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\fie LAKE PLACID NEWS VOL, X—NO. 1.», LAKE PLACID, NEW YORK, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1914. SUCCESS IN STORE FOR HON. GEOR€E_AJTEVENS MOWJAY The Enrolled Republican Voters Wi Defeat Hoiives of Selfish Candidate in Primary-They Wait No lore Emerson And Are Out to Show It Tie Continual Reign Must Cease and the Ettablufaed Roie of Precedent Re- spected—But Abort AD a Candidate ii Dewed Who Will S« The People's Interest Before Hit Own And AH Are Agreed That \George\ Stevens i> the MAN Most to be Desired The Republican party, less than a decade ago, pointed with pride to the thirty-third Senatorial District, Es- sex, Clinton and Warren Counties, as rock-ribbed and invincible. But in re- cent years the overwhelming majori- ties of the old days have gradually dwindled to such an extent that the district has been figured on for the past two or three gubernatorial elec- tions as in the doubtful class. Why have old time loyal Republi- cans, forsaken their party and voted for Democratic ,candidates I Was it because their cy..v*.aions on party principles had L^U.I cuUi.^od? No, they were regu.~-.;.i; u rebuke on conditions of exi,-;i.ng corruption and ill-practices which had crept into the party and over which they had no con- trol. We might further ask: What accounted for the unbounded success of the Progressive Party, Use ideals and aims of which conform almost identical with the original Republican doctrines, but the same cause ? Whenever officials failed to serve the interests of the people the latter desired a change which was not al- ways accorded them. The boss saw to it that his best servants were re- tained and \The pebple h? .lamned.\ Desire for a change on ti>e pan- of the Republican Party has been fell far some time in this Senatori-il ru-ariet; But despite the protests of the peo- ple James A. Emerso;; ha.; been p'ae- ed before them on the iaiiot term iv- ter term for their careful eonsiilou- tion. And a large number of them have given \Sunny Jim\ careful con- sideration to the extent that his f.rst ^Spjority, the normal one of his party, nti) dwindled from 7000 to less than that many hundred. Still after four terms this same Emerson comes up again for re-nomination. But, the primaries have made it possible for the people of party ties to select their •candidate irrespective of machine or boss rule. And on Monday next the Republican Party through the vote of its enrolled voters will cast aside the Emerson yoke for a man. in whose hands their interests will stand secure, and who will work incessantly for the betterment of the constituency he serves, That man is one of Lake Pla- cid'.-; most foremost citizens, the Hon. George A. Stevens, If ever there was a man in any dis- trict big enough, strong enough and honest enough, to bring about a re- conciliation between tha Republican and Progressive Parties as far as bis own candidacy might be concerned, that man is George A. Stevens, and The Lake Placid News in supporting his candidacy does so from a Progres- sive standpoint with the interests of the people at heart. If the G. O. P. men of the State think *»nd how they feeL He has traveled the country over, and by observation knows what other sections of the country have and what they enjoy and what they want. He is an Adirondack man, born and developed, He knows the other side of the question. He knows what the people of the Adirondacks want and, as one of the largest tax- payers in the three counties compris- ing his district, he knows what they can pay for. Therefore he is in the rare position of a man who knows what may be adapted to his district in the way of legislation and develop- ment, and he knows how much money may be available for the development and how to get the most for the mon- ey, because he is practical. Yet Mr.. Stevens is modest in his pretentions, and retiring in his aser- tions and claims. He comes before the people with a reputation for hon- esty that is above reproach end backed by this high personal record BOULEVARD TO SARANAC AND PAVED STREETS THROUGH PLACID State Highway Connecting Link From Saranac To Ray Brook To Be let VILLAGE TO GRASP OPPORTUNITY FOR PAVEMENT AND CEMENT WALK Great Situation Presents Itself For Placid's Advancement—Hon. James Shea And Forrest B. Goad Confer With State Highway Official Daring The Latter'* Stay ia Tows And Bring Reiult ol Conference to At- of The Village Board—Leading Citizens Favorably lm- The visit of John N. Carlisle, State Highway Commissioner, to Lake Pla- cid last Saturday afternoon, as a mem- ber of the New York State Automobile Association, afforded leading citizens any community, are entitled to the greatest consideration, and in my mind the transient business of Lake Placid can be greatly developed,\ The State road will reach to the a splendid opportunity to intelligent- j Stevens hill, and will be, according to ly discuss the construction of the Ray- contract, sixteen feet wide. Mr. Shea : Brook-Lake