and Essex counties, while St. Lawrence gave Daniels of Ogdensburg a small plurality over Merritt, and Franklin was faithful to Halbert D. Stevens, their representative on the primary ballot- Clinton county gave Merritt 563 votes, Stevens 400 and Daniels 188; Essex gave Merritt 694, Stevens 281 and Daniels 241; Merritt's total vote was 3,129, Daniels' 2,021 and Stevens' 1,220. WEEK'S SUMMARY OF WAR NEWS The French War Office announces that the German Army has been mak- ing, night and day, attacks of unpre- cedented violence against the allied Unas along tfc*» entire battle front, ec Friday,- but has been repulsed with severe losses. Slight progress has been made by the French on the left wing where the opposing tren- ches are, in some places, not more than 110 yards apart. In the centre, the Germans gained a little ground, but have been forced to yield it. The situation on the right is unchanged. The British Official Press Bureau reports that the situation in France is \satisfactory and that the coun- ter-attacks on the British front have been beaten back with severe losses to the Germans. Germany, by wireless, announces that the forts under bombardment south of Verdun have withdrawn their fire, and that the German forces are now engaged with fresh troops of the Allies brought rip from the Meuse. The French forces, says t>»« German statement, are making desperate ef- forts to flank the German right wing. French official reports state that the movement to flank the German right is developing to the north, and London thinks full success for the Allies is near. The French right has retaken St. Mihiel, driving hack the Germans who crossed the Meuse in that vicinity. Berlin admits that heav fighting is in progress on the western end of the French battle line, but says decisive result has been reached. Advancing Belgians have reoccu- pied Malines, half way between Ant- werp and Brussels. The bombard- ment of some forts southeast of Ant- werp by the Germans still continues. Desperate attempts of four German army corps to cross the River Niemen near the East Prussian frontier, with the object of cutting the railroad to Warsaw, have so far failed, the Rus- sians repulsing the invaders all along the line. The retreating Austrian Army, whose defeat near Dukla, in the Car- pathians, was reported Tuesday, has been surrounded and has lost all the stores of food and war material, in- cluding 500 military automobiles, it was taking back to Austria. Italy has strongly protested to Vi- enna against the wholesale sowing of j bombs in the Adriatic. One fishing vessel has been blown up, and it is re- ported an Italian torpedo boat has shared the same fate. The Rumanian Cabinet will meet ;od*>.y to decide the question of peace >r war. Servian forces, after a series >f vic- tories in Bosnia, are near Serajevo. Montenegrins report the capture of a position twenty-nine miles southeast of that city. An official report issued in Tokio states that the Germans abandoned their artillery when the Japanese troops reached Lao-Che. 1OO MILES ON LOW GEAR THIS COOLING DEMONSTRATION W^S MADE BY 116 FRANKLIN DEALERS ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES AND i CANADA ON THURSDAY, SEPT. 24TH, 1914 I FRANKLIN 6-30 * TOURING CAR, COMPLETELY EQUIPPED $2,150 Franklin Stock Cars Used with No route. Total distance (with detours) 112 Gabriels on return trip. Here is the swo ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF DRIVER A TRIM RACK Silvertown Cord Tires Power Driven Tire Pump ONE MAN TOP REGULAR EQUIPMENT Saranac Lake to Malone and return was our miles had been covered when car passed )BSERVERS OF DEMONSTRATION E. £. Bellows being duly sworn deposes an/says that he resides in the village tember, 1914, he drove or caused to be driveif a Franklin Six-Thirty touring stock factoring Company of Syracuse, N. Y. a distance of 100 miles in eight hours and 28 motor. Oil consumption 4V 2 quarts, gasoline consumption 18 gallons. Condition! of at end of run 54. And E. C. Krauss, W. D. Jordan and W. G. Distin depose and say 100-MILE LOW GEAR NON-STOP Saranac Lake and that on the 24th day of Sep- manufactured by the H. H. Franklin Manu- on low gear only, without stopping the wet. Temperature, start of run 58 degrees, they were with the said £. E. Bellows in the car at the time of said test and hereby certify that the above mileage was actually made in the time specified above by the Franklin car aforesaid on low gear, without stopping the motor. (Signed) E. E. Bellows E. C. Kraoss W. D. Jordan W. G. Distin Saranac Lake, N. Y. Subscribed and sword to before me this 24th day of September, 1914. JOHN HARDNG, Notary Public. Saranac Lake, N. Y. A booklet showing complete details is being compiled. It will be mailed THE GRAY-BELlOtS MOTOR CO. FRANKLIN DEALERS SARANAC LAKE, N. T. ONE NIGHT ONLY OPERA HOUSE Friday, Qcti 9,1914 Harsh physics react, weaken the bowels, will lead to chronic con- stipation. Donan's Begulets operate easily. 25c a box at all stores. Classified Advertisements AH advertisements appearing in this co!urr>r» are at the rate of t sents per agate Hne,14 agate lines to the Inch. ^ FOR SALE-tHorse cheap for quick sale. Appat to Meyer Bros., Lake Placid, N. Y WANTED—Eifeer^eneedwaitresses for fall andfwinter season. Apply at onee. Rtaefside Inn, Saranac Lake, N. Y. X , 'OR SALE—30^1 Winchester Rifle; has been used smpnt a year; as good as new; $10; at^^egory's Furniture Store, Newman, FOR SALE—1 Top very substantial, also 1 good PeddlO condition. Addi Lake Placid, N. Yj ilivery Wagon, ill carry 1 ton; Cart in excellent '. O. Box 105, SCHdpL HOUSE park occupied by is, a small gold loc Ige, and diamond ,rd for its re- in* 3. SALE—, galow with K>d garden; birds; House has fv. water; bath room, floors, etc. An ideal pi; wishing to go into poul( Por further partiiculras, address Box 573, Saranac 10-wi ATTRACTIVE BUN of land, for fifty hot and wood any on. siness. etc., . Y LAKE PLACID THE BIGGER BANDER THAN EVER Spectacular Jrasical Comedy Introducing our Comedians, iUFgers, Dancers ami. Operatic Orchestra BILLY DE RUE U BOBBY DE RUE The Talkative Man 9 A Satan for the Blues SPECIALi?EATURES ENGAGED JOK RIVERS TROj \ERNJER CHALLENGE ACROBATS ART1IT7R BTJ£#EI|L, European Character Change Artist CARL RIT'BER, WoiltTs Champion Eeeentiie Dancer AND MANY N^W AND STARTLING FEATURES SOLO BAND TWO CONCERTS DAILY Noon and 7:30 Watch for the Parade at 11:45 a.m. DON'T FORGET THE DATE Tickets on Sale at LAKE PLACID PHARMACY Prices : - - -5c. 35c. 50c. 75c. and SI.00 Closing Out NOW 4<>ING ON NEWMAN SUPPLY CO., Inc. 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