Placid road and the possi- bility of extending the highway through this village with a higher type of road. As a result Hon. James Shea, pres- ident of the local Automobile Asocia- tion, and Forrest B. Guild, president of the Board of Trade, introduced the subject to the members of the Vil- lage Board at their regular meeting on Monday night with favorable results. It is generally known that propos- als for this road will be received soon after October 1, as the second $5,- 000,000 of the $10,000,000 appropriat- ed by the State for roads will be re- leased on that date, In several well coined thoughts and suggestion was that the proposed pav- ed street be either twenty-four or thir- ty feet wide and have a cement or brick covering. Whether the State will continue the road through the village defraying the expenses of just sixteen feet and any part of the higher grade of ma- terial is a matter for conjecture. However, the members of the Board are very much impressed with the idea, and have taken the matter up directly with the Commission, who will furnish data and figures. If the Board considers the needed improve- ment within the bounds of possibili- ty a proposition v/ill be submitted to the tax-payers for action. New England Arbikus Talcum A Delightful Bbwder Made From Pure hill&n Talcum Sol*Wly at the LAKE PLACID PHARMACY ? DietributSsfar Jhrmony Toilet Heauhiics Sole 31 \BUILD TOWN ROADS WITH CONVICT LABOR\ WAS JOHN CARLISLE'S MESSAGE Automobile Association Was Entertained By Local Club interesting remarks Hon. James Shea It is quite probable that a walk made an earnest plea for a paved j would al?o be laid on the other side of street through the village. In part J the street if a favorable decision he said: \Let the village determine now w^he- tlier it wants a paved street or not. Plans are about to be drawn for the road and this is the time for a decis- ion to be made. Lake Placid has stood up better HON. GEORGE A. STEVENS Candidate for State Senator From the Thirty-third Senatorial District Com- prising Essex, Clinton and Warren Counties could place before the people a list of candidates of the Stevens' calibre there would be no question of their .gain coming into their own. Mr. Stevens is widely known be- cause of his business connections and activities as an Adirondack booster. He is the proprietor of the Ste- vens House, and as such cpmes in contact with influential men in all parts of this and other states. He is in a position to know what the leading he tells the people that he will attend to it that his district gets what is right and fair; that the legislative body at Albany shall recognize and award to these Adirondack and Lake Cbaraplain counties what is then- due i highway building, in fish and game legislation and in the management of the forests. want to sit on the porch of a hotel. They want to travel, and if ojir road facilities were improved Lake Placid should offer the hotels the biggest transient business in the mountains. The hotels of our community, and of PEEPING AT FALL FASHIONS LAKE PLACID has a great many smajt dressing women who delight in wear- Autumn garments «n August. And Sapanac Lake must have a store prepared to pply the advance needs of these particular women—the Dependable Store ! Already here are scores of New Fall Suits with radical style changes that make them so different—the Redingcvfc^and/cape—shoulder models and ethers and snch tiki t fu)l, roomy an<kc^pe-like, t developed in the handsomest plaid they've for you |^ be written about \ G. A. TOUPltf & (Q. striking and mixtures. ats, fu)l, Bu 8 4 10 Broadway Saranac Lake, N. H9 UR HT HEATRE HOME OF boOD PICTURES Coming everyTuesday I \THE PERILS OF PAULINE\ 44 PATH*A DAILY NEWS \ Matinee Every D{* at 3:30 Evening Pictures Changed Daily WALTON &l/ID/IMS,. SEASONABLEASUGGESTIONS SWFATFRS Tbe go ^ ?• in a variety of color *' weighb aad ^ ll liD e o f the best \\ d warmest, J de by the manirfactarers of / grade* of CHILDREN'S tNDER rr.obi.'e caterer travel, to tourist and at; fee- travekr oi* the highways himself, Mr. Stevens is qualified to say what the highways shall be and where they shall be to benefit the greatest number. As a hunter and fisherman who has followed the trail and the stream since a boy, as a hunter and fisherman who has hunted and fished in many other waters than those of the Adiron- dacks, > as an Adirondack man who knows the sentiment of the native of the Adirondacks, Mr, Stevens is quali- fied to enact legislation which the Adirondacks need and which the people of the Adirondacks will respect and aid to enforce. As a woodsman who has cut timber and planted trees and who loves the Wooded mountain ridges that roll sky- (Continued on last page) ANNOUNCEMENT HER'AFTER EAR. f AATC Fall and Winter Co ts made of warm, serviceable goods, lAJii I O ju^ty tyng & school and oat of door play. We also can supply your duldreh's needs in GLOVES, MITTENS, STOCKINGS, BABY BOOTEES. D F PtRKETT Jroadmy At tke Brijfo Please plage* yoi r orders fc>r Donah's Rub-Leis Washing Paste With Mr. Aljen S. Davis Phone 3-M Lake Placid, N.Y. Mr. Davis now has the sole agency for Lake Placid and will call on you for your orders. Yours sincerely, reached as the crushed stone from the present road would furnish a good base for a walk, and although it might not be as wide as the present one, it would be a natch r-esdeu im- provement. The matter of investment should not be considered by the tax-payers at this wonderful opportunity. Each' and every one should take an opti- mistical stand and realise the immi- nent prosperity in store, for the most wonderful village in the Adirondacks the tourist, the hotel business has tak- j with needed improved facilities. en a drop. Tourists of to-day do not j It is a well known fact that hotels s st oth this year than any other summer re- sort in the Adirondacks. From the cottage point of view the rentals have been more numerous and better than ever before. For lack of good road facilities and the change of idea in are often erected in a community not for the purpose of being prosperous in themselves but for the purpose of benefitting the community with the thought in mind that it will benefit if the community prospers. 3. H. DONAH OUTDOOR COMFORTS FOR COLD WEATHER The cool nikhts of the past week reminds us that winter will soon be here. We have at our store the right sort of gfods for your winter comforts, amon£ which are the fol- lowing: r OOL SKIN MOCCASINS—Made of natural tanned sheep skin, full fleece lined, used as bedroom slippers or as overshoes in extreme cold weather, $1.00 a pair AD-HAR-CO STONE PIG—The ideal foot warmer, guaranteed to keep water hot from 12 to 15 hours, 40c each. FURS—Our line of furs this season will be larger and better than ever before and will be sold at rock bottom prices Blanket Department which is on the ALL WOOL BLANKETS—In styles and colors from $4.25 to ML WOOL SWEATERS-Aj arities of the latest styles A om $4.00'to $9.00. MACKANAWS-AH different patterns 'ears from It first Geo. L. Starks & (Q. (Adirondack Hardware Co.) Broadway, at the Bridge Saranac Lake GRAND VIEW HOTEL HEADQUARTERS Heralded throughout the neighbor- hood by newspaper and placard an- nouncements the \See New York if enthusiasts were ushered into our village on Saturday last at 5 p. m. amid an uproar of sirens and klax- ons and a flourish of banners. This was Lake Placid's 'Big Day' in the advocr.tion of \Good Roads.\ The time had been set aside by the towns- people and a comfortable attendance .3 present at the Town Hall where many interesting facts were displayed regarding the roads of the present day and their prospective future. Arruu^emerits had been made by several of the members to meet th» tourists at Keene and pilot them to our town. M. B. Marshall, proprietor of the Grand View, carried the word of welcome as far as ElEizabethtown where the officials cars were first gree- ted by Lake Placid. In Mr. Marshall's car were M. B. Marshall, Mrs. Pike, Mrs. Wheeler, Wil*i«in Siiea and Sam- uel iShum*e. Insomucn aa tiie brand View Hotel as the oiticial hotel ox uu* village ior thtt Automouiie Asocm- uon, President Shea mvited rtlr. Mar- shall to take the word oi welcome to Ltizabethtown, After piloting the visitors to &&en« the other .Lake i'iacid people were met. Introductions were given and greetings and welcomes scattered plentifully. From Keone the auioist* were led to Placid by Prof. W. L, West's car, which had b<?en chosen as the o::i<ual car by the iocai orgamza- tion. In the official car were James .shea, president of the local club; W, 1^ West, secretary of the club: b. U. Guild, president of the Board of Trade; Thomas Leahy, president of the Board of Education, and John K, Carlisle, State Commissioner of High- ways. Among the others to meet the tour- I ists at K*ene were Frank Leonard, ; Wrn. Pratt, superintendent of High- Iways; John White, supervisor; B. R. Bull, Mr. and Mrs, D. T. Carey, Rufus Walton and John Walton. In the party of tourists were the following: A. J. Deer of New York, president of the State Automobile Association; (Continued on last page) A qOOD WORKWOMAN needs good tools to do good work. Our approved line of kitchen utensils turns work in- to a pleasure. We carry ev- erything in the way of pots, pans f kettle*, etc., needed in th« largeat or smallest kitchen in tinware, enameled ware, alu- minum, hollow ware and kit- chen hardware and household essentials. Our goods will surely satisfy you, as wiE our prices. COMPLY WITH tHE NEW LAW Making lights on all vehicles compulsory, by securing same at tiiis store, wheresa large and varied Une has just been received. '; ' FRANK! G. WALTON GENERAL jiARD^ARE ^ Main Street SANITARY PLUMBING Lake Placid, N. Y. IPOINCIAHA CERATE 1 •\•\™| The crea|n {ifu* excellence I fdr thej&in atnd distributed by the MERRIAM |)RUG STORES MIBROE LfKE PHAfiMACY Lake tlacid, N. Y. I Boyal Poindana Pharmacy | Cfreeabrfer 3 Palm Beach, Fla. '•[ J \White Sulphur Spring!, % Va V

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